01x03 - Philly Feast

I just don't trust Murphy, okay?

There's something wrong with that dude.

What if it's true?

What if Murphy's who they say he is and there's a chance for a vaccine?

It's not.

It's a lie, and it's gonna get us both killed.

Well then I'd rather die believing in a lie than live believing in nothing.

Why would somebody lock you in a cage and leave you to die?

I don't have to justify myself.

Maybe you do!

What happens when I tell them what you are?






[fence rattling] [zombies snarling]


What brings you to Philly, baby?

Looking to do a little bartering.

Your name really Sunshine?

Does it matter?

[whispering] I guess not.

It has been a long time since I saw a woman's body.

At least a living woman.

You're shaking.

It's nothing, baby. Just the cold.

Well let's see if we can warm you up.

Are you forgetting something, lover?


And there's plenty more where that came from.

Let's do this.

[heavy breathing and kissing]

[clicking of taser]

[screams] Crazy bitch!

You trying to rip me off?

I'll teach you.

[clicking of taser] [heavy breathing]

Thought I told you no rough stuff?

You picked the wrong mark.

[sounds of struggle]

[taser clicking]

[taser clicking] [screaming]

[breathing heavily]

Some people just don't listen.

[taser clicking]

[taser clicking] [whimpering]

[taser clicking] [whimpering]

Go check his jacket.

Somebody likes to party.

Give me that.

Make sure he doesn't have any weapons.

And what happened to you?

You forget everything I taught you?

I tried to do it exactly like you showed me, but he was too strong.

I'll do it better next time. I promise.

You can't be afraid.

Hesitation will get you killed.

You know I love you, Sunshine.

Like I love all my children.

Give me your hand.

[taser clicking]

Why are we going this way? Philly's a dead zone.

Hopefully we can scavenge something without going too deep into the city.

If we find a working radio, we can try to contact that Z guy again.

Murphy: Philadelphia.

Ah, the city of brotherly love.

[screeching and munching]

Is that what I think it is?

Garnett: No way.

Is that really the Liberty Bell?

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land and unto all the inhabitants thereof."

Yeah, that's it.

Three years of zombie apocalypse, you think you've seen everything.

Well when everything went bad, they probably tried to save a little history.

Yeah, well they should've known the only thing you can save is yourself.

Let's go!

Hang on.

If this thing still has fuel, and it does...

If we get this thing started, they won't have to ride out in the open like that.

Well I'm all for that.

I'll grab the jumper cable.

God bless the human race.

99% of them dead.

But there's still one jackass alive with a spray can.



One thousand seventy-five.

Okay, give it a shot.

[vehicle engine starting]

All right, that's it. Let's go, Murphy.

You get in here with Warren and me.

Everybody else, follow in the pickup.

Stay close.


[engines running] [tires squeaking]


You know you could try to miss some of them instead.

Why? One less zombie to kill.

Leave some for Psycho-Boy Two Thousand.

Ten Thousand.

Ten Thousand.

Ten Thousand?

It's good to know kids today still have some goals.

We're not really going all the way to California with this Murphy guy, are we?

That's the plan.

That's crazy.

What's so special about him anyway?

His blood.

Hey, take it easy there. That's the last of your water.

Actually it's the last of her water.

Mine's right here.

Give me that.

Just because we got to get you to California alive doesn't mean I can't kick your ass between here and there.

Look out!

[car horn] [tires screeching]



[tires squealing]


[large bell dinging]

[bell continues] [splorches]

Yeah! I'd pay money to see that again.

The axel's broke.

All right, everybody get into that truck.

Let's go, Murphy. Come on.

Get out. I'm driving.

[electric guitar playing theme music]

♪ Have mercy ♪

[three gunshots]

♪ Oh, have mercy ♪

[steaks sizzling]

Lookin' good, eh pup?

Two twenty ounce T-bone steaks aged to perfection.

[dog whines]

What's that?


You like yours rare?

Well me too. We've got that in common.

Oh and there's plenty more where this came from.

Half a ton to be exact.

And that's just the T-bones.

We got New York strips, sirloins, and even some filet mignon.

Between that and MREs to feed a division for six months I'd say you and I are gonna be the only two getting fat for the apocalypse.

Here you go.

Enjoy that beef.

There are people out there that'd kill for that steak.

It's a dog eat dog world out there, man.

Oh, sorry.

Wrong word choice. It's more of a zombie eat man world.

As we share in the fruit of our labor, let it remind us now more than ever that we need each other.

We need family.

