05x01 - Winds of Change


Hands up, Lord Garmadon -- all four of 'em!

Oh, that's right.

Ninjago won't be seeing the likes of you anymore.

Good riddance!

Hyah! (chuckles)

I say we join forces, take that hunky night watchman out.


Oh, no surprise you'd betray me.

(creature screeches)

(gasps) Who's there?!

The museum's closed!

I know spinjitzu!

(flashlight sputters)


That is odd.

(creature screeches)




I'm legally required to share I've unlocked my full potential.

(evil laughter)

I am the ultimate spinjitzu mast-ter.

I am the ul-ultimate spinjitzu --

That's it, I'm calling it in.

We'll see who's laughing.

(evil laughter)


Wu: Episode 45 - "Winds of Change."

(Kai laughing)

(chuckles) Getting ahead of yourself, Kai?

I'm leading this charge.

(dragon roars)




(laughs) that's one way to cool off a hot head!

Hey, no one messes up my hair!



You okay there, Zane?


It'll take more than a little water to take me out.

Oh, what about a big fish!?


Oh, no!


There he blows!

Pixal: Based on its weight and size, this is the mutant fang fish terrorizing the coastal village and depleting their food source.

Pixal says this is the one.

And now that he's taken the bait, let's reel him in and get him to the aquarium.

Let me guess, Kai, you've caught one that big one?

Heck no! He was twice the size.


(groans) He's almost as hungry as you, Cole.

And twice as ugly as you, Jay.


It's time for the catch of the day.

In line formation!

It's right behind us.



Yeah! Whoo-hoo!

Kai: Now that's what I call hook, line, and<i> stinker!</i>


(dragon roars)

Looks like we made this place safe to fish again.

If your father was still here, he'd tell you he's proud.

You've become a great leader, Lloyd.

No, we're a great team.

I can't say I don't miss him.

It's working!


With my dad gone, sometimes I question where I'm going.

Sometimes I worry about who I might become.

I know how that feels.

After I lost my dad, I lost my way.

But I was lucky to have my sister watch over me.

Don't worry, big shot.

I'll watch over you from now on.

Hey. Hey, no one messes up my hair.

Hey, you two gonna get in the picture?

Oh, no one's gonna believe this!

Getting a picture? This is awesome!


Back -- just a little further.

Just a little further.


You guys!


Oh, great.

Who's gonna believe us now?!

(all yell)


"Steep wisdom."

Not a bad name for a tea shop.


I thought saving ninjago was difficult.

Try starting a small business.

Wu can't be a sensei forever.

It's about time we all help out with his retirement.

Speaking of which, nya...

Oh, here.

Let me give you a hand with that.

I'm old, not weak.

You look after ninja, I look after you.

Well, steep wisdom is starting to look like a real tea house.

Except for one thing -- customers.

Good things come to those who wait.

Kai: I'm just saying it was big, but I've seen bigger.

Cole: As big as your ego?

Oh, who am I kidding?

I'm tired of waiting.

I'll put the ninja to work.

Ninja, you need to find customers.

No "hello, how's it going, glad to hear you saved the day -- again!"?

Yeah, sensei, we're all a bit tired.

You mind if we handle this tomorrow?

We all have a share if this business succeeds.

How else do you expect me to able to afford all your new uniforms?

Which reminds me, your new ones arrived.

What do they look like now?! New suit?!

Sweet! I bet they're off the hook!


Uh, those do not appear to be ninja uniforms.

They resemble work attire.

Very observant, Zane.

We must focus on furthering brand awareness.

And here are the flyers I want each of you to pass out in the city.


If I have to pass all these out, I may be the one passed out.

(telephone rings)

Oh, that could be our first order! Shh!

Steep wisdom, how may we serve you?

Aren't we gonna look kind of dorky flying up On our power dragons with these things on?

You won't be flying on anything.

We're selling tea, not magic.

Besides, you all have been relying a little too heavily On your elemental powers lately.

Real power comes from the inside.

It would be our honor, sensei.

Thank you. I'll let him know right away.

Is it a big order?

It's the police.

They've asked for Lloyd.

There's been a break-in at the museum.

(all gasp)

Go on, I'll take your share.

Thanks. I owe you one.

Aren't you going to kiss your mother good-bye?

Mom, we've talked about this!

I'll catch you on the way back.


Remember, no powers.

(all groan)

Well, looky here!

The green ninja.

Feel safer already.

I got your call. There was a break-in?

Yeah, the night watchmen over there had quite the scare.

Doesn't remember a thing.

Hasn't been too helpful.

Maybe you'll have better luck.


Did you make the call for him?

No, I didn't. Did you?

Heck no. I wonder who did.

So you were on guard when it happened?


Can you show me what was stolen?


I'm -- I'm here to help you.


Hey, the bathroom's the other way!

I was knocked out.

When I came to, I found the only thing stolen Was something that wasn't even on display.

Just a worthless, old armor brass plate They called the allied armor of azure.

Why would a thief leave these priceless relics And take just that?

Oh, I don't know.

Maybe it's 'cause when you're in trouble, they say it's got the power to summon allies --

Whether they be friends, foes, even spirits from the cursed realm.

The cursed realm?

My father is there, I --


Allied armor! <i>You</i> stole it?!

So Wu chose you to be the beloved green ninja.

Silly old man.

How do you know sensei?

And if you've got a bone to pick with me, maybe we can discuss things without weapons?




(both grunting)

I don't want to hurt you.



What's going on?

Someone was in my head.

(laughs evilly)


Your powers are useless.

You think you can hurt a ghost?

I can possess anything!




When he was in my head, I saw his thoughts.

The world -- the world will be cursed!

