01x04 - The Darker Sooner

♪ Suddenly the clouds have opened up ♪
♪ And I'm being seen in all of my glory ♪
♪ The time has come for fate to decide ♪
♪ If a part of me is even worthy ♪
♪ The air is warm, my heart is cold ♪
♪ And I'll never know how it feels ♪
♪ The air is warm, my heart is cold ♪
♪ And I'll never know... ♪

Sorry for the wait, Mr. Bordelon.

Oh, no. No problem.

Sign here.

Initial here, here, and here.

And don't forget the date.

All right.

Here you go.

It might take two or three business days to process, but now you got access to the $100,000

your sister deposited in the farm account.

The debit cards for Nova Bordelon and Charley Bordelon-West will be mailed out to you.

Your sister already... completed the sole proprietor forms.

She even set up the tax ID and filled out the DBA.

She's pretty on top of it.

Charley's somethin' else.


Hey, Ralph Angel!

Hey, ain't nothin'.

What's up?

Man, you in the flower business now?

Oh, man, this is for Miss April.

I ain't paid not one overdraft fee in years.

I like that.

Charley still in L.A.?

Yeah, she got me handlin' the farm.

She left you in charge? I didn't mean disrespect.

She just had me look into some farm managers while she was gone and everybody's all booked up this late in the season.

Well, I guess it's on me then, ain't it?

All right.

I'm buying seed cane from the Ag Station today.

Oh, that's good. That means you guys already got the farm registered with the state.

Yeah, I got it.

All right.

Hey. If the Ag is sold out, I can call over to LSU, check on their supply.

I got it, Remy, I appreciate it.

Remy: Okay. Hey, just holler if you need anything.

(phone beeps, line rings)


Hey, Charley, what's goin' on?

Just running errands.

The bank called, said you're all set up.

They don't waste no time, huh?

I was calling to tell you that.

So, you're buying seed cane now?

Uh, soon. Goin' to work, then I gotta grab Blue.

But I'm buying it today, don't worry about that.

Okay, but before you spend a dime, make sure you ask about the different cane varieties.

Yeah, I-I'll ask.

Ralph Angel, you'd tell me if this was too much, right?

I... I need this to go smoothly.

I know.

It will, I promise.

Hey, I gotta go. I'ma talk to you later, all right?


(knocking on door)

So, what brings you in today, Mrs. West?

Um, you just had your last Pap smear six months ago.

I know.

But I need you to test for everything.


(theme music playing)

♪ Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns ♪
♪ Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns ♪
♪ Keep the colors in the lines... take flight ♪

Dreams never die ♪

♪ Keep the colors in the lines ♪
♪ Keep the colors in the lines... take flight. ♪

Yeah, I say that we focus our efforts on Nike and McDonald's before they drop Davis's ad.

If TAG Heuer wants out, let them go.

That's not your call, Miriam.

We want luxury. Mercedes Benz, Calvin Klein...

We didn't work for all these years for Davis to just hawk fast food and sneakers.

Let's give it some more time...

Call Jochen at Rolex.

Tell them Davis wants to sever with TAG.

Suggest five over five years instead of TAG's five over two.

"GQ" is likely to drop Davis from their "Men of the Year" issue.

Look, I can make a call. Our PR firms have worked together in the past.

Don't. This is actually for the better.

A "GQ" spread would reinforce some playboy image.

Nathan, have any of the other players spoken to the press since the suspension?

I haven't been able to get ahold of the wives.

Word is that they have teamed up.

Mounting a joint defense to repeal the league's decision.

Without us. Interesting.

I can reach out to Coach Ross and Andrew, have them make a public statement...

No need. Davis and I are meeting with them this afternoon.

Charley, look...

I know that this is personal for you, but I am Davis's agent...

This is personal.

I built those relationships.

That's all for now.

Nathan, follow up with Cliff at Mercedes Benz, and Miriam?

We'll talk later.


(line rings)

Hey, Nova.


Did you get my messages?

Yes, I got your messages. But I'm not spying on Rah for you, Charley.

It's not spying.

Ralph Angel was supposed to call and reserve the seed cane.

He's buying it today. I just need you to check in on him.

