01x01 - What Fools These Mortals Be



(alarm ringing)

Hey, buddy, you're running late!

I'm staying home and letting the Internet educate me, Dad.

That's what Mark Zuckerberg did.

Devon Quince... the next Mark Zuckerberg.

You can be whatever you wanna be.

But today, you get to be a freshman at Theseus High.

You're crushing the dream Dad.

Come on champ, our foreign exchange student arrives from England tomorrow.

Can't have him going to school and you not.

It's not an exchange student if we're not exchanging anyone Dad.

It's just a kid with an accent moving in with us.

Up and at 'em.

And no more snooze button.

(bell ringing)

Brendoni: Awe man this place again?

Astral: Quit complaining.

It's him.


Never mind.

Sign up for the Fall Dance Committee.

Celebrate autumn by shaking your bottom!


Watch it.


Didn't see you running into me.

Have a great trip.


Catcha later.

Oh no!

Brendoni: Come on, we gotta go.

Astral: Wait!

That place is for losers.

No it's not.

You better not tell anyone where we went.


Others are so dumb.

Not all of them.

Yes all of them, they don't even see us when we're around.

Oberon: Astral!


Where have you been?

King Oberon has asked you a question.


I can explain, dad.

Well if I'm gonna rule one day, I need to make my own decisions.

Sweetheart, it's dangerous with the Others.

Brendoni was with me.

Good times.

Milk spills, kids crashing into each other, I tripped this one knucklehead.

I am the master of disaster.

Those Others didn't know what hit them.

I do love a classic milk spill.

Oh yeah!

Others such wasteful, silly creatures.

Brendoni: Tell that to Astral. I think she has a crush on one of the gymnasts.

A boy.


Is this true?

Ah, ah ahh ahhhh!


Our job as faeries is to cause mischief to the Others.

I told her, Uncle Obes.

(clearing throat)


King Oberon and Queen Titania.

Astral, you're no longer allowed to visit the Others' realm.

Your place is in Athenia, where you will learn to become the Princess that your people deserve.


Uncle Obes, layin' down the law!

And Brendoni, you're to be confined here until you learn to watch out for Astral.

No way!


The sprites and the pixies are biting each other again.

I need your counsel.

Just see which one survives and give the winner a unicorn.


This is totally unfair!

Astral, come along.

I want to show you something.


Hey Tris!


I'm Hailey Grimm.

And yes.

I do have older brothers.

But no, they don't tell me fairy tales.

How did you know my name?

How does a moth know to go to a flame?

How does a bee know to go to a flower?

I was actually reading about this the other day.

So bees can sense the electric fields of flowers and...

Anyway, as you know, I'm head of the Fall Dance Committee.

We just met.

How would I know that?

Now you know.

We should go together.

I'm sorry?

Who are you again?

Let me level with you.

The next three years follow a strategy.

Step 1: I kill it planning this dance and become Fall Queen.

Then, I parlay that into VP of student council for next year, which, if I work it, will get me unanimously voted President, Valedictorian, and Prom Queen when I graduate.

I need some arm candy.

Someone who's cute and sporty, but who won't overshadow me.

And you think that guy's me?

I knew you'd say yes.


She's awesome.

Confident, ambitious.

I don't trust ambitious people.



His dad made him these wings so he could fly but warned him to stay low.

Icarus ignored him, flew too close to the sun, wings melted, he crashed. Bam! Pshh.

No more Icarus.

Is this someone you went to camp with?

No, I wish. he's from Greek mythology.

Anyway, who needs that?

Fly under the radar.

That's my motto.

You've got a lot of layers, Dev.

Astral, the Others are a young race.

They have so much to learn.

They don't remember that we were once their guides.

Well, this one's different.

He has blonde hair and soft blue eyes and a smile that makes me feel like...

A warm sun?


Those are the worst.

You don't understand, mom...

Don't I?

See these crystals?

Each one contains the memories of a faerie who's walked outside of the Second Kingdom.

Here's mine.

Fanny pack... what was I thinking?

Lessons we've learned, mistakes we've made... they're all recorded in these crystals.

You can learn everything you need about Others right here.

Dad says he learned more from his mistakes than he did from any teacher.

I need to go to the Others, I need to make my own mistakes.


You are a Princess of Athenia, and one day you will rule this kingdom.

