03x07 - Welcome to Murphytown

How much food do you have left?

That's it? That's a few months at best.

I know where there's more food.

Previously on Z Nation.

He's dead. Poor 10K.

If you didn't see him, he's not dead.


[whispering] Wake up. Wake up.


We're gonna find this blue son of a bitch.

And we are going to stop Murphy from creating his damn race of blends.


That's why they call him The Man.

They'll all come after us.

The battle for the future of humanity is about to begin.

And I intend to win it.









[muffled sounds]


[muffled sounds]


[muffled sounds]


There he is. Get him!


[muffled sounds]


Afternoon, friend.

[growling continues]

Have you heard the good word of Murphy?

All right, here we go.

Good morning.

Good morning, folks.

All right, everyone listen up.

Now, what I want you to do is take a paper and pen and follow us on this chalkboard.

All right?

Tell us what you used to do pre-Apocalypse.

Whatever you're good at.


All right, follow us on this chalkboard.

It can be anything. Anything from garbage collector to sewing.

You can just walk through those Zs?


Yes. Once vaccinated, they are no longer attracted to you.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, but it's worth it.

[growling continues]

What are they?

Next question.

[growling continues]

Mr. Murphy? May I come up?

One second.


How's the recruiting coming?

Got about a dozen today. Word is spreading, but slowly.

Not like the Internet days.

Sound Truck should start bringing them in.

Simms just brought in another half dozen Zs for the moat.

Perfect. It's good to start out slow.

Gives us time to plan.

New world needs everybody.

Scientists. Cooks.

I can't do everything.

Let's get them inoculated.

I'll get started right away.

Can you choose whether to be bitten or get the vaccine?

Mr. Murphy is no longer giving oral inoculations anymore. Okay?

Vaccines only now.

You'll leave your weapons just past the zombie moat.


Weapons will be returned to you at Mr. Murphy's choosing.

It's for your own protection.

Look. If Mr. Murphy's terms are not acceptable, you're free to move on.

Is that him?


Yes. There's the Murphy now. Yes.


Okay, folks. Listen up.

Auerback, Raphael, Graham, Anderson.

Come with me.

DeLaGarza, Woods, and Woods Jr.

Be back out for you next. Come on.


All right, now each of you will receive a dose of vaccine.

The inoculator will cut a small incision in your upper arm and apply the vaccine. Now you will experience some nausea.

Some worse than others.

So if you need to vomit, there will be a place to do so.

Weapons there.

Once the nausea passes, proceed to the tent for supplies and instructions.

Do we need to sign anything?

No, that won't be necessary. The vaccine takes care of all that.

You'll be happy to do the right thing.

What do we have?

Uh, farmer, electrician, banker, and EMT.


That's me.

Upcycler/Drill Sergeant.

Can make anything out of nothin'.

We've got work for you.

Graham? Investment banker. Graham?

I'm surprised they didn't kill you before the Apocalypse.

You'll be on latrine duty.


We don't have much need for bankers, Mr. Graham.

But we do have latrines.

Of course.

Mr. Murphy, can I get you a chair?

Don't mind me.

You're the Murphy?

Do not address Mr. Murphy unless he addresses you.

That's really not necessary.

With your permission, sir, we need to establish some protocols.


Sorry. It's my first day. I didn't know.

It's fine. Relax. I don't bite, at least not anymore.


All right, all right, all right.


[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy, ♪

[three gunshots]

♪ Oh, have mercy. ♪

It gets lonely out here in the Apocalypse.

People are getting fewer and fewer and meaner and meaner.

You know, kid?


How you feeling?

That's okay. You sleep it off.

That cocktail I gave you would have whooped my ass too, for sure.

I dunno how much more of this zombie sh1t I'm gonna be able to put up with.

With Warren and Addy gone, if anything else happened to you, I might just have to go out in a blaze of zombie glory.

[car driving]

Car's coming.




[tires squealing]


[tires squealing]




Hey, you guys!

Steven Beck. Where the hell have you been?

