02x06 - Holding Fast

Ty: Previously on "Heartland":

I think I'll go see what Amy's doing.

Wouldn't have left her in the lurch to come water a bunch of cows.

I'm warning you, man.

More than likely...

She'd be begging me to stay.

(Gate squeaks, Caleb grunts)

There's problems.

A million problems like... You're too short.

I'll grow.

Hudson rodeo queen?!

I mean, the next thing you know you'll be barrel racing.

Kit: Heck, I've been competing for two years and you're gonna be a real threat.

You bet I am.

It's just what I do with someone I love.

Someone you...

Well, you're never gonna say it, but that's how I feel.

Maybe we should take a break.

Boy: Help!



(Horse whinnies)

Man: Come on! Hyah! Hyah!


(Water rushes)

Boy: Help!

(Horse grunts)

(Horse nickers)


(Water splashes)

Man: Hang on!

Hold on!

(Breathing heavily)

Hang on, I'm coming!

Boy: Help!

I'm coming!

(Horse grunts)


Man: Hang on. Hang on.

Hang on.

Boy: (Coughs)

I'll go get help!


You okay?


(Water rushes)

♪ And at the break of day ♪
♪ you sank into... ♪
♪ your dream ♪
♪ you dreamer ♪
♪ oh, oh, oh... ♪
♪ you dreamer ♪
♪ you dreamer ♪

(rooster crows)

Jack: (Reading)
"RCMP Constable Mark Rodriguez "was commended yesterday "for saving the life of a 14-year-old boy "who nearly drowned in the Sheep River."

Well, there've been a lot of drownings in that section of the river over the years.

That boy was lucky.

Mallory: The best part is: "A local girl,

"Amy Flemmy, rode for help."

Amy: Oh no, they didn't.

Oh yes, they did.

Flemmy sounds like...

Yes, I know what it sounds like, Mallory.

Hey, guys.

I'm just gonna take Pegasus out.

Oh, I was thinking of exercising Spartan.

Uh, do you wanna go together?

Yeah, sure.

Maybe I should go with them.

You know, like act as a mediator.

Well, maybe you should stay out of it, you know, and do the dishes.

(Startled breath)


Soraya: They ran my profile last week and, um, it looked like I had something between my teeth.

Yeah. Mine's okay though.

But relax, they're not judging you on one photo.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

They will judge you on everything else, though.

How's the barrel racing going?

Great. Thanks.

Must've been hard, trading in a horse like Apollo for a cow pony.

I didn't trade him in.

Apollo's still very much mine.

(Low hum of chatter)

Hey, Lou.

Hey... Nick!

Hi. Heh.

Been thinking about you.


There's a big charity match at the polo club this Saturday.

Yes, I've heard about it.

It's very classy affair, apparently.

(Half laughs)

I have a ton of comps.

Oh, cool.

(Cafe music plays, patrons chatter)

- Hey, Soraya.



Can I get a coffee please?

Uh, you sure you don't want it to go?

Are you a big polo fan?

Lou: I'm a huge polo fan.

Maybe I will have it to go.

Is Scott busy these days?

I wanna talk to him about something.

Well, actually, um... Scott and I are...

♪ Well, my baby up and left me alone... ♪

Ty: Good to see Spartan's bounced right back.

Amy: Yeah. Thanks to you guys.

Mallory is never riding him again.

Hey, Ty, you know that girl who uh...

Who helped you?

You know, Kit or whatever?

She's just a friend of Caleb's, Amy.

Just Caleb?

(Horse nickers)

I'm just asking.

Caleb: Amy.


Good morning, Caleb.

See your riding's coming along.

It's coming along.

It's a smart move to take an old horse.

It's a good beginner ride.

(Whir of approaching vehicle)

Hi, Lou.

Lou: Mm, Amy. You didn't tell me this mountie was so gorgeous.


I'm gonna have to tie myself to some railway tracks.

Um, Lou...

Then you can call 911 and say: (Girlish voice) "Help, help, my sister needs rescuing.

But only by Constable Mark Rodri...

Well, physically Venture's fine.

But, suddenly, he's terrified of water and, on top of that, he won't let anyone ride him - including me.

Police vets weren't sure what to do, so your name came up.

