04x10 - Exit Strategy

How's the kid?

I think he's yours.

You guys got a name for him?

CRAIG: She hasn't decided yet.

State police have had someone talking to them about you and your boys.

- Who?

- Can't do this.

Is that what you want me to tell Livengood?

I don't care what you tell him.

Would Deran give all of this up for you?

You guys heard of Chronic Dread Festival?

We can hit the acts.

We can hit their equipment.

Smurf has cancer.

What are you talking about?

You wanna get tacos?

ANGELA: One of the cooks there used to sell H.

It kind of feels good knowing I could score, choosing not to.

I'm gonna go back to the house.

- You want a lift?

- I think I'll walk.

See you later.

Look, I need you to help me with something today.

I gotta hurt somebody.

CRAIG: Jesus, Deran.

A cop?!

I'm not gonna keep the car running, what, so you take a bat to some cop.

- Smurf.

- I want you to get everybody here in an hour.

I have a job for us, and this time, I'll be joining you.

I don't like kids.

Well, what about the one in your belly?

I'm pregnant.

She stares deeply Locked inside me Burnin' brightly One they know that I cannot take Waitin' for it all to begin Every night now, they'll win Come and meet my black hole Got a big black hole Got a big black hole I've got a big black hole I've got a big black, big black hole Got a big black hole inside of me Got a



How long are you supposed to feel like this?

I don't know.

We should get going.

You can go.

I'm fine on my own.

You don't want this, tell me.

I never said that.

Yeah, well, you're not saying anything, so I wonder if Manny's found something for us.

It's only been a couple days.

Well, I hope so.

'Cause this is boring as sh1t.

You seen Angela this morning?


She's not here?


You want toast?


Maybe she's working the breakfast shift.

Smurf came home.

She did?


This morning.


Did she say where she's been?

She said to get everybody over here.

So stick around.



You been inside?



Renn had our baby last night.

How's she doing?


Well, that's it?

How's Renn doing?

What do you want me to say?

I don't know.

You could ask about the kid.



Is it a boy?


Where's Smurf?

Nobody's seen her yet.

Yeah, man, I need to eat something.


How you feeling?

You can eat after we talk.

I have a job for us.

It's quick.

Nothing fancy.

Big score.


Aren't we gonna talk about I know a guy who's holed up in the desert.

One of these survivalist types.

He's been stockpiling gold since the '70s.

So, I went out and took a look at it.

There's at least $2 million worth there.

- Smurf, we should - I'm not finished talking, Deran.

He stores the gold in a bunker he built.

Now, here's a culvert that runs alongside it, but on the county property side, so we can dig our way in from there.

Just haul the sh1t out.

- Gold?

- It's better than cash.

POPE: How do you know this guy?

I've done business with him over the years.

You just decided you wanted to rip him off?

I didn't say I liked doing business with him, did I?

I thought we didn't make jobs personal.

It's not personal, baby.

I just don't need him anymore.

And he's sitting on a lot of gold.

I want it.

So, that's why you called this meeting, just to pitch us a job?

Is there something else you wanted to discuss, Deran?

We know you're sick, Smurf.

I mean, Pope told us.

I have maps topographic and engineering maps from the county that give you all the information you need.

Let's get going on this now.


Are you kidding me?

So that's it, huh?

Don't talk about it, don't ask questions, we just pull another job.

What did you expect?

I don't know.

Maybe normal human emotion.

From Smurf?

Yeah, I don't blame her, man.


I mean, who the hell wants to talk about cancer?

Look, I'm not asking to hold hands and go through family photos and sh1t.

I just think she needs to talk about it with somebody.

I think she needs to deal with it somehow.

She is dealing with it.

She wants to do a job.

If she's got cancer, she shouldn't be pulling a job

- right now

- It's what she wants.

If it's as big as she says it is, then maybe we should do it.

All right, J.

That's real touching.

CRAIG: It's not about the gold, all right?

It's about doing one more score and then riding off into the sunset.

We shouldn't even be considering it.

My shoulder's still all jacked up from that sh1t show of a job you pulled us into.

She says it's a good score.

You gonna tell Smurf no?

You go right ahead.


Okay, fine.


You get us a car.

Four-wheel drive it's gonna have to carry all of us plus the haul.

Get a big-ass SUV.

We can beef up the suspension.

Sounds like we're gonna have to dig, a lot.

