01x13 - I Walk the Line

Previously on Wynonna Earp.

We need to find out why Bobo showed up at the homestead.

Memories, they're coming back.

Four days until the door opens.

Bobo's throwing a party tonight.

The whole town was invited. Damn!

Black Badge needs you. I need you.

So Bobo's gonna try again, cross the Ghost River Triangle with the heir.

We gotta stop all these people from drinking the champagne now!

One lucky contestant will receive the antidote.

Not good! All they have to do is bring me Ms. Wynonna Earp.

(people screaming)


Do you remember me now?

(Willa): Yes, Robert.

(people screaming)

It can't be true! How could he have poisoned the whole town?!

The champagne!

(man): We need her!

Everybody, just stay calm!

We give this Bobo fella exactly what he wants.

(man): What he wants is our resident bitch!

Not now, Alan!

You left!

Why, I came back.

Yeah? Did you miss me?

I never miss.



You can't shoot them. I hate them and they hate me, but they're still humans.

Hey, listen, we gotta get you out of here.

I hope my sisters made it out OK.

Don't worry, we'll find them.

No, I'll find them.

You get something that will turn the townspeople from rabid, drugged-up assholes back into regular assholes!

Get her!

I'm sorry about this.

For what?

Me too.

What?! AAARGH!

(body crash in snow)



Angry townspeople. I like where this is headed.

One, two, three, go!


Let me just look at you for a second.

Oh, you are so beautiful.

I wasn't sure you'd remember.

It all came flooding back the second I stepped in the treehouse.

"O ye of little faith."

But I make up for it in other areas.

They'll be plenty of time for that out there.

(grandiose music)

It's working. It's actually working.

You are the true heir, and the best damn thing I ever...

(Bobo moaning and coughing)

I'm fine.

Are you OK?

(Bobo screaming in pain)

Robert! Robert.

Back! Take me back!

(grunting and gasping)

I don't understand.

The prophecy, "The Willing Heir on the Winter Solstice with the Revenant of their Choosing..."


The heir ain't the heir without the gun.

I have it.

Bobo, I have it. Look.

That's not Peacemaker.

No. No.


Where is your sister, pretty lady?

Come on, Waverly. We just wanna talk!

Forget talking. Where's Wynonna?

Bullshit, they do.

(Waverly screaming)

♪ 'Cause I gave you all I've got to give ♪
♪ And no, that ain't no way to live ♪
♪ I told that devil ♪
♪ To take you back ♪
♪ I told that devil ♪
♪ to take you back ♪

I had Peacemaker in my hot little hand.

I was so close!

Alright. Just concentrate, baby.

If Wynonna took Peacemaker, she knows we're together.

There's no way.

I've given her no reason to suspect me.

She's smart.

She's a sucker.

And Waverly is useless.

She's intuitive.

What is this?

Talk-about-how-great-my- goddamn-sisters-are day?

It's the one day a year this thing's supposed to work!

What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?

OK. That's OK.

We have until sundown tomorrow.

I'll go get Peacemaker.

You hole up in our place.

We bolt, and everyone else dies.

You are one sick little puppy, you know that?

And you're all mine.

Maybe we have time for a quickie.


You screw me, and then we screw this town.

You go get that gun and we'll do both.


We get a sample of the poison that Bobo used, and maybe Black Badge can reverse engineer a cure.

There's a whole whack of it in the basement.

And you know this how?

'Cause I was there when Bobo's guy made it.

(woman coughing)

Shh! Hear something?

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

I doubt this building's up to code. You could burn the building down.

This coming from the lawman packing enough heat to firebomb Texas.

You got any dynamite in there?


Snookered yet again.


Look, we gave Wynonna a lick and a promise that we wouldn't take out any townsfolk, but a drugged-up mob is not our only problem.

Where are the revenants?

Oh, I doubt they're having tea at the trailer park.

You never know.

We all have our vices.

I think it's time we talked about yours.

It's not what you think. It's just medicine.

Now see, that one I have heard before.

I am a doctor.

Look, I've taken this since I was a kid.

It helps keep me alive and some parts of me dead.


Have you seen what's going on out there?

The whole town's gone 5150!

Whatever you've got planned, I'm game.

Hey, this is classified.

Purgatory's overrun by demon revenants, a. k. a. Wyatt Earp's resurrected outlaws.

Bobo Del Rey is their leader. I am Doc Holliday.

Yes, that Doc Holliday.

And Dolls here, he is just a dick.

Finally! Thank you.

It... Actually, It makes perfect sense.

Except for the last part.


You still in?

Like Flynn.

What do you need?

OK. Find the Earp girls.

See if Nedley's still vertical.

