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01x11 - The Right Thing to Do
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Previously on This Is Us...

I'm not sure you've ever experienced anything real your entire life.

And that's our cue to leave.

Our lead actress vanished a month ago, off the face of the planet. You got involved with her.

You slept with the Tony-nominated star of my play and ruined everything.

Yeah, well, you know, I slept with you, too.

It didn't ruin anything.

Yeah, only ten years of therapy.

Rebecca thinks that if we have kids, our lives are gonna be over.

She's right, pal.

I love our life.

And I'm scared of changing it, 'cause the truth is when I close my eyes and I think about our future...


I see us with kids, Jack.


William Hill, I loved you and you left.

Now I'd like to spend whatever time you have remaining together.

Would you?

Dad, grandpa's gay, or at least bi.

What's that now?

The one thing I cannot live without is you.

(monitor beeping)

Where were you? Just say it.

I told you, it's none of your damn business!

Dad! Dad!

Leave her alone.

Jack, it's okay. Go back to your room now.


This your big moment, Jack?

You think you got it in you?


Two of yous deserve one another.

(glass clinks)


Promise me you'll never be like him.

You promise me.



♪ I never felt magic crazy as this ♪

Jack, I love it.

We need a second bedroom for the baby, right?

Okay, crib can go right here.

Or maybe it can go right there.


Am I nesting right now?

'Cause they told me I would start nesting.


Can we even afford this place?

Uh... Didn't that guy say it was $200 a month?

Look, I know that it's more expensive than their one bedrooms, but you like...

You like it, right?

(sighing): Yeah.

Okay, that's good, because I already put first, last and security deposit.






Yeah, yeah. I already did it.

♪ Been a long time that I'm blown ♪
♪ Been a long time that I've wondered ♪

So is, is this the moment?

Is this, is this when we find out if we're-we're having a boy or a girl?


Wait, what's wrong, Dr. Schneider?

What would you guys say if I told you you were having twins?


Well, I...

I'd say you're lying.



I am.

Oh, okay.


You're having triplets.

Never fun telling a young couple they're having three babies and not just the one they were ready for.



Always a headache with triplets.

Just glad they're your patients, not mine.

♪ ♪
♪ I can't live ♪

I need a crash cart, now!

Coming through!

Out of the way, coming through.

Moving out.

Watch your back.

♪ Can't live ♪

Let's go, we're losing him.

Let's go!

Out of the way!

I'm sorry.

Do you know where room 412 is?

Oh, okay. I keep getting turned around in here.

This is what I get for flying across the country to surprise you.

You're alive. Stop complaining.

No, I'm tired. I am cranky.

And I have a straw stuck so far up my junk that I could whistle "Don't Worry Be Happy" if I sneezed.

What can I do to make you feel better?

I need you to lock that door and climb up here.

Come on.

Get up here, come on.

No, I can't.

You just had a heart attack.

No, I had arrhythmia.

An arrhythmia doesn't even sound serious.

All right, it's harmless. Like, "Hey, what..."

Hey, why is that white guy such an awful dancer?"

"Oh, don't mind him. He has arrhythmia."

I'm not mounting you in a hospital.

(whispers): Come on, please.

Toby. At least do that thing where you tickle my...


I apologize, Nurse Ratchet.

She's insatiable.

(Kate sighs)

She can't get enough.

It's... come on, give me a kiss.

You're belligerent.

All right. Oh, nice.

Did I get something on you? I'm sorry.

No, a little something on me.

No. No.

Give me a kiss.

Give me an oatmeal kiss.

You need to calm down.

(Sloane laughs) I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding.

I've never done that before. I'm...


(clears throat)

Good morning.


Good morning.

It is a good morning, right?

Early risers.


You remember Sloane, the brilliant, genius playwright; also the Jew who crashed Christmas.


Thank you guys so much for having me.

This is... there is an Uber here, he's outside, uh... okay. Bye.


Sweetheart. I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking, "Kevin, this is not a flophouse" that you use for your dates."


Duly noted. It won't happen again.

Okay? I want you to know that.

Also, you're probably thinking that me sleeping with the writer of a play that I'm producing is probably going to end up blowing up in my face, right?

Hmm, I'm on fire this morning.


But we artists don't have, you know, normal professional relationships.

We have what I like to call...

Wait for it... "artnerships."

Oh. Okay.

You see what I did? I took "partnership"...

Without the "P". Yep, I followed it.

You follow it, William?

I'm trying.


William, let's get you involved.