You don't have time to waste on Other boys.

And they are certainly not worthy of you.


My word is final.

You don't under...

No buts.

You just not...


Don't contradict me.

You are not the boss of me!

Made it through the first day of school emotionally unscathed...

I'd call that a win.

Asides from my clothes reeking of chocolate milk.

I joined the Fall Dance Committee.


Did Icarus teach us nothing?!

I want the full high school experience and it starts with being part of something.

You have a little...



Great, you're still here.


My dress, your tie.

For the Fall Dance.

None of these are fall colors.

I know, right, nature, barf.

Everyone goes that way.

Not us.

Hailey, I'm just trying to figure out where my classes are.

I can't think about dances.

Maybe I failed to mention the benefit to you in this arrangement.

A freshman, going out with an older woman.

Instant. Power. Move. Paww.

I just blew your mind.

There you are.

I was about to send out a search party.

Princess, this fascination you have with the Other's world, this is not healthy.

What is wrong with Athenia?

We have everything here!

We have rocks, we have trees, we have rocks like this, more rocks, this tree.

Oswald, don't you ever wonder what life is like somewhere else?

How it smells, how it tastes, how it feels?

Princess, I have been everywhere.

Do you know what you'll find?

Bad food and little shops that sell t-shirts saying "I went to Cleveland and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

A King cannot be happy, if his queen and his daughter are upset.

Your Highness.


Mom doesn't get it.

I'm sorry Dad, but I just can't hate Others like she does.

She doesn't hate the Others.

She just knows what they're capable of, and what damage they've caused us.

You are a Princess of Athenia, and that comes with responsibilities.

What if I don't want them?


I want my Otherwalk.

You're far too young, no.

You had yours when you were my age.

You're my only daughter.

What if something were to happen?

It's only ninety days.

I'll learn about the Others, and then I'll come back.

And if you don't?

Then Athenia loses a future queen and I lose my daughter.

And if I don't go, I'll always wonder "what if."


You have to let me go.

It's faerie law.


Why are we letting her do this?

Every subject of the Second Kingdom is allowed to walk with the Others once.

And some never come back!

I cannot deny Astral the same rights as every subject.

She will return with a better understanding of herself and the Others.

It's all happening too fast.

Yes, I know.

Princess Astral, as you prepare to walk about the Others, remember to keep your true identity hidden.

Your faerie powers can help you, but they can also lead you to grave danger if discovered.

At the end of ninety days, you will have to make a choice.

Return to Athenia and someday be queen, or stay away and live as an Other... forever.

Use your power and your time wisely.

Thanks, Dad.

Princess Astral!

Stay safe out there.

Thanks Edgar.

I'll miss you.

Fare thee well, Princess.

You must send many fireflies so that we know things are okay.

Well you're going too, Oswald.

Make sure she gets settled in safely.

No but I, I cannot go.

I am sorry but, Oswald the great, cannot be concealed in a high school.

I cannot wear the skinny jeans.


I've arranged a way.

You'll be just fine.


This contains everything you'll need in their world.

Record your journey with this crystal, so you'll always remember the lessons you learn.

Never forget... you are a Princess of Athenia, heir to the Throne of Light.

May your faerie heart fly light and shine bright.

Peter: There must be some mistake.

I thought a boy was coming?

Well so did my parents.

But here I am.

Hey, great, he's here.

Hi, I'm Astral.

You're taller than I thought you'd be.

But I guess everyone looks so small when you're flying above them.

Uh... thank you?

Okay, in America, we have a little thing called Personal Space.

Great, tell me more.

I'll be in my room.

Strange local custom?

Leaving when saying hello.

Ah, that's just Devon.

Takes him a while to adjust to anything new.

This is all you brought?


My people travel light.



Well, here you go.

In case of emergencies My number and Dev's are already in there.


(camera shutter)


That's me!

First of many, I'm sure.

Welcome to your new home, Astral.

Devon: Sorry about the decor.

We were expecting a dude.

It's okay.

I'll make it work.

Why don't you have an accent?

What do you mean?

You're from England.

Isn't everyone there like...

"Pip-pip. Cheerio. Bob's your uncle."

What are you talking about?

I guess British television can't teach us everything.

Well, goodnight.


It has been a long day.

A really long day.