We've got an antidote to steal, people.

And, Agent Haught, welcome to the Black Badge Division.




Shitty shoes!


(Wynonna groaning with effort)


(man groaning)

Now there's a sight for sore eyes.

(Wynonna grunting)


You remembered my name this time!

It's not all I remember.

I remember, in kindergarten, you couldn't tie your shoes, so I wore Velcro sneakers in solidarity.

(Pete grunting)

I remember, in high school...

You know what I remember? How you broke my heart and slept with my brother, made fun of my mama's diabetes!

Yeah, I was messed up.

But I'm not that person anymore.

No, you're just wrong.

Still wrong, and that Bobo guy knows it.

You're a cancer on this town.

A cancer that needs to be cut out.

And I need that antidote.



You're sick, but I can make you better. I can stop Bobo.

I don't want to hurt you.

Ugh! Ugh!


See, I don't have that problem.

Willa! Oh, my God!

Oh, fighting off the local boys in your underwear? Boy, you did grow up.

What happened to you?!

I got separated from Waves. There was clawing and kicking and some well-chosen cuss words, and then, next thing I know, it was me and an empty...

Wynonna, where's Peacemaker?

Peacemaker was in the purse at the party.

You saw it, I saw it. Now gone, vanished.

So you lost it?

No. Someone took it.

Well then, we're really fff...

Phone. My cell died, but maybe Pete's...

(Wynonna grunting)

Why aren't you more freaked out?

Well, 'cause I can't dial the phone and throw a fit.

Awww, he saved Waverly's number under "Cuties."

Could a revenant have nabbed it?

No. It fries 'em if they touch it.

She's not answering.


Look, I know you're worried about Waverly, but Bobo has something up his sleeve.

I mean, he's psychic electric "Koolaided" all of those meatsticks!

Finding Peacemaker needs to be our priority.

Aren't you?


Worried about Waverly?

Of course.

Why are you bothering with that?

Just shoot him and be done with it.

Pete's a dumb dude, but he's not a revenant.

None of them are. I can't just kill them.

Would you?

Sometimes, being an Earp means making tough decisions to survive.

For the greater good.

Yeah, well, if there's one thing I've learned this year, it's that good is a moving target.

(phone ringing)

I don't think that thing's rung for 15 years.

Hello. Woman-you-currently- want-to-kill. Please be Waverly.

No. But I've got her!

Where are my manners? This is Chrissy Nedley!

What do you mean, you got her?

I found her and I chloroformed her and I tied her up.

All by myself! Can you come and get her?


And bring your head so I can chop it off to get the antidote for me and my dad.

I'm at his office. Bye!

Chrissy, wait!

(dial tone)


Change of plans. Super-fun- times Earp family reunion.

Wait. I'm just wondering, shouldn't we go and get...

Peacemaker is just a gun!

Waverly is Waverly.

And Chrissy sounded like she's sniffed enough glue to bankrupt a model airplane factory. I'm not waiting to get her.

And neither are you. She's our sister.

As long as I get to kick someone's ass.

That can be arranged.

(Bobo grunting)

Jesus Christ!

Right initials, wrong fella. Robert, you don't want to do this.

Oh, but I do.

I must be close to actually doing it for you to be here. Let me ask you, why negotiate with a demon instead of pleading with the human?

She's too far gone.

Whatever Willa once was...

She's so much more.

Besides, what are you gonna do about it? Tell on me?

If the heir crosses the boundary with Peacemaker on this day with hate in her heart, there won't be anybody left to tell.

You know why Willa and I fell in love?

Slim pickings at the hostage hut?


Because the Earp curse's brought us both nothing but pain.

You brought your pain on yourself.

You have no right to be here. You're not allowed to interfere, remember?

So step aside, old man.

I can save her.

If we get out there, I can save us both.

Save her.

♪ ♪

Chrissy, don't make me break that skinny little neck of yours!


(woman moaning)


My dad...

Daddy's out there somewhere. And my friends!

I'm the only one who can save them, Chrissy.


OW! Who the hell are you?!

Another Earp.

Oh, sh1t.



(Waverly moaning, muffled)


Hi. Let's see.



You came.

Of course.

Is Chrissy... Is... Argh!


Is Chrissy OK?

Shake it off, sis. We have to get back to the Wainwright.

What? What? Why?

We have to find Peacemaker.

You took it from me?



You OK, baby girl?

OK then.

I think Waverly ingested the poison.

Did not!

She's acting erratically.

Because I took Peacemaker away from you?


I saw something in Willa's eyes at the place where Bobo held her.

What are you saying?

I don't think the Willa that came back is our Willa.

