01x02 - Evergreen

(music playing)

♪ You spend your days... ♪


♪ Watching the door ♪
♪ Yeah, you spend your whole life waiting... ♪


You're up early.

♪ But you don't know what for... ♪

Thought we'd go get breakfast before you left town.

George wanted me to stop by the paper before I leave.


Just let me know when your daddy's service is.

I'll take the day off.

It's just gonna be a whole lot of people who you don't know who I can't introduce you to.


(train horn blaring)

You don't even have to give me the time of day.

Not even a look.

Come on, you were at my daddy's service.

So was the entire police force and half of New Orleans.

It was easier for me to blend in.

What are you trying to say?

That I can't come or you just don't want me to?




I wanna make sure you're okay.

So please pick up when I call you, okay?

♪ Oh, this is how we are fading ♪
♪ This is how we are fading... ♪

(train horn blaring)

♪ Time ♪
♪ Time... ♪

(theme music playing)

♪ Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns ♪
♪ Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns ♪
♪ Keep the colors in the lines, take flight ♪
♪ Dreams never die ♪
♪ Keep the colors in the lines ♪
♪ Keep the colors in the lines, take flight. ♪


(birds cawing)

♪ How can I say this without breaking? ♪
♪ How can I say this without taking over?

♪ How can I put it down into words ♪
♪ When it's almost too much for my soul alone? ♪
♪ I loved and I loved and I lost you ♪
♪ I loved and I loved and I lost you ♪
♪ I loved and I loved and I lost you ♪
♪ And it hurts like hell ♪
♪ Yeah, it hurts like hell... ♪

(playing tune)


♪ I don't want them to know the secrets ♪
♪ I don't want them to know the way I loved you ♪
♪ I don't think they'd understand it, no ♪
♪ I don't think they would accept me, no ♪
♪ I loved and I loved and I lost you ♪
♪ I loved and I loved and I lost you. ♪

(car approaching)

(car doors open, close)

(men chattering)

(train horn blaring)

(chattering continues)

Can I help you?

(train horn blaring)

I'm Samuel Landry, but folks around here just call me Sam.

You must be Ernest's California girl.

Charlotte, right?


You have my deepest sympathies.

Your father was a good man.

A damn good man.

Man: Little man, come here. What do you think?

Is there something that I can do for you, Mr. Landry?

Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am. (whistles)

I thought it best to make you an offer in person.

Thought you didn't think anyone was home.

Just give me a call when y'all ready to talk.

♪ Tongues on fire ♪
♪ Speak up 'cause the prophets seem to have gone to sleep ♪
♪ Make a war on terror? ♪
♪ Terror is taking its war out on me ♪
♪ Oh, why you gonna go and put the fuel ♪
♪ Into the middle of the fire? ♪
♪ It's ablaze ♪
♪ It's ablaze ♪
♪ And the temperature is slowly getting higher... ♪

Sorry to hear about your daddy, Nova.

Thank you, George.

But you didn't bring me all the way in for condolences.

Truth be told, I thought we should discuss your next story.

Something that would be front page worthy.


You didn't like my last three pitches?

About the lead in the water?

The kidney problems? The nervous system damage?

Look, your sister and Davis West are coming out for the service, right?

I was hoping that's what you'd be working on.

Since when are you chasing the gossip pages?

Since they started making more than us.

Look, Davis West's face is what people want to see.

It's what they want to read about.

So you thought I'd just roll up in here, happy to tell all my family business?

I thought you'd like to set the record straight.

No, I have to bury my father.

I'm not a source.

Dig like everybody else getting their stories on Davis.

Look, at least give me the accuser's name.

If you want to talk about my story, we're good.

Otherwise, stop wasting my gas money.



(basketball game playing over earbuds)

(phone buzzing)

Sit on down. Let me do the stirrin'.

No, I got it, baby.

I heard you up all night walking around.

It's the least I can do.

(phone buzzing)

We gotta go get some loafers for Blue.

He done long outgrowed the other ones.

What he gotta get dressed up for?

What he gotta get dressed up for?

To say goodbye to his papa for the last time.

(clears throat)

A funeral ain't no place for kids.


Why are we rushing something he got to deal with later on, anyhow?

So, Blue don't get no closure like the rest of us gonna get?

