01x06 - Sundowner

announcer: Previously, on "Preacher."

I don't hate you.

Odin Quincannon, this is Gary Cutler, President of the bank.

(shotgun blast)


(shotgun blast)


(shotgun blast)


(shotgun shell rattling on floor)

Are we going steady now?

Even better!

(springs creaking)

♪ ♪

Where is he?

You are in possession... of an enormous power.

We need it back!

Where, exactly, are you guys from?

We're from Heaven.

Deblanc: No, no, no, no, no, you don't understand.

What's inside of you, it isn't God.

It isn't God?


What is it, then?

It's a mistake.

What's that mean?

None of your business.

Just give it back.

Back into the coffee can?

That's right. The domicile.

Take care, preacher. See you Sunday.

Oi, oi. You listenin'?

I'm trying to figure out what's going on here.

We told you what's going on.

No, you have not.

Not much, anyway.

What is it?

[Bell jingles]

If it isn't God, tell me what it is.

Like we said, it's none of your business.

I could make you tell me.

Well, don't.

You mustn't use it. Do you understand?

Never, under any circumstances.

[Echoing] Tell me what it is.

It's called Genesis.

[Normal voice] Genesis.

What is that?

[Whispering] Deblanc.

It began with Heaven and Hell.

Two armies fighting, two sides hating for as long as we can remember.

Heaven and Hell?

That's right. The Endless War.

One day... thought to be impossible... but somehow, a soldier from one side and one from the other became drawn to each other.

Here you go. Can I get you some coffee?

An angel and a demon... fell in love?


Strictly forbidden. They didn't care.

Snuck off.

Met in secret and conjoined.



And then after a time, Genesis, a thing never meant to be... [Sucks teeth] ya know.

Came to be.

So, you're saying this Genesis is some sort of... angel/demon baby?

If by "baby," you mean the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that could shift the balance of power, threaten all of creation, then, yeah, it's a baby.

Now do you understand why we need it back?

Okay, so...

[Bell jingles]

[Whispers] Seraphim.

Going for her phone.

We'll be right back.

[Bell jingles]

Fiore: Excuse me. Excuse me.



[Indistinct conversation]

Deblanc: Don't fool us.

We just need one more day.

You got a phone in there?!

Yeah, we're not messing about.


[Dramatic music plays]


[Bell jingles]

Hey! Hey!

You all right, ma'am?



[Strained] No. Let go.


See her?

Not yet.

Okay, body in the car.

Wait! Wha-What's goin' on here?

Get her phone.

Guys! Guys!

What the hell just happened?

Time to go. Come on.

Go where? We... You just killed her.

No, we didn't.

I left my car keys inside.


Yes, you did. There's a dead woman right there!

[Air whooshes]

Do you have your car keys?

[Bell jingles]

[Engine starts]

[Tires squealing]

[Dramatic music plays]

What the hell was that?

It was one of the Seraphim, Angels of the First Order.


Seriously? What's it want?

What all Seraphim want, order and control. "Peace."

How'd it come back like that?

It's called reinvigoration.

Lubbock's the nearest phone for us.

We've got two, maybe three hours.

Lubbock? There's phones a lot closer than Lubbock.

Not like this. This one's a direct line.

Direct line to what?

Wait... you're saying if I picked up that phone in my hand right now, I could call Heaven?

No. You couldn't.

Why not?

You need angel hands.

God damn.


[Bell jingles]

Waitress: Someone left their keys.

Man: Eh, just leave 'em there.

[Bell jingles]

[Car alarm chirps]

But if you're an angel, and she is an angel...

There are rules for coming down here to Earth.

We don't have permission.

We don't have much time before she calls in reinforcements.

Right now, they're just looking for us, but if they find Genesis, too...

I'll just use it.


I have the power.

Worked on you, right? It'll work on...

Genesis isn't a power.

It's a scandal, embarrassment to both sides.

An agreement was made...

[Electricity crackles]

What is that?

That's just [Sighs] Annville.

An agreement was made at the highest levels.

Genesis must remain a secret.

The other angels and demons find out about it, they'll want it for themselves.

It's not for you... or anyone else to have or use.

Do you understand?

It was our first time.

We didn't know what we'd need.

How's it work?

How do you get Genesis to come out?

I sing to it.


I'll sing to it. It will come.



[Knocking on door]

Probably just the towels.

It's not.



Here's a phone.


Told him don't got to go to Lubbock.

Go ahead.

Make your call.

Now, dialing only takes a second, but you're gonna have to look away.

[Both grunting]










You dying?


What the hell?!


If we don't die, we can't come back.

Watch out. She'll be back.

