01x03 - The Possibilities

announcer: Previously on "Preacher.."

Be brave. Tell her the truth.

Open your heart.

It's about my dad.

I want you to hurt him.

I like it.

(bone snapping, painful groaning)

Words won't open her eyes or help her ride a horse again.

(echoing) Open your eyes.

man: It's here.

Who are you?

We're from the government.

Let me tell you about this job.

I'm not doin' jobs anymore.

The map I was tellin' you about, the map's for Danny.

[Lighter clicks]

[Children shouting in distance]

[Exhales deeply]

He's like an animal.

Always eating.

Stuffing himself.

Like one of those tusky-teeth pigs snuffling through garbage.

He goes up 9:00, 9:30, so... any time after that.

I get you the layout... alarm geography, safe combination.

I'm unconscious in the kitchen.

Head bleeding from... however you want to do it.

Then upstairs, to the safe, he startles you, and, uh... azoy gait es.

I'm not killing your husband, Dany, okay?

Drop it.


[Flicks cigarette]



You have something for me?

What the hell is Grail Industries, anyway?

What is it?

Yeah, it says right here...

"Property of Grail In..."

None of our business is what.


And for me?


[Children shouting in distance]


Last known address.

[Dramatic music plays]


[Dramatic music builds]

[Alarm bell ringing]

[Tires screeching]




That was the day, Dany... for me.

For Jesse and me.

That's the day it all turned bad.

[Paper rustling]

And someone's gotta pay.

♪ ♪

Man: Oh! Help me!

Oh, God! Somebody help me!

No, no. No, no!



[Saw whirring]

[Screaming continues]

[Maniacal laughter]

[Screaming continues]

[Saw whirring]

What you wanted, yes?

I told you my girl was good.

[Maniacal laughter]

[Saw whirring]

[Dramatic music plays]

[Door closes]

[Choir vocalizing]

Something got loose.

We don't know how.

It ended up here.

We're not sure why.

What we do know is that our work is dangerous.

Men have died.

If we fail, if our mission is unsuccessful... many more dead will follow.

Dear Lord.

You have to understand that we work undercover.

This is important.

Don't tell anyone.

And leave us alone.

If we need anything, we'll call.

When you...

When you say "got loose"... are you talking about a prisoner?

Is this an escaped lunatic sort of situation?

No, no.

That's right.

In a way, that's right.

Dear Lord.

We'll call if we need anything.

El Paso Gazette.

Young family in Indiana take their children to an amusement park.

Three kids.

They'd been there for about an hour, playing, having fun.

Parents turned around, one of the kids is gone.

The little one.

The parents is frantic.

So they leave the two older kids with this fella sellin' pretzels.

And they go in search.

About a half-hour, they found him.

He was cryin' his eyes out over by the spinnin' teacups or some such.

Well, the parents was ecstatic.

They was full of "thank yous," "praise the Lords."

Celebratory ice cream for everybody.

However... the other two kids... took three days to find the one, naked, stuffed in a drainage ditch down by the interstate.

And the hard part in this from a law-enforcement perspective was the old man.

He worked in that park for 30 years sellin' pretzels.

Never a single complaint or incident.

That third baby, they never found at all.


This world.

[Door closes]

What you think?

I think we're running out of time.

I think we need to try again.

Just try again?


With the can?

You sure it's there?

[Saw whirring]


It's there.

So we wait until dark.

Find the preacher, try again.


Only this time... no surprises.

♪ ♪

[Bed motor whirring]


So, he came by early this morning, like I said.

Didn't call ahead, just showed up at my door.

He should've called.

He'd clearly been drinking, no surprise there.

He asked to be alone and pray with her.

I didn't know what to say.

He was in there a few minutes, then ran off without a word.

When I went in, she was this.

Stop it, Jack!

He told me something would happen.

When he came before?

I was rude.

After everything, it's been hard to believe again, but he was right.

Look at my baby now.

I don't know what it means, but it sure feels like something, doesn't it?

It sure does.

Mom? Mom!

[Door closes]

Mom usually walks me to the bus.

[Lock rattles]

Not today.

You and I are gonna talk.

[Dramatic music plays]

What do you want to talk about?

Come on.

Come over here.

I never should have gone to Preacher.

I'm really sorry.

L-Listen, uh...


Whatever you think you hear sometimes... through the bedroom walls, whatever...

Look, I don't hurt your mom.

I do, but sh...

Grown-ups are complicated.

So just...

I love your mom.



Douggie Amsterdam... was going around saying Preacher sucker-punched you and made you make a weird sound.

Everybody was laughing, so I made him take it back.

And I kicked his ass.

Like, bad.

And I made him cry.


