01x03 - Buried Alive

Voiceover: Previously on Escape the Night...

I'm getting really fussy!

Voiceover: Justine failed to save Andrea from the grips of the ungodly machine.

We then recovered the first of four artifacts and learned a shocking truth.

One among you in league with the evil of the house.

(heavy breathing)


(romantic french music)

(ominous drums)

(thunder crashes)

Hey, hurry up.


God damn it!

(woman crying)

Please, no!

Hooded Figure: Get the chain.

(heart beats)

Hooded Figure: Is she inside?


Hooded Figure: Bury her.

(shovel scrapes)

(ominous string music)

(heavy orchestral music)

(chaotic yelling)

One of you guys.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

LeLe: How do you even see that from that far?

I have good vision.

Bullshit, I've got good vision!

We can't blame it all on one person.

It could genuinely be any of us.

We could blame you too!

What about these two back here?

Who's to say it's not you?

(gibberish) No!

I think maybe Joey is in league with this evilness that's going on.

He has to be, it's his house.

Any of us could be in league with the evil spirit, but it's not me, so I don't know who it is.

All I'm saying is Justine took out Andrea, she sabotaged the entire death machine, it's gotta be Justine.

I told her not to pick me 'cause I'm stupid!

That doesn't change the fact that you killed her!

For me, either it's iJustine who's behind this or it's Matt, one of those two have to go.

This blame game is going to be the death of us.

We need to stick together.

Okay, listen, listen, guys, Avor brought back a note that was with the artifact.

What the heck?

It's a super creepy picture.

I don't know her.

Glozell: Who is that?

With the last artifact, we got this photo of a woman and she has piercing eyes.

Hold on, I have a note that came with it.

The location of the next artifact can only be found by speaking to the woman in the photograph.

The inconvenience is she is no longer with the living.

To get answers from across the grave, you must perform a seance, but to ensure the circle does not open a doorway to unwanted spirits, there must be acquired a unique part of her beauty, an article of clothing, or her birthstone.

It says that we need to perform a seance.

Like that is the last thing I wanna do right now is speak to the dead.

Joey: Look at the back, read the back.

If you seek the three, you must study the picture, giving it all your attention, but must tear it to pieces right after you proceed.

Once the objects have been found, return them to the golden dish and the seance ritual will be revealed.

Tim: So we need to find the three items and return them to this dish for our next clue?

Glozell: What do you see?

Eva: A scarf?

LeLe: Green.

Emerald, Emerald, right?

Female: Yeah, emerald green.

Well she has earrings on, she has a very vibrant scarf on.

And she also had some really nice blonde hair as well.

Any women's items we should just be on the lookout for.

Joey: Okay, rip it up, we're good.

We can't forget what this picture actually looks like or we might be stuck in this house forever.

Girl, hurry up and rip it up.

I'm ready to go, hurry up.

(ominous music)


Glozell: The drawer is open!

Justine: Keys!

Matt: There's three keys.

Could this be to the rest of the house?

Okay, so we should split up, let's split up into three groups.

May I suggest that we go check upstairs?

Glozell: I don't wanna go upstairs.

Please, come on, everyone, this way!

Oli: Upstairs in this creepy flipping house!

Excuse me!

Whose house is it?

It's Joey's house.

There's something fishy going on.

Matt: Joey, how many floors is this house?

Need to redecorate this.

Matt: I think we're going up and to the left.

Oli: Yeah, let's try here.

Matt: Did that open up?

I see a bed.

Oh my God, this is just creepy.

Oli: Okay, we need to look for a scarf.

We go into this old lady's room, we're supposed to find these emerald earrings, she has jewelry all over the place.

Here they are, here they are!

Tim: Is that it?

Glozell: That's emerald.

No, they were long, they were long.

Eva: Look, there's wigs here.

Sierra: Okay, there's a lot of wigs.

I think we're looking for a lock of hair.

That's what the clue said.

I kinda forgot what the hair looks like, not gonna lie.

After we ripped that up, I was like, "Wait, what color was her hair again?"

My question for you is, now that we're away from everybody else, who do you guys think is working with the evil spirit?

I don't know.

I think it's Joey.

We're in his house.

See, I still think it's either LeLe or Justine.

I don't think LeLe.

I think LeLe's just...

LeiLei's just crazy.