Well, I'm glad you thought of us.

I didn't.

Look, I gotta be straight with you.

I don't buy into this horse whispering stuff.

I'm just following orders.

You know, Amy's pretty good at what she does.

You might be surprised.

I doubt that.


I could bring him out tomorrow then.

Yeah, sure. That'd be great.

Okay. I'll see you then.

It must feel pretty good, being called a hero.

Oh, I am no hero.

So, stay away from those railway tracks, okay?

(Goofy, bashful laugh)

(Enamoured breath)

Stop drooling.

Lou: What?

Aren't you and Scott still technically together?



You would have to ask him.

Besides, just because a girl already has great clothes doesn't mean she can't window shop.

Rodeo's coming up.

It's what you keep saying.

You'll come watch me, right?

If you think for one moment I am going to be your buckle bunny, think again.

Okay, okay.

(Gate clatters shut)

Don't you have, like, a practice to go to or something?


(Horse whinnies in the distance)

Jack: So you're treating the hero's horse.

I guess.

Constable Rodriguez doesn't buy into the "horse whispering stuff."

Well, if anybody's gonna change his mind, it's gonna be you.

Ty: I don't know. There's something about this guy.

He's got a look about him, like he's guilty or something, you know?

Sure you're not projecting?


Like maybe you're the one who feels guilty about something and you're blaming someone else?


That's exactly it, Dr. Phil.

Lou: I ran into Nick Harwell today.

His polo team is having an exclusive "invite only" charity match at the Hudson Hills Polo Club.

Anyway, he gave me...

A whole pile of comp tickets, if anyone's interested.

Lisa: Oh, that sounds like fun.

Jack and I would love to go.

Look, Lisa...

Oh, here it comes...

You're not coming to that polo match with me.

Now, I didn't say that.

Really? You're gonna come with me?


No, it's just... Not my thing.

You wouldn't wanna try a different thing.

Well, you know the saying.

"It don't take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep."

No, I have never heard that saying before in my life.

What I've heard?

What I've heard is "stick in the mud."

Good night.

Good night.

(Screen door shuts)

(Rooster crows)


You scared me.

I brought you a present.

Now you have to come to the rodeo.

Let me guess.

You have nowhere better to be today?


(Bucket clatters)

I'll be right back.

(Metallic squeak and clank)

My love life is a mess.

I was unaware you were in possession of such a thing.

Jake is driving me crazy!

He follows me around like a little puppy!

Puppies can be cute if they're not chewing on your shoes, or peeing on the floor.

I need to know how to get rid of him.

How about saying, "Jake, I'm sorry, but I don't want to hang out with you anymore."

Maybe that's how they used in the Paleozoic ages, Jack, but nobody uses the direct approach anymore.

I need something more subtle, more...

What, underhanded?

Mallory: Exactly.

And I'm sure you've got a few break-up stories.

Mm, tell the truth, I didn't break up with that many girls.

No, no, I meant all the girls who broke up with you.

There weren't that many.

Come on, Jack, I'm desperate.

Please, just tell me what they did.

Well, there was this one girl...


I thought things was hunky-dory, but...

Then she started to avoid me.

Wouldn't make eye contact, she wouldn't return my calls...

Always had excuses why she couldn't see me.

Had to wash her hair;

Had to clean out her closet...


(Horse grunts)

Rodriguez: Come on, Venture.


(Horse grunts heavily)


(Horse whinnies and grunts)

Come on.
(Clicks tongue)

Come on.

Nice horse.

How long've you him?

Since I joined the force, six years ago.

That's a long time.

Must break your heart to think that he might retire.

Well, could be his time to go.

I don't waste emotions on a mode of transportation.

If my truck breaks down, I get a new one.

(Door squeaks shut, locks thud and clunk)

So, he's all yours.

Call me if you make any progress.

For sure.

What a sensitive guy.

No kidding.

(Emotional breath)

(Ignition turns, engine rumbles)

Good job, Mallory. This is way more fun than camp.

(Wheelbarrow clunks)

Wanna come over to my place?

I could rope some calves and you could watch.

Can't. I've got stuff to do.

Like what?


Wash my hair.


And I gotta clean out my closet, so...

Okay, then...

See you later.

