02x09 - Rozwell

Previously on Z Nation

What the hell is going on?

The path to truth, it's not a straight line.


Long gestating plans have been percolating.

Coming into fruition all at once.

I am the true incarnation of the resurrected.

Communication towers.

Multi-layered encryption.

All of the damn chem trails in the sky.

I mean have you seen that?

What is that?

Holy acid flashback man.

[guitar music plays]

♪ ♪

[electric zapping]

[electric zapping]

[unintelligible garbled sounds]

[guitar music plays]

We need to get off the road.

I don't like being so far in Zero's territory.

But I guess we really don't have a choice.

♪ [electronic beeping]

[music stops and resumes]


What is that?


That is a new one.

Well I want whatever did that.

Like a Samurai surgeon.

Some things you just can't unsee.


Four thousand two hundred and thirty four.

And a third.

Take the whole kill. You deserve it, kid.


[electronic beeping]

[muffled] You know they used to find mutilated cattle out here, back Pre Z.

[muffled] Mutilated cattle?

Like X-Files mutilated cattle?

Yeah, my uncle knew all about it. Aliens did it.

Have you been smoking my Z weed?


Well maybe you better start.

You believe in UFOs?

[electronic beeping]


That's ridiculous. Aliens don't exist.

If they were smart enough to get here, they wouldn't put up with the dumb-ass human race for a minute.

It's pure science fiction.

That's what people said about zombies.

Well, I mean maybe there's zombies.

But there sure as hell ain't no aliens.

[music stops]

[car engine stops]

Come on, baby. Don't fail me now.

[unintelligible garbled sounds]

What the hell kind of language is that?

Sounds like alien cross talk to me.

Now you're just saying that to piss me off, aren't you?

[unintelligible garbled sounds continue]

Am I the only one a little creeped out?

[unintelligible garbled sounds continue]

Anybody have eyes on where that light's coming from?

[unintelligible garbled sounds continue]

[unintelligible garbled sounds continue]

Like I was saying.

[unintelligible garbled sounds continue]

[music resumes]

[car engine starts]

Well that was exciting.

I don't want my apocalypse any more exciting than it already is thank you.

Somebody wanna go ahead and tell me what that was?

A plane?

Been seeing those contrails for a while.

Is that possible?

Somebody flying something.

All right, listen.

My dad was this no bullshit, tell it like it is, Air Force pilot.

He told this story about seeing this brightly lit craft buzzing over him in northern Nevada.

And it made him a total believer.

And even as a little girl, I like I wondered.

Well wonder no more.

Zombies got here first. There are no aliens.

Well I dunno.

A UFO seems more likely than somebody still able to fly a jet today. Especially one that can do that.

I'm telling ya Don't make me bite you.


[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy.♪


♪ Oh, have mercy. ♪

10K, let me see your scope.

Let's see if there's something for us to go believe in.

Okay, Addy. You can follow us in this Thing.


Just in case we need to make a getaway.

Looks like something crashed all right.

If it was a plane, we should definitely find it and fly it the hell out of this apocalypse.

It's a lot faster than driving.

No thanks. Last time I got in a plane, it didn't end so well.

Does anything in your life?

Yeah, well it didn't look like any plane I've seen.

And we are in Rozwell.

With a Z.

Murphy's right. Whatever it is, it isn't extraterrestrial.

What, some kind of drone?


What kinda drone moves like that?

I'm telling ya, my uncle Don't say it.

Is this what I'm supposed to believe in?

Crash site of some kind.

Looks like the future.

Well it's definitely been here a while.

Probably crashed back when everything went bad.

Looks like there's some markings here.

Kinda weird.

It's not a plane. There's no wings.

Helicopter or something.

Yeah, but where are the rotors?

Guys, what is it?

If anyone says flying saucer, I'm out of here.

Well it sure looks like a An airborne disc of some kind.

Well whatever it is, it's not the thing we saw last night.

So let's keep going.

Into Roswell?

We need supplies.

Great, more alien huggers.


Never mind aliens. Puppies and kittens, people.




Couple more over here.

10K, you're up.






Four thousand two hundred thirty-six. Thirty-seven.


Three o'clock.




Four thousand two hundred thirty-eight.

Kid's on a roll.

Okay, talk about "I want to believe."