He don't need closure.

He need to be a kid.

You... you ain't no more than a kid yourself, baby, so how you know?


Man: ...and his spank God!

Davis West has decided that when he hits a buzzer beater...

(buzzer buzzes)

...he's gonna go hit some booty.

What you looking at, man?

Open palm, double pat, and across both cheeks.

Only problem is, that ain't his wife!

(overlapping clamoring)

Woman: Davis, do you have a statement about the rape allegations?

(lights clicking)

Davis: I'm innocent.

(clamoring continues)

Man: Bro!

What are you doing?

You got caught smacking some... (door opens) ...random girl's butt in a hotel room by a video camera?

You're the gentle...

Where you been?

I went for a run.

Out to Dad's.

You know, it wouldn't hurt if you got out, too.

Get some fresh air.


There are a lot of notes at the house from this Remy Newell?

Y'all know him?


Good friend of your daddy's.

I guess he's got some tractor part for Dad.

He knows...

He knows he's passed, right?

Everybody knows.

He got Pop's clutch kit.

I could go by there and get it next week.

I got some things lined up this week.

I could do it, if you want.

All right. Appreciate it.

Remy be up at B & C Seafood for lunch every Wednesday.

(phone vibrates)

Which one are you looking for?

The one from the parish fair a few years back.

I thought it was here.

Just use the one of Daddy on his boat.

Lord knows, your daddy loved that boat about as much as he loved y'all's mama, but that picture ain't right for no funeral program.

Hey, you gonna go wake Blue up before y'all late again?

They had the faculty conference this morning.

He was tossing and turning all night.

I'm gonna let him sleep.

Hey. When did you get here?

Just got here.

Whoa. Those are beautiful.

Your mama sent it.

That was sweet of her.

She sends her deepest condolences.

So, what's there to do for Daddy's funeral? Are we printing programs?

I wrote it up and put the order in with the printer's an hour ago.

What about the menu for the repast?

Aunt Vi and I went through it last night.

And his suit?

I'm gonna go by the house and grab a couple of 'em.

What up, Wood?

Well, there must be something I can do.

You got enough on your plate, with everything that's going on back home.

I'm here.

I can help. Just give me whatever's left.

We're good.

Okay, what about the tables, chairs, linens?

We got extra tables and chairs out there in the shade, just need wiping down, is all.

What about the casket?

We're meeting at Price's at 3:00 to pick one out.

And you were just gonna do that without me?


We're doing this together, okay?

No big deal.

Oh, God, Blue.

(whispering) Blue, Blue, Blue! Hey, come here, buddy.

Thought we said Kenya was gonna stay home with me?

But, Papa, I want...


Oh, what's that, Kenya?


She said she wanna stay home, watch some T.V., keep Pop a little company.

Think Kenya can stay home with me today?


Miss Velez!

Hello, Mr. Bordelon.

How are you doing today?


Oh! (laughing)

Don't let Kenya watch too much T.V., Pop.

She's scared of big boy movies.

Don't worry, buddy, she gonna be with me the whole time.

But she...

Hey, how about you tell me who the first Latino astronaut is?

Uh, Franklin Chang-Díaz.

And then the first Latina astronaut?

Ellen Ochoa!

That's right! All right, go on inside. Get in there.

Oh, these kids.

So, how you been?

Uh... as well as expected, I guess.

You're great with him.

He's a special kid.

Yeah, he is.

Good genes.



Look, I... I wouldn't ask if I didn't have to but... think you might be able to watch Blue again?

During the service on Saturday, you know, the funeral.

I'm sorry.

I, uh, I teach ESL classes on the weekends to make extra cash.

But I would if I could.

You know that, right?

Yeah, ain't no problem.

You probably need to get back in there. I gotta get goin'.

I'll see you later.

T.V. day with Kenya?

(chuckles) Something like that.

Only cartoons, Ralph Angel.

(chuckling continues)

All right, I promise.

(music playing)

How y'all doing over here?

Just checking.

I'm good.

You like that meatloaf, don't you?

♪ After you want me... ♪

Special recipe we have here at the diner.

Anything else I can get you?

Excuse me, hi.

Is there a Remy Newell here?

Over there.

I know y'all want some dessert.

Yeah, something sweet as you.


