01x04 - Full Metal Zombie

Previously on Z Nation.

Those are zombie bites.

Eight of them.


If we can get him to the lab in California, they can use his blood and make more of the vaccine.

Shoot him!

[Zombie growling]


You're that sharp shooter that saved my ass, aren't you?

So what's your name, kid?

Ten Thousand.

Does it mean anything?

How many zombies I'm going to kill.

[Zombie growling]

[Doc screaming]


One thousand fifty-nine.


One thousand sixty!

Nice shot, kid!





Amish zombies.



[Garnett] They tried to quarantine themselves from the rest of society.

Keep the Zs from spreading the infection.

That was before we knew Romero had it right.

We were all carrying the virus.

Didn't matter who you were or how you died.

Night of the Living Dead. Great movie, sucky reality.

You know what I don't get, If the Zs didn't spread the virus, how did we all get infected?

Best guess I heard, it was spread by birds.

Some kind of parasite piggybacked on the bird flu.

Stays dormant 'till you die.

You know take it from somebody who knows first hand.

Other than the fact that they find brains delicious, when it comes to zombies nobody knows nothin'.

My turn.

Have we just met?

Thank you.

Hey, hurry up.

I want to get past DC before dark.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Doc] I'm tellin' ya, there ain't nothin' there.

No thoughts, no memories.

No soul.


Well they're not dead.

They want something.

Yeah. Brains.

You can't want something if you're not conscious, if you don't have a soul.

When my pa was wounded, he told me to tie him up before he turned.

Made me promise to show him mercy when he died.

Kill the brain, you know?

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't hurt my pa, no matter what he'd become.

I stared into his eyes for the longest time, just looking for some sign he was still in there.

Did you see anything?

[Doc] What did you do?

I killed it.

Damn, kid.

You had to put down your own dad?

Didn't kill him.

Killed it.

But if it's not alive, how did you kill it?

Piked it.

Right here. My first kill.

I always wish he knew, you know, somehow knew that I kept my promise.

[vehicle engine]

[second vehicle engine]

[tapping on glass]

Humans! Six o'clock!

I see them.

Is that more of your cannibal friends?

No. Something else.

Up ahead!

Where's he going?

Hey! Kid!

What do you think?

Plow right through?

No, I don't want to wreck the truck again.

Let's pike them and be on our way.

Oh what, are we having a little mercy party?

Hey, let's do this quietly.

There might be more of them nearby.



Cassandra: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Something's wrong.

Yeah, she's right. Look at their feet.


[vehicle engine]

Hold it right there!

All right, now drop your weapons or die right where you stand.

Put down the weapons or eat brains.






God, I love that kid.

Now, we just want the vehicle.

All right?

So give us the truck and we'll let you live to die another day.

[Murphy] Give them the truck!

Don't give them a goddamn thing!

Do the math Garnett.

We have other priorities.

Get them the damn truck.

[Bandit laughs]

Listen to your friend there.

Nobody wants to die.

But we're taking that truck.

Say the word, Garnett.

[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy ♪

[three gunshots]

♪ Oh, have mercy ♪

Let them have it.

The truck.

Let them have the truck.

Smart move.

All right guys, let's go!

And leave the junker!

They're not gonna get very far.


[cheering and hollering]

[door creaking]


[blowing wind]

Sergeant Raymond Valdez.

Delta Force. Deceased.


Lieutenant Mark Hammond.

Delta Force. Deceased.

Cause of death.




Alvin Bernard Murphy.

AKA Patient Zero.

Previously serving three years in federal prison for postal fraud.

Compulsory volunteer, project Bite Mark.




Believed to be en route to Mt. Wilson CDC lab, California.

Sergeant Charles Garnett, National Guard.

Believed to be in possession of Patient Zero.

Current location, somewhere south of Philadelphia, accompanied by an unknown number of civilians.

Addy (on radio): Come in, Citizen Z.

Mayday. Mayday.

This is Addison Carver with Delta-Xray-Delta.

Trying to contact Citizen Z.

Come in, Citizen Z. Addy Carver.


Doesn't sound military.

Slightly east coast accent.

I wonder.

