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03x11 - Doc's Angels
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Author:  bunniefuu [ 11/26/16 09:11 ]
Post subject:  03x11 - Doc's Angels

Previously on Z Nation.

We got to get to Lucy before Murphy does.

Murphy has a child?

Do you know what this means? She could've inherited his immunity.

Doc and Addy, you guys go after Lucy.

Is that Lucy?

Addy, are you okay?



We got to get help.

One of us has to go back, find it, get in contact with Citizen Z or Warren.

Alright, don't worry. I'll find the radio tower.

Be careful.

You too.

[screaming and grunting]

[screaming and grunting]



[screaming and grunting]

[muffled screaming and grunting]


What you looking at?

You won't believe this. Come here.

Are those humans?

If you can call them that.

Anything good happen during the night?

Got that guy from Kazakhstan again.

He's data mining for old vaccine trials.

Who is he working for?

Anything from Operation Bite Mark?

Just the occasional rant from Murphy.

Where are they?

Come on, Warren. Talk to me.

Is it just me, or does the world seem more empty?

(female voice on radio) Distinctly, I remember it was in the bleak December.

And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor Eagerly, eagerly I wished the morrow.

Vainly I had sought to borrow.

From my books surcease of sorrow.

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain thrilled me.

Filled me with fantastic terrors [piano music on radio]

female voice on radio: So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating 'tis some visitor entreating entrance


At my chamber door.

[piano music playing and echoing on radio]

(voice on radio continues) Designs will strain to nothing.

female voice echoing: Strict confines of this sweet order.

Where in pious rape.

Shape. Till he would order mingles and combines.

Past are the hours, the years of our duress.

His arrogance, our awful servitude.

I have him.

He is nothing more nor nothing less.

Than something simple not yet understood. [growling]

I shall not even force him to confess. [growling]

Or answer. I will only make him good. [growling]

In the strict confines of this sweet order.

Where, in pious rape, I hold his essence [radio static]










[muffled sounds]










[clanking continues]

[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy...

[three gunshots]

♪ ...Oh, have mercy. ♪♪

[light chiming]


Am I dead?

all three: Good morning, Sleepy Head.

Where am I?

Shh. You're safe now.

That was a bad sunburn.

Perfect. My oils work miracles.

Never go outside without UV protection.

And Z protection.

Who are you?

I'm Camilla.

That's Linda.

And that's Sara.

Much better.

So, what's your name, darling?

Oh, my name's Steven. But everybody calls me Doc.

Well, looks like you got yourself into a bit of trouble out there, Doc.

But lucky for you, we found you on time.

Did you see the sparkling Z?

It's like Zombie Christmas out there.

Yeah, that's Sara's thing.

She's taken bedazzling to a whole new level.

Had to get creative after Black Summer. Too much death around.

Ain't that the truth.

Well ladies, thanks for your hospitality.

But I really should get going.

I wouldn't want to cause you any more trouble.

By the way, was that your radio I heard earlier?


It's possible.

Yes. We have a solar-powered radio.


Oh, oh, oh, oh. Let me help you with that.

You probably heard my radio show.

I read poetry.

Some of the classics.

I'm a poet myself.

Yeah, you know cuz I saw the antenna, and I was hoping... Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes.


Yes, yes.

Up to Maine. Maine, yeah. Oh, oh.

See, I was hoping that you'd be kind enough to let me use your transmitter.

You got a girlfriend out there, Doc?

Oh, no, no.

I got split up from my group. And one of them's in trouble, so I was hoping to send some help her way.

We might be able to arrange that.


I'll show you how to use our ham rig.

I'm licensed.

All done, my dear.

Oh, man bun?


Citizen Z, come in. This is Delta-Xray-Delta.

This is Doc. Do you copy?

Come in, Northern Light.

How do you know if this thing's transmitting?

It's solar. When the battery holds a charge, we can transmit.

Try again.

[radio static]

This is Delta-Xray-Delta for Citizen Z. Do you copy?