The only thing the good people of Roswell believe in is liberating money from suckers.

Looks like we got some believers inside.

Are you here for the Visitors?


I think he means Have you been touched by Bernadette?


Don't worry. I'm Roy. I'll help you with the orientation.


Yeah. For the exodus.

What exodus?

It's okay to be confused. Many new arrivals are.

We had a guy from Riverside, Iowa show up, thought he was a starship captain.


Are we supposed to understand what the hell you're talking about?

You've been drawn here by inexplicable visions of leaving the planet on a chariot of fire, right?

No. We were drawn here by inexplicable visions of finding food and gas.

You didn't have a dream of a large elongated human form with almond eyes telepathically urging you to come to Roswell at this appointed time?


We did see some really strange lights in the sky last night though.

Everything's strange to you. You grew up in a cave.

Well the important thing is that you're not too late.

Let me show you around before Bernadette returns.

I'll introduce you to your fellow Xtronauts.


Hey, man. These... these aliens that you're looking for, they're not the probing kind are they?

No. We are not abductees. Those people are crazy.

We're inductees. We've been invited, not kidnapped.

We refer to ourselves as Xtronauts because we will be the first humans to explore the alien world.

So, ummm. How do you plan on doing that exactly?

The Visitors are coming to save us from the apocalypse.

We have been chosen, and they're almost ready.

Just six more days. Bernadette is in close contact with them.


We've all seen them.

But she's the only one they communicate with.

And Roy, the... the aliens that you communicate with, do they by any chance use a radio?

Radio is far too primitive for them.

They don't need our technology.

They communicate with her telepathically.


They are here.

It's happening just like they said it would.

Strangers have arrived.

Among them will be the one the Visitors are waiting for.

They said And here he is.

The Emissary.

Oh, oh, okay.




Four thousand two hundred thirty-nine.


We hope you like teriyaki chicken.

It's all we have left.

No beef stroganoff?

I'm sure it will be fine. Thank you.

How long we gonna let them think that Murphy's their emissary?

As long as they keep giving the emissary food and water.

We'll be out of here soon enough.

After you, your Emissary.

Savior of the human race wasn't good enough for you, huh Murphy?

Needed to be the alien ambassador too.

I'm working my way up to Supreme Leader of the Planet.

[clearing throat]

Can I help you?


Dan Scully.

And I bet you don't believe any of this alien exodus crap either do you?

No, we don't.

Neither do I. These people are nuts.

So what are you doing here?

Just passing through when I came upon these folks.

They think they've been actually seeing UFOs and this Bernadette chick has been talking to them.

Someone who knows better than to believe that UFOs are coming to save us.

[laughing] Right.

So you wanna know what's really going on?

Not really.

Don't listen to him.

Of course we want to know what's really going on.

The aliens are not coming to save us.

Because they're already here.

I told you we didn't want to know what's going on.

They've been here for thousands of years.

They're the ones who caused the zombie virus.

They live inside Pluto, which isn't really a planet.

It's really a hollowed out spaceship.

Okay. You know this is all very informative, but I'm due back on planet earth, so Oh, I know.

You think I'm crazy.

Yeah, I do.

Well these days crazy stays alive.

If I was you people, I'd get out of here before the zombie aliens come back and infect us all.

Do it now before it's too late.


And whatever you do, do not listen to that Bernadette chick.

She will get you all killed.

Okay. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Time to go.

What about that aircraft "thing" we saw?

That can fly us out of here.

There's an Air Force base here actually.

They abandoned it back in the 60's.

But that's just a cover story.

Well I want to believe in UFOs.

I mean if somebody wants to fly my ass off this god forsaken planet, I'm cool with it.

Are you serious?

Are we actually talking about going to an abandoned Air Force base in Roswell to see if we can find a UFO to fly us to California?

Well when you say it like that You mean in English?

Look. We did see something.

And that something was flying, which means there's a ground crew with fuel, food, and communication. And I want to get a look at that base.

Maybe your buddy Dan can show us the way... to Pluto.

I can show you.

Oh my god.

How long have you been there?

A while.

Okay. That's not creepy.

I can show you where the base is. It's not far.

I go there all the time. That's where they contact me.

The aliens?

They prefer the term Visitors.

