01x15 - Jack Pearson's Son

Previously on This Is Us...

I didn't ask for you to do anything nice for me, Toby.

And I thought that you were leaving. What happened?

Would you ever think that maybe I needed you to do something nice for me?

And also I ran into your friend Duke, who's a real dick, by the way.

He's not my friend.

And my offer still stands.

I'm in cabin 13.

Kevin: I'm not cut out for theater.

You do that a lot. Doubt yourself.

The band booked a five-state tour.

And I think I want to go.

The oncologist estimates he's only got a few more months.

Randall: Should we start digging his grave now or should we wait until there's an actual body?

Eight years ago, I was pregnant for the first time, and Randall was vying for partner at his firm and he made sure I didn't lift a finger.

Problem is, he stopped sleeping.

Then one morning, I was in the bathroom, and he called out to me.

He was confused because he couldn't see anything.

He had worked himself into a nervous breakdown.

(footsteps descending stairs)

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Is that my Valentine's Day card?

If it is, I-I'm gonna need to make yours a lot longer.

No, this is, uh, this is a list of everything that I need you to do when I go on tour next week.

Ah. So, this is Kevin and Randall's football schedule.


This is the night that Randall has debate team.

This is, uh, a check for Kate's music lessons...

Babe. Baby, baby. Contrary to popular belief, I've actually, I've met our children before.

Look, for the next month, I'm just, I'm gonna ply them with... with greasy Chinese and when the boys start to stink I'm gonna take them out back and hose them down.

Stop. I already feel guilty about leaving them, and you.

Yeah, well, we're gonna be fine.

Now give your husband a kiss because it's Valentine's Day.



But only 'cause it's Valentine's Day.



Hey, you know what? I'm really, really excited about your show tonight.

You are?

Yeah. Really excited.


But don't get too tired from all the singing, okay?

'Cause I still want to take you out to O'Shannon's for dinner.

Unless you want to shake things up...

No, no.

Only O'Shannon's on Valentine's Day.

That's our tradition.

Best bacon cheeseburgers in all of Pittsburgh.

You getting the onion rings?

Hell yes, we're doing onion rings.

Cool wife.

Hot hubby.


Well, that didn't take long.

You know, uh, for a minute there, you actually convinced me that I was like you.

That deep down, I was just damaged goods.

And then I realized, that's ridiculous.

Do I have issues? Yes.

But deep down, I'm awesome.

And until you can figure out why you are such a jackass, you're gonna wander this camp miserable and alone till the day that you die.

Probably saying something snarky underneath your breath.

To a horse.

You ever wonder why I get away with saying whatever the hell I want all day?

It's 'cause my parents, they own this godforsaken place.


You're done here.

So, Kevin Pearson, tell me a little bit about yourself.

How did you get started in this business?

Uh, well. Modeling, actually.

You know, um...

Catalogue stuff, mostly. For my first gig, I was actually "Guy in toe socks." (chuckles)

Let's talk about The Manny.

Uh-huh. Yeah, no. The Manny was a... was a really great learning experience for me.

But, uh...

You know, after a while, I just... felt like it was time to broaden my horizons, if you will.

You wanted to be taken seriously.

Exactly. Yeah, yeah.

You wanted to be in a play.

Yeah. That's right.

So you decided you would sleep with the lead actress in that play.

So. I... well...

And then you slept with the playwright.

I mean, I didn't... It was a diff... Um...

And then when they wanted to close the play, you decided to "self produce"?

Yeah. That's right.

What? Let me get this straight.

You, Kevin Pearson, a vapid pretty boy who made his mark pretending to breastfeed an infant from his pectoral thought he could actually be taken seriously as a stage actor.

I know.

I know it. Uh, but I, you know...

Seriously. Who is this guy?

Well, uh...

Let's get out of here.



I got to play tennis with Salman Rushdie.

(laughing): Jesus.

(phone ringing)

(inhales sharply)

(phone continues ringing)


Did I wake you up?

No. No, I've been awake.

I'm awake.

Did you have that Katie Couric nightmare again?

What? No. Of course not.

What are you talking about?

Who'd she leave to play tennis with?

Salman Rushdie.


Yeah, it's...