As I led us through Black Summer, you all had doubts.

Even I did.

But we pulled together as a family and did what we had to do.

Millions died starving in the streets like animals.

But we survived. We survived as a family.

Our beautiful mother showed us the way.

Taught us what it meant to be a family.

But there is a hole in my heart.

A hole in this family. Our Sunshine is missing.

And until she returns to us our family's not complete.

The circle that keeps us safe is broken.


All: Amen.

[zombies snarling]

[fence rattling] [zombies snarling]


[fence rattling] [zombies snarling]


Get yourself an extra serving. You did good.

Good news, everyone.

Sunshine has been found. The circle will not be broken.

Enjoy. That's the last of the food.

God, I'm so hungry my big guts are eating my little guts.

You gonna eat all of that?

Selfish little b*st*rd.

We need to split up and look for food and water.

Oh, if we can find a two way radio or even like a satelite dish, I can trying contact that Citizen Z guy.

That's good. Okay, you and Mack do that.

And the rest of us will look for food.

Doc, you take Cassandra and 10K.

Warren and I will take Murphy. Stay close.

Meet back here in an hour.

All right, let's go.

I want that radio.

Yeah, what about Officer Zombie?

[growls] [scratching]


Do you remember that time in Peekskill?

Yeah, that's perfect. Top or bottom?



Hey, you. Yeah.



Oh, baby.

You know if I ever need mercy, I really hope it's you.

Come on. I want to see if that radio works.

All right, hurry up. I'll pike some locals.


[under breath] Jesus Christ.


[zombie growling continues]

[zombie growling continues]


[breathing heavily] Okay.

Hey, kid.

Give me a hand with this, will ya?

I don't know why we stopped here in Philly.

We should've kept going.

Going where?

We need to find a way to communicate with that Citizen dude.

And I think Addy can do something with this dish.

Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and pick up p0rn.

Never seen p0rn.

You never seen p0rn?

Really? Never?

Before my time.

Is it good?






[machine gun firing] [zombies growling]



That even disgusted me.

'Course I'm the only one here to disgust.

Except for you.

But you're a dog. What do you care?





Where's my Sunshine?

Bitch gave me the slip.


That's your sister you're talking about.

We'll find her soon enough.

Meanwhile, another opportunity has presented itself.

[radio crackling]

Mayday. Mayday.

Calling anybody on this frequency.

Picking up some kind of RF signal out of Philadelphia.

Looks like something on the police band.

Radio: [muffled] Mayday. Mayday. This is Addison Carver with Delta-Xray-Delta.

Trying to contact Citizen Z. Come in, Citizen Z.

Mayday. Mayday.

Delta-Xray-Delta, this is Citizen Z. Do you copy? Over.

Radio: I'm picking you up loud and clear. Do you copy me?

Copy you loud and clear Citizen Z.

on radio: [gagging and sounds of struggle]

Delta-Xray-Delta, come in.

Delta-Xray-Delta, what is your status?

[taser clicking] [gagging]

Radio: Delta-Xray-Delta.

What is your status?


Radio: Anybody. Are you all right?

What is your status, Delta-Xray?

Hey, what's going on down there?

Is the package safe?

Repeat, is the package safe? Do you copy ?

[to self] Please respond.

If you're alive, please respond.

Addy? Addy Carver, do you copy?

[typing on keyboard]

[under breath] All right.

Let's go old school here and see we if we can triangulate where that signal came from.

What assets are hot in Philadelphia?

Signal frequency looks like... the police band.

There can't be any cops left in Philly.

It's been a dead zone for like two years.

Maybe they hot-wired a cop's walkie.

I miss the ol' days before Edward Snowden... and zombies.

We were such badasses.

Addy, did it work? Addy? Addy!

[Screams] Addy! Where are you?

Oh Jesus, baby. Baby, no, no, no, no, no!








You're not Addy.



Where is she?

[screaming] Addy!

Radio: Delta-Xray-Delta. Delta-Xray-Delta, come in.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We're here. We're here.

Delta-X whatever, we copy.

Gotcha, Delta-Xray.

Who am I speaking to?

Mack Thompson, but that doesn't matter right now.

There was a woman here. Did you talk to her?

Roger that. I made contact with someone named... Addy?

Yeah, Addy! Addy, yeah. Yeah, you talked to her, okay.

Is she okay?

Did she... did she tell you where she was going?

Negative on her location.

We only talked for like a second.

Something happened.

Goddamn Zs.

Maybe not. I heard voices. Human voices.

