02x12 - Party With the Zeros

Previously on Z Nation.

What were you doing out there.

I was a DEA agent.

I worked the US/Mexican task force trying to dismantle the Zero Cartel.

They kidnapped my wife.

My baby girl.

Shot them right there in front of me.

So you're trying to find the Zero that killed your family.


You and I both know we lose. Humans won't survive.

But you will.

You and your kind will outlive humans and zombies.

You will inherit the earth.










[glass breaking]












Spread out.

















Let's go.


Hold up. Hold up.


Alright, come on.



Keep up.


Hold. Hold.





This really the border?

Two thousand miles of it. No way around.

sh1t. No way over.

No way back.

Here comes the goon squad.


Half a clip.


Four and three in my pocket.

Don't look at me.


Save your ammo.


Hey, get up!


Hey! If you are the zombie messiah, now's the time for a miracle.

You've got to try, man.

Remember the mission.


[muffled sounds]

I can't hold them!









Down here!

You said it was time for a miracle.


Hey, do you wanna die?!

Okay, let's go!

[automatic gunfire]


[automatic gunfire]

[automatic gunfire]

In the name of La Reina de los Muertos, Queen of the Zeros Cartel, I strongly suggest you lower your weapons.

Like the Z Weed Zeros?

That would be us.

Then I believe you are looking for me.

I am The Murphy.

This man is our prisoner.

That CDC bounty is ours.

If you try to take him away from us, I will blow his brains out.

[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy.♪


♪ Oh, have mercy. ♪

El Murfi isn't worth a damn if he's dead.

Now back off!

Just want to make sure he's the real Murphy.

You wanna see the scars?

I do.

Not until you lower your weapons.

Put them down.

It is true then.

If you lower your weapons, you have my word you will be safe.

Look. If I wanted you dead, we would have left you out with the zombies.

But La Reina is looking for you. She will give you the reward.

Remember the mission.

What is that smell?

The future. We've found out a way to pay for the new world.

We no longer have enemies.

We have resources.

[knocking on barrel]


So you just leave your resources down here to rot?

We let them compost. Composting creates heat.

Heat creates energy.

Zombies for fuel. Clever.

[snarling continues]

[snarling continues]

What's this?

The future.

Welcome to Mexico.

It's a great privilege for you to see this place.

I bet now you're glad we dug tunnels underneath the border, aren't you?


We've been tracking you for a while.

Every time there's some crazy bullshit going on, it's you people.

It's not hard to follow you.

What's hard is guessing what you're gonna do next.

Lucky for you, one of our drones spotted you shortly before a zombie knocked it out of the air.

So this La Reina de los Muertos, Queen of the Dead, she'll give us the bounty?

She will.

And it won't be that bullshit bounty the CDC will pay you.

Then I guess we should meet.

That's a wise choice.

La Reina awaits your presence.

Mi Reina.

El Murfi.

The savior.

I have been looking for you for a very long time.

And you must be Roberta Warren.

Excuse me, Lieutenant Roberta Warren.

I am.

You are the leader of this group?

The one who brought me my Murphy?




Leave it to Santa Muerte to work for a woman.

I've sent dozens of my best men searching for El Murfi to bring him to me.

And you're the only one who was able to accomplish this.

And you are very slippery prey.

You said you have been looking for me.

Sent your men to hunt and capture me.

Care to tell me why?


I'd rather show you.


You don't need no weapons here.

Don't hurt yourself.

What's the plan here?

Stay alive. Get out when we can. With Murphy.

When the rest of the world descended into chaos, we survived.

And we found our true purpose.

We have a bounty of resources at our disposal.

Yeah. Escorpion told us all about your resources.

I wouldn't believe everything that mi Escorpion says.

He's prone to exaggerate. And he likes to intimidate people.

Perhaps that's why the people look to me for inspiration and hope.


Yes, Mr. Murphy.


You see, like me, you too survived for a reason.

Please. This way.

Your blood is the cure, is it not?

What good is a cure if you can't get it to the people?

Only the Zeros have the ability to distribute narcotics globally I'll get the vaccine to the people.

And restore order to the world.

My doctor has been working night and day to develop a cure.

We are very very close.

This is the heart of all my efforts.

All we need is the blood of El Murfi to make my dreams of creating a cure a reality.

Welcome to my laboratory.



[whispering] Son of a bitch.

So this is where the Zeros took you.

I thought they were gonna kill you.