Well, I just, um, I-I just wanted to say that I really wish I could be at your opening tonight, but no one would cover my double shift, so...

It's okay. You know, it's probably for the best; my whole family will be there.

And I'm not sure... opening night is, uh, you know, the right venue to reveal to everyone that my ex-wife and I are...

What are we doing, by the way?

Well, I'd say we're... cautiously dating?

Cautiously... I'll take that. I like that.

Um, well, break a leg tonight.


Yeah, call Kate. She's really good with you when you're nervous.

Sophie, I'm not nerv... Why would I be nervous?

I know all my lines.

Okay. (chuckles)



Tyler: I want to... (sighs)

... split your accounts between you and Sanjay.

(exhales, sniffles)

The medication isn't working anymore.

I don't want to do this to you.

I can take it.

Do you want to stop the chemo, William?

Why is there a photo of me and a letter that you sent to William...

Rebecca: Randall, you have to understand...

Randall: Understand what? That you knew my father?

You kept him from me my entire life?

Everything that I...

Just stop!


Kevin: Hey!


What are you doing? You all right?

Yeah. Just... pushed it... a little too hard.

All right. You make this run every day, Randall.

You getting soft on me, huh?

Old man? You getting soft on me?


Yeah, right.

Last one home makes the protein shakes.

(labored breathing)

Yeah, all right.

(Randall sighs)

But we anticipate, over the next six months, returns on your investment north of 17%...



You missed a button.

Oh. Oops.

We got these video calls with 30 of our top clients tomorrow to go over quarterly earnings.

And I was up late with William last night, so I haven't had a chance to go over the numbers.

I told you Jessie offered to cancel his trip to Chicago.

And I already told you that you're not staying with Jessie.

It's fine. I was happy to do it.

Tess: It's my sweater, and I want to wear it!

But you promised I could!

Girls, please. Would you give your sister back her dividends?



Sit down and eat your breakfast.

(phone ringing)

Hey, Lisa. What's up?

Tess: Give it to me. It's mine.

I didn't say you could have it!


Annie: Yes, you did.

And mom said you have to share!

Beth: Hey, girls. Please!

Shh. I can't hear your Aunt Lisa.

Hey. I got you.

Randall, I can wash one dish.

Yeah, but they said she's gonna be all right, right?

Said who's gonna be all right?

Tess: You'll spill something on it!

Will not! Will not!

Girls, hey! Please, your mother's on the phone.



You okay?

I'm fine.

Hey, come here.

I'm all right, I'm holding my breath.

All right, all right, all right.

My mother slipped and fell on her way to the bathroom last night.

What? Is she okay?


They think she'll be okay. She broke her hip.

I have to go down to D.C.

Of course.

Oh, it's the worst timing.

Hey, don't you worry about me.

And Kevin's play is tonight.

It's fine.

Hey, we'll figure it out.

Are you sure?


Okay. I'm gonna go pack a bag.



I'm gonna call the service to send over a nurse for the day.

I don't need a nurse!

Yes, you do!

End of discussion.

Tess, go get dressed.

But Ann...

Also end of discussion.

Will Grandma be okay?

Of course, baby.

Everything's gonna be just fine.

Yeah, yeah... this is Jack Pearson.

I was hoping to reserve the booth under the photo of Muhammad Ali.

That's... that's my wife's favorite booth.

Okay. Great. Thanks for your help. We'll see you then. Okay.

O'Shannon's. Valentine's Day dinner.



Bec's going on tour next week, so...

Spending time together while we still can, you know?

You're handling this whole tour thing great, by the way.

Yeah? I am?

Are you?




It's me.


Why the hell is she going on tour?

I mean, I could deal with a piano bar, a couple nights a week, but a tour?

I mean, who does she think she is? Janis freaking Joplin?

We've got three kids.

Three teenagers at home.

But I can't tell her that I think it's crazy, because then... she's just, she's gonna resent me forever.

That's true.

Yeah. And then this guy Ben, in her band.

I've met him a couple of times.

He has a thing for her. H-He, oh, he clearly has a thing for her...

Jack. It's Rebecca.

Wouldn't matter if this guy was Jeff Goldblum.