And then some sort of struggle.


Roger that.

Goddamn humans?

What about the package?

What package?

Murphy. Patient Zero.

Operation Bite Mark. Is he still alive?

Yeah, weasel breath, he's fine.

He was, he was alive an hour ago at least.

Okay, listen.

I need you... Got to run.

Radio: Wait!

[zombies snarling]

Radio: Delta-Xray... Delta-Xray.

[zombiesontie snarling] [punching sounds]


[under breath] Damn it.

I can't take much more of this.


[struggling] [screaming continues]

[breathing heavily]

It's okay. You're safe now.

You're safe. No one's going to harm you.

Touch me and I'll kill you.

[laughing] Sweet child. That won't be necessary.

Please, the last thing we want is to harm you.

My friends are looking for me, and when they find me they will kill you.

They will kill all of you!

I get it.

You don't trust me.

Why should you? I know you're not ready to hear this, but I'm going to say it anyway. I'm sorry.

Who are you? What do you want with me?

Fair questions.

I'd be angry too if I were brought here against my will.

Please, I don't want you to be afraid.

[playing chamber music]

I... I must apologize about my overzealous companions.

They're good men, but sometimes we have to resort to less than civilized means.

We live in a less than civilized world.

You know it. I know it.

So... when we encounter strangers the family needs to take... necessary precautions.

What family?


This is our home.

And I am responsible for their well-being.

I'm Tobias Campbell.

I guess you can say I'm like a father to our little family.

But like a family, we take care of one another.

Everyone contributes. Everyone benefits.

It's how we've survived the last three years.

It's the only way we'll survive in the future.

Don't you agree?

You must be hungry. Please eat.

We have plenty to share.

I'm not hungry.

You will be.

Until then, why don't you go with Moonshade and Stormy.

Ladies be so kind as to find some fresh clothes for our newest member.

I didn't say anything about joining your... family.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I don't mean to be presumptuous.

It's just that once people see the love and bounty that we share they never want to leave us.


Wait, so this Rocky dude loses the fight?

Yeah. Yeah, but see in losing, he wins.

It's very zen.

I'd like to see Rocky fight a Z.

If he loses, he gets eaten.


Hey, is everything okay?


Murphy: It's about time.

Doc: What's wrong? Where's Addy?


Is she...?

No. Taken alive.


By humans.


We thought you might know.

Me? Why would I know?

Mack: You recognize these guys?

No. Why would I?

Creep on the left was one of those two bikers back in Jersey.

With your friend Travis.

I told you, I didn't know that guy.

And I don't know them either.

You are gonna start telling me the truth right now or I am going to start blowing holes Mack. in you until you do.


Do you understand me?

Mack. Put the gun away. Put the gun away.

You're gonna tell us everything you know about these guys right now.

Or I'll shoot you.

I can't go back!

Back where?

Where? Where? Where is she?! Where is she?!



[whispers] Shoot.

You look beautiful.

I look like a post-apocalyptic stripper.


More like bait.

Tobias: Look at you.

Mother will be so pleased.

Supper will be ready soon.

Set the table.

And set a place of honor for our guest next to Mother.

[whispering] Where are you Mack?

[breathing heavily]


All right, Cassandra! No more bullshit.

Tell us what you know. Now!

All right. I know them.

They're part of a group of survivors. A family of sorts.

But more like a cult actually.

Led by a man named Tobias Campbell.

I can't go back there. I won't go back.

[screaming] You'll do whatever the hell we need you to do to get Addy back!

You don't know these people. They're dangerous.

So are we.

Not like they are. Tobias and the others are worse than Zs.

I thought I'd gotten away from them, but then Travis spotted me with you.

Why are you so afraid of them?

You don't get it.

You don't pick who you survive with.

At first I thought I was lucky.

They started out like everybody else.

Tobias was smart. He was strong. He saved us.

But then Black Summer came, and everything went to hell.

Somewhere along the way he lost his mind, and... and we lost our souls. And I am not going back there!

What are they gonna do to Addy?

Tobias has this weird control over people.

He can make you do terrible things.

What do you mean? Rape?

No, he'll use her as bait.

Bait? What, do they rob people?

Not just rob.

Murder them?!

No! Not rape. Not murder.

They don't just kill their victims. It's worse.


[lighter striking]

[light switch click]


[breathing heavily]


[muffled screams]

[muffled screams]


[muffled screams]


[rattling chains]


[shrieking and crying]

Oh God! Oh no! Oh God! Oh no! No!