[typing on keyboard]

Level nine top secret clearance only.

That would be me.

[typing continues]

Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Tinder.

A regular trip down memory lane.

Someday this will be all that's left of us.


Addison Carver, AKA Addy.

Age twenty-six. Student.

Believed to be accompanying Patient Zero to Mount Wilson regarding operation Bite Mark.

Last contact seven days ago.

Status, single.

I mean, status unknown.

What a tomato.

[car engine running poorly]


[clearing throat]


No offense babe, but you need a bath.

Do I?


Oh, okay. Yeah, when was the last time you changed your underwear goat-boy?

What underwear?

[laughing] Ewww!


Y'all see that?

That's them, all right.


Looks like they're trying to rob some poor family this time.

Not if I have anything to say about it. Come on.

Would it matter at all if I said don't do this?

Drop your weapons on the ground or the first shot takes your head off.

You heard the man. Drop your weapons.


What's this?

A robbery.

[plethora of gunfire]

Drop your weapons.


I don't want to have to kill you.

[engine revs] [tires squeal]

[Warren yells]

Never get out of the boat.

[engine running poorly]

Yo, can't this thing go any faster?

I'm gonna die of old age before we get to California.

You can always get out and push.

[laughing] No, not me, sister. I'm special.

Talking to you makes me wonder about this whole saving humanity thing.

Stop the car!

[Doc] Oh, it's the family.

[snarling and munching]

We got to get off this road.

Absolutley nothing new is going on in this decimated world of ours.

It's the same desperation, the same devastation everywhere you look.


And who the hell keeps posting all these cat videos?


We should have known piano playing kittens was a harbinger of the Apocalypse.

[computer alarm sounding]

[whispering] Okay.


[dog barks]


This is Sergeant Charles Garnett calling Northern Light.

Charles Garnett calling Northern Light. Come in, Northern Light.

Can you read me? Citizen Z, are you there? Over.

Yes, this is Northern Light for Garnett.

Citizen Z hitting you back. Go for Garnett.

Thank God. We've been trying to make this work for hours.

What are you broadcasting on?

Uh, Clowny the french fry guy.

One of our team, Carver jerry-rigged a drive-thru camera Addy Carver?


Is she there? I wanna say hi.

Oh, okay.

Hi, Addy.


How's it going down there?

Ummm, it's pretty eff'd up actually.

How's it going wherever you are?

Aww you know, same ol' same ol'.

Busy keeping an eye on the world.

What can I do for you folks?

Can we get a chocolate shake and fries for ten thousand men?

Could we please get on with this before the Zs find us?

Wait. Is that Murphy?


Glad to see you're still alive, sir.

Yeah but he won't be for long if we don't get off this highway.

We're in desperate need of alternate transpo.

We're looking for an airplane or a chopper or a hot air balloon.

Anything airborne.

There is one thing.

I've been monitoring some random transmissions from what's left of the Emergency Headquarters for Infection Control.

I can hear them, but they don't respond when I reply.

And it's pretty garbled.

General McCandles might still be holed up there.

You're in luck.

I have a visual confirmation on that chopper.

It looks like it's still there.

Garnett: Where is it?

McLean, Virginia. Twenty clicks due west of Washington DC.

Look for a high-rise with structural damage and a chopper on the roof.

Now that's a hundred miles south from here.

We're going west, not south.

West. Do you want to get off the road or not?

Puppies and kittens!

[zombies snarling]

We gotta go.

Bye, Addison.

Call me when you get there.

[vehicle engine running]

[zombies snarling]


Not exactly what I was hoping for.

One of these days you're gonna learn to quit hoping for things.

You better hope not cuz that's when we leave your ass at the side of the road.

Halt! Who goes there!

Sergeant Charles Garnett, National Guard.

This is Lieutenant Roberta Warren, State your business. also National Guard.

We're on a high priority mission to get this man to a CDC lab in California.

We were sent here by an Intell Officer from the NSA to see General McCandles.

We need his help finding transpo.

We were told he has a helicopter.

Yeah, he's got a chopper.

But General McCandles is a very busy man.

He's got the entire east coast under his command.