(Wheelbarrow clunks over ground)

(Water sprays, horse grunts)

Easy... Just a gentle spray.

(Water sprays)

Good boy.

Good boy.

Okay, that's good.

You're a good boy.

See? It's not gonna hurt ya.

All right, let's try it again.

Good boy...

Come on, boy, let's go again.

Look! It's not so bad.

Come 'ere.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Come 'ere. Look, I'll do it.

Look, look. See, you're okay.

See that?

It's okay. Come here.

Come on...

It's okay.

He's not gonna do it.

Just let him relax.

Man 1: There we, Davidson!

Oh, hold on. Get in there!

Man 2: I got it!

Man 1: All right. Stay on!

Players: (Overlapping shouts to each other)

I'm just saving it...




Great to have you on board.

Good to be here.

Our Club vet moved east and uh...

We've been struggling, so...

Good you could take over on such short notice.

I understand you put in a good word for me.

So, thanks for that.

Don't thank me. Thank Lou.

She recommended you.

(Rooster crows in the distance)

Lou, have you seen my favourite shirt?

You know, the plaid one.

Grandpa, all of your shirts are plaid.



I didn't even know you were here.

I was just leaving.

What's the hurry?

Why don't you stay for supper?

Oh, that's nice. I wou... I can't... I um...

I have a thing that I have to go to.

I... so, I'll...


What was that about?

What was what about?



Lou. Jack.

Right. Uh...

Good to see you, Scott.

(Half laughs)

How are you?


Did I get the job at the polo club because of you?

You got the job? That's great!

(Sighs) Dammit...

I wanna get the jobs on my own merit.

Hey, hold on...

I was just doing you a favour.

Well, don't do me any more favours.

I want to know that when get the job, it's because of me; Not because of your relationship with the captain of the polo team.


What relationship?

Scott! Wait!

(Cell phone ringing)

Are you gonna answer that?

It's Jake. I'm ignoring his calls.

(Cell phone rings)

Long story.

(Half laughs)

Hey, you think you'll have time today to help me with Venture?

Sure. Yeah, I can do that.

Not right now, you don't.

I need you to do a supply run with me.

I'll get him back as quick as I can.

Mrs. Bell: (lndiscernible mumbling)

Amy: Mrs. Bell, nice to see you.

Whoa, whoa.

My hip's a bit sore, but other than that I'm right as rain.

Thanks for asking.

Amy: I've given him Star of Bethlehem for the initial shock of the accident, and then lavender to help him relax.

Mrs. Bell: Here's lavender.

It'll relax him and your mother swore by Star of Bethlehem...


And I have some... Red Chestnut oil, too.

It can help with anxiety.

Thank you.

(Half laughs)
Wow. Look.

Sugarfoot's found a friend.

Mrs. Bell, do you think I could borrow Sugarfoot for a little while?

Let's go. Come on.

(Clicks teeth, urging Sugarfoot on)

There ya go.

Come on, Venture. Come on.

Let's go.

Good boy.

Caleb: What in the heck are you doing?

Amy: Well, Venture's terrified of water so, I'm just getting him over his fear.

(Snorted chuckle)

And look, it's so cute.

Sugarfoot and Venture have really hit it off.

Caleb: Oh yeah, that's uh... It's cute.

No listen. It works because...

Sugarfoot will go anywhere for food...

Good boy. Here you go.

And Venture will go anywhere to be with Sugarfoot.

(Water splashes)

Caleb: No offense, but that's a puddle.

Well, I'm building him up gradually.

I thought, once I can saddle him, I'll take him to the stream.

Why not saddle him up now?

Rodriguez said that he wouldn't let anyone ride him.

So I thought I'd try join-up tomorrow.

(Leather saddle rustles)

I wouldn't do that.

(Saddle rustles)

And you were saying?

(Water flows gently)

Amy: I wonder why Rodriguez said that no one could ride Venture.

Caleb: Well, maybe Venture's got a weakness for a pretty face.

Amy: Why don't you cross the stream first.

Yeah, sure thing.

(Sugarfoot squeals)

Come on, you stubborn little thing.

(Laughs) Here. Try this.


Amy: (Laughs)

He's used to getting his own way, but he's hard not to like.

Sorta like me.

