01x05 - Flesh Is Weak

Hey, I think we need to get back to work, talk about the next job, no?

Smurf's icing me out.

Why didn't you say something?

I'm trying to handle it.

Nicky: You gotta get out of here. My dad'll sh1t a brick.

This is unacceptable. I can't have you sleeping here.

Do you understand me?

A photographer I like is doing an exhibit in Carlsbad.

Want to go?

Get in here, man!

I'm sorry, okay?

You didn't have to get the kid in on it.

What happened?


I got ripped off.

I'm gonna find out who did this to me.

And you're gonna get him.

You told me the boys didn't do anything behind my back.

Don't ever lie to me again.





♪ Vicki's on my left, and Crystal's on my right ♪
♪ Bobby throws a left, Johnny wants to fight ♪
♪ Groucho, Groucho, smoke my name ♪
♪ Broncho, Broncho, your girlfriend's lame ♪
♪ Ahhh, ahhh ♪
♪ Pick a fight ♪
♪ Ahhh, ahhh ♪
♪ We can fight ♪

[Motorcycle engine revs]

♪ Ahhh, ahhh ♪


♪ We can fight ♪

Right on, bitches!

Peace out!

♪ We can fight ♪
♪ Pick a fight ♪

[Howls] Yeah! You see that?

Huh? You like that?


Hell, yeah!


Deran, you're the man!


♪ She stares deeply ♪
♪ Locked inside me ♪
♪ Burnin' brightly ♪
♪ One they know that I cannot take ♪
♪ Waitin' for it all to begin ♪
♪ Every night now, they'll win ♪
♪ Come and meet my black hole ♪
♪ Got a big black hole ♪
♪ Got a big black hole ♪
♪ I've got a big black hole ♪
♪ I've got a big black, big black hole ♪
♪ Got a big black hole inside of me ♪
♪ Got a ♪

[Seal barks]

Oh, sh1t.

He called.

What was I gonna say?

Where the hell you been?

Oh, I've been busy.

Can't answer your phone?


Let me guess... you caved, huh?

Smurf's right on this one.

Running the small jobs on the side... it ain't worth the risk.

It's just not.


It's time to come home.


It's time.

Oh, so Smurf says we can work again and we just jump right to it?


I know she's been riding you. I get it.

I get that you want to punish her, but this whole routine is getting a little old, don't you think?

Nah, man. You know what? I'm done.

I'm sick of her sh1t. I-I can't take it anymore.

I'm sorry, man. I-I'm done.

And what about 22D at San Pedro?

Baz: I don't know.

So, we're robbing shipping containers now?

San Diego's better if we want to hit a cargo yard.

And get what, some iPhones?

What about the manifests?

I haven't found a guard I can buy off yet.

No one I trust.

[Billiard balls clack]

San Pedro or San Diego?

San Diego.

Well, then focus on San Pedro.

[Chuckling] Okay.

Um, I'll get some license plates, I'll run them by our guy at the DMV and see if there's a guard with some history we can use.

Just do it. Tonight.

Why not City National in Temecula?

We always talked about it.

There's hardly any foot traffic.

Andrew, what aren't you getting?

You were just inside for three years.

No more banks, baby.

I'm not breaking parole for a couple of crates of Blu-ray players.

How about that CVS warehouse in Vista?

Really? That's your big idea?

You in a giant pharmacy?

I thought we were brainstorming.

And a shipping yard is no job for three people.

It's not. If Deran is out, let's try the kid.

Because I don't think he's ready.

Deran's just being a baby.

As soon as he hears us talking about doing another job, he'll come running home.


He'll be in.

I'm not so sure. I, um... I saw him.


Yeah, I saw him.


This morning.

You didn't drag his ass back home?

[Scoffs] It's not as easy as that.

Since when?

Okay, that's enough. Both of you.

No one in this family has to do anything they don't want to do.

Deran will come home when he's ready.

