01x06 - Resurrection Z

Previously on Z Nation.

Those are zombie bites.

Eight of them.

You're looking at the only human known to have survived being bitten by a zombie.

If we can get him to the lab in California they can use his blood and make more of the vaccine.

[wind blowing]

Is that what I think?!

They ain't sharks!

You still think about him?


I try not to.



Is that him?


Even if I never know for sure what happened to Antoine I'm okay with being here now with you.

I'm good with that too.

(TV) This is a national emergency.

Citizen Z: I've decided to catalog all the theories about where the Z virus came from.

There's more than a few.

Is it what the Zoroastrians would call Frashokereti?

Or are we contaminated with Amazon brain rot?

Or maybe we passed through the tail of a comet that sprinkled the earth with zombie dust.

Or was it a defense department weaponized virus that escaped the lab?

Or how about self fulfilling prophecy.

Public fascination with all things zombie just willed it into existence.

As things went south the theories got weirder.

Good times for religions with an end of the world scenario.

The crazier the better.

The Apocalypse business was booming.

At least while there still was business to boom.

It reminds me of a poem by Yeats.

"And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?"

There is no cure.


What rough beast indeed.

[organ music plays]

Father, we ask that watch over our brothers and sisters as they leave our congregation for a greater journey.

All: Amen.

And although we will not see them again in this life, they will live on through their sacrifice.

Now I ask you all to rise.

Brother Eli, Brother Matthew, please help with the Resurrected...


Let us pray.

For today is a day of joy.


I ask now for the anointed to please step forward.



These brothers and sisters will soon know the true meaning of peace that only belief and resurrection can bring.

May these keep you safe on your journey and serve as the instrument of your salvation.

I envy you, brothers.


Let us ring the bell and joyously call out for more of the resurrected to join our flock.

[bell ringing]


Brother Eli.

Brother Matthew.

Please prepare to greet them.


[growling continues]

[bell ringing] [growling]

No Zs in sight.

Anybody else worried about Mr. Sunshine out there?

I know.

He's looking worse.

Yeah, he was pretty creepy to start with.

Come on, guys. Give him a break.

It's the Apocalypse. None of us look our best.

It's like one long bad hair day.

Speaking of hair, what's with all the bald patches?

Maybe that vaccine is like zombie chemo.

Or maybe that vaccine isn't working.

What do you think, Doc?

I've seen Zs look better than him.

Will he make it to California?

If we haul ass.

If he goes zombie, we might have to put him down.

Dibs on piking him.

If he turns, piking him's the least of our problems.


Pit stop's over. Let's get moving.

I have a ginormous bladder.

Sue me.

Man, I sure could use some of them Kansas City barbecue ribs about now.

How bout you, darlin'. You're a big rib eater, aren't you?

You know I was almost starting to feel sorry for you.

You look pretty happy for someone who hasn't eaten in two days.

Could be worse.


We're still alive, aren't we?

[laughs] You were always a glass half full kinda guy.

It's what I love about you.

Actually I'm looking forward to getting some food and a hot shower at Province Town.

Well don't get your hopes up.

We don't even know if this place still exists.

Hammond had it marked on his map as a resupply place.

And if his contact there is the same Major Williams from my National Guard days, we might actually get some help.

So we're relying on the map of a dead guy?

In case you forgot that dead guy was a hero who died protecting you.

Just because he's dead doesn't make him a hero.

Well I hope Province Town does exist because we're out of just about everything but hope.



One thousand five hundred and fifty four.

Surrender all weapons? Are they serious?

Looks like.

What do you wanna do?

Their town, their rules.

Looks like we don't have much of a choice.

Stop right there! This is a private compound.

I'm gonna have to ask you to turn around and go back the way you came.

I'm looking for Major Wiliams.

Joe Williams.

And who are you?

I'm Sergeant Charles Garnett, Georgia National Guard.

We've known each other going back pre-z.

Wait there. Your crew stays in the truck.

They try to get out or we see a weapon, we'll fire.