She only has eyes for you.

Jeff Goldblum. Really?

Have you seen Jurassic Park?

(chuckling): Yeah.

This guy's got something.





Hey, um, since Rebecca's gonna be gone next weekend, maybe you and I could check out that new place on Lincoln.

I mean, y-you don't have to drink or anything, but, uh, even though Shelly and I... you know, haven't been split that long, our marriage has been dead a long time.

And I, and I think I'm ready to get back out there.

And I need my wing man.

Hey, how 'bout you come to Bec's show tonight?

I'm sure there's gonna be a bunch of lonely hearts there, you could buy them a Valentine's Day drink.



Yeah, o-okay Yeah.


You know what I'll do? I'll wear that new fedora I got.

Don't do that.

I'm going to.

Embarrass yourself, and me!

I look great in that hat.

(knocking on door)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


You're not the only one who can, uh, plan an awkward surprise visit.

Not funny?


Look, I was a jerk yesterday.

Yeah, you kind of were.

W-well, I'm sorry.

I am.

It's just that, you know, between the classes and the therapy, I've been in this bubble, and you when you showed up it just threw me.

And I'm not making an excuse, it's just what happened.

Oh, I was kicked out.

Of the camp?



I told that jerk Duke off.

It turns out that his family actually owned the place, so...

Well, that's a relief.

Not the getting kicked out part, the, uh, part about Duke.

Why a relief?


I guess I was afraid that you might fall for him.



Because I was jealous.

And I was worried.

And then I started thinking, "Why are you jealous and worried, Toby? You're usually so confident and carefree and well-hung."

But then I realized, I don't even know what type of guys you liked before you met me.


Between all of the breaking up and the getting back together, and the having a heart attack two minutes after getting back together... which was terrible timing on my part, I must admit... our relationship has been a bit of a wild ride.


Yeah, I mean, it has... kind of been a roller coaster.

Oh. Kind of?

We're, we're talking about getting married this summer and there's still so much that we don't know about each other.

Well, all right, well... if you want know anything, just ask me.


Yeah. Let's just, like... you know, dig deep.

Toby and Kate, the deep dive.


The deep dive.

All right, I'd like that. Um...

But can we do this deep dive at, like, a men's clothing store?

Because now that I know you're not gonna leave me for the Jared Leto of fat camp, I need to get some clothes for your brother's opening tonight.

Jared Leto?


I don't... no.

He's like a bad boy.

Really? Jared Leto?

He's kind of Jared Leto-ish.

I don't know.

Kevin: Hey, Kate, it's me again.

I'm freaking out over here, I need you to tell me that I'm not gonna bomb my opening night and become the laughingstock of New York City.

Anyway, listen, call me.

Sloane: Kevin?



Uh, I know things have been weird between us, but I just wanted to say break a leg.

Thank you, thank you. You too.

And congratulations, I mean, it's a beautiful play.

You know, people are gonna love it.

Yeah? You think so?

Yeah. Yes.

Yes, I definitely think so, unless... I suck.

'Cause Ron said that The New York Times is coming tonight.

Which is crazy, I mean, The New York freaking Times is gonna review our play.

(both laugh nervously)



(softly): Yeah.

So right now Travis Bauman and I are neck and neck to finish first place in our class.

But if I don't get an A on my Hamlet essay...

Hey, I will write that Hamlet essay for you if you stop telling me this story.

Come on, man, it's Valentine's Day.

Go on a date.

Kate, do we know someone desperate enough to go on a date with Randall?

Randall, ignore him.

He thinks he walks on water now because he's having s*x with Sophie.


You're having s*x?

I disown you. You are de-twinned.


Hold on.

No, no, we should have a...

We are not talking about this!

Guys, did you know about this?

Honestly, I just assumed.

I got to work on my paper.


Okay, okay, so who was your first celebrity crush?


Did you say Aladdin?

I did.

The cartoon?


Did you see his abs?

Fair play.

Did you have a pet when you were a kid?

I did. I had a pet turtle named Shirley.

As in Laverne and...

(laughing): Of course.

Were you, uh, popular in high school?

Uh, no.

Did you just hear the name of my pet turtle?

I did.


How about... (chuckles) how about you?