Y'all want to buy some pecan pie?

Excuse me?

Are you Remy Newell?

Yes, ma'am.

I thought you'd be old.


But still good looking, right?

(laughs) Sorry.

That's okay.

I'm Ernest Bordelon's daughter.

I found your notes at his place.

I thought you'd be more of a peer.

Well, please, sit on down.


You're welcome.


Waitress: A cup of coffee for you.

Mm. That's horrible.

Terrible, right?


Maybe the worst I've ever had.

Well, it ain't no Starbucks around here but the flapjacks are worth coming back for.

I'll keep that in mind.


Hey, just let me know when you'd like me to bring that clutch kit over.

I didn't really come here for that.

When I read all those notes you left... it seems like you and my dad were pretty close?

I'm really gonna miss your dad.

Yeah, Mr. Ernest kept me out of a lot of what would have been knock down, drag out fights back in the day.

Yeah, he was a good man. But you know your daddy.

I didn't know everything.

It looks like my dad was in a lot of debt, but I really had no idea how much.

What was going on with him?

I... I don't know.

I know he hadn't farmed nothing in the last two years.

You know, Mr. Ernest really was proud of you. I mean, couldn't keep your name out of his mouth.


A Samuel Landry came by to make an offer...

No, no. Not here.

Look here.

When y'all get everything squared away with Mr. Ernest...

I want you to call me, okay, and we'll talk it out.

In the meantime, I gotta get back to work.

It was a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. West.

If you and your family need anything, y'all just holler, you hear?

Miss Nova, I already come down $1,000.

I'm still running a business.

No, we can pay the...

And how much of that business have I sent your way?

That my daddy referred your way?


I can do another $500, but no better.

Then nine it is.

Nine it is.

I'm not gonna forget this.

You're a good man, Mr. Price.

Nothing like Brother Ernest, but I do my best.

You can put it all on this, Mr. Price.

We'll handle the arrangements.

We're gonna give Brother Ernest the homegoing he deserves.

You have my word.

Ed, put a third on her card.

Spread out the remainder on these. Put $300 on each.

I'll pay Ralph Angel's part.

What? You ain't gotta do that.

Just let me cover Ralph Angel's portion.

Ralph Angel can't pay you back.

You don't even know what I got.

That's what I'm saying, he doesn't have to.

So, y'all gonna act like I ain't even sitting here?

I'mma pay my part.

I just need a loan till Friday, when I got my money coming in.


I got it.

I just need a few days.

Split the cost in half, Mr. Price.

Put half on mine and the other half across Nova's cards.

(clears throat)

Shall we pick out a casket?


He liked Oak, didn't he?

He didn't fuss with colors.

Burgundy is nice, maybe.

Could I suggest the purple?

It gives a royal feeling, and he was a king.

Even got velvet lining.

I prefer white.

He was our black stone, our protection.

It should be white.

Let light send him back to the light.

You know?

A white casket.

Will that work for y'all?

We'll take this white casket.

Okay, we can do that.


And I would like to sew this into the satin?

We don't allow that kind of thing, Miss Nova.

We run a straight Christian business here.

If she wants the pouch in the casket, the pouch is going in the casket.

Okay. I meant no harm.

(purse unzips)

Wait, y'all, these are the show caskets.

Y'all can't be messing with them like that.

But you know what, y'all are like family.

Go on and I'll make sure this one belongs to Brother Ernest.

King you.

King me, dude!


You win.

I win?

Yeah. (laughs)

(phone vibrates)

Your dad. You better answer it.


Davis: Micah, you there?

I called the Aspen house, Newport Beach...

Where are you guys, man?

Grandpa died.

(sighs) You're in St. Josephine's?

(beeping continues)

(music playing)

♪ Need to search myself to go back ♪
♪ And those signs of our performance... ♪

How you holding up?

About as well as you, I assume.

Not Daddy...


Let's just say, with everything that's happened, you can dig a hole right next to Daddy and leave me there.

Don't conjure that up.

♪ Why we're meant ♪
♪ And understand something, baby ♪
♪ Now, I know God has brought me here ♪
♪ For something ♪
♪ Hey ♪
♪ What is the Bible without the heart... ♪


What else are you thinking about for the repast?

Some crabs?

Yeah, get some crabs.

