01x05 - The Best Laid Plans

Hey, Ben. lt's nice to meet you. I'm Lou.

Hey. I'm thinking about working at Briar Ridge.

Well, that's a big decision, Ty. You might want to think about that.

The sooner you get out of here, the better!

Lou said I should stop treating you like a child.

He's my father. I've got a right to make up my own mind.

Amy! Amy, wait! I'd say the horse is drugged.

Oldest trick in the book: get a rogue horse, sedate him, make it look like you've worked a miracle.

Perfect. Ashley's here.

Which one's the horse?

Look at the jacket.

Cardinal is so '80s.

That horse is worth so much money. lt is a complete waste for her to ride him.


TY: You guys just. . .

Just. . .?

You don't get it.

Get what?

TY: Nothing. Okay?

Your order's ready, Lou. I'll get one of the boys to take it out. Coffee?

Oh, I ordered in some of that special cappuccino mix for you.

Umm. . . Green tea please.

They're making me crazy.

They've been sitting there for over an hour, and all they've ordered is a bottle of water.

SORAYA: You and Ty need to talk.

Why? He's the one who left.

SORAYA: Come on, Amy.

What time do you get off? ln an hour?

Want to go for a ride?


But I still think you should talk to him.

VAL: Want a perfect pony?

One that will win lots of ribbons?

Our record of producing winners speaks for itself. lf you'Ve eVer wanted the perfect pony, trained by the world's top professionals...

Oh, my God! Ashley!

You look like. . . So incredible.

I know, right?

VAL: Come to us.

Join the Winners Circle.

Briar Ridge where your dreams become a beautiful reality.

[ Cheering ]

And at the break of day You sank into your dream You dreamer You dreamer You dreamer She wants to make a video?

Yeah. lt's her latest "thing". She's totally obsessed.

I think it's gonna be cool. Are you gonna be in it?

No way. I'm staying as far away from Lou as possible. lt's going to be a nightmare.

I think you're over reacting. I think it'll be awesome.

Ah. You don't know my sister. Trust me. Nightmare.

Pass that by me again. You want to do a what?

A promotional video. A kind of day in the life virtual tour of Heartland.

But, Lou. . .

Carl has a friend who directs commercials.

He's already talked to him, and he's gonna get back to me.

Lou, slow down. I've got work coming out my ears.

Ty's gone.

Ben's not pulling his weight.

Grandpa, remember how successful the Open House was?

This is gonna be even bigger.

That's what I'm afraid of.

Believe me.

[ Cell phone rings ]

lt will be amazing.

Besides, we need this exposure.

I need some fresh air.

Wait. Hello. Heartland Ranch.

Dylan Carver!

Thanks for getting back to me!

[ Whispering ]
lt's the director.

Yeah. You're shooting in Banff? That's great. lt's only about an hour away.

Yeah. I'll e-mail you a map. No problem.


See you then. Bye.


[ Cell phone rings ]


Hi, Mr. Strickland. Yeah.

Thanks for including me in that conference call on Adam's account.

Yes, sure. I've got a minute.

I see.

Hey! Ah. . .

Soraya, right?

Yeah. Hi.

Hey, I'm Ben.

I know. I've heard a lot about you.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. I bet you have.

See you.

I think I'm in love.

Not a good idea.


'Cause he's already involved.

With who?

With his horse. Oh, yeah, and himself.

[ Cell phone rings ]


Hey, Scott.


Okay. Sure. Bring him over. lt's great. Okay. Bye-bye.

So, what's the story on Ben?

I mean, no one that good looking can be all bad. . .

Let's just say he's the reason why Ty left.

[ Horse whinnies ]


How are things going?

[ Sighs ]

Can't complain. Three meals a day. My own room.

TV. With, like, a million channels.

Pretty nice. So, you're staying on?

No reason not to.

Well, then. . . I hate to bring it up, but I'm still your official sponsor.

Since you're working here now, Val has to sign for you.

She'll need to do the paper work.


Okay. l, uhh. . .

I didn't bring anything with me.

I thought I'd feel you out a bit before I made the changes.


Jack. . . lt wasn't because of you that I left Heartland. I'm sure you got your reasons. I'll bring those papers by later.

See ya.

Yeah. See you later.

Oooh! Do they miss you at the poverty barn? ls Apollo ready?

No. I've been busy.

I asked you to saddle him up an hour ago. Just do it.

Or I'll have to fire your cute ass.

[ Horse whinnies ]

I think it's a great idea. Go for it.

Thank you.

I get no support from my family. lt's like pulling teeth with my grandpa.

I just had the best idea. My Jerry could shoot it for you.