Oh, definitely not.

I think I found it.

My colors.

And it's on sale.


Uh, excuse me. My good man, do you have this dazzler in a 56 long?

All right.

I love that you love flashy clothes.

Thank you.

So, like, when did that start?

I don't know, I've always just had a thing for fashion.

You know, sixth grade, a well-fitting pair of Z. Cavaricci jeans and I was done for.

I love learning that about you.

I love telling you that about me.

Ooh, cats or dogs?

Uh, dogs.

(quietly): Thank God.


And what about kids?

Fo' sho.

Come on. Keep 'em coming, let's go deep.


Yeah, come on.

Um, so... you said that after the divorce, you considered killing yourself.

Was that like, a one-time thing, or was that something that you've thought about other times too?

Yeah, I know, I've been sitting on that one for a while.

Yeah... Good news, big guy.

Got it in a tall.

He's got it in a tall.

(talking indistinctly)



It's 11:30.

I'm sorry, sorry. I... my father's nurse, I had to wait for her to show up, and then drop my girls off at school.

Uh, Beth's mom broke her hip.



Sorry to hear that. Hate to do this, but had to move tomorrow's quarterly with Buchanan up to this afternoon.


Uh, why?

Because Buchanan asked us to move it to this afternoon.

If that's a problem, I can have Sanjay on the call...

No, no, no, I...

Buchanan's my guy, I can handle it.



(Tyler chuckles)

How are you?

Good, how are you?

Yeah, you know...

What are you doing here?

Uh, well, I'm, uh...

I'm your 11:45, Randall.


Not on my calendar. Hey, Kelsey?

Yo, hey, whoa, that was a joke, man.

I... look, I don't even understand what the hell you do here. What...

... why would I make an appointment?

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

What's up?

Uh, nothing.

You know, I just, you know, got a couple hours before I either... remake myself as a serious actor, you know, or destroy what's left of my career.

Kelsey: Your father's nurse is on the phone.

Okay, put her through.

(sighs, then mumbles)

Where the hell is my headset?

Randall? Buddy?


Your... it's, you know...

(softly): Oh, right.

(phone beeps) This is Randall.

No, no, Jenna, you're his nurse, he can't...

Will you put him on the phone, please?

He did...


All right, just don't go anywhere.


I'm, I'm coming.

You all right?


William just fired his hospice nurse and locked her out of the house.




Oh, Jesus.

Thanks. I'll see you later.


All right... excuse me.



I know, I'm not stupid.


Always respect.

(door opens)

(footsteps descending stairs)

It's not good enough.

Rebecca: What?

What's not good enough?

Randall: My paper.

What else can I say about Hamlet that hasn't already been said?

Rebecca: Okay, okay.

Travis Bauman...

Shh, shh, shh.

Trav... Travis Bauman, he's really good at English.

And he's gonna do better than me.


Yeah, breathe.

You're putting too much pressure on yourself, son.

Everything's gonna be fine, just breathe.

Okay, come on.

Refresh my memory about, uh, about Hamlet.

Randall: Okay.

He was a prince, and...


Jack: He was a prince. Did he have a mom or a dad?

So I calmed him down. I mean, that kid...

How can I leave them, Jack?

Kevin's having s*x, Randall's giving himself stress ulcers, Kate is... I don't even know what Kate's doing, but she's wearing a ton of eyeliner, so that can't be good.

I can't...

Ugh, I can't, I can't go.

I got to call the band, and tell them I'm not, I'm not going.

No, no.

You're going.


You sure that now is not the worst possible time for me to go?

No, look, I got it.


I got it.


Yeah, I have... struggled with depression ever since I was a teenager.

Starting about when my parents got divorced.

But then, when Josie and I split up, that was, like, rock bottom.

You know, because I had spent ten years convincing myself that I wouldn't end up like my parents.

You know, that my marriage was gonna be different.

And then, all of a sudden... it, uh, wasn't.


And that is probably the closest I came to considering suicide.

And it's not... I didn't... it's not like I...

I didn't go out and buy a gun.

But I did, uh, sit around, and get really drunk, and count up all of the extra painkillers that I had leftover from my wisdom tooth surgery.