We've been looking all over for you!

What happened to me? What happened to you?

Ah, you didn't see the horde of spider zombies?

Spider zombies?

Damn. No.

They were covered in black widows, man.

Black widow spiders crawling with them.

Okay, so what happened to you?

Well, have you ever seen the movie, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest?

Add zombies, a black Elvis, and mix well.

It's a long story. But the best part is I found 10K.



[whispering] sh1t.

These paint swatches are all great.

Thank you for doing this.

I want it to be just perfect.

Of course.

How old is your daughter?

Let's see, she would be about one now.

Just about to walk.


You'll still need a crib.

I'm sure there's one out there somewhere.

Maybe some of the other ladies and I will put together a baby shower for you.

That would be amazing.

It's the least we can do.

You and Will have been so helpful.

We would do anything for you.


Let's go with the lavender.





There's nothing to fear.

I don't fear you. I hate you.

What you did to Cassandra was worse than death.

Just let it happen, kid.

You won't be afraid anymore.

No! Please, Murphy! No!



Let me out.

Let me out!

You're not looking too good, kid.

Yeah, I don't feel so good.

What the hell did you give him?

Whoa. What...

Hey, hey, hey. 10K, it's okay. He's with us now.

She's right.

You don't have to worry about me no more.

I'm with you now, bro.

You okay?

Look at you. You got chest hairs.

Good to see you, conscious.


All right, we got a lot of catching up to do. But first, you told Doc that Murphy's in Spokane?


He's different.

He's smarter. Crazier.

He's got some kinda big plan, and he's not alone.

He bites people, controls them.

It's weird.


Well, everybody likes him.

That's f'ed up.

Drink this, kid. You look dehydrated.

Is Doctor Merch still alive?

It's okay.

Murphy bit her. Twice.

Son of a bitch.

So with these bites, he controls her?


Doctor Merch is making him a blend vaccine so he can control people without biting them.

You sure we need this guy alive?

You can't kill him.

Let's go.

Running out of gas.

Back on foot.

Are we friends with Escorpion now?

Dude went full Apocalypse, man.

Had one of them come to Jesus moments. Goes by Hector now.

What about Vasquez?

Uh, man, haven't seen him since California.

Probably ran himself into a horde of Zs.

Suicide by zombie.

Who's she?

Oh, when you and Murphy were on the boat, some Asian folks paid us a visit...

[incomprehensible voices echoing]

I don't think we should keep that guy alive if he's making formulas.



Red Hands, all right.

These guys are starting to take all the fun out of the Apocalypse.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

I didn't think it was possible to terrorize people in this environment.

Hey, guys!

Look at this.

Watch your step. Lots of sharp edges.

This is so cool. I feel like a Bond girl.

Your nana okay okay to keep up?

You kidding?

[speaking Inuit]


What do you do for power? Diesel or portable reactor?


But I haven't been able to get it restarted since the nukes.

We also have solar arrays, but they took a hit too.

With some help, I might be able to get them restarted.

So why'd you leave?

Well I was here by myself.

All the repairs were a two-man job. So after the last of my batteries ran out, I had a choice.

I could either go out and find some help or stay here and die alone.

Guess it was a good thing I found you.

I guess so.

Me and Uncle will help you get this sucker fired up.

Get you back on the air.

Your satellites are still in orbit, right?

That reminds me of a joke.

Uncle. Don't start.

[speaking Inuit]

These two satellites decided to get married.

Wasn't much of a wedding. But boy was that reception amazing.


Best joke I've heard in a long time.

Don't encourage him.

[laughing] Come on.

Come take a look at this.

The master electrical panels for the entire base.

All of the fuses were fried during the blast.

Even if we could get the batteries recharged somehow, we'd still have to bypass this panel.

Some of the fuses might still be good.

[electric zapping]



No, Uncle.


Uncle, no, no.


Kaya, get back. He's turning.

I give you mercy.

Don't shoot. I'm alive.

He's alive.

I almost mercied you, man.

