01x16 - Unnecessary Roughness

Man: If the party is ready to start it up right now, somebody say "ho"! (dance music playing)

Gin and juice?

How'd you know?

I'm a Panthers hostess for State; it's my job to know how to help our future quarterback see how much more he'd be appreciated here, rather than Duke or Baylor.

(camera clicks)

And we're done with that.


(phone beeps)

What are you doing?

Dude, seriously?

Was that necessary, man?

Your friend here has been posting photos of your dumb ass boozing it up on social media all night.

So, yeah. Let's go.

Hey! That was my girl you were macking on over there.

(chuckles) Was she? Didn't seem like it.

Hey! Hey.

We're just leaving.


It's cool.

One sketchy photo on the Internet, and you can say bye-bye to any Division I school, man.

Get down.

We don't need any more photo ops.

(engine starts)

Jesse: Look, having fun for one night isn't gonna ruin me, all right?

Besides, did you see that girl?

(chuckles) So hot.

Did you see the guy with the gun?

Like, do you really want to end your career before...


(engine revving)

I'm hit!


Steven, you okay?


(sirens approaching)



Look at that.

What is it?

A Dutch baby pancake.

Derived from the German Pfannkuchen.

(chuckles) Just like Mama used to make.


Maybe not your mama, but...

(laughs): No.

One of the many benefits of having a wife with a lot of time on her hands.

You know, I'll trade that pancake for a wife with more hands all over me.

Well, okay, baby.


Enjoy your Pfannkuchen.

(laughs) I got to run.


I'm gonna try to get in three miles before I head to my meetings.

Meetings? You mean, like, work stuff?

No. Volunteer groups.


And after that, I'm gonna sign up for a pottery class.



I'll make you a mug.


We have a situation here, don't we?

What are you talking about?

Am I the only one concerned that Mom is out of a job?

I understand.

It is a time of transition, and it can be a little scary.

You know what's scary?

Our family's income-to-debt ratio on just your salary.

How would you know that?

And-and how do you know how much I make?

You're a city employee.

I looked it up.

And it's not good.

Think of the college expenses alone.

For RJ, me and Harper.

You'll have to get a second, maybe even a third mortgage.

I crunched the numbers.

You won't be able to retire for another 18 years at least.

Now, look, stop. All right?

It is not your job to worry about this family's finances.

Someone has to.

18 years, Dad.

(knocking on door)

(knocking on door)

(knocking on door)

Man: Room service.

Uh, I didn't order that.

This is room 412?

Uh, I don't know. Is it?

Cheese Whiz omelet with three sides of tater tots?

All right. Come on in. (clears throat)

There's also a note for you.

Cheese Whiz isn't part of our standard menu, but your wife was quite insistent.

(door closes)

♪ ♪

Cahill: So, after a few weeks of sobriety, how's it going?


Uh, great.

Awesome. Amazing.

Well, no one said it was gonna be easy.

I just said it was great, awesome and amazing, so...

Right. Right.

Well, is there anything that's not going great?

Uh, no. I mean...

Oh, um...

I spent the night with Agent Palmer last night.



And was that not great?


No, it was... No, it was great.

It was totally great. Why would you even ask...

Why would you ask me if it's not great...

Let's do... Let's, uh, let's just change the subject.

No, just, you just, you seem a little... a little on edge about it.

Which is perfectly understandable.

What is your problem?

My problem?

Your problem.

Why do you... you-you make it like I have to...

You say, "Hey, Riggs, it is really important that you be happy."

You know? And then you come and you give me a hard time.

I'm not giving you a hard time.

You know what? You say to me, "Riggs, you have to find happiness. I need... you need to have it."

And then I come here and I say, "Hey, guess what. Good news. I found happiness and I'm happy. I'm in a good place."

And you want to give me a hard time.

You guys are ridiculous.

I don't even understand why I'm even...

This is just...

I'll work on it.

