01x01 - Pilot

TV Announcer: This is a worldwide alert.

Standby for important information.


TV Announcer: The president is dead.

This is an extinction scale event.

Do not panic.

[people screaming]

Three years after the first infection, national governments have fallen.

There is no cure.

[machine gun firing]

Go! Go!

[gate slams]

[zombies moaning and yelling]

[machine gun firing]

[zombies moaning and yelling]

Cease fire! Save your ammo, Valdez.

Save your ammo.

[zombies moaning]

Delta-Xray-Delta. This is Camp Northern Light.

Come in.

Delta-Xray-Delta. This is Camp Northern Light.

Come in.

Why haven't they evacuated?

The extraction team is still in route.

Their initial landing site was overrun.

And I can't get anyone from Delta-Xray on the radio.

Well, keep trying.

Here are the new destination coordinates.

Two more minutes and they're on their own.

We evac as soon as the plane's loaded.

Keep everything hot.

Who knows We might be back someday.

Two minutes. Move it people!

[yelling] Come on, Hernandez! Out of there! Let's go!

Come in.

Radio: Delta-Xray-Delta.

Radio: Come in.

This is Delta-Xray-Delta!

Who the hell are you?

This is Simon Cruller, sir.

I'm a Sys Op working for the NSA.

Radio: Camp Northern Light.

I have new orders for you from Cent Com.

Little busy right now.

Yes, sir.

We're about to bug out ourselves so I'll get right to it.

I have GPS coordinates for your new destination.

It's the CDC Mass Infection Lab on Mount Wilson.

You're to escort Doctor Merch and any other survivors...

Radio: to this location. It's Priority Level One!

Hey! Hey! Are you sure?!

These coordinates are in California!

radio: That's a roger, sir.

[zombies snarling]

Where's my chopper?

I'm showing that it's still inbound sir.

But don't you worry, Delta-Xray. I'm not going anywhere.

You get us the hell out of here! You hear me?!

[zombies yelling]

This gate won't hold them.

You keep them off as long as you can.

Then you fall back to the lab. Okay?

I'll evacuate the others. You can do this.

[zombies snarling]

[zombie snarling]

[machine gun firing]

[machine gun firing]

[knocking on door]

[sounds of struggling]

[prisoner yelling]

We don't have time for this.

We can't stop yet!

This is our last chance to test the new strains.

[prisoner screaming]


They don't look like volunteers to me.

Millions of people are dying for no reason.

These men are gonna die to help us find a vaccine.

If it works, one of them may outlive us all.

Yeah, well why don't you take it then, huh?

Don't worry.

If it doesn't work out, I'll make sure you don't come back.


In accordance with the Emergency Executive Order section seven, you are hereby notified that you have been selected for exposure to an experimental substance.

We got rights.

We're still human you know.

Should the test fail, all efforts will be made to contact your next of kin.

Signed, President Lindsay Barton.

I thought that bitch was dead!

Not when she signed this order.

[screams] No! No! No!

Doctor: Now! Do it now!

No! No!

[sounds of struggling]


[sounds of struggling]



Five minutes!

And we're out of here!

[zombies yelling]

[gate rattling]

[zombies yelling]

The evac better get here soon.

[zombies yelling]

[gate rattling]



[heavy breathing]


[yelling continues]


I give you mercy.


Time to go.

[heavy breathing] He's right.

Outta time. No more testing today.

[screaming] No! No! No! No!

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

[heavy breathing]

[knocking on door]

It's Valdez.






[helicopter sounds]

Air Cav Whiskey Bravo Six, this is Northern Light.

I have eyes on your approach.

You're right on top of them man. Awesome flying.

Delta Xray is bringing out survivors now.

Good luck, Whisky Bravo. We're out the door ourselves.

Catch you in the next life, sir.

Northern Light signing off.

[Heavy breathing]

You're coming with me.

Wait! Where are you going?

Don't leave me to the zombies man.

Don't leave me! Don't let me turn, you b*st*rd!

Pike me!

Pike me or I will hunt you down and eat your brains!

[zombies screaming]

He was our last hope at finding a vaccine.

Now you are.

Come on.

Hey doc!

If I'm not back in two minutes, you tell them to leave without me.


Yes! Go ahead! Go!



[heavy breathing]

[airplane engine roaring]

[airplane engine roaring]


[electric guitar playing main title theme]

♪ Have mercy. ♪

[three gunshots]

♪ Oh... Have mercy ♪♪

[voices singing] ♪ ... beautiful, beautiful river ♪

♪ Gather with the saints at the river ♪

♪ that flows by the throne of God. ♪

To Nana Griswold.

