02x02 - A Manny-Splendored Thing

Previously on This Is Us...

If you really want to do this, let's take in an older kid who no one else in the whole damn world is gonna help.

Manny say what...?!

Casey, it's not your fault the show is so bad.

It's you guys!

I quit.

BOBBY: I don't care what dress size you wear. You're not good enough, honey.

KATE: It wasn't about my weight; It was about my lack of ability... which is fantastic, 'cause I can do this.

I have been drunk for weeks.

If you have a problem, we will fix it together. I just need you to get in the car.


You kicked this once before, you will kick it again.

It was not easy... Bec, back then.

But you stopped.

- Right?

- (whispers): Yeah.

I asked you to stop drinking, and you stopped.

You did stop?

It's only been these last few months this time.

How did you stop before, Jack?

(phone ringing)

We have some lovely diamond solitaires.

No, no, no. Diamonds... diamonds are for anyone, okay?

My wife is not anyone.

You know Mary Tyler Moore?

- Sure.

- The actress? Good.

- Mm-hmm.

- Okay, you know Farrah Fawcett?

- (chuckles) Sure.

- Good.

Now, if you smush 'em both together, that's my wife.

(softly): Ah.

Hi, baby.

The drinking has to stop.

So if it's a problem, fix it.

Be a man and fix it.

JACK: No more drinking.

- Listen, you can't just stop.

- I can.

For you, I can.

I will.

Pile drive! Whoo!

(phone ringing)

REBECCA: Yes. Okay, finish this page,and then we got to get ready for school.

KATE: Okay.

- Hello.

- (man speaking indistinctly)

No, that's...

REBECCA: Got to get ready for school. Let's go, let's go.

Yeah. I'm sorry, sir. That...

I thought the paperwork was already filed on that permit.

- (man speaks indistinctly)

- Oh. I'm-I'm on my way now.

I'll-I'll do it when I get in, okay?


(Rebecca speaking indistinctly)

REBECCA: You need to take a shower.

- That's mine! It's mine!

- (kids clamoring)

It's mine!

- No, you stop it!

- No, you stop it!

- Boys. Stop touching each other.

- You had... Stop it!

(boys shouting)

- Stop touching me!

- Hey!


Jack Pearson. Have we met?

Have we met?

- Oh, we've met.

- (chuckles) Good morning.

- KEVIN: Dad, Dad, listen to this.

- Yeah? Yeah? What?

I pity the fool who runs home crying to his mama!

- Okay.

- What do you think?

- It's my Mr. T.

- School talent show tonight.

- JACK: All right!

- Yeah.

- Hey, Dad.

- Yeah?

- I want to show you my talent.

- Okay.

Yeah, that's gonna kill, a yo-yo trick.

Kev. Cool it.

- It's a yo-yo trick!

- Cool it.

Yeah. I'll see you there after work.

- You better.

- Okay.

Hey, Bug, should we give Daddy just a little preview?

- I don't want to.

- Just give him a little preview.

You-you don't want to be nice to your dad?

Come on, let me see.

♪ But if we are wise ♪

♪ We know that there's ♪

♪ Always tomorrow ♪

♪ Lean on me. ♪

That was so good!

If you just hold out that last note a little bit longer, though, Bug, it'll be perfect.

But really good.

So good.


That one's my favorite.

Don't make fun of me.

Kevin, you've been eating six ounces of plain chicken breast every meal for the last two weeks.

Your ab game is strong, I promise.

Yeah. I know... look, I know this whole thing seems stupid, but this is a big deal to me, you know?

I mean, you're here, right?

My whole family's flying in.

The Manny made me, Soph.

It made me, and then it ruined me.

And now they ask me to return to do this special episode, but really I'm just returning to the scene of the crime.

Right? Let's be honest.

I really need tonight to go well.

You know? I-I need to prove to everyone that I'm the bigger man.

But, like, the funnier bigger man.