Who knows, maybe we'll find a plane and a radio.

Or bigfoot.

Hey, don't laugh. My uncle had a Sasquatch pelt.


I'll show you.

(Addy) Those things are really starting to freak me out.

(Doc) I'd like to know who and what is doing that.

I've seen chain saws do that.

Sort of.

Yeah, that's not human technology. Just saying.

Well stop just saying.

The Visitors did this. They were protecting me.

♪ ♪

Slow down, girlfriend. We don't want to run into any zombies.

Don't worry. They won't let anything happen to me.

You don't happen to know if that applies to us too, do you?


Look at this high tech alien technology.

Bernadette, you don't know if there's any radio equipment around here that maybe the Visitors may have used?

There's a room with old electrical stuff.

There might be a radio in it.

Yeah, where would that be?

Right behind you.

We'll check out the radio.

Why don't you guys see what else you find.

Be careful.

You too.

What you got?


This thing's stripped.

All right. Let's go.

Follow me.


Look out!




Addy! Get Bernadette!

Come to mama.











Shall we?

Wel... come ET.

(Warren) We didn't find a radio.

(Addy) We did find some Zs though.

(Murphy) Surprise, surprise.

(Vasquez) Rest of the place is gutted.

Well somebody's got nice handwriting.

I did that. This is where they're going to land.

What makes you so sure that these aliens are the good guys anyway?

Leave her alone, Murphy. They won't save everyone. Only the ones who've been called.

They've seen what we did to ourselves.

They don't want us doing it to them.

But they believe there's still hope for some of humanity.

You better hope they have a higher opinion of humanity than I do.

What about the top secret areas?

You know more about this base than you're telling us, don't you?

Bernadette, is there some kind of hidden base that you're not telling us about?

They told me only to bring the Emissary.


I don't know. That's what the voices say.

The voices?

The voices. I hear them. In the light.

What do the voices say?

I don't understand it when I first hear it.

Only later does it make sense. I just know what they mean.

They want to take us away to a better place.

They said it would be soon.

They're making repairs, but they'll be finished soon.

Wow, far out.

And what do they want with me?

They didn't say.

Maybe you're the alien cure too.

Great. Just great.

So how long have you been in contact with these Visitors?

At first, I was like everyone else. I saw the lights in the sky, but I had no idea what they were. And then one night, I was about to be killed by Zs.

I was ready to die.

And then the light came and it spoke to me and protected me.

[unintelligible garbled sounds]

They led me here.

Can you take us there, this place where you hear the voices?


How in the hell?

All right. I'm a little freaked out.

All right, what now?

We wait.

(Addy) [laughing] Hope springs eternal, huh Doc?

Cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, gum, cigarettes.

Try the gum.

Anybody got any quarters?


The gum is free.

It's the apocalypse. Everything's free.

That's weird.

Try the gum.

All right, well I'm trying to quit anyway.

Doc, no!



[all screaming]

No, it's an elevator! Look!

You knew this was gonna happen!

You wanted to come along!

How come she has a seatbelt?!


We're here.

What the hell kind of acid trip fun house elevator ride was that?


I guess we're not going back that way.

Well, kid.

Your uncle was right about the secret base part.

I'm telling you, it's all true.

We sure we want to do this?

He's got a point. It's not worth the risk.

Tell me you don't want to know what's down here.

I don't want to know what's down here.

It's them. Those are the voices. They're here.


It's okay! They know me!

Get ready for anything.

They're here. Just like they said.

Aren't they beautiful?

[purring-like sound]

Well I'll be damned.

Just like my dad said.

[purring continues]

They won't hurt us.



Something's wrong!



No, don't shoot it!



You killed him!

Stay back! Stay back!

I'm not sure what we killed.


[rapid beeping]

Get down!


Next apocalypse I'm wearing a paper jumpsuit.

[faint beeping]

[faint beeping]

I'll check it out.

[faint beeping]

What is it?

Zombie guts?

Alien blood?

Your guys is as good as mine.

Why did you kill him?

Because that's what we do.

You can't kill what's not alive.

Yeah, he's right about that.

Whatever that was, it died and turned zombie way before we got here.

Come on. It's not safe here. Let's go.

Hey, guys. You might want to see this.

Let's go.


Warren! Look at this.

Now that's some syfy sh1t.