Citizen Z, this is Doc. We need you, man.

I have an emergency message for Operation Bite Mark.

Do you copy?

What's the emergency?

And what's Operation Bite Mark?

Oh, I'm not at liberty to say.

I don't think.

What I can tell you is that the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.


So, what do you and your Operation Bite Mark friends do for fun?


Oh, jeez, it's been awhile, you know with the world coming to an end and all.

Need more fun. Copy that.

Citizen Z, come in. Citizen Z.

We have a situation.

Citizen Z. Delta-Xray-Delta.

This is Doc speaking.

Come on, man. We need you.

Come in, Citizen Z.

[radio static]

Nothing but your ghosts out there.

[radio static continues]

[radio static changes]


[radio static continues]

Did you hear that?

I don't hear anything.

[radio static changes]

There it is again.

[radio static continues]

This is Citizen Z from Camp Northern Light.

Does anybody copy? Over.

This is Citizen Z from Camp Northern Light.

Does anyone copy? Over.

Numbers station.

No, I know I heard something.

[radio static continues]


Citizen Z.


This is Doc speaking.

What's wrong?

Sometimes the battery doesn't hold a charge.

We can try again in the morning.

Yeah. In the meantime, we've got everything you need.

Best the apocalypse has to offer.

[exhaling deeply]

Hope you're hungry.

Well, you know if there's really nothing I can do till morning...

[all laughing]

Welcome to paradise.

We do everything ourselves.

100% self-sufficient.

Made the furniture, clothes, any of the art you see.

Even the candles.

Grow our own food.

Rigged up sustainable power for the whole place.

Nothing we don't have.

Nothing we can't do.

Don't worry. It's vegan.

Gluten free and locally sourced.

There's no reason to stop caring about the environment.

Earth is still our home.

Well, I think the Zs would disagree.

Trust me.

Somewhere in their lizard brains, they know who's boss.

Wow. This is really good.

Tastes way better than I thought.

You know, I went to a vegan Thanksgiving once.

And I swear that turkey tasted just like paper mâché.

[women laughing]

No, but this is really good.

More stew?

More greens, Doc?

Another round, captain?

Sure, I'll take some more.

You have a very melodious voice.

Have you ever been in a band, Doc?

Well, as a matter of fact, I was a bass player in a Pink Floyd cover band.

Of course that was way back before disco killed life as I knew it.

I always loved musicians.

Spent a lot of time on the road. Traveling with the band.

You have the hands of a musician.

I do?

You know, I play piano. I can play for you all night long.

How's that food? Can I get you anything else?

I can do that. How 'bout playing something for me, us? No, really. It's all right.

No, I can do that. What do you think about that?

Is there anything else I can get you?

How 'bout you play inside for me later on?

I'll get him some more. No, I can too.

No, I can get him more. Go inside and enjoy...

[talking over each other]

Oh, no, no.

You're our guest of honor.


Old fashioned.

Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Oh, you guys have cats? I love cats.

I haven't seen one in years.

Neither have we.


Here, kitty, kitty!



Here, kitty, kitty!



Now, I've heard of crazy cat ladies. But sheesh.

[electric zapping]


Come on, sparkles!

Let Mr. Fluffy eat.


He's a naughty boy.

You trained them?


[electric zapping]

That's Socks. Don't let his decrepit state fool you.

He's a mischief maker.

And that right there, that's Rascal.

He wouldn't stop eating himself.

And that's Mittens.

I believe you already met him. Right, Mittens?

Yeah. I can't say it was a pleasure.

[electric zapping]








Hey, I'm sorry about that.

Don't worry, sweetie.

Plenty more where that came from.


[organ music playing]


Now, what is this exactly?

Dandelion wine.

Lots of vitamins and great source of calcium.

Well I'm all about being healthy.

Gotta keep those bones strong.

What is it about glitter, you just can't get rid of it?

Glitter's forever. Known fact.

♪ ♪

I will put chaos into fourteen lines.

And keep him there.

And let him thence escape.

If he be lucky, let him twist and ape.