That task don't need no hand holdin' and you know it.

Plus, I told y'all, the farm was your project...

No, no, what you said was you would commit to it for the season...

And I meant it. But I'm on a story.

Charley: Wait, I thought you were taking time off from work?

We all gotta get back to livin', Charley.

Listen, you put Rah in charge, so let him handle it, or you can come back to St. Jo and look over his shoulder yourself, okay?

If I could be there, I would.


I'll do what I can. But I ain't on no hook.

Thank you.

Davis: Hey.

I was afraid you and Micah were never coming back.

Charley, baby...

What's her name?


The prostitute.

What's her name, Davis?

She goes by "Goldie."


So, you have me out here looking crazy over a ho named Goldie?

Baby, I messed up.

I messed up.

Charley, I don't know what to do.

The car is here to take me to school.

I can go by myself.

No, no, baby, I'll go with you.

Just give me a minute.

I'll do my job as your manager, but don't expect me to play the dutiful wife holding your hand.

(sizzling, crackling)

(music playing)

(snaps fingers)

So, you give any thought to pushing your schedule?

Do you hear that?

What? I don't hear nothin'.


'Cause ain't nobody in this house except for me and you.


Just ask if you can go back next week.

Chère, I can't be pushin' my schedule around.

I took time off for the funeral.

If I take any more time off I'm gonna have to find me a new job.

Well, you could... work the farm with Ralph Angel.


No, you could.

Come on, Baton Rouge don't need you.

Baby, it's only two weeks, all right?

Now, what about my goin'-away dinner?

You know, your pie is so good, it make my toes curl.

But that ain't the only thing that make my toes curl.


You right.


We got so much work to do around here 'fore you got to leave.


So, I tell you what, why don't you... clean all this up.

And I'ma go get... dressed for work.

Now, wait a minute.



Girl, you play too much.

(phone chimes)

Are you still texting with Stella?

You're gonna see her in five seconds.

What is so important...

Mom! Stop!

Well, what are you texting? It must be really important.

It was very important.

Oh, okay.

Wait, Micah.


Your dad and I, we... we wanted...

Are you guys getting a divorce?

I don't know.

But I want you to prepare yourself.

You're gonna hear some things... online, the news, just out there... ugly things about him.

That stuff doesn't matter to me.

But it matters.

Don't let the houses or the cars or the way we live have you thinking otherwise, Micah.

Society's quick to demonize men like your father.

Black men?

Yes, Micah. Black men.

I just want you to be careful, okay?

Woman: Micah! Micah!

Micah: Thanks.

You call me if you need to, okay?


I'm good.

Woman: Micah! Micah! Micah!

Man: Yo, Micah!

Photographers: Micah, right here!

Mom, I just...



I missed you.

I missed you.

Micah: I missed you more.

(photographers shouting)


(rattles, squeaks)

15 to 30 for carrying an 8-ball, ya heard me?

I coulda killed somebody and got less time.

Crazy thing is, I ain't even had that much weight on me, but they said I did, and since I got priors, ADA say if I take the plea I'm looking at eight years.

Three on good behavior.

I wasn't trying to take none of that, you heard me?

But then they set my behind in that cell for a whole year...

When did you go to NOLA Parish Jail?

Them people ain't waste no time, it was right away.

I was 17 when I went.

They put me in max and there wasn't no bail.

They got me on probation hold.

Man, after sitting in there, a year, I just took the plea.

That life tough, you hear me?

You got cellies putting their hands on you.

I mean, they can throw you in isolation, but then have the COs hold your meals.

Man, I ain't never even wanna think on it.

Truth is, I don't wanna talk about my situation.

My brother did time, too, I know it's hard.


(phone buzzes)

Give me a minute, hear?

All right, no problem.

(phone beeps, line rings)

Hey, Calvin. I'm working. What's up?

Your friend's kid brother, the one in lockup.

Too Sweet, yes. What about him?

He's in County Medical.

He got hurt real bad.

Oh, no.

I just thought you'd wanna know.

Any chance you could meet me at the hospital?

In about an hour?

Why isn't Too Sweet at the Orleans Infirmary?