There must be some charge left in them batteries.

Hey, 10K!

Give me a hand over here, will ya?

Kid, we got to talk.

We have got to tell Warren. You gotta trust her, man.

No. Please.

I can handle it, okay?

Just give me a little more time to get Murphy out of my head.

I'm feeling better.

You don't look it.

There you are. 10K.

What do you know about this?

These had to come from my air drop, but what's inside them?

They should be empty.

I dunno what's in them.

Doctor Merch gave them to me to keep them safe.


I dunno.


Well she was giving Murphy some booster shots to keep him from turning more zombie.

Maybe that's what's in them. Maybe they're for Murphy.

Maybe it's the original vaccine.

Small doses might act as a booster shot of some kind.

Slow down his deterioration.

Or it might also be whatever cocktail of Murphy blood they're giving the blends.


[radio static]

Any luck?

She got it fired up, but it's awfully quiet out there.

Numbers station. Some pre-recorded Russian. But no CZ.

Keep trying.

It would be nice to know if there's any world left to save.

Murphy on loudspeaker: Fear no more. Guaranteed. Fear no more.

There is a way.

Follow me.

Fear no more.

Fear no more. ‭Somebody want to tell me what the hell that is?

Guaranteed. Fear no more. Sounds like the blue dude himself.

There is way. Follow me.

Fear no more. Guaranteed.

Murphy is advertising?

Guaranteed. Fear no more.

I told you. He's insane.

If he has thousands of doses of vaccine, all he needs are live bodies.

You heard the man. Come on.

Does this thing run?

Yes, ma'am.

You sure this is possible?

If... if we can get the intakes to the turbines clear of the Zs, then one or more of these turbines might still turn.

We managed to clear out the control room.

Most of it is still operational.

Wires are down in a lot of places. But, but we're good to go here in town.

Once we get the power back on, we can electrify the fence and use the Zs for other purposes.

First power.

And then industry.

And then civilization.

But make no mistake about it.

There are people out there that won't want to join us.

Start a basic training program. We'll need to be ready.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Murphy?

The new recruit you wanted to see is here.


You have your instructions. Get me power.

This is Emile Hunter.

Private security.

Oh, I know the man.

We go way back.

Did you think I wouldn't notice you?

I must admit, I am pretty hard to miss.

[echoing] Seize him. He's a threat.

Obey me. Protect Murphy.

Protect Murphy.

Mr. Murphy, want me to deal with this?

[hollow bouncing]

Here you go, honey. Go play.

Come on.

Remove your jacket.

So, am I on your list?

I don't work for those people anymore.

I'm just a private citizen who wants to help.

And judging by these fools, you could use a man with my very particular set of skills.

You don't believe me.

What can I do to prove myself?

Test me.

All right.

I need brains.

Fresh brains.

For my research.






Well, you may prove useful after all.

Why are you here?

When we last met, I was working for some very powerful people from a place called Zona. They had a cure on Zona.

A vaccine that was developed by an infected scientist.

Their messiah. Much like yourself.

But now their immunity is failing, and their messiah is dying.

You, Mr. Murphy, are humanity's last hope.

So you understand how serious I am.

What I understand, there is no alternative.

You've proven your skill.

Now prove your loyalty.

Take a bite.

But that's for you.

I insist.

If you insist.


Everything all right, Mr. Murphy?


We're fine.

Mr. Murphy?

Just a few minutes. Is everything all right?

I'll let you know.

You ate all of them?


Apologies, sir. I just couldn't help myself. Mmmm.

I understand. It's in our nature.

Can you get me more?



Let's keep this between you and me.

Discretion is one of my skills.



What happened, sir?

[echoing] Clean this up. Clean this up.

Obey my commands. Obey my commands.

I'll have this cleaned up right away.

Hang on.

You're certain the new recruit got the inoculation, yes?

[echoing growling]

[echoing growling]

[echoing growling]

Cut the x myself.

Puked his brains out.






Shoot anything that moves.

I thought you killed all the zombies.