Oh, yeah. Right.

Come on, you're okay.

Your friend's over there.

(Venture nickers)

It's okay. Come on, you can do it.

(Venture whinnies, Sugarfoot grunts)

You're okay. You're okay.

Come on, you can do it.

Good boy! Good boy!

Good boy!

That's a good boy!



Thanks for helping me.

It was my pleasure.

Well, we should probably head back.


I gotta go see this horse, uh... Saturday night coming up.

Would you like to come with me?

Could use your advice.

Um... I...

A simple "yes" or "no" would do.

Yes. Sure.


What is this?

"Hudson Rodeo Queen Hopeful?"

I know. My forehead's kinda shiny, but otherwise, it's not a bad photo.


Please, tell me you're not going through with this rodeo nonsense.

Oh, but I am.

Oh, so you won't be needing Apollo anymore?

Oh, I'm still jumping for fun.

(Disgusted laugh)

Do have you any idea how embarrassing this is?

For who?

(Paper thunks on the ground)

Amy: Hey, Ty!

Ty, we got Venture to cross the stream.

And Caleb saddled him up, no problem.

Yeah, well, the boss is watching.

Better go do my real job.

Jack: Aw, ya think?

(Feedbags rustle)

So I think I'm gonna call Rodriguez, have him come over and ride Venture.

That simple?

Why not?

Well, maybe it's too fast.

Oh, I don't think so.

You should've seen him following Sugarfoot.

Th w went right through the deep water.

Thought you were gonna wait?

I'm sorry, I just...


Scott, call me. We need to talk.

Well, hello there.


Hey, Constable. Thanks for coming.


See ya.

Rodriguez: Yeah.

So once you've got him saddled up we'll head to the stream.

(Venture grunts nervolyly)

Amy: Easy... easy...

Rodriguez: Agh!

(Venture grunts nervously)

Amy: Easy.

Rodriguez: I give up.

I knew this wouldn't work.

Caleb saddled him up no problem.


(Venture grunts)

Easy... Steady, boy.

(Venture grunts nervously)


Easy... Easy, boy.


(Venture grunts)

I don't get it. I rode him for hours.

All right, well, call when you've got some real news, okay?

Soraya: I should just drop out.

Like I stand a chance against Ashley.

And what good does dropping out do except give Ashley a better shot?

Good point.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.

I told my mom about that RCMP guy you're working with.

And she said she remembered reading about him and his brother a long time ago.

It's so sad.

What? What's sad?

(Approaching footsteps)



(Latch clicks)

You know how you said there was something about Rodriguez...

You know, that... That look he had?


Well, you're right.

There is something going on.

I didn't tell you this, but...

That first day, when he was leaving, he got in his truck and he was really, really upset.


Yeah. Look at this.

Six years ago, right after he joined the RCMP, his younger brother drowned.

In Sheep River.

This is where he rescued that kid.

Yeah. Exactly.

(Sighs) He was there when his brother died.

So was Venture.

I think I know what I have to do now.

Can you help me?

Lou: Yeah, sounds great, Lisa.

Mm-hm. I have to run.

Okay. Bye.

You were talking to Lisa?


She didn't wanna talk to me?

Guess not.



High school all over again.

(Phone keypad beeps)

(Cell phone ringing)

I'd like to thank you, Jack.

I've done everything yove told me to.

No eye contact, lame excuses...

Ignoring his phone calls.

Mallory, I am sorry I ever told you that story.

And I sure as heck do not condone what you're doing.

Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta go finish my chores at the Heartland child labour camp.

(Door squeaks open and closed)

Okay. I have something to say.

First of all, polo players are loaded.

And if you think for a moment they would let someone treat their horses who they didn't trust 100 percent?

You're crazy.

Lou... - And yes, Nick told me they needed a vet.

And yes, I praised you to the skies.

Why wouldn't I?

But your reputation did the rest.

So, whatever your reasons are for not talking to me, this can't be one of them.

I'm sorry.

And there is no relationship between me and Nick, okay?


Nick: Hey, Lou!

Am I still gonna see you at the match tomorrow?

Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Good. Looking forward to it.


(Snorted breath)

(Frustrated groan)

Jake: Hi.