And wonder if that was enough to get the job done.

I hate that.

Yeah, me too.

Um... but I have done a lot of work on myself since then.

You know, I have single-handedly financed my therapist's new Tesla.


And now... he has a new car and I am in the best place I've ever been.

So, any of that scare you?

No... hmm Okay. Can I ask you a big one now?

This is what we're doing. We're going deep.

Okay. Yeah. Okay.

All right.

Um... you know, you never really talk about your dad's death.

That's not true.

No, I...

When we met...

No. I know, I know that you've told me the basics of how your dad died, but, uh, the-the couple times that I've brought it up you kind of shut me down, so I was wondering if you could tell me what happened.

You know, exactly.


All right.


♪ Oh, and what if it dies? ♪
♪ Just disappears from your eyes... ♪

(softly): What?

♪ Well, you don't have to answer... ♪

I can't seem to...

You know what? Never mind.

You-You don't have to... you don't have to tell me.

Yes, I do... and I want to tell you about it, but, uh, I'm just not quite...

Toby: (chuckles)

... there yet.


I mean, it's been, um... just blocked for... a really long time.

♪ Oh, is this love? ♪

How about this?


Whenever you're ready.

Okay. Deal.

Nurse Jenna: Mr. Pearson.


It's not my fault.

I know.

He got so mad at me.

It's okay, Jenna.

It's, uh... William?

What the hell's the matter with you?

She told me I couldn't have a damn Coca-Cola.

I can decide what I like to drink.

I'm not a child.

I know you're not a child. Okay?

You are a sick old man and sick old men need nurses, William, to make sure they take their meds on time... and eat their meals on time... and don't die when nobody's looking.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I just...

I need you to let the nurse take care of you, William.

All right? I got to get back to the office.

I got a big, important phone call that I cannot miss.

So, please...

William, will you let the nurse take care of you?

Of course... I'm sorry.

It's just my body doesn't work right anymore.

My fingers don't bend. My knees can't support me.

I can't get warm. It's like every day it's something new, something I never had to think about before gives out from under me and I just...

I don't know how much longer I can do this.

I know. I know and I'm sorry... but I do need to go, so we'll talk later.

Maybe we'll watch a movie.

No, you've got Kevin's play tonight.


But still, you know, I'll see you later.

Okay. Okay.

We'll talk later, okay?

If he wants a Coke, just give him a Coke.

Miguel: Hey, that girl's cute, right?

The one on the end?


Yeah, she's pretty.

Miguel: Yeah.

Why don't you send her a drink?

That's a good idea.


Excuse me.

Uh, I'd like to buy that brunette over there her next drink.

Oh, and can you tell her it's from Miguel?

No, no, tell her it's from Big M.

No, no, no, tell her it's from Miguel.



Are we in that much sync?





Good evening.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

So, we're gonna start it off with one for all the lovebirds out there.

♪ If you ever change your mind ♪
♪ About leaving ♪
♪ Leaving me behind ♪
♪ Oh-oh, bring it to me ♪
♪ Bring your sweet loving ♪
♪ Bring it on home to me ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

Yeah, yeah
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

Yeah, yeah
♪ I know I laughed... ♪

Okay, she's-she's looking over here.

What should I do? Should I wink? Should I wave?

♪ I know I've only hurt myself... ♪

Ah, I just winked and I waved at the same time.

I think it was too much at once.

Was it too much you think?

Jack: What?

Was it too much?


♪ Yeah ♪


This is just a shtick, man.

♪ Yeah ♪


You think?

Of course.

It's for the crowd.

♪ That's not all ♪
♪ That ain't all... ♪

I-I think I'm gonna go over there... unless you need me. Do you need me?

No, go.

♪ Bring it to me ♪
♪ Bring your sweet loving ♪
♪ Bring it on home to me. ♪

(doorbell rings)


Hi. Hey, Miguel. Is, uh, my mom around by chance?

No, no, she's out shopping.



Do you want to come in?

So, you're excited?

Excited about tonight?

Yeah, you know, I'm excited.

I-I also got a little case of the preshow jitters.

I was sort of hoping to talk to my mom, you know?

She can calm me down.

