03x09 - Heart of Darkness

I think I'll call her Lucy.

Previously on Z Nation.

Would you take my daughter and raise her?

We have to be the two luckiest people in the whole Apocalypse.

We got to find Lucy before the rest of the world finds out about her.

Keep her safe. Contact us by radio.

Oh, I know The Man.

I am pretty hard to miss.

I wanna know who exactly in Zona you were working for.

Is that Lucy?








Can't we get through one day in the Apocalypse without getting shot at?

[gun cocking]

I won't hesitate to shoot you. Lucy needs some new friends.

What do we do with them?

You two try anything stupid or even look like you're gonna try something, I will mercy you in a heartbeat, and never mind the mess.

Let's go.

I have got to bite me a secretary.

Where are those progress reports?

Oh good, you're here.

I don't know why there's so much paperwork to do.

You know, I think we should just get rid of all the paper and go back to using whatever it is they were using before paper was invented.

Oh yeah, that's right. You never were one for small talk.

You can sit down, you know.

Sit down.

We need to talk about something. And by something, I mean you.

You're not like others.

They've accepted being blends. Embraced it even.

It's the best thing that ever happened to them.

But you...

When you've had a booster shot, you're a pain in the ass.

And when you haven't, you just sort of fade into oblivion.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say your heart's not in it.


You react, but you don't act.

I need you to take the initiative here.

We are preparing to go to war.

And you should be the hero at the front of my army.

My Ajax. My Achilles. My Luke Skywalker.

It's a problem.

And we need to fix it.

And I think I know how.

I think it's that stupid name.

Ten thousand.

10K isn't just a name to you. It's your mission.

It's your purpose.

But as far as I can see, as long as you're 10K, you're no good to me.

I think you need a new goal.

A new purpose.

You thought it was killing 10,000 zombies, but it's not.

That's an outmoded way of thinking.

The world has moved past that sort of thing.

So I have decided to give you a new mission.


First, I need to know that I can trust you.

[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy...

[three gunshots]

♪ ...Oh, have mercy.

I got a couple questions.

And if I don't like the answers, Ma here is gonna shoot you.

We may seem like simple country folk and you think you can fancy talk your way out of this.

I want to disabuse you of that notion.

We aren't playing games here.

Isn't that right, Ma?

That's right, Pa.

Be square with us, and I won't have to scrub your blood off that rug.

Yes, ma'am.

We're not here to cause any trouble.

You both seem like really nice folks.

And don't think you're gonna charm your way out of this neither. No.

No, ma'am.

Now, tell us who you are and where you folks are from.

I'm Addy. And this is Doc.

We started up in New York.

A small survivor community upstate.

We had water and solar power.


Now I told you not to play with us.

There's no way anyone could make it here from New York.

No. No, it's true. We're traveling with Murphy.

We're part of his mission.


As in The Murphy?

The same one.

How'd you know we were here?

Murphy sent us.

To get his daughter, Lucy.

That is Lucy, isn't it?

You know, I helped deliver her.

You talked to the great man himself?

Well, I don't think I'd call him great.

What I meant to say is I wouldn't describe him as just great. No, no, he's amazing.

So how'd you come to meet him?

Well, he came to our camp in New York looking for help.

Yeah, he, uh, he asked us to take him to California.

Uh, That's a long trip.

That must be at least a hundred miles.

It's a few thousand miles.


That's really really really really far.

You must be really brave.

Are you a...

Are you a princess?

Sitay, Easllyray, Ucylay, Alkingtay.

[whispering] What's happening? Are you having a stroke?

He said it's really Lucy talking. Can I kill them now?

Now Lucy, honey, you know we were there with your daddy when you were born.

Which, by the way, is very strange.

She's about five years older than she should be.

They grow up fast, that's for sure.

Ain't that the truth.

And Lucy grows faster than most. Especially when she gets excited Which is why Mr. Murphy left her here with us.

It's nice and quiet and peaceful out here in the country.

Except for the zombies.

The zombies love little Lucy.

They protect her and keep this place safe.

Do some of the chores too.

It's a little slice of heaven we have here.

Which is why we don't like strangers coming to our door.

Now, finish what you were saying about Mr. Murphy supposedly sending you.

