01x11 - All Good

(car door opens and closes)

Too Sweet?

I smell something bad, Miss Nova.

Hush. Hush.

Where have you been?

I was downtown around the mission when I heard you and Rid was looking for me.

Why didn't you come back?

All of us were worried sick.

You done enough for me, Miss Nova.

Nova: You stay here tonight.

For as long as you need to.

Okay, we'll figure things out.

(music playing)

♪ Dreams never die ♪
♪ Take flight as the world turns ♪
♪ Dreams never die ♪
♪ Take flight as the world turns ♪
♪ Keep the colors in the lines ♪
♪ Take flight ♪
♪ Dreams never die ♪
♪ Keep the colors in the lines ♪
♪ Keep the colors in the lines, take flight ♪

Okay, so how was it?

The hippos were so big, and then we saw the baby lions.

They're called cubs. Put your arms in.

One hand at a time.

Now, out of all of the animals, which one was your favorite?

The monkeys.

(gasps) Mine, too.

So, now we're going to put your shoes on then we're going to go to school.

But I don't want to go.

Why not?

Jamal's been pushing me at recess.

Did you tell your teacher?

I tried, but he tripped me.

He said he's going to beat me up.

Okay, stand up.

The next time Jamal touches you, you defend yourself.

But he's bigger than me.

Even better, because all it takes is one jab under his nose, and he'll stop.

You sure?

Yes. Come on, come on.

Right, left. Right, left. Right, left. Right, left.

Okay, now duck. Big swing.

Jab, jab, jab. That's good.

Right in the nose.

Ralph: Blue.

Y'all running late for school.

(both laughing)

A kid's messing with Blue.

Mom's teaching me how to defend myself.


No, that's all wrong.

You got to come at him from the side...

...so he don't see you coming.

Darla: What?!

(Blue laughs)

(all chattering)

All right, buddy.

I got pancakes in the kitchen.

Let's eat up so your mama can take you to school.


Come on. Running late.


Come on, Blue.

Newscaster over TV: Well, the Gladiators struggled down the homestretch without Davis West during his suspension.

Now, the Gladiators were hoping to re-sign West, but in a surprise move, he opted to leave the Gladiators, joining Felix Evans as a free agent.

Now, in his 16-year career...

Good morning, baby.

Good morning.

They still talking about Dad?

They've just announced he's leaving the Gladiators.

(turns TV off)

Hey, did you put this on my bed this morning?

Yes. (laughs)

It's an invitation for the new parents luncheon at Gardini Prep tomorrow.

So, that means I got in.


That means I got in.

Yes, you did.

(both laugh)

But I thought you and Dad were supposed to go to the school.

Not anymore.

Your father made a large donation.

So, he's not coming back down anymore, is he?

I couldn't tell you what your father is or isn't doing.

(cell phone rings)

Who's calling you this early?

Oh, it's probably the Knicks.

Teams have been calling all morning.

Everybody wants to know where your dad's going to end up.

But I thought Miriam handled all of that business.

Yeah, but they're all used to dealing with me, so...

I'm going to get ready.

I told Keke I would walk her to school.

You're walking her to school?

What's going on with you and that girl?

Oh, my God. Nothing.


We're just friends.

Okay. Yeah.

Well, keep your phone on you.

Hey, Clive.

Can't barely recognize my own diner.

That's good. And when we re-open tomorrow, this place is going to be the turn-up spot come Friday and Saturday nights.

Oh, hey. Come on. Take that to the back.

Wait, is that hard liquor?

It ain't soft.

We don't serve hard liquor at the High Yellow, or any liquor.

Clive, we have been over this. We're barely breaking even.

Two nights a week. A little music, little dancing.

Before you know it, you're back in the black.

But my church group be coming in here.

Well, they know Jesus turned water into wine.

Morning, everybody.

Ralph Angel: What's up?


Okay, to recap last week's meeting, the Landrys offered us $4 million, but we have no intention of taking their money or selling our farm.

They some dirty bastards.

But now we have to figure out where we're grinding our cane this season.

I thought you signed a deal.


