01x09 - Black & Blue

Man: Previously on Underground...

We're here to begin construction on your nursery.

My name's Clyde and this is...


John: What happened?

Hollander: Risdin...

They got Clyde.

Inside each of us, there's two wolves...

...and the good wolf lives on love.

Is Pa the good or the bad wolf?

If you were mine, I would protect you, no matter what.

I'd protect your secrets, too.


Jeremiah: We got one of yours!


Wait, wait, wait, wait.

We ain't no help to her if we get caught, too.

♪ How am I supposed to survive? ♪


♪ If I don't know what's wrong and what's right? ♪
♪ How am I supposed to know freedom? ♪
♪ If I don't know I'm living inside? ♪
♪ 'Cause you've got the nail to my all ♪
♪ My only chance to know what is what ♪
♪ 'Cause you've got the nail to my all ♪
♪ An object I can't even control ♪
♪ Set me free ♪
♪ Pull the nail out with your teeth ♪


♪ Set me free ♪


♪ Don't leave me wasted ♪


♪ Set me free... ♪

That's a white woman's dress! Take it off!


♪ Don't leave me wasted... ♪


That's enough!


That girl's another man's property.

And I plan on bringing her back intact.

♪ Set me free ♪

♪ Pull the nail out with your teeth... ♪

Leave that.

♪ Set me free ♪
♪ Don't leave me wasted ♪
♪ The River Jordan ♪
♪ Rises on high ♪
♪ It pulls you closer ♪
♪ To the angels' light ♪
♪ And one day Jesus' hand ♪
♪ Will lead us to the promised land ♪
♪ One day we will stand ♪
♪ Rejoice in victory ♪
♪ We fall down ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ To look up ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Waiting to see ♪
♪ Heaven's door ♪


Why you's protecting me?

You can thank your daddy for that.

He's paying as much for you as all the others combined.

He say that? (GRUNTS)

He my father?

Not in so many words.

But money speaks plenty clear.

His kind.

Sometimes, that's the only way they know how to talk.


Yes, sir?

You keep an eye on her.

Jeremiah: I had a dog once.

Had that mean look in his eyes, like any moment he might rip your throat out.

That girl, she reminds me of him.

You sure your boy can handle that?

You just worry about your men.

Make sure they stay away from her.

I don't need 'em complicating things.

My men, they never see the long game.

Only care about what satisfies them right now.

Patty could use more men like you.

I said I'd help you capture the other two, and I will.

Then me and my boy are going home.


He's of a solemn nature, ain't he?

I thought he'd be more excited to find out he's gonna be rich, but...

I guess he takes after his father.

Them two others, they're coming for that girl.

You make sure you're ready.


I told you to take out the shotgun driver first!


Might be I ain't heard you from all the way up in that tree!

I know I should've gone first.

We got the damn thing. What you complaining about?

Damn thing is broken!


Lucky for us, we got ourselves a honest-to-goodness blacksmith.

Well, we gonna need more than that.

We outnumbered and we outgunned.


Gonna need a hell of a distraction to get Rose back.


Oh... (SIGHS)

...you know what we could do with money like this?

Be free and rich.

And live better than them white folks.

Quit your daydreaming and see if there's some rope in there.

Watch the way you order me around.

I ain't Henry.

Though maybe I am, seeing as how I'm following one of your fool-hearted plans to my death, too.


Goddamn it! The longer we stand out here fighting, the less chance we got of getting Rosalee back.

Who knows what they doing to her?

Ain't nobody care about that house girl.

The only reason I'm helping is because she knows where the station is on the other side of that river.


I ain't buying it.


You act like you don't care about nobody and nothing.

But I seen you.

Seen you with that bonnet of yours.


Oh, I seen the way you just look at it, way you be folding it all the time.

There's somebody out there you care about.

Just holding on to the hope you gonna see 'em again soon.

So you keep playing big all you want, but I see you.

Auctioneer: Not a field slave in the bunch, and this delicate gal stepping onto the block won't disappoint.

Lot 25.

