02x09 - Alone

♪ ♪


♪ I walked in the cold air ♪

♪ Freezing breath on a window pane ♪

- ♪ Lying and waiting ♪

♪ A man in the dark in a picture frame ♪

♪ So mystic and soulful ♪

♪ A voice reaching out in a piercing cry ♪

♪ It stays with you until ♪


♪ The feeling has gone, only you and I ♪

♪ It means nothing to me ♪

♪ This means nothing to me ♪

♪ Oh... ♪

- ♪ Vienna ♪


♪ The music is weaving ♪

♪ Haunting notes, pizzicato strings ♪

♪ The rhythm is calling ♪

♪ Alone in the night as the daylight brings ♪

♪ A cool empty silence ♪

♪ The warmth of your hand and a cold gray sky ♪

♪ It fades to the distance ♪

♪ The image has gone ♪

♪ Only you and I ♪

♪ It means nothing to me ♪

♪ This means nothing to me ♪

♪ Oh, Vienna. ♪

MAN (ON TV): Dan Rather from CBS News Headquarters in New York.

RATHER: Good evening. Fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered today, gunned down outside his mansion in Miami Beach, Florida.

Versace was a fashion icon.

His empire spanned the worlds of the famous and perhaps the infamous.

Investigators are probing whether he was targeted by organized crime or perhaps a serial killer.

Our CBS News coverage of the death of the designer begins at the scene of the crime, with CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod.

AXELROD: The blood on the steps of the most famous house in Miami Beach belonged to one of its most famous residents, designer Gianni Versace, murdered this morning.

I saw Gianni Versace laying face down on his steps with his head blown off, with his face shot off.

- Oh! (LAUGHS)

MAN: execution-style, shot in the head right on his steps...

NEWSWOMAN (ON TV): The death of this famous idol and icon reverberates greatly through this small community where Versace was a popular presence.

Police are now confirming the suspect is a young man, Andrew Cunanan.

An eyewitness describes Cunanan approached Versace

- and fired two shots...
- Oh, my God.

at point blank range.

Mr. Versace collapsed immediately.

- The suspect then...
- Oh, my God.


Cunanan threatened him with a gun...

♪ ♪






I'm Agent Reynolds from the FBI.

Mrs. Miglin?

- What's happened?

- Can we come in?
- Is it that man?

It would be better if we spoke inside.

Are my children safe?

Your children are fine, ma'am.

REYNOLDS: AT : this morning, Gianni Versace, the fashion designer, was shot in Miami Beach.

We believe the killer is Andrew Cunanan.

The prime suspect in your husband's murder.

When will this end?

Tell me.

When will this end?

We have over agents searching for him.

How many more are going to die?

How much more pain do you think I can suffer?

Two months.

You had two months.

You had his name, his photo.

What did he have? The money he stole from Lee?

What has he been doing for two months?

We don't know yet.

What have you been doing?

W-We've been looking for him.

And where is he now? That man.

I won't say his name.

Where is he now?

He evaded capture.

Uh, Mrs. Miglin, we think it best, considering the proximity to the murder, that you leave Florida.

We have a flight standing by.

I'm sorry.

What flight?

Cunanan might know that you're filming here.

You want me to run?

You want me to hide from him?

You provide whatever security you think necessary.

I have never missed a broadcast in my life.




MARILYN: When I first started in television, they gave me just minutes to make an impression.

I only needed minutes to sell out.

Today, we are going to break some more sales records.

I am so sorry.

I need it to stop.

NEWSMAN (ON TV): Police named alleged serial killer Andrew Cunanan as their only suspect in the execution-style murder of world-famous fashion designer Gianni Versace.

OFFICER: Cunanan is known to be a male prostitute who services affluent clientele.

Cunanan is well-educated, well-dressed and is very articulate.

Cunanan should be considered extremely dangerous and armed at this time.

NEWSMAN: Andrew Cunanan is already wanted in connection with four murders.

He was recently added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.

Police did not specify whether Versace knew his alleged killer.

NEWSWOMAN: came as a shock to all.

His wife, Marilyn Miglin, gave a statement regarding the matter.

MARILYN: What can you say about a man you loved passionately for years, who exemplified courage and... honor and dignity?


We had a fairy-tale marriage.

He was my prince.

Thank you.



♪ ♪






(ON RADIO): Rumors swirled that it was perhaps a hit by the Italian Mafia.