That's right. He sent us to get Lucy and keep her safe.

We've come here to take you with us, honey.

Do you want to go on a little trip?

Can I, Pa? Can I go with them? I want to go see my daddy!

Well, now sweetheart, I don't know.

We got to make sure these two are telling the truth first.

How would we know all that if Murphy didn't tell us?

Well you got a point.

There is some truth to what you're saying.

Great. Then you can untie us now?

Cuz these ropes are chafing like nobody's business.

Just tell us the password.

And then we'll get you loose and see about taking little Lucy to see her real daddy.

Oh, the password?


When he left little Lucy with us, Mr. Murphy said he might send someone to get her one day.

Gave us a password, so we'd know they was the real deal.

Oh, right. Right, of course.


The password.

Addy, remember the password?

Definitely. Definitely.

Go ahead, tell them the password.

Oh, umm... Well, the password is...


Well... [laughing]

Isn't that a relief, Ma?

Is surely is, Pa.

I was starting to worry for a minute there.

Me too. Well, I'm glad all that's settled.

[laughing nervously] See, I told you.

Guess you ought to cut them loose.

Oh. Good idea, Ma.

[laughing] Cut them loose.


Yeah, that's a fine idea.

Yeah, just glad we're on the same page.



Is there a problem?


There seems to be a little glitch in how things are proceeding.

What kind of glitch?

Well, the glitch in that that is the wrong password, and you're a lying son of a gun who's about to meet his maker!

Hold up, Pa. Hold up.

Don't do anything you're gonna regret!

What is it, Ma?

Turn his chair around so he's facing the other way.

That way the blood won't spray on anything nice.

Ah, yeah. Good idea, yeah.



Wait, wait! Murphy must've given us the wrong password.

Can I try again?

I knew that story about New York was z-pucky.


Settle down, you.

I'll telling you, this is a big mistake!

Now Lucy, sweetheart, do you want to see your daddy?

Because we can't take you if anything happens to Doc.

I promise to do it quickly.

Close your eyes, Lucy. You shouldn't see this.

Well at least take her out of the room!

I want to play with them.

Oh. Honey, I don't think that's a good idea.

I think these two mean you harm.

It'd be best to let Pa put them out of their misery, sweetheart.

No! Play!

Okay, sweetie pie. Whatever you say.

Thank you, Lucy. That was very nice of you.



Play time. Play time. Play time.

Don't think you two are out of the frying pan yet.


Let's go meet my friends!

I got a pirate and a knight and a tea party and my play pals.

You got a lot of imaginary friends, sweetheart.

Silly, they're not imaginary.



[snarling continues]


Don't be afraid. They're my friends.

Be nice.

Honey, listen, I don't think your friends are gonna like us very much.

That's right, sweetie. The zombies are dangerous to us.

[laughing] No, they're not.




Now, Lucy, we're not like you. They think that we're food.

No, they're my friends.


Tea time.

Sweetheart, wouldn't you rather...

Drink, drink, drink.

Mm, yum. So delicious.

Hey, do you think we could maybe go inside now?

No. Let's play a game.

Yes, that's great. What kind of game you wanna play?

You wanna play patty cakes?

Hide and seek.

Hide and seek with zombies?

Wouldn't you rather play go fish?


Hide and seek! You're it.

You have to count to ten while we hide.


Cover your eyes. And no peeki.


Start now!

One Mississippi.

Hide hide, hide!

Two Mississippi.

Three Mississippi. You have to hide.

Four Mississippi.

Five Mississippi.

Do you know the knife game?

Show me.


If it were any of the other blends, there wouldn't be a question.

[tapping continues]

But you and I have a history.

[tapping continues]

And I need to know that won't interfere with things.

[tapping continues]

I need to know what you are willing to do for me.

[tapping accelerates]

I need to know that you are willing to kill for me, Thomas.

[tapping accelerates]

Or die for me.

[rapid tapping continues]

(Doc) Nine Mississippi.

Ten Mississippi.


Ready or not, here I come.


[Lucy laughing]

Oh. Not that way.

[Lucy laughing]


[Lucy laughing]

Come out, come out, wherever you are.


[Lucy laughing]


[rapid tapping]


Good thing this isn't your trigger hand.