[Doorbell rings]

Who the hell's this?

[Gates opens]

Can we help you?

I sure hope so.

My name's Paul Belmont. I'm Nicky's father.

So good to finally meet you.

I'm Janine Cody, J's grandma.

This is my son Craig.

Go ahead, honey. I'm okay.

What brings you, Paul?

Nicky stormed out of the house yesterday, says she was going to her friend, Shannon's.

My wife and I thought she'd been spending a little too much time over there.


So, when my wife called this morning, she found out that Nicky wasn't there at all.

Has Nicky been staying here with J?


She was here last night, and she has stayed here occasionally.

But I never thought you didn't know.

Of course I didn't know.

We're not comfortable with our 16-year-old spending the night at her boyfriend's house!

I'm so sorry, Paul.

I just... With J's mother passing, all of a sudden, I'm raising a teenager again.

What did she tell you?

Did she say we were okay with this?

No. Absolutely not.

That's... That's on me.

I just assumed.

You know what we need to do?

We need to exchange phone numbers so we can stay in touch.

Why don't you and your family come to dinner tonight?

What's with Smurf and Deran?

Since when does her precious baby get a choice?


You missed Belize.


Two years ago, Deran took off to Belize for five weeks.

He just disappeared.

Smurf nearly lost it.

Now when he gets mad, he does this sh1t.

This reminds her he can always do it again.


We're having dinner guests tonight.


Because I'd rather have Nicky's parents eat with us than call the cops on us.

You never even met the girls I date, never mind their parents.

The girls you date?


Do you want me to meet them?

Enjoy the in-laws, suckers.

I'm out!

Don't even think about it.

I need you here.

And Cath and Lena.

Well, I got to check if Cath has plans.

Cath does have plans... dinner at 6:30.

I can go get Deran and bring him back home.

Thanks, baby.

But come at him gently, okay?

You know your brother.

Yeah, I'll go with you.

No, thanks. I got it.

Let me go get you his keys.

He has a new apartment on The Strand.

You realize this is just about her not wanting you at dinner tonight, right?


[Gull crying]

Hey, are we cool?

Yeah. Yeah, we're cool.

[Vehicle door closes]

Hey. What up?

What's up, buddy?


Hey, man.

What's up, Dave?

Man: Hey, Dave.

Dave, Deran.

Hey, man.

Where you from? I haven't seen you around.

Oh, the OC.

Dave runs a fishing charter in the marina.


My uncle owns it.

I just run it for him.

[Spits] Is that fun, ripping off tourists?


I don't know... hauling them out to catch a couple Bonitos when they're hoping for Bluefin or Halibut.

We catch Bluefin, Skipjack, Yellowfin...

Oh, yeah? No sh1t.

What, once, twice a year when there's an El Niño?

I'm kidding, man.

It's nice to meet you.

Dave, you hungry?


[Door creaks]


It's gonna be so embarrassing.

He's gonna go on and on about Baghdad... not that he did a tour in Baghdad.

It's gonna be perfect because we're gonna make it that way.

It's all in the details, baby.

Like when you used to sleep over, you always slept in the guest room.




Yes, of course.

And see... these buttons?


Hey, man.

Hey, man.


Where's Cath and Lena?

Oh, Lena came down with the flu that Cath had last week.

Now, you and I both know that's a lie.

We do.

[Gulls crying]




How you feeling?

Like sh1t.

Do you know the asshole who robbed me stepped right over me to take my jewelry and cash?


I know who it was.

He buys a lot of product, acts like he's my friend.

Debbie saw him hanging around.

His name is Sage.


You were robbed by a guy named Sage?

I want you to make sure he never walks again.

So, there I am, watching pallets of shrink-wrapped Ben Franklins being lifted up and loaded into the C-130s, and I'm the oversight.


And people are talking, okay?

There's talk about the black hole that Baghdad's become.

The duffel bags filled with cash, the bogus government payrolls, and they're still shipping it out.