The three mills here in St. Jo are all run by Landrys.

Don't seem we have a choice.

Charley: I think we do.

I found a mill in St. James parish.

Same 40/60 split.

They don't offer trucks, but we can lease those.

Wait, wait, wait. That mill's at least 16 hours away.

Charley: I know.

Ralph: Charley, we got 300 acres to harvest.

That's 12,000 tons of cane.

We can't cut our cane and drive it out to St. James in time.

Our sugar's going to crystallize.

We could lose the whole crop.


But at least the mill in St. James isn't run by a family that owned our family.

Remy: Hmm.


All right, y'all will be cutting it close, but it ain't impossible.

Between leasing those trucks, fueling those trucks and then paying workers for 80 days of harvest, this is going to get expensive.

I think it's time for y'all to get a farm loan.

Charley's been bankrolling the costs thus far.

Yeah, I don't know if we need a loan to have to pay back.

Charley: We do.

I filed for divorce, and my attorney's advised me not to access my joint accounts with Davis until our divorce is finalized.

Damn, Charley.

Good for you.

Look, if you want, I'll reach out to a crop advisor.

Have him come out to the farm and assess the value of this year's harvest.

He'll submit an estimate to the bank, and then he'll also let you know what you'll probably be approved for.

So, that shouldn't be a problem.

All right, I got to get back.

Remy, let me know what I need to do.

Will do.

All right.

Sis, see you later.


You want me to stick around?

I'm on a deadline, but I can be here.

I'm okay.





(door closes)

You're not going to say anything?

I'm trying to be respectful.

But I know what I want to say.

(hip-hop playing over headphones)

(door closes)


I should go.

Micah, you don't understand.

No, I think I understand.

Micah, just listen.


Baby, I'm sorry.

How could you move on so fast?

You know it's over for your dad and me.

Did you ever love him, or was it all just for show?

What do you mean?

Of course. Of course I loved him.


Now he's out sleeping with hookers, and you decide, "I'm going to kiss some other guy."


It doesn't even matter.

I don't care anymore.

Micah, baby...


(school bell rings)

So you got your lunch?


Okay. Are you going to have a Blue day today?


Pop says that.

Well, I'm borrowing it. Here, let me take a look at you.

Can I have a hug?

Bye, Mommy.

I love you.

I love you more.

Good morning, Mr. Bordelon.

Morning, Miss Velez.

Reyna: How you doing?


You ready?

Blue: Mm-hmm.

Reyna Velez. We haven't met.


There was a sub here the last time I dropped Blue off.

Ah. I didn't know that Ralph Angel got a babysitter.

I'm Blue's mom.

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

You know, I have a lot of drawings that Blue did of you.

He can't stop talking about you.

I talk about him all the time, too.

Yeah. I can imagine that.

So there's... Blue says there's a boy named Jamal who's been picking on him.

Are you aware of this?

I'm not.

He hasn't mentioned anything to me, and I haven't observed any behavior like that.

Well, he told me. And I believe him.

Right. Of course.

I'll keep a look out.

Listen, I know that you have Miss Violet in Ralph Angel's contact information, but if anything happens with Blue, can you keep me informed too?

Of course.

Thank you.

♪ I shouldn't say what I say ♪

(knock on door)

You alone?

Yeah. Too Sweet stepped out.

Charley, what's wrong?

What's wrong?

Is it Micah? Aunt Vi?

No, it's me.

You going to tell me what's going on?

I kissed Remy.

And Micah...

Micah walked in and saw us.

I made a mistake.

Nova: You made a choice.

You're not getting cold feet about divorcing Davis, are you?


No, that I have to do.

It wasn't the first time we kissed.

Remy's a good man.

Ain't nobody going to fault you for wanting a good man.


Eighteen years.

That's more than half my life I spent with Davis.

I've never been with anyone else.

Wait... you mean you've... never...



Not even in high school?

No. I had boyfriends, but no.


Well, I mean, I thought you'd be all caught up by now.

Being with a star athlete for almost two decades.

I ain't crying for you!

(both laugh)

Hey, you can't go falling apart over a little kiss.