- This is all too common whenever something unexpected happens in America, or anywhere else in the world, that involves an influential Italian such as Gianni Versace.

There's rampant speculation that the so-called Black Hand of the Mob is involved.

- But right now, they're watching...
- Oh, sh1t. to see what U.S. authorities are trying to do to catch their prime suspect.

Versace was the genius behind...


Patience. Sit tight.



You look a little lost.

Uh, yes, I am.

I'm not from around here.

There seems to be an awful lot of traffic on these causeways.

Do you know if these other roads up here are a little less congested?

Nah, there are police checkpoints on every road off the island.

Police checkpoints?

They're looking for the man who shot Versace.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Andrew Cunanan.

It's terrible. I-I hope they catch him.

What's your name, young man?

Kurt. Kurt DeMars.

You've been very helpful.

I'll be sure to allow extra time.

Thank you, sir.




NEWSWOMAN (ON TV): Andrew Cunanan, the man who murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace yesterday in Miami, has now become the subject of one of the FBI's largest manhunts of all time.


But Cunanan's beginnings were small.

Have you killed my son?

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

NEWSMAN (ON TV): Regarding Andrew Cunanan, the situation out here has escalated as word spreads that one of National City's own is responsible or accused of murdering Gianni Versace and four other men in brutal killings that have captivated national attention.

NEWSWOMAN: I'm standing outside the home of Mary Anne Cunanan, here in National City, California.

FBI agents are questioning her for information about her son Andrew Cunanan's whereabouts.


Tell us, Mary Anne. Where is he?

Why did he do it?


- Back up.
- Look, look, look.

MAN: You think he's in Miami?



All right.




You lied to us, Ronnie.

- I didn't lie to you.
- We asked if you knew Andrew.

You said no, but Andrew stayed here and you were friends.

He told me his name was Kurt.

I only this minute saw his face on the news.

- I was just about to call you guys.
- All right, let's go.

Come on. Take him.

And we weren't friends.

LORI: He was hiding here for two months.

Hiding? He wasn't hiding.

So what was he doing?

- He was partying.
- Where?


Warsaw Ballroom?

Oh, you were looking for him, weren't you?

The only lez on the force?

Where's Cunanan now?

But the other cops, yeah, they weren't searching so hard, were they? Why is that?

Because he killed a bunch of nobody gays?

Hey, we got over agents and detectives searching for him right now.

Well, sure, yeah, now... that he killed a celebrity.

- You're an accessory to murder.
- Oh, please.

Couldn't find a gay, so now you're gonna blame a gay?

Whoa, whoa, you think this is a joke?

- This a joke to you?
- Is he a joke to you?

You think we don't want to catch him?

So he didn't talk about Versace?


He didn't stop talking about Versace.

Look, we all talked about him.

We all imagined what it would be like to be so rich and so powerful that... it doesn't matter that you're gay.

You know what the truth is?

It's that you were disgusted by him long before he became disgusting.

You're so used to us lurking in the shadows, and, you know, most of us, we oblige.

People like me, we just, we-we drift away.

We get sick, no-nobody cares.

But Andrew was vain.

He wanted you to know about his pain.

He wanted you to hear. He wanted you... he wanted you to know about being born a lie.

Andrew is not hiding.

He's trying to be seen.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

WOMAN (IN DISTANCE): Guillermo, are you there?


Didn't know you were taking her out today.






- Honey, call the cops.

♪ ♪


(ON TV): The question remains: did Andrew Cunanan know Gianni Versace?


NEWSWOMAN: Who is Andrew Cunanan?

To help us, we turn to his closest friend, Lizzie Cote.

LIZZIE: Andrew, I wrote this statement on behalf of your family and myself.

These past few months, you have been portrayed as a horrible and despicable person.

But I just want you to know that I remember and know who you really are, and I love you, unconditionally.

The Andrew Cunanan that I know is not a violent person.

I know that the most important thing to you in the world is what others think of you.

You still have a chance to show the entire world the side of you that I and your godchildren know.

The time has come for this to end, peacefully.

NEWSMAN: Jeff Trail was brutally murdered

in David Madson's apartment.

Madson then goes on the run

with the now notorious killer of Versace, Andrew Cunanan.

What was the connection, though,

between Cunanan and Madson?

Were they lovers?

