01x12 - Nothing Endures

Previously on 'Heartland':

What is the matter with you? lt's okay, Lou.

No, it is not okay. lt's not okay, and it's never enough with you, is it?

You know what, Maggie, I think I'm hooked.

Are we talking about fishing or Jack Bartlett?

You got a problem, man?

Ty. No. Forget about it.

Next time.

You better pray there ain't no next time.

I guess I'm a little surprised that you never told me... you and Lisa were a serious item.

Oh, look. Ty's little girlfriend.

These horses don't belong to you.

[ Amy screams ]

Well, I fired that guy Wes.

I should have known that guy was bad news from the day he signed on.

Oh, yeah. All she could talk about was the size of that trout.

That's it. He's getting it now.

Yeah, that last jump was perfect.

Did you see it? He just did it himself.

Why don't you go around one more time, then we'll call it a day?

I don't think he's ready to call it a day.

You mean, you're not ready. lt says here we're only supposed to do this exercise...

...for, like, 45 minutes at a time.

Yeah, well, l, ah, I still got five more minutes.

Besides, you can't learn about jumping from a stupid book.

So put it away.

How's that working out?

Well, it's actually pretty helpful, but does she listen to me? No.

[ Jack laughs ] Well.

She's just trouble.

Speaking of...

Hey, Jack.


What happened to your arm?

Red dumped him on his ass, that's what happened.

Yeah, man. I'm off the show circuit.

Gives him more time to coach me, though. So, it's all good.

That's a nice animal.



Oh, right. lt's the horse in the accident with Marion.

Amy's done a great job with him.

Yeah. She's not bad. Ashley better look out for her, huh?

Ah, can we talk?

So, Amy, I saw your name on the entry list for the Fall Finale.

I didn't think you'd have the points.

Well, I don't. Yet. But I entered in the Hudson show.

Me too. Except I don't need the points like you do. Obviously.

Uh. You going to the dance this Friday?

Well, I haven't really given it much thought.

Come on. lt's the semi-formal. You can't miss that.

Um, well, I'm having an afterparty if you wanna go.

And, Ty, it's an 'open to anyone' dance, so even you could come.

And tell Soraya. Ben and I would love to see her there.

As I'm sure you're aware, Jack, Briar Ridge is going through the roof.

Seems every oil guy and dot. com millionaire...

...wants two things these days, a private jet and a show horse.

So, the only thing for me to do is to expand. I'm gonna build another 60 horse stable...

...with an indoor training ring and a fitness facility.

[ Whistling ]...

Some big plans.


The only kind, right?

I was gonna talk to my neighbor on the other side of me, you know, Harry Vernon, but I thought I'd make you the first offer.

What kind of offer? I'd like to buy some of your land.

Really? I'll pay market value.

Here's the offer.

Oh, sorry, Val. I'm not interested.



Mother. Holt's will be closed. I need to find a dress. I'm coming.

I guess things have changed, eh, Jack?

You're not feeling quite so pressed for money anymore.

VAL: I hear Lisa's at her place in the South of France again. I'm actually quite amazed to see you here.

What are you looking at? I've seen that same truck a couple of times in the past week or so.

Just parked.

♪ And at the break of day♪
♪ You sank into a dream♪
♪ You dreamer♪
♪ You dreamer♪
♪ You dreamer♪

So, how did it go?


How was Ty?

What do you mean?

How was he as a coach?

He's not a coach.

Well, he wants to be. He told me.

You should give him a chance.

I need Nick Harwell.

Good luck with that. That'll cost a fortune.

Mallory. Get that heater out of here.

Temperature's not low enough to warrant that.

But Copper was cold. lt's expensive, and it's dangerous.

He was shivering.

[ Sighs ]

Who peed on his pancakes?

Guess Amy's training, eh?

Yeah. Every spare minute. lt's a bit crazy.

Well, I have to put my foot down with Soraya.

Her marks hit a new low in school. So, no horse shows.

Thank you.

Hi, Lou. So, what's with the cold shoulder?

I haven't heard from you for a while. Something I said?

I know it was something I said.

I didn't mean it -- to make you upset...


Look. I'm over it.

I just... I've just been really busy, that's all.

Things have been crazy...

...at the ranch and...

And on top of everything, I got an e-mail from this investment company in New York.

They, um, want me to go for an interview.

Ahh, good.

Yeah. lt's a really up and coming company, and they hardly ever recruit, so I was actually really happy they searched me out.

Great. And what--? What about running Heartland?

