01x08 - Out of the Darkness

Previously on 'Heartland':

Amy, be fair.

Every time I mention dad to you, you made it perfectly clear you didn't want to see him.

How am I supposed to know what I want?

You left out the part about him being in town? lf my dad was working at a ranch a couple miles up the road, I might want to get to know him.

So that makes it your move.

I know.

You know...

Lou is trying her hand at pancakes, and I can't guarantee the results, but you're sure welcome to join us.

All right. That'd be lovely.


Tim. Two on the left.

Okay, I got 'em. I'll be in touch, honey.

These are so cute.

You don't happen to have one?


Have you been following that?

Well, hard not to. lt's been in the news ever since it happened.

He was a real track favorite. lt's such a sad story.

I have a bit of a special interest in it...

...since Gallant Prince was born out at Fairfield.

No kidding.


Gorgeous colt. Amazing lineage.

Of course, his racing days are over, but we're still hoping to send him out to stud. We cannot get near him.

Hey, Jack.

Maybe Amy should have a look at him.

She might be able to help.

Oh, I think that's a great idea.

Oh... I don't know.

I would love Amy to have him out at Heartland. I'm gonna get my partner to give her a call.

That gives me more of an excuse to drop by, since Ben's away visiting his mom.



Bye, Mallory.



Anyone with two eyes can see it.

See what?

Lisa Stillman was totally flirting with you. lt was really gross.

Do you think she's pretty?

She's not half bad looking. She's got nice eyes.

Like a husky dog.

Sweet. That's what every woman wants to hear.

Huskies have nice eyes.

So do horses, but you don't go comparing a woman's eyes...

Okay, okay.

You're losing your touch.

My touch. I don't know that I ever had it.

Do you like her? I mean, like her, like her?

Because when she was talking, you were acting all funny.

And if that's true, you should do something about it, because someone your age doesn't have all the time in the world...

...to be playing hard to get.

You... get in the truck.

♪ And at the break of day♪
♪ You sank into your dream♪
♪ You dreamer♪
♪ You dreamer♪
♪ You dreamer♪

[ Announcement on TV ]

He's in third now, but watch him.

He's making his million dollar move into first position to win the race.


Look at that.

He's amazing.

I can't wait to meet him. Dan Hartfield sent this DVD.

The owner?

He's bringing him by in the next few days.

I wish you had talked to me first.

We don't have the facilities to deal with a stallion.

They're too high-strung.

But we've never turned a damaged horse away before.

Let's just wait to see him before we make a decision.

Don't forget, you two, since the fire, that Gallant Prince has never been out of the news.

The press will be all over this.

That'll be great for us.

I wonder about that. lt'll put Amy under a lot of pressure. lt's probably not what you need right now.

You've got enough on your plate, chores, the other horses, going back to school.

Maybe I'll just quit school.


Jack, you should read this. Seriously.

What is that all about?

Don't ask.

I wish the old man would just take this heap to a mechanic.

He's so damn cheap.

[ Engine stops ]

You're flooding it.

No, I'm not.

Yes, you are. I've made up my mind. I'm gonna help Jack out.

Lucky guy. lt's weird, isn't it?

But kind of sweet in a sick way.

Lisa Stillman and Jack. At their age.

Beating around the bush.

Why can't people just tell each other...

...what they really think?

That's probably a good thing.

No, it isn't.

My mom says the streets are filled...

...with lonely and depressed people...

...that didn't say the right thing at the right time.

They just keep everything to themselves.

That's one problem you don't have.

Thank you.

But think about it.

How many people go through their whole lives...

...without telling that special someone that they love them?

And when they finally take the leap, it's too late.

I don't ever want to be that person. lt's not likely to happen.

You think? Really? Because, Ty, l...




[ Phone rings ]




Sorry I got a little sidetracked the other day.

I really wanted to stay and talk to you.

That herd was pretty impressive. Beautiful horses. I'm enjoying the job.

AMY: That's good.

Best part about it is I'm close to you and Lou.


You want to go for lunch or something?

Sure. That sounds good. lt's just, I am... I just started school.

And I've got a lot of work.

And the horses take up a lot of time too.

I know you're a busy girl.

But sometime... You have my number?

Lou does.

Okay. Will you get my number from Lou and then...?




Hey. How was school?

Same old.

Who was that that just left?

Oh, just a reporter. From the Herald. lsn't it exciting?

They've already got wind of the fact...

...that Gallant Prince is coming to Heartland.

That might not be such a good thing. Remember what grandpa said?

Amy, trust me, a little press is definitely a good thing.

Oh, by the way, dad called.

Said you guys were going out for lunch. I think that's great.

Dan Hartfield. Brookland Stables.

Jack Bartlett. And this is...

Geez, Sam. Go easy.