His adroit designs will strain to nothing.

Wanna see my scrap book?


Like to keep track of things.

Used to be an accountant before the world went tits up.

Hard to break a habit, you know?

Well, whatever gets you through the apocalypse.

My second wife was a scrapper.

She saved everything.

Nice to have all your memories in one place, forever.

She burned all my sh1t up after the divorce.

God, I loved that woman.

[organ music continues]

Well that's a nice pattern.


I snatch a bit of clothing off of each of them.

Not a bad way to keep track of the Zs.

My little buddy counts Z kills.

Yeah, he must be up to 5,000 by now.

Actually he's the closest thing I have to a son.

Sure hope he's okay.

Hope everybody's okay.

Anywho, that's Pablo, my third husband.

Death by slit throat, poor thing.

Do you know what a Colombian Necktie is?

Well it ain't been an easy apocalypse for nobody.

Oh, this was way before day one.

This is my niece's hair.

She was a beauty queen, real pretty.

Got her head severed in a freak Z accident.

All that wasted hair.

Can you imagine?

Well ladies, it has been a delightful evening, truly.

But well, [laughing]

You guys have been so kind to me.

But I got to get up with the sun tomorrow and get back to that radio.

So if you'll just tell me where to bunk down.

But it's still early. Plenty of wine left.

Yeah. Have another glass.

How about a little treat?

Where'd you get the Z weed?

What's Z weed? This is homegrown, baby.

The best these hands could harvest.

Now hold on. Is this heaven? Are you three Angles of Mercy?


Yes and yes.

Well, I guess I can stick around a little while longer.

I can't get on that radio till the morning anyway, right?

This should make the Apocalypse a little less apocalyptic.

Amen to that.

And hallelujah.

[door knob rattling]

[door knob rattling]

[door knob rattling]

[door knob rattling]

[door knob rattling]

[door knob rattling]

[door knob rattling]

Oh, Maccheroni, you about gave me a heart attack.

Rabbit milk?

What did you say?

Milked it myself.

Mmm. Oh boy. Well, thanks.

You know Sara, I really appreciate you letting me stay.

You let me know if there's anything else I can do, hon.

I'm just one room over, very very close.

Roger that.

Hello again.

I realized I never gave you my book of poetry.

Oh, thanks. Far out.

It's written to be read in the nude. That's how I wrote it.

Okay, well I'll keep that in mind.


Hey, I got people counting on me.

Including a little blue girl with a troubled paternal figure.

Oh sweet lord, you think I'm here to hurt you?

You're not?

If I wanted to hurt you, I'd wait till you were asleep.

And then I would cut your throat.

You'd never even know what hit you.

More effective.

Yeah, that, that would be more effective.


I sharpened this sword in case you need it during the night.

Oh. You brought it for me?

Thank you. Thanks.


Sweet dreams, Docky-Doc.



(Doc) Steven, you know this is gonna all end in tears.

Just walk away now before you end up pickled in a jar.

But then again, it's the Apocalypse.


(Doc) Where the hell are my clothes?




[muffled sounds]

[muffled voice on radio]

[muffled] just getting by ya.

Operation Bite Mark, walkin' the zompacalypse.

[Kaya on radio]

Whatever weather.

Don't you see I'm lookin' for ya Wanna see where are ya. Getting' by ya. Operation

I'm trying, lady.

Kaya, this is Doc. You copy?

See where are ya. Operation Bite Mark's still going. Come in, Northern Light.

Walkin' the zompacalypse.


Come on.

Come on.

Don't ya know I'm lookin' for ya. Wanna see where are ya.

[door opening]

I wish you hadn't seen that.


Where are you, Docky-Doc?



(Camilla) Gluten free and locally sourced.

[women laughing]

Sara: Hard to break a habit, you know?

Linda: And then I would cut your throat You wouldn't even know what hit you.

Where are you, Docky-Doc?

You can run, but you can't hide.


[gasping] What?

Help us.

Man, I think I'm wearing you.

Oh God.

