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01x13 - Doctor of the Dead
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They don't look like volunteers to me.

Millions of people are dying for no reason.

These men are gonna die to help us find a vaccine.

No, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no!



Those are zombie bites.

Eight of them.


If we can get him to the lab in California, they can use his blood and make more of the vaccine.

They will not attack me because they love and fear me.


I'm your messiah.


No, just Murphy.

[city sounds]

[cars passing and honking]

[voice on radio]

[fire truck siren]

How old?

Five months.


He has his whole life ahead of him.

Well hopefully he's got a nap ahead of him.

They're important.

Yeah, I wish he understood that.

He doesn't want to miss anything.

Have a great day.

You too, my dear. And you.

Have a good life, young man. Make us all proud of you.


You're the doctor?

That's right.

Cool. I'm Johnny.

It's about ten blocks away. You want to cab it?

It's a beautiful day.

Let's take a walk.

Had a buddy down there last week when Sandy hit.

Had to pay a cabbie two grand to get a ride out of town.

He said it was bananas, lawless.

Doesn't take much to get people acting like savages.

[laughing] Just take their food away.

That's it, brotha.

Man eat man.

That's Bill.

Just can't kick the crock.

sh1t's nasty.


I'm going to ask you a few questions, Bill.

When was your last meal?

I don't no.

A week maybe.

Have you noticed an increased sensitivity to light?

Uh huh.

Numbness in your extremities?

Are you cold?


Are you gonna help me?

Actually you're going to help me.



Not sure how much longer we can hold it together.

It's only another 150 miles.

We have a man down, Cassandra.

She's not looking good.

And then there's the package.

Uh, what about the package?

Don't know exactly, but Murphy's acting weird.

More than usual.

Where's this new destination?

It's Fort Collins, Colorado.

What happened to California?

Lab's dark again.

Maybe for good. You've been redeployed.

By whose orders?

Well I started picking up a teletype signal on the old civil defense frequency.

At first I thought it was a hacker, but turns out it's Doctor Merch.

Yeah, that Doctor Merch. The one who injected Murphy.

So delivery Murphy to Fort Collins.

Doctor Merch will be there with her team to meet you.

No more California?

Colorado is the new California.




[breathing heavily]

Feel better now?

Yeah, a little bit.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Try to relax.

How much gas do we have left?

I dunno, half a tank or so.

Make it 150 miles?

Well if it's mostly downhill.

We're real low on ammo too.

[knock, knock]


We found a taker.

For what?

For you.

What about California?

New orders. We are headed to a lab in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins? What the hell is in Fort Collins?

Dr. Merch is there waiting for you.

Doctor Merch? Yeah, I got a bone to pick with that bitch.

That bitch is the reason you're still alive.

Define alive.

Well, Murphy.

I think I'm gonna miss your sorry ass.

I appreciate the sentiment.

We logged some miles together, brother.


Starting to feel like a damn family.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Uh, I... I dunno if I've actually ever said this to anybody before But I...

I almost consider you a friend.

Yeah, I don't envy you though, man.

I mean, hell, once we deliver you, all bets are off.

They're gonna have more needles stuck in you than the damn tomato in grandma's sewing basket.

No, they're... they're just gonna take out my... - Oh, trust me, they're gonna have some kind of tube or prod rammed in every spare orifice, or my name ain't Sally.

You know this one time I had a catheter.

Dude, you better hope they don't go that route.



How much further?

Uh, I dunno, 65 miles or so.

Anyway, I'm gonna miss you, dude.

Yeah, right.

How 'bout you, kid?

What do you got planned?

Uh, I don't know.

Still got 6,998 to go.

Might take a break for a while though, head up north somewhere cold.

The Zs don't fare too well in the cold.

Yeah, I don't fare too well in the cold myself.


Uh, I don't know.

Maybe follow the sun west. I've never been to California.

How 'bout you, Doc?

Maybe I'll buy a boat and sail around the world.

Find me an island where there's not even a Z in their alphabet.


Warren: This must be it.

Citizen Z said look for a metal shed with a roll up door.

Murphy: Like this one?

10K: What are they all looking at?

Our entrance.

You think we're in the right place?

Looks small.

Let me see your hands.


My hands, why?

Is this a hygiene thing again?

Just let me see them.

What the hell are you doing?

They're looking for a group of civilians transporting a prisoner.

I don't want anyone mistaking you as a zombie.


You don't trust me. After all the times I've saved your ass.

Trust has got nothing to do with it.

I don't want anyone piking you after we got you this far.

Let's just get this over with.




[cocking gun]




[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy... ♪

[three gunshots]

♪ Oh, have mercy... ♪


How much ammo do we got?

Two bullets.

[growling continues]

I got one.


I told you.

[growling continues]



[growling continues]

Oh, you want my help?!