Well, things have been going a whole lot better there financially, so I don't know, Dad, I might go for it. I'm happy for you.


Are you on your way?


Okay, I'll walk you out.

Hey, I saw dad today.

Oh, yeah? Did you talk to him?

Oh, yeah. I mean, I can't stay mad at him forever.

Life is too short. Right?

Good, because I want him to come to the show in Hudson.

I want you to come too.

Oh... ummm... You know I might... lt's just that... I um...

Anybody home?

Oh. Hey, Scott.

The tickets came.

Tickets to what?

My college reunion.

You know, the black-tie dinner/dance. I invited you to, and you said yes.

Right, yes. Yeah. lt's this Friday, uh. You're not gonna be in New York, are you?

New York?

No. There is no New York trip. There is no interview.



I was going to tell you guys, but I wasn't sure myself what to do about it.

I mean, when I first got the e-mail, I was kind of flattered. Right?

But I didn't think much of it, and then they persisted.

So, when do you go?

Well, I have to send them my resume first, and then they'll decide if they even want to interview me.

How do you feel about it?

I don't know.

Oh, come on, Lou.

All right. I'm totally confused. Okay? I mean, I can't say good-bye...

...to a big part of my life just like that.

The girl who's subletting my apartment wants to know...

...if I'm coming back.

I still have a bunch of stuff in storage.

Well, then you should go.

But you guys need me here.

I know we're a bit more stable than we were before, but we're still not out of the woods yet. Maybe we never will be.

Well, then, you should stay.

Lou, it all boils down to one thing. What do you want to do?

Keeping this ranch afloat is not your total responsibility.

Send them your resume, and that'll be a start.

I remember when all I wanted was for Lou to go back to New York.

Now it totally sucks that she's leaving.

Don't you think you're jumping ahead of yourself?

I don't know. Just... lt's all messed up.

What's messed up?


Okay. So, I don't know how to say this nicely, and, Amy, you know that I was one of the first people...

...who encouraged you to compete, right?

But just seems like lately you guys are doing a whole lot of training, and everything else seems to be getting off schedule.

Lou, I've been getting up extra early to do my regular stuff. And...

Yeah. And I'm still handling everything I usually do.

Okay. Okay. I just, I don't want things to go off the rails, you know, especially if I get called away suddenly.

What, like, to New York?

Yeah, like, to New York.

So, a little less training, and a little more routine.

Can we handle that?

Did I say out loud that I wanted her to stay? Momentary insanity.

So, uh, this dance... You planning on going?

Well, I doubt Soraya will want to. Not with Ashley hanging off Ben.

Are you asking?

[ Laughing ]

A weird concept.

Thanks a lot.

No, no, no, me at a high school dance.

The last one I went to, it was at some fancy private school.

You? At a fancy private school?

Well, I crashed it.


There was this girl, Linda Laminsky.

She filled the trunk of her daddy's Lincoln with ice, three flats of beer and a whole wack of cheap whiskey. lt was a bit of a private party.

I don't want to know.


Do you want to go?

With you?




[ Horse neighs ]

That's weird.

[ Horse neighs ]...

...lt's okay, buddy.

Must be the truck on the road.

Packing already?

Are you kidding? I haven't even sent my resume yet.

Why not?

I don't know. lt's not very impressive.

All I have is one job with Strickland & Cooke.

So, then, don't send it.

I have to find something to wear to this reunion thing with Scott.

How about this one? lt's too formal. lt's a vet school reunion.

Yeah, you're right, you should probably just wear overalls.

Yeah. Totally. How about this one?

A little skanky.


Can I borrow it?

You? For what?

Well, there's a dance at school on Friday.

Same night you're going out with Scott. Everybody's going.

Even Soraya, although she's totally bummed...

...that Ben's going with Ashley.

Ty's going too.

Ty, huh? ls something going on between you two?


[ Laughing ]...


I don't know. Just a feeling.

So, is Scott actually wearing a tux?

Only the best he can rent in Hudson. I'll be lucky if it isn't powder blue.

Holy cow, Doc. That's pretty spiffy.

I haven't seen you so dressed up since Vince Connell's wedding.

Thanks, Jack. Uh. ls Lou here?

She hasn't left the country yet.

Hey there, Scott.

Wow. You look...


Thanks, you too. Very handsome.

Ready to go?

Yeah, uh... Tickets.

I got tickets, right?

These ones?

Bye, Grandpa.


Hey, guys.

Scott, you look great.

Ah, you aren't bad yourself.



You ready?

Yeah. Sure.

Uh, Jack, is it still okay if I borrowed your truck?