Acetylene torches, power auger, picks, shovels.


- We'll buy whatever we don't have.

Who the hell is this asshole?


Who are you?


- ZACK: Uh, Cody?

Yeah, what's it to you?

North County Liquor.

I got a delivery for, uh, Janine Cody.

Right here.

Where do you want it?

Behind the bar.

It's on the other side of the pool.


I'm having a party at 6:00 p.


Don't be late.


You should get going.

It's gonna be hard to find the right SUV.

What's gonna happen when Smurf's gone?


What do you mean?

I mean are we gonna keep living here?

Are we gonna keep doing jobs?

Why the hell wouldn't we?

Well, Deran's got his bar.

He's got Adrian.

Craig could bail out to Mexico anytime.

Nobody's going anywhere.

Have you spoken to Smurf about the house, about the accounts, everything else?

We'll figure it all out later.

Go get the SUV.

I knew my mom was gonna die way before it happened.

It got real bad.

I tried to cook her less.

It just pissed her off.

I wondered if I was gonna find her in the bathroom, or in her bed.

She died on the couch.

So I called 911.

Then I called Smurf.

I was in prison.

I should have been there for you.

- I'm sorry.

- No, you don't have to be sorry.

I've just got no one left to call.


- Hello?

- OLIVIA: Hello, Josh.


What's up?

You ghosted me after the show.

Oh, yeah, I've been a little busy.

I'll bet.

So, uh, your roommate says you're home in San Luis?

Yeah, just for a little while.


I think you're at 6554 West Ditmar in Oceanside, where you live with Janine Cody, your grandmother, who was arrested for murder, oh, and your uncle, Andrew Cody, who was in jail for armed robbery.

I think you have me mistaken for someone else.

We need to meet, Josh.

I'll text you where.

KOHL: Mr. Dolan.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Uh, thanks for meeting me here.

- Yeah.

- It's the only spare minute I have to eat.

- Yeah, it's no problem.

- Yes.

Uh, you should get a dark tie for court.


I'm not gonna sugar coat it for you.

This is not a sympathetic bench.

Our judge is Anthony Jerome.

He's a Reagan appointee.

I recommend we file for reassignment.


So, charges are trafficking and distribution of a Schedule II controlled substance.

We should petition the distribution charge, try to reduce your sentence a bit.

Okay, uh reduce how much?

Mandatory minimum for the trafficking charge is 15 years and a $250,000 fine.

Distribution adds another five.


There was a reduced-sentence recommendation on the earlier filing.

Any idea why they pulled it?

The, uh The DEA agent said that if I helped get Jack, they'd go easy on me.

Then he brought in a state cop who wanted me to gather evidence on someone else.

I didn't want to do it.

Who was the other person?

My roommate.

Boyfriend, actually.

POPE: The culvert only intersects with the property line in this one spot here, and the the entrance looks like it's like 60 feet away.

That's far enough in to keep the noise down Why didn't you tell us sooner, man?

She told me not to.

Yeah, who gives a sh1t what she wants?

She's our mother.

She taught us how to fight and lie and cheat and steal.

Not exactly Mother of the Year material.

You ever have an empty stomach?

You ever sleep in a car?

There you go, defending her.

Always defending her after everything she's done to you.

You're my brother.

When you call me with a problem, I show up.

We're family, whether you like it or not.

We're family.





You look good.

Craig Cody.

- Been a while.

- Mm.

I'll be back in a minute, honey.




I did not call her.

She just showed up.

- Lucky you.

- Yeah.

Where's the baby?

Uh, nurse took him to run some kind of test.


You look tired.

You should get some sleep.

I'm just hungry.

The food here sucks.

- Candace sucks.

- Mm.

Well, you know, they got stuff downstairs.

Want me to go grab you something?

Take my mom with you.

- What?


- Come Craig, come on.

If I sit here listening to her judge me for one more hour, I am going to snap.

Dude, are you serious?



Can I Can I explain?


There are things about my family that I'm not proud of.

At school when people found out who my grandmother was, my uncles, um they would stop talking to me.

They were afraid.

You are so full of sh1t.

Dude, it took my dad's PI two days to find out all this sh1t.

But it really made me start to wonder a liar from a family of criminals shows up, starts asking all of us about our parents and what they do then Meredith's show gets robbed?

I had nothing to do with that.