He can't worry about some raggedy ass group of civilians on a suicide mission.

I suggest you move on before the infected find you.

Nothing raggedy ass about this group of civilians, sir.

And this man has important information about a vaccine for the zombie virus.

He smells like a damn Z.

You don't smell so good yourself, septic tank.

You gonna help us or not?

You want to see the General?

You're going to have to pay a tribute.

Gesture of goodwill to show him you're serious.

What kind of tribute you have in mind?

Our medic has been MIA over a year.

We need painkillers. Antibiotics.

Anything you got.

I'll get my bag.

I got aspirin, tetracycline, cipro.

That should knock out most any infection.

And oxycontin.

The oxy. We need painkillers.

You want to see the General or not?

This is the last of our supply.

That'll do.


[exhaling loudly]

The General will see you now.

Radio: Why are you wasting my time?

General McCandles, sir.

We have a National Guard unit and several civilians requesting permission to speak to you.

Is sweet Jesus with them?

No, sir.

Then tell them to go to hell!

I don't believe so.

I've got a war to fight! Where's that close air support I ordered Tell the Admiral I need those subs in position by 0800.

Bravo Company, hold your position at all costs.

Repeat, all costs.

You heard the General.

General McCandles, sir.

We're on a mission of extreme importance by direct order from the president.

It's imperative that we find air transport to Mt. Wilson CDC lab Sorry, I'm busy. in California.

Where are my reinforcements?

You heard the man. Time to go.

That's it?

I've a good mind to make you barf up my oxycontin.

Doc! Doc! Stand down!

Did you say Doc? As in doctor?

Yeah, our team includes a medical doctor.

Why didn't you say so? Send him up.

I have a wounded man in need of medical attention.

Just the doctor. The rest of you wait here.

I got this.

All right.

Hey, hey, hey. Talk to him about the chopper.

[elevator bell dings]

Son of a bitch.

I was saving that oxy for a party when we got to Cali.

[elevator bell dings]

You the medic?

I am indeed.

You the General?

General Arthur C. McCandles. Commander, Central Command, Infection Response Forces.

Where's your wounded man?

Right here.

It's not a bite.

This looks bad.

Real bad.

It's just a scratch.

No, that's... that's more like gangrene.

Can you save the leg?

I'm afraid not, General.

It's already starting to spread.

Soon the Z virus will take over.

All I can do at this point is show you mercy when the time comes.

You call that a diagnosis?

I call it the truth.

You're gonna die.

And soon.

That's what the last guy said.




[screaming] Oh! Oh!

[breathing heavily]



[breathing heavily]

[zombie growling]

[Doc screaming]

What do you think, pup?

Could we use another friend?


My thoughts exactly.

That was quick.

Addy: How are things at the North Pole?

Awesome. Beautiful Aurora today. How's your day going?

Kinda lonely. Nice to have somebody to talk to.

I know the feeling. Gets lonely here too.

Keeping an eye on the planet keeps you busy though.

I feel safer just knowing you're there. You seem so cool.

I wish I could meet you in person.

Super busy, but I'm sure that could be arranged.

What are you doing right now?

Aww you know.

Same ol', same ol'.


One thousand ninety.


One thousand ninety-one.


One thousand and ninety-two.


Okay, what's going on with Doc?

Guys, if we don't get out of here soon this could get ugly.

Oh, you mean uglier.


Do you hear that?

Hear what?

I don't hear anything.



Sounds like Doc.

[zombie growling]

[Doc screaming]

Make it stop!

Make it stop!

[screaming continues]

That's Doc all right. But where the hell is he?

Somewhere up there.

We're going up after him.

No, you don't.

Let us up now.

Nobody goes upstairs without the General's orders.

We go up now or I scramble your egg-brain inside the shell.

You'll be sorry.

So will you cuz you're coming up with us.

10K! Cover our flank. Don't let man or zombie follow us up.

Yes, sir.

One thousand ninety-three. [gunshot] No. Ninety-four.

[elevator bell dings]

What floor is the General on?

Top floor.

He's the General, man. What floor do you think he's on?

[zombie growling]

[Doc meditating]

My world is but an illusion. My world is but an illusion.