Easy everyone.

Charlie's got it under control.

So you're calling him Charlie now?

Yeah, and I'm gonna start calling you my bitch if you don't shut up.

Well holy sh1t.

It's the ghost of Charlie Garnett.

Never expected to see you again. At least not alive.

Hey, Joe. Didn't expect to see you again either.

Looks like we're both still standing.

Looks like.

Last time I saw you, you were pulling my ass out of a ditch full of Zs.

Just returning the favor.

How many Zs we kill that day?

Not enough.

Do you mind?

Stand down.

You're the first person I've seen from before.

How the hell you end up here?

I'm actually on a mission for the government, if you can believe that.

If it was anybody but you, I wouldn't.

We've come from New York. Haven't eaten in a few days.

New York?

Haven't seen anyone east of the Mississippi for over a year.

How many of you are there?

Eight. Including a doctor.

Real doctor?

Sort of.

He's watched a lot of E.R.

All right.

Come inside and tell me your story. We'll get you some food.

But the truck stays outside.

Let them in.

And of course you'll have to check your weapons.

[metal detector whistling]

Just make sure we get these back.


Why is this not making me feel any safer?

Looks like it's seen a little action.


Ex prison guard?


[metal detector whistling]

Just like Dodge City.

We have our reasons.

Makes sense.

Strong on the outside.

Safe on the inside.

[metal detector beeping]

Major, you're not gonna believe this.

Three of Jacob's flock are back.

Major Williams?

We'd like to come back.

We were wrong to leave.

Jacob turned out to be just some crazy cult leader.

We brought food.

What do you want us to do?

If they're clean, let 'em back in.

Probably won't be the last of his sheep to wander back.

[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy...

[three gunshots]

♪ Oh, have mercy ♪♪

I feel so much lighter without that damn hammer.

Yeah, I feel naked, and not in a good way.

When we started out, everyone was armed.

Then one day a guy decided to shoot his wife's boyfriend.

He turned, and we lost five people.

So we made a rule.

Only guards could carry inside.

Then a trading group came in. Took a gun off a guard.

Seven dead that time. We were lucky it wasn't worse.

We have a strong perimeter. Never been breached.

All our problems happened inside.

So we removed the threats.

No weapons inside the walls, period.

It's a better way to live. Safer.

Being armed all the time has an effect on people.

Maybe I'm naïve, but this gives me hope.

Is this a zombie cage?

Doesn't seem much use these days.

We patrol the surrounding area for Zs twice a day, so they aren't really a problem.

It's the people we have to worry about.

Since going weapon-free, we've gone over a year without a fatality.

Think about that. You've been out in the world.

How many deaths have you seen in the last year?

Enough for a lifetime.

What if someone, you know, dies of natural causes?

Sure, that could happen.

All the doors and gates close automatically, sealing off each section of the compound. Like on a submarine.

Can't be opened by Zs.

Everything's been zombie-proofed.

You ever hear of the Titanic?

You're welcome to wait outside in your vehicle.

You'll have to forgive my friend. He's been through a lot.

We all have. Nothing's perfect, but this is as close as it gets.

After a while, most people find they can actually sleep through the night.

Really? I can't imagine that.

We grow all our own fruits and vegetables.

The scraps and our waste all go into a biomass generator.

We're up to four hours of electricity a day.

Really? That's cool.

What's their story?

We had a little trouble a while back with a preacher we took in.

He drank his own kool-aid.

Decided the Zompocalypse was actually The Second Coming and we needed to save the Zs, not kill them.

Calls them "The Resurrected." Real whack-job.

I'm not an expert on the Bible, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing in there about zombies.

We had to kick him out, along with his followers.

I've seen this kind of thing before. Crazy spreads fast.

So why would you let them back in?

They all had family still here.

I knew once they were out a while, they'd get hungry or scared and some would come back.

Like clockwork these three turned up today.

Not true believers, huh?

Hard to believe on an empty stomach.

Speaking of which, let's get you people something to eat.