He's tranked. lt's the only way we could trail him.

There he is.

Gallant Prince.

Let's get this show on the road.

First of all, where's he being housed?

Oh, right this way.

So, Dan...

We're not sure how this will all work out, but Amy will try her best.

After he'd settled in, I want to have a look around.

How many acres you got here?


Some pretty small potatoes.

The sedative is wearing off.

He looks pretty beaten up. Poor guy.

Easy. lt's okay.

Shhh, it's okay.


Calm down, boy.


'Heartland's reputation may rise or fall, depending on how it manages the traumatized stallion, one of Alberta's local heroes.'

Rise or fall? Great. No pressure there.

Don't worry about what these hacks say. You'll be fine.

Hey, you don't look so good.

You wouldn't either if you'd stayed up all night with a deranged horse.

Amy, uh...


Can we talk? My truck's outside.

So, you didn't call.

I was going to.

Gotta start somewhere, though, don't you think?

I don't want to push you, Amy.

I know.

Can we make this for another day?

Lou's picking me up soon, and...


How about Sunday? Noon?

We'll get a bite to eat.

Not here.


A bit of a fish bowl, hm?

Okay, somewhere else.

Okay. I'll see you.


'Many have expressed surprise that such a legend...

...would be entrusted to someone so young and inexperienced.' I'm sorry. The reporter was so friendly.

I didn't know he'd take that kind of tone.

Look, in the future, I promise I'll be way more careful.

No. ln the future, there'll be no more interviews.


You promise?


So, are you worried?

Of course, I'm worried.

You think you can do anything with him?

I don't know. I can't get near him when he's not sedated. I've been thinking of going to Brookland Stables.


To talk to Sam. The stable guy. lt's not that far from here. Do you think you could drive me?

Hi. Um... I am Amy Fleming.

Yeah. I remember you.

How's Prince doing?

Not so great.

I was hoping you could help me with something.

I think it would be good if I could get in touch with his old trainer...


Ryan Bailey?


He left.


Look, Ryan's not in great shape. He was burned in the fire too.

Real bad. And he got blamed for what happened.

Why did he get blamed?

He was the one on duty that night.

Look, a lot of people think he was the one at fault.

Dan Hartfield himself asked him to leave, so we all just think it's best to steer clear.

You know, I understand that you don't want to get involved...

...or anything, but could you at least tell me where he is, how to get a hold of him?

Please. lt's really important to me.

Just don't tell Dan I told you.

This is the place?

I guess so.

Okay. Don't be long.

Hi. I'm looking for Ryan Bailey.

Why? Who are you?

Come here, Prince.

Well, I'm sorry I got Amy involved. I'm going to give her some time with him, but I won't hesitate to tell her when enough's enough.

I don't envy you that job.


Are you busy tomorrow?

Depends. I'm thinking of buying a horse up in High River, and I would love another opinion.

No problem. For what my opinion's worth, that is.

Sure. I'll come by around ten.

All right.

Thank you. Thank you, Jack.

You're welcome.

Tsk-tsk-tsk. Oh, Jack.

Oh, what now?

You never say yes to the first date. lt's not a date, Mallory.

You just watch. lt will turn into a date.

Thanks for letting me come in. ls Ryan around?


But he won't see you. He won't see anyone.


Because he's locked himself away.

Ryan and I were married a year and a half ago.

And we were really happy.

And then that fire happened, and things have changed a lot.

Do you think I could at least speak with him?

Yeah, I guess you could try.


There's somebody here to see you.

Ryan? I've come to talk to you about Gallant Prince.

Sam told me where you lived.


Don't touch them.

Who the hell are you?

You know, it's funny that you're sitting here in the dark...

'cause for Prince it's the other way around.

He hates the dark.

You know, you should come and see him.

He might respond to someone he trusts.

Someone he trusts?


Sometimes a horse can only be reached by the person...

...who shares their pain.

That simple, huh? lt's true. lt happened to me.

Do me a favor...


Bev. Can you get her out of here?

Well, I was hoping that he'd come help, but that's not gonna happen.

Well, it was worth a try, right?

How was he while I was gone?

The same. Nervous. Unpredictable. lt took me an hour just to get him out here, even with Jack's help.

He snaps whenever I go near him.

Yeah, stallions do that.

Who put that mare out there?

Watch out.



Are you okay?

Oh, God.

You know, you're a real mess.

Cracked ribs from the round up and now this.

Hey, did you call your dad yet?

He called me. And I ran into him at Maggie's.


And he wants to go for lunch or something on Sunday.

I don't know. lt's like I'm talking to a total stranger.

Oh, he seemed okay.

You know, you know him better than I do.

Why don't you have lunch with him?

Just do it.


You did it on purpose.



Oh, my ribs.

Oh, that's not good. Oh.