Oh God, why didn't I pay better attention to that sweet little Buddhist chick I dated?

[zombie continues growling]

[Doc breathes heavily]

Stay calm. I'm sure they're... I'm sure they're watching you right now. They're looking for you. They're looking for you right now. There's no way they'd just leave you here trapped in the air shaft with an ugly-ass zombie waiting to eat my face off!

[growling continues]

Oh, wait.

[growling continues]



Oh, that's more like it.

I was saving this for a special occasion.

[growling continues]

Like now.

[growling continues]

[growling intensifies]

Come on, suck it up. Come on. Come on.

[growling continues]

That's good sh1t, man.


[growling continues]

[screaming] Help!

Now what?

Be ready for anything.

Did I mention that the one thing I have a phobia of aside from zombies is elevators.

Shouldn't have messed with the General.

[breathing heavily] Is it getting hot in here?

Hey, come on. Open the damn door.

I got to get out of here.

Relax, Murphy.

No, no, I got to get out. There's not enough oxygen.


Chill out!


I'm here, babe.

Hey, why aren't we moving?

It'll start in a second.



[whispering] Thank you, son. It's good.

Can I do anything for you?

Make sure those knots are tight.

It's not gonna be long now.

It's double-half-hitch. Just like you taught me.

Just be sure.

Promise me you'll do what we talked about when the time comes.

Promise me.

I promise.

Just like we talked about.

I swear.

Don't swear.

Your mother never liked that.

I promise.

[whispering] Good.

[whispering] I could always trust you to do the right thing.

[crying] You're a good boy.

[crying] Your mother, she'd be proud of the man you're growing up to be.


Give me another puff.

Will ya?


Ya know, now don't take offense.

But the only thing worse than that mug of yours is your breath.

[growling continues]


Not my fingers, you animal!

I was offering you the last hit.

Well, fine. I'll bogart it myself then.

[growling continues]

A thousand and one uses, I tell ya.

[growling lessens]

Well I'll be damned.

I think you're stoned.


Hell, we don't need a vaccine.

Just need a few billion tons of some primo Ganja, and the world would be just fine.



[lesser growling continues]

Doctor Morgan Henley.

Does that name ring a bell in any of those cannabinol soaked brain cells you have left...


I must be really stoned.

Obstetrics, huh?

I wonder what that must have been like.

Bringing all them beautiful little angels into the world.

I mean just to be present for so many miracles.

Yeah, it's a bummer all those babies grew up to be zombies.

[growling resumes]

You know, I got a kid out there somewhere.

I never told anybody that before.

I had him when I was 19.

Too young.

Wasn't really around for him like I should've been.

Never really got to know him.

[growling continues]

Kept telling myself maybe you know someday I... I would just call him up.

Make up for lost time.

[crying] Lost time. Lost time.

[growling continues]

[crying] And I don't even know if he's alive or dead.




[growling intensifies]




Bravo Company must hold their positions until the reinforcements arrive. If their line is broken, there's nothing to stop the infected between here and the ocean.

You tell that wing commander if he doesn't get those planes in the air right now I'm gonna come down there personally and tear his head off his shoulders and beat the damn zombie horde to death with his bloody skull.

Well, well, well.

What do we have here?

Insubordinate curs can't take no for an answer?

We'll see about that, eh?

Why aren't we moving?

What's going on?

All right, everyone needs to relax.

Don't mess with us.

I'm not messing with you, man.

Anything happens, you'll be the first to go.

[Murphy breathing heavily]

[elevator bell dings]


[growling and screamming]

I got to get out of here!

Murphy! No!

Don't fire!



I should have slapped that fool harder.


[elevator bell dings]


Murphy! Murphy!

All right Warren, you come with me.

You guys stay here in case he comes back.

Got it.










[heavy breathing]

You okay?

[breathing heavily] Uh huh.

Let's get out of here.


Dude, you're really starting to marsh my mellow.

[growling continues]

[breathing heavily]


[Doc breathing heavily]

[zombie continues growling]

Well I coulda used you about an hour ago.

Look, man.

It's been fun, but I think it's time you go home now.


