03x05 - Enter the Digiverse

Narrator: Previously on Ninjago...

Venomari Chief: We were only trying to prevent the prophecy... of The Golden Master's terrible reign.

We're under attack!

Protect the gun!

Hello, old chum.


Throw him overboard.

Garmadon: I will find you.


Narrator: Enter the Digiverse.



I think we should put the main switch over here.

To keep it tucked away a little.

With a little ingenuity and a few more coaxial cables... we may be able to reboot the system... with the Techno Blades and erase the Digital Overlord for good.

You said we needed the stolen hard drive to do that.

I did, but that was before I truly understood... the entire capabilities of what Zane's powers truly allow us.

And what is that?

A chance to enter remotely.

By the time we figure out where Lloyd is... it'll be too late to stop the Overlord from draining his Golden Power.

And escaping the Digiverse?


But if we digitize the ninja and Techno Blades using my experimental technology... you could fight him on his own turf inside the Digiverse.

What do you mean, "inside the Digiverse"?

Ugh. Weren't you listening? He's going to put us into the video game.

I know! I just wanted to hear it again.

But, Mr. Borg, if anything were to happen to them inside the program...

Of course every step into the unknown has its dangers.

What dangers? What is she talking about?

You know how in video games you get multiple lives?

Yeah. Whoa-ho-ho.

It's not like that.


Presto! We're up and running.


Aha. You see! Borg is holding out on us. He does have power.

Oh. This is no time for more post-apocalyptic role-playing, Postman.

Postman: This isn't a game anymore.

We heard about the Nindroid activity. What if they come back?

We need power to defend ourselves. And I want to catch up on my shows.

Computer: Would you like to play a game?

They are playing a game. Take back the power!

No. Stop!

We're trying to help you.



Where's all the power coming from?

Golden Power. It's already begun.

The Overlord has started the transference.


Soon you will be utterly powerless.

And I, I will escape this digital prison and become whole.

Nothing will stop me from becoming the Golden Master.

Cyrus: Quick, Pixal, we must isolate our server.

If he finds out our plan to use the Techno Weapons remotely... the ninja won't stand a chance.

Isolating server.

Sir, we have an abnormal mass of power signatures.

Hah! They're already here. Initiate lockdown.

The Techno Blades are on the top floor.

What are you waiting for?! Get rid of that door.

Be seated, ninja. There isn't much time.

Nya: Be useful and make sure those Nindroids don't get up here.

If you want to see your favorite shows again, you better get downstairs now!


Once we're inside, what do we do?

Put simply, reboot the system.

All source code travels through the heart of the mainframe.

Follow it, and you'll find a glowing activation port.

The Techno Blades are the keys to activate the reboot... and erase all corruption from the system.

Uh... More simply?

Look for a big bright light, airhead. Then put your weapon in it.

Okay. Got it. I can do that.

Hey! I am not an airhead.

Remember, I wrote the code, but he controls it.

His turf, his rules.

I'll do my best to keep you hidden from here... but the longer you go unnoticed, the better chance you have to succeed.

Be careful in there.

I will come back to you.

Prepare for entry.

How do we know this is really gonna work and won't disintegrate us instantly?

Hmm. I'm not sure. Let's see.


Kai: I hate technology!

Uhn. See, I told you it wouldn't work.

I think it did. Look.


Zane: This is most definitely the Digiverse.

And this is most definitely awesome!

It's like a dream.

Ow! What was that for?

Just testing the rules. First rule: Cole's a crybaby.

We know we can still get hurt in the Digiverse. Let's stay on task.

We have the keys. Now let's find that activation port.



Our favorite shows will continue!



Garmadon: He who holds the power has a tremendous obligation.

You must be prepared to handle this journey alone.

Even without me one day.


Overlord: You are all alone, Golden Ninja.

Nothing can save you now.


Vitals are strong.

So far, so good. He hasn't detected them yet.

Borg was right. The source code appears to be moving toward the same location.

Then let's follow it.

Easier said than done.

Aren't you forgetting? We're in a video game. Whoo-hoo!


Second rule: Video games rule!

How did you do that?!

Jay: Just imagine it!

Uh, whoo-hoo!


Just imagine it.

Huh? What's happening?

Jay: You gotta clear your mind!

You were the one who called me an airhead!

Cole: Uh... No, it was me actually.

Jay: Stop being so self-conscious and jump!

Uh... Aah!


Jay: See, he is such an airhead.


They're doing it. They're mastering the digital world.

I must buy them more time to...

My legs. They're back.