What did those men do on the road together?

We looked deeper at this dark and disturbing mystery

of their days on the road.

Welcome back. With us now from his home is Mr. Howard Madson.

Howard, thank you so much for being here.

Mr. Madson, do you have any idea at all what happened after the murder of Jeff Trail?

My son is innocent.

He's a victim of a brutal murder.

And to have a cloud of suspicion hanging over him, it's devastating.

That's why I want the killer to give himself up and tell the world David did nothing wrong.

The police won't... (ON NEARBY TV): it's destroying us.

NEWSMAN: But, sir, if David's truly innocent, why didn't he run away?


(ON DISTANT TV): Why did he leave with Mr. Cunanan?

HOWARD: Because... because he didn't know evil like this could exist.

He must have...

David must have thought he could... stop him.

But he didn't know how, so he went with him.

My son's a good man.

My son was a good man.




MAN (ON TV): I'd like to introduce you to item - , an immaculate crystal recreation of a narrow-necked Ming dynasty vase.


Well, yes, and also no.

And if you're already enticed, pick up your phone and call...


♪ ♪

MAN (ON TV): Pick up the phone, give us a call.

You know you want this to decorate your home.

- Ladies, thank you so much.



TERRY: Now, Marilyn, you said to me earlier that you consider this perfume to be one of your finest creations to date.

MARILYN: Terry, my most personal. It is.

TERRY: Now, what does that mean exactly, when you say a fragrance is "personal"?

MARILYN: Well, I...

I always wanted to make a perfume for my mother.


Just not in honor of her...

- Okay.
- but an actual gift that I would give her if I could go back in time.

You see, Terry, my father died when I was just years old.

- That's so sad. I didn't know.
- Oh, please.

Well, he-he was a very kind man, and, um, he was a wonderful storyteller.

He would invent all kinds of stories to entertain my friends when they would come round.

Not soppy stories for girls, but... things that were scary and thrilling and...

W-We... we loved him very much.

And suddenly my father was taken from us.

Life was never the same without him.

My mother had to work long hours just to make ends meet.

And even though I was young...

I had to get a job.

And my mother always felt terribly guilty about that.

Of course, she had no extra money for luxuries of any kind.


I imagine going back in time... and telling her...

"Here's something that I made for you."

"The kind of perfume my father would have given you"

"for your birthday."

"As a way of saying how special you are."

TERRY: Marilyn, what a beautiful story.

- MARILYN: Oh, thank you.
- For a beautiful perfume.

And to our wonderful home shoppers...



Oi! Modesto!

- You have a call.

Another interview request?

How much do you think I should charge this time?

It's... it's Andrew.

MODESTO: Andrew?

- Andrew?

- Don't cry.

Please don't cry.

Men don't cry, remember?

Dad, I'm in trouble.

And I need help.

I need help. I need you to come get me.

I'll fly over right away.

There might still be some outstanding charges against me, but... but so what? Huh?

As soon as I put this phone down, I'll be on my way.

- Where are you?
- I'm still in Miami.

- Okay.
- I'm in a houseboat.

On th Street and...

- Collins Avenue.
- I'll be there.


I'm coming. Do you hear me?

I will find you, and I will hug you.

And I will hold you in my arms.

Like I used to.

And it will all be okay.

You promise?

I promise!

Now, pack some clothes, stay out of sight, and wait for me.

You be ready to leave as soon as I arrive.

(BEEP) AUTOMATED VOICE: Your time is up.

- Please deposit cents for minutes.
- I'm out of time.

MODESTO: I'll be there soon. Do you hear me?

- (BEEP)
- Andrew? I'll be there soon.







NEWSMAN (ON TV): Miami police have stated that their best hope for catching Cunanan may be that someone will spot him.

And the FBI is using their mighty manpower to check train and airplane records looking for single, young, Caucasian men who purchased one-way tickets with cash within hours of Versace's murder. Miami...

NEWSMAN: Do you believe your son is innocent?

MODESTO: Of course he's innocent.

My son is not, and has never been, a homosexual.

That is a slur.

Maybe there were some older men who manipulated him.

NEWSMAN: And the murders?

MODESTO: You never saw my son?

He was a... a perfect boy.

The most special child I ever saw.

The idea that he could be a killer makes me angry.

Have you been in contact with Andrew?

Yes. He phones me regularly.