Thanks. I'll go get it warmed up.

Yeah, okay. Yeah.

The truck. See you, guys.

[ Clears throat ]
Yeah. Nothing going on there.

See you later, Jack.

You okay, Grandpa?

Oh, you all look so darn grown up. Just kind of hit me, is all.

Good night.

Have fun.

Bye, Grandpa.

[ Sighs ]...

...[ Music plays ]...

...lt's gonna be amazing.

We're gonna be putting in an indoor pool...

...and a fully equipped spa. lt's costing a total fortune.

Look who's here. Soraya. Love your dress. lt's so you.

Wasn't the dance just so boring? Glad I decided to have a party.

That way the night isn't a total waste.

Here, babe.

Thanks, sweetie.

Hey, guys.

Soraya, you... You look great.


So, Soraya, are you entered in the Fall Finale?

My mother shut me down. I failed Biology.

Total bummer. Oh, well, one less competitor to worry about.

Right, Amy?

I have two new coaches. World class guys.

[ Ben clears throat ]

Uh. What about me? Don't I rate?

Of course you do.

So, um, who's coaching you?

Me. I am.

Come on, Ty. You can barely stay on a horse, man.

Well, I figure it has as much to do with uh...

...strategy and angles as it does with knowing how to ride.

What do you know about strategy and angles?

Guess you haven't spent much time in a pool hall.

A pool hall. What's that have to do with anything?

That's for you to figure out.

But doesn't really matter...

...if you don't have a great horse and a great rider.

And I do.

Oh, right. Spartan.

He's never been a very good jumper, and my mom says he sold for less than nothing.

And, well, it's the only way a guy like Mallen could afford him.

But you'll work your magic, won't you, Amy?

Oh, my god. Kill me now.

Come on, guys. Let's go.

So, strategies and angles, huh? What was that about?

I have no idea.

Well, actually, it was in the book I read.


[ Laughing ]

Hey, you give me a chance, and I could improve your performance and your timings.


You know, how could I not have seen how much of a wus Ben is?

Following Ashley around like a little puppy.

I am so over him.

Maggie, can we have a couple of coffees?

Absolutely. Boy. You two make this place look good.

So, were you bored out of your tree?

No. I just, you know, I didn't realize people could talk for two hours...

...about bovine intestinal parasites.

Over a steak dinner.

Okay. Okay.

Okay, luckily I had some good company.

Did I tell you you look nice?

Yes. Did I tell you you look handsome?


Yeah, I did.

Hey. You.

So, hey, I have some good news.

I got an e-mail from that investment company in New York, and they want to bring me in for an interview.

They're gonna put me up for a couple of nights...

...in New York Palace Hotel. lsn't that amazing?

What? You're not happy for me?

I don't know. I'm... I'm confused, I guess.

Confused about what?

About you.

What do you want, Lou?

What do...?

You know, it's just an interview. I'll figure it out after. ls it Carl? ls he in New York?

No. This is not about Carl. This is about me.

Yeah. I guess it is. lt sort of always is.

What is that supposed to mean?

Hey, Mom.

[ Sighs ]...

Mother, please, it's not that late.

Hey. lt's late enough.



How was the uh... the reunion? lt was... lt was good. How was your dance?

Uh, it was interesting.

Can I get you something to drink?

Yes. And maybe a burger and some fries.

And maybe a milkshake, chocolate.

[ Telephone rings ]

SORAYA: Coming up.

Hello. Maggie's diner.

Seems you had quite the fall, huh?

And you have no recollection of the accident?

Nope. I remember standing on the porch...

...and smelling the smoke and nothing after that. lt's not unusual with a head injury.

You'll probably experience some memory recovery...

...over the next few days.

Now, Mr. Bartlett, can you read these letters?

Of course, I can.

Then, could you read them for me, please?

K, V, D, Z, S, H, C...

Take your time.

I need my glasses, is all.

You're making a big fuss about nothing here. lt's just a bump.

Got busted up a lot worse on the rodeo circuit. I'm sure you have. We just want to check you out. That's all.

Well, I just want to go home. How old are you, anyhow? I'd like to keep your grandfather overnight for observation. I've already been here overnight, for crying out loud. Lou, let's...

...I promise to watch him.

Fine. But you're going to have to check on him every two hours, and you call me or you bring your grandfather right back to emergency...

...if he shows any signs of nausea, dizziness or vomiting, okay?


Let's just get the hell out of here. I'm not an invalid. Lou, I'm fine.

We'll deal with that tomorrow.