Stay with them. If the Overlord finds them in the system, it's all over.

He's already found them.

Everything is flowing to the bottom of the building.

Kai: The ashes of the Overlord.

When Lloyd defeated him in the ultimate battle?

It must be where the corruption started.

Kai: We're close. Let's go.

Uh! Who's imagining this? I can't move my feet!

Not me!

Me neither.

Well, don't look at me.

Overlord: You think you can come into my world and get rid of me?

I can't get out. I can't reach it.

I have a sinking feeling this is it, guys!

The ninja, they're being consumed by the corrupted program.

We're all a bit consumed! Oh!

We couldn't stop them. They're coming up. This time, the Postman does not deliver!


Go! These are my legs and my problem.

I'll try to hold the rest of them back.

Pixal, listen to me closely.

You need to bypass the main subnet and overwrite the existing corrupted code.

Yes, sir.



Pixal: I temporarily altered the corrupted code.

Hurry, I can only resist him for so long.

We have to get to that activation port quick!

It's all downhill from here.

Overlord: Just because your friend thinks she can change the rules... doesn't mean I can't play the same game.

This is my world!


What's happening?!

Yaah! I spoke too soon!

Zane: Look out, Jay.



Is everybody okay?

More incoming!

Follow the car into the building, then we'll... Ah!


Kai: Well, that gives us a new perspective.

I'll give you one chance to surrender!




I hate it when people call me cute.


Hah. Would you look at that? You made me break a nail.



Hey, we're not thinking big enough.

Why climb when we can do this?


That kid plays way too many games.

Jay's right. Forget this.

Okay, you can do this, Kai. You can...


I can't do it. I can't do it. I can't do it!


Got you.

Let's get to the top.

You mean bottom.

All: Ninja, go!


Oh, no.

Pixal, protect the ninja.



Yaah! Pixal, it's all up to you now.


The data filters into the ground. The heart of the system must be behind it.

Then let's be surgical about this.

Ninjas: Ninja, go!

Kai: The reboot activation port.

Can't be that easy, can it?

Well, I'm not gonna stand around to find out.

Let's hack this thing.

Ninjas: Ninja, go!

Overlord: Enough!

You may have beat my program, but you cannot beat me.


He's blocked the reboot signal. We have to complete the circuit.

We have to move him?

We can try.

Overlord: And you can fail.



Turn off the master switch.

No. The ninja will be left behind in the program forever.

Just like they left me in the Devourer. Do it!

You're back.

But your oath.

You said you'd never fight.

When you took my son, all bets were off.


You're too late. Your son's already ours.


Sorry, brother. It ends now.

Sweet dreams.

Overlord: Fools.

All your existence has been powered by a lie...

Jay: I got him! I got him!

Overlord: That the good guys always win.

He's too big!

Sadly, they don't.

We cannot fail.

I have the power now. Technology has made me infinite.

You let me go, you overgrown... Aah!

Overlord: The Golden Ninja is mine!

I am not alone.

I am not alone.

Zane: You are not alone.

Lloyd: I am not alone!

Lloyd? You're wrong, Overlord.

Good guys may not always win, but they never give up.

If we can't move him, go around him.

What? Zane, you're gold.

Zane: Exactly.

Even in the darkness, we have the choice to reflect the light.

Cole, get into the light.

Cole: You're a genius.

Catch the light, Jay.

Jay: Kai, run to your position!

Overlord: I'm too big to fail now.

Jay: Come on, Kai. You can do it. Just believe!

How can I? This is not my world!

No. Too little, too late!

I won't allow!



Cyrus: What Zane's powers truly allow...

I allow myself!

Computer: System reboot initiated.

Overlord: No! No!


They delivered.




They rebooted the system. Switch your power offline.

I look forward to our second date.

I'm just Zane.

Pixal: You're back!

You're so much more than just Zane.

You did it!

You all did it.

Jay: Sensei, you're back!

I knew you'd be back.

Zane: So the system is completely clear?

There is no evidence of the Digital Overlord. He is erased.


But what about Lloyd?


Computer: Losing altitude. Impact in T-minus 10... nine, eight, seven, six... five, four, three, two... one.


Lloyd, are you there?

Do you read me?

Lloyd: I'm here. I'm all right.

Son, where are you?

Dad? You're alive!

I'm not alone. I'm in a remote village.

Stay where you are. We're picking you up.

Good, because my Golden Power's a little spent.


Zane: Don't worry, we'll find him.

And when we stop Pythor, all of this will be over.

I hope not.

Overlord: I am free.