(Startled breath)

I think the ringer on your phone's off.

Jake, it's not off! I'm ignoring you!


You're driving me crazy!

I'm sorry, I just don't like you the way you like me.

Just leave me alone, okay?

Not a problem.

(Water rushes)

Ty: I don't think this is such a good idea.

Amy: Well, let's try it.

Why did you wanna come back here?

Well, if we can get Venture to even walk close to the river, keep him calm, prove to him that it's safe, then he'll start to get over his fear of water.

See, watch.

(Panicked grunts and nickers)

Amy: Whoa, easy... It's okay.

(Horse whinnies)


See? He remembers.

A horse remembers? Right.

He does!

I think Venture's fear of water is all about this place.

And the accidents.

Forget it. Let's go. Come on.

Ty: Hey, give Amy a chance!

Amy: I don't think Venture's fear of water is about the boy you rescued.

I think it's about what happened here six years ago...

To you.

What did you say?

Your brother.


Happened here, didn't it?

Where do you get off looking into my private life, huh?

You had no right.

I'm just trying to do my job.

There is no more job, miss Fleming.

This is over. You got that?

This is over.

(Clicks tongue)
Come on!

Let's go!

(Amy clicks tongue)

I did it! I ditched Jake.

Your mental cruelty paid off?

No, that went right over his head.

I just told him I didn't want him hanging around all the time.

So, you took the direct approach.

Frankly, it would've saved a lot of time and energy if you were to just recommend that to me in the first place.

Now just you wait a minu-
I did!


(Metallic clang)

(Truck rumbles)

Lisa: Hi.

Okay, what's going on?

This isn't high school, Lisa.

Excuse me?

If you don't want to see me anymore, just... say so.

You're right. I have been avoiding you.

I think I did something you won't like.

But in my defense...

Oh, it was a good idea at the time.

(Car door shuts)

I had it made for you.

That's why your shirt was missing, because Lou helped me "borrow" it to get your measurements.

But I already own a good suit...

It's a forty-year-old relic.

I just thought if you had a good new suit, then you wouldn't feel like a sheep among the goats.

Goat amongst the sheep.

And then I picked it up and I started to worry that you would think that I'm trying to change you, and I'm not.

And you don't have to go to a polo match if you don't want to. It's your choice, and I'm okay with it.

I appreciate the thought, Lise, and it's a beautiful suit...

It is!

I use my suit for two things: Weddings and funerals.

It's a lovely gesture, but I'm still not gonna go.


Well... You should have it.

It was made for you.


Is he ready to go?


What do you mean, no?

Constable Rodriguez...

What I did yesterday, it...

It wasn't fair. I should've warned you.

Yeah. You're damn right you should've.

I know you love that horse, and no matter what you say.

And Venture, he loves you, too.

And he does remember.

That recent accident just brought it all back.

I'm sure for you too.

Just let me try one more thing.


(low hum of chatter)

Man 1: Come on! There we go!

Man 2: Stay on him, Gary!

(Snorted half laugh)


Look at you, you look lovely.

Thank you, so do you.

Did Jack come with you?

I'm sorry, Lisa. He being pig-headed.


And he is not the only one.

Lisa: Huh...

Where are you two at these days?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Well, they certainly keep us guessing, don't they?

(Overlapping chatter, light music plays)

Ashley: Barrel racing. It's a total rush!

I mean, I can't even begin to describe the buzz it gives me!

Caleb here is giving me my lessons, and in a couple of weeks I'll have my first rodeo, you should come and watch.

Hey, Mrs. Stanton.

Lovely to see you.

Would you excuse us for just a moment?

How dare you bring that...

That stable hand here and talk about your trailer trash pursuits at my club!

Fine! I'll stop talking about it.

As long as I get to keep Apollo.

Ashley, I will not be blackmailed.


Have I told you that I started barrel racing?

And Caleb here's teaching me.

Woman: Really?

Announcer: ...Please take your seats, the match is about to begin.

(Hum of chatter)

Announcer: It's a beautiful day for polo.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you...


If it isn't the goat.

I'm very glad you're here.

Well, Lise, we're uh...

We come from different worlds, you and me.

I'm the fish stick to your caviar, the hamburger to your tenderloin...


Stop it, you're making me hungry.