You know what I need? I need it to go like when George Clooney returned to do that last episode of ER...

do you remember that?

That was cool.

That's what I need.

That's what I'm going for.

I need people to love me...

the way they loved Clooney.

This is your least attractive side.

You know that, right?



All right, girls, time to go.

- Got your schoolwork?

- In our bags.

- You didn't pack any liquids...

- All under . ounces.

BETH: License?

- Uh, check. Rental car confirmation?

- Got it.

- We'll pack the trunk.

- RANDALL: What do you mean...

Don't start. We're better at it.

Excuse me.

- That's heavy. You sure you got it?

- I got it.

You guys...

- (Tess speaks indistinctly)

- Okay.

We have to do this?

We really have to travel across country for the weekend to see a taping of the least funniest show in the world?

Yeah, we do. And don't do that with the "not funny."

Kevin's sensitive... he already feels like you don't think he's funny.

- I don't think he's funny.

- Well, don't say that.

You know we have to tell the girls, right?

We're gonna foster a kid, bring another child into the home, they need to know about it.

- I know.

Well, how come you haven't filled out your forms, then, man? I finished mine.

- What, you want a cookie?

- We told the social worker we'd have it to her by the end of the day today, so...

I'll fill mine out on the plane, I promise.

It's just so comprehensive.

And the questions are so personal.

"Are you usually home from work by : p.m.?"

"Do you spend time in nature?"

"Are you sexually satisfied by your partner?"

What the hell does that have to do with what kind of foster parent I'll be?

What did you put for that one, by they way?

- I put "Generally yes."

- Uh-huh.

"Except when I want a quickie and my husband needs too much romancing."

- What?!

You can't...

That's not funny.

- Neither is your brother.

- Ah-ha-ha-ha!

KATE: Tobe? Where's that punch bowl that my mom sent us?

If we don't put it out, she's gonna think that we don't use it.

- We don't use it.

- She can't know that.

Are those pigs in a blanket?

These are for Miguel, all right?

He loves these little cuties.


What? Miguel can get stuff, too.

Huh? Y'all been sleeping on my boy Miguel.

Miguel gets no love.

And I feel that pain.

Miguel and I, we are simpatico.

All right? Two swarthy outsiders with exotic names.

I just don't want my mom thinking that we sit around just stuffing our faces.

Hey. I made this dipping sauce with nut cheese.

So it's healthy.

And it's fun to say, FYI.

- Nut cheese. All right?

- Okay.

And Miguel is the key to my plan to win over your mom.

- My mom thinks you're great.

Uh, your mom thinks I'm a guy who has heart attacks and falls through coffee tables.

What the hell? What the actual hell?

Why won't this throw just throw?

Why won't it just look normal?!

- What is happening?

- (panting)

Tobe... you don't... you don't understand.

Every time my mom comes to visit, she comes in hot, looks me up and down like she's fitting me for a freaking bra, and then she starts criticizing me with these seemingly innocuous questions.


Okay. I'm not going to overreact to everything she says this time.

- Okay.

- I'm not gonna behave like a child.

- Good.

- (knock on door)


- Grown-ups.

- (groans)

All right.

- TOBY: Hey!

- KATE: Hi!

- Oh, sweetheart.

- Hi, Mom.

- ¿Como estas?

- Really good.

- Hi.

- KATE: How are you?

Oh, you look so good!

Let me look at you.

- You look so good.

- Do I smell pigs in a blanket?

Oh, Miguel, do you have a nose on you.

You sure as hell do. Come on.

I love pigs in a blanket.

He did make the dipping sauce with nut cheese, so...

- Okay.

- Yeah.

- Come in.

- Thanks. Wow.

Look at this place.

Will you do your meltdown for me?

- Huh?

- That thing from TMZ when you quit.


Oh, come on, it was my favorite thing from the show.

Babe, that was not part of the show. That-that was a...

That was a bad moment of my life. I'm not...