It's interactive?

Way cool.



Maybe not.

Wait a minute.

It's a Unix system. I know this.


No. I went to art school.

Okay, well can you use it to contact Citizen Z?

I can try.

At the risk of alerting whoever's on the other side.

All right. Well Doc, you stay here with Murphy while Addy tries to make contact. And let's go.

Roger that.


You can see the whole base from here.

That's how they knew we were coming.

Something sure wanted out of here.

Seems empty now.


Where's Bernadette?

I'm here.

This is what happens when we don't trust them.

Aliens did this?

We left them no choice.

That work?

[rapid clicking]

Can't tell if it's out of ammo or batteries.

What do you think was in there? That thing we killed?

I hope so.

Cuz if it's something worse than that, I don't want to find out.




Something for you to look forward to.

Yeah, I can't tell what's real and what isn't.

Don't you think it's unusual that these aliens mostly communicate in English. Mostly.

I dunno. Maybe this is their tap into our old internet.

They've got global files here.


Okay. So these aliens are stalkers from space.

Is that Wow. I look like hell.

Well look what the cat dragged in.

What is all this?

You are one popular dude.

And what's this?

Zona. What's Zona?

Maybe it's their home planet.

Or what they call the pie they're gonna bake us into.

This way.


There it is.

Be ready for anything.

No, don't worry. They won't hurt us. They come in peace. See.

What do you think it wants?

If it's a zombie, it wants brains.

If it's an alien, it wants to probe us.

Either way, I'm killing it.

No! Don't kill it.

Can't you see it doesn't want to hurt us?


Bernadette, no!

It's all right.

[whispering] It's okay.






Please stop shooting him.



[muffled sound]


[muffled sound]


[muffled sound]





Get down!



After them.



Does it work?

I dunno.

[gun energizing]


Guess that'd be a yes.

Four thousand two hundred forty-three.



Come on. Bring that thing.


What the hell?

We're right back where we started.

What was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride for?

Visitor's entrance.

Anybody got eyes on Bernadette or the alien?


Well I'll be damned.

Careful, gentlemen.

Don't get sucked up.

Looks like the entire base is alive.

Not just the base, the whole city.

(Addy) You guys will not believe what we found out on that What is that?

I don't believe it.

Murphy, you all right?


Murphy, don't!


10K, don't let them get him!

[gun energizing]



Murphy, don't do it! Don't go!

They're gonna probe you for sure! And not in a good way!

[gun energizing]


Let's go. This way. This way.


Be careful that thing doesn't blow.

Is it alive?

I can't tell.

Help him. Please help him.

Oh, oh god.

What if it can't breathe our air?

Then I guess he came to the wrong planet.

[hissing of air]


Dan Scully?

That nutjob from Pluto?

I don't understand, Mr. Scully.

Why are you acting like one of the aliens?

I'm sorry, Bernadette. There are no aliens.

It's It was always just me.

I'm sorry I lied to you.

I was gonna tell you the truth once you got on board.

You mean there are no aliens?

Only you?

Just me.

The rest were just test pilot zombies from year one.

Why are you still alive?

I've only been here a few months.

Everyone was dead or turned when I got here.

My job was to salvage any technology they were testing here.

I was supposed to fly this craft back to Zona.

And I wanted to take you with me.

Where's Zona?

You wanted to take me?

It's beautiful there.

How did they know about me?

Face recognition software.

A drone picked you up in Colorado.

A drone in Colorado?

This is alien technology, isn't it?

Who knows.

That's all above my pay grade.

Oh wow.

I'm not gonna make it, am I?

Why didn't you just tell me?

Because I was... I was afraid you wouldn't go without the others.



Come on. Let's give him mercy. Come on.



[whispering] Come on.


[rapid beeping]


Told ya so.

This proves nothing.

I'm sorry it didn't work out.

You know I would've liked to go with the aliens.

Anything to get out of this damn apocalypse.

You going to be okay?

It's not me I'm worried about.

It's all the others back at Roswell who have all their hopes tied up on this.

In me What are you going to do?

I don't know.

I believe in you.

She's here! She's okay!

We saw the lights and the explosion. We were worried sick.

Did you see the Visitors? What did they say?

They said we need to wait longer.

The human race isn't ready yet.