How is the, uh, how is the sequel to Beginners going?

It's a Christopher Plummer movie that came out a few years ago about a guy late in life who comes out of the closet.


I say that because you're gay now.

I'm not gay now.

I've always loved both women and men.

And, you know, a lot of artists believe sexuality isn't fixed, as it is fluid.

Randall: What's fluid?

Oh, your bio-Daddy's only half gay, it turns out.


Uh, dim sum. I was thinking about getting dim sum.

Oh, no, I won't be home tonight... I'm going out with Jessie.

Yeah, he's going out with Jesse.

♪ Bow-chick-a-bow... ♪

I could always reschedule.

No, no, no.

It's fine. It's all good.

Uh, you and Jessie do your thing.

No soup dumplings for you!

♪ ♪


This bedroom feels so much smaller now.

I didn't want to nest for three.

I only wanted to nest for one.

I know.

How are three kids supposed to grow up in one bedroom?

I... How are we even going to get strollers up and down the stairs of a sixth-floor walkup?

(slaps leg)

We have to get our security deposit back.

We can't. I tried.

Well, I could ask.

They were pretty firm about it.

I could cry.

I did.

Didn't work.

Look, babe, look, let's not overreact, okay?

L-let's just figure this out.

Of all days to be having lunch with my mother.

Wait until she hears that we're living in a two-bedroom, sixth-floor walkup with triplets.

The condescension and the judgment. Oh!

Oh, Bec, come on...

I know, I know, I know. She's not that bad.

My passive-aggressive mother's nothing compared to your abusive father... I get it, Jack.


I am upset.

(sighs) And I'm hormonal.

I know.

And I have... three human beings living inside of me.

So I've heard.

You really tried crying?

Oh, yeah.

Just full waterworks... like a little boy.

(takes deep breath)

We're not getting the security deposit back.

But I'm gonna figure something out.



I will. I will figure something out.

(quietly) Right.

Oh, hey.

I would much rather you get in this tub with me than these magazines.

Why am I so thrown by William and Jessie?

Oh, we're doing that instead, then?

I mean, what the hell is wrong with me, Beth?

Am I homophobic?

You are not homophobic.

Well, how do you know?

Because you're good, and you're open-minded, that's why.

Plus, your favorite coworker is gay.

Keith's not gay.


No, he's French Canadian.

It's confusing.


All right, if I'm not homophobic, then why does it make me feel so weird every time William talks about Jessie.

(laughs): Because you thought you were getting to know him.

And this, admittedly, is a curveball.

It is. It's a big, gay curveball.

(chuckles) You know, why don't you just... try to get to know Jessie...

Maybe you'll feel better, you know?

Next time he comes to pick up William, actually talk to him.

It'll give you good practice for when Tess and Annie start to bring boyfriends home.

I hate that sentence.

Or girlfriends.

I prefer that.

See? Not homophobic.

(chuckles softly)

Now, you want to know what my sexual preference is?


For you to get your ass in this tub.

I can't just turn it on like that, Beth.



All right.


You have to take off a piece of clothing if you lose the hand.

It's called strip poker for a reason.

That doesn't seem fair.

I didn't make up the rules.


Hey, I only have one piece of clothing To take off, so you'd be fine.





I see your applesauce, and I raise you a pudding.

(whispers): I hate funny doctors.

(quietly): I know.

Okay, Doc, it has been real.

We've had some good times.

We've had some bad times.

We even had that time you stuck a tube up my junk.

So how about you say you get me out of this dump?

I love this guy. (Toby chuckles)

But let's get serious for a minute.

Okay. Toby, after we installed the stint, we ran some tests. The arrhythmia was caused by a minor septal defect, which means there's a very small hole between two of the heart's chambers.

Now some people may choose, uh, not to repair the hole, and treat it with medication.

But I strongly suggest surgery.

Let me explain to you exactly what's going on.

Although this is a more serious surgery, (voice fading) I've performed it many times.

We go in and stabilize you with diuretics, and then repair the septal defect.

Hey, nice wheels.

Appreciate it.

Ever think about selling it?

Every day. But not today, pal.

(saw whirring)

Hey, boss.

Hey, Pearson.

Yeah. Uh... You needed to see me?

Yeah. Yeah. Hey, uh, fellas, two minutes.

Give me two minutes, Jimmy. Get out here.

Come on, get a cup of coffee.

So, kitchen sink, uh, cabinets are going in after the weekend.

It's coming together, though.

Shaping up really nice, don't you think?