- Why are you watching this crap?!

- Okay.

Shame on you for making me famous!

Shame on all of us!

No, that's not even close.

Babe, it was... I mean, I was...

I was, like... I was losing... I was...

I can't feel my face right now!

Shame on you for making me famous!

Shame on me for taking the money!

Shame on all of us!

(slow clapping)

Wonderful, Kevin, just wonderful.

It's literally like we're picking up where we left off.

No. No. We, um...

We were just m... messing arou...

Listen, I, um...

Casey, I'm here to serve, okay?

Love the script.

I think it's great. Very funny.

I've got no notes, no questions.


And the show, I mean, the show, you know, it seems to be doing... great without me.

I caught a couple episodes.

America seems to really be liking the-the black Manny.

Which I think, hey, you know, great for America.

Black Manny, you know?

Especially in these...

these times... we're... living in.

- I'm gonna go to my office.

- Okay.


What are you...

Well, thanks for the help.

Well, that was brutal.

I need a drink.

(clears throat)

Liquid lunch?

No, I'm good. I got some calls to catch up on.

But as soon as they left for the day, I went straight to the garage where I knew I still had a bottle hidden.

I've never felt so weak.

So small.

MAN: Thanks for sharing, Chris.

Would anyone else like to check in?

SOPHIE: I just got this new trampoline.

- It's so cool.

- Hey, Sophie.

- You want to see my talent?

- Sure.

KEVIN: It's gonna blow minds.

♪ Sometimes in our lives ♪

- ♪ We all have pain ♪

- (car horn honks)

Hey, Katie girl.

What are you doing here?

Just needed to see you.

Get in.

(Rebecca humming "Lean on Me")

That door goes to nowhere.

Staircase to nowhere, a couple more doors to nowhere.

And that's the tour.

Man, I cannot believe you guys came all this way just for this; This is so great.

- Of course we were gonna come.

- RANDALL: Damn straight.

- Manny say what...?!

- There it is! (Laughs)

- Thank you, Randall.

- (laughter)

Manny say what?!

- No. Stop. Miguel. Just...

- It's nice.

Um, okay. The seats for you guys are gonna be right here in the front. Front row.

- Front row?

- Yes, the front row.

Are you kidding me? Only the best seats for my best girls, right?

And that includes you, too, Beth.

And I want you to know I think you're really gonna enjoy this episode.

It's a funny one. Lots of funny stuff.


KEVIN: All right, you guys, I got to go get ready.

So do me a favor, can you please be nice to Sophie? Please?

Kev, you know we like her more than you.

- This is what I keep telling him.

- Yeah, okay.

So the tour's over.

I'm gonna go get ready.

Erin, Erin, right over here, she's gonna take care of you, okay?

- And I will see you guys after.

- All right, buddy.

- All right. Thanks for coming.

- Have fun.

- Keep it hood, Kevin.

- Carry on.

Brian, good to see you.

Let's break legs tonight.

Britney, how are you?

Good to see you.

It's like I never left.

- Kevin, new pink page.

- Yeah. What's this?

Casey made some last-minute revisions to the final scene.

REPORTER: ...Scored three times, helping the Penguins...

- (station changes)

- (pop music playing)

(station changes, radio turns off)

Hey, are you excited about tonight?

What? What is that face?

Y-You love to sing.

Mom just makes it feel like a job sometimes.

Well, she's just trying to make you better, kiddo.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

Dad... everything okay at work?

(scoffs) Yeah.

(chuckles) Yeah. Yeah.

Just, uh...

My boss has a way of making it feel like a job sometimes.


It's gonna be okay.


- You should get back to school.

- You should go back to work.

Alright everybody.

Welcome to "The Manny".

- Let's hear it!

- (audience cheering)

Come on! You can do better than that.


Hey, I got one. Who wants to be in a Manny dance competition?

- Anybody?

- Oh, me. I can do it.

- No, no, no, no, no.