Right? And I'm the guy, right?

I'm the guy that physically is signing off on hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money disappearing into that black hole without a trace.

That is crazy, Paul.

I mean, I remember those shipments. I really do.

But I got to tell you... it's amazing to hear it firsthand.

Believe me, it is something I will never forget.


You know, I wanted to be in the Navy.

Is that right?



Yeah, when I was your age, yeah.

Barry always craved a little discipline.

It's true.


And a higher purpose, you know, sense of service... all of it, really.

I still have some of those days.

And then, of course, there's all the other days.

What days are those?

Oh, gosh. I mean, the...


I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

I am just blabbing on over here.

I'm sorry.

[Chuckling] No.

Smurf: Not at all. It's fascinating.

Is there dessert?

Jack, come on. Watch your manners.

Oh, it's all right.

How does apple pie sound?

Yes, please.

Thanks. Are you kidding?


Would you like some help?

No, thanks. I got it.

Nicky, give me a hand, my dear.


[Indistinct conversations in distance]

[Indistinct conversation]


It was nice to meet you.

I was admiring this little gem when we came in tonight.

Oh, you a car guy.

Mm. Used to be.

But now I have kids. Right? [Smooches]

What's this thing do? About a buck 20, buck 30?

Open road, I've done 140.


That's impressive.


You're still a car guy.


Thank you so much, Janine. It was wonderful.

It was great to meet you.

This is truly surreal.

I can't...

Yeah, I know, right?


I'll keep a close eye on Nicky and have her home by 10:00.

But don't hesitate to call.

Okay. I'm gonna get these people home.

Get 'em home.

Good night, everyone!

Good night!

Good night!

Thank you.

Good night.

Come on, let's go.

Night, Nicky.

You got somewhere to be?


Well, you checked your phone about 20 times during dinner.

[Engine starts]

I thought maybe you had somewhere to be.

Go ahead.


What's that about?

I don't know yet.

So, you wanted to be in the Navy as a child?


That's stretching it a bit.

Hey, you made up the game. I was just playing it.


Look, I know it gets to you when Deran takes off like this.

It doesn't get to me. It's boring.

If Deran wants to lose a job because of a temper tantrum, that's his choice.

He's acting out. He probably just needs a minute.

But... if Pope goes charging in there and pisses him off, maybe it turns into a bigger problem again.

What do you think it is about this that really bothers you, Baz?

Deran or the fact that Pope's taking care of it?

I'm beat.

I'm doing the dishes.

You have some license plates to get, don't you?

[Dog barks in distance]


[Music playing on headphones]



[Indistinct conversations]

I started to think you weren't coming.

Yeah, sorry. Family dinner overran.

I'm glad you made it. Come on.

I want to show you something.

I love this one.

Guy doesn't give a damn.

You know?

It's like whatever he did, whatever he had to do, he's still here, living the dream.

Which one do you like?


...this one.

[Chuckles] Nice.

It's almost like...

It's like the neoprene can't contain her, you know?

Like there's something in her, some animating force that's just pushing through that hole.


That came out dirtier than I meant it.

[Both chuckle]

What do you like about it?

Honestly? I mean, I was sort of expecting pictures like you see in ads for surfboards, but none of these are like that.

And this one is really not like that.

Well, you must think that I am pretty boring if that's what you thought this would be.


Why'd you agree to come?


I'm just messing with you.

This has to stop.


I'll fix your window, all right?

No, it's not about the window.

It's about Dave?

I met him two months ago.

Yeah, like I give a sh1t.

Does he know about me?

No. What's there to say?

You're lucky he wasn't here tonight.

So, what, are you and Dave gonna fag it up at Pottery Barn and get matching dishes and sh1t?

Do you even hear yourself?

How much do you have to hate yourself to talk like that?


I don't hate myself.

I don't hate myself, okay?

I just... I'm not like you, you know?


No, you break into guys' apartments and have s*x with them.