A true survivor.

Not many grandmothers left these days.

Especially as old as Nana was.

How old was she anyway?


Wow. That's old.


And I'm not dead yet.


But I think it's time.

You can all go now.

Do you have her special?

I'll take it from here.

Ready, Nana?

Hell yes I'm ready.

I've had enough of this stinkin' world.


Sofia Christina Griswold.

With this eight sacrament I commit your soul to eternal peace.

I give you... mercy.

♪ The beautiful beautiful river. ♪


♪ Gather with the saints at the river ♪

♪ that flows by the throne of God. ♪

Radio: This is Garnett to Warren.

Garnett to Warren, over Go for Warren. What's up Charlie?

I'm at the water's edge, could use a little backup.

Two minutes.

What is it?

I guess a distress signal?

How do you want to handle it?

Been watching them for a while.

As far as I can tell it's just two males.

Let's see what they want.

Can always turn them back around.

How did Nana's Eighth go?

Very good. Good people.

Thanks for doing it. I just... can't anymore. Too many...

It's okay. She was ready to go.

Hmmm. Aren't we all.

Here they come.

All right. I'll handle the meet and greet.

You cover me from here.

Any problems, you hit the ground.

I'll take care of the rest.

That's far enough, gentlemen.

Identify yourselves and state your business Team of snipers has you covered so no sudden moves.

Lieutenant Mark Hammond. Delta Force.

Or least I was when there was still a Delta Force.

I'm on a mission from what's left of the government, and I need your help.

What mission? For what government?

Look, to be honest I don't know if anybody that gave me the order is still alive.

I do know it's imperative that I get this person to a medical lab in California.


Well I guess I won't shoot him. Yet.

Who is he?

Some kind of doctor?

Not exactly.

His name is Murphy.

And he may just be the last best chance to save humanity.

Hello, baby. It's me.

You got time to talk?

Come on, sweetie.

I always have time for you. You know that.

I just wanted to know if you're gonna make it home for Christmas like you promised?

Daisy, I just don't know.

Things are pretty busy up here.

You and all your top secrets.

Can't they give you some time off?

Everybody's gonna be so disappointed.

I know.

But I'll get home soon, I promise.

How's Cowboy?

He's fine.

He chewed up another one of your shoes.

Sometimes I think he misses you more than I do.

If that's possible.

Hey, did you see that stuff on the news about Washington?

That's crazy, huh?

Radio: Northern Light.

Radio: This is CDC Mount Wilson.

Radio: Northern Light.

Radio: This is CDC Mount Wilson. Over.

Mount Wilson, this is Northern Light. Over.

Radio: The lab has been overrun.

Radio: Operation Bite Mark abandoning location.

Radio: What is the status of Delta-Xray-Delta? Over.

Delta-Xray location currently unknown.

We lost contact three weeks ago. Over.

Radio: I need the status of...

Unintelligible Radio: Delta-Xray-Delta. We need to... new coordinates...

Mount Wilson. We did not copy. Repeat. We did not copy. Over.

Mount Wilson.

All we need are some basic supplies and transportation south as far as the Tappan Zee bridge.

We're meeting a new team there, and they can take us the rest of the way to California.

California sure is a hell of a long way.

The Tappan Zee bridge is a long way.

I wouldn't ask, but it's imperative and I am out of options.

How'd you find out about this place?

An ex-cop and some others taking shelter in a prison twenty clicks up the road said there was some National Guard that set up a camp, might be able to help us out.

"Ex" National Guard.

Yeah, I was with Georgia National Guard.

Warren here was activated out of Missouri.

But as far as I know, we're the only ones left of our unit.

Look. I know there's no more chain of command, no more Guard, no more government.

Just a few of us out there following orders cuz that's what we do.

I lost eight of the best men I ever served with getting this far.

My orders are to take this man to a lab in California, and that what I intend to do.

Now... are you people going to help me or not?

Why is he so goddamn important?

He has information vital to the development of a vaccine for the zombie virus.

And that's all I can tell you.

How much more do you need to know?

Warren and I can take the pickup truck, bring you to the Tappan Zee.

But you'd be on your own after that.

That's all I'm asking.

Well if we keep it moving, we can get there and back before nightfall.

I'm not sure we risk the truck.

Or you two.

Maybe I haven't been clear.

This is more important than your trucks.

Or anyone's life.

Including my own.

I don't want to have to insist.

I was supposed to meet my rendezvous two days ago.

This needs to happen.



