02x01 - Ghost Horse

Amy: Last season on "Heartland":

You know, it's funny. I can just be so mad at him, and then... And there he is, my dad, out of the blue, when it really counts.

Lou: Dad, I have the best news.

I just got a call from New York.

I got the job.

So, you're gonna take a swing at me if I step in your house?

Just checking.

I'm not gonna stop you from going, but it'd be crazy if...

If you left without knowing how I feel about you.


I love you.

And no matter what happens, I just...

What is that supposed to mean, "no matter what happens"?

It's from my father.

My real father.

Maybe I'll go see him.

You know, uh...

He kinda needs me right now, so.

Just don't go thinkin' that he's gonna be some kinda hero for you, that father of yours.

Amy: Ty?

Hey, coach, you in here?

(Paper rustles)

(Birds chirp)

(Spartan snorts)

(Wild horses whinny)

(Thunderous rumble of hooves)

(Amy clucks her tongue)

(Horse pants and grunts)

(Agitated whinny)

(Ghost horse whinnies)

(High-pitched dominant whinny)

(Loud, high-pitched whinny)

(Motorcycles rumble)

(Mustang grunts)

(Grunting and panting)

(Dominating whinnies)

Man: Yo!

Hey, buddy.

Man 2: (Grunts of effort)

(Dull clank on impact, Ty groans)

(Horses whinny, Ty grunts)

(Mustangs whinny, Ty groans)

(Cacophony of snorting, grunting, and whinnying)

Ty: (Forceful grunt)

(Whinnying wildly)

Ty: (Forceful grunt)


(Dashing thumps)

(Engines rumble)

(Galloping hooves thunder)

(Fence squeaks)

Ty: Come on! Come on!

(Gate rattles)

Tell your old man we're looking for him.

(Gate rattles)

(Gunshot fires, ghost horse grunts)

Riders: (Firing guns and hollering)

♪ And at the break of day ♪
♪ you sank into a dream ♪
♪ you dreamer ♪
♪ oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ you dreamer ♪
♪ you dreamer ♪.

Amy: I couldn't believe it, they were trying to shoot some of those horses.

Well, it's not right, but there's nothing anyone can do about it.

They'll be sending their cattle up there, pretty soon, to graze; There's gotta be some grass left.

Maybe they were just trying to scare 'em.

No way.

(Sighs heavily) Look at the time.

I'm gonna miss my bus.

Unless someone wants to drive me?

Can't wait for you to get your driver's licence.

I can.

Well, maybe someone will get me a car for my birthday.

Well, he likelihood of that happening's pretty low.

(Door opens)

What are we doing for her birthday?

I got it all planned. It's a surprise.

I hate surprises.

(Horse grunts)

Hey, Caleb.


You're starting early.

No, day's half done.


See ya.

See you.

What happened?

Uh, got a little banged up at the Amesville rodeo.

Yeah, the steer had a real chip on his shoulder.

Was it worth it?

I got to the window, made a few hundred bucks.

Didn't we, shorty?

Okay, well, I'll see you.

Yes, you will.

We did it!

(Laugh I'm so excited!


Oh, thank you.

And thank you so much for co-signing on the loan with me, dad.

I never would've got it without you.

We're 50% partners in this venture; I'm with you all the way.

My own corporate equine retreat.

I can't believe it's actually happening.


What's this?

Well, those guys are gonna spend some time spinning their gears.

I want you to have some working capital.

Dad, I can't this is.

You cash that. You cash it.

The sooner you cash it, the sooner we're in business.

Thank you.


Hey, can I at least take my partner for a coffee?

Yeah, sure.

Right here.

Lou: Hey, you're Michelle, right?

Mitch: Call me, Mitch.

Can we have coffee, please?

Mitch: You can have whatever you want.

(Paper rustles)


Looking good.

Mitch: I'll say.

What do you take?



I got plenty of that.

(Half laughs)


I worked on a new set last night.

I know we need to get professional drawings made, but...

Tim: Wow, Lou...

Think we can afford this?

Oh yeah. I'll be fine.

I'll get some quotes.