Yeah. You should work on it.

And you know what? Not so good session. Huh?

Late night?

Nah. (clears throat)

Take that as a no.

I know you and Palmer didn't work out, so I just figured you had a drink or six.

I met up with Palmer before she left.

You did? Really? How'd that go?

It went.

Did you notice these tire marks?

And this little scrape on the ground; it's almost like it came from something on the vehicle.


...nine-millimeter shell casing.

Bailey said the kid that survived got into a fight at a party just before.

He's in the hospital.

All right. Let's go.

It was some frat kid.

Six foot, maybe. Brown hair.

Had a black shirt with brass knuckles on it.

But you didn't know him.


This is all my fault.

If I hadn't gone to that party...

Baby, don't blame yourself.

Steven knew how much you loved him.

(knocking on door)

Excuse me.

Walter Hancock.

President of the Coastal State booster club.

I just wanted to swing by and say to you and to your mom that the entire Coastal State community was deeply saddened by your loss.

Course, this kind of tragedy can be used to push us further down the road to success, which I firmly believe runs right through Coastal State.

How touching.

Thank you for your time, Mrs. Raines.

If you need anything else, please give us a call.

Hey, Jesse, you hang in there, all right?

(whispers): Coastal sucks. Go, Horns.

That guy doesn't give a damn about Jesse's cousin.

All he's interested in is that kid's arm.

Yeah, well, his football days are over.

I took a peek at his chart.

The bullet tore through his rotator cuff.

He's never throwing a football again.

Poor kid.

You think you know what life has to offer you, and then...


This isn't the football thing again, is it?

"My football..." Did you just say "my football thing"?

I believe I did.

You just reduced a significant era of my life to "my football thing," after I confided in you.

Look, all I'm saying is the kid's 18 years old. Okay?

This is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Let me tell you something about 18 years.

18 years is not nothing.

Especially if a person has to live it with you.

You know, sometimes I wonder how long I'm gonna be able to put up with you, Roger Murtaugh.

For God's sakes, Roger, I need to know the truth about this.

What are you getting all worked up about?

I'm telling you everything I know about the Raines case.

Not Steven. His cousin Jesse.

I-Is he gonna be able to play football again?

And-and more importantly, is he still committed to Coastal State?

Ah, for God's sake, Roger, I had season tickets.

His arm is wrecked.

His days of playing football, over.

Oh, that's terrible.

For him and his family.

Am I the only person who's feeling sorry for this kid?

Anyway, we were able to pull a shot of the suspect from the hotel security footage... the party where Jesse and his cousin were coming from.

Doesn't do much for us.

I know. But if the suspect's a student, then maybe the school can help us I.D. him.

It's worth a shot. Keep me posted.




Quick question.

How long can I work here?

I mean, what's mandatory retirement age?

Uh, 60, I think, but you could fill out a waiver.

Why? Are you looking to stay here forever?

Well, now that I'm breadwinner, I may have to stay here a little longer than planned.

Maybe a lot longer.

Do guys around here do that?

You should talk to Shep. He's waived his retirement three times already, but he's-he's got no life, no family, really, outside of here.

Then why does he do it?

Are you kidding me? He loves it.


Someday, may we all be as happy as Shep Lugenvile.

♪ ♪

Riggs: Nerf guns, Frisbees.

What's it cost to go here, like, ten, 15 grand?

Murtaugh: 15? Try 50.

Ugh, so there's just a bunch of rich kids?

You know, I almost came here on a full ride.

I'm just saying.

I had size, speed and hands.

I could've gone pro.

Ah. Keep telling yourself that, Roger.

(horn beeping)


Roger Murtaugh.


In the flesh.

Meet Robbery-Homicide legend Mike Ramos.

How you doing, Mike Ramos?

Sweet ride you got here.

You ever jump anything with it?

Ramos: I've been tempted.

Hey, you mind if I, uh...