It's a pit. Everything that can go wrong with this place goes wrong.

This hellhole's gonna bankrupt me.

What do you need?

(chuckles) Probably bad timing.

Pearson, you called, I came. What's up?

Uh... Wife and I found out we're having triplets.

Ooh. (exhales) I'm sorry.

No, no, no. I-it's an exciting thing.

For who?

Look. Anyhow, I, uh...

I need a raise.

I'm a hard worker. I've done good work for you.

I've always... I've always... I've never let you down.

You know, it's just, with triplets, uh...

Okay. I'll bump you to 17k a year.

I need more.

It's a ten percent raise.

You're already my highest-paid foreman. Don't push.

(sighs) And finish this hellhole so I can sell it.


I'm sorry about the triplets.


♪ ♪


Please, just stay a little bit longer.

(whispers): No.

My time is up.

I'll see you sooner than later.


End of play.

Man: And lights up.


Anyone gonna... you know.


Ron? Was it that bad?

I have to say, when Olivia disappeared, and Kevin decided to self-finance this play, opposite the girl who wrote it, I said to myself, "Ron, old boy", "you've won three Tony Awards, and here you are, directing a failed sitcom actor's vanity project."


But there... But there's more?

Or is... there's more.

Oh, good.

But now, I have to admit... two are great together.

You're honest, you're, you're raw.

I think you two can pull his off.


Okay, everybody.

Take 15. We'll do act one when we come back.



We're real. Get over here.

God, that felt good.

It's raw, it's intense.

Not to mention... Hello?

Did you see this, Sloane?


I freaking love that poster.

Since when do I have cheekbones?

(laughs) Come on. Let's go get a coffee.

Come on. Come on.


Kevin, can I ask you something?


I... Even though every feminist bone in my body will stop talking to me...

What's up?

What are we doing?

Like, do we like each other? Are we just sleeping together?

Because if we're just sleeping together, that's... that's totally fine.

I... I mean, 'cause I can't, like, totally process that someone like you would sleep with me, so...

Whoa, what does that even mean?

I don't understand what that means.

Listen, here's the thing. I like you.


A lot. I like sleeping with you.

I-I like the fact that you're, you're funny, and you're brilliant, even though you're from Long Island.

What's wrong with being from Long Island?

I don't know. It's just, I've heard other New Yorkers slam it, so I wanted to try to fit in.

The point is I don't know what we are. Okay?

That's the truth. I don't know what I think we are.

I just know that I like the fact that there's a "we" for us to talk about.

Me, too.

Olivia: Well, don't you two look cute together?

(singsongy) I'm back.


Oh, my God, Olivia.


The hell are you doing here?

And what have you done with your hair?


I made a physical change to match the spiritual one.


Look, you said a lot of things to me, Kevin.

I mean, you told me I was cruel. But worse than cruel... inauthentic. But you were right.

So I went away for a while to try to find some authenticity.

And I did it, okay? I found it.

I did ayahuasca with a shaman in the Salt Flats of Utah.

I howled at the moon with the prairie coyotes of Kansas.

I fished with the lobstermen of Maine.

I mean, you did all that in a month?

But, look, I'm back now, and I am better than ever.

For the play, and for you.


I want us to be together.

Okay? I've changed.

I'm, I'm ready for something real.

Sorry, Olivia, but... we're dating now.

Life goes on after you disappear. (whispers): Yeah.



Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


Thank God. We were dead without you.



Kate: Well, how soon can you operate?

Well, we can get him in tomorrow morning, if you're willing.

Look, I can get you into my schedule, but you've got to commit now.

Wow. Speed Racer, over here.

It's, uh, it's okay, Doc.

I think I'll pass.


It's not okay. And we need to talk about this.

Uh, we... There's nothing to talk about, all right?

He said medication was an option, so.


I'll leave you two alone.



This is serious.

And this could kill you.

Yeah. And so could surgery.


Okay. You're being a child.

Oh, wow. A child? Okay.

All right.


What? Oh. Oh, okay. All right.

Where you going?


I don't know. I don't feel like yelling at man with a heart condition right now.

It's an arrhythmia.

It's a condition.

And you are an idiot if you don't think about repairing it.

Said gently and carefully, to the man who has a heart condition that can surgically be treated.

(inhales) God...


Rebecca: A mistake to start a family?

This is such a bad idea.

Uh, but we'll figure everything out.

It's just, it's...



What can I get you?

Uh, Caesar salad, no dressing, no anchovies.

Uh, Chardonnay, your driest one, and an ashtray.