Supper's ready!


There was this farmer.

Had the smartest pig in the world, Arnold.

This pig could read and do math.

Arnold was famous.

And then one day, the farmer's friend, he comes over and he sees Arnold tripping around on three legs.

And he says to the farmer, 'hey, what happened to poor Arnold?'

And the farmer says "Smart pig like that, you don't eat him all at once."


Oh, what? Too soon?

We didn't start out as cannibals.

Cannibals? How is that even possible?

Everything's infected with the zombie virus.

If you kill it and eat it, you get the live virus.

But if you eat it alive...

We were people just trying to survive.

Tobias saved me. First from the Zs.

Then from the worst of humanity.

He was a good man. Then his wife got sick.

She just couldn't take it anymore.

And he was never the same after that.

When Black Summer came and everyone else in the world was starving he swore he would do whatever it took to keep us alive.

And he did.

I'm going back for Addy.

Hang on, Mack.

Garnett, do not try to stop me.

Nobody's gonna try to stop you. We're all going back.

We just need a plan.

You don't understand! These people are worse than Zs!

They'll kill all of you!

Yeah, she's right. We need to look at the big picture.

Shut up!

Shut up!

Do you know where they've taken her?

[crying and struggling]

[crying and struggling]

I know you think we're monsters.

[crying and struggling Inhuman. We all did too at first.

[crying and struggling] - But hunger has a way of changing one's mind.

[crying and struggling]

Morality is stripped away.

[crying and struggling]

And all that remains is survival.

[crying and struggling]

I know, this takes some getting used to.

[crying and struggling]

Perhaps this will make it more palatable.

[taser clicking]

[Addy crying]

Please, Little Flower.

You must be starving.

Just a bite to keep your strength.

I made it special for you.

[breathing heavily]

Now you've upset Mama.

I know this is a big adjustment.

But in times like these, it's eat or be eaten.

So please. Mama likes you. Make her happy.

[zombies snarling]

Fresh meat.

You two, get this meat back in the kitchen.

Then get in position.


[zombies snarling]

Afternoon, friend.

If it's female companionship you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

Actually I'm looking for my friend.

Red head.

Goes by the name of Addy.

Addy? Addy? Don't know anybody named Addy.

Sure would remember if we had one.

Oh hey, how about the lovely Moonshade or Stormy?

We got a two for one special today.

Listen, scumbag.

I know you got her.

You send her out here in the next ten seconds or a lot of bad sh1t is gonna start happening.

Oooh, tough guy. [laughs]



[guns cocking]

That was a head shot.

We showed your friend some mercy.

I'm not gonna do the same for you.

Next shot is going through your heart.

So unless you want to be prematurely zombified, you get my friend out here.


Not if I blow you away first.

You're not gonna do that. You're gonna get me Addy.

And if you're quick about it, you can still eat your friend.

That won't be necessary.


[zombie snarling continues]

[whispering] Not yet. Not yet. Come on.

Apparently you've been talking to my little Sunshine.

Garnett, get me out of here. These people are insane.

Say that again and I will eat your heart.

Apparently we both have something the other wants.

Perhaps we can make a deal.

Give me back my Sunshine, and you can have your precious Addy.

Nah, I'm not gonna negotiate with a cannibal.

You're gonna give me Addy. We're gonna walk away.

And you can eat anybody you want.

You know the first rule of negotiation is the person who wants it least wins.

If you harm her, we'll kill every one of you.

Kill away.

Frankly I've had about all the zombie apocalypse I can take.

But of course, you and the girl will be the first to die.

[zombie snarling continues]

That's what I thought.

Do you know the second rule of negotiation?



The guy with the 50 caliber machine gun wins.

[machine gun firing]

That didn't sound good.

[zombie snarling continues]

You gonna give me back my Sunshine?

Or do we continue this conversation in hell?

No, Mack.

No, no, if we're going to hell, I'm going all the way and I'm taking this b*st*rd with me.


What do you want?!

I'll go.


Let her go, Tobias.

What are you doing?

What I should have done in the first place.

Let her go, and I'll come back.

Don't do it. Kill them. Kill them all.

No It's okay. It's okay.



Come on.

It's okay. It's okay, baby.

It's okay. Come on. Let's go.

My Sunshine.

Hey, we about given up on you.

I actually gave up on you about an hour ago.

Never thought I'd be happy to see your sad ass again.

Mack: Let's get out of here, guys. Now.

Wait. What?

Come on.

We're not... we're not leaving her there, are we?