Mind if I give it a try?

(motor starts)

Keep it under 20 and don't mess with my stations.

Betcha. Feel like a little kid back in Florida on Daytona Day.

Watch out!

(horn beeps)

So, you bored here?


Bored with having my salary triple what it was?

Bored with having access to the games and having my kids get free tuition?




(horn beeping)

Hello, guys. I'd like you to meet Jenna.

She's an engineering major, she loves LCD Soundsystem, and she can help I.D. our suspect.

Alpha Chi Phi.

A fraternity.

Have you seen this guy around any?

Jenna: Sure. That's Carson Tate.

He has all the best pills... parties.

Pills. If it's Carson Tate, he's a rich kid; he sells Adderall out of his fraternity house.

Keys, please?

He said I could drive the golf cart if I helped you out.

(laughs) Well, I-I said maybe.

Okay. Jenna, go to class.

You know what? I'll take her to class. See you guys in a minute.

Out of the way!

(horn beeps)

♪ ♪

This is 50 grand a year?

Not if you're one of my kids.


Has anybody seen Carson Tate?

Carson Tate!

Want a drink?

Uh, uh, no, thank you.

Carson Tate!

Yo! Who's looking for the Tater?

Hey, Rog?

Yeah. Right here.

Oh! Whoa!


(students cheering)

Hey, you okay?


I'm literally covered in beer, and I haven't had one sip.

So no, Rog, I'm not okay.

(students cheering, whooping)

Carson, Carson, Carson.

How long you want to do this, buddy?

'Cause unfortunately for you, I-I got nothing but time.

I mean, I don't even like going home.

So I can just sit here and... we can just stare at each other.

Fine, I-I confess.

I sell the occasional pill.

But I didn't kill anyone, bro.


I have a lot of witnesses that saw you threaten him.

Look... my girl was all over that Jesse kid, so I got in his face a little.

Just to scare him.

Yeah? You decide to scare him with that nine-millimeter we found in your apartment?

(tapping on glass)

I have a license for that gun.

Oh, do you, now?

Because when we match ballistics to your weapon, you are gonna wish (tapping on glass) that we had never, (tapping on glass) ever... What?!

Forensics is back on the gun you found in Carson's room.

It didn't fire the bullets that killed Steven.

(sighs) Can we pretend it did?

Not according to our current laws, but I'm okay with it.

I found this.

Bruising on Steven's right torso.

Seems like a few hours before he was shot, someone punched him so hard it fractured two ribs on his right side.

Two ribs? That's one heck of a left hook.

What is that? What is that?

Probably from a ring.

(sniffing) Wait. Don't tell me.

I'm getting notes of wheat malt and yeast, which provides a... a distinct clove and banana character.

I'm going to talk to Jesse.

Stout. No, uh, it's Bavarian...

Hefeweizen! Hefeweizen from a plastic cup.

I amaze myself.

You couldn't change into a clean shirt at the office?

Unlike you, Roger, I don't keep multiple change of clothes at the workplace.

Like, I only have, like, you know, what...

Three. I know.

Man: Can I help you?

Everybody knows.

Oh, we're good. Thank you.

(sniffs) Smells like you need help.

Uh, that's because there was, like, there was a beer pong tab...

It's a whole...

(rap music playing)

Why don't you stay here. I don't want Mr. Raines to think that my partner's an alcoholic.

Even though I'm stone-cold sober?

Stay away from flames.

(door closes)



Give me a dollar, or I'll call the cops.

Hey, guess what, I am the cops. So scram.

Then make it two dollars.

That's extortion.

That's stealing.

Oh. Good point.

There you go.

You smell like my Uncle Larry.

Well, I don't know your Uncle Larry, but he seems like a fun guy.

He's an alcoholic.

And that's his shirt.

Jesse: That's my highlight reel.

For all the recruiters.

It's useless now.

Everyone knows I'm over.

