01x01 - Pilot

What's she taken?

Uh, heroin.

Hello. Yes?

Um... it-it's-it's J.

J who?

Uh, Josh.

Josh, what's it been, baby? 10... No, it's been 11 years. How are you?

Um, yeah. I-I'm good. Um... Mom OD'd. She died.

Oh, Josh. Sweetheart, why don't you just go and pack up your things?


Uh... d-do you know where we live?

Is that all you got?

Uh, yeah, and my bike downstairs.

Come here. Give me a hug.


Julia up there?


Your moms owes me $90.

The taste I gave her yesterday wasn't a handout.

You got $90?




Tell her I don't get paid, I'm coming back tomorrow... draggin' her by her hair out to the corner.

I want my money.

Who was that?

Uh, it was nobody. It's just a neighbor.

Why don't you get your stuff out of the truck?

God damn it.

I'm gone for an hour...

Son of a...


My cupcakes are ruined.

You can't do one simple thing?

You told us to come over, not to do the cooking.

Well, that's what the note was for. Can't any of you read?

You remember your uncles.

Don't you, J?


Hey, how you doin'?

Really sorry about your mom, man.

Oh, thanks. You too.

Hey, it's been forever.

Barely recognize you.

That's 'cause he was like 5 the last time you saw him.

Remember you and Julia were high and like, really going at it.

Oh, right, yeah, she just threw something at you. Uh...

Uh, ah, coleslaw.

Coleslaw, she threw coleslaw.

Of course. Amazing.




Shut up.

You want a beer or somethin'?

Oh, no, thanks. I'm-I'm good.

Dinner will be ready in an hour.

Good thing I didn't leave the roast in your hands.

How about I whip up another batch of cupcakes, chocolate or vanilla, J?

Uh, I'm not really that hungry.

Hey, you want a real drink then?

We got tequila, we got gin.

Uh, I'm... I'm really... I'm really tired so...

Course you are, baby.

You had a rough day.

You go on in and take a nap. I'll save you a plate.

Okay, thank you.

Show J to Pope's room, Deran.


See you later.

So, um... do y'all still live here?

Uh, no, we all got our own places.

I don't know. We crash here when we feel like it.

Helps keep Smurf happy, you know?


Your grandmother.


Clothes are in the closet.

Um, thanks, Uncle Deran.

You're not seriously gonna call me that, are you?

What if he does, bro. You've been called a lot worse.

Got this TV out of the shed.

Can't have you livin' in squalor, man.

Oh, thanks.

Just gotta find a right bracket and put it up.


Those your only shoes?


Dude, you can't be wearing those around us.

Yeah, get some decent Kicks, man.

Yeah, you wanna get some Nike Zooms or some Dunks.

But not the orange ones, okay?

Those are just gay.

Um, thank you.

Cool. Get some rest.

Hey, hey, have you lost your mind?

Don't bring your dogs here if you can't clean up after 'em.

I almost stepped in it by the pool.

It-it's insane.

I mean, what makes you think that we can trust this kid?

I mean, we-we... who knows what Julia put in his head? I mean...

She was too high to put anything in his head.

And-and if you're wrong, what?

Well, I-I guess a decade or two Folsom never hurt anybody, right?

Uh, sh1t.


"Don't take stupid risks."

That's what you're always saying.

This isn't stupid? Right before a job.

You just gonna stand there?


Yeah, look, I don't know, Smurf...

Kid seems okay, but i-it's not a good time to have him around. It's just not.

Okay, stay on him tomorrow. Just suss him out.

What... just take him to iHop* and-and ask him if he's gonna screw us?

That's all you can think of?

And if he's not wearing a wire, what, he just... he's a part of it all now, what...

W-w-we don't owe this kid sh1t!

Hey, shut up!

All of you.

Now what's the matter, my baby boy?

Are you afraid he's gonna get more attention than you?

Suss him out.

Are you too thick to figure that out?

You want to be a leader?

Make a decision.

Don't be a pussy and play both sides.

The kid is in until I say he isn't.

And the next one of you to say a word will not get a share of this job.

Not a penny.

Test me. Go ahead.

And clean that dog sh1t off my deck.

That's where we could hit the security cameras, but the alarm is a different story.

There's about 40 seconds delay, so we should be fine.

(indistinct discussions continue)

Wow, I sure would step over you if I saw you in the gutter.

Hope that means you slept well, baby.

How about those sheets, huh?

500-thread count, just tell her you noticed.

Uh, they were great. Thank you.

Only the best for my boys.

Son of a bitch.

Sit down, baby. You must be starving.

Uh, could I just start with coffee please?

Right there in the pot.

Hey, what did I say?!

What the hell did I say if it woke me up again?!


Just do it already, man.