If they're trying to steal the truck, do what you got to do.


Stay in radio contact.

We don't hear from you by tomorrow morning, we'll come lookin'.

You'll have them back by sundown.

Well if availability of ammo is all you care about then the .22 is the way to go.

But... you really want to make an impression, check out this smoke wagon.

You really make a Z's day with this.

Now the .22, that'll kill a Z, but it's gonna be about two or three shots before the thing's down and dead.

This baby?

You stop a car with this.

I was thinking something more silent.

Like a club.

And sharp.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, I like how you think. Silent but effective.

Huh? Okay.

Check this out.


Made it myself.

I call it "The Z Whacker."

You start with an aluminum bat then customize it for the task at hand.

Wow. It's light.

Yeah, the spikes are hand cast from beer cans.

So they're long enough that they kill the brain but you can still pull it out. Cuz nothing is worse than getting your pike stuck into a Z's skull.

Cuz then you got to drag them down to the ground.

You got to put your foot on their chest.

Then you got to yank the thing out.

And by then you're dead.

You know what I mean?

Sure do hate that.

How 'bout a straight across trade?

A dozen of these aspirin for a dozen of these reloaded .223's.

You can't kill a zombie with aspirin.

Well you can't kill a fever with a bullet and they ain't making any more aspirin.

Make it a dozen oxycontin and you got a deal.

I'd have to take a dozen oxycontin before I'd make that deal.

How 'bout some meth?

Huh? You want some crystal?

Yeah, I baked it myself.

That same pink ice you made before?

No, that stuff gave me an axe to the skull headache.

No, that's what the aspirin's for.

How many ampules of morphine you got left in there?

[zombie growling]

Behind you.

[zombie growling]

Nice. You all right?

That was a little close.

Yeah, that... that was a fast one.


Told ya.

Hey, isn't that Red Hanson?

Z's got Red?

Damn, he was one of our best customers Tough as bullets.

I wonder if his brothers know.

[zombie growling]

Yeah, I think so cuz here they come.

[zombie growling]


[zombie growling]


[zombie growling]


[zombie growling]

[two gunshots]

Closing time.

The way that big one moved he must have turned just a few hours ago.

Four brothers, recently turned, found on Miller's Road by Sutter's Farm.

Given mercy, May 13, 3 A.Z.

Time to go.

I got something over here.

Look, I got another one over here.

This one looks dead and down too.



Must be hundreds of them.

Ferry accident?

[zombies growling and screaming]

Camp Blue Sky, this is mobile one. Blue Sky, this is mobile one. Over.

Hey guys, I need you to get back to us. It's time for our 8 p.m. signal check.

What are you wasting time for?

You said yourself they'd be fine.

Look, there must be something wrong.

If we don't hear from them soon, we're gonna have to go back.

I don't think I can let you do that.

If something is wrong with my people I don't give a damn about your mission.

Or you.

We're going back.


I appreciate your loyalty to those folks. I do.

But you don't know what I know about this man.

Why should we believe a word you say?

Get out of the car.

Show them.

Show them why you're so damn important.

Get your hands off me.

Show them why so many good men died getting you this far.

Show them!

What happened?

Those are Zombie bites.

Eight of them.

Why is he still alive?

And not a zombie?


He was given the only dose of an experimental vaccine right before he was bitten.

Those undead bastards got two of my ribs right there.

Shut up.

At least you're still alive.

More than I can say for my men.

You're looking at the only human known to have survived being bitten by a Zombie.

His blood carries the antibodies for the ZN1 virus.

If we can get him to the lab in California they can use his blood and make more of the vaccine.

Radio: Mayday. Mayday.

Calling Camp Blue Sky.

Radio: This is Doc.

With Thompson and Carver.

Radio: What is your situation? Over.

Hey, Doc. What's going on? What's going on?

Garnett? Thank God you're alive.

We thought everyone was dead.

I'm not at Camp Blue Sky. What's happening?

unintelligible radio: Batteries... dying.

Wait. Say. Again.


Radio: Blue Sky has been overrun.

The whole place is... on fire.

Radio: Survivors?

Well there was a ton of gunfire a while ago, but nothing since.

Come on. Let's go.

[heavy breathing] Oh... there's the escape bus.

[heavy breathing] Oh, they got the kids out. Okay.

[zombies growling]

[heavy breathing] Come on.


[zombies growling and yelling]

[zombies growling and yelling]

[vehicle engine]

Get in!

[screams] Go! Go! Go! Go!

[zombies growling and screaming]

[two gunshots]

[zombies growling and screaming]

How many more?