I can't even look at it. lt could have been worse. A lot worse. The horses fine?

All safe in the paddock. Amazing, you got them all out.

I don't remember.

Grandpa, you okay?

Nothing a shot of whiskey and a lie down won't cure.

You got to get on those insurance folks, Lou.

First thing in the morning.

[ Horse whinnies ]...

...[ Horse whinnies ]


Oh, my God, Amy.

I know.

Pretty bad, huh?

The horses are all fine.

I can't believe it even happened. Do they know how it started?

Yeah. They think they do.

Come here.

Were you, ah, in here yesterday?

Yeah. Last night. After supper. Um, I fed Copper. Why?

Did you use the heater?


They said they found it plugged in.

The fire marshal says it's what caused the fire. lt wasn't me. I didn't even touch the heater last night.

I didn't, Ty. I didn't.

Mallory. Even if you did...

...I didn't. I swear.


Of course, we're insured.

All of our premiums are paid.

What kind of a problem?

Yes, I'd love to meet with you.

Yes, that's fine.

Okay. Good. Good-bye.

[ Sighs ]

Grandpa, how are you feeling?


Hey, Jack.

Hi, Granddad.


You all right?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

What's wrong?

Oh, just tired, I guess.

You, ah, talked to those insurance folks? l... uhh...

...I left a message.


So, you see it's just as I feared. There's a bit of a problem. lt's not possible.

The house is fully insured, but the barn isn't.

Two years ago, we notified your mother...

...that we could not continue to insure the barn...

...because the wiring wasn't updated.

And apparently, for whatever reason, she didn't get the necessary work done.

So, the insurance on the barn was never reinstated.

Mrs. Stevenson, I have quotes upward to nearly 50,000 dollars...

...to repair the damage.

There's no way we can afford that.

Surely, there must be something we can work out...

...based on our history together?

I wish there was. lf only your house had burned down, you'd be covered.

But the barn... I'm sorry.

Well, I just feel terrible.

How could I have even guessed that no one told you...

...about the insurance problem?

Oh, Jack. I'm so sorry.

Can I get you something, more coffee?

No need.

Well, listen, my offer still stands. I'd like nothing better than to be able to help.

You know, what are neighbors for, huh?

Sleep on it.

You're doing a great job, Jack.

You're gonna be running this place for me before you know it.

Oh, Jack. I'm so glad you're okay.

Oh, of course, I am. I'm a pretty tough old bird. Takes more than a bump on the head.

I have to tell you something. Please, don't get mad.

They say the heater caused the fire.

So I hear...

And I did a terrible thing.

What's that?

I lied. Ty asked me if I used the heater last night, and I said I didn't, but I did, but I turned it off.

I swear I did. lt's just... I may not have unplugged it.

Would that cause a fire, Jack? lf it was still plugged in?

Not much chance of that.

Oh, my God, are you sure? I'm so sorry. lt's just, you have to believe me.

When I left the barn, everything was fine.

Of course, it was.

Of course, it was.

I wish to heck I could remember.



What's wrong?

The barn wasn't insured.

There's damage to the roof.

And I have no idea how we're going to afford it.

All the estimates I've got so far are sky-high.

Well, we have to.

Grandpa. I'm so sorry. I didn't know how to tell you.

Well, we'll fix it.


Well, we'll find a way.

There's always a way. lt is so unfair.

You know, like, just as we were starting to come out of the woods, just as I thought, maybe I could...

...[ Clears throat ]...

...l'm gonna make grandpa some toast and tea. Would you like some?

LOU: No. I can't eat anything.

Tell me about the stones, Granddad.

Well, my grandfather built that hearth.

Each one of those stones was hand-picked...

...from the fields around here.

They're all a part of Heartland.

This one is grandma, and this one is you, and this one is me.

That's right. And that fireplace will still be there...

...when you're as old as I am and when your children's children are too.

You gotta hold on to this place, Jack. Promise me that.

I promise, Granddad.

I promise, Granddad.

The night of the fire, your grandfather sustained an injury...

...that put pressure on his brain, a subdural hematoma.

Sometimes the effects aren't felt until a few days after the injury. lf the pressure does not abate, the oxygenated blood may not reach all areas of the brain. ln that case, the brain tissue may die.

And if it does?

We're making sure that doesn't happen.

What we're doing now is alleviating the pressure.

And once that is accomplished, we're going to slowly let him regain consciousness.

My advice to you is to go home and get some rest.

We're keeping a real close eye on him. Okay? I'm gonna stay with him.

So will l.