You're starting to creep me out, man.

Let's just get this over with.


Doctor Morgan Henley.

I give you mercy.





[breathing heavily]

Now how am I gonna get out of here?

[hollow metal pounding]


[pounding continues]

Help! Somebody!

Doc? Doc?


Doc, is that you?


Murphy, is that you?

Hang in there, Doc.

Someone will come help you.

Just not me.

[snarling and growling]

[snarling and growling continues]

[Murphy screams]


[three gunshots]









[multiple gunshots]


I'm out of ammo.

Me too.

Well look who.

I think that's the last of them.

Is everybody okay?


Anybody seen Murphy?

Murphy! Murphy!

You don't have to shout. I'm right here.

You don't sneak up on people in the zombie apocalypse, okay?

Sorry, sorry.

I know where Doc is.


[elevator bell dings]


[loud thumping]

[loud roar]

Holy sh1t.

I'm out of ammo.

Me too.

[growling and loud footsteps continue]

I got this.

[four gunshots]

[zombie growls]

[Mack screams]

[zombie continues growling]

[sounds of impact]

[zombie continues growling]

[sounds of struggle]




[sounds of struggle]

Take cover!

[sounds of struggle]




Is everybody okay?



[everyone coughing]

Murphy, where's Doc?

He was down that air shaft.


Let's go find that helicopter and get out of here.


No disrespect Madame President, but you're not fit to lead a gang of kindergartners in a dirt clod war.

Let alone this great nation in a moment of grave national peril like we find ourselves in now.

[radio static]

Hey, hey, hey!

I've been waiting for you.




Ah, crap.

Nothing works anymore.


What do you people want anyway?

We're on a mission that just might save the human race.

This man has antibodies in his blood needed to make a zombie vaccine.

We've been tasked with getting him to a CDC lab in California.


We need your helicopter.

Well hell, why didn't you say so sooner?


I'll fly you there myself.

She's beautiful, isn't she?

What is this, some kind of joke?

Sure, she needs a little maintenance. But, with some TLC, a little help scrounging a few spare parts, I'll have you to California in no time.



A friend of mine died trying to get to that pile of junk.

You and Doc were friends?

We played cards... once.

This is war, son.

We've all lost friends.

Hell, everybody I ever knew is dead.

Why am I not surprised?

You know I don't like you.

Well get in line.

General McCandles.


Thank you, but I think we'll find alternate transportation.

You think I'm insane, don't you?

Well maybe I am.

Too much death.

Too many good men sent to an early grave.

Too many zombies.


Stand down! I got this!

Come here you Godless brain eating scum!

[General yelling]

[several gunshots]

I'll see you in Hell!



What happened to Doc?

He didn't make it.


Oh, whoa, whoa.

Oh God, is that...

It's Doc.

Someone's gotta...

I'll do it.

Steven "Doc" Beck.

I give you mercy.


What the hell, Warren?

You trying to kill me?

You're alive?

Damn straight I'm alive.


We thought you were dead.

Well so did I.

Some numbskull threw a grenade in the air shaft I was stuck in.


Well hurry up!


[laughing] Come on.

Give me a kiss, baby.


Well I should let you go.

I'm sure you're busy with keeping an eye on the world and all.


I got a hungry dog here I better go feed.

Nice talking to you.

I hope we get to meet someday.

I'd really like that.

Good night.

Sweet prince.

Good night, fair lady.

[music plays]

Here's a song for all the lonely people out there, which is just about everybody that's left.

So if you've got somebody to go through the Apocalypse with, you better watch their backs.

Cuz there ain't many of us left.

And oh yeah, I'd like to dedicate this song to Addison Carver, wherever you are.

Radio: I'd like to dedicate this song to Addison Carver, wherever you are.

I talked to the guy twice. Come on.

You know kid, I've been thinking about what you told me about your dad and how you wished he knew you did the right thing giving him mercy like you promised.


Well I just want you to know your dad knows what you did for him. And he knows you did the right thing. You kept your promise.


[snarling and heavy breathing]

[snarling and heavy breathing]

I'm sorry, papa.

[snarling and heavy breathing]

I love you.

[snarling ceases]