Anyway, once we get cash flow, we're gonna need to build a main lodge with a kitchen and dining room and all that, but for now the guests'll just have to eat with us.

You talk to your grandpa 'bout this?

Um, well, I haven't really passed everything by grandpa yet.


Okay, I haven't passed anything by him yet.

I wanted to wait until we got the loan.

But uh...

Don't worry, he's gonna be fine.

Oh, I'm sure.

You know how he is with surprises.

Hey, Scott!

Scott: Hey, babe! Lou: Hey. Hi.

We got the loan!

Awesome! Good for you!



(Horse whinnies)

(Bike clatters)

Mallory: Jack!

The worst thing in the world just happened to me - the absolute worst!

My dad got a job.

Well, I don't think that would be the absolute worst.

He's been out of a job for a bit now, hasn't he?

You don't understand.

He's been hired for the summer rodeo circuit - to sing!

(Laughs) I didn't know he could sing.

He can't! Well, he thinks he can.

And since my mom did the booking, now she thinks that she's his agent slash manager.

And she's going on tour with him.

And since they don't think it's a "healthy atmosphere" for me, guess what they've decided?! Guess!

They're sending me to a camp!

For the whole summer!

For the whole summer? Heh.

Well, that'll be fun.

Fun?! Are you kidding? Have you ever been to camp?

Panty raids, ridiculously motivated counsellors.

I have one word for you, Jack.


It's a total nightmare. They can't make me.

I'm not going.

So what's your plan?

To stay here?

(Vehicle rumbles)

Mallory: I don't need an answer right away, but tomorrow would be good.

I know my parents'll be okay with it; They're just too polite to ask.

Later, Mallory.

Don't forget Amy's surprise party on Saturday.

You're around, right?

I missed one sweet 16, I'm not gonna miss another one.

I'm around.

We need to make a list.

When do you think we should start talking to an architect?

'Cause the sooner we can start building, the sooner we can open.

What architect? To build what?

(Awkward grunt)


Amy: You're doing what?

Soraya: I'm entering the Hudson rodeo.

Well, not the actual rodeo, but the queen of the rodeo contest.

Oh my God, Soraya.

It's not a beauty contest.

Yeah, yeah.

No, it isn't.

'Kay, you have to show great horsemanship.

Hm-hmm, And make speeches and present yourself as a goodwill ambassador.

Don't make fun of me.

I'm not. I think it's great.

Really, go for it!

(Ms. Adams:)
Miss fleming, a word?

There's a study tutorial tomorrow morning, before class, that I think you shouldn't miss.

Your Earth Sciences final's coming up and you really need to improve your term grade.

Can you be there?

Yeah, sure.

Good. See that you are.

Sucks to be you.

Kids: (Chatter)

Hey! Hey!

Hello! Am I invisible or something?

Thank you.

My Beemer's in for servicing.

I'd rather walk than take the bus, but I didn't want to ruin my new shoes.

Oh my God, I can't wait for school to be over.

Summer vacation is so great.

Nothing to do but sleep in, shop, hang out and...

Who's the new guy working at your place?

Caleb Odell.

More like Caleb O-dell-icious.

I saw him in town. So hot!

Hey, have you ever heard from Ty?

I mean, it's so weird, him just leaving like that.

What's it been, like four months now?

So rude!

But then again, I mean, people like that just can't be trusted, you know?

Hey, stop the bus.


Amy: Stop. I gotta get off here.

(Bus door squeaks open and clunks shuts)

(Engine rumbles)

(Horse grunts)


Easy, boy.

(Truck engine rumbles loudly)

(Spooked whinny)

And bonding!


Yes. Bonding.

And at the same time they see a slice of Western cowboy lifestyle and the beauty of the countryside.

Jack: In other words, a dude ranch.

A dude ranch?

It is not a dude ranch.

Yes it is.

A fancy dude ranch, but a dude ranch none the less it is not a dude ranch, okay?

It... it's a way to expand the Heartland brand.

A small investment with very large returns.

Dad totally agrees with me.

Well, that makes it just about perfect.

And where those dudes gonna stay?

We don't have any place for them.

Where're you gonna put them?

In cabins.

And who's gonna pay for this?

We got a loan.

Who's we?

