01x10 - The White Whale

Woman: Previously on Underground...

Rosalee: I get it now.

It's about not letting the white folks define your story.

Run with me.

I own you!


It's all right. I got you.

We must be vigilant.

Never compromising our heritage.



(PANTING) A friend of a friend sent us.



Lord, make me an instrument of peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love.

Where there is injury... pardon. Where there is doubt... faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light. Where there is sadness, joy. O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console.


To be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. It is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.


♪ If you fall ♪
♪ Get back up again ♪
♪ 'Cause freedom's fruit ♪
♪ Heals all your sin ♪
♪ And one day Jesus' hand ♪
♪ Will lead us to the promised land ♪
♪ One day we will stand ♪
♪ Rejoice in victory ♪
♪ We fall down ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ To look up ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Waiting to see ♪
♪ Heaven's door ♪


He's back.

Are you okay? What took you so long?

News has spread that the last of the Macon seven have crossed the river.

The marshals have men on every road going out of town, and the slave catchers are flooding the area, looking for the high reward.

It's a free-for-all out there.

Elizabeth: Well, then we'll keep them here until someone can come from Ripley.

We can't keep them in the hideaway.

And we don't have time to wait it out.

The marshals know that someone's aiding the runaways.

They're going door to door.

We got... a day, at most.

Where's Ripley?

It's just over the county line.

It's a heavy abolitionist community.

We can't fit in your wagon, you could take Boo.

We can't risk it with the slave catcher presence.

Their greed is making them bold.

We gotta flood the streets with money.

Scatter their focus, give us a chance to slip past them.

Rumor is that the jail cells at the marshals' office are at full capacity.

Noah: Then that's where we need to go.

Elizabeth: We have another problem.


I wanted to be a better man than my father.

He always had his eye on political office, but he couldn't get his head out of a bottle long enough to finish a campaign.

I guess I can hold my liquor better than him.

Senator Tom Macon.

That's not even my name.

Coward Tom Hawkes.

Sounds right.

Sam's dead because of me.

I can't... I can't even look myself in the mirror.

I can't sleep. I can't eat.

I just feel nothing.


(SHAKILY) Please...

(SOBBING) Please forgive me.


It's my fault.

God is punishing me for my sins.

For what I done to Pearly Mae.

What did you do?

She was gonna give up Rosalee.


There's nothing else you could do. You did what you had to do.

And I pray for my salvation every day.

There's only pain now.

It doesn't have to be.

I can make you feel something else.


Look at me.

I know we can be happy again, together.

I want you to come to Washington with me.

We can start over there.

Leave all this pain behind.


We can be free.



Well, if I was you, I...

I don't, I don't know if I could do it.

Open up my home to, to runaways.

You ran 600 miles.

I imagine you can do anything.

I ran 'cause I ain't had nothing else.

Nothing to live for except, maybe, the idea of being free.

And if I get it, I ain't gonna do nothing to lose it.

I didn't want to do this.

Not at first.

I fought John when he suggested using our home.

I thought it was too dangerous, too risky.

And now?

I still think it's too dangerous.

The only way that this is going to end is with us being caught... or dead.

Had I really understood that, what this choice would cost us, I'm... I'm not sure that I would make the same one.

Yes, you would.

I've seen the way you look at Boo.

Maybe... if we can just get her to freedom, whatever happened and will happen...

It'll all have been worth it.


How you and your brother end up so different...

One owning slaves, the other one helping them.

Honestly, I have no idea.

Tom was always an opportunist, ambitious even when we were kids.

But I always thought he had a good heart, that he was just misguided.

I'm not so sure anymore.

People surprise you, the things they're capable of.


You have any brothers or sisters?

Two brothers. James and Sam.

Sam, the carpenter from the plantation?

Uh-huh, he was supposed to leave Macon with us, but he never got off the plantation.

Why not?

I think he was scared.

And he thought massa, your brother, was gonna let him buy his freedom.

I hope he will.






I'm just...

I'm just going to leave these over here for you.

Don't go.


♪ Up... ♪
♪ Up in the air and bombs away ♪
♪ Up... ♪
♪ We're casualties that can't be slaves ♪
♪ Oh... ♪
♪ We crash, we clash, we crumble down ♪
♪ When it all comes down ♪
♪ Down, down ♪
♪ It's just us, it's just us, it's just us ♪
♪ When it all comes down ♪
♪ Down ♪
♪ Down, down ♪
♪ We got love, this is love, this is love ♪
♪ When it all comes down ♪
♪ Down ♪
♪ Down, down ♪
♪ We got love, this is love, this is love ♪
♪ When it all comes down ♪
♪ There's only you and me ♪
♪ Ah-ah ♪

I wish I was back on that plantation.