Hey, Mrs. Nguyen, how's it going?

Yeah, let me look at some of the crab here.

Charley: You want the crawfish, too?


No, I don't think we gonna do crawfish today, I think we gonna do this crab.

Yeah, here we go.

Let's see what you got there.

Okay. See you again.

Ain't that pretty?


It's so beautiful.

Looks like joy.

Just give it all to me. Yeah, I need all of that.

Let's see...

Hey, what's in there?

This is the snapper here... no, I'll take this big one right here.

This one?

Yeah, that's perfect. Thank you so much.


What do we got in here?

So, this is... this is redfish right here?


Yeah, that looks really good.

Let me see, you got...

Yeah, give me all of that.

(loud thumping)

What was that?


Are they moving?

Yeah, they moving, they're alive.

I mean, you got to get 'em fresh.

I thought maybe they were just soakin' in there or something.

You don't remember?

Charley, really? Really?



I need you to wrap... wrap the head up.

Thank you.

♪ What am I without my shadow? ♪

(phone vibrating)

Twenty. Have a really good day.

All right, thank you.

(vibrating continues)


Ralph Angel: What you doing this weekend?

Ralph Angel.

Yeah, what you doin' Saturday?


Look, I got Pop's funeral and I can't take Blue with me.

It's an early shift, so I can be out way before the service starts, or get somebody to cover for me.

All right, 11: 00 and no later.

All right.

Now, I'm for real.

Violet's house, 11:00, and no later than that.

I promise you, I...

I'm not gonna let you down. Thank you so much.

(laughs) Sorry. Thank you.

There you go.

How's Aunt Vi holding up?

She gonna be all right.

Been through worse and came out on the other side.

I ain't seen her like this since Ralph Angel's trial.

That woman loves hard.

Hard for her to let things go.

(truck beeping)

Who is that?

Whole bunch of peckerwoods.

What the hell y'all think y'all doin'?

We're your servers. We're here to set up for tomorrow.

Ain't nobody call for no servers.

You need to pack that bitch up and go on back to New Orleans.

But the order came from Charley Bordelon-West.

What the hell is that out there?

It's for the repast.

You something else, Charley, you know that?

Whoa, whoa. It is just some drinks, tables, and linens.

I thought it would help.

Don't nobody need no fancy ass linen.

Okay, look. I'm paying for it.

So, what's it matter? Just let the servers handle it.

They know what they're doing.

And you don't know a damn thing about nothin' except wasting money.

How long have you been gone, huh?

You ain't been gone that long.

How come you don't remember how it's done?

Oh, and how it's done has to be your way?

Ain't that right?

I've been trying to help but for some reason you've been blocking me at every turn.

We don't honor our father by sitting friends and family outside at fancy tables.

We don't honor our father by having strangers serve those grieving.

We serve comfort food to those who need comfort and we do it with our own hands!

That's how a family does a repast.

And we certainly don't pay our respects with American Express.

Now, get those folks out that yard!

Chi, you gonna catch a cold out here.

It won't be long before Ralph Angel take Blue.

He ain't listening to a damn thing I say about it.

Now, Vi, you gotta let Ralph Angel be that boy's daddy.

Ernest gone, they'll go. I'm alone now.

Baby, you are not alone. You got Hollywood.

If you still want kids, you need to find somebody who can do that.

Woman, what you talking about?

You good with Blue.

It it ain't right for you to waste time with me if you still want kids.

No, see, you can't be wasting time when you are where you want to be.

And baby...

I am exactly where I want to be.

Micah: Auntie Vi.

(door closes)

Up here, baby.

You guys got a basketball?

(laughing) Yeah, we got a basketball.

What you think this is?

Micah: Y'all good.

Tell my mom I'm at the gym. I'll be back later.

Hollywood: All right.

Hey, man.

I missed you.

Listen, Micah, you're too young to understand what's really happening right now, okay?

I just need you to...

Just what? Trust you?

Okay, I get it.

You're mad.

Son, I'm mad, too.

Yeah, for getting caught?

For hurting Mom? For what?

I didn't do anything, son.

I'm gonna prove that I'm innocent, but right now is not the time.

We can all talk when we're back in L.A.

I love you. I love your mom.

And we're gonna get through this, okay?

Micah, let's go.