Sure, why not.

[growling continues]

Hold your pants on.

[growling continues]

Follow me.

How do you know?

I don't.

[cocking gun]


[growling continues]

Don't do it.

[growling continues]

All right, quick.

Group hug.


Just do it!

You want to live or not?

[growling continues]

Maybe someday you'll learn to trust me.

[growling continues]

Man, I hope nobody sees us.

[growling continues]

[growling continues]

You know before the apocalypse, I had the same effect on the ladies.

Sure doesn't look operational.

All those zombies up there must've wanted something down here. at?

Same thing they always want.



Something different.

Something inside is attracting them like a magnet.

I can feel it.

Happy damn birthday.

Uh, reminds me of my 50th.

Happy birthday Doctor Kur...

Dibs on the last rose.

What? I can't help it.

Damn vaccine makes me crave sugar.

Well if you start craving brains, let me know.



Puppies and kittens.


I'll take it from here.

It won't be long now, my child.


You are going to a much better place.


Considering the situation... How did you...


Here they come.

Come on, let's take cover.



Three thousand and two.




Well I hope that was a zombie.

Incoming at at eleven o'clock.

That's all you, kid. I'm out.





It's okay, kid.

Remember that time in Missouri at the Piggly Wiggly?

Frozen food section?

Guys? Zombies.




Three thousand and three.

[music playing]

What is that?

[music playing]

It sounds like a phone.

[music continues]

Over here.

[music continues]

Looks like he was texting his wife or somebody when it went down.

Something happened at the lab today.

Can't talk now. I'll call you later.

Won't be home till late, not telling us why.

Putting us under quarantine.

Will update when I know anything.

Starting to get scared, something very wrong.

Something infecting us. We might not get out of here.



Tell the kids I love them.



This is a new message here from Citizen Z.

Operation Bite Mark. If you get this message, please respond.

Hacked and searching lab mainframe.

Discovered files you should be aware of. Really weird stuff.

Find working computer. Search HZN1 test results backslash backslash code name level nine.

Password, red death.


What was the passcode?

Red death.



Not surprising they were doing animal testing.

Yeah, but what were they testing?

Look at the date on these videos.

It's the year before anybody was infected.

How did they know to be working on a vaccine before anybody was infected.

What's this?

That's her.

That's Doctor Merch.

That's the bitch that did this to me.

Okay, okay.

Let's start again from the beginning.

Doctor Merch, I just got through telling you.

Tell me again. We're just trying to help you.

Don't believe her!

I took the suit off after my shift.

At what time?

7:15, like I said.

And then what?

Tossed it in the incinerator and went straight to decontamination.

Let's back up a second.

How many times are we gonna... When you took off your suit, in what order did you remove your items?

I followed protocol.

Which is?


And unzipped my suit.

Removed it.

And gloves.

And then what?

Tossed it in the incinerator.

And went straight to... To decontamination.

Did you notice anything different on this day when handling your samples?

I left the samples exactly where I found them.

Did you come in contact with anything in the lab, anything sharp that could've punctured your...

I told you this ten times!

Well something happened.

There's no denying it.

Something happened.

The decontamination alarm went off. That's what happened.

That's right.

No, but it's wrong.

That's what needs to be investigated, why the alarm went off.

That's what we're trying to find out.

What form of contamination set off the pathogen alarm.

No. Cuz this is a false alarm.

The sensor made an error because I... I didn't touch anything.

I didn't puncture my suit.

I didn't remove any items out of order.

I followed protocol.

Am I gonna be sick?

Well I'm guessing it didn't end too well for old Doyle here.

Okay, who's for getting out of here right now?

Show of hands.


It's back out to the apocalypse it is.

Nobody's going anywhere.

This is not a goddamn democracy.

We came here to find Doctor Merch, and that is exactly what we are going to do.

He's right.

If she's down here, we just can't leave her.

She is still our only chance at a vaccine.

You're right.

I just thought we might want to, I dunno, live.

Yeah, well quit your dreaming and let's go.

When the government abandoned this facility, they just pulled plug and walked away.

And the Russians did nothing to secure the bio-weapons they left behind.

[laughing] This is Kazakhstan now.

There is no money for anything, not even pay policemen.

What happened to all the test animals they were using here?

Who knows?

Maybe destroyed. Maybe set free.

These walls have many sad stories to tell.

These fools, they come here to steal copper and titanium.

He's already dead.

Hmmm, he was alive when I found him yesterday.

Why didn't you help him?

I can't be responsible for every vodka-soaked idiot who comes in here to steal.

Besides, he was already too far gone.

He's of no use to me dead.

But you'll still pay me, my friend.

Help me turn him over.


What are you doing?!





[phone ringing]

Zombie apocalypse, how may I direct your call?