Yeah, do it already, man. Yeah.

Yeah?! Yeah?

Wh-Where is that hammer?! Where is that hammer?


Can't you just smash it on the floor?

Oh, you don't think I'll do it! No, I'm gonna do it!

Do it. You bought it.

Yeah, fine!

No, I didn't!

Yeah, actually, you did.

You always forget my birthday.

I bought it for you and I gave it to me.

I wrapped it up really nice and I loved it, baby. I still love it.

Gimme a kiss.

Will your friends be joining us for breakfast?

Sure as hell hope not.

No bacon and eggs?

You know, I sh... I should probably go to school.

You can't go to school on an empty stomach.

That's fine. I'll grab something on the way.

Your mom just died, man. That's a free pass.

Yeah, there's a six-foot left at San Onofre. Isn't that right, Craig?


Should be killer, man. You should come.

You surf?

I get by.

Are you going too?

Nah, I stayed the night. I'm gonna go back, check on my kid.

Aww, give my love to Cath and the baby.

Will do.

What do you say, J?

Wanna get a little closer to God?

Um... no thanks.

I'm good.

Is he going to do this the whole way?

Yeah, unless he bites it.

Oh, you just get by, huh?

Carved that up pretty good, man.

I get lucky sometimes.

Yeah, or you're just liar.

Ah, look at these assholes.

Gonna waste this.

Hey, hey, you on the right!

What the hell?


What the hell was that? Ever heard of surf etiquette?

Yeah it means jank-ass rookies like you should go find a beginners break, bitch.

Move on!

Like what, you own it?

Ocean belongs to all of us.

Trailer-trash losers.

You bat, I'll beat.


Okay, here we go.

Just drop in earlier too, man.

Dude, look at my straps.

Asshole, hey!

Hey, hey, hey Asshole!

Cut my rack straps?

Show 'em who's king, man.

Did you?

I'm talkin' to you!


Do it.

Huh? What?


Come on, man, seriously?

How'd that feel?

Get a little stiffy, huh?

Yo, we got new surfboards.


You're gettin' farther from the edge, man. Think you can do it?

Lot of concrete between you and the pool.

You just worry about yourself, man. Watch and learn.

Nailed it!

Who's got the coolest daddy in the world?

Why aren't you in the water? You got a suit for her?

I'll take you in your undies, wanna go in?

She was up all night, fever.

Yeah, well the cold water will do her good.

Be sure y'all jump real quick.

I can beat that!

Ah, yeah, well don't try it.

Lina, doesn't need a quadraplegic for a dad.

Come here.

These are my triple thrusters!

Baz... no!



Your turn, J.

Come on. We'll get you a motorized wheelchair.

J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J...

J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J...

J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J...

J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J...

Come on, do it, come on!

J, J, J, J...


J, J, J, J, J...

Come on, let's go, J!

You don't have to do it, man.

Forget it.

Bullshit, the hell he doesn't!

J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J...


Who are you?

J, honey, are you okay?

Who's J?

I'm... um...

I-I'm Josh. Julia's kid.

She's here?


J, can you hear me?

J, love, what hap...

You just ruined my surprise.

Hey, baby.



I just wish you would've let us know you were comin' home.

We would've picked you up.

With balloons and a home-made sign.

In a limo with two hookers in the back.

Yeah and an 8-ball of speed.

Why didn't you say you were up again, when I visited last week?

Ah, I figured I'd get rejected, like the last two times.

Mm, it's about time that parole board came to it's senses.

Six years for a bank robery where no one gets hurt.

Three you've done are crime enough, baby.

Three years and nineteen days.

Well, whatever it is, we are just very happy you're home.

Just so sorry you had to come home to the news about Julia.

I'm... I'm gonna go out for awhile.

Where you goin'?

Ah, just to my girlfriend's place.

Oh, I-I didn't know you had a girlfriend.

Oh, it's just more like this girl that I know.

You have to bring her by sometime.

Yeah, absolutely.

So, you're living here, huh, J?


Part of it all now?

Okay, he's been here for one day, sweetie. Don't make his head hurt.

Let me drive you over.

You and me can catch up.

Thanks. I've got my bike.

See you later.

I'm making you meatloaf with the hard boiled egg in it.

Nice and spicy, just like you like it.

There you go, dude.

Welcome home, man.


Letting him go to his girlfriend's, to blab about whatever?

Ah, he's not nothing to blab about.

Anyway, the kid seems okay, doesn't he?

Seems good.

Even Craig thinks so.

Oh, if Craig thinks so, what is there to worry about?

So, what are we planning next?


You're not gonna tell me, I'm not part of this any more?

Yes you're a part of it.

But in case it slipped your mind, this is your first day out of prison.

Now you're just gonna have to sit this one out.

