01x13 - It Begins

Previously on "Van Helsing"...

So we are really going for this?

Not alone, we'll have help.

From who? The resistance?

Where is this friend of yours?


I stole your file.

What did it say?

It was all blacked out, even your real names was blacked out.

Dylan, Sheema, they might be in there and they are counting on us.

Excellent work, my son.

I'm sorry, I had no choice.


You look just like your mother.

[heavy breathing]

And so it begins.

You're probably wondering “what is beginning?”.

Well, I can tell you.

It is so much... too much to bore you with.

But you must know, it is life-changing for us.

And for you, too. I promise you that.

You ask yourself “what is this?

"Why did it happen to me?

"Who am I, really?”

I understand.

I understand perfectly.

You are alone in the world.

You are without your child, and you have powers you have no understanding of.

No matter.

We all imagine we are alive for some great reason.

To change the world.

But in your case, this is truth.

You are.

You will.

But you will not save it.

You will not break free from these chains and make things right for mankind as the people have whispered.

Things are right.

Finally right.

Right now.

And you, my little dove, will help make them better.

Your blood, what is inside you, even we do not know the possibilities yet.

But we will.

No matter how long it takes.

Or how painful it will be for you.

We will learn everything there is to know about you.

Starting with your name.

Who are you, really?

I know.

You think you are some Vanessa Seward.

But this is simply not true.

From the moment I first saw you, I knew.

You are someone so much greater.

I have known you, your kind, for as long as I can remember.

And now, here you are.

The last of them.

Well... almost.

You are a kind of royalty, and you deserve to know the truth.

You are one of them.

You are a Van Helsing.

But this will not save you.

Perhaps you can take comfort as your life leaves your body and you can say over to yourself as you pass on to the next life.

I am a Van Helsing.

I am a Van Helsing.

A Van Helsing!

A Van Helsing!


I am Vanessa Seward.

Vanessa Seward.

I'm Vanessa...

Vanessa Seward.

Vanessa Seward.

I am Vanessa Seward.

Vanessa Seward.

I'm Vanessa.

Ah, there you are.

Let me go.

I'm sorry, what?

Please help me.

Oh, no.

No one can help you now.

Not even me.

Especially not me.

And even if I could, I don't want to.

I want to see inside you.

Every little piece of you.

Rip you apart and put you back together again.

You're insane.

That... is one possibility.

You might as well be one of them.

One day, with luck, yes, I will be.

We all will be.


With luck, and with you.

There's no telling what we'll find inside you.

We'll be able to bring one of their seed to full term.

Create something new and extraordinary.

Did you know that they can't procreate, these vampires?

The females, I mean.

So... fascinating.

Your blood, as a weapon, we're helping to create day-walkers, thereby eliminating the need for all this pollution and waste to blot out the sun.

Or perhaps even a link to eternal life, the one dream they still chasing.

Yes, they do age.

Did you know that?

It's true.

They live hundreds of years but they all die in the end just like you or me.

It terrifies them.

But even that might change, with just a drop of your blood or one of your eggs.

I can't wait to find out.

That's it, tire yourself out, that's good.

Be patient.

Wait for your chance.


As promised.


Are you ok? Are you sure?

They didn't hurt you?

I missed you.

I want the boy.

In time.

I can't breathe.

I can't breathe.



Pathetic bitch.

She could taste freedom.

It was right there.

The first step in breaking her spirit.

The first of many such steps.


She has to do something now.

Don't you think?


Sorry, what?


I've given her everything she needs to know and she's acting like it doesn't even matter.

So that's how you got all this.

The room, the food.

By working with Rebecca.

Of course.

They don't give you something for nothing, obviously.

And we can stay here.

Yeah, but that's...

It's what? Just like you working for Dmitri? I know.

Yeah, but you got people killed, Sheema.

Good people, by doing this.

I know that.

You don't have to say it to me, I know what I've done.

[sighs] And?

And... and you didn't?

Nobody died because of you?

But I did all of this sh1t, all of this, to get you out.

I don't want to get out of here.

I like it here.


I'm gonna go get my stuff.

Is it ok if I stay here for the night?

Of course.

That's what I'm saying. Stay here with me where it's safe.


We'll talk later.

A good day, my dear?



And you?

The same. The very same.

And you, Antonasia.

Dining with us today.

So rare.

Such a pleasure.

I'm not here for the company.

I am sorry to interrupt your... but you asked me to let you know when we were ready to proceed with the removal of her eggs.

So soon?

She's close to ovulating.

It won't be long now.

Who's sperm will you be using? Won't you need...

I'm sure they will find a suitable donor.

Continue when you're ready, Doctor.

I wonder who that will be.

Any news on the resistance?

Their movements against us?


No, nothing yet.

Nothing to report.

I love watching you two lie to one another.

It makes me... happy.

[cocks gun]


Sorry, habit.


You mind if I ask where you're going?


Back? Back where?

To the citadel.

You're going back inside? Why?

Well, rumour has it they have the woman in there.

I need to check it out before...

Oh, if that's true we should be attacking tonight.

We should be going in there right now.

Do you have any idea what they'll do to her if she's in there?

Do you have any idea?


I have a pretty good idea.

End of discussion.

There you are.


You need to be strong.

You want to.

So, feed.


Oh... I've seen that look before.

Your mother... she also wanted to kill me.

What do you know about my mother?

Soon, my angel.

But first, feed.

She will, when she's hungry enough.

And when she does, then we'll know for sure what effect, blood has on her powers, if any.

Hey, Vanessa?

Go away.

Oh, please...

Traitor. Go away.