- Right here!

- Hey, Randall.

- Hmm?

Enough already.

You avoided filling out these damn forms the entire flight.

- Oh, uh...

- Here. We have some time.

You can fill them out now.

Fine, Beth. Fine.

- Fine.

- Okay.

What are you guys doing?

Nothing, it's just bills.

- Mommy, have some wine.

- Hmm?

- You relax when you have wine.

- All right.

Well, not everybody needs to know that, okay?

- You know what? I need a walk.

- Oh.

Where you going?

The show's about to start.

It's okay. Kevin says these things can take hours.

Yeah, but... D-Did you say hours?

Did you say hours?

We're gonna be watching The Manny for hours?

Watch my purse, okay?

- Okay.

- Stay with your grandma.

(phone vibrating)


Hey. You gonna tell me what's on your mind?

- I just...

- Wh... Why do these forms have you Randalling out so hard?

It's pride, right?

You don't want to put down on paper that your dad had a drinking problem and your bio dad had a drug problem.

- It's question .

- And you have a...

What's question ?

"Do you think you can handle a kid with a history of physical abuse, sexual abuse, exposure to drugs?"

- Oh, I just put "yes" to everything.

- I know, Beth.

And what makes you think we can handle that?

And we're not talking about a baby here.

This is an older kid with potentially serious issues.

I don't know, I just do.

Do you think that's a good enough answer?

Because once we tell the girls, there's no turning back.

- What exactly are you saying?

- Maybe we can't handle this.

Maybe we're biting off more than we can chew.

- Are you really serious right now?

- Yes.

- What? Are we not...?

- (sighs)

I guess we're picking up the pace now? Is that it?

I thought...


Okay. Thanks.

- What? Who was that?

- (chuckles)

It was the house band that I sent my demo to.

- Shut up.

(chuckles) They need me to fill in tonight.

- Their singer got strep throat.

- That is awesome.

I knew strep throat had a purpose. Good for strep throat.

Okay. I'm gonna go to the sound check.

- Okay.

- Sound check?

Who has a sound check? For what?

Oh, it's not a big deal.

I... I got a singing gig for tonight.


(chuckles): Kate, that's amazing.

Like I said, it's not a big deal, okay?

- So I'm gonna run, okay? You guys stay.

- Okay.

W-Wait. Wh-What, what um...

(clears throat)

What kind of place is it?

It's just, uh, you know, a bar where people sing at sometimes, so...

I remember when I used to perform. Gosh.

The smoke was so thick you could barely see through it. And...

...the first time I sang, I don't think anybody was even listening to me...

Wait, hold up. You used to sing?

(sighs) I'm sorry.

I'm a jackass, and I'm nervous.

It's okay.

- Bug, go-go break a leg.

- Go, go.

- All right. I love you.

- Bye, love you.

- I'll call you, okay?

- Okay. Yeah.

I'm sorry, that wasn't nice.

- ANNOUNCER: All right, everybody.

- Okay, okay.

It's time. You ready to meet our cast?!

Excuse me.

How much for an hour?

The first one's on me.

Hey, you interested in training?

No. Just keeping a promise to my wife.


- Oh, no!

- (laughter continues)

Oh! No!

I've lost the baby.

(Kevin groans)

Manny say what?

(audience aahing, laughing)

- And we're out.

- (applause)

Hey. What's wrong?

You're crushing.

- Yeah.

- Don't you hear the crowd?

Casey adjusted the last scene.

He's trying to humiliate me.

I had this whole vision of how this was gonna go.

It's gonna be mortifying.

Look, you came here to be Clooney.

Right? You think Clooney loved it when he had to go back to ER...

You mean to reunite with Julianna Margulies in Seattle?

Yeah, that's right.

I love that episode.

- Yeah.

- That was a bad example.

Look, Kevin, th-this stupid show does not define you anymore.

Right? You-you came here to do a job, to rise above.

So just be the bigger man.

