01x18 - Moonshadow

Previously on This is Us...

The band booked a -state tour...and I think I wanna go.

When we were together she never wanted to get married.

What do you mean, together?

We dated for two months... two months, when I was years old.

You've been spending three nights a week at rehearsal till : at night with this guy

- Shh...

and you think that I didn't deserve to know that you had a history with him?

Why didn't you go to her show tonight?

First of all, it is two hours away...

Yeah... it's two hours away.

(keys clatter)

(long exhale)

What the hell are you doing, Jack?

WOMAN: What are you doing, Jack?


Yeah, I'm just making sure everything's in tip-top shape, Mrs. Peabody.

So, the filter... it just wasn't on right... thank you... so I reset that.

Shouldn't have any more oil leaks.

You'll-you'll be good to go.

- Oh, thank you, Jack.

- You're welcome.

I don't know why my husband loved that thing so much.

- Something's always wrong with it.

- (short chuckle)

Maybe I should just sell it.

Oh... You watch your mouth, Mrs. Peabody.

This is a Super Sport.

You cannot sell a Chevelle Super Sport.

All right. All right, I'll keep it.


(clears throat) Here you are.


I'm sorry I can't offer you more, but since Hank passed I have to be so careful...

- Come on now, it's...

I appreciate it.

But if... you know, if you have friends that need any work done or anything, just send 'em my way.

I-I can do carpentry, dry walling, electric, you name it.

I'll send anyone and everyone I know your way.

Thank you. (laughs)

I appreciate it, Mrs. Peabody.

How did you come back from Vietnam so nice?

Seems like most of the boys lose their damn minds over there.

Yeah, well...

I was just a mechanic.

You know, maybe... maybe we had it a little easier over there.

(laughs softly)

Wish I had a granddaughter for you.


Wait a second, now.

I know a girl I think you might like.

My best friend's granddaughter.

Oh, Jack, she's the sweetest thing.

Uh, I'm not... I'm not really one to be set up, Mrs. Peabody.

What are you doing Friday night?

You'll take her out?

Oh, it would make me so happy.

All right.

I'll call you to confirm.

You'll thank me.

She's a total knockout.

WOMAN: Kathryn, how's the wedding planning going?

Mm. Slowly.

I want to serve Lobster Newberg, but Edward is obsessed with Beef Wellington.

- (giggles)

I think because his parents served it at their wedding.

Oh, come on. That's kind of cute.

No, it is.

- He's cute.

- (both laugh)

Um, have you decided if you're bringing anyone to the wedding?

- Mm!

- Oh...

- My planner keeps asking me.

I'm so sorry. Yeah, probably not.

But it's okay... you can just put me at the table with the spinster aunts and the reject cousins.


- Please do not set me up.

- Let me set you up.

I'm sorry, it's just that everybody wants to set me up for some reason... my mother and my grandmother and my grandmother's friends, and I'm fine.

There's nothing wrong with me focusing on my career, you know?

- You mean the singing?

- Yeah.

I mean the singing.

You do know that things are actually going pretty well for me right now, right?

I sing at open mics every Friday and Saturday night at different bars around town.

- Oh.

- Yeah.

And I just recorded a demo.

- Wow.

- Yeah.

My cousin who works for Elektra Records promised that he would have them listen to it.

So, things are going well for me.

- You know?

- Yeah.


Rebecca, we are so happy things are going so well for you.

- Thank you.

- We are. I mean, you're the only one of us doing anything even remotely exciting.

- (laughs)

But... becoming a successful singer?


The odds are like one in a million.

It's like what Edward says about stocks.

- He's in finance.

- Yeah, we know, Kathryn.

It's just... it's too risky to just buy one thing.

- Yeah.

You also have to diversify.

- You have a beautiful voice, Bec.

- Oh.

And maybe you're gonna be the next Carole King.

But what if you're not?

Don't you think that you should diversify, just in case?

(jazzy melody playing)

Excuse me. Hey.

Get a Bud, please and a bourbon back.

(music continuing in distance)

Come in.

Wow, you look great.

I look like a mom playing dress-up.

(laughs) Not like any mom I know.

Ben, there are a lot of people out there.

- I know.

- No, like, a lot of people.

Like, more people than I've sung in front of in years.


I should be watching E.R.