Operation Bite Mark?

Uh, yeah, what's left of us. This is Doc speaking.

Excellent. Are you all still together?

Correctomundo. Nice to hear your voice.

So what fresh hell awaits us?

According to the operations manual I've hacked into, you're going to need to go through decontamination.

Well that sounds great to me cuz I ain't had a decent shower since, let's see, New York.

Well it's not exactly a shower.

But here's the most important thing.

It is imperative that you decontaminate again before going back to the surface.

This lab is equipped with Def con One level quarantine assurance.

Def con One?

Well isn't that some kind of nuclear term?

In the event of the breach of the quarantine system, the lab is targeted to be incinerated by a tactical nuclear weapon.

What am I not surprised?

And there's one other thing about the decontamination process you need to know.

Yeah, what's that?


That's what he said.


And then we got to put all our clothes and stuff in this chute here to get decontaminated with some liquid nitrogen.

So what are we waiting for?

For y'all to turn around.

And no peeking.

Eyes up front, young man.

Sorry. Sorry.

Cassandra, you okay?

I feel like I'm gonna pass out.

You hang in there. Doc, what now?

Oh, we got to put these on.

And... and then you got to hit that button marked decontamination in front of you, 10K.


Your scars.

It looks like it's spreading.

That's what I wanted to talk to Doctor Merch about.

Well put your goggles on and quit staring.

I'm not the goddamn elephant man.

I'm a human being.

Sort of.

Are you ready?

Just do it.

[loud hissing]


Man, I think I fried my gonads.

I shoulda used sunscreen on my junk.


You're okay.

I don't think I can go much further.

I've got her.

I'll carry her if I have to.

Okay. Sure.

Can you see anything?

Hold on, little too dark.

There's some kind of emergency lights flashing.

Dude, it says quarantine.

Can't we just believe them?

What are you, high?

We're infected already, remember?

Warren: What is this place?

This isn't a hospital. It's a goddamn hall of horrors.

Hey, look.

Oh my God.

I hope God doesn't know about this.

Cuz if he does...

We should give her mercy.


If we open this door, them flies are gonna be feeding on us.


Over here.

This one's gone. The door's open.

What was it?

Better question is where'd it go?


Well whatever it is, it's still here.


Shut the...

[growling continues]

There's another one.


Go talk to them. Do... do that thing you do.

[growling continues]

[growling continues]


These aren't regular zombies.

They're some kind of mutant thing.


I don't think they like me!

[growling] [screaming]

[growling] [screaming]

Let's go find Merch.

What's he gonna do when he catches up to Merch?

I dunno, but I'm glad I'm not her.

Be ready for anything. Let's go.

This is the patient I was telling you about.

How long has he been like this?

Since the earthquake. Almost... seven years now.

He was buried under rubble for 21 days and survived, but has been in this state since his rescue.

Is he responsive at all?

In a strange way.

Can you sit up, please?

He responds to commands but seems to be completely unaware of his surroundings and has no will of his own.

Has he ever spoken?


The staff has nicknamed him "the zombie."



[phone beeping]

If you'll excuse me a minute.

Of course.

You can lower your arm.

Turn toward me.

Lie back down.

[breathing heavily] I can't do it.


I can carry you.

You're gonna be okay.

I'm gonna get us all killed.

Please, Tommy.


Just don't tell anybody my name, all right?

[whispering] I won't.


Is she...?

She's still alive.

[whispering] What happened?

You can stay here and get some rest.

And we'll come back for you.


I've been saving this special since New York.

I want you to have it.

Just in case.

[whispering] Thank you, Warren.

[whispering] You got it.

You hang in there, darlin'.

We're gonna find you some antibiotics, and we're gonna get you straightened out in no time.

[whispering] Thank you, Tommy.

Guys, come on.

I think I found something.

Is she gonna make it?

You might want to say your goodbyes.

Let's go.

Check this out.

This trail of gore leads to here.


Could this place get any creepier?




Oh my God.

It's alive.

Is that Doctor Merch?



Somebody else.

It's the lab tech in the video.


[gargling continues]

He wants us to watch something.


Why are you doing this to me?

It's for your own good, Brendon.

You've started to react to the virus.

Don't give me that sh1t you've been giving the monkeys.

I've seen the side effects.

We can't take the chance the virus has jumped to humans.

You'll be the first human trial of the vaccine.

We can't wait any longer.

What's gonna happen to me?

We don't know.

[gasping] [gasping]

Hold him down.

Hold him down!

[gasping continues]

Hold him still.

And turn off that camera.

The vaccine must have worked.

Kept him from turning zombie.

But it won't let him die.

Did Merch do this to you?


He's trying to say something.

[mumbling] Kill me.

[mumbling] Kill me.

[mumbling] Kill me.

[mumbling] Kill me.