Be Clooney.

Otherwise, what are we even doing here?

Hey, Kevin, uh, we need you for the quick change.


- Clooney.

- Mm.

I'm gonna Clooney the hell out of this thing.

All right, thank you.

You know, I-I have a sister.

Her and my mom... oof!

- You know?

- Hmm.

Only time I fell through a coffee table, that-that time.

(chuckles): That was not normal.

- (laughs): Of course.

- For...

Okay, I have to leave and go to her show now.

This is her first real gig, and I can't miss it, so I hope you guys understand.

I do.

Ah, crap.

It's okay. I'll stay with the girls.

Thank you. Kevin will understand.

All right, yup.

Come on, come on.

Hey, superstar, are you excited about tonight?

- I don't know.

- You don't know. What?!

What are you talking about?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

You do know that you are the greatest singer in this house, right?

And on the planet, and maybe in the entire universe?

So I have a little surprise for you.

I made this from the first dress that I wore the first time I performed in front of a whole bunch of people.

And I was really nervous, and I'm telling you, wearing this gave me confidence.

So, I thought that you might want to go upstairs and try it on, and maybe wear it tonight?

- Yeah.

- You do? Okay.

Go upstairs.

I'm gonna pop in the shower, and then I'll come in your room and I'll help you get ready.

- Thanks, Mom.

- Okay, Bug.

Mom! Mom!

- (shower running)

- REBECCA: ♪ Always tomorrow ♪

♪ Lean on me ♪

♪ When you're not strong ♪

♪ I'll be your friend ♪

♪ I'll help you carry on ♪

♪ For it won't be... ♪

Really? We're walking this fast?

I got up at : a.m.

to take a cross-country flight, and I didn't get my workout in, so this is my workout.

Will you just hear me out? Please?

Look, what if we get a kid that has serious issues that we're not prepared for?

Randall, no, we don't know what kind of child we're gonna get, but we didn't know what kind of kids we were gonna get the first two times, and they turned out okay, didn't they?

But what if they didn't turn out anything?

What if they were just great to begin with?

- Don't you ever think about that?

- Think about what?

Maybe we didn't do that much, Beth.

I mean, Tess self-soothed from two weeks old.

Annie was sleeping ten hours a night from infancy.

Remember how other parents would talk about their sleepless nights and their terrible babies?

Remember how we used to have to fake it?

What parents pretend to be tired, Beth?

And now we're gonna potentially introduce a kid with these kind of issues into our home.

- Randall, you're being ridiculous.

And I think you're being reckless.

Randall, you wanted to adopt.

And now you're Randalling out on me like this was my idea.

Okay, stop making my name a thing!

And yes, I wanted to adopt.

Got my head around that months ago... adopting a newborn, clean-slate baby, like I was when my parents found me, but I'm worried, Beth.

Because that's what you do, Randall.

You worry, babe.

But we have talked about this a lot, and we discussed how difficult it could be, and we came to a decision.

And now I'm jet-lagged, you got me out here sweating, and I traveled across country to miss the taping of a sitcom that I didn't want to come see in the first place.

So can we please just table the convo until we get home?


I guess the part that concerns me, Beth, is that we just...

- Oh, my God, you're driving me nuts.

Mm-mm. I'm walking.

- Beth...

- I love you, but I'm walking.

You sure you don't want to sing, sweetheart?

You practiced so hard.

- I think that's why my throat hurts.

- Yeah?

Did you finish your cough drop?

You know, I used to get really nervous before I sang...

- I don't want to.


We'll get 'em next time then, Bug.


Thank you. Hope you're all having a great night.

And I hope that we can make it better.

(piano plays gentle intro to Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide")

♪ I took my love and I took it down ♪

♪ Climbed a mountain ♪

- ♪ And I turned around ♪

- Shh. Shh.