I... Three months ago, if I was up past : on a Thursday night, it's 'cause I was watchingE.R., and now

I'm about to go out and perform in front of more people than I have in years, and I have kids.

I have multiple kids, Ben.

I have no business being on stage and...

- Stop, stop. Shh.

- Take a breath.

- (exhales)

Listen to me.

- E.R. is a repeat tonight.

- (laughs)

You okay?

Oh, I think so.

I think I am, yeah.


- Whoa.

- Sorry.

What the hell was that?

- Wh-What the hell are you doing?

- Sorry.

Sorry, sorry, I thought...

What the hell were you thinking, Ben?

- I...

Is this why you asked me to join the band?

- No.

- 'Cause you...

No, of course not.

He was right.

Of course he was right.

- Wow.

- Rebecca, let's just forget it.

God, Ben, why did you have to do that?

Yo, can I get one more of these?

BARTENDER: Yeah, no problem.

- Thanks.

(TV playing indistinctly)

- Hey, sweetheart.

- Mm.

Find a job yet?

You know, uh... had two jobs today.

- Fixed Mrs. Peabody's car and I...

- Yeah, I mean-I mean a real job, with a salary.

You know what, I'm-I'm making money and I'm paying you rent.

- (short chuckle)

Can't buy a pack of smokes with your rent.

(clears throat)

Let's all... raise a glass to my unemployed -year-old son...

(sniffs) ...who's probably gonna live in my attic till the end of time.

Yeah, you know what, drink up. 'Cause God forbid you go a night without finishing the entire bottle, huh?

What'd you say to me?


That's my boy.

ANNOUNCER: Now here's Clemente... last year, RBIs,and then in the World Series he hit . ...

(Jazz playing)

(line ringing)

(phone ringing)

(machine beeps)

JACK (on recording): Hey, you've reached Jack, Rebecca, Kevin,

Kate and Randall. Go ahead and leave us a messageand we'll call you back.


REBECCA: Jack, are you home?

Oh. I was hoping you would be there.

I miss you.

And I wish you were here.

Or I wish I was there.

I love you.

And I'll call you later, okay?


(music playing on radio)

She's a beauty, isn't she?

She really is.

I mean, can't you just see it, Darryl?

Pearson and McGee Auto Body Shop.

♪ Stay out of the way of... ♪

How much money did you make today?

I got a few bucks for mowing Ms. Lipman's lawn.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

And I'm still after that grocery store to pay me for fixing their gutters.


Uh, I made five bucks fixing Mrs. Peabody's car.

We're never gonna have enough.

♪ My heart rejoice ♪

God, I got to get out of that house.

♪ My lambs are callin' ♪

Got to get my mom out of that house.

♪ Oh, good shepherd ♪

♪ Feed my sheep ♪

You know what? (clears throat)

Enough of this crap.

We're gonna make it, D.

We're good guys...

we deserve to make it.

Hey, what about...what about that poker game that your cousin plays in?

- No.

It's too dangerous.

How do you know it's too dangerous?

It's a card game.

I'm telling you, the guys that run it, they're bad guys.

Yeah, well, you know what the bad guys never see coming?

- The good guys.

- The good guys.

- ♪ Oh, good shepherd ♪

- (both chuckle)

♪ Feed my sheep ♪

Find out when the next game is.

♪ One for Silas... ♪

(tenor sax playing lively jazz)

Hey, excuse me. My wife, she's in one of the other bands... do you know where I could go find her?

- Got no idea, pal.

No? Okay. Good.

"No idea, pal."

(pats bar top twice)

Hey! Hold up, man.

I'm going to find my wife.

Hey, Bec?



(lively jazz continues)

Hey, Rebecca?


- Bec...

BEN: Oh, Jack. Jack, Jack.

Hey, easy.

- Hey, where's my wife?

- He's with us. It's all right.

I asked you a question.

- Where's my wife?

- I don't know.

She was... she was just in the dressing room.

- I'm going to go find her.

- No, no, no, no.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, Jack.

- Don't touch me.

- Jack, buddy, buddy...

- Don't touch me.

- Okay, you're drunk.

- Don't touch me.

All right? All right?

This is... this is a big night for us.

Oh, "for us"?

Oh, come on, man, don't do this.

Look, I don't know what she told you, but don't punish her because I crossed the line.

Hey, Bec?

What'd you say?


