02x05 - Don't Ask Don't Tell

VERSACE: I've arranged an interview.

DONATELLA: With who?

With The Advocate magazine.

The American publication.

For gay readers.

To say what?

VERSACE: I've never said it.

I'm gay.

- To print? To publish?
- Yes.

I handle publicity for this company.

This is my responsibility.

Yes, but this is not about you.

And this is about more than you.

In what way?

The magazine has a modest circulation.

How can you decide this without consulting me?

Uh, consulting you?

Okay, I'm consulting you.

What would you advise?

ANTONIO: Yes, what would you advise?

Ah, this is your idea.

You want to be famous.

Known around the world as Versace's lover?

For years, I've been mistaken for Gianni's assistant.

And your pride is more important than this company?

ANTONIO: I've lived unseen.

In great comfort, that's for sure.

I never imagined being publicly acknowledged.

I know my place, unlike you.

And what is my place?

- Enough! Enough, both of you.

I will not... fight over this.

It was my idea, it was my idea.

Donatella, walk with me.


I want you to support me.

You know that.

All these people's lives depend on you.

We're opening stores in countries where it is illegal.

Where it is a crime.

You have to visit those countries.

They might refuse your entry, refuse a visa, refuse to do business with you.

Tell me, honestly... what do you think could happen?


The rock stars, the actors, the royalty whose endorsements we cherish... they might not want to be associated with us.

Well, at least we keep Elton, no?

You joke?


We're talking about the survival of the company.

Is that what you believe?

You live in isolation.

Surrounded by beauty and kindness.

You have forgotten how ugly the world can be.

The women we design for, they're strong, yes?

They're fearless.

They're not ashamed.

- This is not the same.
- It's not the same.

Is the brand of Versace braver than the man?

Are you angry with me or with the world?

When we list the company on the New York Stock Exchange, what will your admission cost?

$ million? $ million?

Or will it make this company worth nothing?

You're exaggerating.
Don't be ridiculous.

Perry Ellis.

When he walked onto the runway dying of AIDS, so weak, his assistants caught him when he took a bow...

- Perhaps his most important show.
- After that,

- people stopped buying his clothes.
- Some people.

- No, Gianni, a lot of people.
- No, no, no. Some people.

Some people.

ANSWER ME THIS: why now?

Because I was sick.

And I didn't die.

I have a second chance.

It's a miracle that I'm alive.

And yet I ask myself every day, what have I done to deserve this?

Why am I still here?

To be afraid?


I'm alive and I must use it.

AMERICAN EXPRESS OPERATOR: Mr. Cunanan, I appreciate that your credit history used to be impeccable...

ANDREW: All I need to do is make one more purchase, and that's for a one-way ticket to Minneapolis on Northwest Airlines.

OPERATOR: Sir, American Express is not in the business of loaning...

Well, once I get to Minneapolis, I can fix everything.

Then I will be your very best customer again,

- I promise you.
- OPERATOR: I don't know

- what's in Minneapolis.
- My two best friends.

I'm moving in with my friend David, and Jeff actually owes me more than $ , .

But once I get that money, they're gonna help me turn my life right back around.

OPERATOR: Will you be making a repayment?

Well, yes, once I get to Minneapolis.

OPERATOR: Mr. Cunanan, to be clear, you're requesting that American Express extend your credit to cover a one-way ticket in order to make a repayment, correct?

Yes, that's all I need.

OPERATOR: (SIGHS) Let me talk to my supervisor.

I can hold.



May I?


You serve?

Yes, sir.

- Marines?
- Navy.

I was on board the USS Gridley.

st Infantry Division. Gulf War.

- Jeff.
- Samson.

Where was the Gridley?

Persian Gulf in ' .

After that, we were docked in San Diego.

They were refitting her, but they changed their minds and decided to decommission her.

Still makes me sad. She was a good ship.

You miss it?


Every day.

Why'd you leave?

I don't know.

I regret it, for sure.

SAMSON: Well, I was never gonna become an officer,

- so I figured...
- JEFF: I was an officer.

- You were?
- Graduate from Annapolis.

My brother's a navy corpsman, my sister's in the air force.

You married?


Waiting for the right one, I guess.

Why'd you leave?

I haven't heard of many officers leaving to work at a place like this.

- This place is okay.
- Sure, it's okay.