I don't wanna be stuck here!

This is great stuff, to be honest.

LeLe: I wanna go back home.

How much you think these things are for?

I know, right?

It's not here!

Where could the scarf be?

Joey: I have no idea.

It didn't give us any more clues, right?

I think it's either Justine or Joey.

I don't know.

Eva: Whoever it is, we need to be careful.

We're looking everywhere and we just can't find what we need to find.

There is nothing here.

Joey: Wait, I found something.

I found it!

Oli: Where was it?

It was in the tissue box.

Justine: Let's go, we gotta find the others.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Guys, we found something!

We got the scarf!

Matt: We got the scarf!

Justine: Meet us downstairs!

Oli: Well at least we found that.

I'm looking at this cabinet, so I take the cabinet out and in the back, I see two earrings.

I found them!

LeLe: Oh my gosh!

Woman: I found them!

Oh, you the best!

We're not gonna die!

We got it!

You got it?

Bring it down!

Oli: You found it?

Yup, found the earrings.

Um wait.

I noticed that there is a crease in the wall and I go to sort of push it to see if it opens.

There's a bathroom inside.

There's a wig in the shower!

I look in the shower, and there is the wig.

Let's cut this lock of hair, let's get it downstairs, and let's start the seance.

Joey: Did you find it?

Man in Suspenders: Yes.

Joey: Perfect, add it in.

Woman: Another drawer opened up?

Matt: What's in it?

Joey, what is that?

It's a scroll.


I've never done a seance before and it's scary, like I don't want to mess with that stuff.

Guys, read this.

This is so creepy.

You are now ready to speak to the dead.

You may construct the seance circle, enclosed with white sand.

Ladies and gentlemen, Marvin's our groundskeeper.

Here is some sand.

Eva: And each participant sits in front of a candle.

One among the group needs to act as the voice of the deceased and sit in the center of the circle.

We needed somebody to be the voice of the seance, well, go figure, Sarah the creepy maid decides to volunteer herself.

Matt: Yeah, the sand all around in a circle.

You know what, we playin' with some real scary stuff right now.

It also says that the circle has to be seven paces across in diameter.

Oh god, I'm not good at reading directions, this is crazy!

This seance is a mess.

We have to pay attention to the instructions because if we didn't, someone was gonna get possessed.

I saw the Poltergeist.

No one is dumb enough to make the triangle like this unless they were trying to sabotage us!

Everyone stop for one second.

The way you guys explained the diagram, this line needs to be behind her.


Man in Suspenders: So let's just move the sand back a little bit.

We're all gonna die.

We supposed to do this triangle and the circle's supposed to go this way, and we kept messin' up.

Obviously nobody know how to do geometry everybody done failed that math test.

Yes, that looks correct now.

Yeah, that looks real good, Joey.

Sarah, please sit down.

Everyone, get around the circle now.

(ominous string music)

And read the invocation, please.

Alright, here we go.

Caroline Eastwick, you who lived yesterday, hear these words, hear our cry.

We seek your guidance in recovering an ancient artifact cross now the great divide and show yourself here.

(thunder clashes)

Oh hell no!

I am here.


My name is Caroline Eastwick.

I'm speaking through the mouth of your friend.

Sarah, she goes out of body.

Oh my goodness gracious.

I must've prayed four or five times, it's spooky.

We need to ask her something.

I was taken against my will and buried in a coffin bound with an iron chain.

My life was taken in order to hide the artifact from the living.

To retrieve it, you must find my coffin, exhume it from the earth, and release me.

I don't like being locked in a room where I can't get out, there's no handles, there's nothing, I'm stuck.

So going to funerals and seeing coffins, that's not something that I wanna see.

You must also find the key to unlock the chain that seals it.

The path that leads to the key starts at the...

Woman In Cloche: At the where, at the where?

At a fork beneath the weeping tree.

The weeping tree.

Do you know where that is?

Sarah: Take the low road.

She said take the low road.

I do not know where the coffin has been buried.

I remember being carried past the red stone.

Red stone.

Near the back, near the back of the house!

Hurry, release me from this hell!

Back of the house!


Go to the back of the house.

LeLe: You okay, you good?

We need to find this coffin.

So we break off into groups and there's a group that goes and finds the key to open the coffin, and the other group goes to find the coffin.