(Jack grunts)

Come on. (grunting)


Come on.


(Jack panting)

Okay... yeah, okay. Okay.

(sniffs) Okay.

It's okay. (sniffs)


MAN: What do you want to do here?

Want us to call the cops?


All right, come on, pal, you're done.

- I'll be right out there.

- No, you...

- stay, you stay.

- I will be right there. Don't let him get in the car by himself.

- Got it.

(sighs) I have to go drive him home, Ben.

Bec, we go on in minutes.

It's over, Ben.

It's...it's all over.



(clears throat, sighs)

REBECCA: Hi, Janet?

Hi. It's Rebecca. How are you?

Do you remember when you said you had a nice guyyou wanted to set me up with?

No, I-I remember what I said.

But, um, I've been thinking lately, maybe... it's time...

I diversify.


(phone ringing)


Oh, hi, Mrs. Peabody.

Yeah, look, actually, I was just on my way...


Yeah, right, the date. Okay.



Friday... Friday is fine.

Okay, I'll-I'll meet her there.


Sounds good.


Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, Mrs. Peabody. Okay... bye.

I don't like this, Jack.

You know, maybe we should turn back.

We could go... we could go grab a slice, go back to my place, watch Gunsmoke...

Hey, would you cut... would you cut it out?

Come on.

Hey, have some faith, D, all right?

We deserve to catch a break.


Um... Jack and Darryl, friends of Alex.

(low, indistinct conversation)

Hey, Alex.

(piano jazz playing softly)

WOMAN: You boys want a drink?

- Oh, um, I'll have a beer.

- Two club sodas.

(quietly): Hey.

MAN: Welcome, gentlemen.

Game's five-card draw.

Ten dollar ante. No limits.

Nice, clean game.


- Understood.

- Yes, sir.

You playing, Ray?

Sure, why not?

Ante up.

- I'm in.

- Ten.

Ten...and ten more.

All right.

I'm in.

I'm in.

And I'll raise you $ .

I fold.

Raise you another $ .

ALEX: I'm out.

MAN: Okay, I'll play.

I'm out.


I'll take one.

Give me two.

I'll take two.



Okay, handsome, I'll see you.

And I'll raise you.

How much you got left?

- Jack...

- Shut up!

$ .


$ .

I fold.

All right, let's see 'em.

Full house.


MAN: New guy wins the pot.


Just a lucky hand, fellas.


You know, I think...

I think maybe this game might be a little too rich for my blood, so I'm gonna call it a night.

No, whoa. Excuse me.

You played one hand and you're done?

- Like I said...

- I heard what you said.

Huh? You didn't even finish your drink.

(Ray scoffs)

(Jack gulping)

That's for the drink.

Holy crap.

- Holy crap. Holy crap.

- Hey, will y... Shh!

You must've just won , bucks.

- Holy crap.

- (laughing)

Holy crap. Holy crap.

Oh, I knew it. I knew it. You see? I...

See, this is what I've

been telling you, D.

The good guys, they don't always finish last.






Ray sees either one of you again... he'll kill you.



- (groaning)

- Come on, Jack.


Come on.

- Come on.

- (panting)


- Rebecca?

- No.

No, not now, not while you're drunk, no.


Are you all right?

We'll find another way.

Right, Jack?

We'll-we'll find another way to earn money.

You know, I watched him, over the years, my father.

You know, whenever that man had a... choice, a choice between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing... he always broke the wrong way.

Like clockwork.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Every single time.

For me, you know... I... tried to go the other way.

Be respectful to women, do my part in 'Nam, just be a good man.

And look where it's gotten me.


When am I gonna get my break, Darryl?


You know, 'cause they just, they...they make this too hard, man.

It's just too damn hard.

Next week, we're going back to that bar, and one way or another, we're getting our money back.

Yeah, I'm gonna take the life that I was supposed to have, instead of waiting for it to come and find me.


FEMALE VOICE: You have one unheard message.

REBECCA: Jack, are you home?

- Um, I was hoping...

- (beep)

I don't really know what to say.

I'll call him in the morning and apologize.

Obviously, I'll...

I'll fix this.

I'm... gonna go to some meetings, get help.

How long has it been going on, Jack?

The drinking?

A few weeks.


I had no idea.

Yeah, well, you haven't really been around.