For James and Momma.

I can only imagine the state she in.

We done lost everyone.

And the things we done to get here...

Why we deserve to be free and not the others?

Every single one of 'em I picked 'cause I knew they could help me get to freedom.

Cato said I was just using them.

And I proved him right.

Ain't neither one of us come out clean on the other side of that river.

That's 'cause we just trying to survive.

(STAMMERS) Freedom, it got to mean more than that.

It got to be more than that.

Ain't about if we deserve it.

It's ours.

They keep killing us so we can forget that.

And we can't let what they do turn us into them.

All we been thinking about is getting north, and... and we done fought so hard to get here, so hard.

But it ain't enough.

Ain't none of us free till we all free.


Jeremiah: So that's another two, then.

They at least get the money they went chasing after?

Patty's going to have my head.


How's your son?

Going to need surgery.

I got to find the money.

Sorry to hear that.

I'll make sure I get one for him when we catch that girl.

12-year-old boy and she just stabs him.

Think I'm gonna let that pass?

You plan on killing that girl all of a sudden?

No. I plan on killing her slow.

That ain't gonna happen.

Patty's all about her numbers, and we took a big hit here today.

The only way to recoup that balance sheet is to catch Rosalee alive and get her reward.

We had a deal.

We did.

But given we are at cross-purposes now, seems like the proper time to renegotiate.

♪ It's a long way down when your head is in the clouds ♪
♪ And all around the sirens play ♪


♪ Don't get in my way ♪



Man: Well, they told me themselves.

They the Macon seven.

Move along.


Ma'am, may I help you?

Yes, I'm looking for Marshal Risdin.

Older man: You and me both.

And his boss for that matter.

We haven't seen him in days, but what can I do for you?

I have some information for him.

On possible runaway activity.

I suppose you can pass that along through me.

No, I would rather deliver it right to the marshal.

Perhaps I could leave a note on his desk?

Yeah, I don't think that's gonna be...


Drop your weapons or I drop this white woman!




John Hawkes?

John Hawkes? Are you John Hawkes?


(SIGHS) My name is August Pullman.

Your brother hired me to track down his runaway slaves.


I'm... I'm, I'm sorry to show up unannounced, but he said if I was in the area and I was in need, I should come to you.

My boy, he's been injured. He needs surgery right away.

I'm sorry to hear that. How can I help?

If you could send a wire to your brother I need the money owed me straight away.

Of course, of course.

(SOFTLY) Thank you.


If you'll wait here, I'll draft that promissory note for you.


Noah: Get rid of that gun.

Put the rest on the desk over there.


What do you want?

Well, I want all sorts of things.

I want to live in a world where I ain't got to run through a hundred miles of shadow just to have a last name.

I want to work a day and get a fair day's wage.

And when I'm done I want a place to rest my head.

Have something I can call my own.

I want to be counted!

It's our hands that built this country!

It's our blood that's running through the heart of it.

We keep it beating!

Seem to me that make more American than any of you.

I can't give you any of that.

No, I suppose you can't.

But you know what you can do?

You can let everyone out of here.


Now, who got the key to the cell?




(WHISPERS) Stop it.


Stop it.

All right, now, once night falls, you look for that big sippin' spoon in the sky.

Okay, that's a drinkin' gourd.

All right, you follow it as far north as your feet'll take you.

If you run into any trouble, use the gun.

They ain't gonna have no problem using theirs on you.

Now, if you get caught, do two things straightaway.

You ask for a lawyer and you gonna ask for this one man.

He'll help you.

You have a draft.

Yes, well, it's an old house.

Well, not this room. It's been remodeled.

Them floorboards is new.

John: You have a good eye.

We redid everything in anticipation of our baby's arrival.


I'm sure you're eager to get this to the bank.

So you can get back to your son.

Your brother's runaways, did you know one of them's kin to you?

The girl. Rosalee's her name.

She's his daughter.

She's also the one that hurt my boy.


Elizabeth: John?


It worked.

This is August Pullman.

Tom hired him to track the runaway slaves from his plantation.

What are you doing here?

One of them was just at the marshals' office.

He forced them to free all the captured slaves.

Thank you for this.






Man 1: Move it, boy!

Man 2: Please, no!

Go on, get!


Move it, I said!