Glad they didn't. Now I can do it myself.

Addy: Warren.

You two know each other?

You hear about the nuclear strike in Colorado?


That's where you disappeared with all my research and my money?

You brought me here to atone.

I am atoning.

And look. Here he is.

Lieutenant, I understand you.

If someone tried to kill me, I would not rest until I took my revenge. But you're not going to kill my doctor, are you?


Why not? I would.

Because you took my gun.

[laughing] Yes, I did.

But something tells me, a smart woman like you, a team who've traveled thousands of miles across the country, crossed a border, can make weapons out of just about anything, huh?


So tell me.

Why do you not take your revenge?

Because he might be the only one who can synthesize a cure.


Very good.

I know how frustrating it is.

It seems like sometimes to save humanity, we have to put up with a few disagreeable men. Hmmm?

That is going to change.

Now this one.

It is no ordinary man who will sacrifice himself for the sake of humanity.

Santa Muerte is going to smile upon you, Mr. Murphy.

And you are going to bless us with your presence until the end of our days.

Okay, whoa, whoa. Sacrifice? Kurian, you never said anything I thought you only needed his blood.

You're not gonna hurt him, right?

I'll try not to.

Don't listen to him. You're going to be fine.

Let's leave them to their work.

So you've been here this whole time?

Since Minnesota? Yes, mostly.

All the time that I have been out there wandering, watching people close to me die?

Do you have any idea what I've been through?

Doesn't matter. You're here now.

It matters to me.

What did you want me to do?

Send you a Hallmark card?

There are ways of sending messages.

No, there aren't. Not from here. I told them to look for you.

Best I could do.

Now then, your reward.

I can equip you with a decade worth of gasoline, bullets, a vehicle, five vehicles.

Yeah, we'll... we'll take all that.

Take them where, do you think?

Somewhere without zombies.

And where's that?

You have zombies here.

Sure, we do. But thanks to you, not for long.

You see the potential here, yes?

Well I see potential in you.

So I could send you back into the apocalypse or I can offer you a place here.

As a part of your drug cartel?

As part of a new society.

The beginning of the first post-zombie society.

The cartel, the organization is only a means to that end.

Seems too good to be true.

It isn't.

It's a small price to pay to begin again.

Sacrifices are often made for the greater good.

But the choice is entirely up to you.

[whispering] Take the offer.

[whispering] What? Why?

[whispering] Zeros don't give options.

[whispering] If you take the bounty, you'll never live to see it.

You are more generous than I could have hoped for.

We'll stay.


I am very pleased.

Now there's just the little formality of an examination.

Like a personality test?

Not exactly.

What have you been doing?


Looks more like torture.

I had to make it look like I was working on a vaccine.

Or they would've killed me.

But you weren't actually working on a vaccine, were you?

Can you make a vaccine? Are you even capable of that?

Probably not.

But that wasn't the plan, was it?

Was it?

No, it wasn't. But if you can't make a vaccine This is much simpler. This I can do.

(speaking in Spanish)

What kind of test is this?

It's called kill the zombies.

Last man or woman standing is to join the ranks of our loyal order of La Reina de los Muertos.

What if we don't want to play?

Then we shoot you.

Game on.


[chattering continues]

[chattering continues]

What are they doing?

Betting against us.

[chattering continues]

Round one.

Round one? How many rounds?



I got this.






This will be the final round.



I'm gonna do you a favor.

[muffled sounds]

[crying] Please daddy.


[crying] Please.

[crying] Help me!


I'm gonna do you a favor.

[crying continues]

[screaming] No!




To speed things up, why don't we kill the lights?

[growling continues]

Las luces.


Warren: Alright people,


Let's win.














No wonder you survived so long.

We could really use some Zeros like you.

We get to join your club now?

I gave him a full dose of the vaccine.

How long does this take?

The serum has to circulate through his whole body, plus the incubation period.

It could be anywhere from one hour to two days.




[breathing heavily] Why'd he do that?

Why did he try to attack me?

The more important question is why did he stop?

Because I wanted him to.





It's perfect.



Well, almost perfect.


Just a few minor adjustments.


And then we'll be ready for the human trials.

[airgun shot]

Wasn't he human?

You know what I mean.



We look so shiny.

I feel weird.

Yeah, I do too.

[clearing throat]

Come with me.




Zeros! Our queen, La Reina de la Muerte, demands your attention!

My people.

We have suffered for a very long time.