Got it. Awesome. Thank you.


You drive the kids around drunk, Jack?

Of course not.

Of course not. You just drove to my show drunk.

- (scoffs)

- That would be... some way to leave us.

You know? Three teenagers, and you...

Yeah. Well...

Sometimes people relapse.

You're not a drunk, Jack. You're not.

You drank too much for one year, seven years ago, and then you stopped cold turkey.

But I do find it convenient that this alcoholism of yours has suddenly rematerialized at the exact same moment that I finally have something happening for myself.

No, no, that is... that is completely unfair.

- Okay...

That is completely untrue and completely unfair.

- All right.

- My father was a...

- Yes, I know.

What happened with Ben? Hmm?

He tried to kiss me.


And... I'm sorry.

Are you... are you kidding me right now?

Are you actually serious?

- Oh, wow.

- Wow.

Great conversation, Rebecca.

Great way to hash this out.

First time in years that I had something for myself.

The first time in years that I was... Mm.

- (sighs)

- Say it.


No, go ahead and say it!

First time in years, what?

That you were fulfilled? Go ahead.

Go ahead and say it out loud... that we don't fulfill you.

Go ahead and say it out loud, that your life is...

I have no life! I have zero life, Jack.

I am a housewife to three teenagers who do not need me anymore.

And I have a husband who waltzes in every night at : , if I'm lucky, goes to the kitchen, recaps his day for me, and then passes out upstairs at : .

I have no life.

I am a friggin' ghost!

Wow. Wow. Well, you know what?

That is something.

Uh-uh. No, no, no, no, no.

Admit to me that you hated the fact that I had something happening for myself.

- I hated that you lied...

- No.

...about working with your ex-boyfriend.

No, that's total BS, Jack.

You hated the fact that I was singing again.

I was fine with it.

You didn't want me to have a career.

- You never did.

- Career? You...

You are a -year-old woman singing covers in pubs!

That is not a career, Rebecca.

That is ridiculous!

And the fact that... the fact that I am...

I am supporting this family financially and emotionally, and still I am being attacked for not being supportive... that makes me want to ram my head through a damn wall!

Wow... let your father out, Jack.

Let him out. Doesn't that feel good?

Doesn't it feel good to... to let go of the whole Mr. Perfect charade?

- I have always given you everything that you wanted. I have... sacrificed for this family.

- You've sacrificed?

- You've sacrificed?

- Yet you don't know the half of the load that I have had to carry.

Was it hard for you to make every decision for this family, and watch me follow?

- You don't know the things...

- You don't know what I've given up.

- No, no, no.

You don't know the things I've had to do.

- You want a family.

- The crap that I've had to eat.

You want a house, you want a kid.

And I followed, followed, followed.

- But you sacrificed?

- Yeah, yeah, I devoted my life to you so that you could have a life...

- Jack, that is absolutely ridiculous!

...and you throw it in my face. How dare you?!

It is absolutely ridiculous!

Hmm. You know, this is insane.

This is insane.

We love each other.

- What do you love about me?

- Huh?

What do you love about me? Tell me.

The me as I am right now, not the me that you've conjured up in your mind over the years... what do you love about me right now, Jack?

So the next time you tell me that you love me, make sure you're not doing it just out of habit.

I'm tired.

And I'm really sad, and I'm gonna go to bed.

Please let me.

(sighs heavily)

♪ We were born before the wind ♪

♪ Also younger than the sun ♪

♪ Ere the bonnie boat was won ♪

♪ As we sailed into the mystic ♪

♪ Hark, now hear the sailors cry ♪

♪ Smell the sea and feel the sky ♪

♪ Let your soul and spirit

fly into the mystic ♪

(song stops playing)

(door opens)

- Bec...

- Jack, don't apologize.

I know you feel bad. I feel... terrible.

But we meant what we said.

We may have hated the way we said it, but we meant it and we can't pull it all back in the light of day.

I think you should go stay with Miguel for a while.

Give us some air.


(piano playing)

Hi. Um, I'm Rebecca Malone.

This is kind of awkward, but I'm here for a blind date.

Oh, yeah. The guy said that when he made the reservation.

He sounded cute.

Yeah? Is... is he here?

Not yet. Do you want to wait at the table?

Really? This guy better show up.

I could be at an open mic tonight. (scoffs)

- So, do you...