Please don't make me go back!

Rosalee: Where Noah?

He got away with the others. He should be back soon.

Then we'll ride for Ripley.


Suit yourself then.



Pullman knew something was up.

We can't wait for Noah. We have to leave.


I wouldn't if I were you.


Come on!


Rosalee, run!







Tom: I think you'd make some beautiful furniture.

All right, James.

You need to keep a steady hand and you need to be patient.

There ain't anything done right that was done with haste.

All right, easy now.

I got it.

(CHUCKLES) I know you do. You handle that real well.

Sam was teaching me.

Do you think he'll come back to visit soon?

(STAMMERING) Well, where do you think Sam is?

Momma says he went to the city to make furniture for the rich white folks.

Tom: Well, you know, most likely Sam is probably really busy.

But I'm sure he misses you, too.

James: If I keep working hard like Sam, can I go to the city and make furniture, too?


I don't see why not.

All right, you just focus on this.

You need to see it in your mind's eye what you want.

And you need to see it through.




You're awake now, huh?

I was afraid I hit you too hard in all the excitement.

It is Noah, right?

My friends call me Patty.

But I'll allow you to call me Miss Cannon.

Perhaps you've heard of me.

Can't say that I have.

Well, it must be my lucky day.

'Cause I came down here for a little old-fashioned justice and then I stumble across one of the Macon seven.

Your exploits have been taxing my men for weeks.

The marshals' station?

Now, that was bold.

Then I started asking myself...


"How does a runaway even know where the marshals' station is?"

I think you're working with someone else.

Someone white, I'm guessing.

Someone who's part of the Underground.

You know what I'm speaking of?



Patty: I'm not one for torture.

But a friend of mine taught me a little thing about it, before he passed.

And I do have other business to attend to today.

I need a name.

I can't.

He took me in.

Offered me refuge.

And you gave all that up the moment you walked into the marshals' station.

Hell of a distraction.

I'm guessing for Rosalee.

You're in a bit of a bind, John.


Let me help you out of it.

Like you helped... Elizabeth?

Patty: You love her.

You want to be with her... I can do that.

I'll let you go.

Kyle: No, you're not gonna kill me.

That's not you.

You're a man of the law.

You're in over your head, Noah, and I'm the only one who can help you now.

Kyle: (PANTING) All you've done...

...you think it's not gonna catch up with you?

Give me a name.

It'll catch up.

His name...

But it won't catch up to me.

...is Marshal Kyle Risdin.

John: While you've been down here, you want to know how we've been spending our day?

I dug a hideaway...

...not unlike this one, under your home, Kyle.

It's our hands...

While my wife slipped a few letters from William Still and some abolitionist writings into your desk, as well as some handwritten logs of patrol boat schedules.

Governor, I had a thought about the new river routes.

And I've got some friends who are going to mention your name.

You ask for a lawyer, and you ask for this one man, he'll help you.

His name is Kyle Risdin.

When I get out of here, I'll clear it all up.

I'll tell them about you and Elizabeth...

I'll tell them everything.

The Fugitive Slave Act is comprehensive and ironclad.

Not only is it my right... to kill a slave stealer... it's my duty as a man of the law.





Giddyap! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!






Giddyap! Giddyap!


Stop the wagon.


Stop the wagon!

Whoa! Whoa. What are you doing?

He wants me, not you and Boo. I'll draw him away.

We're not far from Ripley. They know we're coming.

Ain't gonna let no one else get hurt 'cause of me. Go on now.

Elizabeth: Giddyap! Giddyap!

♪ They comin' for me, screamin' at me, tellin' me to stop ♪
♪ I won't look back, Lord, please forgive me ♪
♪ All the people I forgot ♪
♪ I ain't tryin' to be selfish, I just wanna make it out ♪
♪ Make a change, leave the shackles, if I stop ♪
♪ They gonna tackle I don't wanna be here no more ♪
♪ Sick of all the struggle ♪
♪ Guns pointed at me ♪
♪ I don't wanna be unhappy ♪
♪ But I gotta keep on moving, keep my feet pumping ♪
♪ If they catch us, then we finish ♪
♪ It's gonna be ugly ♪


(PANTING) Your boy... he went and let me go.

And so you stabbed him?

I'm sorry for that.

He ain't never gonna walk again.

That ain't my fault. It's yours.

Ben never should have been there.

Didn't even want to be.

You know that.

I ain't running no more.






You want to hunt us down like we're animals?



...then you're gonna die out here like one.