First meal is on me. The rest you trade for.

No meat of course. Hope you're vegetarian.

Oh yeah.

We're headed to a CDC lab in California.

You're never gonna make it to California.

Yeah, that's what I've been told.

No, seriously.

The Zs are swarming out west. Millions of them.

Been hearing about it second and third hand.

Nothing left to eat in the city, so they're pouring into open country, forming mega herds.

Rumor has it the whole west coast is a no-go zone.

Well we still got to try.

The guy's a pain in the ass, but he's our only chance for a cure.

Getting yourself killed won't cure anything.

I could use you here.

I need experienced soldiers and a doctor.

That's a tempting offer, Joe. But we got to keep going.

Clock's ticking on our guy. In fact, I could use your help.

We could use an old school ass kicker like you out on the road.

I don't know. I've seen so much hope come to nothing.

This is the first thing I've been a part of that might actually work.

These folks rely on me.

I know.

I get it.

I've got a spare room two or three of you can use.

The rest can grab a bunk in the community room.

Let me think about what you said.

We'll talk more tomorrow. In the meantime, get some rest.


Thank you.

Dude. Dude, slow down. They're not gonna take it from you.


We got the lowdown on the sleeping situation.

There's a room that two or three of us can share, and there's a communal bunk.

Dibs on the room.

What? Be less risk of anyone figuring out who I am.

I think we should give it to those two.

What, no, no, no. We're not a...

[Addy laughs]

Yeah, you guys take it.


Is it that obvious?


If we're gonna do the time, we may as well do the crime.

[Doc laughs]

[whispering] Are you serious?

[whispering] Yes. Well that was funny.

[Addy laughs]

It's not exactly what I was...

It's perfect.

[clearing throat] Roberta, ummm...


[laughs] I mean, come on.

This room, it's like you know here's the bed.


It's... cozy.


[Whispers] Yeah.

[whispering] I don't know what to say.

[whispering] Don't say anything.

Hey, ummm, I don't have any...

We'll think of something.

I went to Catholic school.


[whispering] Chair.

[whispering] All right.

What are you worried about the nuns?

Never know.

For indeed we have had good news preached to us, just as the unbelievers. But the word they heard did not profit them, for their hearts were closed to the truth.

So then we shall open their eyes.

That fella seems pretty popular for a guy who just got kicked out of here.

It was a lot harder than we expected it. Thought we'd be better off back here.

Lucky for you the Major was willing to take you in again.

Yes, it was lucky for us all.

Hey, Luke. Glad to see you back, man. I knew you were too smart to fall for that Jacob clown.

Yeah. It wasn't at all what I thought it was gonna be. Glad to be back. I think I left some meds in my ammo bag. Do you mind checking for me?

Sure, hang on.

[cracking sound]

Hey, are you all right?

Listen to me, all of you, for I have good news. The major didn't believe in the word of Jacob. But he will. All of you will be given another chance to hear his word and join the Resurrection Church.

What are you doing? Get down from there.

He's got a weapon!


For as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so also the Son gives life to whom he will.


He's gonna turn.


Damn it.



[munching] [screaming]

[growling] [screaming]



[munching] [screaming]

[screaming continues]

Oh God! Luke!

Help me secure these doors! We have to contain this!


[growling] [yelling]

[munching] [yelling]



Are you sure you didn't go to Catholic school?


Uh-uh. Go away!

Hey! This is a very bad time to bother us.

Oh, terrible time.




[knock knock]

Who's there?


[whispering] Zombies?

[whispering] It can't be.

[knock knock knock]


[growling] [yelling]

[glass breaking]



[crack] [growling]



[growling ceases]

[breathing heavily]




[screaming] [growling]

[growling] [heavy breathing]

Come on.




Murphy! Come on!

Come on!





[rattling of metal] [growling continues]




Come on! Let's go!

[screams] Hurry!

[growling] [screaming]

I would give my left nut for that z-whacker right now!


Come on, you guys!

Let's go!