How do you do that?

Just happens.

What's it feel like?

Don't feel like anything. We just come back.

Sometimes immediately in the exact same place.

Other times...


Shh. Shh.

I think she's...


Ugh! [Wheezes]

My dentist.

Remember... don't kill.

Restrain it.

Restrain it?

How do we...




[Strained] Restrain it!



Is she alive?




[All grunting]

Restrain it!

What do you think I'm trying to do?!

Fiore, hold tight!

[Dramatic music plays]

We gotta work together, otherwise we don't stand a...

[All grunting]

Pull her off!

Stab her gently.

[All grunting]

[Indistinct yelling]

I said stab her gently you... Fiore, don't.



Oh! She's got an ax!

[Groaning, gurgling]

[All yelling]

Preacher, kill me.



[Choir vocalizing]

[All grunting]

Jesse: Use the bed!



[The Soul Stirrers' "His Love" plays in background]

[All grunting]

Aah! Tie her legs!

Yes! Grab the sheets! Grab the sheets!

She's clawing my face off!

I've got her legs! That's good!

[All grunting]

Fight it!

[All grunting]


You boys threw a party and didn't invite me?

Oh, you're welcome, you know.


Clones. Bloody clones.

[Scuffling, screaming]

Watch out for the cord! She's gonna electrocute you!

[Electricity crackles]

[All grunting]


Do you know what this reminds me of?

Shut up, Cassidy.

Oh, fair enough.

[Chainsaw buzzing]

Oh, Jaysis, what'd you do?

I disarticulated her.


We need Genesis back now.

Genesis? What? Like the bloody band?

[Chuckles] That's a terrible name.

Back into hiding?


You're what... Genesis' jailers?

No, no. We're its custodians.

We take care of it.

You let it get away.

It escaped.


We dunno.

Why me?

Why did it choose me?

We don't know that, either.

We're just custodians.

I'm sorry.

I'm keeping it.


You can't keep it.

I think I have to.

Listen, please, we need it back.

We'll give you anything you want.

I have what I want...

What God wants.

God does not want this.

How do you know? Like you said, you're just custodians.

And you're just a person... a sinful human being.


So if I'm wrong and God wants Genesis back... he can come and take it.

Till then, I've still got a job to do.

Sorry about the mess.

Cass, let's go.

Oi! Oi!

We can't let you do this!

You're not letting me do anything.

Consequences, preacher.

Unwelcome, unforeseen consequences.

This? This is just the beginning.

I agree.

We can't let you do this.

[Echoing] Stay away from me!

[Engine starts]

'Course, there's the other option.


[Indistinct conversations]

Hey, Eugene.

[Cheerleaders cheering]

Great. [Sighs]

[Doorbell rings]

[Knock on door]

[Knock on door]

[Sighing] Okay.

[Doorbell rings]

I-I'm sorry. What are you doing in my...

Stay away from my boyfriend!

I-I didn't... I-I'm not.



It's okay. That was just...



What are you doing?

I'm sittin' in my car. What are you doing?

You just broke my kid's art thing!

So, yeah, nice job.

[Door closes]

[Knock on door]



[Muffled] I'll fix it.


The art thing... I'll fix it.


[Lawn mower running]

Hello, Miles. It's Cynthia again from Green Acre Group. Sorry to keep bothering, but I haven't heard back from you. We're wondering if Jerry Cutler and the other partners made the meeting with Mr. Quincannon? We haven't heard from them since they left, and could you let us know soon as you get this?


♪ Blue, blue party ♪
♪ I'm so excited ♪
♪ Blue, blue party ♪

Can I get you something to drink... water, lemonade?

I have beer.

It's 10:00 in the morning.



[Water running]

[Water stops]

How long you in town for?

How long have I been here, or how long am I gonna be here?

Both. I don't know.


Never mind.

♪ I'm so excited ♪
♪ Blue, blue party ♪

That's a nice car.


'72 Chevelle SS.

Crate 350 with a cowl induction hood, 4-11 gears.


TA tires.



I like this ashtray.

Oh. [Laughs] Thanks. It's a sugar caddy.

Well, it's nice.

[Bob Cox's "Don't Hold Her So Close" plays]

♪ Don't hold her so close ♪

It's a bit like "Pulp Fiction."

And I'm Vinnie Vega.

That's cool.

I'll be Samuel L. Jackson.

That's a proper hard man, you know.


Oh, that's really boggy. I'm gonna hit the shower, man.

Cold only with the washer running.

Beer while we wait?

At 10:00 a.m. in the morning?

♪ But while she's mine, better hear what I say ♪


Clone people.