Now, let's talk about your new mission.


You need to back off.

Back off, girl. Don't make me hurt you.

Back off, girl.

Lucy! Call her off!

[growling continues]


[growling continues]

Get your raggedy ass...

[growling continues]

Off me!

[growling continues]


[growling continues]


[breathing heavily] Hey, hey, you okay?


That was fun!

Do it again. Do it again.


Come on, Annie. Get up.

What's wrong with her?

Come on, Annie. Get up.

[whispering] She's never seen a zombie mercied before.

Why won't she move?

Sweetie, Doc had to stop her.

If he didn't, she would have bit him.

She's dead.

You broke her!

No. No. No, you see...

I hate you!

You broke her! You ruined everything!


Lucy! Come on back here!

Lucy! Wait! Stop!



[growling continues]


[growling continues]

(Addy) Lucy!






Split up. It's the quickest way to find her.

She's alone out there!


We'll have to go round them zombies up when Pa and Lucy get back.

She hates it when they wander off.

Then we'll probably shoot you.



It's okay.

You can come out.

I wanna go home now. Take me home.


I said, take me home!

No! Bad zombie!

Bad zombie! Bad!

[hissing] I'm no zombie.

[hissing] Come here.










Get away from her!

It won't do what I say!

It's not a zombie. It just looks like one. Run!


[breathing heavily]

I'm scared!

I won't let it hurt you!

Shut up and die!









[breathing heavily] You okay, honey?

You saved me.


You understand what I want you to do?

And I have a surprise for you.

Go ahead.

It's okay.

That's what you want, isn't it?

To be yourself again?

To be human?

[whispering] Good.

[whispering] Good.

[whispering] Your transformation is complete.

Remember what we talked about.

I'm going to meet my dad.

I'm going to meet my dad.

I'm going to meet my dad.

I'm going to meet my dad.

I know Lucy's got her heart set on this, but I still have my misgivings.

We only want what's best for her.

Hey, I helped bring little Lucy into this world.

I ain't about to let anything happen to her. Believe me.

So you knew my mommy?

Well I sure did, sweetheart.

I did too. Her name was Serena. And she loved you very much.

Tell me about my mommy. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.

Well I guess we should start at the beginning.

Mommy and daddy met like so many people do during the Apocalypse, on the road, by chance.

They fell in love over a blueberry pie.


That's right.

King and Queen of the Apocalypse.

And did they live in a castle?

Well yes they did.

A big beautiful castle.

And did mommy have a crown?

Well yeah.

It was an awesome crown.

And Murphy, I mean daddy, he had a pretty cool crown too.

How do mommies and daddies make babies?

Kids say the darnedest things.

Well, Lucy, it's kinda like baking a pie.

It is?

It is?

It is.

You see, mommy baked daddy a blueberry pie.

And they loved each other so much that they ate the whole dang pie.


[both laughing]

Blueberry pie?

Is that why I'm blue?

Yeah, I think you're right.

I knew it.

Well, by the time they finished that pie, your mommy had a little bun in the oven of her own.

I'm pregnant.

I'm pregnant.



But snookums, it's the Apocalypse.

Don't worry, I made a list.

[laughing] Ooh!

[laughing] Oh!

Baby bottle warmer.

Diaper genie.

Breast pump. What, in case you get a flat?

[laughing] I might.

Nose Frida. I don't know what that is.

That is a snot sucker.

Snot sucker, all right.

Ten cases of diapers. Prey tell, my lady.

How much is this baby gonna poop anyway?

A lot.


And we're gonna need a house. Seven bedrooms should be enough.

Seven? Why?

For the kids, silly.

[laughing and coughing]

As King and Queen of the Apocalypse, we're gonna need to set an example if we're going to repopulate the planet.

Uh huh.

And I'll need a doula.

A doula? What's a doula?

Daddy, you'll learn.

And I'm gonna want a water birth, so we're gonna need to find a swimming pool so I can deliver in it.

And I think I'm gonna need a wet nurse.

What's wrong with a dry one?


Listen, I didn't realize how complicated this whole baby thing was.



Okay sweetie, time to go.

[whispering] I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I thought she'd never leave.

And then your mom and dad got separated by fate.