For a man who went to Annapolis?

I made the decision.

SAMSON: Right.

My wife always says I ask too many questions.

I made the decision, okay?

I offended you. I'm sorry.

- Why don't we leave it there?

JEFF: I made the decision!



Someone named Andrew called, left a message.

Says he'll see you at the airport.


- Hey.
- Didn't think you were gonna show.

I didn't think so, either.

Do you know why he's coming here?

- Nope.
- I don't get it.

Nothing's happening this weekend.

He's got no one. He's got nothing.

Everything he's told you about his life's a lie.

You know that, right?

Do you even like him?

He was there for me once.

I owe him. It's not the same.

- I feel kind of sorry for him.
- Don't.

- He's lonely.
- For a reason.

Look, I'm gonna give him this weekend, for old times' sake, and then I'm done with him.

He's here for three nights.

He can have my apartment tomorrow night.

I'll stay at my sister's.

But don't tell him where I am, okay?

He's so crazy, he might just show up.

ANDREW: The Three Amigos!

- Hi.
- How are you?

Oh, good. Good.

- Jeff.
- Andrew.

Oh, we're gonna have so much fun this weekend.

It's gonna be just like old times.

Not like old times.

Why would you say that?

I'm not gonna be able to hang out with you guys tonight.

Oh, why not?

Aside from everything you've done?

What did I do?

My company has a sales conference.

I'm away till Sunday.

But I'll be sure to write you a postcard.

Oh, are you still annoyed about that?

I thought we talked about this. I expla...

I accidentally sent Jeff's dad a postcard.

I put "Stan Trail" instead of "Jeff Trail."

And they don't know that he's gay, and I signed it "Love, Drew. Kiss-kiss."

I made a mistake. I'm sorry.

So what?

You can stay at my place tomorrow night.

I won't be at home.

Why do I need a place to stay?

I'm busy tomorrow night.

Doing what?

Seeing a friend.

Who? What friend?

No one you know.


Hey, buddy. Hey.

Hey, hey.

Hey, you. Hey. How was your day?

How was your day?

Hey, hey.

You miss me?

What's this?

I got you something.

Open it.

Open it.




Listen to me.

David Madson, you are the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Will you marry me?


You don't have to give me an answer right now.

You can think about it for the next few days.

- We can't get married.
- Why not?

It's against the law.

- Who cares about that?
- Everyone.

Well, I don't.

It-it can't be done. It's insane.

Okay, okay.
We'll call it something else.

We'll call it, um... We'll call it, uh, a-a commitment ceremony.


No. No, it-it's not...

the term...

Then what is it?

The idea of you and me.

Think about it.

Think about it for the next few days.

Think about it over the weekend, and if, for whatever reason, it's-it's a no, then you can keep the watch, regardless.

For what?

For what?

F-For-for turning my life around.

I got a new job.

I got a new condo in San Francisco.

I'm a whole new person.

A-And a-all I need is...

is someone to be a new person for.


Give it to me.

- Here.

I don't want to be any trouble.

No trouble. I love that you're here.

Why are you here?

I'm avoiding Andrew.

The guy that sent Dad the postcard, trying to out you?

He claims it was a mistake.

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life.

Never sent a postcard by mistake.

You've never made any mistakes in your life.


- I know.

I'm not gonna hang out with him.

You shouldn't let him have that kind of control over you.

He was threatening you with that postcard.

Why don't you just tell Mom and Dad you're gay?

(SIGHS) I know what they're gonna think.

- They love you.
- It's not the right time.

It's never the right time.

I don't want to ruin this.

Ruin what? Childbirth?


They're gonna be so happy. I...

I want you to do it, and it's my baby, so I'm ordering you, as your superior officer: tell them.

Let me think about it.

You've thought about it enough.


That's for sure.


I'm looking forward to being an uncle so much.


ANDREW: Never been to a polka club before.

Such a great idea, it's so original.

Ooh, I like this.

This... this-this feels special.

It's memorable.

It wasn't my choice.

What do you mean?

I'm waiting for my friend.

She has quirky taste.

What friend?

Uh, Linda.

I work with her.

Oh, David.

- Hi.

- How are you?
- I'm good,

- how are you?
- I'm good.

Uh, Linda, this is my friend Andrew.

- Hi.
- Friend? (CHUCKLES)

I'm more than a friend.

