02x05 - Zombaby

Previously on Z Nation.

I'm gonna go give him a piece of this pie.


Party's over, everyone.

Time to go.

Murphy, is that your pie girl?

Pie girl?

Pie girl.

Boy, is she pregnant.


Doc: Yeah, like ten months pregnant.


He's here baba.

Daddy's here.



[breathing heavily]

Wisconsin cheese day parade.

[laughing] You betcha!




I thought you control these things.

Not that many.


And not for you.


Whoa, wait a minute. Is that cheese?


10K: No way! The world's biggest wheel of cheese?

It's not real, Doc! Come on! We got to go! Puppies and kittens!

No, it is real!


Hey, come on. Let's go. We got to move.

Hey, let's go.

She's not moving.

[coughing continues]




Got an idea.

Out of my way, Doc. I need that cheese.

Oh come on, Warren.

Can't a man eat a giant cheese wheel in peace?

No. Remember Philly?

Oh no.

Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?

I am.

Oh no, no, no, no.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Way to be my girl. Thanks. I got it.

What happened in Philly?

You'll see.


All right. You ready?

One, two, three.

[growling and splatting]


[growling and splatting]

How long you think it'll go?

Could go a while.

I'm pretty sure It's all downhill from here to the Mississippi.

Now, it's time to go.

If anybody asks...

all: We were nowhere near Wisconsin.

Okay, you got it?

[growling and splatting]

[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy ♪


♪ Oh, have mercy. ♪

Doc singing: Rollin' rollin' rollin' Keep that cheese a rollin'.

Addy: Warren, we need to pull over!

[gagging and coughing]

Well aren't you gonna at least talk to her?

[gagging and coughing continue]

Come on, Murphy. She don't bite.

We all know that's not true.

[whispering] Okay.

[gagging and coughing]

What's their story?

What happens in weird zombie apocalypse community stays in weird zombie apocalypse community.

Yeah, been there.

[gagging and coughing continue]

She wants you.


So she says that talking to you makes her feel better and that she can't get in the car unless you make her feel better.


[gagging and coughing continue]



Play nice.

And then there was this guy, and he was like "I used to be a cage fighter. I beat a 7-foot Samoan.

I can beat Mike Tyson in a bar fight.

I can beat any zombie you bitches throw at us."

And we were like, "What about a bear, huh?

What about a zombie bear?"


But he couldn't.

He couldn't beat a zombie bear. He didn't cuz the bear was like Rawr Blagh! Rawr! Then he was like [laughing]

And then he was like... Rawr blah blah blah!


This cannot go on.

I know.

Can't we just leave her?

No, we can't.

We got to find a safe place for her and your baby.

Anything happens to you, that kid is Plan B.

Plan B?

What exactly are you planning on doing with it?

How we doing back here?

Actually do you have anything to eat? I am starving.

Used to be a decent size Mennonite community just southeast of here. Pretty remote and isolated.

Passed through here a few months ago.

They were still safe then and good chance they still are.

I'll take that chance.




Got 'em.

What do you see?

Couple of guys in hunting caps.

One seriously pissed off looking girl with...


She's got my same gun.

Well why's she shooting at us?


I dunno.

Maybe it has something to do with this nice Zero ride we got.

Can't imagine our Mexican friends are too popular around here.



Winged one.

Okay, I'm thinking 10K and Addy, you guys lay down some cover fire.

And then we'll flank them around...


You dirt eating bastards!

[automatic gunfire] You filthy goat loving whores!

[automatic gunfire continues] There is a baby on board here! A mother loving baby!

[automatic gunfire continues] I am going to rip off your arms and saw off your head!

Yeah. That's what I thought.

People are so rude.

I'm starting to like this girl.


I think it's time for a new vehicle.


Serena: So I was thinking as soon as she can walk, I can teach her karate. I mean the girl's got kick on her.

You totally felt that, right?

And she isn't that bad with a punch either.

Plus there's all these awesome weapons she could learn about She could have a bo staff or a sword. She'd be amazing.

