01x02 - Home

Jay (O.C.): My turn! It's my turn!

Cole (O.C.): Oh, you want a little more? Take this!

Jay (O.C.): Yeah? How about a little of this?

Kai (O.C.): Monkey paw to the head!

Cole (O.C.): Ninja roll!

Jay (O.C.): Dragon punch!

Kai: Ninja Go!

Jay: Hey! Huh?

Cole: Hey! What?

Zane: Ninja Go!

Kai: This roof isn't big enough for the four of us.

Cole: Correction: This roof isn't big enough for him.

Jay: It's like he's in his own world. I bet he can't even hear us!

Kai: Sensei, Zane's...weird.

Sensei Wu: What is weird? Someone who is different or someone who is different than you?

Cole: No, Sensei. He's weird weird.

Cole: Do you mind?!

Kai: Holy baloney!

Zane: I'm sorry. I consumed the last of the deli-meat. Cheese?

Kai: We like the guy. He's really smart. He's just...(sighs) a little off sometimes.

Sensei Wu: Zane is a brother and brothers are often different. I should know.

Kai, Jay and Cole: Mail!

Mailman: (pants) Let's see. A letter from Jay's parents. Kai has a fan letter. Oh, something from Cole's father.

Cole: What? No package? I'm expecting something from Creature's Beasts and Beyond.

Mailman: No. Nothing from...uh-uh. Here it is!

Cole: Huh! Rocky's gonna love this!

Jay: Hey, Zane. How come you never hear anything from your parents?

Zane: I don't remember my parents. I've been an orphan all my life.

Kai: You mean you've never had a home?

Sensei Wu: The Monastery is your home now.

Cole: Liver and toads, Rocky. Your favourite. Mm-hmm.

Rattla: I can't believe you hypnotised one of the Ninja. Does the General know?

Skales: Of course not. He's been put under the control of Lloyd. But I plan to use it for my best interest.

Slithraa: Everyone works while you two slack. As my second in command, I expect more from you, Skales.

Skales: Yes, General. General, you know I am most loyal to you, but I must question this childish agenda. The Ninja have stolen our staff yet you instruct your army to make this playhouse for Lloyd? Snakes don't belong in trees.

Slithraa: You know better than to question my judgement, Skales. I'll pretend you didn't ask.

Lloyd: Hey! If we plan to rule Ninjago from here, this elevtor needs to have a trapped door! I want more booby traps!

Slithraa: As you wish, young Garmadon.

Skales: As you wish, General.

Jay: Hmm. I love it when it's Zane's night to cook.

Cole: Hey. I didn't hear any complains about my duck chowder last night.

Kai: That's because it glued our mouths shut. You really thought Jay was speechless all throughout dinner?

Jay: Yeah. Please don't make that again.

Zane: Dinner is served.


Zane: What's so funny?

Nya: Zane. You're wearing a...even I wouldn't wear that.

Zane: You laugh because I take steps to ensure I'm clean after cooking?

Kai: No! We laugh because you came out wearing that ridiculous outfit!

Zane: I guess we don't share the same sense of humour.

Cole: Well, how about this?


Cole: How could you not find that funny? Ah!

Sensei Wu: Now you are brothers.

Lloyd: If I see one girl in ere. I'm gonna go ballistic.

Zane: Thank you, my mysterious friend.

Kai: I don't even think Zane knows where he's going. Uh, tell us again how you stumbled upon Lloyd's secret headquarters.)

Zane: I followed a bird.

Jay: Why did yo follow a bird?

Zane: Because it danced.

Jay: Oh...okay. Was it a cuckoo bird?

Zane: Of course not. Everyone knows cuckoo birds are not indigenous to these forests.

Lloyd (O.C.): Watch it! No, here! Come on, we don't have all day! It's not me for a lunch break.

Cole: Holy kanoley, Frosty was right!

Kai: We can't let that brat and those snakes get a foothold of Ninjago. We gotta destroy that thing before it becomes operational.

Jay: Whoa! Are you sure? It looks like a pretty cool treehouse. There's a rope course. Ooh, a tree swing.

Cole: Hey! Remember who's team you're on Alright, guys. What do we do?

Kai: It looks like the entire place is being supported by those three trees. Once those ties are severed, the whole is gonna fall like a house of cards.

Zane: But why would one make a house of cards? Such construction would be careless.

Kai (whispers): Oh, brother.

Cole: Travel in shadows, boys.

Zane: Gotcha.

Lloyd: (chuckles) It's almost finished. Soon, my fortress will be complete. You! Hold up that sign for me!

Lloyd: Booby trap!!

Jay: Ninja Go!

Zane: Ninja go!

Lloyd: I said no Ninja! Attack!

Skales: Everyone! Retreat!

Kai: Cole! Wait till we're off the treehouse, then cut the line.