So my group heads off to go search for the coffin, and in our clue, it said that we need to find the red stone.

That's a red stone, we found a red stone!

LeLe: You did?

Joey: You found it?

LeLe: Oh my goodness!

Joey: Go to the tree 27 paces from here.

Is that the tree? There's so many trees!

Joey: Probably, it's probably up here.

Ready, one two three...

I am not wearing the right shoes for this.

Guys, what are you two doing back there, hurry up!

We're just chatting.

Eva: 26, 27!

Joey: 26, 27!

Eva: Look!

Joey: Oh, there's another clue, guys!

Come on over here!


We're supposed to pick up the string, put it on the arrow, and then unravel the string until it ends, and that's where the next clue will be.

Oli: Where would you bury a coffin?

Okay, so nobody here is the rat, right?

I'm not.

You know, I do like hunting and everything, but I would never kill anyone.

Everybody here, I trust you guys.

I don't know about that other group.


Because I still don't like the way Justine handled the challenge, and I think she's the rat.

Okay, I've known Justine for a long time, there's nothing fishy about her, I trust her.

Justine: There's another road down here, guys!

Shane: That's the road we came up on.

Justine: We took the wrong road!

There are so many different roads, there are so many different paths.

I mean, any way that we go could potentially be correct or wrong, depending upon which way we go.

The string is over.

Guys, I think it's here.

Are we positive that this is...

LeLe: We found it!

We found it, I told you it was there!

We found a piece.

The heart of the forest longs for missing half.

Take the string and fold it in half.

Using the druid statue as a center point.

Tim: So we use the statue as the center point, right?

Oli: Make a circle with the string.

Inside of the circle, you'll find the other half.

Okay, so this is the distance that we can go on any way from the center.

Well, let's look around in this area.

You think it's around the tree?

Justine: There's a piano!

LeLe: I'm sorry, what?

It was really creepy.

In the middle of nowhere, a piano.

I don't even know if we should go near it.

Justine: Hey, look, I don't do coffins, but I'll do pianos.

These are the only two white keys.

I see a piano, and straightaway, I notice that all the keys are black except for two white ones.

I mean, it doesn't look like a normal piano.

The keys pop up, so maybe something...


We found a little, what's inside?


Shane: Is there a key?

There's nothing inside?

Is something hidden underneath?

Shh. listen, it played a song.

(disjointed piano)

No it didn't.

Check the trees, guys.

We're looking for anything at this point, we're looking on the ground, we're looking in the trees, this is like the worst Easter egg hunt ever.

Found it!

Joey: She found it!

Glozell: What?

Eva: It was in the tree.

Glozell: Yes!

Eva: Okay guys, come quick.

Tim: Oh here we go.

(energy hums)

What is that?


What the heck?

The floor starts to light up with the moonlight and the coffin space is revealed.

So this is where we dig.

Marvin, shovels please!

Glozell: We gotta do it and get outta here.

Eva: Okay, let's dig, guys.

We found the coffin, now we're waitin' for the other group 'cause they have to have the key.

(piano note rings)

Wait, listen to me, this music box is playing a song.

We need to replicate that.

(slow piano music)

So we gotta go high to low to high.

Okay, I got it, I got it, wait.

(piano notes ring)

(piano thuds)

LeLe: Oh, it fell!

Shane: The key just fell out of the piano?

Guys, we found the key!

Shane: We gotta find the group and open the coffin up.

Glozell: Oh my goodness.

Eva: I see them!

Did you guys find it?

We meet up with the other group and they're digging up this coffin.

♪ We gotta dig, dig dig deeper ♪

This is my first time digging up a coffin, but I went for it, it was hard.

I just don't like this at all.

Glozell: Suck it up iJustine, it's gonna be alright.

We've seen so much death already, what is your problem all of a sudden?

Man: Justine knows what's in this coffin.

Glozell: Yeah cause maybe iJustine knows what's going on.

Tim: I think so!

Glozell: There's the lock!

Oh, the lock's right here, who's got the key?

I have the key.

Glozell: Open up, open up!

Tim: There you go, you got this.

Sierra: I got it, I got it.

Oli: Grab that rope there.


Glozell: Oh my goodness, whew!

I can only assume that Caroline's body is in this coffin and I'm not looking forward to seeing a dead body.