Okay, so they did shoot at us. But hey, they left us this nifty ride and a half eaten hamburger that hasn't degraded in four years.

Oh, me, me, me, me. Please, please?

You want this?

Baby wants it.

Well, if baby wants it Mmm-hmmm. Mmmmmmm.

Now how close is this Mennonite place again?

Close. Just drive.

Well we've seen Amish zombies, Mormon zombies.

We get Mennonite zombies, we got ourselves a trifecta.

Something must've happened here.

Barn didn't look that way six months ago.

Wait a minute. There's some livestock. That's a good sign.

Yeah, well we're not going in there blind.

So Vasquez, you take the north fence. 10K, you go south.

Addy and I got overwatch. Be back in twenty.

Fine, I'll just take a nap.

[voices speaking in Spanish]

[voices speaking in Spanish]



No, it's okay! It's okay! I'm not a zombie!

Schwoat doot!

Schwoat doot!









Schwoat doot!





Schwoat doot!


Piepe pulpa! Piepe pulpa!





I'm not trying to hurt you!

Somebody in our group needs some help.

A safe place to stay. That's all.



[laughing continues]


We got 10K. Vasquez?

Not yet.



Yeah, there's still people here. But they ran away from me.


The usual.

Oh, there's also zombie sheep.

Zombie sheep?

Why not?

What's all that?


Came out of a Z's head when I killed it.

I dunno, maybe powdered brains?


Wash that crap off.

Who knows what kinda zombie cooties are in there.

Are we goin' in or what?

Yeah, but carefully.

Something about this doesn't feel right.

Never stopped us before.

I haven't felt right since 1973.

What happened to you?

A few Zs.

I found this.

What is it?

Cured ham.

Maybe mutton.

And for you Strawberry jam.

Top five missed foods, right?


Now you're finding food?

How are you always finding this stuff?

Well he found the key to my heart. Smoked pig.

Why don't you have white powder on you?

White powder?






Pull back! Pull back! Come on! Get out of there!








You English should not be here.

We're not staying. One of our people She needs a place to have her baby.

Can I talk to a leader?

An elder?

No, no, I... I am leader now. All elders are dead.

And it is not safe for you here.

The white powder.

We have anthrax here.

All right folks, time to go. There's no room at this inn.

Ah, sorry for your trouble.

Everyone has trouble these days.

Ain't that the truth.

10K. Hey.

Oh man, he's burning up.

He has it.

This disease.

Milzbrand Krankheit.

We got to get him out of here.

And take him where?

I dunno. Some place without anthrax or anthrax zombies or anthrax sheep.

What he needs is antibiotics. You got any of those?

Yeah, maybe.

Excuse me, I got to get... Hi... Uh...


What the hell was that?

Water broke, daddio.

Well don't just stand there. Fix it!

It's all good.

Won't be long now, papa.

What's she giving him?


From the next farm over.

They use it for the animals, but it will help.

Yeah, well why's she only giving him half a pill?

We must have enough for everyone.

Enough for everyone to recover?


[whispering] Waut fe en Mensch?

Serena: I know what you're thinking, papa.

It is not the ideal time to start a family.

But is there ever really a good time?

I mean, yeah sure, there are zombies.

But there used to be Russians and and nuclear weapons and terrorists and everything.

[moaning] So if you really think about it, not much has changed.

I mean we should consider ourselves as pioneers, exploring the frontiers of...


You got to help her.


[screaming continues]

We need Doc.

Sorry, can we get our Doc?



[laughing] That was intense. We got a little monster in there.

[Laughs] I'm just kidding. Just kidding. I'm just kidding.

Come on, it's okay. [crying] Can you rub my back?

Rub your back?

All right. Do it.

Do it.


We need to talk about your boy.

He won't make it in there.

They don't have enough Cipro to cure all of their people.

Rationing their supply only means slowing down death.

But unless they pick some of them to live And 10K is not even one of them.

Any towns nearby?

A few.


[screaming continues]


[screaming continues]


Most towns are on route 22.

Which means most have been picked over by now.