Nobody! I'm sure!

Donna? Marion?

No... there was no one.

Not even time to show any of them mercy.

There's nobody back there but Z's. Sorry guys. We tried.

Nothing left for them now but God's mercy.

It's time to go then. Come on.

I don't know what we brought them along for.

Uh... because they're human beings and they deserve to live.

Hey... how much further to this rendezvous?

Just a few more clicks.

Got some vehicles and a team of killers waiting.

Wish I had ten times that.

Should be up ahead on the left.

An old high school with a civil defense shelter in the basement.

Supposedly there's still some rations left there.

When was the last time you made contact with them?

About a month ago.

A month ago?

That's like two years Apocalypse time.

Get back in the truck.

Is it them?


Is it them?!





I got to pee.

Don't go far.

Don't worry.

[under breath] This guy.

My reinforcements are dead.

We need to make a quick search for survivors and any supplies.


Zip it up and stay close to me.

Hey, where'd all the Z's go?

Movin' on, like locust.

Yeah, but they'll be back.

Garnett and Warren, you clear the building.

And you three check the vehicles.

Looks like they never had a chance.



You hear that?


Hear what?



Sounds like a... baby.

[whispers] Oh shoot.

[baby babbling]

There it is.

Hey, it's okay sweetie.

We're gonna get you out of there.

How's that driver?



Looks like she took a blow to the skull.

Brain dead on impact.

There you go.

Hey, Mack.




Yeah, I know.

Whoa. It's a real live baby.

I haven't seen one of these in years.


And he won't stop crying.

Here. What do I do?

Maybe don't Okay.

Hold him like he's a live grenade. Just give him to me.

Me and babies, not so much.

What was she doing out here with a baby anyway?

I dunno.

Looks like they were headed to this shelter.

They got overrun.

What the hell are we gonna do with a baby?

Beats me. I stopped planning two minutes ahead years ago.

[zombies growling and yelling]

Heads up.

What are they after?

Only one thing. Come on.

[zombies growling]

[thuds and slicing sounds]

[zombies growling]

[thuds and slicing sounds]



You all right?


She might be dead.

Whoa. Whoa.

Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey [laughs] Well she ain't dead.


Hey. It's okay.

Hey. It's okay. We're good people.

We just saved you.

Okay, don't hurt him.

Sorry. I didn't know where I was.

I must have fallen asleep.


How long you in this cage for?

Two days.

Somebody better shut that kid up before he attracts Z's like flies.


It's a baby. He makes noise, okay?

Shut up. And you, do what you can.

He's right about the Z's.



Why would somebody lock you in a cage and leave you to die?

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

I locked myself in the cage for protection.

You have the keys?

I lost them.

Why are you dressed like that?

I don't have to justify myself.

Maybe you do!

We were supposed to meet the men in those vehicles.

What happened here?

Those men showed up about a week ago.

They cleared out the school and set up some kind of camp.

But word got out that there was food.

Lots of it from the bomb shelter.

Yeah, it didn't take long.

There was too many people.

The soldiers shot some of the locals, and that brought the Z's.

You can guess the rest.

What are we wasting time talking to her for?

Give her the baby, and let's go.

You can't give this girl a baby and leave.

Well they can't come with us.


No way am I leaving the baby and her behind.

It's not gonna happen.

It's just a baby.

It's not like he's gonna grow up and be a fine young man someday.

You know what, shut up!

We'll take them to the next safe outpost.

God, I hate moral dilemmas.

Yeah what's next chief?

You wanna start a college fund for him?

Puppies and kittens.

200 yards away.


All right, everybody. Time to go.

You four, I want you to grab all the food and weapons you can find.

Load them in that truck. The keys are still inside.

Hey! We haven't talked about this.

We can talk about it later.

Right now you do what I tell you.


You stay with the baby and Murphy until we get back.


You and I are gonna see if we can start up that deuce and a half.

Everybody meets back here in five.



All right.

How you want to handle this?

We usually like taking it to 'em.


All right. Let's do this.








[zombies growling]


[zombies growling]


[zombies growling]

[zombies growling]

[baby crying]


Hey, mister! Baby.








[zombies growling]

[crying continues]


[zombies growling]

[crying continues]


[zombies growling]

[crying continues]


[zombies growling]

[crying continues]

[Garnett grunting and screaming]

[zombies growling]

The kid finally shut up.

Get away from there.

[whispers] Get away from there.

What the hell did you do that for?

[whispers] Hey. Hey.



Get over here.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm great.


He's weak, but he's hanging in there.