But he must be so busy.

The summer wedding season. I mean, all those videos and. . .

Oh, yeah, he's busy, but I know he'd love to help you out.

[ Sighs ]

That is so sweet. But actually, I have a real director interested.

A guy Carl knows.

By real director, I mean, he makes big commercials for, like, major companies, you know.

That's what he does.

Oh. Well, that's good, then.

That's great.

I hope so.

He's coming by tomorrow. I really need this to work.

[ Horse neighs ]

Burt Opausky found him in his field. No idea where he came from.

He looks pretty wild.

He's wild, all right. He's never been ridden before.

No people skills.

[ Horse neighs ]

Burt will pay you to gentle him. lnterested?

I can try.


Does he have a name?

No. You can have the honors.

He's pretty shy.

I think he was separated from his herd.

You're gonna have to be his alpha horse.

AMY: Come on.

SCOTT: Give him time.

He'll come around.

I saw Ty in town. He seemed happy enough.

Good for him.

Stubborn as a mule.

Scott. Just the man I wanted to see. lt's always nice to hear.

That director, Carl's friend, he's coming by tomorrow. lt's time for the clean up tour.

Well. I've got a paying customer.

So, the tour will have to leave without me.

Great. Fine. Are you busy?

I was gonna take the afternoon off.

I could use a hand. Please?

Run. Run while you can.

I guess I could stay a little bit.

Excellent. These go in the barn.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh, hey, Ben. Can you unload that wood?

Yeah. I guess. What's it for?

New tack boxes. And, oh. . . You need to move the manure pile.

Move it?

Yeah. Move it. lt's too front and center.

Ah, yeah. Sorry, Lou. I've got some work to do with Red, so. . .

Red can wait. Okay?

And where's Mallory when we actually need her?

Can someone give her a call?

I told you. Nightmare.

Thanks, Scott.

Hey, Mallory. Where've you been?


Grab a shovel and give Ben a hand, okay?

And just remember. Put it somewhere it can't be seen. I'd like to tell her where she can put it. I'd like to tell you where you can put it.

[ Ben sighs ]

Excuse me? You got a problem, little girl?

What do you think, jerk face?

You don't like Ben?

Not so much.


Because. lf it wasn't for him, Ty would still be here.

See, that's what Amy said too.

But I talked to Ty at the diner, and he's got a bit of a different story.

What are you doing?

This place is filthy.

Look. I know you're all crazed about this video, but don't touch mom's stuff.

Look at this. 1998.

Just leave it.

Would you relax? You have been a total nightmare ever since Ty left.

Well, it's not like you even care that he left.

I care. All right? I care that grandpa is totally overworked because of it.

You should have thought about that when you. . .

When I what?

[ Cell phone rings ]

Hello? Yes. This is Lou Fleming.

Oh, you're Dylan's agent!

Listen, we're so excited he's doing this project.

Oh. Okay. Would he. . .?

Oh, really?

Well. . . Thanks for calling.


Well, you'll be very happy. Dylan can't do it.

He got a job in Toronto. So, let's just forget the whole thing.

Okay. I know everyone worked hard today.

And I'm sorry if you thought I was being pushy. lt's just that in the world I come from, when there's a job to be done, I want to move on it.

That's just me. I'm the first to admit that we can't do it without a director.

So, let's just forget about the whole thing.

But you know, I gotta say, it would have been nice if everyone had been just a little more supportive.

'Cause I talked to a woman at CJOT, and she said she would have been more than happy to air our video.

They're totally up for helping local businesses advertise.

So, you mean it would have actually been on TV?

Yeah. That was the idea.


Every evening after the news.

That's a big audience.

Yeah. Huge.

We'd be famous.

Anyway, it's not gonna happen, so let's just not talk about it.

Well, wait, maybe there's another way we could get it done.

Hire someone else to direct.

So, you're sure my Jerry is a "real" enough director for you?

Oh, come on, Marnie, you know I didn't mean it the way it sounded.

Well, I realize you think wedding videos are a lesser art form.

No, no. You're kidding me? I'm sure they're really hard to do.

All those bridezillas. . . My God!

You have no idea what this means to me.

You are such a good friend.

You are such a piece of work.

Jerry, I'm so sorry about this mess, but don't worry we can definitely get rid of some of this junk.

No. lt's awesome. Don't move a thing.

No, seriously. Don't touch it.

I couldn't prop it any better if I tried.

Hello there, folks.

This is my grandpa, Jack Bartlett.

Grandpa, this is Jerry, Marnie's husband.

And now our director.

Good to meet you.

Wow. Jack. You've got a great face. The face of a horse farm.