One female of good stock, well within breeding age, but...

I ain't never been touched by no man.

Claim to be verified by a doctor upon purchase.

Bidding starts at $400.


$400. Do I hear $450?


Man: $450.


Do I hear $475?


Man: $525.


Man: $700.




Man: That's ridiculous.

Sold for $700 to Mr....


Elizabeth: "Cinderella went to the hazel tree and said, 'Shake and quiver, little tree. Throw gold and silver down to me.' Then the bird threw down an even more magnificent dress than on the preceding day. When Cinderella appeared at the festival in this dress, Everyone was astonished by her beauty. The prince had waited until she came, and immediately took her by the hand and danced only with her."



Has John returned?


I just had to see you again.

Kyle. Kyle, wait.

I've already waited enough.


Kyle. Kyle, no. Wait!

No. Kyle, no.




Can I have some water?

(SIGHS) Thank you.

What's your name?



I know.

It's on the slave bill.

I hate when my momma... look over my shoulder in the cookhouse.

I like the sound of the leaves whistling through the trees on the plantation.

It's like hearing a song on a windy day.

I like the smell of these tin cookies Miss Suzanna used to buy.

But I never did try one.

Yellow my favorite color.

But the real shiny kind, like on this ribbon I used to like to wear.


I ain't just a name on a slave bill.

I ain't just a runaway.

And I ain't just $5,000.

Jeremiah: Brought the lady some clothes.

Those are my pants.

You don't want the lady to catch her death, now, do you?

I brought something for you, too, kid.

Just finished reading it.

It's a good one.

About a hunter who becomes obsessed with the hunt.

So much so, he loses everything else.

Thought that might interest you.


It's done.

I have to say, Mr. Hawkings, I appreciate your aggressiveness.

What's the use of having money...


...if you can't recklessly spend it?

(CHUCKLES) I hear that.

I'm a gambling man myself.


Um, dice, horseshoes... anything works, so long as there's something to lose.

You plan on buying more slaves?

Or is Ella special?

I'm looking to buy and sell.

I've been traveling to different auctions to acquire a feel for the business.

Everywhere I go, one name always comes up.

Bazil Abbot.

Your auctions have become legend. Now I see why.


Any advice from an expert?

Any nigger can pick cotton.

You find some that can do what no others can, that's how you make real money.

I'll keep that in mind.

And never, ever inflate their worth to 'em.

That's how they become intractable.

When they think they're better than slaves.

Well, like this one here.

Ran from me years ago.

But I got him back.

Now I keep him tethered.

I can hear him anywhere in the house.


He won't get the best of me again.

Elizabeth: John.

I would like you to meet Boo.


Cato: She could be anywhere, and you don't even know the way in.

Last chance to take the money and run.

Do you want some more water?

(SOFTLY) Hmm-mmm.

You're not gonna read that?

I don't know.


That hunter obsessed with the hunt.

He talking about your father?

I've seen my father every day of my life and never even really talked to him.

About anything.



I don't think it was out of spite.

He just never noticed me.

(SOFTLY) And I... think that's worse.

When my pa would leave to go on the hunt, I always wanted to go with him.

Now, I just wish I was back home.

Well, y'all gonna be getting your wish pretty soon, now that you got me.

I'm sorry.

But we need the money to save our land.


"Call me Ishmael. Some years ago... Never mind how long precisely... Having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen."

Think you'll be able to circle back with the wagon over there?

(SCOFFS) I got the easy part of this plan. Let's see you get out first.

I'm making it out with Rosalee.

You just make sure you're there when we do.

You were right.

That bonnet belong to someone that I cared about.

My daughter.

You had a daughter?

Still do.

She out there somewhere.

My wife, too.

They both had a smile that would stop your heart.

Used to live Louisiana way.

As cotton gave way to sugar down there, those two were sold.

I ran the night they were taken.

I followed that slaver's wagon for days.

Got dragged back.

But you wrong about me hoping I see 'em again.

This here is a reminder that a heart ain't made for nothing but pumping blood.

That's the only thing it needs to survive.