[growling] [screaming]

[growling] [screaming]

[mixer running] [screaming]

[breathing heavily]

[breathing heavily] Oh, that was a bad one.

[breathing heavily] Where's Murphy?

The last we saw, he ran out some other door.

We need a leash for that guy.

Someone wedged that door open for the zombies.



[growling] [sounds of impact]

[breathing heavily]

We can barely face these guys one at a time.

This outbreak spreads, they'll be coming at us 50 at a time.

What about Murphy and the others?

I don't know. We need weapons.



What the hell happened?

Jacob and his cult.

The ones we let back in slit their throats.

Goddamn suicide zombies.

They sabotaged the doors.

[whispering] Insane bastards.

Everything we've worked for, it's gone. All gone.

We need weapons.

The armory's full of Zs. We can't get in there.

Well you got to have some hidden somewhere.

No. They're all in the cage.

All of them?!

How are we supposed to defend ourselves?!

I thought we were zombie-proofed!

Hey, Joe.

You got to pull yourself together, man.

There's got to be a way out of here.

Mack: Garnett!

[breathing heavily]

Thank God you're okay.

Where's Murphy?

Got separated. Zombies everywhere.


He's out there somewhere.

If anyone can make it he can.

If only he had his gun.

You have to get to the emergency exit before we're completely overrun.

Where is it?

Through those doors.

There's a long hallway ending in a reinforced door.

It leads outside the perimeter.

Don't stop till you hit the woods, then you can double back around to your truck.

What about you?

I've got to stay and try to save as many as I can.


[whispering] Yeah. Yeah.


All right, let's go!

Die you freakin' Z!

[screams] Human!

Human. Human.

Sorry. You look like one of them.

You don't look so good yourself, sweetheart.

Look, I need some help.


We'll stick together. Two of us might have a chance.





[grunting] [growling]

[breathing heavily]

[breathing heavily] Why didn't you help?

Why didn't it attack you?

Are you part of this?!




[screaming] Help me! For God's sake!

[screaming] [growling]


Come, brothers and sisters! It is as I foretold!

Our Second Coming is here!

Behold the Resurrected!

It's time to take what is rightfully ours.

Bring me the Blasphemers alive.

[running] [heavy breathing]

It's jammed! It won't open!

Turn around! Turn around!

Back up! The door's blocked!

Guys, we're not gonna make it.

[all yelling and screaming]

[muffled screams]

We have to turn around!

Go back!

Go back!

Go back!

[all yelling and screaming]

Come on!

[growling] [screaming continues]

[whispering] Charlie, I'm scared.

[growling continues] [screaming continues]

[growling continues] [screaming continues]

Push those Zs back!

I can't even turn around.


[growling continues] [screaming continues]

Addy! Addy! Addy!

[muffled sounds]


Stay with me! Addy! Come here.

Hey, hey. It's okay.

[heavy breathing]

[growling continues] [screaming continues]

We're not gonna last much longer.

[growling continues] [screaming continues]




[breathing heavily] Come on. Come on.


How do we get out of here?

*** on the roof to move ****


Haven't seen him.

We need weapons.

Then we'll find Murphy. Let's go.

[muffled growling]

Greetings brothers and sisters.

The Resurrection Church welcomes you.

Please raise your hands to the heavens or I will resurrect you where you stand.

[machine gun firing]

Let them go.

The Resurrected will take care of them.

The rest of you, come with us.

[snarling and growling]

The last of the Resurrected have been secured.

And those who died today have the honor of entering into grace ahead of us.

Blessed is the path before them.

Blessed will their journey be.

Brothers and sisters, I know you have hate in your hearts right now and do not come willingly to this test of faith.

But today each of you will become part of the New Resurrection Church.

You must choose how you are served.

You may join the living flock and spend your days serving the Resurrected.

Or your souls taking the next step on their journey to eternal life.

The time has come for you to choose.


Join me and walk among the living or follow this blasphemer who thought he could oppose the righteous and now walks among the dead.