There's overcrowding. They send low security inmates here.

This is a closed-off area, only guards have access.

Anybody say what happened?

The OC said he fell.

You can't possibly believe that.

You gonna be okay?

♪ Let me give it a moment ♪
♪ Oh-oh-oh-hh ♪
♪ Just to sink in ♪
♪ Just to sink in ♪
♪ 'Cause I really pushed the boat out ♪
♪ This time ♪
♪ Now I'm sinkin'... ♪
♪ Fast ♪
♪ Now I'm sinkin'... ♪
♪ Down... ♪

In You, Lord, I have taken refuge.

Let me never be put to shame.

Keep me free from the trap that is set for me.

Therefore You are my refuge.

Into Your hands, I commit my spirit.

Deliver me, Lord, Thy faithful God.

♪ Let me give it a second ♪
♪ A second ♪
♪ Bite of the cherry ♪
♪ Bite of the cherry ♪


♪ 'Cause I really pushed you away ♪
♪ Away, away. ♪

Hey, slow down, man.


You acting like you like this job.

My bad, Melvin. Just want to get these pallets unloaded.

If I finish this, Earl might let me duck out early.

What you gotta do?

Buy some seed cane.

You farm?

Yeah. My pops just left me and my sisters some land.

He just passed away.

Oh, sh1t, man.

Hey, I'm sorry for your loss.

It's all good.

Hey, you know, my cousin farms, too. Sugar cane, out in Jackson.

They 'bout to shut it down. They can't afford the upkeep.

He's selling and giving away everything.

Hey, look, look. Why don't you roll out, man? I got this.


Yeah, yeah, go ahead.

Won't take but a few hours.

Look, man, it's nothin'. I got it.

Ah, man. Holler at ya.

All right.

Our hands are tied on this.

It's just a statement, Andrew.

I hate to say it, but with all the player misconduct going on, I'm not surprised at the league's decision.

And frankly, Charley, your meltdown on the court only brought us more attention.

Andrew... careful.

An indefinite suspension is a flat-out overreach.

This team is nothing without Davis.

What are you even talking about here?

We're talking about rape.

I didn't rape anyone.

Without the presence of legal counsel, let's be mindful of that word.

Believe me, the team is on your side.

We simply have to see where the chips fall.

That's not good enough.

I need to get to a meeting.

Excuse me.

Thank you... for having my back.

I got physical therapy now, but maybe later me you and Micah can do something nice for dinner.


I'll see you back at the house.

I just need to know I have your support. The team's support.

Charley, I can't go around the league just for Davis.

How many times... have we gone to the mat for you?

Covered for you.

Do I need to remind you, you wouldn't even have your job if it wasn't for Davis and me.

The team's trying to create distance.

Davis is an expensive liability and he's getting old.

There's talk about backing Felix and Eddie... an all-star and a number-one draft pick.

They're obvious choices.

We heard rumors of a rape kit, and if Davis is charged... it's just best to create distance. I'm sorry, Charley.

We will sue. We will.

The Warriors are not gonna pick up Felix Evans, man.

What about the Sixers?

I would retire tomorrow if I had to play for the Sixers.

Retire from what career? (laughs)

Hey, Micah, you think your dad's getting traded?

I can't say.

Dude, this whole thing is gonna blow over.


What'd I miss?

Um, Stella, have you told Micah about the new Tumblr page?

What Tumblr page?

Come on, tell him.

It's dumb.

Just some stupid haters talking smack.

No one cares.

I care.

(phone chimes)


Mom has been so "extra" lately. I gotta go.

I'll see you at my house later though, okay?





There's just not enough story here.

George, I need to run this tonight.

I know this kid. Too Sweet's a minor being held in an adult prison.

He had one joint on him and he's being forced to take a plea on a possession and resisting charge.

If a white kid from Lakeview got picked up for a joint, he'd pay a fine and get counseling.

Yes, blacks are treated like sh1t, but that still doesn't mean that...

(phone ringing)


Sorry, it's my sister.

Family issue.

Nova, I okayed your plea deal story hopin' you'd take some time off to properly grieve.

Give me more cases, maybe we'll talk.