As long as I don't have the face of a horse.

[ All laughing ]

You'd make a great master of ceremonies. Host, I mean.

[ Laughing it off ]

Yeah, sure I would.

So, will you do it?


Emcee the video. Sort of like being the Best Man of Heartland.

You mean talk into the camera?

No. I'm not cut out for that sort of thing.

Come on, Grandpa. You know, I think it's a good idea.

Forget it.

You won't catch me yakking it up like those guys on TV. No way. I'd rather be dragged behind a truck.

Welcome to Heartland.

Welcome to Heartland.

Welcome to Heartland.

A 600-acre ranch that's been in the Bartlett family for six generations.

[ Laughing ]

[ Horse whinnies ]

[ Horse neighs ]

That's it. Keep him moving.

Scott was right. This guy is stubborn.

Well, he's met his match.

Thanks. I think.


[ Sighs ]

l've still got a few more errands to run. You wanna keep me company?

I don't know. I'm not making much progress here.

Come on, now. Give this pony a break.


Nice to spend a little time with you, young lady. You've been pretty busy.

Yeah. I guess I've just been trying to keep busy. lt's better that way.

A lot on your mind?


Like what?

I don't know.


[ Sighs ]

And dad.

You know, I tried to go see him the other day, over at Big River Ranch, but I totally wussed out.

I guess I'm just not ready.

Well, I guess you're the best judge of that.

And I want you to know that I won't stand in your way anymore.

Now, your dad is one story, but Ty, he is another.

Grandpa. . . What are we doing at Briar Ridge?

One of my errands.


Damn! A sliver.

Poor baby!

You know, I'm sick of this.

You are? I hate the smell of paint. lt's making me sick. And the flies don't help. This is all your fault.

What? My fault?

Yes. You encouraged her.

Maybe we can get somebody else to direct.

Yeah. Like you didn't.
"We'll be famous!"

Okay. So, we were both fatally attracted to fame like moths to a flame.

Yeah. Something like that.

Oooh. Here comes the director.

He only thinks he is.

Most couples really like it when I start with a big establishing beauty shot of the location, you know, the church or wherever the wedding is being held.

Wedding videos are one thing, Jerry, and I know you're the best that there is in Hudson, but I want you to reach for the bigger picture here.

Capture the essence of this place. The spirit. The beauty.

Oh, don't worry about the manure pile. We're moving it.

You don't really need to.

But it's right in the shot.

Believe me, I've had rabid ex-mother-in-laws to deal with.

I can shoot around it.

Hey. You heard the director? He can shoot around it.

I told you to move it, so move it. lt's my experience that the longer you put something off, the harder it is to get to it.

What am I putting off?

You know darn well.


Hey. Nice.

How are things at Heartland?

They are great.

Yeah. Ben's working out really well.

And you?

Fine. Yeah.


Hi, Amy. How's the video coming?


Lou's idea. Don't ask.

Well, I guess, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Good luck with it.

We're having a field party on Saturday night.

Tell Ben to drop by.

And I guess if you want to come, that's okay too.

You know, I think I'm busy.

Staff is the most important part of Briar Ridge.

We have nothing but the best here. lmpeccable resumes.

Totally bondable. ln this business you can never be too careful.


[ Knock at the door ]

Jack! Hi!

I don't mean to interrupt anything.

VAL: Not at all.

Jack, this is Laura McBradden of Cantor & Gallop Magazine.

Jack Bartlett. A very dear neighbor of Briar Ridge.

Nice to meet you.

And you.

Drink, Jack?

Uh. No, thanks. I've got some papers for you to sign, but I could come back later.

No, no. Nonsense. Don't go all the way home just to make the trip back.

You don't mind, do you, Laura?

Not at all.

So, what kind of papers?

Papers that say you're willing to sponsor Ty Borden.

Sponsor for what?

His probation.

His probation?

His probation officer needs these signed.

You have a record! We do not hire felons at Briar Ridge!

Oh, come on, Val.

You said you told her.

Do you know the position he's put me in?

I found out in front of a reporter.

I am sorry about that.

Oh, yeah. That I have a criminal under my roof with access to some of the most expensive horses in the entire world.

Now, how do you think my boarders are gonna feel when they read about that?

I have no intention of signing these.

I want you out of here, and I don't want to see you again.

This is ridiculous.

Forget it, Jack. I'm gone.

VAL: You bet you are.

One of my trainers will see you off the property, and he'll wanna check your suitcase before you leave.

Yeah, 'cause one of your fancy horses would fit in my suitcase!

Where did you disappear to? I need your help with dinner.

What are you two grinning at?