Hey, your football career may be over, but you are not over.

You're 18.

You'll find something else.

You have no idea, man.

I have no idea?

What it's like to have college scouts crawling all over you, calling you the next big thing?

Hmm. I have an idea.

Wait. You?


Till my knee went left when I went right.

So then what'd you do?

Went to school.

Not on a scholarship.

Became a cop.

Jesse: Promised my mom I'd get us out of this neighborhood.

I understand the impulse.

I met some of your neighbors.

Let me tell you something.

Football is not the only way out, son.

And your mother knows that just as much as I do.

Wasn't just her I was playing for.

I've got people counting on me.

A manager who bought me shoes, gear, drove me to the games.

He really believed in me.

It was Steven, right?


Steven was my friend.

He was just a kid.

This dude is real.

Boy: Yeah, I know who Steve Raines is.

He's a fool.


Well, did you know that he's dead?

He's a dead fool.

And I know why.

Yeah? How you know that?

Because he stepped up to the wrong guy.

So, who'd he piss off?

So, this guy who believes in you, what's his name?


Benny Barnes.

(phone ringing)

Who's that, Bailey?


It's not me. Who else calls you?

Mm. So you finally meet a woman that tolerates you, that you actually like, but you won't take her call.

What is your problem, man?

There is no problem.

I hit the little button and put it in my pocket.

It's over.

Murtaugh: Right.

Okay, well... let's find Benny.

Found him.

See, that's why you need me in your life, Roger.

Murtaugh: Benny Barnes!

Detective Riggs and Murtaugh, LAPD.

I understand that you know Jesse Raines.

Yeah, eight years now. He was a phenomenal talent.

Shame what happened to him.

Yeah, you know anybody who might want to make that happen to him or his cousin?

No, but he's from a tough neighborhood.

I was hoping to help Jesse get out.

Sad I couldn't.

So, what are you, like, his, uh, his manager?

No, I was more like an adviser, see.

'Cause I know what it's like to have everyone want a piece of you at that age.

So I just try to provide a little guidance.

Golden Glove.

That's right.

Rog, you know who we're talking to here?

Oh, yeah, I do. That's, uh, Mr. Barnes, and he's about to tell us what he was doing last night.

He got you on the ropes, Benny... just like Lewis in '96.

That was you, right?

Yeah, we went toe to toe 12 rounds.

That's impressive... considering you had no left hook.

I mean, that's...

Hold up.

No, my left stung then, it stings now, believe that.

Oh, we believe that, we believe...

Riggs: Well, no, no, no.

It kind of stings like a baby mosquito.

And, I mean, that's when you were in your prime, which...

Did he just say "stings like a mosquito"?

Riggs: No, no, no, I said a "baby mosquito."

They're like a mosquito, but they're just, they're tiny and they're much cuter and...

Riggs, what are you doing?

Well, I'm trying to pay the man a compliment.

I mean, he went 12 rounds with an actual champ and has no left hook.

Like, that's impressive.

No left hook? You know what?

Tell your friend here...

Murtaugh: He's a partner.

It's not an ideal situation.

You know, I'd be happy... to show you my left hook.

Oh. Well, I'd love to try it on for size.

I'm gonna give you one free shot, off the books, right here.

Right here. What do you say?




You happy now?


Getting there.

Avery: So you're saying the only way Riggs could get an analysis of the ring was to have a heavyweight champion punch him in the face?

No. There were other options.

Riggs just chose the one that got him punched in the face.

Does this boxer Benny have a motive?

Control of Jesse.

Benny had a lot invested in him.

He wanted to manage his career, but Steven wasn't into it.

He didn't trust Benny.

Managing Jesse could be a huge payday.

When Marcus Hart went pro from Coastal State, he signed a $7 million deal.

How do you know everything about every Coastal player?

It's not like you even played.

Oh, I played... in the marching band.

You have to practice the same amount of hours.

I probably logged more field hours...