You remember that.

While you go get yourself killed for that girl.

♪ I don't want to drown no more ♪
♪ Sick of the same old people ♪
♪ Kind that'll sell your soul ♪
♪ Trade it for a shining stone ♪
♪ Ain't nothing in this life for free ♪

♪ Running from the greatest evil ♪

Come and get it.

♪ It finally dawned on me ♪
♪ A man's gotta fight temptation ♪


Jeremiah, one of them runners just rode past in a coach.

It's raining money.

That's a distraction.

The other one will be here for the girl.

I ain't one to pass up on money, especially when it's flying in the wind.

"If man will strike, strike through the mask. How can the prisoner reach outside..."

♪ Keep the wolves from the door ♪
♪ I hear them scratching like I don't know better ♪
♪ Won't you keep the wolves from the door ♪
♪ It won't be long before I cave in and open up the... ♪
♪ Yo, money's short like my temper ♪
♪ But the bills still keep on coming ♪
♪ Stayin' on the grind, January to December... ♪

"...except by through... thrusting through the wall? To me, the white whale is that wall."

♪ I hear them scratching like I don't know better ♪
♪ Won't you keep the wolves from the door ♪
♪ It won't be long before I cave in and open up the ♪
♪ Keep the wolves from the door ♪
♪ I hear them scratching like I don't know better ♪
♪ Won't you keep the wolves from the door ♪
♪ Won't be long before I cave in and open up the door ♪


Elizabeth: She's one of the Macon seven.

John, you wouldn't believe what she's been through to get from the south to here.

Years in this trade have taught me... anybody can be bought and sold.

Not just the niggers.

It's just that, uh, some lives are worth more than others.

White lives.

Not necessarily.

I hold a very high value on black lives.

The sum total of which made me a very wealthy man.

I can buy anything I want.

Almost anything.

How about a wager?

You've been such a gracious host.

Where would my manners be if...

I didn't give you the opportunity to win her back?

You mean you'd be willing to risk such an expensive acquisition on a game of chance?

It depends.

On what?

On what you're putting up against her.

She lost both her mother and her father on the run from your brother's to here.

But she's strong.

And she's smart, she's so smart.

These last few days with her have been wonderful.

But now I'm afraid that I'm about to lose both of you.

Lose me?

I'm right here.

And we'll, we'll figure out what we're gonna do about Boo.

Kyle... found her... in the hideaway.

What? What do you mean? When?

Two days ago.

He knows we're running a station.


He's not gonna tell anyone.

How do you know that?

It all happened so fast that there... there was no time to think.

Not about you or myself.

I just knew that I had to protect that little girl.

And Kyle...

He's never stopped loving me.

Even after I broke our engagement.

What did you do?

He said that he would protect our secret...


If you what?


(VOICE BREAKING) How could you?


He came back today.

John, please listen to me. (GASPS)

I've heard enough, Elizabeth!




So long as you have that knife out, you may as well give me a hand.

"Sometimes I think there's naught... beyond, but 'tis enough."

Rosalee: What's wrong?

He lied to me.

Don't need you anymore.


Ernestine: ♪ There's a church ♪

Rosalee: No.

♪ In the valley ♪
♪ By the wildwood ♪
♪ Sweet little church ♪
♪ On the vale ♪

You ain't here.

In the slaughterhouse... or in your head?

Devil's snare.

She was picking it when you tried to trick her.

I saw some devil's snare a little while back.

It gonna help with the swelling.


She put it in the dress.

Turns out she think good on her feet.

She gets that from me.

I thought she was soft... like Ben.

It's that devil's snare.

I dropped it in the fire.

It's making you crazy.

(SOFTLY) Little Ben.





What's wrong?

I ain't thinking straight.

No, you ain't.

Not since you brought that boy along with you.

He gonna change the way you make some choices.

Ain't nothing gonna change.

Children pick up their behavior from their parents.

He don't look at you the same way no more.

Blood stains everything.

Can't get it out for nothing.

You can scrub and scrub.


Trick's in the lemon water.