I just didn't...

I don't Wanna change you one bit.

I like you just the way you are.

Maybe a little less stubble for the club, eh?

Kidding. You look so handsome.

Announcer: And we are underway.

Fisher making his first move.

But McMaster picking it up and sending it in.

It's called "join-up".

You have to make yourself the aggressor.

Just drive him around using big exaggerated motions and make sure to keep him moving.

What good'll that do?

Well, it just shows him you're the leader; That he can trust you.

He'll choose to either stay on the rail, or come in the center to be with you.

(Horse nickers)

See, right now he's confused.

He... He feels that you're upset and that's why he won't let you ride him.

He just doesn't understand what he did wrong.

This is such a load of crap.

What're you scared of?

You're scared!


(Gate squeaks shut)

Rodriguez: Go on!

Go on!

Go on.

That's it! Just keep him moving.

Go on!

Go on!

Go on, Venture!

Go on!

Come on!

Rodriguez: 'Kay, boys...

It's time to break it up.

Come on, bro, join the party!

Rodriguez: Go on!

Go on!

Joe: Have some fun, bro, come on.

Give me the beer!

Give me the beer!

Go on!

Joe: Live a little. You never had any fun?

Give me!

Come on!

Go on!

Joe, give me the beer.

Relax, bro.

(Venture grunts nervously)




Go on!

Come on!

(Grunting wildly)

Joe! Joe!


Go on!

Come on!

(Exhausted breaths)

(Venture grunts)

Rodriguez: (Sobbing)

(Venture grunts gently)


(Teary) Hey... Hey, hey...



(Horse nickers)

He's all right. No problems.

Man: Thanks, Scott.


What is going on with us, Scott?

What do you mean?

I'm tired of all this waiting, all this game-playing.

I'm not playing any games, Lou.


Maybe not, but...

This whole "being on a break" thing, it's torture, and I just need to know: Are we on or are we off?

Well, I guess I have my answer.

(Horse nickers)

(Vehicle whirs)

Can you, uh...?

Yeah, I'll put him in the trailer.

Yeah, thanks.



Amy's amazing. Um...


Yeah, she is.

(Snorted chuckle)

Thank you, guys.

Both of you.

Amy: Hey, feel free to bring him around anytime.

Yeah, I just might do that.

Well, I'll, uh... I'll see you.

See ya.

Thank you.

I mean it.

I couldn't have done this one without you.

Hey, we should celebrate.

This Saturday night?

Go into town, catch a movie or something.

What do you think?

(Half laughs)
Ah... I can't.


I've got plans.

Maybe some other time?

Yeah. Maybe.

You gave me the worst advice.

No. I told you a story.

You turned it into advice, and sadly it worked.

No, it didn't.

I didn't wanna get rid of him, rid of him, I just wanted less of him.

That's not how I remember it.

Of course not, you're old.

Mallory, I've got a mind to phone your parents, see if they need an extra roadie.

Jake: Hey.

What do you want?

I think I left my Swiss army knife here.

No, you didn't.

I think I did.

No, you didn't. It's on your belt loop.

Oh. Okay then. See you later.

Oh, for the love of... Mallory, Jake didn't come here to find his knife, he came here to talk to you.

Jake, Mallory misses you.

Mallory: Jack! Jack: A lot.

She won't shut up about it.

Now why don't you two just talk it out.

And leave me out of it.

But... Go on, get outta here!

I'm nobody's buckle bunny.

(Footsteps crunch over gravel)

(Laughs to himself)

(Lasso whooshes through air)

Got it!

♪ Lend an ear I'll tell you a story ♪
♪ 'bout a man who didn't know how to be ♪
♪ join a travelling circus from P.E.I. to B.C. ♪
♪ I was playing dead every morning ♪
♪ I was taking hours in the night ♪
♪ and someone came and swept me... ♪

Evenin', everyone.

Jack: You seein' a horse are ya?

Uh, yeah.


See ya.

♪ ...in a world of suffering ♪
♪ if this one I was ever to lose ♪
♪ so I'm hanging on with all of my power ♪
♪ I'm hanging on as tight as I knew ♪
♪ 'round the midnight hour ♪
♪ she said remember that I'm losing you ♪