See, I tried to tell you about that.

You did.


So, what else has been goin' on?

What you been doin'? Or don't I wanna know?

Ah, the odd mischief here and there.

I got pushed off a building.

[Washer pounding]

Fell in love, went to hospital.

Nothing to worry your head over.

[Pounding stops, whirring]

Some serious ink there, Padre.

Where'd you get that back one?

Mean old lady gave it to me.

What about you? You look like a men's room wall.

I went through a period of low impulse control.

Thank God that's over with.


[Washer pounding]

What's that one there?



[Exhales] That's my tulip.

Oh. It's lovely.

What are you gonna do, man?

About what?

About Genesis.

Honestly, I mean, what a terrible name.

It's just awful.

I'm keeping it, like I said.

I dunno, Padre.

Now, those fellers might not seem the sharpest shivs in Heaven's shed, but still, I mean, you said they were bloody angels.

Yeah, and?

And I don't know how it works, but don't... I don't know... don't they outrank you?

Don't you kind of have to listen to them?

I don't have to listen to anyone but God.

Oh. Forgot about his plan for you and all that.

You still doubt that?

After everything that's happened?

I doubt everything all the time, all right?

It's the only way to live.

Well, that's where you and I part company.

Now look, I'm just sayin', if it was up to me, I wouldn't be messin' about with it.

Well, it's not up to you, Cassidy. It's up to me.


All right.

All right, so what are you gonna do?

Come on.

Same as before.

Nothing's changed.

There's a still a lot more goin' on 'round here needs doin'.

Like what? More what?


[Indistinct conversations]

Hey, Eugene. Can we sit here?

Come on. He's okay.

I got the chicken fingers here.

[Country music plays in background]

Tulip: You can't just crap on people.

I don't care who you are.

[Sighs] Wow.

Elizabeth Taylor... you really slashed her tires?

Mm, I punctured one with a wine opener.


Pretty nice lady, actually.

Just a super-shitty tipper.

Los Angeles and Hollywood... that's cool.

Well... they're pretty much the same place.

Oh, I-I... [Chuckles] I know.

Right? [Laughs] Of course.


L.A.'s stupid.

We weren't there long.

Ran around the southwest, mostly...

New Mexico, Arizona... Texas, of course.

In the end, Dallas.

We were all over the place.



[Inhales deeply] Excuse me.

You thirsty?





Here you go, now. Drink some water.

Your hands broken?

Have some more.


Go back to sleep.


You'll be okay.

[Footsteps approaching]


Made 200. I hope it's enough.

200 people? Really?

Imagine so... maybe more.

Can't believe Jesse's, like, any good at it.

Yep. No, he's all of a sudden really popular.

Can I ask you something about him?




God. Driving me crazy.

[Sighs] Sorry.

It's just, I have, like, 10,000 things to do before Sunday, and sick days just...

Well, I can watch her... if you got stuff to do.

Thanks. I'll be okay.

I mean, I seriously don't mind.

I-I can read to her, bring her juice... whatever.

Let her sleep.


I just worry. [Laughs]

Go do your thing. We'll be fine.

Have you ever watched kids before?

I mean, do you have any experience?

I had a kid once.

That count?

Oh. That's, uh...

I'm sorry.

It's fine.

[Papers rustling]

[Inhales deeply]

Of if you want, I can take the church stuff, and... you can stay here.

Whatever, if it'll help.


That'd be great.




Now, look, I ain't one to back down from losing a fight or making a bad decision, but there's asking for trouble, and there's bloody beggin' for it.

Now, listen, even... even to myself, right, even I'm saying this looks like a mistake.

This is why Genesis was given me, Cassidy.

This is what it's for.

God doesn't make mistakes.

Grab the ladder.

God may not make mistakes, but people are bloody famous for it!




Gowns are paid for.

You just need to pick 'em up from the cleaners, and I told Javier to expect you before 3:00.


Macro Mart has paper towels, toilet paper, plastic cups, paper plates.

Don't get the flimsy ones, but don't get the too-firm ones, either, 'cause they're expensive.

Candles and cleaning supplies, you'll put in the storage closet with the bulletins and the wine.


My number's there in case you need anything or anything comes up, so... questions?


Um... what's that word?



Are you sure about this? It's just, it's a lot, and I can always call Miles.

No, I got it.


I mean, it's just errands.

Yeah. You're right. Thanks.

[Tires squeal]


[Echoing] T-Testing.

One, two, three. Testing.

Hey, Eugene? Want to see something awesome?

Come on!

[Dramatic music plays]

[Birds chirping]

Spooky, huh?

Wanna see crazy, Eugene?