Jermaine LaRue, 15. Passenger of a stolen vehicle.

Plead guilty to grand theft. Sentenced to 13 years.

Latrenda Glace, 16. Caught loitering.

Plead guilty to resisting arrest. Four years probation.

Victor Brule, 16, a school fight.

Plead guilty to assault and resisting, served three years...

All right, all right!

All of these cases are excessive charges.

All black, all minors.

The police and ADA are coercing people into taking plea deals.


One-on-one's, case files, and I'm meeting with the DA this afternoon.

With my contacts at the courthouse, I'll only need a few more names.

You know my daddy was a sheriff back in Tupelo, Mississippi?

And my mama was a voodoo priestess from the bayous of Louisiana.

There's gonna be serious backlash.

I'm not backin' away from this story.

Good. Better than good.

You think I like that gossipy sh1t the paper's been askin' for?

Hell, no.

This... this is what we do.

I'll have copy for you by midnight.


Nova Bordelon, "News Orleans Daily News."

We spoke earlier.

Yes, your appointment's here, but the DA's been out in meetings all day.

Any idea when she'll be back?

That wasn't rhetorical. Can you find out?


Hi, I have a reporter here...

(phone rings)

What is it?

Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Wait up, sir.

I've closed for the night.

I got money and my truck's right over there.

I just need to buy some seed cane.

Whoo. You late to be puttin' seed cane in the ground.

I know, I know.

How much you farmin'?

We got 800 acres, but we're farmin' 300 this season.

And what's your parish?

St. Jo.

(sighs) All right.


Let's see, St. Jo., St. Jo., St. Jo...

That parish is sold out.

No, no, no, no. You... you gotta look again.

(sighs) All the farms that are registered for the base acreage in Louisiana they got all their stock. You gotta order in advance.

How was I supposed to know that?

Hey, you're the one with the farm.

Sir, no, I... listen.

I'll pay double. I really need this, sir.

Don't lock up. Don't lock up.

Ain't nothin' I can do, sir.

Ain't nothin' you can do? Can't we work somethin' out?

So, you just gonna walk off?

(phone ringing)

You avoidin' my calls now?

No, I'm just busy, Nova.

Everybody's busy. Charley's been blowin' me up all day about seed cane.

(softly) Did you even buy it?

Rah? You didn't, did you? See, this is exactly what...

What about you, huh?

I get it. Charley got her thing in L.A., but you live here. What's your excuse?

My excuse? I got a kid picked up on charges in ICU...

There's always some kid.

Some story, some hood crisis.

You know what's messed up?

You care more about them brothers locked up than your own brother.

You came to visit me, what, twice, while I was inside?

How many times you seen this kid?

Rah, I...

Nah, Nova, you go ahead and do you like you always do.

I gotta go.

Woman: We can start by renegotiating his contract.

Can we please?


You are amazing.

Thank you.

Your husband would be in very good hands with me.

I'm sure of that. That's why we're here.

You need to start thinking about sponsorship opportunities...

Hey, Lena.


Charley. Girl, I didn't know you were back in town.

Well, I'm sure I mentioned it in my voicemails.

Been meaning to hit you back. You know how crazy it's been.

No, of course.

I didn't know you two were friends.

L.A. is a small town.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

Pull... pull up a chair, join us.

You know, that is so sweet, but I really cant.

Lunch is on me.

Oh, Charley, you don't have to do that.

Girl, I haven't seen you in so long, it is the least I can do.

(water sprays, stops)

That's a pretty classy move, picking up the tab.

So, what are we dealing with?

Felix and Eddie are mounting a joint defense.

They're gonna try to settle without Davis.

They're even talking to Estelle Peterson the high-profile attorney who handled the Parker NFL assault case.

I'm familiar.

I'll call you when I need you.

Hi, sorry I'm late.

I just found out about this meeting.

(softly) I thought we already had a criminal attorney.

I fired him.

Estelle Peterson.

It's a pleasure.

Please sit.

I was just telling your wife that the detectives have been tight-lipped about the details of your case, which is fine. They have yet to provide any sufficient evidence.

So, silence indemnifies them.

But you... you should be ready.