You're a ghost from the cursed realm!

How did you escape?!

When your father opened the door, he should have been more careful what came out.



Hurry! The allied armor, give it to me!


Behind you!

You can't have the armor!

The armor is nice, but it's not the only thing I want to possess.

What else do you want?


So if you could choose to be any ninja, who would you be?

Oh, that's easy. Kai.

He's the main one, right?

No, that's Lloyd.

Kai's the --

(distant scream)


(both stammer)

That wind didn't come from outside.

It came from inside.

(both whimpering)

(horns honking)

Steep wisdom, enlightenment in a cup.

Steep wisdom?

Never heard of it.

Best little tea shop in ninjago.

First cup is free with the flyer.

Take -- why won't you take the flyer?!

Just take the flyer!


(groans) I see no one else is having any luck.

(sighs) It's as if they think I'm passing out a communicable disease.

I mean, sure, I have a cold sore, but it's hardly contagious.


What? What?

Maybe if we use our powers, we can get this over with.

But sensei gave us strict instructions <i>not</i> to use our elemental powers.

Well, sensei's not here, and what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

I'm in. Is everyone else?

Together: Yes!


(tires screech)



Hey, young man, watch it!

Whoa, oh, no. Oh, no!

Put me down. Put me down, I say!


Feeling tired, out of strength?



Then get a pick-me-up at steep wisdom.

Care to pass the torch?

Sure. Let's see what you got there, Mr. Teapot.

If this isn't your cup of tea, how about this?!

(crowd gasping, chattering)

Steep wisdom, the hot new place.

(scoffs) You think that's a crowd?

Check this!

(electricity crackling)

(crowd gasping, chattering)

I know, it's shocking, right?

If we're going to use our powers, you may as well do it right.



(crowd chattering)

(crowd cheering)


(crowd chattering)

All: Aw!

(electricity crackles)

all: Aw!

You're such an amateur.

My powers -- they're not working!

Mine, neither!

What do you mean your powers aren't --

Uh-oh! (groans)



Somebody give me a hand!

If our powers are gone, that means...

(dragon roars)

(Zane screaming)

He's kind of fast.

(Zane grunts)


I think he just broke the sound barrier.


Oh, I told you we shouldn't use our powers.

What powers? Where did they go?

We got to go see Wu!

I added a little something extra.

Sensei! It's an emergency!

We need you. It's important!

Boys, not so loud!

Can't you see we have our first customers.

Wow! The real ninja!

Can you shock me?

Uh, um, not now, kid.

Maybe later, okay?

Where's Wu?



We were getting the word out.

And then there was this wind.

And our powers disappeared.

You were using your powers?

Yeah, I know, we're terribles students.

But what happened to our powers?!


(windmill creaking)

If your powers are gone, then something must have happened to --


(wind howling)

(gasps) It's Lloyd!

I know that wind.

That's not Lloyd.

Step aside.

Lloyd, what's wrong with you?!

I want a word with your master.

Whoa, Lloyd's gone through puberty.

What's gotten into him?

I sense some kind of foreign entity has taken over his body.

So the question isn't what, but<i> who's</i> gotten into him.

Whoever you are, whatever beef you have with sensei, you have with us!

Give us back our friend.

(neck cracks)

(grumbles, chuckles)

How are we supposed to fight a friend?

Let me show you!

(all yell, groan)

(laughs evilly)

Guys, we don't have powers, but he does!

(grunts, groaning)


Well, we may not have powers, but we still know a little thing called spinjitzu.

Ninja, go!


(yells, groans)

So not only does he have powers, but he can control the wind, too?

Take the truck! Get them out of here now.

(Lloyd laughs evilly)

Nya, we need to leave, too.

But this is our place!

Tell me, sensei, what's happened to Lloyd?

There's no time.




Our spinjitzu is worthless against the wind.

Shurikens -- cute.

Try this on for size!


(all gasping)


Get up, please!

Ninja never quit.


(engine turns over, tires squeal)



Get out!

So stock some shelves before you get hurt.

I'll take you on anytime!

Stay back, nya.

It's me that he wants.

Not you, just your father's staff.

I see you've found the allied armor, morro.

Yet, you haven't summoned your friends.

Your pathetic students haven't given me a reason to.


Hey, hey, hey, no one calls me pathetic!


You want the staff, try to take it.

(grunting, groaning)

You've gotten old.

You used to be a great sensei.

Now you're just a petty shopkeep.

With age comes wisdom!



A secret message engraved on the staff.

The staff of the first spinjitzu master.

(wind howling)

I do more than stock shelves!


Now we leave.


To the barn!

I am not running away from Lloyd!

We will not win this fight today.


Give me the staff!

Oh, is he crazy?

Foolish ninja!

Why would you try to take me on all by yourself?

Because I promised to look after Lloyd.

Nya: Where's my brother?

He's fighting the green ninja -- alone!

I know you're in there, Lloyd.

Fight him!

We got to do something.

The staff is getting away.

Let go of me!


Only when you let go of Lloyd!


Lloyd: Kai!


Help me!

Lloyd, is that you?


Wait, let me go!

A perfect wedgie!

I saw Lloyd!


Put me down. Let me go!

You won't get away that easy!

(ship creaking)

We have to go back.

Sorry, brother. That's what I'm trying to avoid.


Oh, no!

Give me your hand.

I got it!


Phew! That was close.

The coast is clear.

(sighs) Spill it, sensei.

What just happened back there, and what have they done to my friend?!

Yeah, sensei. Who was that?


You four were not my first pupils.

There was one before you.

Huh? What?!

Morro -- the master of wind.

Okay. Now those lights scare me.

We got something on our six.

Looks like your master of wind just caught his second wind.