No. You go home and you help Ty look after everything there, okay?

Scott's waiting outside to drive you.

Lou, Amy.

I came as soon as I heard.

He's going to be okay.

Toughest old fart on the entire planet.

How's Jack?

We have to wait and see.

You want some pasta?


Come on, Amy. You gotta eat.

You can't starve yourself. Here. lt's hard, you know.

And I can't even believe it's happening.

I know.

You know. Everything you think is important to you, just...

Just isn't anymore.

We were standing around, listening to Ashley's crap, and meanwhile the barn was on fire and grandpa is...

You know, Ty, what if he doesn't...


Don't go there.

So, basically everything is a complete mess.

And I have no idea what to do.

[ Sighs ]


I think I know what to do.

I saved a little money when I worked on the rigs, up in Fort St. John.

Just... lt's just sitting in the savings account.

I think I'd like to give it to you to make the repairs.



Oh, Dad.

What? Lou, you're gonna be a big shot in New York.

[ Laughing ]

Huh, pay me back someday.

Over my dead body.


Tim, if you think you can buy your way back into this family, you really have fallen off your horse one too many times.

[ Laughing ]...

...[ Telephone rings ]...

...l'll get it.

[ Telephone rings ]


Hey, Lou.

Okay. Yup. Okay.

[ Sighs ]

Jack's awake. He's gonna be fine.

All right, Lou, stop this thing.

Doctor's orders, Grandpa.

I want to walk.

Do you want to eat their food for another week?

Good to see you back on your feet, Jack.

I haven't changed my mind, Tim, so don't go harping on about all the money you've got. I'll get through this.


What is it?

That's him.

[ Horse neighs ]


I saw him running away from the fire.

Wes. I remember. He's the one.

Jack, sit down.

Wes. Hey.

You got something to tell me, Wes?

Thanks, Dad.


I remember seeing his truck...

...more than a couple of times up on the road.

He must have been watching us, planning to make his move. lt's so creepy, to think that he was just out for revenge...

...because we destroyed his little Mustang smuggling set up.

And for being fired.

You know what they say?

Revenge is like biting a dog because the dog bites you.

Just waste of energy. All you get is mouthful of hair. ls that what they say, Grandpa?

Yeah. That's... That's what they say.

[ Laughing ]

Oh, my God.

Will you look at that?

Two more.

Hey, Jack.

Oh, it's so good to see you.

Come here.

This is amazing.

I don't know what to say.

Oh, come on, now, Jack. That's what community's for.

To pull together, help out.

No way we were gonna stand by...

...and see Jack sell even one of his beloved acres.

Especially to Val Stanton.

What? When did that ever come up?

Grandpa you would never sell to Val? Of all people.

Oh, hi, Val.

Hi, Lou.

Um, do you wanna...?


Hard to keep a secret around here.

[ Laughing ]


Jack, I just wanted to say how glad I am to see you out of the woods.

I wanted to thank you for coming to me first with your proposal.

Well, as if I wouldn't.

Yeah, I know. And I thought about it real hard.

But I've decided to hang onto this place...

...every inch of it for as long as I possibly can. lt's just something I promised I'd do... A very long time ago.

Okay, Jack.

I wanna thank you, guys.



Thank you.

Hey, listen. I wanted to say thank you.

You know for everything. For this, for grandpa.

No problem.

And I wanted to apologize.

No, you don't have to. But, Scott, I am going to that interview.

And you should.

And it's not all about me.

Look, I'm sorry. I should never...

No. Listen. I need this job.

I have to start making a solid income, so I can help with things back here.

I mean, we can't always be living on the wire.

I mean, look at this. Anything can happen.

Yeah. I know. Anything can happen.

He's missing our practices. I'm gonna start again tomorrow.

You better get out that little book of yours.

You need a real coach.

Well, I'm curious about your theories on 'strategies' and 'angles'.

Yeah, right.

Hey, would I make fun of you?

Okay. Come play pool with me sometime, and I'll fill you in.

All right. You're on, Coach.



Ashley's toast.



I didn't accuse you.

Yes, you did. But Jack believed me. Right, Jack?

Well, I believe you... now.

Damn well better.


Hey. You hit the grandma stone.

The grandma stone?

Come on, Ty.

You've never heard the famous story of the Bartlett stones?


All right, well, this is my great-great-grandfather, and this one is my great-great-grandmother.

And this is grandpa, and this one's my mom, and this one's me.

And this one is me.


You guys are nuts.

[ Giggles ]


Ready to play?

Yeah, let's play.

[ Laughing ]