Assuming that there is a rape kit, and any damning evidence, the prosecutors could have a solid case.

What are our options?

I want to handle this in a way that gets you exactly what you're looking for.

You have options, and I'm not talking settlement.

My P.I. has been tracking Melina Gold.

Her real name is Melina Galoudian.

She's 26 years old and she lives in Houston, Texas.

It won't take much to discredit a call girl with priors who offers group s*x on her agency's site.

But, on occasion, I have clients who use backchannels... to make cases like this disappear.

Melina's a prostitute.

She's gotta have a price.

No. No.

Charley, we're leaving.


Find out how much it'll cost to make this go away.

About to hit this break. You smoke?

Nah. Thanks for letting me dip earlier.

Ain't no thing, wodie.

Hey, you got your seed cane?

All sold out.


You know, I was thinking about your cousin, the one up in Jackson?


You, uh... mind hittin' him up?

Since he's offloadin' his farm, maybe he got some seed cane I can buy.

Yeah, yeah, I'll give him a call.

I mean, he ain't got but 70 acres, but probably still cut you a deal though.

Aw, no, I appreciate that.

We cover each other around here.

I'll see you out there.

All right.

"Nola Daily News" start printing the truth yet?

Your issue is with the paper, not with me, Francine.

You and the American Civil Liberties Union, y'all can sue anyone y'all want.

My organization helps the disenfranchised, yours is part of the problem.

I ain't come here to fight.

I wouldn't have called it if wasn't important.

I hear the ACLU is takin' on the DA's office?

Somebody has to.

Well, they're not talkin'.

I got the brush-off this afternoon.

I could use a little more background information on these plea deals.

What do you have?

From what I've gathered, the number of plea deals offered by the DA's office has tripled this year.

Now, these are low-level offenses and they aggregate around the Ninth.

They're roundin' these kids up like it's a circus.

You got the right bricks, Nova, but you don't have the right foundation.

It isn't about plea deals or the Ninth.

It's about convictions.

After the FEMA money dried up, and budget cuts, whole government departments got gutted, including NOPD.

Yeah, but everybody knows there's a deficit.

Yes, but not the prisons.

Law enforcement... is financed by money skimmed off the top of these for-profit prisons, and inmate labor.

Short-term or long-term sentence, it doesn't matter, as long as the bodies keep coming in.

Inmate count drops, sheriff's lose money. DA, prisons, police... they're all working together, trading inmates like horses.


If you need 'em, I got a mountain of case files.

If I do this right, my story will change everything.

(music playing)

Okay... it's not about you, Micah, it's about your dad.

Okay, but we're the ones in those frickin' pictures.

When my parents split, things got weird.

What does your mom think?

She has enough to deal with.

I just wish everyone would stop talking about it.

I didn't mean you.

I didn't mean you!


I love you.

Oh, Micah.

Woman: Stella?


Oh, Micah.

I thought I reminded you to, uh, cancel your study date, seeing as we have that dinner tonight.

What dinner?

The Foremans' dinner.

That was last week.

Micah, I wish you'd, uh, checked with me before you stopped by.

Mom, he's never checked...


Sorry, yeah. Um...

I'll take an Uber home.

Hell, yeah. Yeah.


Hey, boy.

Man, I appreciate you comin'.

Glad you called.

I got the cane like I said I would.

All right.

It's only 70 acres, but it's a start.

Yo, maybe we could use some of your connects at LSU, get the rest to cover the 230 acres.

Yeah. You check it? Make sure it's healthy?

I didn't see nothin' wrong.


Yo, chill.

You gonna ruin it before we put it in the ground.



This cane ain't right, Ralph Angel.

Ain't right? What you mean?

Farmer I got it from said it's legit.

Nah, this cane is infected with smut.


You see that? That's fungus.

And that's just the pieces that I checked.

It's likely the whole load.

Yeah, see, this fungus infects the center of the stalk.

Makes it sallow, kills it.

Dead cane don't produce no sugar.

I paid $15,000 for this.

Can you get your money back?



What am I supposed to do?

Want me to put the okra in the hot water?


"Amending policing laws would bankrupt the $182 million for-profit prison industry.