Taught my daughter that.

What have you taught your son?

He's fine.

We're going home when the hunt is done.

The hunt ain't never over.

Not for you.

The wolf... doesn't always know he's a wolf.

But he suspects.



Tom: Four fingers, two cubes.

You remember, don't you?

Yes, massa.

Well, get to it.


Don't be scared, Rose.

You're safe now. You're home.

I was never safe here.


You... let him... do this to me.

You let him do it over and over, till my arms were tore up.

(SHAKILY) I'm your daughter.

And you just sat there, reading the newspaper, like it was any other day.

I'm not gonna let you ignore me no more.

You ungrateful little house bitch.

After all your mother has done to get you out of those fields.

I should have you whipped again.

Be my pleasure, boss.

August: These two, they're the last ones.

I ain't lyin'.

Charlotte's home. I'm done with this.

Some animals ain't meant to be tamed.

It's in their bones, to scream and run wild.

Primal nature... and a hunger for blood.

For flesh.


Every time you look at these, you're going to remember me.

For the rest of your life.

If it wasn't for me, you'd still be messin' with your massa flowers outside the big house.

I didn't mean to hurt him.

We all know you didn't.

I meant to kill him.

It was the first free thing I ever done.

And it ain't gonna be my last.

That's why we do everything.

To make anew.

To leave a little bit of us behind... while we fade to dust.

And we all fade to dust.



Yah, yah! Yah!


You are my daughter...


...and there is no freedom for you.











Tom: You learned how to look the other way from me.

You kept your head down your whole life in my house.

And it was easier, wasn't it?

Without the fighting. The starving.

Being under constant assault.

That boy won't stay fooled for long.

You ain't made for runnin'.


You're coming home!

(SOBBING) I'd rather die than be here!

I own you!





Ben: Pa...



It hurts, Pa.


Ben: Pa...





It's all right.

It's all right, I got you.

Noah: Rose!

Where Cato?

He was supposed to be here!

Jeremiah: Go!


Noah: He left us.

We gotta move.

There he is!

Jeremiah: Hold it right there!




What you waitin' on? Get in!

Hyah, hyah!



The horses, boys.


Whoa. Road's blocked.

Got to go the rest of the way on foot.


Where we goin', house girl?

That undertaker say we go west, look for a bridge look like a crooked smile.

I hear water that way.

Come on.




We gotta cut it down from there.

Where's your knife?

Ah! Must've fell.




Don't hit the girl! We need her alive!



Where the arrows coming from?



We gotta get to that bridge.

We gotta cross and cut it down before they can follow us.

I got him. Go. Find it.

And here. Here. Hold on.

Hurry up!


We gotta move.





I found the bridge.

Where Cato?


What do you want me to say?

I did it for you!

Oh, don't you put this on me!

You went to bed with him while you were engaged.

And then again, with me, before we were married.

What are you saying?

Tell me.

What happened? Tell me everything that happened.

You weren't here.

I was alone and scared.

You started us down this path.

You brought this danger into our home.

You ever played "puff and dart?"


But I have to warn you, I pick up on things pretty quickly.


Well, then, best three out of five.

I don't want anyone accusing me of swindling you.





You think me a fool?

I know you're Tom Macon's abolitionist brother.


The value of your life, Mr. Hawkes, has just plummeted to zero.

How dare you blame me for the way that I saved us?

"Us," Elizabeth? Did you do this for us?

Or did you do it for that little girl?

What are we supposed to do now?

I don't know.

Tell me what I'm supposed to do now!

I don't know!

John: I'll tell you what I want to do.

I want to slap you for letting him touch you.


And I want to kill him for even thinking that he could.


You know what I did down south?



I almost beat a man to death, Elizabeth.

Go. It'll look like a slave got loose and killed his massa.

And then I left him there for Clyde to kill.

I'm a man of the law and I feel completely lawless!

(SOFTLY) Okay, it's okay.

Boo: The bad man was gonna hurt you.

It's okay.

He's not a bad man.


A friend of a friend sent us.