Is that weed growing out of your brain?

I've been smoking you.

Lord, I'm in the Hobby Lobby of Hell.

Help us.

Who are you guys?

We're you ten minutes from now.

Help us.

I got you, brother.




Why are the cute ones always crazy?

Doc. Where are you?

Run while you still have legs.

Good luck.

See you guys on the other side.


Docky-Doc, are you leaving without saying goodbye?

[air gun shot]

This is only gonna sting a bit.

Is that a dental stud gun ?


[air gun shot]

Please! Stop!

I would expect this from them.

But you, you and me, I thought we had something special.

Oh, he thinks he can pit us against each other.




I'll shred it. I swear.

Why you got to be this way?

I hate it when they put up a fight.



Pain is a beautiful thing.

What is wrong with you?






Bedazzle, bedazzle. [air gun shot]

[screaming] Ow.

You bedazzled my nipple!

Beads are the new black.




Don't worry. This'll be over soon.



[slicing and moaning]





[muffled voice on radio] Copy. Citizen Z at Camp Northern Light. Are you there?

This is Citizen Z at Camp Northern Light.

Does anybody copy?

This is Citizen Z at Camp Northern Light. Do you copy?


Citizen Z at Camp Northern Light. Does anybody copy?

Citizen Z, this is Delta-Xray-Delta. Do you copy?


Hey, man! Weak signal, but I copy.

Dude, you're alive!

Yes, I am. At least for now.

I've been looking for you guys for months. Where are you?

I can't talk long.

I have an emergency message you need to relay to Warren.

Lucy has been kidnapped by The Man. I repeat.

Lucy has been kidnapped by The Man.

Lucy. The Man. Kidnapped. Copy.

She's alive?

Where are you?

And and and and where's Lucy?

Addy and I are in pursuit.

I'll contact you as soon as I know more.

[knocking] Open the door!

Where's Warren?

She's headed to Spokane to stop Murphy.

But this changes everything.

[knocking] Come on, Doc! We're all friends here.

Contact Warren. Tell her about Lucy. She's the only one that can stop The Man.

Copy you.

Doc, where is Lucy?

I'm getting angry!

Doc, are you okay?

Doc? Doc, you're scaring me. Over. [knocking]


Well that son of a bitch.

Man still has moves. Got to admire that.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

[faint growling]

[faint growling]

[faint growling]


Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their species.



Come down from there, you naughty boy.

Looks like a cat stuck up a tree, doesn't he?

Leave me alone! I'll die up here if I have to!

Oh don't be silly. Nobody's dying. Not on my watch. [growling]


Yeah, you just want to keep me alive so you can grow weed in my ass and make a cozy robe out of my beard. Well no thank you, lady.

I like my skin wrapped around my bones right where it belongs.

So dramatic.

You said that stew was vegan!

The guy was wearing sandals. I'd say close enough.

Forget it! I'm not coming down!

We'll see about that.

Hey, let him be.

Who's a good zombie?

Are you a good zombie?


[electric zapping]



[growling continues]

Always biting the hand that feeds.


There's a cup of tea if you change your mind.

[growling continues]




[screaming] Peace out, bitches!





CZ for Warren. Over.

Repeat. CZ for Warren. Over.

Emergency message for Operation Bite Mark. Do you copy?

Lieutenant Warren, do you copy?

Citizen Z with an emergency message from Doc.

If you copy this broadcast, please respond.

Warren, are you out there?

Anything yet?

In better news, I cracked that sat-phone transmission.

A man traveling with a kid, calling for a helicopter to meet them?

I got the coordinates.

There's not that many satellite phones out there.

It has to be The Man contacting Zona.

Which means Lucy's on the move.

Which means there's still time to rescue her.

Well it's all in Warren's hands now.

We have to get her those coordinates.

What if we can't reach her on time?

What if she doesn't have a radio?

[faint growling]


Sorry, dude.





I'm coming, Addy!

That was fun.

Check this out.

From his beard.


The one that got away.

[all laughing]

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