04x01 - Bienvenidos a Nuevo Orleans

TERESA: Previously on Queen of the South. I'm sending you into exile. Kill me now, or this won't be the last you see of me.

It will if you want Isabela to live.

Tony, get down!





TONY: You said you will protect me. As soon as I make enough money, I'll come for you.


CASTEL: I'm Castel Fieto. I have connections in government. You made a deal with my uncle but not with me.

TERESA: Isn't Reynaldo in charge of your family?


MAN: Selling on the dark web, cutting out the middleman, and turning product into champagne. We did it.

Been hell of a ride, but this is where I get off.

I'm gonna miss you.

MAN: You need to learn how to relax, like your brother here.

Look at him.

Oh, maybe he knows something I don't.


- Oh!

_ TERESA: We'll work together.

We'll run Sinaloa.

You can count on that, Teresa Mendoza.

We need more men.

That's why we contacted Javier Jimenez, Boaz's cousin. He's one of the toughest cabrónes I know. hours ago, we didn't have a supplier.

Now we own the corridor all the way from Sinaloa down to Phoenix.

- Salud.

- Salud.

POTE: Where are we going?

You'll see.

MAN: They say money is the root of all evil, but that's the first place I look. In God we trust. Crazy, ain't it?


TERESA: Running a cartel is like driving a motorcycle a hundred miles an hour in traffic. Any miscalculation, any mistake can have fatal consequences.

MAN: ♪ She lives for the Queen ♪

♪ Gave her life to the game ♪

♪ I ain't talking about sugar but she sweet with the cane ♪


♪ Blood, money ♪


♪ It's all for the money ♪


♪ Blood, money


- ♪ And you know that we ♪

- ♪ Get money all day ♪

TERESA: No one gives you a manual on how to be the boss, so every difficult decision falls on you. And when your people fail you, as hard as it is, you have no choice but to let them go.

- ♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

- ♪ It's gonna be all right ♪


WOMAN: ♪ Let's go ♪


♪ She's the queen of all queens ♪

♪ She's the queen of the deck ♪

♪ She's the queen of the chess ♪

♪ But she's the queen, check ♪


TERESA: History and human nature have proven time and again staying on top is never bloodless.

MAN: ♪ Blood, money ♪


♪ It's all for the money ♪


♪ Blood, money ♪


- ♪ You know that we ♪

- ♪ Get money all day ♪

- ♪ Get money all day ♪

- ♪ Get money all night ♪

- ♪ Get money all night ♪

- ♪ It's gonna be okay ♪

- ♪ It's gonna be okay ♪

- ♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

- ♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

- ♪ Get money all day ♪

- ♪ Get money all day ♪

- ♪ Get money all night ♪

- ♪ Get money all night ♪

- ♪ Get money all night ♪

- ♪ It's gonna be okay ♪

- ♪ It's gonna be okay ♪

- ♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

- ♪ It's gonna be all right ♪



- BOAZ: Jefa.

- Where are we? Took six months to get everything lined up.

You'll receive your shipment by the end of the week.


We'll talk soon.

You got it, boss.



Little something for date night.


What is this place?

, square feet of commercial property: restaurants, stores, a movie theater.

Our future.

You want to build a mall?

I want us to own legal businesses.

That's why we're expanding.

We already own a big piece of the southwest.

Expanding could bring risk.

If we make more money, we can buy more real estate.

We won't have to work with people like Castel and Boaz who even murder their own family.

You really think we could be legit in the U.S.?

Many great American family fortunes started with crime.

Why not us?

You can have your restaurant here.

What do you think?

Potemkin Cantina.


I like it.

Were you able to get a message to James?

No one's heard from him.

James is a ghost.

Everything okay at the port?

GEORGE: Why wouldn't it be?

It's just a truck full of cacti.

Load her up.

Hey, principessa.

- How are you?

- Oh.

I'm good, happy as a clam.

- Chuy.


- We finally have our product.

- We do.




What's Castel doing here?