- Yes.

Yeah, I'll... uh, sorry, I'll sit, yeah.

- Wonderful.

- Thanks.

Right this way.


JACK: I've been coming here all week.

We follow my plan, we're good.


- All right, look, let's go over it.

- Okay.

Bartender's an old guy.

He's not the sharpest.

Every night at : , he starts to close out at the end of his shift.

He opens the register, takes the cash out so that Ray and his guys can come pick it up later.

Now, you're gonna be watching all this from that phone booth right there.

And at : , when he starts closing out, you're gonna pick up the phone and call the bar.

I guarantee he's gonna leave the register open when he goes to answer the phone.

So all you got to do... is keep him talking.

All right?

Then I'm gonna go around, I'm gonna collect all that Friday happy hour cash from the register and hightail it out of there.

Before he even knows it, I'll be gone.

I'm telling you, simple.

Come on.

("Share the Land" by the Guess Who playing)

Maker's, rocks, please.


♪ Did you pay your dues? ♪

♪ Did you read the news ♪

♪ This mornin' when the paper landed in your yard? ♪


- ♪ Do you know their names? ♪

- (register dings)

♪ Can you play their games ♪

- ♪ Without losin' track ♪

- Crap.

♪ And comin' down a bit too hard? ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Maybe I'll be there to shake your hand ♪

- ♪ Maybe I'll be there to share... ♪

- Rebecca?


- Hi.

- Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

I am sorry I am so late.

It's no problem.

I locked my car keys inside of my office and had to have my secretary come let me back in.

I am such an idiot.

Spoke to Miguel.

(sighs) He's fine with it.


What do we tell the kids?

Tell them the truth.

That we had a fight and that we both need a minute to...

- catch our breath.

- (exhales)

We're gonna screw them up.


- Yeah.

- No, we're not.

No, the kids are gonna be fine.

We've shown them a healthy marriage.

This is just gonna be a blip on their radar years from now.

We're their parents, Bec.

We do the best we can. But at the endof the day... what happensto them, how they turn out...that's bigger than us.

I know what I want to do, you know, now that we're back. Like, for work.

Oh, yeah? You gonna call your old boss or...

No, I want to sing.

JACK: Sometimes they'll make good decisions.

It's just a meeting with a director, okay?

It's not like I'm gonna get the part.

Don't do that.

I want you to get it.

JACK: Sometimes bad decisions.

I love you.

I love you, too.

♪ Mmm... ♪

(sighs) God help me.

♪ Mmm... ♪

JACK: And every once in a while,they're gonna do something that's gonna knock usoff our feet.

Something that exceeds even our wildest dreams.

(exhales) Beth...

...I want to adopt a baby.

♪ Mmm... ♪

Our kids are gonna be fine.

But me, I can't go back to who I was before I met you.

ETHAN: I mean, we all want to own the whole thing

in the end, right? That's the end goal.

But, you know, each one's got their perks.

So that is the difference between mergers and acquisitions, in a nutshell.

(chuckles) It's my passion.


I'm so sorry. I have to go.

- Did I say something wrong?

- No, no, no, no.

Not at all. You seem like a really lovely guy.

But I need to be singing tonight.

♪ Mmm... ♪

(register dings)

(phone rings)

(line ringing)

(phone ringing)


♪ By a moonshadow ♪

♪ Moonshadow, moonshadow ♪

♪ Mmm... ♪

♪ Mmm... ♪

♪ Mmm... ♪

You know, I was supposed to have another date the... night that we met.

I ever tell you that?


The woman that sold me the Chevelle, she set me up.


But then I saw you and I stood the other girl up.

- I wonder who she was.

- I never have.

You asked me a question before.

What is it that I love about you now.

- Jack...

So I'm gonna start with the obvious.

I love the mother that you are.

I love that you are still the most beautiful woman in any room and that you laugh with your entire face.

I love that you dance funny... (chuckles) and not sexy, which... makes it even sexier.

But most of all, I love that you are still the same woman who, all those years ago, ran out of a blind date because she simply had to sing.


You're not just my great love story, Rebecca.

You... You were my big break.

- Thank you. Thanks.

- (cheering and applause)

And our love story,I know it may not feel like it right now, but, baby...



...I promise, it's just getting started.

♪ Mmm... ♪

♪ Mmm... ♪