Ah, don't freak if you hear me walking around at night.

I'm a sleep eater.

Once I get a hoagie in me, I'm all-good until morning.

"Go protect the Princess," he says.

"It's your duty," he says.

"You'll be teeny-tiny," he does not say!

We did it Oswald, we're here!

Princess, careful, you are still lighter than air.

Everything okay?


You know what they say, "bounce before bed for sweet dreams in your head."

I've never heard anyone say that.


It might be nice having a girl around.

A girl's gonna harsh our vibe.

We're just two guys.

Living la vida loca!



I'm just calling to make sure that Astral is the correct student.

Yes Mr, Quince.

Are you still okay to host?

Of course, she seems like a wonderful girl.

We'd be happy to host Astral.

Thank you Mr. Quince.

The student exchange program appreciates your understanding of this mix-up.


Oswald: Princess, I will send tiny fireflies so the king and queen know you are safe.

Never bring attention to yourself.

Just fly under the radar.

Who told you I could fly?



You'd think that was weird.


Just do like I do and no one will think you're weird.

We'll get through this together.

Through what?

The dark abyss between the servitude of childhood and the freedom of adulthood.

AKA: high school.

Just stick with me and you'll learn how to...

It's you.

Do I know you?

No but I feel like I know you.

And now that our paths have intersected, why waste more time?


What are you doing?

Enchanting you?

Is it working?

Are you in love with me?

Normally people start with hello, what grade they're in, where they're from.

You know, something light.

I have to go.

But it was nice meeting you.

Now I know English people drive on the wrong side of the road, so you're used to doing the opposite, but, let me just be clear, that was not flying under the radar.

Your exchange student is a girl!?

Hi, I'm Morgan.

Nice to meet you.

I am not speaking to you.

Why do you care that my exchange student's a girl?

I don't.

I blew faerie dust to Enchant him and he wasn't enchanted by me.

Why wasn't he enchanted by me?

Because you can't enchant someone for yourself.

This is faerie law.

What's the point of that?

It prevents a lot of problems.

So how do I make Tristan fall for me?

Ah I suppose the way Others do: with subtle manipulations, reverse psychology.


Princess please.

You don't need this.

Let's go home, where I'm taller.

Gotta go.


Mi Cabeza.

Tristan, you were so right.

My color scheme was way off.

How can I expect to sparkle if my fabric swatches don't?

I never said sparkles.

You're. Hilarious. This dance is going to be totally perf.

And we are going to be a totally perf couple.

And I'm saving so much time by shortening words.


Hailey, have you met...


No I haven't.

Is she your girlfriend?


Oh no, no.

I don't have a girlfriend.

I just moved back here three days ago.

The girls here are kind of intense.

Well what are they like where you're from?

A little more... relaxed.

What do you do to relax?

Ah practice gymnastics stuff.

Video games.

Write cheesy poems.

About what?

They're dumb.

No, no tell me!

I really want to hear.

I write about the world, y'know, and our place in it.

How we're all tiny little drops of water in one big ocean.

See I told you it was dumb.

No, I feel the same way too!

I mean, the world is so big, I'm just trying to figure out where I fit in.

Now you owe me a secret.

C'mon, spill!

You and I are soul mates and we are destined to be together.

(record scratch)

I think I've got gym practice.

Oh no, he can't remember that.

What did you say?

Now you owe me a secret.


That was some breeze.

Oh, you're still here?

Tristan, come on.

I have to show you something.

You still owe me a secret.

You glimmered him?

I had to make him forget what a fool I made of myself.

And what happens if he does fall for you?

Are you really willing to give up being Faerie Queen for Prom Queen?

Hey, Dad.

Hey, D.


How was school?

School was great.

I learned everything!

She spent an hour reading about how gum was made.

What is that?

A public works building.

My new project.

What do you think?

Could use some water and trees, and flowers.

Well, I'm sure we can throw in more greenery when the time comes.

I'm gonna go get dinner started.

Wanna watch TV?

More than anything I've wanted to do my whole life.

We promised her we wouldn't spy.

I'm her mother.

It's what I do.

Whatever happened to that exchange student who was supposed to live there?


Must have made a wrong turn at Main Street.

Let's see here.


I'm starving.

Please don't eat me I'm sorry, I won't do it again.