[baby gurgling growlishly]

[baby gurgling growlishly]


Oh God.

Kill it.

I can't.

[breathing heavily]

I can't do it.

Yes, you can.

No. You do it.

No, I don't want to do it. You got to kill it.

[zombie baby growling and screaming]

What's the holdup?

Where's the baby?


Surprise. Surprise.

Let him go.

Or I will send you to walk among the dead.

[heavy breathing]

Let's get in the trucks.

We're moving out.

What about the... the baby thing?

[zombie baby crying]

We can't leave it like that.

Yeah, she's right.

Even if it is turned.

It sounds so sad.

It's not sad. It's a zombie.

Amen brother. Let's go.

We can't leave it like that.

I'll do it.

I'll do it.

I need you to pull it together.

[zombie baby crying continues]

Two minutes.

Be ready to go.

[zombie baby crying continues]

[zombie baby crying]

[zombie baby growling]

[zombie baby growling]

Here baby.

Here baby-baby.

[zombie baby screaming]

[zombie baby gurgling]

Come to papa.

[zombie baby gurgling continues]

[machine gun firing]

If we wanted to ditch these two take the truck and run now would be the time.

Just sayin'.

[zombie baby crying]

[zombie baby crying]

[whispers] Oh I see your little bitch-ass.

[zombie baby screaming]

[zombies growling]

[Hammond screaming and gasping]

[zombies munching]

[Hammond screaming and gasping]

[whispers] Oh no.




[zombie baby screams]

[machine guns firing]

You know, none of this would have happened, if you'd just left that damn baby.

I didn't tell Hammond to go get eaten by a baby.

Never mind that now.

We need a plan.

My plan is I'm taking this truck and I am forgetting about vaccines and labs and all of you.

I wanted off this train from day one, and now's my chance.

Wait... wait... wait. You can't just go.

What about California? What about the vaccine?

What if it's real? What if there's a chance?

And what if it's you?


How do we know this isn't all just bullshit?

How does anybody know anything anymore?

Radio: Delta-Xray-Delta.

What the hell is that?

Radio: Delta-Xray-Delta. Come in.

Radio: Delta-Xray-Delta. This is Northern Light.

Radio: Operation Bite Mark. Do you copy?

Radio: Delta-Xray-Delta.

It's Hammond's radio.

Radio: Delta-Xray-Delta. This is Northern Light.


I copy you Delta-Xray!

This is... this is Northern Light.

Who am I speaking to?

Radio: Addison Carver.

Okay. I need to speak to Lieutenant Hammond.

Hammond's dead.

I'm... I'm... I'm sorry.

I... I didn't copy that, Delta-Xray.

Did you say that Hammond is dead?

Radio: Yes.

Is the package safe?

Package? What... what package?

Who is this?

Listen. I need to speak to whoever's in charge.

Who is it?

They won't say.

They want to know who's in charge.

You are.

This is Sergeant Garnett of the National Guard. Who is this?

Sergeant Garnett.

Lieutenant Hammond was transporting a civilian named Murphy to California.

Is he alive?

Yes. He's still alive.

Radio: Good. Good.

Radio: Are... are you aware of Operation Bite Mark?

Radio: Do you mean the lab in California?

Yes! Yes! Listen to me!

It is imperative that you get Murphy to California.

I repeat.

It is imperative that you get Murphy alive to California.

Do you copy?

But we don't know...

[muffled radio]

Who are you?

[muffled radio]


[muffled radio]

Garnett, do you copy?


[breathes heavily] It's dead.

Damn it!

[breathes heavily]



It looks like we're taking Mr. Congeniality here to California.

Says who?

Says me.


Hey there.

You're that sharp shooter that saved my ass, aren't you?

Oh man.

I want to thank you.

Do you need a ride?

Simon: I know you're out there. I can see you. Running. Hiding. Killing. Surviving.

I've seen it all. Season tickets to the Zompocalypse. And I got to tell you people, we've been getting our asses kicked. Well today's the day that all that changes. That's right. I'm not just watching anymore. It's time to kick some zombie ass.

This is Citizen Z broadcasting live via broadband, low band, VHF, UHF, Skynet. If you can get a signal, then you can find me thanks to our friends at the NSA.

Now all I need is somebody, anybody, everybody to get back to me cuz that's how it starts. If you're still alive, you're probably some kind of... some kind of genetically predisposed badass. And all we got to do is get organized and the zombies don't stand a chance.

Now here's a little something for all of you out there with 3,000 miles of bad road between you and home. I hope you can hear it.

[theme music plays]