I don't believe a God damn word that comes out of your mouth.

Do you want money?

Why the hell would I need to ask you for money?

That's my Chalkboard login.

I get 10 grand a month for keeping a 3. 0.

You get me an "A" in Stats, or I hand over everything the PI found to my mom and the cops.

You should probably get on it.

There's a bunch of homework due today.

I don't care if the fish don't bite Long as I'm home where I belong [ENGINE TURNS OFF]


MANNY: Hello, hello.



- Well, well.

They return.


Get your ass up.

Mmm, something smells good.

That's 'cause it is good.

Look who's back.


All right.

We scouted a bank in Bonsall.

Bunch of Marine brass from Pendleton living out there.

Federal paychecks, cashed on the 5th and the 20th.

Everybody feel fresh and rested?

Yeah, man.

- And you two?

- Yep.

Where's our room?

We're tired.

Far left.

Wash up.

Dinner should be ready soon.


- Go back.

You missed one.

- You got it.

Rose, you're a lifesaver.

Doing all this on such short notice?

Thank you.

No problem.

I've been on the phone all morning.

It's gonna be a great party.

Looks like it.

I-I don't think you have enough meat.

- You'll have leftovers.

- Will I?

How's it work out for you?

The cart.

Keeps me busy.

Busy's good.

Here, this is for you.

Put that in your purse fast, okay?

- Uh, Smurf - Don't think about it.

When I needed him, your son was there.

And when it was time for him to talk, he kept his mouth shut.

You raised a stand-up kid.

You take care of him when he gets out.




Hey, Jess.



- How's it going?

- Not good.

I should go pick up Charlie from the babysitter's.

I'll call Mom, figure out when we can all get together.




I take it you got some bad news.


15 years.

Look, I told you, I No, stop.

I need some more time.

There is no way to fix this.

It is what it is.

It's pretty crazy, right?

Your family's been ripping people off since we were little and never gets caught.

I make one bad call, and I'm gonna spend 15 years in prison.

Can I be frank with you?


Renn doesn't volunteer much information.

But you're here, so I'm assuming you're the father.

That child's coming home with me.

I've already spoken to my husband, and we want to pursue an adoption.

Renn's not gonna like it at first.

But it's the best course of action.

I need you need to help me convince her.

Why would I do that?

You think it's okay to bring a child into your lifestyles?

And what's our lifestyle?

I know how Renn makes her money.

And I know your family.

How Smurf raised you was wrong.

And I'm very sorry you and your brothers had to deal with that, but it needs to stop here.

This will be the best thing for everyone.

Excuse me.

One second.

That'll be $11.


MR. CRAFT: That's with my senior discount?

You have the same meal every day, Mr. Craft.

It's always the same price.


Is Angela here?

She never showed up for her shift.

She call you?


She didn't.

Well, if you find her, tell her she doesn't work here anymore.

I'm reporting that to her parole officer.



Uh, Professor Daniels?

Hey, Josh.

You haven't been in class in a few days.

What's up?

Um, can I talk to you about something?

Yeah, sure.

I-I don't want to get anyone in trouble, um, but students have been handing out their login information, paying people to do the work for them.

I thought you'd I thought you'd want to know.

Olivia Danner?

DAWN: He should be ready to eat in a little bit.

Okay, well, can we do something about these sheets?

They just keep riding up my ass.

It's like a train wreck down there.


That's something I can't unhear.

Of course.

You want to hold baby while I help Mom get comfortable?

Uh yeah, sure.

Hey, bud.

All right.

Here you go, bud.


RENN: Reef's kind of a cool name, right?


Yeah, yeah.

I like it.


- Hey.

DAWN: I'll have some new linens brought up.

I think Mom's ready.


I think he is, too.

You got him?



- Yes?

- Yeah, you should go.

Excuse me?

You're not taking my baby anywhere.


You need to think this through.

I have thought it through.

Neither of you are fit to be parents.

Oh, yeah?

Neither of us?

Because the first time that Renn did coke, she got it from your purse.

I have been sober for nine years.

Oh, how about your dipshit second husband of yours, Steve was it?

You know, the one that you caught trying to get in the shower with her when she was, like, what, 13?

Did Renn tell you that?

Because it never happened.

That's bullshit.

She slept on the beach for like a week.

And I know that because I was the one who was bringing her blankets and food.