♪ And I saw my reflection ♪

♪ In the snow-covered hills ♪

♪ Till the landslide brought it down ♪

♪ Oh, mirror in the sky ♪

♪ What is love? ♪

♪ Can the child within my heart rise above? ♪

♪ Can I sail through the changing ocean tide? ♪

♪ Can I handle the seasons ♪

♪ Of my life? ♪

♪ I don't know ♪

♪ Well, I've been afraid of changin' ♪

♪ 'Cause I built my life around you ♪

♪ But time makes you bolder ♪

♪ Even children get older ♪

♪ And I'm getting older, too... ♪

Hi. I'm Kevin, and I will be doing my impression of Mr. T.

Got no time for the jibber-jabber!

I pity the fool!


(Sophie laughing)

GIRL: Come on, Manny.

The only way to find a baby is to think like a baby.


(laughter continues louder)




(laughter continues louder)

All right, baby.

Where are you, baby?

Where are you? Come to me.

Where are you, baby?

(laughter continues)

♪ Well, I've been afraid of changin' ♪

♪ 'Cause I've built my life around you ♪

♪ But time makes you bolder ♪

♪ Even children get older ♪

♪ And I'm getting older, too ♪

♪ Oh, I'm getting older, too ♪

♪ I took my love and I took it down ♪

♪ I climbed a mountain and I turned around... ♪

You almost missed Mr. T.

I know. I had to... take care of something.

It's all good.

It's done. It's done.

♪ Covered hills ♪

♪ Well, the landslide'll bring it down ♪

♪ Oh, the landslide'll bring it... ♪

♪ ...down. ♪



I'm sorry.

I saw your name on the door.

It's okay. No. Yup, yup.

It's, you know... fine.

Missed the show, by the way.

- I'm so sorry, Kevin.

- It's okay.

It's all right.

You know, it's The Manny.

I know it's not exactly your cup of tea.

Randall's driving me nuts.

Yeah? Yeah, I know, he'll do that.

We're adopting, you know...

well, fostering, and now he's freaking out, like we're not up for it.

He's freaking out and second-guessing.

Yeah, well, I mean, he'll do that, too.

You know my brother doesn't attempt anything unless he's positive he'll succeed at it, right?

I know it. I... I guess that's true.

I mean, there was this one time, this... this one time his entire life.

It was in college, and, you know, this girl at a party...

This really, really, like, badass, dreadlocked girl, who was, by the way, like...let's be honest...

times out of his nerdy, sweater-vested-wearing league.

He had no shot in hell at her.

- But he, uh...

- (Beth laughs)

He asked her out anyway.

He called her on the phone.

Good God, he was so nervous, he made me sweat.

Yeah, I bet.

I still remember his opening line, you know?

- Mm.

- It was so cheesy.

He was like, "You don't know who I am, but..."

"But you're about to."

- Wait.

- I'm sorry, you thought Randall had that kind of game at ?

Who do you think was Cyrano-ing the entire thing?

Wait a minute. You?

You... Beth, you fell for the Manny's game.

Now, you sit there, and you just think about that for a second, little bit.

- Oh, no. It hurts.

- Yeah.

- Damn.

I got got.

You know, Beth, that's the only time in my brother's entire life that he's actually risked failure.

It's the only time.

You know how hard that was for him?

How scary that was for him?

The man was terrified.

You know I think you're funny, Kevin.

I know.

You laughed at all my jokes that night on the phone.

Wait a minute.

You were on the line, too?

- Yep.

- Mm-mm. Forget it.

I don't even want to know.

- Some things are better left unsaid.

- (Groans)

Okay, so, I got your number.

Let's do this again sometime.

I would love that. Thanks.

- Yeah. See you.

- All right.

- G-Good night.

- Bye.

- That was great. That was great.

- Oh.

REBECCA: That was phenomenal.

Absolutely phenomenal.

And, I'm telling you, i-in time, you will learn to power through a crowd like this.

But it was amazing.

You see?

This is why I didn't want you to come.