I want more.

I know you do.

But I feel guilty.

You have nothing to feel guilty about.

This time is for you.

Micah hates me.

He's 15.

That's a lot of emotional terrain to cross at 15.

Let him be.

He'll come around.

I'm scared.

Just stay right here.

I got exactly what you need.

Oshun... revels in the feel of her body.

Easy for her. She looks amazing.


To evoke Oshun, you need to build a pathway to sensual liberation.

You must be comfortable with your nakedness.

You need to be free.

Free to make mistakes, to take risks, to fall.

You must build a pathway in feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Comfortable to express and access the power of your physical form.

That smells good.

What is that?

Nova: Silence is needed.

How is this possibly going to help anything?

Close your eyes.

(Nova chants in foreign language)

We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.

Nova: I am asking the Nigerian goddess to open the path of attraction.

Cleansing your spirit inside... and out.

Mother of the mirror.

Mother of abundance.

We sing your praise.

(chants in foreign language)


Be free from pain... from fear... from regret... from guilt... and from heartbreak.

Be free.


(children chattering in distance)

What you doing here?

Miss Velez called me.

She called me, too. Said something happened to Blue.

He got into a fight with that kid who's picking on him.

(door closes)

He's fine.

It's the other kid who's black and blue.

Where's Jamal?

Reyna: Jamal and Blue are at the playground with the after-care teacher. They're fine.

Kent, Jamal needed an ice pack for his lip.

So this boy puts his hands on my son?

Jamal was the one doing the teasing.

He pushed Blue.

And that's reason for him to hit my son in the face?

We all need to calm down.

Isn't Blue the boy that plays with the Barbie doll?

It ain't a Barbie doll.

Maybe if you bought your son the appropriate toys, he'd fit in better with the other boys...

Ain't none of your business what toys my son plays with.

Now I see why he hit Jamal.

I told Blue to defend himself against bullies.

Maybe if you taught your son some manners, our son wouldn't have had to hit yours.

Everyone, please.

Now, we have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and violence.

Now, this is a session for conflict resolution.

Now what?

Talk to your sons.

Encourage them to talk to a teacher the next time that a problem comes up in the future.

And know that if a problem does come up in the future from either of these students, whether it's bullying or violence we're going to be dealing with suspension.

This is a warning for all of us.

Thank you.

Thank you.


I'm very sorry I didn't catch this sooner.

You're dealing with a lot of kids.

That's fine.

Thank you for calling me.

Ralph: Come on.

(door opens)

Didn't hear you come back.

Thought about what I'd do if I had to go back to jail.

I can't do it.

I won't do it.

You're not going to go back to jail, Too Sweet.

Don't I have to go to trial?

I don't think they're going to let this go to trial.

They don't have any evidence.

All they had was trumped-up charges.

I've met people that have been in and out of jail their whole lives.

That ain't going to be you.

We going to get you back in school.

They don't want me back.

Then another school.

But we're going to get you a degree.

Maybe it'll be a G.E.D., but you're going to finish high school, and then we'll look for a college.

Or whatever you want to do.

See the world. Learn new things.

There's a... There's a whole world out there.

And a whole world in here.

And a whole world here.

It's yours and only yours.

No matter what they say, or what they think, or where you are.


(phone beeps)

Remy over phone: Hey, Charley.

I feel really bad about what happened with Micah.

But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see you again.

I'd like to talk about this, okay?

Call me.

(phone beeps)

(footsteps approach)



Ooh, you look amazing.

Ooh, champagne brunch with the dean.

I'm told the guest list includes the governor's wife, a congressman.

Owner of the New Orleans Stingers? What's his name?

Frank Rovnerman?

Fancy, fancy.

I just got to lock up Micah's admission.

And I need to stop by the farm first.

Me and Ralph Angel are meeting with the bank loan rep.

Feels like the minute I get one thing done, 10 more tasks show up.

Baby, that's life.

At least you're thinking about yourself and that fresh start.

Ralph Angel told me that you filed for divorce. That's good.

When they don't realize what they have in us, when they violate the love we give, we got to learn to cut them loose.