Hey, I, um I gotta go.


I got some sh1t I gotta take care of.

Hey, um, gracias.

For what?



I'll make sure that everything's ready for you both when you come back to the house.

All right.


- 'Sup, Pope?

- I'm looking for Angela.

Have you seen her?


She was with, uh Julia's kid.


Yo, he's big now.

When'd she get out?

She pick up from you?

Come on, man.

Don't lie to me.


I-I didn't party with her.

I swear.

You know how it is.

If Angela wants dope, she's gonna find it.

At least with me, she's getting quality.

I'm not slinging Mexican brown in the bathrooms at the Harbor.

That's right.

You used to sell to my sister, didn't you?

- My sister, Julia.

- Come on, come on.

Come on, Pope.

Yo, it's not like that, man.

Did you sell Julia the sh1t that killed her?

I'm sorry Did you sell Julia the sh1t that killed her?

I'm sorry, okay?

If Angela comes around again, I won't hook her up.

I promise.


MAN: You guys open?

All right!




Let's go.



If I was a cradle Then you'd let me rock If I was a pony

- Then you'd let me trot


If I was the atom


- Then you'd split me into three When I wanna see you, baby Don't you lock on me



What do we got?

- Oh, man.

- Wow.

Looks like they pay these jarheads good!

- 7,250, 7,270, 7,275

- JAKE: Yeah, boys.

- 7,275!


Hey, Jake, pull over.

- What?

- I'm I'm gonna be sick.

- You have to pull over.

- Whoa, whoa, hello!

- We just robbed a bank!

- Pull over!

We ain't pulling over!

Just hang on.


Ah, Jesus!


- Oooh oooh oooh


Oooh oooh oooh I'm gonna hang up Where's Janine?


Still sick I guess.

I hope it's not catching.

All your hang ups She's pregnant.


What are you gonna do?

Forget your hang up Want to know what I would do?

You want to say something to me then say it.

You know, we can ditch her, man.

She's good-looking.

She's tough.

She'll be fine.

Just say the word.

Make your change righ' That dress appeals



Yo, sorry I'm late.

So what the hell's going on with you, man?

I know it's not this Smurf sh1t.

I'm not gonna stop asking, so figure it out.

All right, I'm sorry about the cop thing.

It was stupid.

I wasn't thinking.

I shouldn't have roped you in on it.

- Yeah, no sh1t.

- I said I was sorry.

Yeah, well, you should be, all right.

I mean, why do you want to beat up a cop anyway?


It's not important.

How is it not important?

It's not important, okay?

It's done.

I don't want to talk about it anymore.

It's over.

So, uh Renn had her baby.


How big is it?

- 11 pounds.

- Jesus Christ.

You know, actually feels kind of small,

- you know?



I mean, can you imagine me raising a kid?


Why not?

I don't know.

I just can't.

When the kid starts crawling and licks an eight ball off your floor?

You know, I'm actually, um I'm actually gonna push the brakes on that sh1t a little, you know?

Got to settle down at some point.

Look at you and Adrian.



You asshole.


I just got an email from Professor Daniels.

He's reporting me for an academic honor violation.

- Good.

- Yeah, my mom knows people in the District Attorney's office.

And all that sh1t that the PI found I'm gonna send to her today.

I always knew you were stupid.

Didn't think you were stupid enough to threaten me.

What are you gonna do?

Hurt me?

I don't want to have to.

I was nice to you, Josh.

I liked you.

I thought you liked me.

People like you make me sick.

With your trust funds and your gated communities, mommy and daddy's credit cards.

Too rich too dumb to know when you're in over your head.

Why are you saying this to me?

Because I'm doing you a favor.

Forget you ever knew me.





Are they all talking about me?



I'm not my dad.

Just like you're not your mom.

What does that mean?

It means w-we can do this however we want.

Thank you, baby.


Hey, stranger.

Are we having a party?

Yeah, I am but you might not want to hang around.

It's not very cop-friendly in there.

We need to talk.

About what, Neal?

I have a name.

In a place where they think I'm a stranger I'm shaving my face with a coal-covered razor I press hard so it goes in deep I'm miling, miling I'm a 21st Century liability I'm a 21st Century liability I'm a 21st Century liability Bang, bang, bang, it's all bollocks I'm a 21st Century liability I'm a 21st Century liability I'm a 21st Century liability Bang, bang, bang, it's all bollocks When I was younger, I had a proper plan - Get enough to eat?