Wow. You got him that?

Just to show how much he means to me.

It's worth $ , .




♪ Tick, tick, tick, tock goes the clock on the wall ♪

♪ As we're dancing the evening away ♪

♪ Tick, tick, tick, tock... ♪

LINDA: So, what do you do?

I make movie sets.

Right now I'm building the sets for the Titanic movie, in Mexico.

And you're here for David?

There's no one I love more.

He's a great guy.

Um, we were just talking about movie sets and Mexico.


Let's go dance.


I don't need the whole weekend to think about it.

I-I can't hear you.

The music's too loud.

I don't need the whole weekend to think about it.

I can't hear you, let's just dance.

We can't get married.

We can't.

You understand? I mean, even if we could, we can't.

I don't know what else to say.

I'm-I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.



DAVID: Couldn't sleep?



What are you doing?


There's something great about you.

I've always thought that.

You're generous.

But it's not right that I keep it.

I know money is tight.

No, it's not.

It's okay to ask for help.

Instead of telling all these crazy stories.

(LAUGHING): What crazy stories?


You're not working in Mexico.

You're not making the sets for the Titanic movie.

You don't have a condo in San Francisco.

Andrew, you're unhappy.

You know, you've helped a lot of people.

Let me help you now.

Not by marrying you.

I don't know what that is.

It's-it's not possible.

It's-it's not real, it's just...


Another crazy story.


I was gonna see a friend tonight, but I can cancel.

You know, we can talk.

- About anything.
- I told you,

I-I'm gonna start a new life in San Francisco.

And I just need someone to share it with.

I'll see you Sunday.

Is it Jeff?

That friend you're seeing?






RICHARD SCHLESINGER: It may be the military's biggest fight since the Persian Gulf War.

Homosexuals in the military.

How do you feel about gays in the military?

I don't think faggots should serve in the military, for their own safety.

Look, if a faggot looks at me,

I'm throwing him in the water.

SCHLESINGER: So gays in the military scare you more than going to war.

SOLDIER : Yes, sir, they do.

SCHLESINGER: We also sat with a closeted gay man, who must remain anonymous in order to serve.

Are there gay soldiers currently serving who are open about their sexuality?

SOLDIER : The majority of gays in the military are closeted, and... will always be closeted.

SCHLESINGER: What about you?

SOLDIER : I can't help feeling that, by talking to you, it's the end of my career.

But maybe my career actually died a long time ago.

Because they know.

SCHLESINGER: How do they know?

I saved a sailor's life once.

He was being beaten to death for being gay.

And if I hadn't done it, if I hadn't have stopped them, no one would have suspected me.

And I can't tell you how many times I've dreamt about taking that moment back.

And letting him die.







Faggot! Faggot!

Faggot! Faggot!

JEFF: Hey!

Break it up, break it up.

Get off of him.

What's the problem here?

Faggot brushed up against me.


All right, I'm sure it's an accident.

We're all tired, it's hot, it's been a long day, there's no space here.

Let's forget about it, huh?

Well, you tell that faggot, if he touches me again...

ALL: Ooh!

I'm sorry.

- Did I touch you?
- You're even!

That's it! Back to work!



Hey, get off! Move out! Move out!

Get out of here. Back to your bunks.

You'll get written up...




Come on. Come on, buddy.

Let's go.


I need to get you to a doctor.


And write a report?

Make a complaint?

- Explain why?
- You're hurt.

You need a doctor.

I need out!

Get me out.

Get me reassigned.






I was just telling Miller, they caught an officer on the base, in the men's cubicles between piers five and six, you know it?

I know piers five and six.

It's a hookup place for fags.


So they sent the military police in, undercover, arrested a man.

They kick him out?

They cut him a deal.

No dishonorable discharge if he draws up a list of names

of every fag he's ever blown.

Only, he doesn't know names, and some he only knows by their tattoos.

So, instead of names, he's gonna provide a list of tattoos.

You have any tattoos, Jeff?






Captain wants to see you in his quarters.

Aye, sir.




Lieutenant Trail, reporting as ordered, sir.

At ease. Have a seat.

- Lieutenant Trail.
- Yes, sir.

Is there some reason why you're giving this to me, sir?

It's being given to all officers.

You don't consider it important?

It is important, sir.

Have any questions?