Took me way too long to learn that with Jimmy Dale.

So, I'm very happy that you're not making the same mistake.

Thanks, Aunt Vi.

I really needed to hear that today.

Is Hollywood in that category?

With Jimmy Dale and Davis?



You need to talk to him, Aunt Vi.

Yeah, well, he still out on the rig now, so...

Morning, Aunt Vi.

Morning, baby.

Hi, honey.

I'm going to the mall with Keke and some of her friends, but I will be back tonight to help you at the High Yellow.

How are you getting to the mall?


(door opens)

Now, what was that all about?

(door closes)

He's giving me the silent treatment.

Oh, really?


Well, you need to give him the ass-whupping treatment.



Baby, they still have you listed as Charlotte West.

They dropped the Bordelon. You need to get that fixed.

Good luck.

You, too.


The reopening is going to be great.

It is.

All right.

Can I crack an egg?

Remember what I told you?

One crack at the side, then open it quick.

Just like that.

Good job, buddy. Good job.

So, after breakfast, what you want to do?

Is Mom coming over?

I don't think so.

She probably has stuff to do on a Saturday.

Can you ask?

Blue... you don't want to hang out with me no more?

What, I'm not good enough?

You're good, Pop, but I like it when it's the three of us.

I think that needs some vanilla.

Me, too.

You're making a mess.

Go ahead, put it in there.

(knock on door)

I'm going to stir it.

Oh, hey.


Auntie Charley!

Hi, honey! Whoa, whoa.

Blue, ease up.

Aunt Charley got her Prada on.

Come on, go wash up. She don't want to get dirty.


Wipe that off your face.

Blue: Okay.

Bye, baby.

Charley, you need to see this.

Are these the loan advisor's assessments?

Yeah. He came out yesterday, said our acreage looks good.

Our soil composition is deep, well drained, no infestation, all that.

We going to get that loan no problem.

Okay. But the loan officer will be here soon, so how much did he say we could get for this harvest?

You ain't going to believe this.

He said we looking to make $1.5 million from our 300 acres.

You're kidding?

No. We about to be rich!

If the cane stays dry and we have a good grind with the mill, that's what we're going to make.

What did he say if all 800 acres were harvested?

In a good year?



Check this.

We could bring in $4.2 million.

Look, I knew we would do good, but I didn't know it was that kind of money.

Okay, calm down.

Oh, now, come on, Charley. Can't we celebrate?

We'll celebrate once the loan comes in and we figure out where to grind our cane.

(vehicle approaching)

I'll check that out.

We got to handle this.

Mr. Boudreaux, what are you doing here?

Mrs. West.

And you must be Ralph Angel.


I know who you are.

What business you got here?

Well, never heard back from you with an answer regarding our offer. Thought I'd pay you a visit.

My siblings and I talked it over, and a few things came to light...

Ralph Angel: We ain't selling our farm.

So, y'all Landrys and Boudreauxs, y'all can quit trying to buy it out from under us.

Are you certain of this decision?

Yes, we are.

How you think you're going to make harvest?

Excuse me?

You need a mill to grind your cane.

We own all the mills in this parish.

Is that a threat?


A threat would be hypothetical.

That's just fact.

We got a problem, partner? Huh?

No need to get riled up.

My family are reasonable people, Mrs. West.

See, your farm is smack-dab in the middle of our land.

Has been for years.

I think our offer was more than generous.

Four million dollars is a lot of money.

And if you're not willing to cooperate... things might get difficult.

As difficult as you made them for our father?

It's the good ole boys club, right?

The Landrys have the money and the power and the influence in this parish.

Always have.

That time is coming to an end.

I suggest you get in your car and get off our land if you know what's best.


Oh, before I forget, we got a hold of that application the crop advisor submitted.

I'm afraid your bank loan was denied.



(indistinct chatter)

Excuse me.

Charley Bordelon-West.

Frank Rovner.

I have not had the pleasure.

We have run in the same circles for years.

I had no idea you were from the South.

Didn't have much use for a southern accent in Los Angeles.

(both laugh)


So, your son's going to be a Gardini man?