It's a show of force.


CASTEL: I apologize for my unannounced visit.

I'm on my way to LA for a meeting, and I wanted to come in person to give you some really good news.

I pulled some strings with a friend in the Mexican government, and...

you're no longer wanted for the murder of Epifanio Vargas.

You must have powerful friends.


- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Why are you really here?

I have a problem.

A small group of Colombian farmers are cutting into my business, and I heard that they're getting ready to ship to New Orleans.

You think I'm the buyer?

Are you?

I made a deal with you and only you.

I'm sorry for my suspicions, but you know in this line of work, there's an enemy in every corner.

That doesn't mean we need to create them where they don't exist.

I bet on you, Teresa.

I appreciate that you did.

Thank you.

I have to go.

I'll let you know when the next shipment is ready.

- Have a safe trip.

- Thank you.

That's not a show of force.


It's fear.


JAVIER: The agave was unloaded.

We're ready to bottle the product.

Now we're up and running, we strictly dark webbing it again?

No, we need a distributor to expand into the East Coast, someone who can introduce us to the major players.

- Javier has an idea.

- Raul Rodriguez.

He's a Cuban dealer out of Miami.

He moves about a ton a month in Southern Florida.

And he has connections all the way up to Canada.

GEORGE: Yeah, I heard of him.

Call him El Gordo 'cause he used to be the shape of one of them roasted pigs in Little Havana.


It's quite delicious, actually.

Didn't he do business with Epifanio?

Ay, and then Camila.

With both of them gone, he was forced to become his own smuggler.

GEORGE: Which makes his deliveries unreliable.

There was a huge bust at the Port of Miami last month, DEA.

That's why I think I can convince him to do business with us.

Listen, I wanted to remind you guys something: no unnecessary violence.

Keep a low profile.

In this city, we are legitimate business owners.


Thank you.

I have a meeting at the bar.

See you guys later.

There's beer in the fridge.

Don't drink it all, cabrónes.


- TERESA: Hey, Birdie.

- BIRDIE: Hey.

- TERESA: What's going on?


BIRDIE: Taste this magic elixir.

- Here you go.

- Thank you.


- It's good.

- BIRDIE: Yeah, of course it is, 'cause I made it with your fine tequila and my dope mixology skills.


What's it called?

The Teresita, after your cute-ass nickname for the boss.


Patróna, what took you so long?

It's a nice day.

We walked.

René Bardot, the liquor board rep, he's in your office, Teresa.

- Great.

Thank you.

- BIRDIE: Mm-hmm.

Spoke to one of El Gordo's men.

We're in luck.

He's in New Orleans for a cockfight.


His man told me he raises his own roosters.

Likes to throw big over-the-top underground fights.

- We should go.

- Ay.

Gracias. Come with me.

Mr. Bardot.

I'm Teresa Mendoza.

This is Javier, my manager.

Says in your deed you got a co-owner, George... Megalos?

What is that, Arab?


You know, only citizens can get liquor licenses in this place, Ms. Mendoza.

He's American and a busy man.

I'm in charge of the bar.

Well, I'm afraid I got bad news.

It's gonna take a couple more months to get you approved.

What's the problem?

I put in applications six months ago.

Things move real slow around here, and us government employees, well, we're overworked and, uh, underpaid.

Maybe I can help.


_ And I don't accept pesos.




You better watch that foul attitude, Pancho.

What did you call me?

- Hey, Javier.

I think I can move you to the front of the line.

You can finally open your doors.

(TENSE MUSIC) Got us lunch.

You ever see me eat inside my car?


MARCEL: A bar owner with two bodyguards...


That seems a bit strange to me.

You find out anything about our new neighbors?

Yeah, they got a winery in Phoenix.

They make wine in Phoenix?

It all checked out.

They're legit.

Nah, man.

This is New Orleans.

There ain't nothing legit.

It's time we introduce ourselves.


Thank you for the update.

Okay, bye.


- That was Taza.