No, not "guys."

Just you.

I can't do this anymore, man.

Belize was a long time ago, and it was simple there.

That was the point.


It just happened. It was simple.

You know what? It was simple to me, too, and it still is.


You beat me up in a public restroom when that kid showed up to keep it from your mom.

That's not simple!


This isn't about Smurf.



Then go tell her.


[Car alarm chirps]

Well, thanks for tonight.

No, thank you for risking a lame evening.



Well, good night.

Do you want to come in, J?

[Sighs] Sure.

You travel a lot.

Yeah. After college.

You should, too. But after college.

I swear, I will kick your ass if you don't apply.


I am... I never asked.

Is your dad still in the picture?

I'm still trying to figure that out.

Sounds complicated.


How's living with your grandmother?

It's okay.

You have uncles that live there, too, right?

Yeah. Four.


Yeah, I mean, they all have their own places, but...

[Clears throat] No, they're there quite a lot.

I mean, Pope is in a motel.

They sold his house when he, um... when he went away.


Well, his real name's Andrew, but everyone calls him Pope.

I'm not sure why.

That's, um... That's a lot of people to contend with after it just being you and your mom.


I should probably... I should probably get going.

Yeah. Sure.

I'll see you later.

Bye, J.


Lo lograste.

Sorry, the border took longer than I thought.

Don't worry.

Jesus. Marco's really set himself up, huh?

You come here to talk about my brother's house?




[Machinery whirring]

[Whirring stops]

[Whirring resumes]

[Chuckling] Jesus.

You scared me, man.

Have you seen Deran?

No. Not since yesterday.

You try his place?

I was there all night.

Must have holed up at some chick's place.

Yeah, he must have.

A, uh, good ride at San Onofre this morning.

No girl could make him miss that.

[Door opens, closes]

So, what happened?

What do you mean?

Well, you've never come down here just to see me before.

Sure, I have.

Ah! We don't do that.

[Chuckling] Oh, okay.

You and me.

No, remember?



Okay, fine. Fine.

Don't tell me anything.

But then don't call me in the middle of the night and expect me to come running here.

You are not the only man I share a bed with.


And next time, maybe try "Lucy, how are things? How's Carlos?"

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who else you sharing a bed with?

Is that why you didn't want me to come to your house?

Is it?

How's Cath?

Where does she think you are right now?


What if she calls there?

She won't.

She wants nothing to do with her anymore.

Is that your problem?

No, but it's making it worse.

So it's Smurf. Of course it's Smurf.

Ever since Pope got out of prison, I'm on shaky ground with her, okay?

Oh, God.

No matter what I do...

I bust my ass.


I run bullshit errands for jobs she wants to run.

Basta! Basta. Do you even hear yourself?

I don't know why you put up with it.

I really don't.

Marco and you... the jobs you used to do, the ones you came up with... that's what you should be doing.

Your own jobs.

Not running errands for her.


Maybe you're right.

You'll talk to Marco, then?

No. Not Marco.

But I need to start coming up with jobs I want to run.


Yeah, I'm glad I helped with that.


Will you come home with me so we can walk Carlos to school?

No, I can't.

We can make it.

I got to go. I can't.


That's why I didn't want you to come to my house.


[Door opens]

Smurf: Morning, sweetie.


How was last night?

It was okay.


So, what? New girl?

Uh, no. It's just, uh... some photography show people at school were talking about.

That's all.

Yeah? Was it good?

Yeah, it was okay.

Um, surf photos. You know. Pretty cool.

Nicky not into it?

No, I just... I just wanted to do my own thing.

Hey, can you do me a favor in the next few days?

Would you stop by the building on Carillo and pick up the rent checks for me?


Great. They're in the lock box.

Oh, but Dean in 11 never puts his there, so you're gonna have to knock on the door.

No problem.

Thank you, sweetie.


Smurf's truck was parked outside my place last night.