And for you, miss?

Um, I'll have...

Oh, she'll have the same.

Uh, but no wine. Just a Coke.

Diet Coke.

(quietly) Thank you.

Mom, c-can you not smoke the cigarettes at the table, please?

Oh! (scoffs)

Rebecca, stop believing every single thing you read.

(sighs) It's fine.

Can you put it out, please?

Okay. Okay.

Thank you.

So, Jack does it again.

The man can't even get you pregnant responsibly.

(whispers) Stop it.

A handyman with triplets.

Just perfect.

He's not a handyman.

He's a construction foreman.

And he does very well for himself.

Not well enough.

Not for this.


He cannot support three children.

And you can't raise three children in a two bedroom walk-up.

Mother, I'm not gonna sit here and listen to you.

What? No.

I'm not. I'm gonna leave.

Yeah. You don't have to, because you know it already.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know.


Well, it's okay.

Because I do.

(door opens)

Jesse! Come in.


Good to see you.

William! Jesse's here.

William: I'll be down in a minute.

(sighs) He'll be down in a minute.


Uh, well, come on in, Jesse.

We can get to know each other a little.

Okay, uh...

Can I offer you a drink?


You know, I've got this great Japanese whiskey that you would definitely not be interested in on account of being an addict, or you'd be too interested.

Either way, you can't have it.

I rescind my offer.

I'm fine, thank you.

Have a seat, please.


Just there?

Sure. It's, uh...

Ooh. Nice.



So, um...


Uh, where did you and William meet?





Surprised William even know anything a...

You're kidding.

I am.

We met at our meeting.



You're very funny.

I can see why my father likes you.


Sexiest thing about a man is his sense of humor.

Would it be okay if I had some of that Japanese whiskey?

Will you mind? No?

William: Hey.

Oh, well... very nice chatting with you, Randall.

Thanks, Jess... ie.


Randall, I'll be staying at Jessie's tonight.

Wow, staying over? Okay.

Um, you got your chemo meds?

I can bring it down for you, if you like.

I'm fine, Randall. I have everything I need.

Are you coming back tomorrow?

William: Probably.

We'll, we'll play it by ear.

See you later.

All right. Very cool.

I'll see you, see you...


Oh. Hey, hey, hey.

What's with the text?

Uh, I'm gonna do it.

Do what?

The surgery, in an hour.

I wanted you to be informed, but, uh, I didn't want you to freak out.

O-Okay. Is that why you texted me in all caps, "Get back here ASAP, 911! Crying face"?

Yeah. The original version of that text had, like, ten more crying faces. I'm a little stressed out.

Well, why didn't we talk this through?

Because I-I-I didn't want to because I had to do it now or else I was gonna chicken out.

And, uh, God, I hate Dr. Singh, I'll tell you that much.

Nurse: Name?

Uh, Toby Damon.

Place of birth?

Palm Springs. I hate surgery. I hate the word surgery.

I hate, I hate surgeons.

I hate sturgeon, the fish, 'cause it sounds like "surgeons."

God, I'm freaking out.

Just breathe, babe.

Toby: Yeah.




I just don't want you to freak out, okay?

Well, don't worry about me freaking out.

Uh, well, I do have to worry about it, Kate, because the thing is, is that I'm kind of in love with you... is the thing.

And I know we've never said that.

(laughs) There, you happy?

You got a dying man to confess his love for you.

(Toby laughs)

You are are not dying.

Toby: Okay. What is that?

Holy cow, look at the size of that thing.

I am a big guy, but jeez.

Look this way. We're getting ready to take you to prep.

Okay. What is in that?

It's fine, don't worry about it.

Okay, come here, give me a kiss.




Watch your back.

All right.

Oh, my God. We're going so fast.

Kate: Bye, babe.

What was in that needle?

Nurse 2: Just medicine.


And he told me that he loves me and I didn't say it back.

Why didn't I say it back?

A great guy finally tells me that he loves me, and I couldn't say it back because I didn't want it to be this big dramatic good-bye.

What if something happens to him when he's in surgery?

Listen, Kate, hey, he's gonna be fine.

I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay?

I brought you guys here to distract me.


And you both are doing a terrible job.

I'm sorry.

Someone, say an anecdote, uh, s-some...

Do something.

Yeah, no. Okay, uh...

So, um, oh, Cindy from Accounting says that she's gluten-free, right?

But then yesterday she brings these muffins in that are clearly not...

Uh, no. Kevin, you're up.