Mr. Epp at the next farm, he... he found supplies in Edgewood.

Not so many English know this town, and there is a small pharmacy there.

Why haven't you gone?

Too far.

Too dangerous without a buggy.

And we lost our horses to the Schwoat doot.

Well Vasquez and I can take the truck.

Good. And I'll be here for the second coming.

I can go with you?

This town is not easy to find.

And maybe there are also things useful for my community.

Okay. Yeah. Sure.

You navigate. I got shotgun.

Yeah, yeah, good. Shotgun is good for Schwoat doot.

Schvot doot?



Oh, zombies.



That is also good for zombies.

Oh yes. Very good.

Wanna try?



Knock yourself out.

You coming?


Okay, now here's what you do.

You just... It's just like blowing up a balloon, right?

Just take quick short breaths.




What are you doing? You got to help her!

That's all I got, man!


Okay, that's it. That's it. You got to let it out, baby.

Just let it out.

[both screaming]

Doc, come on. Don't worry. It's a natural process.

Come on. It'll all take care of itself. Okay?

[both howling]



Honey, I'm home!



You know I lost my last pen.

Four years ago.

But hey, you never know.

Emergency trache or something.

You guys do a lot of those?

Uh, one or two.


Those are for s*x.

I know.


I'm sorry. Don't you have to be married?

Oh, yeah.

I...I wanted to. But well I never tried.


Ummm, end of days.

Yes, end of many things.

Now no woman wants marry, so Yeah, apocalypse. Total cock block, right?


Cock block?


Is he?



Hey, whoa, whoa. Hey. Hey.

It's okay. It's okay.

You're not zombies.

We're not zombies.

You're not zombies. You're alive.

Yes, we're alive.


Then you got to help me, okay?



You got to kill me.


You got to kill me, okay?

Because I want to die, so if you could just Are you... you take everything in here?


And everything that was left. It just wasn't enough. And so I can't do this anymore, man. I just... It hurts too much. So It's okay.

I get it. I'm sorry. But we can't.

We don't do that.

You can't? But if you just Whoa! Back up, man.

Or what, man?

Just shoot me.

Will you?

Don't do that.



You killed him.

Look, we had to.

You killed him.

Self defense.

I wouldn't have killed him, he would've killed me.

You believe it is better to kill than to die?

It's just what we have to do now.

Is it?

[breathing heavily]

Don't worry about him. You keep breathing, sweetheart.

[crying] Do you really think that this is helping?

Well I felt good about it.

It's way more peaceful. Less violent.

Oooh, I'm sorry booboo. I got carried away.

Don't you worry your pretty little head.


I don't feel so good.

You got anything?

You're just nervous, papa. Don't worry.

You're gonna love that baby no matter what.

Even if it looks like you.


You haven't got anything for me? How 'bout a cigar?

A cigar? You got a cigar? A cigarette? Z weed?

[breathing heavily]


It's nicotine gum.

I'll take it.

[breathing heavily]


Your man. You must come to him.




Watch your step.

Put her on the hay.

She's got it too?

How 'bout you guys?

Standard military vaccine.

You inhaled that powder. How are you feeling?

100 percent. Yeah, I'm totally fine.

Well 85 percent. I'm old.

You in the military, Doc?

U.S. Navy. Subic Bay. Why?

You'd have been vaccinated.

Not for anthrax. Not back then.

No, but for a whole boatload of other weird ass crap.

I don't even want to know the weird ass crap I got runnin' through my veins, amigo.

Well it seems to be working.

It won't help Addy or 10K.

This is bad.

This is really bad.


Hey maybe we should, you know What?

Dose 10K and Addy with some Murphy juice.

No. No way. No, man.

Well we got to do something!

The only thing that's gonna help them is more Cipro.

Should we try another run?

They have Cipro here.

Not enough.


Not enough for everybody. But enough for Addy and 10K to live.

So we take from all of them for two of ours.

But we don't do that kind of thing, do we?

Warren. They'll all die.

They'll all die anyway.

Like you said, with the rationing, none of them will get enough Cipro to survive.