Dad and I.

Look, it'll pay for the buildings.

Yeah, and where are you gonna build your buildings?

Grandpa, we have 600 acres.

That's right. And last I checked, they were my 600 acres!

(Exasperated grunt)

Lou: We need the extra money and it's a good way to make it.

Well, it's funny way of making money to me, payin' a whole pile of interest to a bank for a loan.

That's just the initial investment and...

Do you remember the fire?

Do you remember how much it would've cost us to repair the barn if people hadn't helped us out?

Well, it's none of my business, but I don't know anybody that got rich runnin' a dude ranch.

Lou: Okay, just so everyone is clear, it is not a dude ranch.


Mallory: I think the dude ranch is a great idea.

I could teach lessons.

Help out over the summer... Holidays.

But that's still under consideration.

Right, Jack?

I'll be back later.

(Withdrawing footsteps)

You haven't said much.

Mallory: I still think it's a good idea.

Lou: Thank you, Mallory.

So, Amy, what're you gonna do for your birthday?

If it were up to me, I'd have a huge party with a DJ.

But that's obviously not gonna happen.

My mother watches this show where girls have massively expensive sweet 16 parties.

They get everything they want and they still end up hating everybody for doing it for them.

Have you seen the show?

So, what are you gonna do?

I don't know, it's no big deal.

I totally understand.

I can't even think how excruciating it would be having a birthday without your...



I'm gonna go do my homework.

So what are you doing for her birthday?

Never you mind, Mallory.

Are you having a surprise party?


How did you know?

I promise not to tell, but you gotta help me out, too.

You have to convince Jack to let me stay here for the summer.

I could die at that camp.

Malnutrition... West Nile...

Multiple bee stings.

My mom's allergic to bees; It could be genetic.

Is that a hint?

Goodbye, Mallory.


(Truck honks)

Jack: Where do you get off making all these plans behind my back?

We weren't deliberately keeping it from you, if that's got you all wound up.

Lou just didn't wanna to say anything until we knew it was even possible to do.

I'm just trying to help her make it work.

Well, that was real big of you.

These corporate retreat things can be pretty lucrative, Jack.

She's got an MBA for God's sake.

Let her use it.

Well, I would've appreciated it, since it's on my land, if you guys came to me first and not last.

Okay, you gotta point.

We should'a.

Just... try to get behind her on this.

She's got something to prove, that's not a bad thing.

No, Tim, I think it's you that's got something to prove.

(Ignition starts)

(Truck rumbles away)

(Shovel scrapes across floor)

I'll can take care of that guy if you're in a hurry to get to school?


That'd be great.


Do you wanna hang out sometime?

Saturday night, maybe catch a movie or... I don't know, do something?

Um, that would be...

Oh my God, come here.


What are you looking at?

I saw him again.

You saw who?

The ghost horse.

The ghost horse?

This mustang.

I saw him get driven away from his herd the other day and... now I just keep seeing him.

Okay. (Laughs)

Shut up! I do.

I saw him yesterday on Plummer's Road.

He just keeps getting closer and closer to Heartland.

I know it sounds crazy, but...

It's almost like he's looking for me, or something.

I'm sure he is.

(Horse snorts in the distance)

Look, there he is.

(Horse grunts)

You know, we should really try and get him in a pen or something.

Look at those wounds.

How do you figure that you're gonna get anywhere near that horse?

I thought you were a prize-winning cowboy.

(Chuckles softly)

(Caleb clucks his tongue)

Amy: Come on! Up!

Caleb: Hyah. Hyah!

Amy: Up, up! Come on.

Yes! (Laughs)


(Annoyed groan)

You all right down there, cowboy?

(Annoyed sigh)

(Horse whinnies)

What a beauty.

Sure is.

So what about Saturday night?

(Engine rumbles nearby)

Amy: Oh my God! School!


Oh, I'll definitely have a chat with her.

Fine, Mrs... Ms. Adams.

I've got your number. I sure do.

You have a nice day now.

So, we need to talk...

Like adults.

And you need to talk to dad.

Already have.


I thought partners were supposed to tell each other everything.