Talk to somebody artist to artist about the, uh... jitters.


I'm gonna suck.

Okay? I'm gonna s... I'm gonna absolutely suck, okay?

And, uh, the critics are gonna crucify me.

And I should just... I should just get in my car, I should go back to The Manny, you know?

I should go back to The Manny, ask for my job back.

I mean, I know they already have Morris Chestnut, but, uh, they could have two Mannies. Right?

I thought about that on the way over here.


If I present it to them in the right way, then I...

Kevin, calm down. Okay?

I was a project manager for 30 years.


I don't have a creative bone in my body, and I can't talk to you artist to artist.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I... I know that, Miguel.

But I do know what I used to do when I was nervous... about a big work presentation or about anything.

I'd talk to your dad.

He was... he was my person.

He was the one that could steady you... when the world felt like it was spinning.

Yeah, that was my dad. That's very true.

Yeah, and you remind me of him, you know that?

The way that you move your hands when you talk.

The way you walk across a room.

Sometimes you remind me of him so much that the hair on my arm stands up.

It's why it breaks my heart that you don't like me, Kevin.

Because when I'm around you, I feel like I get a little piece of my best friend back.

Miguel, uh...

Now, you... are Jack Pearson's son.

You have him inside of you.

And when you're nervous or you're at your most nerve-racking moment, the curtain's about to go up... all you have to do is remind yourself of that.

Think about what he'd do... and you'll be fine.

(under breath): I know. Thank you.

Um... (clears throat)

I should get back to the theater.

Well, you sure... you sure you don't want to wait for your mother to get back?

Uh... no, I'm-I'm-I'm okay.

I'm all right.

Miguel, uh...

I don't not like you.


Well... it's a start then.

Isn't it?


So, I just want to say again that, uh, all of your earnings reports will be sent out as PDFs, unless you explicitly request that they are sent as hard copies, which...

Buchanan: Young lady.

Uh, you've told me that three times.

Can we get to the numbers already?

Yes, yes, we can.

Buchanan: Thank you.

Tyler: Randall.


Take it away.

Right. Um... numbers.

Let's talk numbers.

(clears throat)


It's been a, uh, strong quarter... for us. Uh... and for you, Mr. Buchanan.

Uh, lots of, uh...

... increases.

Sorry. If you look...

You know, if you're looking... at the growth of, um...

Uh... through our position in... Dry Season and Wind Contracts, we've seen continued growth beyond all projections this quarter.

Um... (clears throat) as, um... the precipitation levels were below, even the lowest estimates, uh, we plan to see profits rise as we maintain those contracts over the next few months...

(jazz music playing)

Ben: Jack?


Good to see you made it out to a show.

Yeah. Yeah.

I haven't seen you in a while.

Yeah, been working a lot of late nights.

Totally, totally. How about Rebecca?

Isn't she great out there?

Yes, she is.

I mean, me and the guys, we've have been playing together for years.

She joins the band, boom, we book this tour.

She's... she's really something special.

Yep, I know.


That's why I married her.

Yeah, well, lucky man.

I remember when we were together, she said she never wanted to get married.

Man: See you at Juliet's.

What do you mean, together?


You just said together.

What do you... what do you mean, together?

Oh, crap. I thought...

I thought you knew.

It was very brief. It was another life and, you know, we were... we were kids.

That's probably why she didn't tell you.

I didn't say she didn't tell me.

Oh, so, what are you...

It doesn't concern you what I know or what I don't know.

That is between me and my wife.

Of course. Sorry I said anything.

Have a good night, man.

Okay... you ready for some food?

You know what, uh... actually, I'm not very hungry.

How about we just call it?

What happened to bacon cheeseburgers?



Yeah, let's go home.


(jazz music continues)

Good night.

Good night.

Miguel: There he is.

Hey. Hey.

Toby: All right.

Talk about a turnout.

Kate: Right?


Oh, you look great.

Thank you so much.

Good to see you.

Miguel: Great, looking good.

Shall we go in?

Yeah, let's go.

Actually, uh, can you just give us a minute?

We'll meet you inside.

Yeah, of course.

Sure, here.

Thanks so much.

We'll see you in there.

Are you okay?