W-We're gonna miss the bus.

Good morning.

Who are you?

Hey, what's your name, sweetie?

Uh, duh! That's Janey!

Is this your first day, Janey?

More like her 900th day.

Aw, Janey, looks like Mr. Creepy Weirdo forgot all about you.

[Children talking in distance]

What happened to you?

Boy: It's bunny man!

Who said that?!

Girl: Squeal like a bunny!

Chris: Shut up!

Boy: Yeah! Come on! Make the noise!

Come on! Make the noise!

Come on! Squeal like a bunny!

Children: Whee, whee, whee!

[Pounding on door]

All right, knock-knock. Bloody knocking, quit it.

[Keys jingling]

All right.


[Door hinges creak]

[Suspenseful music plays]

What are you doing?

Ooh, Jesus!


You can't do that.

Did you not hear me knocking?

Was that you?

D-Delivery dropped that off over an hour ago.

You're taking the van and handling this, right?

I'm on it.

Don't look very on it.


This is my "very on it" outfit.

Seen Jesse?

Supposed to see him in an hour.

But you couldn't wait.

The van keys are in the closet.

I look forward to having you do something helpful.

[Door hinges creak]

[Light clicks]

[Light switch chain rattles]

♪ Oh, so pretty ♪
♪ I first laid my eyes on sweet Molly Malone ♪
♪ And she... ♪

[Keys jingle]

♪ Wheeled her wheelbarrow ♪

Is that you, Padre?

I've been wonderin' where you were.

I wasn't... I wasn't stealing the communion wine there.

I just... I was only getting the keys, you know, for what's his name's coffin.

I was gonna drive down there, take care of that.


Are you all right, mate?

I want to show you something.

[Insects chirping, thunder rumbles in distance]

[Police radio chatter]

License and registration, please.

Any idea how fast you were going?

Well, you stopped me, so I'm guessing too fast.

115 in a 55 is too fast, yeah.

What kind of name is Marnie Pomerantz?


You don't look Hungarian to me.

Well, what do I look like, then, to you?

You look like a violator of Texas Statute Section 545.401.

That's reckless driving.

Oh, man!

So I'm gonna need you to step out.

I need to detain you and impound the vehicle.


Ma'am, did you hear me?

I need you to step out.

Yes, I'm sorry, officer.

May I just grab my coat and purse?

Girls cry a lot, I bet, in situations like these.

Don't worry. I... I'm not gonna cry.

So stupid.

Never works anyway, does it?

It's kind of sexist, you know?

When you think about it.

Where'd you serve?


Where'd you serve?

Oh. Yeah, uh...

Helmand. Kandahar.


Heck of a place over there, huh?

For the Joes, it was. Not for me.

I-I was just up there in my Apache shootin' Hajjis.


Can I say why I was going too fast?

I'm not trying to get out of anything, I just... just explain.


I have a friend... started going down a wrong road a while back.

I mean, really wrong, like really bad life decisions.

I tried to help.

Beat sense in his big, stupid head, but...

I haven't been able to get through to him.

Till today.

And I know speeding's wrong.

It's dangerous and it's wrong and it's against the law.

[Thunder rumbles]

But I'm sorry, and I probably shouldn't say this, but...

I'd break a hundred damn laws if it'd get this guy back on track.

Excuse my cussin', officer. I'm sorry.

You sure he's worth it?

I really wish he weren't.

Slow down.

This ol' boy knows what's good for him, he'll wait for you.

Oh. [Sniffles]

I lied. [Laughs]

Look at me cryin'.

[Radio beeps]

This is 64.

I'm clear.

[Radio beeps]

[Radio chatter]

♪ Glory be, glory be ♪
♪ They hung him from the hangin' tree ♪
♪ Strung him up for all to see ♪
♪ They done sent that sinner back home ♪

[Echoing] Hop.


Sing me some Johnny Cash.

♪ Me some Johnny Cash ♪


Hop and tell me a secret.

I like Justin Bieber. Shite!

Hop and tell me the governor of Texas.

Bloody Chuck Norris. I don't know that.

♪ They hung him from the hangin' tree ♪


[Panting] Whoo, hoo. Hey.

[Breathing rapidly]


[Breathing rapidly]





Oh! Huh.

[Exhales sharply]

[Normal voice] sh1t. Cass?

Are you okay?


It's awesome.


[Ominous music plays]

[Telephones ringing in distance]

[Cattle lowing over intercom]

[Door opens, closes]

[Lowing continues]

[Volume increases]

[Birds chirping]

Cassidy: Now... there are three possible explanations here...

Number one, John Travolta, you know the movie where he gets his power from a brain tumor.

Number two, Jason Bourne gets his power from a secret government agency.