No, sir.

You haven't looked at it.

Regulation - .

Homosexual conduct defined as the act or statement by a serviceman demonstrating a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts.

Do you know all regulations from memory, Lieutenant Trail?

Most, sir. (CHUCKLES)

Open the book.

Do you have any questions?

No, sir.

These are about protecting our standards, our code of conduct.

Yes, sir.

Without a code, we're nothing.

- Nothing, sir.
- So we're understood?

Yes, sir.







♪ We could play tonight ♪

♪ I want to be ♪

♪ So in love with you ♪

♪ I want to do just what you want to do ♪

♪ I want to be ♪

♪ All that to you ♪

♪ I got a dream and you can make it true ♪

♪ 'Cause I ♪

♪ I'm fascinated by your love, boy ♪

♪ I'm fascinated by your love toy... ♪

- What can I get you?
- A beer, please.


♪ I'm fascinated by the way ♪

♪ You make me feel ♪

♪ 'Cause I ♪

♪ I'm fascinated by your love, boy ♪

♪ And I'm fascinated by your love toy ♪

♪ I'm fascinated by the way ♪

♪ You make me feel ♪

♪ Love me ♪

♪ Until the morning light... ♪

First time?

That obvious, huh?

There were a few clues.

I don't know what I'm doing here.

(CHUCKLES) You just knew that you needed to be here?

I guess so.

Well, I'm going to have to insist that you have a much, much better evening than that.

Is that so?

I'm Andrew.

♪ Come on, come on ♪

- ♪ I won't get over you... ♪
- Jeff.

♪ Just what you want me to. ♪


Wait, wait a second, this is your first time in any gay bar?

- Ever?
- Uh...

What if I said yes?

Well, I-I'd be duty bound to inform the bar staff immediately.

You know that they keep a supply of indoor fireworks for occasions just like this.

They cover the entire bar with sparklers and fireworks...

Oh, no, no, no, that's not necessary.

Oh, no, no, no, it's wonderful.
It's a whole thing.

They-they spell out your name in a, in a shower of yellow sparks.

You're joking?

Oh, my God.

You're too cute.

- You're too cute.
- Okay.

Well, thank you.

For what?

For stopping this night from being a humiliation.

I might not have tried again for another five years.

Oh, it's... it's my honor.


I feel like I'm part of your history.

You're gonna remember this moment.

- ♪ Sensitivity... ♪
- Yes, I will.

♪ A man like me... ♪

- Can I ask?
- Oof, that question makes me nervous.

Are you military?

♪ Someone who will need you... ♪


Must be hard.

♪ Someone you can hold at night... ♪


♪ Someone stable in your life... ♪

Rules require me to purchase you drinks for the rest of the evening, and no more, no more beer.

Please, no. Put your money away.

♪ A man like me ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Honey ♪

♪ Baby, and I'm the man ♪

♪ Ah, you know, you know, honey, like I do, baby ♪

♪ Hang in there. ♪

Wait, so CBS News wants to interview you?

- H-How does that, uh, happen?
- They canvassed the base.

They're interviewing straight soldiers.

They want to hear from the other side.

Are you crazy?

They'll kick you out.

I'll be in shadow.
No one will see my face.

How humiliating.

All the straight soldiers, the ones saying, "No fags in the military," they get to be out in the open, right? With their uniforms on.

Looking dignified.

- Yes.
- And you, you get to be in the shadows, with your voice distorted like a criminal.



The Navy, th-they are going to witch-hunt you, Jeff.

For sure, it doesn't matter what you do, it doesn't matter what precautions you take.

- You wouldn't do it?
- No.

Who cares what you have to say?

You're not a general.
You're not a war hero.

- You're-you're not famous.
- I'm an officer in the Navy.

It's not gonna... nothing's gonna change.

I can't explain it.

It's something I need to do.

I can't explain it any better than that.


My heart.

- Beating so fast.
- Mine, too.

How many interviews have I done?

I couldn't count.

None like this.

- Mr. Trail.
- Hi.

Thanks for doing this.
Come on, have a seat.


Mr. Versace, I'm Brendan Lemon, for The Advocate.



All we'll see is your outline against the backdrop.

And the military police can't force you to tell them who I am?

I-I'd never reveal my sources.

I also need to make sure that you're comfortable with the fact that this interview will be on the record.