But your mom was so determined to find your dad so the three of you could be together again.

Is that really you?

Your mom and dad got reunited. Hey.

Daddy's here.

It was a dangerous trip.

But your mommy protected you the whole time.

[automatic gunfire]

[yelling] You dirt eating bastards!

You filthy goat loving whores!

There is a baby on board here! A mother loving baby!

People are so rude.

Then, you were ready to come out and meet the world.

I was there to help.

You just, it's just like blowing up a balloon, right?

Just take quick short breaths.

[breathing rapidly]


I see something!

[yelling] Here she comes!



And boy, did you ever make an entrance.

You were such a beautiful baby.

Congratulations, daddy.

You did good, mommy.



Can I?

Your dad was overjoyed to finally hold you in his arms.

It was love at first sight.

Ten fingers, ten toes.

And did my mommy love me too?

Of course, sweetheart.

Then why did she go away and leave me?

Your mommy loved you so so much.

But she had to fight off some wicked zombies that were trying to hurt you.

But zombies are my friends.

Well not all of them are your friends.

Your mommy was very brave.

She made all them stinky zombies go away.


[yelling] Get away from my baby, you you damn dirty zombies!




She was a warrior princess.

And fought long and hard to save you and your daddy.

And when she was done, well she had to go rest in a far away land. But she will always love you very much.

And that's the story of how the King and the Queen met and how little Princess Lucy was born.


Well, that's just about it.

Buckle up!

There we go.

We are all going on a road trip. How fun is that?


Let's go!

We got to wait for Ma and Pa first.

Hey, where are they?

I dunno.

I'll go see what keeping them.


Hey, folks. Time to go.

Where'd you guys go?!

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Oh there you are!

I was starting to get worried.

Hey, I know it's hard to leave your home and all. But this really is the best thing for Lucy.

What the hell!

This is your fault!

You lied to us! Kill him, Ma!


You led him straight to us!

Led who?!



If you hurt her, every zombie in the Apocalypse will be after you!

I don't know what you're talking about!



Addy, are you okay?


No, no, no!

Addy? Oh God. Addy?




Get back here, you bald-headed son of a bitch!


We'll find you!

Addy? Oh, easy, easy now.

You might have a concussion.

How many fingers am I holding up?


No, no. That's not good.

No. Two.

Play dead.

Hey! Over here!



Stop! Get off!

[fire crackling]


It wasn't me! It wasn't me!

[fire crackling]






[breathing heavily] Mercy.

[breathing heavily]

Two seconds later, you'd be giving me mercy.

Who are you? Where are we going? Where's Addy?

Are you taking me to see daddy?

Why are you driving mommy's car?

Are we there yet? When my daddy finds out, he's going to be mad at you.

You're not being a very good boy.

What's wrong with your head? Why is it all shiny like that?

You should wear your seat belt, you know.

Ma will probably shoot you if you don't.

She likes shooting things.

[electric zapping]

Do it again! Do it again!

[electric zapping]

[laughing] Again! Again!

Zombies are my friends. They listen to me.

The next time we stop, they're gonna come out of the woods and bite your face off.

Will you shut up!

I want my aunt Addy!

Well you're never gonna see her again because she's dead!



It doesn't look too bad.

Just don't get hit in the head again. You'll live.

How did The Man find Lucy?

She must be on his damn list.

Or Murphy is.

We got to go after her.

Hey, hey, hey. We will.

Once you can stand.

I can stand.

Okay. What if we can't find her? We got to get help.

Who's gonna help us?

We passed a radio tower on the way here.

Okay. One of us has to go back, find it, get in contact with Citizen Z or Warren.

Okay. Look, you take the motorcycle and go after Lucy.

It'll be quicker with one rider. I'll head to the antenna.

I'll follow you once I make contact with them.

I'll leave bread crumbs. You'll know where to go.

Okay. Be careful.

You too.


It was the damnedest thing.

Like a nightmare, but so real.

Is it hot in here to you?

It's just me.

Feels like it's getting hot in here.

It's hard to breathe. I need to get some air.







That ought to teach you.

[breathing heavily]

What the hell happened to you?

You just wait until I tell my daddy what you did.

[breathing heavily]