It's the Apocalypse. You just never know.


[gun cocking]

Pew. Pew.

This place could use a woman's touch.

No offense.

None taken.

So this is where you made all the magic happen?

This is it. Or what's left of it.

What are you doing?

Unplugging anything that's broken, which is pretty much everything.

Hopefully there's enough juice left in the batteries to power some lights and the transmitter.

There we go. All right, have him try it again.

Power it up, Uncle K.

Uncle Kaskae on radio: Okay. Firing up fuse number one.

Nothing there.

Have him try the next one.

Try the next one.

Trying number two.

Nothing. Keep trying.

Charging number three.


Fuse four.


Fuse five.

[fans starting]


We did it!





(Murphy on loudspeaker) Fear... Fear.. Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear... Fear...

This Escorpion is starting to piss me off.


[voice ceases]

Who the hell are these guys?

This man was shot in the heart, not the head.

But he didn't turn.

He's a blend. Look at the other side of his face.

So when blends die, they don't turn.

Yeah. And zombies ignore you like you're one of them.

Maybe Murphy's onto something.

He's just trying to help people.


Become blends.

There's more too. He's planning some kind of expedition.

An expedition to where?

Springfield, Illinois.


We've been to Springfield.

What's in Springfield?

Yeah, besides crazy Lincoln zombies?

Lucy. ‭Lucy.

Who's Lucy?

Murphy's daughter.

Murphy has a child?

Do you know what this means?

She could have inherited his immunity.

We got to get to Lucy before Murphy does.

Let's get some grub and make a plan.

[echoing] Hello, darling. Hello there.

[echoing] Hello there. Hello there.

Looks like dinner's ready.

I never thought I'd eat steak without fear of the virus.

Steak is only the beginning.

Beginning of a future without fear.

Look at everything we've accomplished already.

A new home.

Zombie moat is filling up. Vaccinations are happening.

And soon, thanks to the hard work of all of you, we'll have the power back up.

I'd like to propose a toast.

To the man that took away our fears and gave us back our lives To the Murphy.

all: To the Murphy.

Eat. Eat.

None for me right now, thanks. I'll have something later.


Gourmet stir fry.

Shazam. Ooh.

You know, crickets are 121 calories. All protein.

Oh no, oh oh. That's barbecue.

Remember when we could eat meat?

I used to barbecue all the time.

Carne asada, pico de gallo. You don't even want to know, man.

You know, if you close your eyes, it tastes just like crickets.

Cricket de gallo.

Okay. So the way I see it, we got to split up.

Oh, man. I hate when we split up.

I get it. But we've got to stop Murphy and his blend army before they get too strong.

And we got to find Lucy before the rest of the world finds out about her.

All right? Let's hit it. Get your head in it.

Hey. You said you saw a map, right?


Can you draw what you saw?


She's with a family just outside Springfield.

There's rail road tracks, and it said Old Route 57.

She's in the woods on a farm right here.

All right. Doc and Addy, you guys go after Lucy.

The rest of us will continue on to Spokane, and we'll do whatever we can to stop Murphy.

And when we find Lucy?

Keep her safe. Contact us by radio.

We'll monitor the HAM frequencies for you.

What are we gonna do when we get to Spokane?

We're gonna give him a good old fashioned spanking.

Right on.

Let's load up and move out.

10K, why don't you help me make sure that fire's out.

10K. You've got to tell Warren and the others about the bite.

No, Doc.

I don't want them to look at me like I'm Murphy's bitch.

I just need one of those injectors from Sun Mei, and I'll be fine. Just let me do this my way. Please, Doc.

Let's go!

You're putting me in a bad position.

I know.

Please trust me.

I do. I shouldn't, but I do.

See you soon, sister.

You take care of yourself.

You too.

Think about what I said.

I'll be all right, Doc.

Hello, Lucy.

Are you sure I can't you get anithing?

Anything at all?

I'm fine, thank you.


Go now. You can clean this later.

Bring it to me.

Where did you get...

Nevermind. I don't wanna know.