So, you go behind my back, and what, arrange to meet Micah?

Well, you wouldn't answer any of my calls.

My texts. I didn't know where the hell you were.

You shouldn't have come here.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Charley, wait a minute.

Keep moving.

Wait, wait.

Baby, I'm here for you and Micah.

You just lost your father...

Don't tell me what I lost.

I loved Ernest. You know that.

I'm glad he died before knowing what you did.

Charley, I know how it looks, but you have to let me explain.

You need to leave.

No, wait, not until I pay my respects.

Ernest was my family, too.


See, you don't get to say that anymore.

I'm gonna stay and you're gonna hear me out.

Come on, come on.


I'm not leaving my boy behind, okay? You understand that?

No matter where we stand, we'll do right by Micah.

Micah needs me.

I don't need you.

But I need you, though.

Hey, hey.


This was the proudest day of my life.

It was one of the proudest days of your grandpa's life.


My first ring.

You were just a baby, man, still in diapers, sitting on Ernest's lap.

Your mom beside you.

Son, this ring means nothing to me without you.

Nothing without your love and respect of me.

Everything is not about you.

(razor buzzing)

I fixed a bologna sandwich for you.

Put it on the kitchen table.

I want a haircut.

I barely got enough time to give myself one.

But it's for Mom.

Go get your chair.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You're not off yet, darling. I need you to stay here.

Pam's gonna cover for me.

I need Pam on booth four.

I can't stay. I gotta get my son.

You also got to get a check to take care of that son, right?

I will put in extra time next week, Anthony, I promise, just not today.

You either stay today, or there won't be a next week.

Just set it right here.

I got you.

Make sure that she sit up straight.

All right, come on.

The clippers are dull so I'm gonna have to cut it low.

Is that cool with you, buddy? - Yup.

Glad you finally shaping that boy's hair up.

Gonna look real nice for the service.

But it's for Mom. She's coming today.

You think she'll like it?


I'll be right back, buddy.


Hang tight.


You think having that no count gal watch Blue is better than him coming with us?

Look, I respect ya, and I appreciate everything you do for us.

But he's mine, all right?

I don't want him seeing no coffin, no grave, no death.

He'll have enough of that to come.

Baby, coddling him ain't doing him no favors.

Ernest always regretted all the coddling he did with you.

His only son, up on a pedestal.

It ain't right, it ain't healthy.

See how it turns out.

Oh, yeah? How's that? Hmm?

Wrestling with the world.

A world that ain't got no pedestal for you.



Thank you so much.



She's coming, Pop.

I gotta go or I'm gonna be late.

We gotta go, buddy.

Come on, get your coat.

Five more minutes, please?

Let's go say bye to Papa. Come on.

You just do what you want, don't you?

The rest of us be damned.

Wait. Charley, wait.


Baby... okay, you were right.

Everything's not about me, okay?

This isn't about you or us.

This is about Ernest.

Only Ernest.

Remy: Ain't no secret Brother Ernest wasn't no blind follower.

He was just a man who lead by just being true to himself.

I knew it was gonna be hot today so I begged him, I said, "Brother Ernest," I said, "please don't make these brothers do your service outdoors with these mosquitoes and all this heat."

He just said to me, he said, "Brother Remy, you better get 'em some fly swatters and some patience.

'Cause I'm going on my own way."

He just wanted to go home near what he loved.

Man: "The evergreen, which once marked the temporary resting place of the illustrious dead, is an emblem of our faith in the immortality of the soul. By this, we are reminded that we have an immortal heart within us... that shall survive the grave, and which never, never die."

Man #2: "The shadows of mortality and reveal to our ancient souls those serene heights of joy and beauty, whither, we trust, our brother has ascended. As we consign his body to the resting place may we realize how weak and impotent every human arm, and trust in Thy might alone for deliverance from the domain of death. Grant Thy sustaining grace to these mourners and bereaved friends. May all find rest and comfort in Thee, and, relying upon Thine infinite love, wait in patient hope...

Ain't the time.

...death to be swallowed up in victory."


Man: And Genesis 3:19, by the sweat of your face, you will eat bread until you're in the ground.

Why? Because that's where we were taken.

We are dust, and dust we shall return.

Amen, Brother Ernest.

May you rest in peace.