What I am is the goddamn Earp heir, and I'm running out of goddamn time!

I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Nobody's getting hurt on my watch.

Nobody else, you mean. Daddy, me, everyone else out there. When are you Gonna take responsibility for all that you've done?!

Why did Bobo save you at the homestead? Why did you save him?


Hey, I knew I recognized that ringtone.



Give me Peacemaker or I punch a bunch of holes in Waverly's girlfriend.


Um, kind of.

Kind of?

I know you won't shoot.

What do I care about some ginger butch cop?

Wynonna, she'll do it.


If I don't have it in three.

No, please!

It's the only thing that'll stop Bobo.



I can't.

Please. I love her.

(gun cocking)



So naive, so emotional.

This isn't over.

I'm coming for you.

Then I better slow you down.


Now you know what it feels like when people take your things.

Come here.

I want...

I know, I know.

No blood.

There's no blood!


If my sister joined the dark side, and you've been a revenant this whole time, I'm just gonna call in sick tomorrow.

No, I'm... (Haught gasping) wearing a bulletproof vest.

It's kind of standard operating procedure when we got a 404 on our hands.

(bullet clanking on floor)

Bunch of crazy hicks off their rockers?

(Waverly laughing)

Finally picked the smart one.

I'm gonna get you to the hospital, OK?

No, no. I'm just a little bit bruised.

You gotta go with Wynonna and stop your sister.

Sorry, but she's kind of a dickhead.

Wish Doc and Dolls were here.

They went to raid Shorty's.

Something about an antidote.

See? Super smart.

Yeah, alright. Yeah, you guys do that.

Time's up, let's go!


Bobo did something to her.

She shot my girlfriend!

Now, if we can just undo it, we can get her back.

The real her.

I'm not scared of Willa.

Wynonna Earp!

(woman laughing): Well, well, well, the lady herself. Dead or alive, I think he said.

Oh, right. You guys.

Come on! You sure you don't want to bring something more substantial?

You don't go to war with a borrowed gun.

Guarding something for Bobo?

I think they think they are while he gets away scot-free.

Holliday and Black Badge. Get 'em, boys!

Yes, let us not stand on ceremony. Heehaw!

Ah! Shorty's.

Let Waverly go, and you can have me.

That sounds like a plan.

Nedley. You seem sweatier than usual. It's really saying something.

This is quite the pickle you got yourself into, Wynonna.

You know me.

You have been a plague on this town, destroyed a lot of lives and you were a royal pain in my ass.

She's also the only shot we got at getting out of this mess.

I know you're sick.

I know that you're scared. So am I.

But that man out there. Bobo Del Rey and his ilk.

They're not like us. They've never been like us.

If we do this...

I mean, if we turn into the angry mob of ignorant villagers that he thinks we are, if we kill one of our own... and make no mistake, Wynonna is what we made her... if we do that, then well, yeah, we'll be just like them.

(indistinct chatter)

Hell, we'll be worse because we had a choice.

So that's it? You're just gonna let her go?

(people clamouring)

(woman): No way!

Leave the rest of us to die a painful death?!

No one's gonna die, Moira.

Wynonna's not gonna let that happen.


Go. Fix this.

♪ ♪

(indistinct talking)

Nedley, you sure you're OK?

Ah, you remember that chili cookout debacle in '05?

This ain't nothing.

Chrissy's in your office. She's alive.

Thank you for that.

Come on!

Think we got 'em all? Ugh!

(Dolls coughing and moaning)

I had a horse named Lavender once.

(Dolls gasping)


Ugh! Ah...

You pocketed my drugs. Argh!

I brought your drugs.

You are the laziest junkie I ever met.


How much did you use?

Argh! Ugh!


Which ones did you use?

Are you sure you're up for this?

(Dolls gasping)

(Dolls growling)

You might want to stand back.

Playtime's over.

(Dolls roaring)


What are you?


(ruckus in the bar)

I guess I'm about to find out.

Must be the end of the world 'cause I think I want to marry Sheriff Nedley.

OK, uh... you need to go find Doc and Dolls.

And I've got something I need to do.

Something only I can do.

What the hell?

OK, so Black Badge is gonna test this stuff ASAP, then I'm gonna try manufacture a cure or... Oh, hey.

Hey. pass this stuff out to everyone in the town.

You should have seen your boy shoot earlier. Not bad.


This one tossed big Steve through the window.

(Dolls chuckling)

As long as you boys had fun.

Look, Bobo had all these revenants squirreled up in here, guarding the poison. Probably to keep 'em busy while he escapes the Ghost River Triangle.

Well, he'll have help.

Willa's a double agent.

They're in this together.