Uh, I'm-I'm gonna...

I'm just gonna go pay the tab.

Even though we didn't get anything. Yeah. Okay.

(sighs) You know what?

No, I told myself... I wasn't gonna do this; I wasn't gonna end this visit feeling bad, you know, about what I've said or what I haven't said to you, so... I'm just not gonna say anything.


Sweetheart, you sang incredibly beautifully.

You should be so happy right now.

- "Incredibly beautifully"?

- Mm-hmm.

Why do you do that?

Do what? I'm complimenting you.

I'm proud of you.

No, you feel sorry for me.

(chuckles) What on earth would make you think that, Kate?

You overcompensate for me, Mom, and you always have.

And here I am, a -year-old woman, and you still make me feel like a stupid... fat, little kid.

I'm sorry. What have I ever done to make you feel like that?

- I'm not gonna do this.

- Kate.

- I want to know. What have I ever done?

- You existed.

- It's everything about you, Mom.

- (sighs)

It's not just that you're beautiful or thin. Or that you have perfect pitch even when you talk. It's everything. And you wanted a daughter like you, and I was never gonna be you.

- No. No.

I never wanted you to be like me, Kate.

No! You wanted me to be the you that you never became.

Well, you did it, Ma.

You got me to say terrible, unfair things.

Least you could do is say something terrible back.

I-I just can't think of anything that would be... quite that terrible, is the thing.

You're my entire life, Kate.

You know that. You and your brothers are my entire life.

(whispering): Kate. You were just my little girl. My little Bug. In your own world. Maybe you're right. Maybe I... maybe I overdid it. Maybe I pushed you too hard. Maybe I did that.


I love you. And I'm sorry, but...

(exhales) Now this... this is going to be the memory of my very first real gig.


I'm sorry. I'm gonna be in the car.

Am I... (sighs)

Am I crazy? Or am I doing what she says I'm doing and making her feel...

Okay, okay. B-Between you and me, I think that she is super sensitive around you.

And, obviously, I don't know the whole history, but as much as I want you to like me, you need to know

- Mm-hmm.

that I am Team Kate for life.

Like, that's the deal here.

So I can't have you putting me in a position where I bring you to a show that she doesn't want you at, and you can't ask me to side with you, okay?

Because... Team Kate. Forever.

- That's how this works.

- Got it.

- Okay.

- Okay.

Uh, shall we commence the awkward car ride home?


So, I've realized I really like your fiancé.

(chuckles softly)

Now there, that's the Lucille Ball building.

You know who Lucille Ball was, right?


- You don't?

RANDALL: She was like the girl from The Thundermans but even funnier.

Hey, hold on.

- One second. Be right back.

- Hmm?

Hey, babe.

I know I've been getting on your n...

Our girls came out good.

It's true.

But we made them great.

They make us great.

We can do this.

You and me, we can do anything.

I know.

You let your brother listen on the line when you were asking me out for the first time?

I did.


(whispers): I am.

Hey, girls.

Mommy and Daddy want to talk to you about something.

(whispers): Hi.

I kept it to myself last time.

But it can't be like that again.

I know.

(Jack sighs)

- (knock on door)

- Come in.

Heard a rumor you were back already.

The house is abuzz.

It's like Melrose Place in here.

Yeah, I'm back.

So, you guys are okay?

The queen admitted you back into her castle?

Kate, you need to be nicer to your mother.

Okay? You don't know everything.

In fact...

...I'm gonna talk to your brothers, too but... I wanted to talk to you first.

Something I need to tell you.


Part of the reason your mom and I had a fight...

Katie girl, I...I have a drinking problem.

And my father, he had a drinking problem.

And I've kept that hidden from you guys because...

...because I-I didn't want you to know that about me.

I really didn't want you to know that about me.

But you have to know.


I'm sorry.

I never wanted to disappoint you.

(sniffles) But I have to be honest with you guys, because I need you guys.

- Dad.