The lives that we once knew have been torn apart.

Most of the world has fallen into darkness.

But not our world.

Under the protection and the guidance of Santa Muerte, a miracle.

El Murfi has been delivered to our doorstep.


Thanks to the valiant effort of Lieutenant Roberta Warren and her courageous crew.

And so tonight, we will give them the greatest honor that we know.

We will make them one of us.

[congratulatory chatter]

And now, we celebrate.


I saw it.

Saw what?

Escorpion's tattoo.

You can't ask me to do nothing, Roberta.

It's him.

I got to do it.

For Julia.

Look, I'm not asking you to do nothing.

I'm asking you to wait until we have a plan.

If we're gonna get out of here, we got to go through him.

And I won't be able to do it without you.

It's not just about you now. The mission The mission's over.

We made it.

Dr. Kurian's here. He's got Murphy's blood.

The world is saved.

I got to do what I came here to do.









Ladies and gentlemen.

Please, all of you, today we celebrate the arrival of El Murfi to the City of the Zeros.

Do your duty.

Make an offering.


Next, we have a very special guest.

Senor Diablo and his zombie friend, Pepito. Good luck!


Get that mess out of here. Rápido.

And no zombie mimes either! La Reina hates zombie mimes!

I think she likes you.

God, I hope not.

I dunno, kid.

Sometimes the best women are the ones that terrify you.

Murphy, you son of a bitch.

Where's my flower? You're supposed to bring me a flower.


What happened to you?


You know what I mean. What did Kurian do to you?

Oh that. Oh, you know Drew some blood, blah, blah, blah.


He's working on it.


Quit looking at me like that.

You're up to something.

What would I be up to? I need that cure as much as anybody.

Do you? I mean seems like you're starting to enjoy what you do.

I'll tell you what I am enjoying.

Being treated like a freakin' saint.

You ought to try it sometime.

Eat, drink, and be merry, Warren. For tomorrow we die.







She saved the queen!



My savior.


La Reina, por favor.

Your life may still be in danger.

The assassin, he could be working with the others.

Please, let me have him.

I will make him talk.

Yes, fine. Take him. Get out of here.



Even more reason to celebrate.

I live.







That's for ruining the party.

Now, tell me.

Why were you trying to kill La Reina?

I wasn't.

Don't make me go zombie apocalypse on your ass.

Because in the end, you're gonna tell me everything I want to know anyway.

You can save us both some major unpleasantness.

So I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Why were you trying to kill La Reina?

I wasn't.

Wrong answer.

Who are you and your people working for?

The United States government?

[laughing] That's a joke, right?

But you got to be working for somebody to make it down here on your own.

Who is it?

The Russians?

The Chinese?

Those rich bastards in Zona?

[moaning] I don't know what you're talking about.

I was afraid you were gonna say that.

Never tried this before.

[blender running]

What do you think an egg beater can do to a man's face?

Scramble it like a picasso?

Or like my mother's chilaquiles?

[blender running]





I like my mother's chilaquiles.

Let's try this again.


It's Kurian.

[whispering] He needs to see La Reina.

We got some good news.

Not for you, but it's good.



What do we do, guys?

We gotta get out of here. Like now.

Yeah, well I would maybe know what to do if I knew what the hell was going on.

Yeah, did Vasquez really try to kill that queen lady?

No. Why did he do that?

Yeah, and how was Warren right there to stop him?

I'm gonna go talk to her.

Mi Reina.

My queen.

Doctor Kurian?

What is it?

I have it.

I have the vaccine.

The zombie plague is over.

I have the cure.

Di me. Tell me.

What have you done?

My queen, I present to you your H1Z1 vaccine.

This serum makes the zombie virus virtually impotent.

Now a zombie bite will be like... nothing.

Well, you may have to get a tetanus shot.

And when you die?

You stay dead.

How do you know this works?

I've been testing it.

On humans?

I Show me.

Show me how this works.

Of course.

I will just need a volunteer.


I have just the man for you, Doctor Kurian.

He's still alive?

Not for long.

He's perfect then.


You have your volunteer.

All ready, my queen.

My friends.

We stand on the precipice of a major scientific discovery.

Remember this day.

For it will mark the beginning of a New World Order.

Of a Zero World Order.

(quietly) More like a Murphy World Order.

Let us proceed.

Hold him still goddammit.

What is his name?


Javier or something like that.

Javier Vasquez.

A name that will go down in history.