Starting in the fall.

Now, what do you have, a son or daughter?

Daughter. Fiona.

Fifteen going on 25.

Oh, tell me about it.

Congrats, by the way.

The Stingers win over the Grizzlies.

That was impressive.

It was a close one.

Charley: Thank you, Frank.

I saw your husband was back on the market.

Cuban and I have a bet whether it's the Knicks or the Nets.


It's not too late for it to be the Stingers.

Ooh, too rich for my blood.

How do you know if you don't make an offer?

You're telling me a franchise player like Davis West would come down here for anything less than $15 million?

I think there's room to negotiate when two parties have something to gain.

After that, uh... scandal, I thought you would have moved on as his manager.

The two of you would have parted ways.

Frank, I'll be candid.

I'm the CEO of a business known as Davis West.

Now, whether my product is called "The Gentleman" or "The Gigolo," it all works.

Just depends on how it's packaged.

♪ Every time we go out dancing... ♪

Hey, baby.

(both laugh)

Did you bring me another set of hands?

Aunt Vi, this is Too Sweet. Too Sweet, this is my Aunt Vi.

We hug around here, baby.


Nice to meet you, Too Sweet.

Thanks for having me, ma'am.

"Miss Vi" will do just fine.

Nova: And that's my brother Ralph Angel.


And Micah and Blue. My nephews.

Ralph: What you say?

Hey, little man.



Too Sweet.


Miss Vi, can I go to the bathroom?

Oh, it's right there to the left, baby.

Blue, come. I'm going to show you the new soda machine.

Get your mama.

Come on, Mom. Let's go.

Please don't get him hopped up on that sugar now.

Violet: Mind your business!


You got my message?

Yeah. I can't believe Jacob Boudreaux had the nerve to come out there like that.

He's lucky I wasn't there. I'll put a rut on that whole family.

Look, if Blue wasn't around, it was about to go down...

Have you talked to Charley? How are we going to grind without a mill?

I don't know and she don't know.

But we got to do something.

We ain't going out like this.

I'm going to finish hanging these lights.

Can I talk to you?

Is this about my mom?

"Is this about my mom?"

Listen, I'm not going to try to lecture you, Micah, okay?

But everything's not black and white.

Life is gray as hell.

And with everything you've been through, you know I'm telling the truth.

As you get older, you start to see your mama and daddy as real people.

And people mess up sometimes.

Well, them more than most, but...

Not true. No more than me. No more than you.

Look, your mama's been put through the ringer.

Put yourself in her place.

The betrayal. The humiliation.

Taking every arrow, while trying to stop every arrow from hitting you.

Everybody don't have a mama like that.

What's up, man?

What's up? What's up?

I'm cool, man.

You ball?

Oh, no. Not really my thing.



Oh, yeah. Yeah, I ball.

All the time.

So, I just want to thank y'all for all the hard work over the last couple of days.

Clive, thank you for doing right and making me manager.

(all chuckle)

Let's get on with it.

(chatter and applause)

All right, y'all. Come on in here.


Good to see you.

Hey, Cathy.

Woman: Hey, Vi.

Man: Hey, Vi.

Violet: Y'all looking good. Look at you.

(indistinct chatter)

Come on, everybody.

Let's get out to this dance floor and shake it loose.

(upbeat music plays)

(indistinct chatter)

Good to see y'all.



May I have this dance?


(upbeat dance music plays)

I put Blue to bed on the sofa in the office.

That boy will sleep through anything, I'll tell you.

Man: Time to slow this party down for the lovers out there.

♪ When I sing it ♪
♪ I know it ♪
♪ When I sense it ♪
♪ I control it ♪

Dance with me?

Come on.

Come on.

♪ Right now he feels he loves me ♪
♪ Give it time, he'll end up leaving ♪
♪ Just to miss me ♪
♪ Just to swear he never left, really ♪
♪ Today was so insane ♪
♪ Next week we won't agree ♪
♪ Next month we'll barely speak ♪
♪ To fix what's wrong ♪
♪ So no, I know he can't love me ♪

(music continues)