Just stop.

Okay. Get Bailey on surveillance.

Maybe Benny'll give us something that'll attach him to the shootings.

And the French horn is very difficult.

It's much more difficult than the regular horn because it's French.

(electronic chime)

Female computer voice: Please say a command.

Call Roger Murtaugh.

Calling Roger Murtaugh on cell.

(phone rings)

Hey, what's up, Mike?

Hey, I got a proposition for you.

Come on, you know I'm married.


Consider taking my job.

I'm gonna retire, and I already mentioned you to the guy that makes the decisions here, so...

Ho-Hold on.

I know you love being a cop, Roger.

I did, too.

I thought I was gonna miss my gun and my badge, chasing bad guys, but I don't.

Not even a little.

Is that your tooth?

Yeah. Can you come over here and hold it for me?

Look, the point is, the perks go on and on.

I'm talking a suit allowance, a sleek car, the whole package.

I mean, you're at the last exit ramp, man.

You want to be stuck where you are forever?

Murtaugh: The guy gets himself punched in the face and then, boop, he puts the tooth back in his head with rubber cement.

I ju... I just can't.

(laughs) So, get him a dentist.

Or there's another option.


I got a job offer.

A job offer? What kind of job?

Head of security at Coastal State.

Head of security? Whoa.

That's like a real job offer.


What does it entail?

Well, for starters, there's no Riggs.

It's a 9:00 to 5:00, low stress, I get tickets to the game and free tuition.

Plus, I'll be making almost triple what I'm making now.

Riana: Hell yeah!

Get that in writing.

Go. You're not supposed to be listening or cussing.

I'm always doing both.

(whispers): Hey.

Look, it's not a done deal yet, but it doesn't hurt to take the meeting, right?

Riana: Take the meeting!


Palmer: Hey, it's me.

Uh, pretty sure I was amazing in the sack, and yet you haven't called, which means, (chuckles) like, you overdosed on spray cheese?

Try to get clean by tomorrow night.

Same hotel, room service. Or not.

You know, I can eat ten sliders on my own anyway.

(phone beeps)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

(thunder rumbling softly)

What's up? How we doing?

What the hell happened to your head?



Are you okay?

Oh, yeah. It's nothing.

Just a, uh...

You should see the other guy. You know?

So, what do we got?

Bailey: Surveillance on Benny Barnes.

He's been waiting at the table for about 40 minutes.

You didn't happen to order a chili-cheeseburger, did you?

I'm starving.

I'm a vegetarian.


We've had this conversation before.

And I was there when we had that conversation?


Here we go.

Looks like Benny's date arrived.

(camera clicking)

Wait a minute, I know that guy.

How do you know that guy?

He was at the hospital yesterday visiting Jesse.

Some big alumni booster.

Walter Hancock.

Hey. Look, you stay with Benny.

I'm gonna go follow Hancock.

I'm on it.

Oh, and by the way, really good conversation that we had here.

Really... I'm gonna remember that.

Hi. How are you?

I am look...

(gentle piano music playing, quiet chatter)

...hire who you want.

Well, Roger, the job offers complete autonomy.

Would be your department to run as you see fit.

I hire who I want?

Hancock: Of course. You know better than we do who you want to work with, right?


Well, this is unexpected.

What are you doing here, Riggs?

Well, usually, I come for the strudel.

Because the strudel is delicious, but if you're about to question a suspect, maybe a full meal. How's the fish?

There is no fish.

And Mr. Hancock is not a suspect.


Anchovy. Anchovy's a fish, is it not?

Murtaugh: Riggs, you need to leave.


Hold on. I lost my tooth.

I think it's in the salad.

Oh, this is, uh... this is weird.

Why don't you visit with your friend and we'll talk later.


You just ruined my job interview.

Coastal State wanted me as their new head of security.

Oh, seriously?

You mean riding around on a little golf cart?