Slow down, Murphy. Chew your food.

Feeling better?

Much. Pass the mustard, will you?

You know why I'm here, don't you?

This isn't about that stupid list of yours, is it?

What are you gonna do?

You and I are gonna take a little walk.

[ratchet clicking]

So, I know you have a thing for this Addison Carver.

I want to let you know that I'm not the jealous type.

Let me just put that out there right up front.

You know we've never met.

I know.

[ratchet clicking]

I can kick her ass. Just saying.

So that's Spokane, huh?


Murphy's compound is there. In the Museum of Progress.

Under the clock tower.

How fortified is it?

[echoing] Obey me. Protect Murphy.


Sorry, what?

How fortified is the compound?

It's got two fences and... and a zombie moat.

So only a blend can get in.

All right. So we got about an hour of daylight.

We wait until night fall. Do some reconnaissance.

[echoing] See exactly what we're working with.

[echoing] Are you okay?

I'm just hungry.

I'm gonna get some crickets.

Looking for these?

Where you going? ‭10K!

He's bit!

He's bit!

10K, let me help you!

Give it another shot.

Test, test, test.

Broadcast something.

Can I?

Yo, yo, yo. It's the Kay to the y-ah comin' at ya live-ah.

The new hot lips of the Apocalypse.

[radio static]

Don't you love it when mom packs our lunch?

Jalapeño or cheddar cheese?

[distorted voice on radio]

Hey, what is that?

[distorted voice on radio]

[Kaya on radio] Listen up to Citizen Z.

The Apocalyptic narration of the nation.

Is that Citizen Z?

Only if he had a s*x change.

Gimme a beat.

[record scratching]

♪ Operation Bite Mark.

♪ Need a spark. Did you carry on?

♪ Need to hear your call.

♪ We've been gone. You been gone too long.

♪ CZ, wannabe, that's me. I need to see Murphy.

♪ Talk to me. Please don't freeze.

♪ On my knees, beggin' hear my plea. Woo.

[music playing on radio]



Citizen Z. It's Addy Carver.

Citizen Z?

It's Addy Carver. Operation Bite Mark. Come in, Citizen Z.

♪ Ready? I'm Kaya, on the wire.

♪ Can't get by ya. Whya cry-ya.

♪ Ain't a liya. M-M-Mercy is my business.

♪ And my business is on fire.

♪ Still alive at the Northern Light.

♪ We had a fright, but we all right.

♪ We okay. We hold tight. Every day, day by day.

♪ Every day, day by day. Every day, day by day.

♪ Every day, day by day. Every day, day by day.

♪ Day by day. ♪

Get in the car.


This is my home now.

I thought you might say that.

So I brought a little insurance along.

Your daughter.



That's not my daughter. You idiot.


[guns cocking]

How were you able to avoid my control after you were vaccinated?

Why don't you re-vaccinate him or bite him?


He doesn't deserve to be a blend.

Then let me kill him for you. The moat Zs are hungry.

I want answers first.

I want to know who exactly at Zona you are working for.

I want a name!

I asked you a question.

I asked you a question.


Answer me!


I want a name!


You will give me a name.

I can't give you a name!

If you come with me to Zona, you'll be treated with extraordinary favor.

You'll have more wealth and power than you could possibly imagine. Huh?

Mr. Murphy!


Mr. Murphy! Mr. Murphy!

Just got word.

The power's up. They're ready to flip the switch.

You will answer me.

Or I will have your brains for my dinner.


All right! Everyone!

Up to the tower! This is what we have been waiting for!

He's gone. I couldn't catch him.


He's ready.

It's like Murphy Christmas.

Will said to send up a flare.

When he sees it, he's gonna light up your world like a candle.

All right.

This is it.

The dawn of a new era.

Behold, a new world order!

[flare whistling]

We're gonna need some backup.

[cheering] Murphy! Murphy!

[cheering] Murphy! Murphy! Murphy! Murphy!


[cheering] ‭Murphy! Murphy! Murphy!