We're getting the hell out of here.

You've got company.

Looks like Doctor Merch and two soldiers headed your way.

They should be there any second.

Heads up.

Doctor Merch.

We meet again.

Doctor Merch didn't make it.

I'm here boss, Doctor Kurtz.

I'm here to help you save mankind.

Doctor Kurtz. Paging Doctor Kurtz.

Wow. Look at that résumé.

Team leader, patent holder, HIV vaccine.

Patent holder, Ebola 2.0 vaccine.

Nobel Prize. Credited with eradication of SARS.

Wow. Somebody made their mama proud.


That's not Doctor Kurtz.

Who the hell is this?

We've gone to a great deal of effort to find you, Mr. Murphy.

I've been on a little road trip.

Well your journey ends here. You're safe now.

And your friends are to be commended for their bravery and commitment.

Your country, all mankind, owes you a great deal.

What's going to happen to him?

Well we'll take him the rest of the way to the lab in California where we'll sequence his genes and clone the antibodies in his blood.

Then with any luck, we'll be able to recreate the vaccine that's keeping him alive.

Doctor... Kurian?

Who are you Doctor Kurian?


Redacted my ass.


What if I don't want to be your guinea pig?

Well then you'll eventually wind up just like Brendon Doyle, Patient Zero over there.

Speaking of which, someone should really give that poor creature mercy.

I'll do it.


[whispering] I'm sorry.


I'm sorry about all of it.

[whispering] Don't trust him.

[whispering] Don't... trust... him.


I'm not going.


This is why we came this far.

Explain to me again why I should believe anything you say.

Let's start with you have no choice.

What are you doing?

Just a precaution.

Now just hold on a minute.

Ain't no reason to just bad. He's just nervous.

Right, Murphy?

He's actually very civic minded.



Wanted by Interpol for selling bio weapon technology to North Korea, Iran, Iraq.

Under investigation for the development of battlefield hypnotics.

This guy didn't create the vaccine.

Oh my God, I've lead them into a trap.

Delta-Xray-Delta! Do you copy?

Delta-Xray-Delta! Come in!

Oh my God! Oh my God! Delta-Xray-Delta! Do you copy?

[muffled] Delta-Xray-Delta!

Really, this is so unnecessary.

No one is going to harm you Mr Murphy...

[muffled] Delta-Xray-Delta!

Quite the opposite.

[Muffled] Do you copy?

[Muffled] Kill the doctor.

You have to kill the doctor.


[knocking continues]

Just a zombie.

Give it mercy so it won't attract more.

Zombies can't open doors, can they?


[breathing heavily]

[breathing heavily]

Don't shoot.

She's a zombie.

Mercy her.

I'm not dead.

Kill him.




Murphy, wait!





[whispering] Doc.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Look at me.

Look at me.



You set me up, you b*st*rd.

You set us all up!

No! No, I didn't.

I had no idea this was gonna happen. I swear.

You have to believe me.

No, I don't!

I don't have to believe anything anyone says ever again!

Especially you!

You have got to listen to me.

You're infected with the virus.

If you attempt to exit the lab without going through decontamination, you're gonna set off the fail safe.

And why should I care?

Damn it, Murphy! Listen!

I lost everything!

Including myself!


A tactical nuclear weapon will be launched from NORAD to incinerate the lab.

If you go up, you will kill everyone there, including Warren, Doc, and the others.

Do you read me?

Murphy, do you read me?


[alarm sounding]

Murphy! I did not set you up. Do you copy?


[loud alarm sounding]

Alarm: Fail safe activated.


Fail safe activated.

Seven minutes to detonation.

[loud rumbling]

[computer beeping]

[loud alarm sounding]

[whispering] Come on, Doc.

Come on, Doc.

[loud alarm continues]

Six minutes to detonation.

[loud alarm continues]


Wake up, Doc.

[loud alarm continues]


[growling continues]

Come on Doc.

[growling] [screaming]

Get out of here!

Get out of here!

Wake up, Doc.


Wake up, Doc.

Get out of here now!

[growling] [screaming]

[loud alarm continues]

Five minutes to detonation.

Come on.

Come on.

What the hell is happening?

Holy crap.

They must be third strike weapons on a dead man switch.

[loud rumbling]

What is wrong with us?

[loud alarm sounding]

Four minutes to detonation.

[alarm sounding]

Where are you headed?


[loud alarm continues]

Get the door.

[loud alarm continues]

Three minutes to detonation.

[muffled alarm]

[loud alarm sounding]


What is it?

Is that all that's left of Murphy?

It's his skin.

He shed his skin.

Keep it.


Make some awesome boots out of that.

Where's Murphy?

Where's the van?


Come on, let's take this.


[whispering] Let's go.


[alarm sounding]

God, I hate the apocalypse.

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