He says the last load from Phoenix came in short five kilos.

All our product coming through Mexico.

I can only think of one person who has the balls to steal from us: Boaz.

If he's stealing from the Southwest shipment, he can blame it on Taza.


Jefa, you received the shipment?


But we have a problem in Phoenix.

We're short five kilos. You want me to send some men to talk to Taza?

I don't suspect Taza.

I know you're not accusing me of stealing.

All our product goes through you.

Teresa, I would never steal from you.

I give you my word. Then mistakes are being made in Sinaloa.


If someone working for me is stealing from you, then I'm gonna take my blowtorch and I'm gonna go from house to house until someone gives up this pinche pendejo ladrón. I'm gonna shake the family tree. No torturing innocent people.

Find out who it is and make him pay back what he owes.

You gave me Sinaloa to run.

I'll run it my way.

You run it by my rules, Boaz.

As you wish, Jefa.



Hold up. Easy.

MARCEL: Just looking around.

TERESA: Hello, gentlemen.

Unfortunately, we're not open yet.

That's okay.

Just wanted to come by your house, check out what you did with the place.

Been about five other owners of this bar before you.

Like, nobody could seem to, uh, make any money up in here.

Hopefully, we can change that.

I'm Marcel Dumas.

My business associate, Bobby Leroux.

Teresa Mendoza.

I own a little jazz spot down the way, so I guess you can say that I'm the welcoming committee.

Bobby, please give the lady the pralines.

My wife makes those, yeah.

- Better than you can buy 'em.

- Thank you.

It's just a little gift from the People of Color Chamber of Commerce.

Marcel is the president of the P triple C.

MARCEL: We're an informal organization.

It's just people of color looking out for other people of color.

You need the right friends in this town.

If I understand correctly, you, uh, you're making your own tequila.

Ah, see, most of the locals, they stick with rum or bourbon.

That, uh... that agave...


That's hard to come by.

I guess you're just doing you.

We have an amazing bartender.

We hope we can add something to the city's rich cocktail history.

I'm sure you will, but I promise I'll come back and, uh, check you out during your opening.


Let me know if you need anything.

- TERESA: Thank you.

- Yes, ma'am.

Undercover police?

I don't think so.


We're in for El Gordo's fight.

, buy-in.

There's a dress code.

A dress code for a cockfight?

I miss Mexico.


Mira. There he is. Okay, let's go.

_ This is crazy.

♪ MAN: Put me down for .

Come on, baby, let's go!

MAN: Let's go!

♪ WOMAN: That's right, , .

Señor Rodriguez.

WOMAN: , , yes.

My name is Teresa Mendoza.

May I have a minute of your time?

Teresa Mendoza.

_ Well, if you know me, then you also know I have the best product on the market.

Tasted it once, impressive.

You see him?

_ That's my boy, Papito.

Put your money on him.

I'm sorry.

I don't gamble.

Ah, your loss.

_ - What are the odds?

- Five to one.

POTE: Mmm.


Ten grand on Papito's opponent.

Don't they call you El Gallo?

You should recognize a winner when you see one.

You're gonna lose all your money.

But if I win, I win big.

Five against Papito.

_ Like the man said.

"If I win, I win big." More money for me.

Okay, flaca. You wanted a minute of my time.

You got it.


I know you never meant to be a smuggler.

I have a unique way of moving product that is less risky.

I can offer you % off the first shipment.

- And % on any deals that...


REFEREE: Ladies and gentlemen, for the first fight of the night, we have the Everglades versus the bayou: the Cuban missile, Papito, versus the Cajun Killer, Rocky!

And we have a fight!



Go on, please.

There was a DEA raid in Miami.

I can help you with supply.

If I become your supplier and smuggler, I could solve two problems for you.

I don't need your product, flaca. I buy my sh1t from independent farmers.


I'm done with the pain-in-the-ass cartels.

No offense, but you people are always chopping off heads.

This is not how I run my business.

Well, congratulations, but that doesn't change my mind.