And where should I sit exactly, since J is in my room?

Sleep on the sofa for a night or two.

A night or two, whoa!

You can not stay here, sweetie.

We can't have parole officers popping in all day and night to give you piss tests.

No, screw it, I'll just crash at my place.

Yeah, you can't... we sold it.

You what?

Pope... we're gonna get you a new place. Don't make a big deal out of it.

You know, for a bad influence you're not really pullin' your weight.

I missed you in Chem today.

Aunt Mara almost caught me thinking about you with my hand down my panties.

Help me with my homework?

Mole maths and mass maths...

Hmm, stoichiometry.

I don't get any of it.

Do you?

Of course you do.


Jesus, J.

She died?


Well, are you okay?

I mean, where will you live?

With my grandma.

In the flats. She's got a house on Denmar.

Good. Okay, that's good, at least.

I don't really know her. My mom and her weren't close.

Does she seem nice?


Pope looks good, don't you think? I mean, considering...

I wonder how much he got raped.


What, we're all thinkin' it.

Well, why don't you ask you little shithead, so he can stab you in the face!

See Smurf's eyes when she saw him?

Watch the docks!

It's like part of her wishin' they hadn't let him out.

Gotta admit, it's been a whole lot eaiser...

Hey, he could've rolled on us, we owe him, keep your mouth shut.

Yeah, you sure do.

Say it again!


Say it to my face, go ahead!

Baz... tweakers.

Baz... come on.

Guys, now! Before they run.

Fishin' anyone?

Yo, check it out! 2 grams, 80 bucks.

What's that, like half price?




Loose sh1t, don't run! It'll just be harder on you.

Get in the car, in the car!

How long are we gonna let 'em stew?

Till right before, like we planned.

All right boys, piss, sh1t and puke. Don't look back.

Hey, get it over the car, come on.

There goes that 'new car' smell.


Enjoy your new bathroom, boys!

Who cuts your hair?

Ah... my... my girlfriend.

You think she'd do mine if I asked her?

Shitty prison hair cuts!

Well, maybe... yeah.

You know where the boys are?

No, I was at my girlfriend's house.

Yo... you can tell me things, right, I mean... your mum and I were twins, so... we had a lot in common.

We slept in the same room for... years. Same bed... when it rained hard.

You know, she was scared of thunder.

So, if you ever wanna talk... or feel scared, I'm here for you, okay?

Let me help you out there, sweetie.

Oh, what you gave him my suit and tie?

And my best white shirt.

You hate these things, you haven't worn them in years.

You know that when you were a little boy... he used to ride you to the highway on his cute red BMX and teach you to throw rocks at cars.

He'll come around.


My mum, had a shirt just like that.

She used to borrow this from me all the time.

She must have gotten one for herself.

Mm... I'm wearin' it to feel closer to her today.

Hm... how do I look?



Beautiful boy.

Would anyone like to say anything?



I know, sweetie, it's hard.

They don't belong here, J.

Don't stand there with 'em. Don't.

It's okay, she's my neighbor.

Dina, not now, please.

Maybe she was weak, but she did everything she could to protect you from them.

Look... I... I'm fine Dina.

Thank you for coming, really, but not here, please.

Get the hell out of here!

Well... would anyone else like to say anything?

I guess we're Lutheran.

Who knew?!

Nah, must have been the cheapest.

Yeah, first six months Lina cried all night...

I mean, she screamed like she hated us. Wanted to smother her with a pillow, but figured if I did Cath might stop having s*x with me.

It's a joke, man, feel free to laugh.

I want in on the job.

You're gonna get your cut, Pope.

No, not a handout, I need to do somthin'. Fine, You've been out for a day. then push it a week.

No, the place has got a new shipment, no.

New shipment, it's not a bank?


After you got caught, I started thinking outside the box a bit...

Last two jobs, cops haven't even looked at us.

Yeah, well what is it then?

Smurf's call, man. She doesn't want you in, you're not in.

Sixteen seconds.

What's that?

Sixteen seconds, how far I was behind you at the bank that day Come on Pope.

It's funny, that's all. You trip on a waste basket, that guard goes for his gun. If I had tripped, you know, and you had drawn down, let me run out the back, then you'd have done the time, I'd have stayed out here... free to think outside the box.

Just toss me a bone, man. Smurf doesn't have to know.

All right, we need another car.

Big or fast?


By when?

3:00 A.M., usual spot.

The car, Pope, hey, nothing else.

Where'd you get those shoes?

The mall.

You went to the mall?

Yeah, do you like 'em?


Where'd you get the money?

Turns out my mum left me a trust fund.

You didn't cry, at the funeral.

Did you want to?


J, man, where'd you go?

Been lookin' all over for you.

Jump in.

Yeah, she can come too. Come on!