Or, and it's the least likely, but it's my favorite scenario, you're a Jedi.

Now, assumin' it's not number one... how unbelievably stoked are we, huh?

All right.


Not very stoked at all, it might seem.

How long have you had it, do you think?

Last night.

Maybe longer.

I've been feeling different.

How different? Different how?


Well, what does it feel like?

Well, it's crazy.

I know all kinds of crazy, all right?

Just... tell me how it feels.

It feels like... there's a big blender in my gut.

And inside that blender, there's everything.

Love... hate... fire, ice... polonium, ice cream, tarantulas... everything.

All of God's creation... inside of me.

You know that kind of crazy?

Well... I didn't think so.

I'm late.

No, no!

Just sit down a minute.

You're in shock.

Just a power like this coming out of the blue like it, I don't know what it is. It's very shocking, it is.

I mean, sure, it might even feel like a curse, but... just you consider this, all right?

It doesn't have to be.

Someone like you... with something like this.

I mean, come on, Padre, you just imagine the possibilities here, huh?

Announcer: Outpourings of shock and grief from across the world as a colossus of the silver screen was laid to rest today.

You ready to go?

It's getting dark soon.


What? You mumbled.

I said...

[Electricity crackles]


The star of many films...

"Ready to go"...

"Jerry Maguire," "Top Gun," and "A Few Good Men." is what I said.

In Hollywood.

"As the great naturalist John M-Muir once said,

'When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.'

We feel this presents a great opportunity for Bo our businesses, and so look forward to your response.

Yours, Jerry Cutler."

You want me to pay this guy a visit?

Kick his ass and make him cry?


These Green Acres guys breathing down our backs...

What can I do?

[Fork clatters]

You can clear my tray.

I'll get Ms. Oatlash.

I'm done now. You can do it.

[Chair slides]

[Sniffs, clears throat]

[Keyboard keys clacking]

Never mind, Donnie. Thank you.

A right-hand man with no right hand.

[Breathing heavily]

[Ominous music plays]

[Fire roars, crackles]

All right.

♪ ♪
♪ I'm livin' in the lonely zone ♪
♪ I've been here since you've been gone ♪
♪ It's so strange and all alone ♪
♪ Livin' in the lonely zone ♪

[Horn beeping]

♪ In the heart of the city ♪
♪ With people all around ♪

[Engine revving]

♪ I'm alone... ♪

[Locusts buzzing]

Howdy, partner.

Miss me?

One of those?

Houston says hello.

[Lighter clicks]


Ask you a question?


Nice to have some interaction.


I seem different to you?

Well, you look like sh1t, but that's becoming more and more regular.


Somethin' happened.

I don't know what that means, Jesse.

Either do I.

Okay, you're, like, boring the sh1t out of me right now, so let's talk about my stuff.

I spoke to Dany.

No, Tulip.

Just hear me out!

I've been hearing you out. Now you need to hear me out.

I'm done with that life.

I don't want it. I don't miss it.

Well, that's just a flat-out lie.

I don't want it.

Why don't you understand? I'm trying to do something here.

No, I don't understand.

'Course not.

What are you trying to do, Jesse, huh?

Haircut and that stupid costume.

Remind me what the hell this is for.

I made a promise.

[Scoffs] Right.

Be one of the good guys.


'Course. It's a joke to you.

But not to me.

If I don't keep my promise, if I don't do everything I can to save this town, I have to answer to it.

Says who?

Says God.

God? The all-time home run king of promise breakers?

Now that is a joke.

You don't know what you're talking about.


'Cause I'm too stupid to understand your deep thinking.

I'm tired of this.

Go back to your life of crime.

This isn't crime, Preacher.

This is justice.

[Dramatic music plays]



[Alarm bell ringing]

[Tires screech]


[Tires screeching]


Rat b*st*rd, money-stealin', child-killin', life-ruinin' son of a bitch.

[Paper rustling]

You found him.

Last known address.

That promise you made was a little boy's promise made a long time ago.

There's no such thing as good guys, Jesse.

There's just guys.

Maybe this ain't how you pictured it, but your daddy's dead and this town's past savin'.

Jesse, come on.

Let's go kill Carlos.

[Tires screeching]

[Engine revving]

[Gun cocks]

[Dramatic music plays]

First the can, then the preacher.

[Engine shuts off]

[Door hinges creak]


Nice try, boys. Nice try.

I don't know how you keep findin' me, but next time you do, you need to drive a different truck, you pair of idiots.

[Clears throat]

Now, hold on. I killed you. How'd you do that?




All right.



Now I got to clean them up all over again.


[Mumbles indistinctly]

Hmm. [Sighs]


Gonna take forever.