REFEREE: The winner, Cajun killer Rocky.





_ - (GRUNTS)




Come on!

What's going on?

Dale! Play some salsa! This is supposed to be fun!

Come on!

Come on, pay el galli his money.


- This is about the only cash you or your people will ever see from me.

♪ Just give me a minute.


You should put some ice on that.

Gordo used to be fun, then he got the lap band.

- I think he's just hungry.

- It's still early.

I'm sure you can find something fun to do tonight.

I gotta work.

I thought you were here just for the fight.

And business.

But, uh, maybe I can squeeze in some time for pleasure.

Wanna meet up later?


What time are you done?

Around midnight.

Too late for me.

♪ He has a load coming into New Orleans tonight.

- How do you know?

- Miami's shut down.

Raul needed a new port of entry.

Castel said that her competition was shipping to someone here, and Cheo just told me he's working tonight.

Are we making a move?

If he believes he doesn't need us, he won't make a deal, so we have to make him need us.


Let's go.



Cruise ship just came in from The Bahamas.

It's the only one coming into the port tonight.

GEORGE: All right. Now we look for something out of the ordinary.

JAVIER: That case could fit a hundred kilos.

GEORGE: Ah, it's too obvious, though it would make a good episode of I Love Lucy.


Check out the crew. Now, why are their suitcases so big?

- GEORGE: Mm-hmm.

- It's The Bahamas. All they need are a couple of bikinis.

WOMAN: See you later.

GEORGE: Who we got here?



- GEORGE: Teresa's right. El Gordo's got himself a crappy rum run. He needs us more than he knows.




Yo, that cute Mexican jeva from the fight tonight, she was flirting with me hard, bro.

I could've hit that if I wasn't working so late.




- Don't do anything stupid.


Give me your guns.


Get out of the car now.


Back up!



I hate reggaeton.





It's done.

No problem.

TERESA: Great.

Thank you. Have a good night.



TERESA: Gracias.


Patrona. It's Boaz.

Que pasa, primo? What's with this no torture policy?

People are going to lose respect for us.

The Jimenez name still means something, but if we're soft, it won't for long. Have you found who's stealing?


I'm still questioning people.

No one's talking.

JAVIER: Then keep at it.


He's still looking, patrona. Gracias.


It's that bitch, Teresa Mendoza.


BIRDIE: Okay, and then a splash of OJ.

I said a splash, not a shower.

Cocktails is too much work, too many ingredients.

Tequila is clean.

BIRDIE: Yeah, till you drink more than two.

Then it gets real dirty real fast.

How dirty we talking about?

You are nasty.

You are really nasty.

TERESA: Let's go, Pote.



- Bye, girl.

- See you.



JAVIER: Let me tell you something. When you act like a maniac, people start suspecting you of not being loyal.

- Are you stealing from Teresa?


And just because I question la jefa's style...

This nice guy crap that Teresa wants...


She doesn't kill people as her first option.

Is it so hard to follow an order?


I'll do it 'cause I'm a good soldier.

- Teresa better not forget that.


No, no, no. Don't you forget that in this business, we're all replaceable.

Are you threatening me, primo? Just giving you a reality check.

Cabrón. (TENSE MUSIC) My boss lady wants you to pay back what you stole.


I'm gonna take care of it for you.

I'm a generous man.

I'm not gonna touch your family, just you.


What is this?

Your house.


This is too much.

I can't.

Yes, you can.

Let's check inside.


POTE: Whoa.


Go inside.


_ Nobody has ever done something like this for me.

You deserve it.

You work hard.

You protect me.

You counsel me.

You're my friend, my family.

How can I protect you if I stay here?

I'm gonna be too far from you.

You need your own house to live your life.

After everything we've been through, this is a new start.

It seems like since we moved here, you need less of me.

Everyone I loved is gone, except for you.

I will always need you by my side.


It's Raul.


- Hello?

- Flaca, I need to talk business with you.