SCHLESINGER (CLEARS THROAT): On December the Department of Defense, under orders from President Bill Clinton, issued Directive . , known as "Don't ask, don't tell," defined as prohibiting homosexual conduct.

As a gay man serving in the armed forces, how important is life in the military to you?

It's all I've ever done.

It's all I've ever dreamed of doing, ever since I was a child. Um... it's my life.

That's the only way I can say it.


it's my life.

Are there gay soldiers currently serving who are open about their sexuality?

The majority of gays in the military are closeted and will always be closeted.

LEMON: So, uh, I think I'd like to start...

Mr. Lemon, would you excuse me for a moment?



Mr. Lemon, let me introduce you to Antonio D'Amico.

- Brendan Lemon.
- Pleasure.

We have been together for years.

If that's okay, I would like to conduct the interview together.



SCHLESINGER: What about you?

I can't help the feeling that, by talking to you, it's the end of my career.

But, honestly, maybe my career died a long time ago.

Because... they know.

They have never promoted me.

I'm a good sailor, but... I'm a good sailor going nowhere, because they know.

How do they know?

I saved a sailor's life once.

He was being beaten to death for being gay.

And if I hadn't have been there, if I hadn't have stopped them, no one would ever have suspected me.

I did a good thing, the bravest thing I've ever done... and I can't tell you how many times I've dreamt about taking that moment back... and letting him die.

Just so that people wouldn't know about me.




- You went through my stuff?
- I was going to tidy up.

You touched my uniform.

- I'll put it back. So what?
- So what?!

I don't know why you keep it around.

You never served your country.
You don't understand.

No, I-I don't understand.
Look how they treated you.

You have never believed in anything except yourself.

I believed in you, didn't I,

- when they certainly didn't.
- Everything you gave me... the bars, the meals, the men... it means nothing.

I want my life back.

My real life, my life as a soldier.

They don't want you.

They never wanted you.

Jeff, I-I wanted you.

I don't know you.

I don't know what you stand for.

I don't know who you are.

You're a liar.

You ha-you ha... you have no honor.

Oh, honor?

Oh, please, you're not in the Navy anymore, sweetie.

You're a washed-up queer in a shitty job in a shitty condo bitching about how you could have been someone.

You're not wrong about that.

When I found you that night at the bar, I was there for you.

I saved you.

You destroyed me.

I wish I'd never walked into that bar.

I wish I'd never met you.

You're confused.

I can see it.
No, you're-you're confused, and you-you can't even see it.

I see it. I feel it.

I hate it.

No. I loved you so...

No one wants your love!






I-I didn't hear the buzzer.

I didn't want you to have to come down.

I just slipped in behind someone else.

You should get that buzzer fixed.

(WHISPERING): Yeah, uh, I'll call.


- About what you said...
- What did I say?

That I needed help.


How about we talk?





- JEFF: Hello?
- I have your gun.

I needed to borrow it because David's stalker's back in town,

and I needed to borrow it to protect him.

Are you out of your mind?

Do you even have a license?

That gun never leaves the apartment.

All right, I'll come over there, I'll get it off you, but I'm done with you.

I'm done with you. You hear me?

You said that already.




Could you get the door?


Are you kidding me?

Well, Jeff is very hostile at the moment.

I don't want to have to get into an argument with him in the doorway.



- Hey.
- Hey.


You can't feel sorry for him.

Yeah? Why not?

You did.

JEFF: Not anymore.

I never want to see him again.

DAVID: Then why'd you even come over?

JEFF: He took something from my apartment.

DAVID: What'd he take?

JEFF: My gun.



DAVID: Prints...

- Hey, buddy.




- HUSBAND: You got it.
- NURSE: Hey, hi.

Take a deep breath, kiddo.


I can't make it to the phone, so please leave a message after the beep.

- (BEEP)
- Hey, Jeff, it's Mom.

Your sister's gone into labor.

We're heading into the hospital.

We'll see you there.

- (BEEP)
- Hey, Jeff, it's Mom.

Where are you?

- (BEEP)
- Hey, Jeff, it's Mom again.

So, your sister just delivered a beautiful baby girl.

She's doing well, the baby's well.

DAD: Hey, kid, we're all here.
Come and see your niece.

Come on.

MOM: We love you. See you soon. Bye-bye.