- Since the murders took place?
- Sure. Yes.

Last night, he called me.

- NEWSMAN: You know where he is?
- All I can say is that he's evaded the police again.

He's far too clever for them.
He's a genius.

They'll never catch him.

NEWSMAN: What did you discuss?

MODESTO: The movie rights to his life story.

I'm acting as the broker, calling Hollywood from here in Manila.

Andrew was very particular about the title.

Can you share it?

A Name to Be Remembered By.

Andrew made me promise.

That had to be the title, no other.

We're in, uh, early discussions with several studios.

NEWSMAN: But you can't travel because of the charges against you.

Those charges are bogus.

But that's okay. I can make the...


DONATELLA: My brother should be alive.

If everybody had done their job, he would be alive.

I heard the shot, that morning, and I knew.

Before I ran out, I knew.

Because my heart stopped.

I'm sure your heart is broken, too.

But you have each other.

I had him.

I only had him.

What will you do now, Antonio?

I'm going to stay in Lake Como.

As I'm sure you know, Gianni arranged so I can stay in one of the houses.

I just want, I just want to stay close to him.

Gianni doesn't own any of the houses.

I don't understand.

He spent too much money.

The company was forced to take possession of all the properties.

They are controlled by the board of Versace.

You should go to Lake Como after the funeral.

Take some time, relax, recover.

And after that?

Today is the day for saying good-bye.

We start a new life, both of us.

And that's it for me now?

I cannot be thrown away like a piece of trash.

I loved him, Donatella.

He was my life.

And suddenly I don't matter?

I don't have a home?

I have no rights? I have nothing.

As I explained to you, the houses, the finances, they are controlled by the board.

You have a say.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry for all of us.

MAN (ON TV): It's not true. It's not possible.

Because, uh, you know, when you see a man, years old, healthy, happy, lucky, and you, and you hear that this man... died suddenly, and we didn't know why, we didn't know the reason.

NEWSMAN: Versace was referred to as the master of glamour and glitz, and he found massive success by dressing his clothes on the rich and beautiful.

"A man in search of the essence of beauty" is how he was described by Princess Diana, who often wore his creations.

Versace's memorial will be held inside Milan's iconic Duomo.

Those in attendance will remember.

Versace's favorite quote from a Russian author: "Beauty will save the world."

All the guests, including Princess Diana and Elton John, are now inside for the funeral of Gianni Versace.




In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.


The loss of Gianni Versace has been felt around the world.

But let us not forget the man himself.

He leaves behind a family: his older brother, Santo, his younger sister, Donatella.

Their love for him was incomparable.

To these people... those closest to him, his loved ones... we offer our prayers.

Let us pray.


♪ The Lord is my shepherd ♪

♪ I shall not want ♪

♪ He maketh me ♪

♪ To lie down in green pastures ♪

♪ He leadeth me ♪

♪ Beside the still waters ♪

♪ Yea, though I walk ♪

♪ Through the valley of the shadow of death ♪

♪ I will fear no evil ♪

♪ Yea, though I walk ♪

♪ Through the valley of the shadow of death ♪

♪ I will fear no evil ♪

♪ For you are with me ♪

♪ You will comfort me ♪

♪ You are with me ♪

♪ You will comfort me ♪

♪ Comfort me ♪

♪ And I will dwell ♪

♪ In the house ♪

♪ Of the Lord forever ♪

♪ Forever ♪

WOMAN (ON TV): The Miami Police Department

has reason to believe that Cunanan is still in the area.

- We're working together with the FBI.
- MAN: Uh-huh.

and doing everything we can to find him.


No. I-I take care of it.

No. It's no problem.



♪ ♪



Is anybody here?

I am armed.

DISPATCHER (OVER RADIO): th Street and Collins.

We have an occupied burglary.
Location is a houseboat.

All units, shut down traffic on Collins immediately.

REPEAT: occupied burglary.

- Location is a houseboat.


NEWSMAN: We're interrupting our current program to bring you a live update in the hunt for Versace's killer.

Reports are coming in that law enforcement in Miami Beach have cordoned off a houseboat on the Indian Creek canal and that a standoff

- is currently in progress.

Law enforcement has blocked off access on both sides

- of Collins Avenue,

creating a perimeter.

SWAT and FBI agents are on scene, as well, to assess and assist in the situation.