Are you guys ready?

We are thinking the most climactic things are about to happen.

Guys, come here!

Glozell: What could it be?

We open the coffin...

Glozell: It's empty, where did the body go?

We open the coffin and nothing was there, but there was a letter.

There's a note, hold on.

I can feel your presence near, my spirit will soon be free.

There is only one more task ahead of you.

The hiding ritual used to conceal the artifact required an unwilling soul to be buried alive and it was mine.

Now another unwilling soul must be buried to reverse the spell.

So one of us?

Only then will the artifact rise from its earthen tomb.

I know it is a horrible thing to require, but if I had told you in the beginning, you would never have come this far.

The group must vote, but only one name will be drawn this time.

That person must be taken away against their will and buried alive in this coffin.

Oh God.

Please do not falter now.

We've gotta kill somebody.

Oh my goodness.

We need to bury one of our friends alive.

It's not a big deal for me, I'm the mobster.

I get rid of bodies all the time, but usually, they're dead.

Each of you comes up here and writes the name of the person that you think should go in the coffin.

The more votes for a single person go in there, the better chance of me drawing the name, but it's still up to draw.

We are all really shocked at this point, we're scared, none of us are safe.

I am so sorry that you guys got invited and messed up in this, but please do not put me in this coffin.

I'm not working with the evil, so they can think whatever they want, but I'm not.

Who do we think's been working with the spirit because someone's been orchestrating this entire thing.

LeLe: Justine!

I will not, I won't go!

Look at how scared she is!

Glozell: I think it's time for her to go.

Please do not, whatever you do, do not put me in that box.

Let's disperse a little bit.

Justine is trippin' out.

Why, why is she acting so strange?

None of us are, we're all scared, but we're not crying and saying, "Oh, I don't want it to be me."

She's acting so sketchy, guys.

Glozell: I think it's time for her to go.

Please don't vote for me, I can't go in that box.

I'm not gonna vote for you.

It's not gonna happen!

You're not gonna go in there!

We are talking about putting someone in a coffin though.

Someone has to go, do you want to go?

No, it needs to be her.

It's either her or all of us.

I say Tim.

I say Tim as well because he has been out to get me this entire time.

Are we unanimous?

Yes, I better trust you guys.

I love her, but it's time for her to go.

This is the worst party ever.

Let's put it to a vote.

Glozell, please go first.

I don't feel like I can go through with this.

I don't wanna put anyone's name down.

We're going to choose one of our friends to go in this coffin and die.

And now, we're going to decide who's going in the coffin and be buried alive.

Glozell: Oh my goodness.

This is terrible.

Oh my goodness.


No, you guys, why would you guys do this to me?

Get her!


Grab her feet!

Glozell: You've got to do this!

Joey: Guys, stop, no, we can't do this!

(chaotic yelling)

Joey, no!

This is sick!

Guess what, it's an eye for an eye, Justine.

Everybody get the shovels.

(muffled screaming)

I'm sorry Justin, we've got to do this!

We buried her right away and you hear her screaming.

(muffled screaming)

Joey, you're not gonna help us out?

Joey: No, I'm not gonna help!

Tim: Do you want us all to die, Joey?

This is sickening!

Joey needs to at least shovel one pound of dirt.

No, there, happy?

(muffled screaming)

I don't want any part of this.

I'm not gonna do it.

Eva: Wait, wait, wait, guys, do you hear that?

I think she stopped.

It's unexplainable.

We are burying somebody that was just standing next to us, alive.

We're just trying to make it out alive here, we have to do what we have to do.

(thunder crashes)

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

What's that noise?

Shane: It sounded like it came from over there.

Is there something there?

Glozell: Yes, dig, come on yeah!

That's it, that's it!

It's got the marking on it.

Joey, can you open it?

Tim: Yes, see?

It's the artifact.

See, it was all worth it, Joey.

What is that?

Matt: What is it?

Just a box.

Glozell: It doesn't open?

Alright, I'm done, let's go.

(somber piano music)

Like, I've had enough of this.

I don't want to do this anymore.

It's breaking my spirit.

I can't believe what we've done.

This is definitely a dark point for all of us.

There's blood on all of our hands.

Joey, I'm sorry, man, but one of us had to go.

What do we do now?

We're gonna do this.

(dramatic music)