Look, I know you're still probably 100 percent against the idea-

You know, Lou, I'm a man who likes his privacy; The thought of sitting at this table making small talk with folks I don't know or care to know does not sit too well with me.

The dining in the house situation would only be temporary.

It's hard enough to get along without some stranger's big ears flapping at every little single thing you say.

I know, I see your point. But if...

Look, can I show you something?


So this is your typical equine retreat - not nearly as good as ours will be - and just look at these rates.

And that is per day!


Grandpa, people will pay top dollar for an experience like this.

I have my MBA.

Ah, so I've heard.

I need to use my skills or I'm gonna go nuts and drive everyone around me crazy.

Yeah, I know that too; You already have.

Just be on my team, grandpa.

Your "team" - is that equine retreat lingo?

No. Maybe.

Look, Lou, you got to remember.

Old dogs do not like to learn new tricks.

Just keep an open mind about it.

I'll tell you one thing though, equine retreat or no, I am not gonna be a full-time babysitter all summer.

Well, the jury's still out on that one too.

I love Mallory, she's a sweetheart, but she's just gonna be underfoot in the house.

Amy: So she totally freaked;

Gave me all this extra homework and it's the weekend and it's my birthday.

Do you have any big plans?

I might.


A date.

With who?

Guess. You're never gonna guess.

Okay. Dish.



Oh yeah!

(Restless grunting)

Got a call from your teacher, a Ms. Adams.

She called?

Something about a study session you never showed up for.

I'm sorry. I just totally forgot.

I got involved with... something.

Jack: That wouldn't be the something, would it?

Where the hell did he come from?

(Heavy sigh)

He's the one the ranchers almost shot, and he just kinda followed me home.

Jack: You don't think you can keep him here, I hope.

I'm gonna try.

(Horse grunts restlessly)

Jack: He's a wild horse, Amy, not easy to gentle.

Wild horses are gentled all the time.

There's even a penitentiary in Colorado where the convicts work with them.

It's like they learn from each other to trust.

Jack: Too much trust is not necessarily a good thing.

Now, you take him even halfway and he'll lose his abilities to cope in the wild.

Let me at least try?


But don't let it interfere with school.

You got it?

You girls are gonna drive me into the ground.


Ty: You complete ignore my schedule.

You don't care about my training program, about my jump configurations.

It looks like a pretzel.

You are so annoying. You never listen to me.

I do. Okay, I do listen to you.

Anything you wanna tell me, I will listen.



(Latch snaps open, gate shuts)

Hey, boy.

How're you doing?

(Loud thud and scrape across floor above)

Oh my God, you scared me!

Mallory, what're you doing here?

What're you doing here?

I heard you.

Why are you up here?

Lou thinks I'll get in the way if I stay here all summer, so I was thinking of sleeping up here so I don't bother her at all.

The mattress isn't that bad.

I could definitely make the place a little more girly; Put my own stuff on the walls.

Doesn't look like Ty's coming back.

I mean... Is he coming back?

I hope he does.

Ty chose to leave, Mallory.

Besides, it's gonna be really hot here in the summer and...

How are you at dealing with bats?


Amy, wait.

Lisa: You know what I like best about you?


The way that you absolutely embrace change with such an open and adventurous attitude.

Well, things have changed enough over the last year, so...

I know, you're right, it hasn't been easy.

But you've asked my advice, I'm going to give it toou.

I think you should let Lou go for it.

You do?

I really do.


She's a highly educated girl.

I know.

And she's given up a huge job in New York.

I know that too.

So no wonder she's determined to fine something for herself.

I'm sure she wants to show you what she can do, and show her father what she can do.

And you know what?

It might be fun.

It might be - a corporate equine retreat.

Dude ranch.

(Clucks tongue)


(Clucks tongue)

(Clucking tongue)



Hah! (Clicking tongue)


(Clucking tongue)

Hup, hup, hup!


Hey! Hey.

(Mustang pants heavily)


Get out.

(Laughs quietly)

I give up.

Caleb: Well, don't take it too personally.

It's a known fact that a lady can't gentle a mustang, only man can.

That's a litlle sexist, don't you think?

It ain't got nothin' to do with s*x, it's more about physical size than anything.