For more on this developing story, we go live to Miami Beach.

NEWSMAN: If you're just tuning in,

we are here on th and Collins Avenue,

where we believe suspected killer.

Andrew Cunanan has been hiding out.

I'm reporting live at Collins Avenue, where police have taken extraordinary measure, shutting down the street and blocking traffic.

(ON TV): As you can see behind me, there's much interest in a baby blue houseboat located on the Indian Creek.

- I've never seen anything quite like this,


as police, marine patrol, and the FBI

- are all coordinating together.

With this extreme show of force, we can't help but...


NEWSWOMAN: the alleged Versace killer, Andrew Cunanan, is in that houseboat.

OFFICER (OVER BULLHORN): Mr. Cunanan, this is the police.

- We just want to talk.

Please be calm.

- I repeat, we just want to talk.

We know you're in there, and we can help.

Hold the position. Wait for the green light.

Just hold the position. Stand by.

NEWSMAN: I'm reporting live from Collins Avenue, where my sources say all attempts to communicate with the fugitive seems to have failed.

Snipers are in position, ready to react in the event that Mr. Cunanan makes yet another run for flight.

Stay with us as we give you comprehensive coverage of the siege at Indian Creek.

♪ ♪



NEWSMAN (ON TV): who nearly became his roommate, says he can't fathom the violence.

Gay and lesbian newspaper society columnist

Nicole Ramirez-Murray says Cunanan had rich boyfriends and was a known gigolo, a man who loved the spotlight.

At Bishop's, a private school in the affluent La Jolla area, Cunanan was voted Most Likely to be Remembered.

Acquaintances and friends remember Andrew Cunanan as an affable young man, not as a serial killer from the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.

NEWSMAN: We are live at the police perimeter, where they have reinforced all sides.

Now, authorities are hoping that he is alone

- and that he is looking to surrender.

LORI: He sees everything.

SCRIMSHAW: He's not coming out.

Cut the power.

- Shields are up...

Deploy smoke now. Now.



♪ ♪


♪ ♪


ANDREW: I'm so happy right now.


ANDREW: What if... you had a dream your whole life that you were someone special... but no one believed it?

Not... not really.

They'd smile at you and say, "Oh, sure, sure."

And then, what if the first person that truly believed you... was the most incredible person you'd ever met?

But it's not about persuading people that you're going to do something great.

It's about doing it.

You have to finish your novel.

Or something else.

Do you think I could be a designer?

A designer?

I know literally everything there is to know about fashion.

Maybe I could assist you or-or be your protégé?

I'm not looking for an assistant.

But being here... like this, with-with you, it... it feels like destiny.

Why can't you feel it?

Andrew. Andrew.

One day you'll understand why I said no.

It's not because I don't find you attractive.

I invited you here because you're a very interesting young man.

I want you to... to be inspired by this, to be nourished by tonight.

If we kissed... you may doubt it.

We could go get dinner t... uh, tomorrow.

I could... I could take you to Stars.

We could talk some more about my novel.

I wish.

But I leave San Francisco soon, and it's...

There's so much to do.

Another night.

Another stage.


♪ ♪


SCRIMSHAW: Is it him?

LORI: It's him.

What you expected?

He's just a boy.

(SIGHS) Yeah.


♪ ♪

It's over.

You caught him?

He's dead. He shot himself.


It's over.


TERRY: Marilyn?

Are you okay?

We receive hundreds of letters each month from viewers.

And since my husband's death, I started to receive letters about him.

Often from people I-I don't know, I've never heard of, whose lives were touched by Lee in some way.

He-he supported this family when they got into financial trouble.

He helped this young man's career.

He-he paid their bills when they couldn't.

And he never... told me.

About any of it.

Why... didn't he ever tell me?

I reply to every letter.

I thank them for their kind words about my husband, and...

I tell them that he's alive in their letters... and that I'm... so very proud of him.

- WOMAN: Signore.



The lawyers are here.

I have to tell you something.

On the morning Gianni was killed, he called me.

I was in Rome preparing for that show.

He was up early in Miami, wanting to know every little detail.

He couldn't just let me do it alone.

When I ended the call, I was annoyed.

I had the show under control. I didn't need his help.

So, when he called back minutes later...

I didn't answer.

(VOICE BREAKING): I ignored his call.

♪ ♪

I ignored his call.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


No, no, no!


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