♪ Ca-Catch me if you can, ca-catch me if you can ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Ca-Catch me if you can, ca-catch me if you can ♪


The arrangements have all been made.

We'll leave day after tomorrow.

It's, uh, five days by train, I was thinking we could stopover in Virginia, do some shopping.


They're very fashionable in Washington.

And I've heard there's some private clubs where we could have dinner together.

I promise you will have whatever you want in our new life together.

How does that sound?

It sounds nice.


You're thinking about James, aren't you?

We can send for him as soon as we get settled.


I was actually thinking about Rosalee.

I was so angry at her when she ran.


That she could put herself in that kind of danger after I'd worked so hard to keep her safe.


But safety isn't real, is it?

I suppose it's not.

No! No!




I was foolish to think that anything I could do would keep my children from danger.



But that's how it works, right?

Break the females so they'll teach the chillun.

Stine! Please!

Take his hands.


It's a hard lesson, fool... because anything less than blood and you can't get the body to act against its own best nature.


But my daughter was smart enough to see through it.

(GASPS) Please...

There's no surviving this life.


(PANTING) Oh, God...



Don't worry.


Ain't neither of us is gonna answer to Him for our sins.


We both going to hell.



You just a bit sooner.



Good, you're awake.

We tried to patch you up as best we could before we brought you here.

It's a great job we have, slave catchin'.

We can do whatever we want.

With one... really only one exception.

You can't kill white people, August.

Especially not any of mine.

- ♪ I'm on the edge of something deep ♪

Ernestine: Lord... make me an instrument of peace.

♪ It's in my bones ♪

Where there's hatred, let me sow love.

♪ I'm open wide and now I see ♪

Where there is injury, pardon.

♪ The world unraveled ♪

Where there is doubt, faith.

♪ I'm on the edge of something ♪

Where there is despair, hope. ♪
♪ I'm on the edge of something ♪

Where there is darkness, light.

♪ I'm on the edge of something ♪

Where there is... sadness, joy.

Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled...

...as to console.

To be understood as to understand.

To be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive.

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.

It is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.

Rosalee: What you want to know about the Macon seven?



Because if we don't remember our own stories, who will?

I wonder how much she gonna remember of all this when she grow up.

More pain than her little heart should ever have to bear.

But I want her to remember how fiercely her momma loved her.

As she stopped a slave catcher with her own body just to make sure that her baby girl made it to freedom.

And that her daddy, Moses, carried her as far as he could on his own so that Pearly Mae's sacrifice wasn't for nothin'.

(CHUCKLES) And I want her to remember Zeke.

He was the biggest man with the softest heart.

He went down fightin', just like Henry...

That boy, bullets couldn't even stop Henry.

He was braver than even he knew.

And Cato was brave, too, but broken.

I wish he would've had a chance to start over.

And Noah...

(SIGHS) Noah was the one that brought us the freedom song.

Brought us all together.

He knew we were stronger as a group, that we couldn't do it alone, and that we're all meant to be free.


He was right.

We made it to the other side of that river.

But he gave up his freedom for me.


I wasn't supposed to be part of the Macon seven, but he saw a strength in me I didn't even know I had.


I believe wherever he is, he's still fightin', still plannin', never givin' up.

Because that's who he is.

And if it wasn't for him, if it wasn't for all of them, I wouldn't be sittin' here with you today.

Back on the plantation, I was so scared.

Wasn't no time to feel nothin' else.

You just had to keep your head down.

"Yes, massa." Look away. Bear it.

But every slight, every insult, every time they used that word "girl" in a way that made me hate the word, all that anger just waitin' below the surface.

William: All that's behind you now.

Rosalee: No, it ain't.

I can't look away no more.

And if I stay up here and try to start a new life, that's all I'm gonna be doin'.

I'm goin' back.


I know you've felt some... coldness between us over the years.

I want you to know it's not because you were layin' with my husband.

We've all had our dalliances with your kind.

There was a stable boy who worked the horses when I was Mary's age.

And it's not because you bore my husband's children.

That's nothin' more than free labor.

But my children, they were the one thing I was promised would be mine.

And they look to you... as if you're their mother.

When they laugh, it's with you.

(SHAKILY) When they cry, they call out for Stine.


I've waited a long time to repay that kindness.

Driver: Whoa, whoa.

And now that Tom is... gone, there's nothin' stoppin' me... from puttin' you on the block.



(SNIFFLES) Don't worry on James.

I'm gonna bring him back in the house.

Raise him as my own.

Give him a better life than you ever could.