- Yeah, thanks.

Keep myself naive take advice from the man But I turned 17 and I saw in my head He was blowing up the world with a ball-point pen I met a person, I think I fell in love SMURF: I don't know how they drink that sh1t.

What's wrong with you tonight, baby?

You're not having a good time.

That's not like you.

I'm a 21st Century liability You should have told us you were sick, Smurf.

Rosa made your favorite fish tacos.

Renn had a baby last night.

I'm a 21st Century liability Bang, bang, bang, it's all bollocks


Is it yours?


- You sure?

- Mm-hmm.

She's gonna stay in the hospital a couple of days, and then she's gonna live with me.

You should come meet him.

So, it's a boy.


He's big, too.

11 pounds.


You're gonna be a grandma again.

I'm a 21st century liability I'm a 21st century liability Bang, bang, bang, it's all bollocks I'm a 21st century liability I'm a 21st century liability I'm a 21st century liability You guys having a party?

Where's Pope?

Probably in his room.

Hiding from all this bullshit.



I'm here for you sunrise to sunset Just tell me where you wanna go I'll get you there 'fore you can doubt it There ain't no way that I won't You'll be believing in magic When you see what's coming for you Cause I bring a side of fantastic

SMURF: Hey, baby.

Hey, what's up?

Where you been all day?

Oh, it took me a while to get the car.

Pope wanted a Suburban.

Where'd you find it?

I have a car guy.

He, uh, costs a couple grand, but he gets the plates, paperwork.

He even grinds the, uh the VIN number off the frame.

You're smarter than your uncles, aren't you, baby?

You're gonna need to be.

When the time comes.

Fill it up.



You're having a party, huh?


Where were you?

Me and J went to get some food yesterday, and then I went to Val's.

We fell asleep watching movies.


I woke up and barely made it to my shift at work, so Went to work?


Why are you looking at me like that?



We breaking, breaking necks

- And we cashing checks

- What the hell?

- Let go of me!

- We breaking, breaking necks

- And we cashing checks

- Pope!

I said let go.

- We breaking, breaking necks

- There's - And we cashing checks

- There's nothing there.

- Like it's going out of style

- Stop!

- Let me go!


- Can't nobody turn us down

- Stop!


- I'm cocky

- I live obnoxiously

- Piece of sh1t.

I'm the original, prototype, you can't copy me Do not touch me!

God damn it.

- It's going down, down, down

- What the hell?

Let go of me!

Ain't no stopping me

- And if I want it, I get it

- Stop.

- Piece of sh1t.

- Life is my shopping spree

- Hold on, I'm the bell of the ball

- There's nothing there.

- I'm the bell of the ball, queen of 'em all

- Asshole!

- The meanest or nah, no pregunta

- Get up.

Come on.

Get up.

- Get up!

- I'm so, so blessed No nothing 'bout no luck 'Bout to blow out all the speakers everywhere

- Everybody turn up

- Pope!



Let go!

Get up!

- Get up!

- Stop it!


Bro, bro.


Stop it.


- Bro!

What the hell?

- Help me!


Ow, let go of me!

We breaking, breaking necks And we cashing checks We breaking, breaking necks And we cashing checks Like it's going out of style

- Can't nobody turn us down

- Where is it?

- What?

- You know what.

Running through the lobby, the feeling is a hobby Killing it, I'm killing it, people I know, I'm sorry What, you think you're better than me?

You think you're some god damn prize, huh?

I'm killing it, people, now where my mob be?

I'm 'bout to blow these speakers up, up, up

- Everybody turn up

- Pope!


Don't leave me here!




Come on!


You cannot leave me in here!


MAN: Light me up!

Yeah, come on, yeah!


Big hit right there, folks!


We're doing this again!

Looks like someone's a celebrity.

Let's go smoke that joint behind your ear.


How long have you known that Adrian has been talking to the feds?

Handle it.

Or I'll have to turn it over to Pope.


Hey, Smurf.




Mind if I hang?


I was trying to get him to sleep.

You guys need anything, or No, we're good.

I was thinking Reef's kinda cheesy, though.


I want to name him something normal.

Like what?

My uncle's name is Nicholas.

What do you think about Nick?


I like it.

He looks like a Nick.