Um, Olivia is-is back.

Oh, okay. Better. Please proceed.

Yeah? So, Olivia's back, Yeah. and, uh, she wants to get back together with me, of course, and, uh, she wants to star in the play, but the only thing is, I'm with Sloane now, you know, and Sloane's starring in the play. So, all of this is happening while I'm producing the play, acting in the play.

I'm trying to secure all this publicity for the play, and I'm trying to be taken seriously for the first time in my entire adult life, so...


Whoa. What are you gonna do?

I don't know. I-I don't...

I mean, they're both really great in the play.

You know, Olivia is more famous, but she also might be mentally ill.


I feel like they're both sexy, though, you know.

I mean, in different kinds of ways. Right?

So, like, Sloane I see as like... like hot, librarian sexy.


Oh. Uh-huh.

Whereas, Olivia's more like, you know, like, uh, intense artist kind of sexy, which is different.


But she's also British, which makes her hot librarian sexy, as well, kind of by default...

Oh, my God, man. Are you kidding me?

This is...


Two beautiful women wanting to be with you, that's not a problem.


You want to know a problem?

A problem is your dying biological father suddenly turning gay.

Well, hmm.


Why is that a problem?

I don't know.

We are a hot mess, huh?


Big Three?

Big Three.

Big Three.


Jack: Hey.

Mm. (smooches)

How are you, babe?

I'm good. I'm good. How are you?

I'm okay, thank you. What are you doing?

Doing stuff.

Hey, did you know that if you squint your eyes real hard and look at this bank statement, you could actually see some extra zeros?

(Jack chuckles)

Hey, how was lunch with your mom?

Uh... judgmental.



But she, um...

...she did have kind of an interesting idea.



She suggested that maybe once we have the kids, Mm-hmm.

We move in with them.

'Cause they have all that space, and, you know, we could save money, live with them for a year or two.

(laughing) Hey-o.

Oh, oh, you're serious.

Um, uh... babe, you-your mother drives you nuts.

(laughing) You sure you want her standing over your shoulder every minute with three babies?

I think it could be nice... to have family around, you know.

Who are you?

And what have you done with my wife?

(chuckling) Jack, I'm serious.

She does mean well.


And I think it could be... good for us.

So I want to try and keep an open mind about it, okay?



You know, now that I think about it, there is one thing you could do for the babies, right now.

Babe, I'm gonna find three cribs.

I need a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

(pen clatters, raps table)

There she is.


There's my wife.

There I am.




I'll be right back.

Thank you.



♪ You toss your head ♪
♪ And turn your eyes ♪
♪ When storm clouds brew ♪
♪ You look around ♪
♪ To quick relate ♪
♪ To a good time you knew ♪

(Rebecca sobbing)

♪ Then the dark clouds ♪

(door closes) Hey.

Babe, I-I forgot my wallet.

Oh. (clears throat)

Um, did you, um, did you check the coffee table?

Yeah, it was... it was on the dresser.

Good. Okay, I'm glad you found it.

Um, just a gallon of mint chocolate chip, please.

Yeah, I'm on it.

Thank you.

I'll be right back.


♪ Now by what we gain ♪

(door closes)


♪ The taste of one and two ♪
♪ The sun I see ♪
♪ Only shines for me ♪
♪ Because of you ♪
♪ Yes, the sun I see ♪
♪ Only shines for me ♪
♪ Because of you. ♪

Hey, Dad.

What the hell do you want?


I need to borrow some money.

Kevin: Um, okay, so, you know, I mean, I've given this a lot of thought, obviously.

And I, um...


I'm keeping Sloane in the play, because she's worked really hard, you know, and she's good in the play, she's great.

And, uh, she didn't abandon us.

You know, I trust her, so I'm, I'm keeping her in the play.

I understand.

What about us?

Yeah. I'm gonna continue to date Sloane, because she's kind and she's sweet, she's funny.

She likes me, you know?

And... and-and you know what?

Sometimes you just got to do the right thing.

Okay? You got to do the right thing, even if it's not what you want.

(sniffles) Well...

Surprise final act.

Best of luck.

Now I am gonna go and have incredible s*x with a complete stranger and forget I ever met you.

So harsh.


I tell you what, that was intense.

Not a lot of fun. Um...

(exhales) I feel like I need a drink.

Do you want to... you want to go somewhere, have a drink with me?


You know, I'm, uh...

I'm just gonna lay low tonight.

It's a big rehearsal tomorrow.

It's the right thing to do.