Addy. She lied to us. It almost got you killed.

We can't do that.

We can't just leave her there.

[laughs] Come in the truck with me.

We'll talk about this when you're safe.

I am not going.

Look, he's right.

We almost all got killed going back for you.

Yeah, she's a freakin' cannibal, and she got what she deserved.

She did what she had to do to survive.

And you of all people would have done the same.

Come on, Addy is right!

We cannot leave her back there!

You men don't know what it's like.

[Laughs] What is this, a chick thing now?



All right, I want to help her too.

But we're not gonna beat a 50 caliber machine gun.

It's gonna tear us to pieces before we get to the fence.

How good a shot are you?


Pretty good.

One thousand eighty-four.

Oh yeah, and a half.

Okay. I have an idea.

Radio: Calling Northern Light. Calling Northern Light.

Come in, Northern Light. Do you copy? Over.

Come in... Citizen whoever you are.

This is Delta-Xray-Delta. Where the hell are you? Come in. Over.

This is Delta-Xray-Delta. Where the hell are you? Come in. Over. [panting] I'm here.

I'm here. Northern Light.

Copy you Delta-Xray.

Northern Light, we need your help. Do you copy?

We need your help.

Copy that, ma'am. What can I do?

We need music.

I'm sorry. Say again. It sounded like you said you needed music.

That's a roger.

Can you broadcast on the AM frequency? Over.

We're the NSA, ma'am. Master of all frequencies.

What would you like to hear?

We need a diversion. Something loud.

Something that'll make the Zs go crazy.

Copy that and can do, ma'am. I think I have just the thing.

Give me five minutes and look for my broadcast on the low end of the AM dial.

Thanks, dude.


Hear that boy?

They need us.

Somebody actually needs us.

Mama's so much happier when you're here.

Got some fresh meat in trailer two looking for something exotic.

You're on, Sunshine.

Mmm. That's what I'm talkin' about.

Twenty minutes and no rough stuff.

Define rough stuff.

Sunshine will let you know.

Oooh, Sunshine.

What are you doing?

[Whispering] Shhh. The right thing.

Just follow my lead.

You know this is gonna get us all killed, right?

At least we're going out with some style.

Crank it up!

[loud music plays]

Here they come.

If you got any prayers, now's the time.

[vehicle engine revs]

[growling] [loud music continues]

[moaning] Oh! Oh! Yeah! Oh!


[moaning] Oh yea baby!

[moaning] Oh my God!

[mni] Yeah, baby!

[moaning] Oh, you're so big!

[moaning] Take it!

[moaning] Yes!

[moaning] Love doctor in the house!

[moaning] Oh, doctor!

[moaning] Oh yeah! Yeah, baby!

[loud music playing]

[moaning] Oh yeah! - [moaning] Ride it, baby!

What fool is playing music?

[moaning] Oh! Oh!

[moaning] Yes!

[whispering] Listen. That's our signal.

[moaning] Come on, baby! Oh! Oh!

Bernt, see if you can tell where that music is coming from.

Merchant, get on the 50 caliber just in case.

[screaming] No! No! Don't!

[screaming] Oh!

[screaming] No! No! Ahhhhhhh!




[sounds of struggling]

[taser clicking]

[breathing heavily]


My name is Cassandra!

[taser clicking]

[Whispers] Let's go. Come on.

[loud music continues]

[loud music continues] [zombies snarling]

[loud music continues]

Let's go! Let's go!


[cocking gun]

[truck engine roaring]

[loud music continues]

[machine gun firing]



[snarling and growling]

It's now or never.

[loud music stops playing]

[pounding on truck]

[engine revs]

[snarling and growling]

[snarling and growling]

[muffled screaming]

[snarling and growling]

[muffled screaming]

[snarling and growling]

[muffled screaming] [snarling and growling]

[Tobias screaming]



My kinda town.

If anybody asks, we were nowhere near that bell.

I always heard Philly was a tough town, but sheesh.

Zombies with attitude.

[blues music plays]

Hope my peeps down in the Philly area can hear this. Thought I'd spin some blues to travel by. And to anybody else out there within the sound of my voice. I hope some slide guitar gets you through another messed up day of death and destruction. Everybody out there, whether you're hiding in a cave or running for your life, just keep doing what you got to do to stay alive. Because in the end, that's the only way we're gonna win this Zombie Apocalypse thing. Bash 'em, slash 'em, bust 'em, and burn 'em. Whatever it takes. Just stay alive. No questions asked.

♪ ♪