It's your call, chief.

[grunting and moaning continue]

It's about the mission.

You're doing the right thing.

I hope God agrees.

So how do we do it?

I counted seven healthy people, but mostly women.

Mennonite women.

You know, meek, mild.

Not like... you.

And their weapons Farm tools. I didn't see any guns.

Right. No guns. So we go in quietly.

Nobody has to get hurt.

Doc, you stay here.

We're going to go rob some very nice and friendly people for the sake of...

[breathing heavily]

You just make sure nothing happens to them.

Yes, ma'am.

Let's do it.


Come on, sweetheart. Breathe. You got to keep breathing.

No, no, him! I need him!

Come here! Come to me! She needs you. She's searching for you.

[breathing heavily]

[breathing heavily]

[laughing quietly]

Hey. You think you'll need that?

People change when survival's at stake.

[whispering] Yeah.

[whispering] All right.

Bruda. Sestre.

I thought you might come.

It is the medicine you want?

It's just We got to keep going.

Our team, we got to get to California.

And our man Murphy, he's immune.

There's a lab.

To make a vaccine.


Medicine that will help a lot of people.

Save a lot of people.

We believe that peace is will of God.

We follow the way of peace, justice, unity.

[praying in German]

We practice not to resist.

Even through violence. Even through war.

Our suffering comes from resisting what is.

God has called us to seek justice and to make peace.

To love our enemies.

And to never seek revenge.

[praying in German continues]

I am sorry.

Forgive me.

Grace to you, and peace.

[praying in German continues]

I'd feel a whole lot better if they at least tried to kill us.

Only in a messed up apocalypse was that the right thing to do.

[Serena screaming]

[screaming continues]

[screaming continues]

I see something!


That is not a head.

Yeah, but sometimes that happens, right?

Sometimes they get turned around and they come out feet first, right?

Uh yeah, but that's not a foot.



That baby's not waiting to get pushed out.

It's pulling itself out.


[screaming] Here she comes!







[crying continues]

[weakly] Zombies.

[crying continues]


Congratulations, Daddy.

You did good, Mommy.


Well what is it?

It's a girl.

Oh, of course.

Uh, Doc. What is the cleaver for?

Umbilical cord.




I guess she's got that covered.




[laughing] That's my girl.



Can I?




Ten fingers. Ten toes.



Uh, Murphy.

Isn't she cute?




Cover Addy and 10K.



[growling continues]





Murphy! Do your zombie voodoo thing!


It's not working!

They're drawn to the baby!




[baby crying]

[zombies growling]



[baby crying]

[zombies growling]

[Serena screaming]

[screaming] Get away from my baby you damn dirty zombies!


[sounds of struggle]

[screaming] Go! Go!


[sounds of struggle]

[screaming] Go!






Where's Serena?

[muffled sounds]

[screaming] No!

[muffled sounds]

[muffled sounds]

[muffled sounds]

Help her. Please.

Don't watch.

I give you mercy.



That's a lot of miles to cover before dark.

We should get going.

I'll go get Murphy.

[whispering] All right, come on.


Hey, kid.

There he is.

Hey. Where's did she have the baby?

Yeah. Murphy's having a moment with her.

It's okay. I got you.

I got you.

[baby cooing]

She's pretty.

I got something for you.

What's that?

Serena's list of babies names.

What, are they terrible?

Look Sarah. Ellen. Carolyn. Come on. These are nice names.

Yeah, if she wants to join the PTA.

But that's not you, is it sweetheart?


Addy: And speaking of babies Present for you.

Billy Boy brand condoms.

Girl's still out there. You are not gonna die a virgin.

I promise. But when it happens, don't be stupid.

Yeah. Like that guy.

I mean how did that happen anyway?

Oh, man. You got to understand.

There was pie.

My mother's name was Lucinda.

[baby cooing]

I think I'll call her Lucy.

Lucy. The first of your kind.

[laughing and crying]

Isn't she perfect?

Oh Here.

[laughing] Oh.

Lucy, you got 'splainin' to do.