[snarling and growling continue]


[thud] [moan]

Now don't feel sorrow for the Major, brothers and sisters.

Although we stood against the man he was, we take joy in his choice to join the Resurrected!

Blessed is the path before him!

What choice?

To live with you lunatics or die and become a zombie?

[snarling and growling continue]

I don't know your name, brother.

But I welcome you to the resurrection church.

With us you will know everlasting joy and peace.

There was peace here.

Joe Williams, the man you killed, gave you peace.

This was a good place. This was a safe place.

[Garnett continues] And it can be again.

It's not too late. Put down your weapons.

Let's live the way that people are supposed to.

Helping one another, working together. It's not too late.

Put down your weapons. Let us free. We'll help you.

The Resurrected aren't any closer to God than you and I are.

[snarling and growling continue]

I envy you, brother.

The time for you to walk among the Resurrected is near.




[gun cocking]

I'm gonna kill you, you psychotic b*st*rd.

Don't you worry, sister.

You won't be far behind your Charlie.

Shoot him.

I can't get a shot.

I need to get on the roof.

You get the truck.

Rejoice as both of you will walk before me the on road to every lasting life.

[whispers] Listen, Jacob.

Kill me, resurrect me, but spare the others.

[whispers] Don't be afraid, brother.

I send you to a better place.

Blessed is the path before him!

I am the new resurrection and the life.

Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.

(Murphy) [screams] Stop!

[snarling and growling continue]

If you think the Resurrected are one step closer to heaven then prepare to meet your new god.

Come, brother.

Step away from the Resurrected.

That's no place for a mortal human.

Come join our flock. All are welcome.

I am not one of the Resurrected.

I'm your messiah.

That's blasphemy, brother.

We can all see you're one of the living.

Eight times!

I was bitten and did not turn!

Eight times I was infected by their bloody saliva.

And yet here I stand before you.

And I am here to tell you that he is a false prophet!

For I am the true incarnation of the Resurrected!

What the hell is he doing?

[whispering] I have no idea.

Kill the blasphemer.

But the bites, Jacob.

He's a false prophet!

I can prove it!

I can prove that my words are true.

Tell us, blasphemer.

How can you possibly prove this outrageous lie?

I'll show you.


Observe Ye of little faith.

[whispering] Jesus.

[whispering] No. Just Murphy.

Okay, that's enough of that.

The Resurrected will not attack me because they love and fear me.

Behold my flock.

There's your proof, brothers and sisters!

Now let us go, Jacob, before my flock resurrects all of you!

Jacob, what if he's speaking the truth?

He's no messiah. I'll prove it.

There's one last test for you to pass, blasphemer.

Damn it.

A bullet to the heart will reveal the truth!

[screams] No!

[gunshot] [gunshot]

[two gunshots]






[machine gun firing]

You'll be ok.

Go get... Go get Murphy.

[whispers] No. I'm not leaving you.



[whispers] I love you.

[whispers] I love you too.

[whispers] Then go.

[sound of gunfire continues]

[whispers] Live.

[whispers] No.

[crying] Don't.

Don't go.

[screaming] Come on!

[crying] Warren, we have to go.

[crying] No.

We have to go now!

We can't let him turn!

[crying] No! We have to give him mercy!

There's no time!

[crying] No! Let me go!

[crying] No! Wait a minute!

There's no time.

[crying] No. No. Wait!

[crying] Wait!

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Cassandra: We have to go, 10K!

What is she doing?

Charles Garnett, I give you mercy.




[crying] Let's go.

[melancholy guitar music plays]

Citizen Z: Someday maybe we'll find out the real reason the Zombie Apocalypse happened. All this death and destruction. All the pain and heartache. Who do we blame? Maybe it was a government virus that escaped the lab. Maybe it was voodoo. Or maybe God just doesn't like us. Some days though I wonder if we brought this on ourselves. We had a chance to do this whole planet earth thing right, and... and we blew it. We got the Apocalypse we deserved. But if we're lucky, some day this will all be over.

I hope so. And next time, I hope we get it right.