Just listen to me for a moment.

What could you possibly say to me?

I trusted you, Mohamad.

I know.

Like a few people I've trusted in my life.

I'm-I'm sorry.

It's too late.

I did what I had to do.

I-I had to.

No, you chose to.

You chose to do it.

And then you did it.

After all those times when you could have stopped.

You just kept right on going.

All the way to right here and now, you walking in here to take a look at me.

Go on, Mohamad.

Take a look at me.

It was for Sheema.

But now, she...


Did they turn her?


What then?

She turned herself.

She likes it here.

Being with them.

Working with them.

I got here too late.

Then I'm sorry for you.


Because you sold your soul for nothing.

Just... go.


at least look at me one more time.

Vanessa, please.

In case you get a chance to get out of here.

I'm so sorry.

[cries out]

[speaking Romanian]

You're healing quite nicely.

If your wounds would not have healed over you would be dead now, which would be such a pity.

Your people have hunted us through the centuries.



I even knew your great-great-great grandfather, Abraham.

I admired him.

Respected him.

But alas, we were fated to be adversaries.

Your mother was no exception.

A real warrior.

Until she became full with child.

Then she became more fearful, and secretive.

When she learned the truth about your father she even tried to stop the birth.

When she could not do this she did the next best thing.

She hid you.

Right before she died.

She hid you away from all of us.

She loved you fiercely.

She even gave her life for you, so you could live in peace... for a time, at least.

All of this for you.

Well, for the family... the lineage.

Van Helsing.

And because of this... everything is now possible.


You doubled the guard.

Had a hell of a time getting back in here.

That was Dmitri.

I see.

Why's that?

Instinct. Intellect. Intuition.


That too, although he doesn't have too much of it.

Oh, well he should.

We're gonna take this place down.

You're gonna try.

Yes, with your help.


He has the girl now.

Yeah, I heard that.

But not from you.

I had no way to get word to you.

So tell me... why do you need my help if you have her?

He has her.

Not me.

He won't let her out of his sight.

Somebody sounds a little jealous.

She's a lab rat to me.

Nothing more.

And to him?

The citadel needs to be attacked tomorrow.

Ah. While his mind is... elsewhere.


Just so we're on the same path here, remind me again, what do I get out of this?

An island off the coast to yourselves.

Off-limits to us.

To any vampire.

You can re-build your lives there... without fear.

Without my family.

Forward is the only way to go now.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

First thing's first.

We need to get rid of the dark one, Dmitri.


Tomorrow then.

We're on.

[bowl clatters]



My god, what's happening?

And that is why I'm happy to tell you... to tell all of you... that now is finally time!

It is time to strike back at the forces of darkness and take back what is ours!

Our place! Our people!

There will never be another shot like this.

A coordinated attack from many fronts.

Twenty cells just like this one converging on the citadel at once.

And once we blow the power they have going into that place their defenses will be cut in half.



And that's it.

That's our moment.

We will spill in there like a million insects from everywhere at once, and we will kill those things like they have been killing us for three years, without mercy!

[crowd cheers in agreement]

Without mercy, and no prisoners.



You kill anything within those walls.

Anything and anyone!

Yes, friend?

You including Vanessa in that?

And you all know who I mean.

She's the one you've all whispered about since the rising.

You mean her, too?

I do.

Now that she's in their hands she's nothing more than a liability.

Then I have to tell you that when I go in there, I go in there to save her and not to kill her.

Well then you better hope to god you get to her before we do.

Well alright then.

Who's with me?

[crowd cheers]

Don't ask me to go with you.


Not if you're leaving.

Look, you don't get it. We're not safe here.

My god! You are so ungrateful!

I betrayed my friend to save you.

After everything they've given us?

And-and now?

And now, when things are finally about to be alright, you want to go back out there?

On the road?

Is that really what you want?

Look, I know what these people will do.

What they're capable of.

Yes, so do I.

Look around you.

Look at what I have here.

All because I did things for them and you did things for them.

And look at what they gave us in return.

Our lives back.

Ok, we'll talk about this out there, where we're safe.

I am safe, Mohamad.

Get out of my room. Leave my bag.

Sheema, we have to go.

You're crazy.

This place is about to be attacked and I'm gonna help stop them.

I don't care what you do anymore.

I feel like I don't even know you.

We're going.



For the pain.

This shouldn't be too difficult.

She's been with child before.

This wasn't the plan.

Your seed inside of that thing.


She'll be the end of us.

I can feel it.

Continue, Doctor.

This might be the beginning of something... truly amazing.

It really might be.

Except you forgot one thing.


I'm Vanessa Van Helsing!

Now it's just you and me.


This is gonna be fun.

[fighting grunts]

[fighting grunts]


[crowd attacking]


How did you manage to live for 300 years?

[gun shot]

Say goodbye, shithead.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

There must be an answer here.

Of course there is.

Tell me someone betrayed me.

That someone helped you.

She did.





Mysterious and terrible.

Yeah, well... say goodbye, Dmitri.

Save me a place in hell...

What did she promise you?

To rule by her side?


And I never would.

Smart man. Then what?

A kingdom?

Fox Island.

She offered me Fox Island.

Fox Island?

That's right.


What's so funny, dead man?

It does not exist.


It was overrun.


Like a leper colony.

Years ago, just after the rising began.

No, I can offer you more.

Much, much more.

If only you allow me to speak.

You got him!

Kill him! Do it, now!

I will.

[gun shot]

Go on.

I'm listening.

Turn around.

I want you to look at me before I kill you.


Hello, mother.

♪ ♪