AMY: No, Mr. Hartfield. He's not ready for you to see him yet.

Well, there's not a lot of improvement, but it's just been a couple of weeks.

No. That is the last resort.

Look, I just need a little bit more time, okay?

All right. Bye.

So he thinks he's throwing away good money.

That the horse should probably be destroyed.

Maybe he's right.

Come on, Amy.

Some horses just can't be helped.

Well, you understand, don't you?

He's making his million dollar move into first position to win the race.

He knows what he's got to do. He's as ready as he'll ever be.

Can we quote you on that?

Yeah, yeah, I guess. lf you're that confident, you must have something on the race yourself.

Oh, I don't know. I never gamble on Prince.


You clean up nice.

What's the occasion?

He's going on a date.

A date? lt's not a date.

Hi, everyone.



Hop in. I'm not about to be chauffeured. We'll take my truck.

Your truck?


Any horse dealer sees you roll up in this, and the price automatically doubles, maybe even triples.

You're probably right about that.

No way is he just going to see a horse. He's so toast.

Thanks for the ride.

No worries. Do you want me to come in with you?

No. I'll be okay.


Good luck.

Ryan won't come down.

I told him about the DVD, but he refuses to see it.

Can I still see it, though? I'd like to.

He's making his million dollar move into first position to win the race.

He knows what he's got to do. He's as ready as he'll ever be.

Can we quote you on that?

Yeah, yeah, I guess. lf you're that confident, you must have something on the race yourself.

Oh, I don't know. I never gamble on Prince.

Ty was the last one to mess with this truck.

He's gone and done something.

Well, that'll teach you not to let me drive, eh?

I think you've flooded it.

No, I haven't flooded it.

All right.

Well, let's let it rest for a while. Let's forget about the sale. I've got more horses than I can deal with.


You hungry?

Come on. Let's eat. I'd planned a treat for after the sale. Who cares?

We'll have it now.

Turkey and Swiss or turkey and Swiss?

Turkey and Swiss.

Good answer.

I made you coffee.

Aren't you something?

Aren't l?

He's the best horse in the world.


Well, that's straight from Ryan Bailey, Gallant Prince's trainer.

He'd still be racing if it wasn't for me. lt was all my fault. lt wasn't. I've ruined his life.

Ryan, what happened?

Please tell me.

I was on late duty, one of us always has to stay overnight.

So I've brought in this kerosene heater, and I set it out in the middle of the aisle.

I even turned it off when I went back to the apartment, but I guess some of the kerosene must have leaked out or something.

BEV: You know that wasn't it.

After Ryan left, somebody...

...somebody stacked hay next to the heater.

And Ryan got the blame.

Prince was closest to where the fire started, just the door down.

So I ran in, I heard all the racket, and I saw him...

He was wild with pain.

I managed to get him outside.

He went back in the stable for all the other horses.

You did everything you could. You put your own life at risk.

I should have never brought in that heater. lf l... I can't believe I did that to him. I'll never be able to face him.

Ryan, Prince doesn't blame you. He's suffering, just like you.

He can't get over this fire, but you could help him.

You know, I know what you're going though a lot more than you think.

My mom, she was killed in an accident.

I persuaded her to go rescue this abused horse, and we crashed on the way home.

I blamed myself.

And I had to face up to Spartan, the horse we rescued. lt wasn't easy, but in the end I realized how much we needed each other.

But what if he doesn't recognize me?

Look at me.

Ryan, he'll recognize you.

He'll know your voice.

He'll know your smell.

He'll know you.

Amy, I can't.

I can't do it.

Well, at least we got you to your sale.

Good thing it was just flooded, eh?

Although, I was very much enjoying our picnic.

Hi. How are you?

Better, now you're here. I'm just gonna go see what lot they're up to.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

So, Jack... I didn't know you knew my wife.

Yeah... I do. lt's pretty rough, huh?

He's just so damaged.

Just like Prince.

I have to call Dan Hartfield tomorrow. I'm just dreading it. That poor horse.

I just... I don't know what to do.


You know what? I told him about my mom.

I just thought that maybe...

...I don't know...

Just talking about it, it just brought back a lot of memories.

Come here. lt's okay. lt's okay.



You're amazing to do what you do, you know that?

Not amazing enough.

Yes, you are.

You've tried how many times to get through to that guy?

I wish I would have known you when l...


...l've never met anyone like you before.


You know, the other day Mallory was going on...

...about telling people how you really feel about them, well, how we should...

She never really makes any sense anyways, but...


...I want you to know that...

...l'm here for you.

That sounds lame.

I am.



I just...

...I just don't want things to change between us.


I was right, wasn't l? lt was a date, wasn't it?

Yes, Mallory, it was a kind of date.

I told you so. So when are you guys going out again?