[Door opens]

[Footsteps in distance]

[Ominous music plays]

All right.

I have a weapon!

You just better announce yourself!

Let's just be done with it!

[Footsteps continue]

Don't hurt me.

How do you keep finding me?!


We're not here for you.



We're here for the preacher.

He has something of ours.

And we need to put it back.

[Groaning continues]

[Country music playing in background]

I think first thing is we take a hammer and we break every bone in his body.

And I mean, seriously, like every single one.

Then maybe something with battery acid.

Fritos, right? Chili Cheese?


[Brakes squeak]

Before we go, there's something you need to know.

Yeah, go 'round.

There's something I got to tell you.



You deaf?


We're talking here.

[Honking continues]

Man: What the hell are you doing?

Come on then, asshole.

Get out of the way.

Let's step to it.

Are you serious?

Yes, I'm serious.

Come on out of that piece-of-shit hatchback.

You're crazy.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

[Horn honking]

Anyway, need to know what?

I need to take a leak.

Fascinatin'. Keep me posted.

[Door opens, closes]

[Breathing heavily]

Hey, Preacher.

Hey, Donnie.


Who's the bunny in the bear trap now, huh?

Turn around.

Turn around.

[Paper towel thuds]

Get on your knees.


Now it's your turn to make the sound.



Come on, come on, come on.

Whee, whee!

Come... Come on, God damn it.

I said squeal!

Ain't gonna squeal for you, Donnie.


Well, then, you're gonna die for me.

Not that, neither.

But I will make a deal with you.

Cops find your body, I'll make it look like a suicide.

No reason for the whole town to know I beat you like a bitch twice.

[Echoing] Stop.


What the hell?

Back up.

[Breathing shakily]

Sit down.


Put the gun in your mouth.


Pull back the hammer.

[Gun cocks]


[Dramatic music plays]

[Breathing heavily]

Drop the gun.


[Gun clatters]


[Breathing shakily]

[Normal voice] I get it.

You can go.

[Door opens]

Hey, Donnie.

[Car alarm chirps]

♪ Well, there's one who has my promise ♪

[Engine starts]

♪ And I know that he needs me ♪
♪ There's another I'd be holdin' ♪

What in the whole wide world were you boys up to in there?

Changing my mind.


And so Carlos?

What? We just... We just let him get away with it?


Don't say it.

♪ How can I untie the ribbon? ♪

We leave him to God.

[Inhales sharply, grunting]

I'm staying.

[Sighs] And I ain't leaving without you.

Suit yourself.

♪ Without tearing up the bow? ♪

[Animal howling in distance]

If our mission is unsuccessful, more dead will follow.

If we fail, there'll be no turning back.

So you're not vampire-killing vigilantes.

Va... Vampire? No, no, not at all.

We don't even know what that means.

We just want what's inside the preacher.

Yeah, I'm sure you do.

[Scoffs] Power like that, who wouldn't want it?

The question is, what do you want it for?



Mass-scale psycho-sexual mind control?

What are you... What a?


Not to be used at all, ever.

That's why it was put in here in the first place.

Who are you guys?

We're from the government.

I figured as much with the whole cloning thing.

I mean, which branch?


We're from Heaven.

I see.


[Animal howls in distance]

Honestly, you fellas think I'm a handful.

Jesse is a bloody wrecking crew.

You keep comin' at him with coffee cans and chainsaws, you're gonna wish you were never born.

It's no good.

From here on out, let me be your middleman.

I'm just gonna impress upon him the importance of your mission and I just bring him to you here.

You're sure the preacher will listen to you?

Of course he will. He's me best mate.

[Howling continues]

Man #1: Does it always kill them? In... In the chair?

Man #2: Well, I never heard of it faing.

But in the chair, does it hurt?

Well, if you stand properly...

Oh, a lot going on.

No, you stay away from her.

You stay away from the whole family.

Wanna get yourself killed?

Then smarten up.

Prancing around like everything's polka dots and moonbeams.

It is a monster swamp.

Murders, mayhem, escaped lunatics.

Gol-darned monster swamp.

♪ Mmm ♪
♪ Mmm, hmm, hmm ♪

First letter to the Corinthians.

Chapter 15, verse 51.

♪ Mm-hmm, hmm ♪

"Listen, I tell you a mystery.

♪ Open up the doors of heaven, let me in ♪

We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed.

♪ I think I'm finally tired of living, let me in ♪

In a flash, in the twinkling of an eye...

♪ I'm gonna walk in the glory ♪

.. at the last trumpet.

♪ And tell everyone my story ♪

For the trumpet will sound... the dead with be raised imperishable, and we will be changed."