I wasn't looking for a lecture then, either.

That was me. I was waiting for you.


Don't let your dish sponges get so filthy, man.

You put those things in the windowsill.

The sun kills more bacteria than any of that chemical sh1t you can buy.

Smurf send you?


Because Baz couldn't get you to come home.


Do you ever feel like leaving, man?

Sometimes, yeah. In prison.

Is that what Belize was about?

You want to leave?

[Sighs] No, man. It's just...

It's Smurf.

I want to leave her.

How was it down there?

It was good.

It was really good.

Hey, you remember Wayne Cullen?

Should I?

Yeah, probably.

When I was 11, you beat the sh1t out of him.


I asked you to.

You didn't ask me why.

I just told you to beat up a kid named Wayne.

What are you saying?

I'm saying if you do something and you don't ask me why...

...I'll come home.

[Engine shuts off]

This is it. That's where he works.


Wait here.

What? No.

I'm coming. I want to see this.

Trust me.

You don't.

[Door closes]

Man: Hey, man.

What are you doing?

I have to mess you up a little.


It's a shitty situation for the both of us.

Who are you?

Maybe a black eye, make you bleed a little, and then you're gonna run down the street screaming, okay?

Doesn't have to be a big deal.

Doesn't have to be like that.

Seriously. Put it... Ohh!

[Groans] sh1t, that hurt!

Yeah, there's more where that came from, asshole.

So I guess it does have to be like that!


Get the hell up! Get up! Get up!



[Vehicle drives off]


[Crying continues]

It was hilarious.

All the way home, my parents were going on about what a strong single mother Smurf is.

Which is amazing, given the fact that they just found out I've been sleeping with you at her house behind their backs.

Smurf is seriously badass. That woman gets sh1t done.

Are you listening?


Sorry. I forgot.

I got to pick up rent checks for Smurf.

Right now?

Yeah, she needs them tonight.

I'll call you later!

Good eye. That's one of my faves.

I'm Lila.

Oh, wow. You're the photographer.


Hi. I'm Diane.

These are... great pictures.

Thank you. [Laughs]

But this one... you know, I'm not 100% sure, it's been ages, but I think I knew this guy.




Boy, I'd love to get back in touch with him again.

You know any way I could reach him?

Oh, no. I'm sorry.

Afraid I can't share that info with you.



Every photo I shoot is a relationship.

It's brief but intimate.

And many of my subjects have, you know, dropped out of conventional life.


For various reasons.

So, in exchange for a fleeting moment of truth, I promise them anonymity.


That sounds like a load of bullshit to me.

If you don't want to tell me, just say, "It's none of your damn business."

[Laughs] Okay.


It's none of your damn business.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Now, you know what that was?

That was a fleeting moment of truth.

Yeah. It kind of was, wasn't it?



Smurf sent me.

Your... Your rent... it's not in the box.

You want to come in? I just got some amazing weed.

Have a hit.

I'm... I'm good.

Just the rent is...


This stuff... mind-blowing.

Just the rent.

Don't be an idiot, kid.

How about I give you some weed and in a few days, you come back for the rent?

Only person who wins is you.

If you don't give me the rent, I'm gonna have to tell Smurf.

You little prick.

I asked you nicely.

I asked you nicely.

The rent.

Okay, man.

No hard feelings, huh?

[Exhales sharply]


[Birds chirping]


Hey. Thanks.

Sure. Where's J?

I don't know.

We were at the beach and he was being weird, and all of a sudden, he said he had to go get rent checks for Smurf, and now he's not answering his phone.

I mean, for what it's worth, I'm sure he did have to run an errand for Smurf.


Tends to work that way around here.


So, your mom... she's not your real mom, huh?

Really, you could tell? What was your first clue?

I don't know. Her accent?


My mom took off... or he ran her off, more likely.

She's not around.

Well, I really liked your dad.

He seems very cool.


No, he seems very cool.

He loved you.