They'll try to cross the line.

The Solstice.

And they've got my gun.

Her gun.

Hey, are you shot?

Hey, whoa, whoa, don't touch me.

I'm-I'm still your boss.

And I had to call mine in.

Lucado's coming here?

Desperate times.


Bobo's coming back for us.

And he's playing the lead.

Try. Your friend's flown the coop without you.

Stupid Carl.

What's wrong with him?

We need to head your sister off at the pass.

I still got to coordinate the quarantine.

Please come.

Two on two.

One of whom is one of the fastest gunslingers in the West. And the other...

Permission to re-raid your gun safe?

80-62-88. Hey, Earp, good luck.

(bird singing)

♪ ♪

(door opening)


Wrong sister.

Did you drink the poison?

Come here to beg me for the antidote?

I just want answers.


Robert Svane.

Svane, Norwegian for swan.

You never cease to impress me, Waverly.

And look at you now.

All grown up.

Where's Willa?

Your sister's not here.

But she's coming, isn't she?

She's your lead.

(amused exclamation by Bobo)


The thing is, if you open that door, you're not the only thing that can leave.

All the other revenants will flee.

You're letting... you're letting filthy demons loose into this world!

I am one of those demons.

Oh, I know.

They're not the only ones who'll be set free.

Wyatt Earp's has been dead and in the dark for 80 years. Maybe it's time for the rest of us to step into the light.

Including you.

Is this how you did it with Willa?

Talked and coerced and seduced a 13-year-old girl?

I never lay a finger on her.

You were her captor!

I was her saviour! Those other revenants wanted to do horrible things to her.

I told them I killed her.

I hid her away.


Sounds like one sick fairy tale.

It wasn't always like this.

After Clootie stole her away from me, I did go a little crazy.

But days before she was due to turn 27, Constance erases her memory... and says she will only give me back Willa if I help her put back together her boys.

The bones.

I rallied an army together to dig in the dirt.

And I dug, and I dug, and I dug.

Do you know why?

Swans mate for life.


Please, let her go.

Have you been listening to me?

I used to watch you girls, and I'd wonder how a man like Ward Earp ended up with so much goodness.

And then there was the baby.

And I used to think about saving her too.

Only I wasn't the heir.

Ohhh, Waverly.

You're not even an Earp.

(Willa): Robert?

You need to hide.

Now. Get behind that bed.

(door opening)


I got it.


Little snitch Waverly took it.

We have to go, now.

Come on.

(door slamming shut)

Come on, Doc, spit it out.

Spit what out?

You know, the rousing old-timey speech that's gonna make me believe I can take on my own sister.

Come on. WWWD.

What Would Wyatt Do?

(Doc clears his throat)

I once had a dog the name of Plucky.

Your big pep talk is "Plucky"?

She was a gorgeous black and tan coonhound, but she only had one ear.

Even so, she would run from miles when she heard me calling.

She got bit by something in the woods, and she went rabid.

Wyatt, he offered to put her down, but I knew it had to be me.

Old Yeller might owe you some royalties.

I am sorry about your sister.

I never was a great judge of character.

Always ended up dating the drummer.

I mean we could run.

We could get a little house in the country, raise chickens, grow barley.

Is that why you came back?

To be a farmer?

No, I returned because a peculiar fellow insisted you needed my help.

Was he a farmer?

He was a mechanic.

Willa's got Peacemaker.

Bobo's got telekinetic powers.

What do we got?

Things that go boom.

She's better than me, Doc.


I don't think I can beat her.

But you are still gonna try.

I have to.

Careful, Earp.

Doing what's right even in the face of ridiculous odds?

You are beginning to sound like a hero.

No matter what happens, Willa is not a dog.

I'm not putting her down.

Let's hope she still comes when you call.


R&D approximates 36 hours until an antidote.

Meanwhile, we're monitoring and have handed out antipsychotics to about 80% of the town.

In every report you've filed you didn't once think to mention there could be two Earp heirs?

I didn't know for sure.

Black Badge has underestimated the situation here, I'll give you that.

If we survive this, expect us to start being a little more hands on.

From day one, I've been following my orders, to make sure the revenants do not leave the Ghost River Triangle.

We have new orders.

If this Bobo Del Rey can open a gateway, we observe what happens when he does.

And what happens next is that people die. My people, anyone else these demons come into contact with.

There are other forces at play here.

We are not to interfere. If you can't handle that, turn in your badge.

Lucado, I need to assist my deputy.

If you step within 50 yards of the boundary, I'll have you arrested for treason.

♪ ♪

What is it?

What is it exactly that you have against me?

That you survived Kandahar when... others didn't.