(Cole nods)

Skales: You! You obey my every command.

Cole: I will obey your every command.

Jay: Where's Cole?

Kai: This whole place is coming down!

Cole: No one goes anywhere until you deal with me!

Kai: What's gotten into him?

Zane: He's under their control.

Jay: Yeah, well he better snap out of it quick because this whole place looks like it's about to go down!

Lloyd: Don't go. We have to protect my treehouse fortress.

Skales: Your treehouse? It's about time we did this! Now, to get the staff!

Jay: Okay, now come on. Friends don't hit friends. Ow, okay. I-I-I-I'm gonna ignore that.

Kai: What're we supposed to do? If I use my sword, this place will turn up into flames faster than a tender box.

Zane: Isn't the anti venom in the staff?

Jay: Yeah, but the staff is back at the Monastery.

Zane: Jay! Use your Lightning! Try to shock him out of his trance!

Jay: Sorry, Cole, but this is gonna hurt you a lot more that it's gonna hurt me.

Kai and Zane: Jay!

Jay: That is a serious safety hazard!

Kai: No, Cole! Don't!

Zane: Cole! No, Cole! No!

Cole: Huh? Where-where am I? What are we doing?

Nya: We're getting outta here because this whole place is coming down!

Jay: That flute! It cancels their powers!

Sensei Wu: It's as old as the Serpentine themselves. But we must hurry! The Monastery is left unguarded! Quickly!

Kai: We're too late. Snakes.

Cole: Rocky!

Kai: Our home.

Zane: Shard! Put this out!

Zane: The training equipment, gone.

Jay: Our video games, gone.

Sensei Wu: They stole their staff back.

Cole: What do we do now?

Kai: If you hadn't followed that silly bird, none of this would've happened!

Sensei Wu: Kai!

Jay: No! Sensei, he's right! Because of you, my high score has been deleted!

Zane: This is a teaching moment. We must learn from this.

Cole: A teaching moment? What's wrong with you? Don't you get it? Everything is gone!

Sensei Wu: Enough! We're all at fault. Zane is your brother. Apologise at once.

Kai: I'm sorry, Zane. I...

Jay: Zane?

Lloyd: Do something, General. You're still under my command, right?

Slithraa: Enough! I am the General! You will return my staff at once!

Skales: No.

Slithraa: You dare challenge my command?!

Hypnobrai (chanting): Slither Pit! Slither Pit! Slither Pit! Slither Pit!

Skales: I guess we'll have to fight for it...in the Slither Pit!

(Hypnobrai cheers)

Mezmo: Winner gets the staff and leads the tribe! You know the rules. There are none, but in the Slither Pit, whatever I say goes. Alright, fight!

Mezmo: Two weapons!

Mezmo: Side wonder!

Lloyd: Go, General! Go!

Rattla: He used Fang-Kwon-Do!

Lloyd: Get up! Get up!

Mezmo: We have a winner!

Hypnobrai: (chanting) Skales! Skales! Skales! Skales! Skales! Skales! Skales! Skales!

Skales: You will be loyal to me now!

Slithraa: I will do as you command.

Skales: You! Leave and never return!

Kai: Wh-what are we eating again?

Cole: Mud newt. Not bad for something that leaves underground.

Jay: What? Yeah! A new high s-sc-score!

Sensei Wu: Remember, we must be thankful for what we still have.

Cole: What do we have? Our home is gone.

Kai: You know, I don't miss our home. What I really miss is Zane.

Jay: Yeah. I miss Zane.

Nya: Zane?

Jay: Yeah, Zane. You know. White Ninja. The smart, strange one.

Nya: No. Zane!

All: Zane!

Jay: (sighs) Zane. We're so sorry for everything we've said. We're a team and that means we're all responsible.

Zane: You don't need to apologise to me.

Kai: But what about all those awful things we said? Isn't that why you left?

Zane: Of course not. I saw the Falcon again and I followed him.

Cole: That's our Zane.

Nya: We're happy to have you back.

Zane: Why? Is it my turn to make dinner?


Sensei Wu: Yes, Zane. We would love for you to make dinner.

Zane: But I already made it. Come. I want to show you what I've found. I think you'll all be pleased.

Zane: I can't explain it, but I feel a strange connection with the Falcon. I think he's trying to help show us the path we need to take.

Zane: Our new home.

Jay: Do I smell pie?

Zane: Kabloo berry. Oh, and I made burtle berry and apple and...

Sensei Wu: I'm proud of you, Zane. One day, I promise. We will find your family.

Zane: But I've already found them.

Sensei Wu: I feel there's more to you than meets the eye. There's something special about you, Zane.

Zane: Sensei, will I become the Green Ninja?

Sensei Wu: It's too early to tell, but if it's in your path, you'll know. Come now. It would be a shame to let them to eat all that pie.