Check this out.

[Fuse crackling]


See? Awesome, right?


[Fireworks whistling]

[Excited chatter]


[Lloyd Conger's "Tonight I'm Alone" plays]

♪ Tonight I'm alone without your touch ♪
♪ What could I do, baby ♪


♪ Without your love? ♪
♪ Baby, baby, baby... ♪

Chairs, huh?


Wanna lend me a hand?


♪ Even for all my foolish pride ♪
♪ Would you still be mine? ♪
♪ Would you come back, baby? ♪
♪ And be mine, oh? ♪

[Cellphone buzzes]


Mr. Mayor?

Everything all right?

I'm thinking about doing something really wrong.

I can't tell you what it is, but...

I just wanted to know whether or not I should do it.

Well... based on what I'm hearing, I'd probably say "No."

Well, what if doing what's right is worse?

In a sense that it hurts more people.

You wanna give me a little more to go on here?

How do you know what's the right thing to do?

You pray.

[Chairs clattering]

For what?

Direction, what's the next best action.

How do you know it's God... giving you the direction?

You know, not just the voice in your own head telling you what you already want to hear?

Miles, unless you tell me what's wrong, I can't...

In my head... it all sounds the same, you know?

God, he-he's telling me to do one thing, and I-I'm saying something else.

How do you know o-one voice from the other?

It's not the same.

[Vehicle approaches]

You know which is which.

I don't know.

They're really similar.

[Car door closes]

Either you and God are saying the exact same thing...

Either that or you're not hearing God at all.

What is that?

Emily asked me to drop some stuff off.

What stuff?

Programs, plates, wine.

Church stuff.

[Bottles clinking]


You tried to forget about me, huh?

You tried to put me out of your head.

[Door closes]

But the craving came on so strong, you couldn't help yourself.

You had to hunt me down like a wild...

Wait. What are you doing here?

[Chuckling] I work here.

What are you doing here?

Jesse: Tulip?


You're his Tulip?

Of course. I should have known that.

So what do we do now?

What you doing?

Putting stuff away.

Emily asked me to help out, so, uh... I'm helping out.

Emily did?

Mm-hmm. Been helping her all day.

Pretty much folded all these program things, did a bunch of errands.

You kept this.

No, I just... forgot to throw it out.

No, you kept it.

Put it back.

[Door closes]


[Indistinct conversations]

What's going on?

Everyone's waiting.

I was just about to open up.

Eugene's outside, wants to talk to you. Says it's important.

I'll talk to him later.




[Breathing heavily] This is good, right?

It's a lot of people.

Lot of people coming to get saved.

Nothing wrong with that.

Didn't even need to bet your daddy's land or bribe 'em with a TV, neither.

You disapprove.

I understand.

This is all working now, right?

This is all good.

Good. Yeah. It's good.

I think so, too.

Thanks for all this, Em... for everything.

You're welcome.


You and Tulip done a great job setting this up.

Tulip? Yeah.

I'll send in Eugene.

[Door closes]


Everyone's waitin'.

What's goin' on?

[Inhales sharply]

Take what back?

I see.

Don't want to be forgiven?


You know, Eugene... [Exhales slowly] you're a hard kid to please.

Sometimes I wonder, "What's it gonna take to make him happy?"

Do you even want to be happy?

'Cause I'm starting to think you got a big investment in feeling bad all the time.

This is God's will... what I've done.

What I've done for you, what I'm about to do.


It is not "cheating."

I'm gonna save the damn town!


[Breathing heavily]


I don't understand why you keep coming to me.

That's right.

I am.

I made a promise.

That's what this is for.

I'm gonna open those doors.

I'm gonna make them see the light and fulfill my promise.

Then I will be free.

That's what I'm gonna do.

[Dramatic music plays]

Oh, yes, I can.

Well, I'll choose for them, and unlike you, they won't complain.

I don't need to hear someone like you lecture me on sin.

It's a blessing.



This is not a sin!

[Echoing] Go to hell, Eugene!


[Ominous music plays]

Hi, Cynthia. It's Miles Person calling you back.

I apologize, but something's been going on with my voicemail.

You know, well, o-one minute, it's totally empty, and then the next...


Right, exactly. I have 30 messages.


No, I-I-I know... annoying.

I'm sorry to call on a Sunday, uh, but I just got a call myself from Highway Patrol about 20 minutes ago to come down here, and...

Well, officers, they off-offered to reach out to you, uh, which is the usual way of doing things, but, um, well, I said no.

I wanted you and your company to hear it from me first.


Well, you see, Cynthia, I'm afraid there's been... a terrible accident.