Ben! Mallory!

You good to do a take, Jack? We're rolling.


And action.


Cut! lt's okay. Just go again.

Sorry about that.

lt's no problem.


JERRY: Just go again.


You are ready?

And action.

Welcome to Heartland, a 600-acre ranch that's been in the Bartlett family for six generations. lt used to be a cattle ranch, but my daughter Marion gave it a new direction.

Now it's a place where frightened and abused horses can learn to trust again, where scars from the past can be healed.

For many of these horses, Heartland is their last chance.

And cut. That was great.

Go, Jack!

[ Applause ]

Can we go again?

I thought it was pretty good.

No. He slurred a bit on the word "generations".

Just one more take would be great.


We're rolling.

We're ready.

You okay, Scott?

I don't know. I guess so.


And action.

Heartland combines traditional veterinary practices with alternative therapies and herbs.

[ Clears throat ]

Heartland combines traditional veterinary practices with alternative therapies and herbs. I've been a vet for six years, and I give Heartland my seal of approval.

LOU: Okay. Cut. We need another take.

Look, Lou. I'm terrible at this.

No, you're not.

I can't do this.

Well, you picked a great time to tell me. Of course you can.

I suck.

Scott, you have to.

Why? You do it. I'm not a vet. I need an endorsement.

I don't want to do this. And don't argue with me.

l'm not arguing.

Yes, you are.

Hey, guys. Relax.

[ Sighs ]

lt's natural to argue. Everyone's a bit tense on the big day.

This is not a wedding, Jerry! I'm not. . . I'm not gonna hurt you. You are such a brave boy.


That's a good boy. lt's not gonna hurt you, now, is it?

[ Lou whispers ]
This is perfect.

[ Whispers ]
Can you get this?


No camera. lt will spook him.

We'll be very quiet.

Do you know how long it's taken me to get him this far?

Just keep doing whatever it is you're doing.

[ Amy sighs ]



Okay. Describe what you're doing. What's it called?


[ Clears throat ]

This is called the sacking method.

A little bit louder please. I can't hear you.

Can you say it again? The sacking thing.

The sacking method.

LOU: Great. Now just put the saddle on him.

We need to see what this is building towards.

He's not ready for the saddle, Lou!

Amy, look. We need to see you working with a horse in order for this video to work. lt's not gonna hurt if you just walk toward him with the saddle as if you're going to put it on him.

[ Horse neighs ]




I said "cut"!

You know, are you sure you got everything you need?

He's sure.

Thank you so much.

Don't mention it.

Oh. I told the girl at CJOT that she'd have it by Saturday. ls that. . .?

And she will.

Fantastic! See you!

Oh, I want to see it first, though! For sure!

That was amazing, huh? I'll tell you that one shot is gonna make this video.

And the barn didn't look half as bad as I thought it was going to.



Come on.

[ Sighs ]

Hey! Help yourself. The drinks are over there.

We're just starting the bonfire.

Hey, Tanner. Move your butt. And get some firewood.

You shouldn't be here. I'm glad you are.

[ Sighs ]

I just wanna get one thing straight. Why did you lie to me?

About what?

You said you talked to your mother about me.

About my probation deal.

Oh, come on. So, I didn't tell her. So, what?

Look. Do you really believe she would have hired you if I'd told her?

I don't think so. And I wanted to have you around.

So, chill. Grab a drink. And let's get to know each other better.

No, I don't think so.


Look, I don't bite.

Have some food and booze at my mother's expense.

That will make it all better.

[ Knock at the door ]



I haven't seen you in a while.

Been busy.

You look all dressed up. Where are you going?

Same place you are.


Come on. I'm gonna take you out.

I don't feel like it.

I won't take no for an answer.

l'm not even dressed. I'll give you a minute. I'm sorry I couldn't help with the video. I had to work.

Well. You're lucky you missed it.

Hey. You girls ready?

For what?

Ashley's field party.

Like I'd go to that.

I don't want to go alone.

And you won't. We'll be ready in two seconds.

What? No.


Uhm. Just don't leave without us.

Amy, please.

There's no way I would go to Briar Ridge. I'm just not missing out on a chance to get to know Ben better.

You've got to do this for me.

You owe me big.

[ Music plays ]

I would like to stay. . .

[ Man sings ]

[ Applause ]

To you. For having an idea and going for it.

And losing every friend I had along the way.

Not every friend.

Marnie hasn't spoken to me since.

And I haven't seen any sign of Jerry or the video. So. . . Oh, well.

You know what? To you. This was a great idea.

I needed to get out.

I guess you know me too well.

Can I have another one?


You're driving.

Can I get you anything?