We're gonna bum around awhile, and then go and eat with Smurf.


Ah, that's my grandmother's nickname.

I've got my bike.

Oh man, leave it.

We got you a new one.

Come on!

You couldn't have taken the lock... all the way off?

Should I have gift-wrapped it for him too?



No offense, J.

When you said you had a girlfriend, I figured she'd be ugly.

You called me your girlfriend?

Open your mouth, sweetheart.

Hundred bucks if you can catch this in your mouth.

Two hundred bucks!

Come on, you in?



Come on.

Come on!

Oh. Oww.


You really don't have to do this Nicky.

Hey, shut up, man. That's... that's loser talk.




He shoots, he scores!

Very nice. Yes, well done.


Thank you.

Hey, man.


Nicky's great by the way, man.


Yeah, good lookin', smart. Where were girls like that when I was flunking out of high school? You know.


So, you're still in school, huh?

Ah, yeah.

You get decent grades?

I get by.

Well, keep it up. We've got too many dropouts in this family already.

Rough day, you okay?

Y-yeah, I'm good.



What about Pope, he givin' you any trouble?


Just... just... tread lightly until he gets to know you.

Should be all right, okay?

Really, man?

We're all just hanging out, you gotta go choppin' in?

Avert your eyes, Father.

Why don't you try sleep for once in your life, it's good for ya?

Someone get Baz a drink.

Make it a big one.

You hate me.

You really wanna get mellow right now?

Maybe now's not the best time, you know what I mean?

You want a taste?

Oh no, she's good, man.

Hey man, don't trample on her freedom.

Sweetheart, wanna taste or not?

Thanks, I-I'll just stick with weed.

Deran, give the lady another toke.


I'm goin' home.




Nice night.


She's... beautiful, man.

You any good with cars?

Goo-good how?

You know what I mean.

Are you?

I'm okay.

They need a car, for the thing.

Get dressed, we'll go get it.

Baz said I should...


Baz, said I should go with you?


He said, "Get a car".

Come on, hurry up.

Come on.

All right.

Hey, pig!






Can't remember a face... just sayin'.

I d... I don't.


I know where you live. You understand me?

Yeah, no, okay.

My keys... get 'em.

Take it.


Rise and shine, kids. Party's over.

Oh, man, it reeks in here.



Get in front!*

Hey, you did good, boys. Thanks for the body fluids.

DNA jackpot!

This should keep the crime lab busy.

It's feedin' time.

3 grams. Don't do it all at once.

What happened?


What did you do, Pope?

What? Just... took J for a little test drive and we hit a few bumps. No big deal, right?


You want him to learn the ropes, don't you? So...

I started teachin' 'em to him.

You will not do that again.

Not without asking me.

What am I, six?

You will not do that again!

Who's gonna stop me, you?

Come on... you remember the game.

Let go of me, Andrew.

Oh, Andrew. You must be mad.

Come on, man. Stop me.

Come on, you remember. Play it.

Play with me.

Okay, how about now?

Mommy, does that make it any easier, now?

What if I tickle you?

Leave her alone.

It's okay, J. It's okay.




That's it J, good boy.

You pass.

Come on. Let's get some ice on that face.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Come on, go.

All right.




Deran, God dammit.

You said there'd be no security on the south end 'til six.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Stop the car!

Drive, man, drive!


Go, go, go, go!

Rub up against the dumspter!

Peel 'em off!

What are you doin'?! Stop!


Push it!



What was that?



Oh, hey, um... can I speak to Gary, please?

There's no Gary here. Who's this? You know what time it is?

Y-yeah... I-I'm sorry... I'm lookin' for my dad. He-he used to live there.

Yeah, when was that?

I don't know... it was... it was probably about, ah... about 15 years ago.

You got a last name for your father?

Uh... no-no I don't.

Where is she?

You got my money?

No? Well, why don't we start with me taking that bike of yours... you know, stick of destiny...

You little sh1t!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Chill, chill.

She's dead, asshole!

She died from the sh1t that you sold her!

Nah, wait. Hey, don't... we're cool, all right. I didn't know.

Hey, you don't owe me anything, all right.

Come on, man.

Stop crying!

No, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I got this. Argh, argh!

Move your hand!


Ugh! Ha, ha, ha!

Argh! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Ha, ha!


It's okay, baby. It's okay. Shhh.

Everybody makes mistakes.

Oh, no!

Oh, God!

♪ Poor little Deran ♪

♪ Walked and walked and looked into his... ♪

Security guards weren't s'posed to be there.

♪ Fly. Got a penny for... ♪

♪ Poor... ♪

Come on, baby.


Sh. No, no, no, no...


You all right?


Yeah, I was just ridin' around.

Give this to your girl.

Girls like shiny stuff.