You are a monster.

In more ways than one.

I'd say to make yourself useful, but it's pretty obvious you can't.

♪ ♪



I'll take care of these mice.



(gunshots and ricochet sounds)


Wanna play with the big girls?


♪ ♪

(groaning softly)

(muffled): Doc!

Doc! Doc!

It's OK, love.

Go on.


♪ ♪


Respect your elders, bitch!

Wake up and remember who the hell you are!

You're Willa Earp!

And the rightful heir!

Then you should know that what you're doing is hella dumb!

No! Wait! Willa!

I'm serious, stop!

What did you do?

What I had to!

(supernatural howling)

OK, so what the hell was that?

I did it!

I am the lead! Hahaha!

The prison gates are open!

Willa, we can still stop this.

Stop this?!

This is better than I planned.

Bobo and I get out, and Purgatory burns!

They hate us, Wynonna.

They're evil. They deserve that thing!

(Bobo screaming)

I doubt your lover's gonna make it.

So, I go it alone.

No, you're not alone. You have me.

Willa, either make it stop or I'll stop you.

(Bobo): Wilaaa!

Funny, that it would go down here.

Mom used to bring us here.

When she couldn't take any more of Dad's fists.

We have to get Peacemaker back over the line, and then we can start over. Just you and me.

Bobo doesn't know, but he's not the only one that came to visit me in that treehouse making promises in the dark.

What kind of promises?

That death can be a mercy.

I know you don't believe me, but I'm doing this for you.

No more Purgatory, no more Earps, no more curse.

Not me.

Well, who then?

The old one.


(strange screaming)

I'm faster than you.

You're my sister.

I promise this will be quick.

You know you can't.

You keep saying that.

(dramatic music)



(Wynonna gasps)



What happened?

You went wrong.


Did you get a clean shot?

That wasn't a clean shot.

(creature roaring)

See, Wynonna?

You can never really go home again.

(creature roaring)

(Willa screaming)


(Creature roaring)

(Willa screaming)

Make your peace.


(epic music)


(crows cawing)

(touching piano music)

Do it.

Do it.

I'm already in hell.

Did you love her, Robert?

Did you?

We'll take it from here, Deputy.

What are you...?

Taking him to a black site.

Extraordinary rendition.

Outside of the Triangle?

Wynonna! Don't let them do this!

Please! Shoot me!


I can't end the curse unless I send every single revenant back to Hell!

Be nice, and in a few months, we might send him back to you.

You can dispatch whatever is left of his quivering mass.


He defied a direct order from his superiors. That's treason.

He's a good man.

He's a good liar.

You don't give a sh1t what he did.

This is personal for you.


You are in no position to interfere.

What with your history.

The Bleaker case? So I pulled a few B&Es in the day.

No, Wynonna.

We know what you did.

(Lucado sighs)

Did you get the town coordinates?

When we're out of range, tell control to go in hot.

Tomahawks, the whole she-bang.


You did aces, Wynonna.

Careful now. We all know how good you are with that thing.

Who are you?

No revenant. See?

I'm outside the Ghost River Triangle.

There are things out there, too.

Things that want to get in.


The Triangle is not only a prison. It's also a sanctuary.

For who?

Not a who.

A what.

(sound of truck approaching)


You know who I am?

I'm the goddamn Earp heir.

I got work to do.

Good luck, Wynonna.

We'll be watching you.


What did you do?

We're almost over the line now.

(Bobo laughing)

This one's gonna hurt.

(roaring in pain)

♪ I came from fear ♪
♪ b*st*rd child ♪


♪ I'm flying high, I'm running ♪
♪ From my home ♪
♪ I didn't know which way to go ♪
♪ Which was right, which was wrong ♪
♪ So I took any road ♪
♪ That came along ♪
♪ Was five feet road ♪
♪ To the mountains that I climbed ♪
♪ The mountains inside ♪
♪ The valleys that I hide ♪
♪ Was five feet in the wind ♪
♪ And you were on my mind ♪

We all used to play here under a poplar tree.

The year she was taken, it got felled by lightning.

Spring comes, I'm gonna plant a new one.

For the girl she was.

For my Willa.

(Doc): Well, that'll be lovely.

But first, I'm gonna kill every single revenant from the Rockies to the big city.

And then I'm gonna stop that thing from getting in here.

And the deputy marshal?

Are we gonna go get him?

He's in a maximum security black ops prison, and he shot my sister.

Damn straight we're gonna go get him.

(sound of thunder growling)

What do you think that is?

I don't know yet.

(Doc): Well, it's coming.


So am I.

(happy sigh)

You ready?

Sweetheart, I'm ready for anything.