Thanks for putting up with him.

I wasn't putting up with him.

I mean, not everyone's work stories are all that interesting.

What? They were!

That pallet of money story, man... that was crazy.

[Laughs] Oh, God. Please.

That story's from 2003. He's hit the camo ceiling.

He's like a glorified Navy bank manager now.



He just made Lieutenant Commander, though, right?

Yeah, after being passed over like three times in a row.


His boss has it out for him.

I don't know.

It still sounds like he's got a lot of responsibility.

He likes to think so.


He acts like he has the nuclear codes in his briefcase.



The other day, he freaked when I moved his briefcase off the dining room table.

All his classified documents and sh1t?

[Scoffs] Right. Whatever makes you feel important.

Well, I liked him.

I just wish he'd chill out a little.

So, that guy in the photo.

And you don't have to tell me his name.


Was he a teacher?


The quiet type?

No! A teacher?


I don't think it's the person you're thinking of, okay?

Why not?


[Sighs] 'Cause the dude creeped me out.

There was something really off about him.




Well, maybe it wasn't him.


But it looked like him.


It looked like him.

A teacher? No.

He had a hustler vibe.

He had an airplane hangar.


Airplane hangar.


You're insane.


[Sighs] Man.

Airplane hangar.

Yes. He had an airplane hangar... and it was filled with classic cars in Santa Clarita, and God knows where he got those.


I only know 'cause he contacted me out of the blue a couple years ago and wanted to buy a print.


But he, like, wanted the negatives, too, and he had changed his name.

He was acting all paranoid about it.

I don't know.


I guess he really wasn't the guy.



[Loud knock on door]

[Dog barks in distance]

[Loud knock on door]

Hi. What are you doing here?

[Door closes]

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

We can't... We can't do this.


I'll see you in class.

Nice boat.

Charters are closed for the night.


The water too choppy?

Yeah, she's a beauty.

[Object thuds twice]

[Electricity crackles]

[Screaming, groaning]


[Waves crashing]

I forgot how beautiful it is out here.

Yeah. Get up.

No, no. No!

Give me your hands.

Listen, man. Whatever you want, I didn't do it.

I swear to God I didn't...



Wait, man!

You're just gonna leave me out here?!

You'll make it in.

It's over a mile!

Maybe two.

What'd I do, man?


I don't even know.


[Engine starts]

Hi there, kiddo.



Just, um...

Thank you for having my back.

A lot of people say they do and then bail.

Overdosing scared the hell out of me, you know?

So, you getting my stuff back... it means a lot.

I want to give you something.

It's okay.


Pills or powder?

Well, if it's important to you...



You can watch.

I trust you.

[Tires screech]

[Gull cries]

Are you crazy?

You sent one of your thug brothers after Dave?!

He nearly died.

What happened?

Is this how it's gonna work?

Every time I meet a guy, you send someone to almost kill him?

Oh, it's sick, Smurf's hold over you.

You know that, right?

Look, this has nothing to do with Smurf.


It has everything to do with her.

What would Smurf do with a son who doesn't want to screw her?

That's your biggest fear, isn't it?

Being out in the cold without Mommy's love?

I'll see you tonight.

[Dog barks in distance]

Hi, Mama.

Hey, baby.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Yeah, I got the checks.

That was quick.

Did you have any trouble?

Dean said he gave you a pretty hard time.

Just like I told him to.


Hey, man.



[Laughs] You're in a good mood.

I'm in a great mood.


Did you get any licenses last night?

Forget about the port.

I have an idea for a job.

Maybe something big.


What is it?

I need some lead time, see what comes of it.

Okay. We can talk about it.

Hey, man.

No Deran?

Pope: Yeah.

Let's have some Bloody Marys.

[Gull cries]


How was the exhibit?

You tell me.

You did good.

You got J opening up about his family.

Look, why'd you want to meet?

From what I heard on the wire, you like J.

Which is why this is gonna work.