Well, that and smell.

Yeah, smell I can believe.

We still on for Saturday night?

(Gate squeaks shut)

(Thunder rumbles)

(Police sirens wail in the distance)

(Forceful grunts)

I've got a message for your daddy.

(Struggling grunts)

You tell him to have the money by tomorrow night or he's a dead man.

Or maybe it'll be you.

(Hard punch, Ty grunts)

(Distressed whinny)

(Horse snorts)

(Heavy sigh)

(Hat thumps on the floor)

Amy: Ty.

Ty: What's this for?

So you won't look like a total dork on the roundup.




You got a minute?

Yeah, sure.

I recognize this is gonna be a hard birthday for you, with your mom not here to see it...

I just wanna make sure you're okay.

I am. I guess.


It's not just mom, you know.

It's been a weird few months.

I know it has. I... I know.

(Heavy sigh)

Anyway, you keep an eye on that cowboy tonight.

(Half laughs)

I will.

You can't trust 'em, not a one.

(Chuckles softly)

So what do you think about this dude ranch thing?

I don't like the idea much either, but Lou seems pretty set on it.


Amy: And, hey, maybe if she doesn't do this, she'll come up with an idea that's even worse.


(Reflective chuckle)

(Door squeaks shut)

(Blows out a sigh)

First of all, this is still my 600 acres and those cabins of yours have to be built somewhere where I can't see 'em - from anywhere.



What's number two?

Number two...

Is you will never ask me to take a group of city slickers on a trail ride.

Well, Lou's trying to make this a success, Jack.

Thank you, grandpa, you won't regret this.

Ho-ho, yeah, I might.

Thanks, dad.

Congratulations, honey.

Here you go, sir.

Thanks, Mitch.

Hey, where's Soraya?

Who knows? She took off with some friends.

I forgot my wallet. Sorry.

Amy: I have money.

Like I'd let a girl pay.

I'd love to give you a break, kiddo, but you know Maggie.

(Heavy breath)
Thanks, Mitch.

Look, I just might've left it at your house, but we got time before the movies, so let's just swing by and I'll pick it up.

Okay. But I can pay.

No way.

(Radio plays, diner patrons chatter)

(Telephone buttons beep)

The eagle has landed.

Or taken off. Whatever.

(Truck whirs)

I'll be right back.

(Keys jingle)

Amy, thank God you're home, I need your help, hurry!

(Dog barks repeatedly)

Amy: Mallory, what is it?

(Lights switches click)

Crowd: Surprise (Applauding)

Happy Birthday, honey.

(Surprised chuckle)
Thank you.

You knew?!

Soraya: (Giggles)
Happy Birthday.

And you did too! I am so mad at you!

(Shocked gasp)

Lou: Happy Birthday, baby.

Did you do all this? This is incredible.

Tim: Happy Birthday.

You all ready, hon?

Yeah, I'm all set.

I'm little bit nervous, though.

Jess: Oh, you're gonna be fine.

Oh my gosh, get a room.

You just play.

Relax, sweetheart.

Your daddy's gonna sing for his supper now.

Oh, and the humiliation never ends.

Jess: (Playfultone)
Oh, Mallory.

(Tunes up the guitar)

Charlie: Happy Birthday, Amy, from all of us.

(Starts strumming guitar)

♪ My little boy came to me last night ♪
♪ he said, "daddy, ♪
♪ I wish I could drive that big ol' truck ♪
♪ just like you ♪
♪ you can stay up as late as you want ♪
♪ watch TV all night long ♪

Hey, thanks for being here.

♪ Nobody telling you what to do ♪

Can you please put a CD on?

Oh, come on, Mallory, your dad's not half bad.

He's totally... gross.

Jack, we need to talk.

(Paper rustles)

What's this?

A contract, outlining all the things I promise not to do.

Like I won't be a bother, I won't talk all the time and I won't eat as much.

Please let me stay?

You have to sign right here.

You can stay, Mallory, if it's okay with your parents.

Thank you, Jack.

Guess it's my day to make the ladies happy.


It's nice seeing you again.



Amy: (Laughs)

Tim: Hey, birthday girl.