Meet me at the same place I had the fight.

- TERESA: I'll be there...


He wants to meet.

- It could be a trap.

- It is a trap.

He's a businessman.

He wants to make money.

We can make him money.

Let's go.

We are bringing guns, right?



Only you.

She doesn't go anywhere without me, cabrón.

- No guns.

- No guns.

- Hey.

- I'm not armed.


- Teresita.



I thought you didn't gamble, flaca. I don't consider this a gamble.

This is for you.

Well, thank you.

But it doesn't seem like the appropriate time for a toast right before you're about to die.

It's a bottle of liquid cocaine.


This is how I smuggle my product.

This is cocaine?

Yes, a whole kilo.

We ship liquid, and your people convert it into powder.

I've been using this system for a year now.

The DEA hasn't caught us.

I want you to know that I run this organization like a normal business.

I can be a good partner to you.

Good partners don't steal from each other.

My men got carjacked, and my cocaine is gone the very same day you came looking to be my new supplier.

How about that, huh?

If I did that to you, you think I would come here with only one man by my side?

You're not a smuggler.

Anyone could have seen something and followed your men.

My offer still stands, and I can give you % discount on the first shipment.



I like money more than murder...



I tell you what.

If you can get that cocaine to Miami in hours, you got yourself a new buyer.

_ I'll show up with an army.





Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I have a student in the audience tonight.

Thanks for clapping.

I'll pay y'all on my way out.

Good job, guys.

I'll catch y'all later.


Didn't think you'd make it.

Me neither.

That was really nice.

We should get out of here.

- I know a place.

- Cool.

(SOFT LOUNGE MUSIC) A lot of my friends abandoned the city after Katrina, but I put down even deeper roots.

Bought this old church.

I wanted to turn it into a recording studio and performance space.


That's nice.

It was in real rough shape.


It's still in rough shape.

I've been doing all the work myself, and it's given me a purpose.

That church saved me.

Saved you from what?

Story for another time.


I know what it's like to work hard to build something.


Tell me about it.

Story for another time.


It was great seeing you play tonight.

How about you?

Still haven't done the student recital yet.

I am not playing in public.

This is happening.

I'll make it simple, just some scales.




You got it.


- Once more.

All right.

♪ D flat.


BOBBY: Marcel wants us on Mendoza's truck.

Let's go.


Hey, Chicho.

Pote sent you, right?

Ms. Mendoza.

Detective Randall Green, New Orleans Parish Police.

You have a warrant?

This is not a request, Ms. Mendoza.



MAN: Go on now.

Go on.

JUDGE LAFAYETTE: Hello, Ms. Mendoza.

You must be somewhat confused.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Judge Cecil Lafayette.

- Am I under arrest?

- Arrest?

Oh, because that little bit of money you gave René?

No, darling, we just...

we just having a little chitchat about those two liquor licenses you so desperately desire.

You see, René is just the gatekeeper.

I'm the decision-maker.


I'm new to New Orleans.

I'm just starting to know how it all works.

Let me... let me help you.

To run a business in my city, you need to pay taxes, and those taxes shall be remitted to yours truly.

Why don't we make it easy for you, , ?

Renovating was expensive.

I don't have anything liquid.

It'll take me a couple of weeks.

Mm, couple of weeks, mm.


You like roses?

Most people think they're difficult to grow, but they're just demanding little ladies.

They need six to eight hours of sun a day, lots of space so their roots can spread out.

But you know what the key ingredient is to a prize-winning rose?


Now, most botanists will tell you you can use blood meal from an animal.

It has all the nitrogen she needs.

But I'm of the mind that this lady has thorns for a reason.

She lusts for what runs through our human veins.

Luckily, blood we have in spades.


I'll give you two days.

Have a blessed evening.


Little girl thinks she can turn Bourbon Street into Tequila Street.

Well, this town's gonna drive her back to whatever hovel she crawled out of.


- Hello?


Teresa. Tony?


Someone's trying to kill me.