Yeah, no, I'm fine. I just, uh...

I've felt a little weird ever since, um...

Ever since things got weird?


Um, I think that we might have just rushed into this a little bit.

Wait, does that mean that you don't want to get married?

Get married? No, no, no, of course, of course, of course I still want to get married.

Okay, good. 'Cause, me, too.

I just think we should do it when we're ready.

You know, I think the woman that I marry should be able to talk to me about... everything.


So if it's okay with you, I think we should just take our time being engaged.

And then, when we're ready, we plan the wedding of the century.

Maybe at a water park, huh?

'Cause that's kind of been my dream.

We won't even worry about that yet.

Come on, we can have the reception in the Lazy River.

(laughs) What?

People floating around with drinks.



Kate: I don't know.

(door closes)

Hey, you've said three whole words since we left the show.

Are you gonna tell me what the problem is?

I don't have a problem, Rebecca.

Yes, you do, Jack.

I don't know what you and Ben talked about, but something happened while I was changing.

Listen, I-I... I'm telling... I'm telling you, just leave it.

I'm not leaving it, Jack.

You're acting like a crazy person.

What's going on?

Okay, I found out.

I found out that you were gonna go on tour with your ex-boyfriend.


My ex-boyfriend? I don't... (groans)

I don't know what Ben told you, but he's not my ex-boyfriend.

We dated for two months... two months when I was 19 years old.

You've been spending three nights a week at rehearsal till 11:00 at night with this guy...

Shh. and you think that I didn't deserve to know that you had history with him?

That's exactly why I didn't tell you.

Because it was nothing and I knew that you would get like this about it.

Like... how? Like this?

How-how do I get?

You get crazy and jealous.


And I didn't want you sitting at home, spinning out about something that didn't even mean anything.

You know what? I don't want you going on tour.



The kids, they need you right now.

You just told me this afternoon the kids didn't need me.

That you would have everything taken care of, before you knew that I used to date Ben.

You know what? I didn't want you going on tour then, either. But I...

I was trying to be supportive, I was trying to be a good guy.

You were trying to be a good guy?


Wow, I didn't know you had to try so hard to be a good guy, Jack.

That's news to me.

You know what?

I thought... I thought that you deserved something for yourself.

And now I don't.


Now I don't deserve that?

No, no, that's...

That's what you said.

Don't confuse my words.

That's not what I meant!

It's what you just said, Jack.

You know what?

You shouldn't have lied to me.

I never lied to you.

No, you lied to me!

For the past 16 years, I have put everything and everyone ahead of myself, you and the kids!

And I just knew that if I were ever to tell you about this whole Ben thing, you would spin out about it and I needed to have something for myself without you getting in the way.

I never thought of myself as being in your way, Bec.

I need some air.

Ah, damn it.


You're gonna bomb it, dude. You're gonna bomb it, it's fine.


(inhales deeply)

Jill: Kevin?

Five minutes.


Thank you.


(phone rings)


(phone clicks)

Randall, hey.



Uh, what can I do for you?

Uh, you called me. Right?

Right, of course.

I'm sorry.

I, uh...

I'm not gonna be able to make it tonight, man.

I got caught up at the office.

Come on, are you serious?

I really wish I could be there.

It's just one of those things, you know?

Yeah, you sort of known about this for a long time, though. This...

That's right.

(softly): Okay.

Um... all right, well, whatever.

Well, you'll see it eventually, right?


Okay, then.

Jill: Okay, everyone, places for act one. Have a great show.

Toby: We miss anything?

Rebecca: No, no, welcome.

Miguel: Hey.

Rebecca: It's just about to start.

You guys made it in time.

Your brother, is he coming?

I don't know.

I can't believe we'll be out there in front of all those people in, like, 30 seconds.

(both gasp)

I'm imagining all of them in their underwear.

What about you? What are you thinking about?

I'm thinking about what my dad would do.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please silence your cell phones and we hope you enjoy the show.

(whispering): Okay, let's do this.

David, you know, I had that dream again...

(elevator bell dings)



♪ Oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh... ♪

Here it is.

Bacon cheeseburger, side of onion rings.


Maker's rocks.

(clears throat)

(sighs, sniffs)