A marshmallow.



Uh. Nothing.

Don't burn it.

Oh, my God, he's gorgeous.

Amy, talk to him. You have to.

[ Sighs ]


Go and do it. Now. Oh. Come on.

[ Lou sings ]
I neVer meant to make you cry And though I know I shouldn't call lt just reminds us of the cost For eVerything we'Ve lost Bad timing, that's all And maybe soon there'll come a day When no more tears will fall We each forgiVe a little bit And we both look back on it Bad timing, that's all

[ Applause ]

Can I talk to you?

Why did you take the job at Briar Ridge?

You know why.

Because Ben got under your skin?

Yeah. Like some pony boy could get to me.

The money? Ashley? I mean, I heard you talking to grandpa.

I told him I was thinking about the job at Briar Ridge.

That's crazy. You'd already made up your mind.

Not until you walked in and told me to get the hell out.

You know you drive me crazy.

You always have to have it your way. I'm done.

l'm outta here.

Run away! That's all you always do!

Even when people. . . When I want you to stay.

You could care less.

You were great.

Was l?

Yeah. You were. Crazy, but great.

[ Laughs ]

JACK: Welcome to Heartland, a 600-acre ranch that's been in the Bartlett family for six generations. lt used to be a cattle ranch, but my daughter Marion gaVe it a new direction.

Now it's a place where frightened and abused horses can learn to trust again, where the scars from the past can be healed.


I need to talk to you.

For many of these horses, Heartland is their last chance.

But life at Heartland isn't all serious. I'Ve been a Vet for six years.

No marriage is perfect, but the people at Heartland make a Vow to help your horse, and they keep it.


I said cut!

He delivered it without showing it to me. I'll kill him.

Where people and horses, old ways and the future come together.

With hope. And faith.

Heartland. Healing horses. Healing hearts.

That's not bad. Not bad at all.

Disaster. lt's a total disaster.

I thought it was great. I sucked, but. . . lt was awful. I've failed. I've failed at everything.

Lou. Don't.

No, it's true. I'm a total loser.

No, you're not. You're amazing.

Don't say that! lf you knew.

Knew what?

[ Sighs ]

You know you can tell me anything.

I got fired.


From my job. ln New York.


They let me go.


Almost a week ago.

I still haven't told anyone yet.

Do you know how hard I've worked to get there?

To get out of here? lt's not the end of the world.

Yes, it is. lt is to me.

[ Sighs ]

[ Telephone rings ]

Hello. Heartland.

Yeah. Oh, really? I'm glad you liked it.

Uh. Yes, we've got some space.

Next week?

Okay, sure. Yeah.

Just let me talk to my sister, and I'll get back to you.

Okay. What's your number?

Okay. Perfect.

Okay. Thanks. Bye-bye.

Good morning.

You look. . .

. . .not so great.

What's wrong?

What's wrong? I guess you didn't see the video.

Grandpa and I saw it last night. lt was amazing.

Come on, Amy. lt was completely humiliating. lt was funny. And people loved it.

I mean, the phone's been ringing all morning.

The website's never had so many hits. lt's insane. We're famous.

Well, good morning.


[ Laughing ]

Good job, Lou.

I might not have been your biggest cheerleader, but the next time you have one of your big ideas, I might listen.

And I wasn't half bad, was l?

Better than Val Stanton, that's for sure.

[ Telephone rings ]

Hello. Heartland.

So, they let you go. lt's nothing to be ashamed of.

You tried your best to do everything.

I know, but. . .

Sometimes something has to give.

At least now you won't be so torn. I'm not stealing.

Mallory gave this to me.

I just thought I'd take it with me, in case I ever need to ride again.

You know, make a quick getaway.

Where are you going?

I don't know.

You could stay.

Because. . .?

Because. . .

. . .l was wrong.

Because I want you to.


Because. . .

I don't know. . .

Just stay.


Okay. lf it's fine with Jack.

Like he'll say no.

Nothing he loves more than bossing you around.

You ought to do the right thing.

Just move it back. lt'll help Lou. . .

Well, it'll make her feel better.

Sure. Downsizing. That's what my dad said when he got fired.

How do you know about that?

I got ears.

Oh, my God! Ty is back!

I missed you so much. Did you see the barn door?

I painted that. Not because I wanted to, but because Lou went all Type A.

Besides, the place needed an extreme makeover.

Good boy.

You've done an awesome job.


Yeah. He's pretty great.

You have a name for the animal yet?

Yeah. Well, like you said, he is as stubborn as a mule and has almost zero people skills.

So, I've decided to call him Lou.

[ All laughing ]

You think that's funny?