(monitor beeping rhythmically)

Hey, Tobe.

They said it went perfectly and that you're gonna be awake soon.


I love you, too.

Just an FYI.

Um... Oh.

I've never said that to anyone I wasn't related to.


Listen, this is scary.

This is all just... scary, honestly.

But I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Toby.

I mean, if you'll... if you'll have me.


That would've been a lot hotter if you were in some kind of, like, sexy nurse's outfit.


Uh, how long have you been awake?

About an hour.


Uh... Sorry.




Did you mean all that stuff?


I would totally marry you if that's something you're down with.

You would?

I'd marry the hell out of you, Kate Pearson.

You would? (chuckles)

Wait, just like that?

Just like that. (chuckles)

It was just like that from the moment I met you, kid.

All of this is just... life trying to get in the way.




(door closes)

You're back.

I am.

Do you think we've bonded?

Since you moved in.

I kind of thought we had.


Then why is it so easy for you to push me to the side?

Me, Beth, the girls.

Ever since Jessie came back into your life, it's like you don't care about spending time with us.

And I'm not trying to act like some kind of jealous teenager, nor deny you your love life, be... Stop.

And don't give me some damn story about your cat.


I can feel it now, Randall.

This cancer is coming for me sooner than later.

I can feel it.

Now, Jessie can handle it.

He's seen this stuff.

He's been helping me make arrangements, taking me to some of the best state-funded nursing homes, trying to find a good place to go before this gets really bad.

What are you talking about?

I will not put this on you, Randall.

I won't do that to your family.

It's our family, William.

Look, this is your home now.

You've lived in this home, and... if it comes to that, you can die in it.

You're not gonna be crawling underneath someone else's porch like some dog.

I don't want to do this to you.

I can take it.

The medication isn't working anymore.

It just makes me feel sicker.

This is not how I wanted to...

Do you want to stop the chemo, William?

(softly) Yeah.


It's okay.


Everything's gonna be okay.



We'll stop it.

You must be in a real jam to come to me.

Why do you need the money?

Just in... a tight spot, is all.

Of course you are.

What's it for?

Women? Gambling?

Something else?



You know, your mother was bad with money, too.

Yeah, well...

Bad at everything, actually.

Listen, can you help me out?

Look, you were right about me.

You've always been right about me.

I'm no good. I'm never gonna be any good.

And I come to you, and I've got my hand out.


(sighs) can you bail me out?

(hinges creaking)

♪ ♪




Jack, why are we here?

Oh, I forgot something.

Uh, this is the money pit that I've been working on.

(sucks air through teeth) Oof.

Hey, babe?



I bought it.




I scraped together some cash and I got a loan and I sold the Chevelle.

Um, and-and then Ken, he-he gave this to me for a really, really good price.


Uh, how...

What... (stammers) What about a-a down payment though?

Well, we-we had... we had enough.

We had enough stashed away.

Come here. Come look at this. This place has got great bones.

Look at this kitchen, huh? How great is this?

You can have, like, a full range, two counters.

I mean, we've got... we've got six months until the babies are born. I mean, look at the fireplace.

I-I can get a lot done in six months, you know, at least get the-the downstairs and the bathrooms done so we could use 'em.

I don't know, Jack.

You need to see upstairs.


Come on, babe. You need... you need to see the upstairs.

You got to check this out. (grunts)

Is that even safe, to walk up these?

Yeah. Oh, no, no, no.

Jimmy laid these. He's a really good carpenter. Just... watch that second step. Come on. Right over it. (grunts)

Got some work to do.

I'll fix that window. But I got a beautiful banister.

Babe, we got three bedrooms. There's one bedroom/bathroom.

This could be the nursery.

And then... Oh, this is the master.

This is the master. It's...

You know, it's all here.

Can you see it?

♪ ♪

(baby crying)

We need to be quiet so we don't wake anybody else up, okay?

Shh. Shh.

♪ Dah, dah, dah-dah-dah ♪


(children laughing)

Jack: You want to dry off now?

Does everybody feel clean, ready for a tub?

No? No?

Too dirty.

You got to go get him.

You got to go get him. Go get him. (chuckles)


♪ See me sparkle ♪
♪ See me play ♪
♪ Sing a song ♪

What do you think?

♪ Oh, I'm so... ♪


This could work.

♪ Dah, dah, dah-dah-dah ♪


We have a home.

Oh, a home.

♪ Dah, dah, dah-dah-dah ♪
♪ Dah-dah-dah-dah, dah, dah... ♪

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