Look at you, you're sweet 16.

(Emotional stammer)

I don't wanna get I heavy on your birthday, but I just wanted to say that being here...

It means a lot to me.

To me, too.

Well, I just...

I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance.

You know, I got a lot of years to make up for-

Dad, it's okay. Honey, I do.

I do, and I will.

I love you.

Come on.


Yeah, go on, I'll see you in a bit.


(Partygoers chatter, cd player clicks)

(Music plays)

Charlie: Hey, Jack.

You sure throw a great party.

Oh, well, Lou does.

She's the organizer in the family.

Thanks for letting me play.

It's always good to rehearse in front of a crowd.

Right, Jess?

Beats the shower.


And Jack we have to tell you how grateful we are.


Yeah, you're lettin'
Mallory stay here for the whole summer.

Jess: It is so wonderful that she's with people that we know and love.

Not strangers, you know?

Well, I just...

She told us all about it last night.

Last night?

Jess: Yes, she is so happy.

She adores you.

Mallory: Let's dance.

(Telephone rings)

Excuse me.

(Phone ringing, beeps on)


Where are you?

You stay put.

(Rips paper from notebook)

♪ Yeah, I will ride all the way ♪

♪ 'till I'm back in your arms again ♪

Oh my God.

Soraya, are you kidding me?

The Hudson rodeo queen?

I mean, the next thing you know you'll be barrel racing.

Well, you've got the big hair for it.



There's Mr. Odell-icious.

Excuse me.


I just...

I never should've told her.

Hey, Caleb.

How're you doing?

Good, how are you?


(Stove bangs shut)

(Muffled chatter, music plays)

Good party.


So, uh, Jack came through. Happy?

Yes, I am.

I'm even happier now.

Hey, you wanna...

You wanna get away a little later?

Oh, yeah?

Later sounds good, early's better.

Hey, have you guys seen grandpa?

He just kinda disappeared.

(Truck rumbles)

(Car honks in the distance)

(Truck rumbles along)

(Struggling grunts in the distance)

Ty: (Grunt of pain)

(Struggling grunts)

(Hard punch, man grunts)

Man: (Pained grunt)

(Hard punch, man grunts)


(Windshield wipers beat)

You sure you don't need a doctor?

I'll live. I'm fine.

That was quite the situation you got yourself into.

You livin' in that place?

With your dad?


I see that worked out well.

You were right.

(Takes deep breath)

So, uh... How are things?

Uh, how's it been going?



Got a new hand.

Caleb, a cowboy.

He was a big help over the winter.

And, uh, how's Amy?

She's fine.

I wouldn't bet on how she's gonna react to seeing you.

You remember what I said?

The loft, your job...

They're still there for you.

(Music plays from inside, wind chimes jingle)

Amy: So...

I guess my sister put you up to asking me out, huh?

Just to get me away from the house?


Eh, it worked, huh?

That's a pretty good set-up, I'd say.

You' not still mad at me 'cause I said girls can't break mustangs, are ya?

No. (Laughs)

But I am gonna prove you wrong.

And why doesn't that surprise me?

And hey, just so we're straight, I was gonna ask you out anyway.

(Approaching rumble of a vehicle)

Amy: Grandpa, where you been? We've been worried.

(Door thuds shut)

Mallory: Ty! Oh my God!

Ty: (Winces but chuckles softly)

(Hard punch)


That's for not calling!

(Suitcase thuds on ground)

(Screen door bangs shut)

♪ Waking up today ♪
♪ with the whole world on my plate ♪
♪ but what happens next ♪
♪ something's not the same ♪
♪ in time... ♪

Amy, I...

Why did you bring him here, grandpa?

♪ it's a mark she left on me ♪
♪ it's the be all end all today ♪
♪ it's the be all end all today ♪

♪ but does it have to be this way ♪
♪ it's the be all end all today ♪
♪ in time ♪

(mustang grunts)

♪ could it happen once again ♪
♪ two lovers or just friends ♪
♪ whatever you ask of me ♪
♪ is it gonna set you free ♪
♪ this time knows no cure ♪
♪ if the hearts broke by a mirror ♪

♪ can we make it up today ♪