Inmates, like minor Devonte Bonclair, pay the price."

How is this even legal?

That's the world we live in.

I mean, we already know they don't care about us but it's another thing to come on and flat-out say it.

I pray this boy pulls through.

Ernest would be very proud of you.

You know, it seems you, Ralph Angel, and Charley, y'all are just goin' on.

Me, one minute I'm cryin', the next minute I'm mad as hell, I...

I don't want Hollywood to go back to work.

Trust me, we're not gettin' on.

We're just gettin' through.



Hey! Hey! Hey!


What's wrong?

I'm sorry, I can't talk right now.

Yeah, you couldn't talk last night or this morning.

Did I do something?


What is it?

No, I spent months negotiating that Mercedes deal.


(line beeping)

Nathan, hold on. Yeah, I've gotta take this.

It's my kid's school. Yep.



Hi, Mr. Oliver.

What kind of incident?


No, I'm... I'm on my way.

We take this issue very seriously.

Distribution of this sort of material is outside our code of conduct.

It's grounds for expulsion.

This is ridiculous. They're kids.

They text and tweet and Snapchat all kinds of silliness.

How about that website?

What website?

Well, there's a whole website dedicated to them because of her husband.

And how is that Micah's fault?

Mrs. West, we don't police our students' personal lives.

But that's exactly what you're doing.

That picture, it's...

My daughter's only 15.

So is Micah.

I wanna see it.

Mrs. West...

No. Apparently everyone in this room has seen it.

Now you wanna expel my son over a lewd picture you claim he sent to his girlfriend? I wanna see what's in the picture.

You gave birth to him, I'm sure you've seen it.

Our guidelines are clear, Mrs. West.

We can't make exceptions.

Micah has to clear out his locker.

Don't think for one second we won't fight this.

Charley: Micah.



Micah, stop!

You sent that girl a picture of your...

(whispers) A picture of your pen1s?

You better answer me, boy, or I swear to God, it's gonna be me and you all day today.

It wasn't mine.

I didn't send that to Stella.

I didn't even know what was in that picture until he just said it.

Wait, what?


Stella's cheating on me.

Baby, I'm so sorry...

Mom, stop.

I've just been so busy with your father, baby, I'm...

Micah, we need to go back in, sweetheart...


Come on, Mom, let's go!


So that's why Ralph Angel's avoiding my calls?

Remy: Trust me, Charley. He feels like hell.

Okay? It was an honest mistake.

So, you'd make that mistake?


Charley: Yeah, that's what I thought.


You know, you Bordelons are a funny bunch.

Okay, I told you to hire a farm manager.

I already have a job.

Oh, and what is it again?

Okay, we've been over this.

I'm a water irrigation specialist.

Charley: Oh, right.

Professor... part-time chef, I cut hair, I do oil changes...



Oh... you're stupid.

(Remy laughing)

Okay, so, when are you headed back?

'Cause if you're serious about this farm, and I take it that you are, you can't be double-minded.

You gotta be all-in, Charley.

Thanks, Remy. Good night.

'Night, Charley.


There's my boy!

We painted today at school. I learned 10 new colors.

And I wanna hear all about it. Go and wash up for dinner, okay?


(door closes)

I'm sorry, Rah.

You were right.

I should have been there more for you.

I read your article.

It was dope.

I'm gonna be around more to help.


I'll believe it when I see it.


"When you see it." Whatever!

You know exactly what I mean.

I'm serious!

All right.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Oh, Lord. The loud Negroes have returned.


What up, Wood?

Hey, my baby.

How you doing?

Hey, buddy.

Now, do I smell ham hocks?

I guess you ain't mad at me no more.

Look in the oven.


You know I don't wanna leave, neither.

Yeah, well, it is what it is.

Maybe I've been leanin' on you too much.

Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

No, I'm gonna call you. You gonna call me.

And them days gonna be gone before we know it.


I'll be all right.


I have news.


My P.I. reached out to Melina Galoudian, and we offered her $500,000.

Oh, Christ.

So, that's the going rate these days?

Fine. As long as this case disappears.

Well, that's just it.

She didn't accept the payoff.

She doesn't want the money.

Then what does she want?