I don't think anytime soon.


Did you say the husky eye thing?


No. lt's a little more complicated than that.

Just a bit.



Hey there, fella.

We're going to get you all spiffed up, huh?



Whoa, hey, hey, shhh.

You like being brushed, buddy.

Whoa, hey, easy.

He never used to be so skitzy.

He used to stand like a rock.

He's just so different.

You can't expect him to change all at once.

I mean, it's only been a couple of days. lf you weren't here, I couldn't get this close to him. lt may not seem like it, but you're making a big difference. lt's just not the same.

Things are never gonna be the same as they were.

You're just gonna to accept that. So is Prince.

But even if things do change, it can be for the better.

That's good advice. lt's one o'clock.

So? lt's Sunday. Your dad. Lunch?

Oh, God.

Hi, Dad. I'm so sorry.

I don't like being stood up.

I got caught up with this horse and...

Wow, I get second billing to a horse?

Um, we can meet after school this week.

You're gonna fit me in?

You know, maybe we could just go for a ride.

Sure. Yeah.

Name the day. I'll be there.

So will l.

I promise. Bye.


Come on, boy.

Come on, Prince.

Come on.



Well, you say he's improved. Show me.

Oh, yeah, he's definitely coming along.

Oh, wow, it certainly looks like it.


That's amazing.

That's amazing. He looks like his old self.


Who's that working him?

Ryan Bailey.

What's he doing here?

He's helping me.

I don't want him anywhere near that horse.

He's the only reason that Prince has progressed at all.

I wouldn't trust my dog to that kid.

Dan. Dan. Wait. lsn't the important part that Gallant Prince is improving?

And it sounds like Ryan is the reason for that.

Dan, that horse is night and day...

...from the way he was when you dropped him off.

You're making a mistake here.

Mind your own business.

Hey, it's my business...

...when my granddaughter is at risk on the count of your horse.

She's doing everything she can to help it, and I object to you throwing your weight around here.

Oh, well, my horse is leaving Heartland. I'll have Sam come around, pick him up tomorrow.

Are you coming?

No, I think I'll walk.

I apologize for yelling at your husband. That's not my place.

Jack. lf you hadn't raced off and left me stranded at that auction, not to mention I had to come back and get my car, I would have told you that yes, Dan was my husband.

'Was' being the key word.

We're still my business partners, but he's my ex-husband, capitol E, capitol X.

And he can be a right jerk, and you can tell him whatever you like.

The ruder the better, quite frankly.

Well, since men just keep driving away on me, would you mind driving me home in your truck, please?


Thank you.

You okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

All set, then?


Come on, Sam.


Hey, man. How're you doin'?

Not bad.

He's looking a lot better.

Yeah, he's coming along.

Come on, less chit chat, more action. Let's get that guy trailered.

Hold him, Sam. What is going on?

Sam knows.

Don't you, Sam?

Why don't you tell him why the horse is so afraid of you?

I want to hear him say it.

Say it.


For God's sake, get the horse in the trailer.

I can't, Dan.

Why not?

Because Gallant Prince won't go anywhere near me...

...when he's not sedated.

That's crazy, Sam. Why?

'Cause I think he remembers.

Remembers what?

I swear, he was watching me.

That night.

He knows I'm the one...

...the one who put the hay next to the heater. lt was my fault, Dan.

Not Ryan's. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, man.

Ryan should be going with Prince. Not me.

Put the damn horse in the trailer.

So, do you, um...?

You want the job?

At the Stud Farm, do you want the job?

Yeah. I mean, totally.


Be there Monday. 7:00 a.m.

'His owner, Dan Hartfield, swears...

...that Heartland was the saving grace for Gallant Prince.

'They worked a miracle,' he said.
'An absolute miracle.'



They even mention you. Only they called you Tyler.


Grandpa is gonna flip when he sees this.

Hey, Amy, you know what you said to Ryan the other day, you were right.

Things can change. For the better.

And you shouldn't be afraid of that, you know.

I know. But...


...I don't want things to change. I'm just afraid they might if...

...I just don't want to lose what we already have.

You're not going to.

You know, you go out on a real limb for those horses of yours.

You should try taking a chance on people.

So. I got all the dirt.

Lisa's been divorced. Has been for years.

She got married to this guy and lived in the States, but when they split, she moved back to Fairfield.

He moved back too, but they're not together. So your path is clear.

That's good to know.

'Onward and upward: Life after Divorce.'

I know you're not the one that's divorced, but the advice can work for you totally.

Where did you get this, Mallory?

My dad gave it to my mom, to scare her... as a joke.

Bet she found that real amusing.

Not so much.

Glad you could make it. I'm sorry about last time.

Not a problem.

You nervous?


Me too.

You want to just ride?


How is that horse doing, you stood me up for?