You would be awesome at that. You'd hate it, though.

No, you know why? Because I got three kids going to college, a wife that's out of work, and a partner that just makes my life miserable!

Yeah, but you'd be working for a murderer.

Do I seriously make your life miserable?

So, you just decided that Mr. Hancock is a murderer?

Yeah, Rog.

I just decided.

I just pulled it out of the air.

No. I followed him here.

Okay? Not expecting to see you.

And guess what.

This isn't his first meeting tonight.

He met with Benny Barnes on the way here.


Yeah, Rog, Benny.

Why would he want to meet with Benny?

I don't know. That's a really good question, isn't it, Rog?

And I'd love to delve into that, but first I need to find my tooth.



Now, should we look at the entrees?

Maybe get something to go?

I had them wrap up your salad to go after you stormed out of the restaurant.

You mean the salad that your tooth fell into?

I'm sorry, are you saying you don't want the salad now?

So, did you hear from your buddy?


After you demolished my interview?

Look, I did you a favor.

All right? The guy's literally a murder suspect, Rog.

For once...

I had hope.

A picture of a beautiful future.

Oh, hey, look, a free dessert.

Murtaugh, you got a minute?

I have all the time in the world.

Are you seriously considering leaving to take this job at State?

No. Where'd you hear that?

Riggs. It's not gonna happen.

Trish is gonna get another job, you know that.

It's... she's not just gonna stop being Trish.

I don't know that.

She loves not working... running charities, German pancakes.

You should see her.

I mean, she looks great, which I love, but...


It's not just Trish.


I got something on the Raines case: Tanya Raines' credit card bill.


Murtaugh: So, she's $20,000 in debt.

Who's not?

Tanya. Not anymore.

Next month's bill, her debt's paid in full.

On a waitress salary.

Okay, well, that's worth another conversation with her.

Riggs and I will just...

Where's Riggs?


Hey, Wally Hancock!

We got to stop running into each other.

Hey, by the way, nice ride.

Get off my car.

What are you, drunk?

God, I wish.

I'm on the wagon, Wally.

My colleagues and I have to get to a meeting.

If you don't mind.

Ooh, what's the meeting about?

Is this about bribing recruits or killing kids that get in the way of bribing recruits?

Hey, look, this is harassment!

I'm very good friends with the police chief.

I'm gonna give him a call.

Oh, please, give him a call.

Tell him that you hired Benny Barnes to kill Steven Raines, right?

And before you say, "Who the heck is Benny?"

I have got a phone full of photos of you guys all cozy'd up at the burger joint.

Oh, this one brings out your eyes.

I've been friends with Benny for years.

The photos only prove it.

Thought you might say that. So, that's why we're getting a warrant to go through Benny's accounts.

And if we find one payment from you... and by the look on your face, might have... well, that's NCAA rules violation and...

I don't know, maybe a first-degree murder charge.

Hey, any of you guys an attorney, by any chance?

Okay, okay, okay.

Look, I wanted Jesse at State.

His cousin was getting in the way, so maybe I... asked Benny to persuade Steven to get on board.


By persuade, you mean, like, rough up and then shoot him?

God, no.

If Benny roughed Steven up, or worse, that was his idea.

And that money that I got to Benny, that was for Jesse's family.

They were in a tough situation.

I wanted to help out.

His mother?

The last thing I would want to do is hurt anyone over a recruit.

It might permanently damage the program.

Good point, Wally.

Hey, Wally, do me a favor.

Stay the hell away from my partner.

Come on, Tanya! Level with me.

$20,000 bills just don't pay themselves off.

My aunt died.

Money came from her.

Generous. And what's her name?

I think you were taking payouts.

All those schools' boosters trying to get a piece of Jesse.

Someone sent a taste your way? Benny? Hancock?

Those men were just looking out for Jesse's best interests.

And so was Steven, and now he's dead!

Steven was full of himself.

Thinking he knew best what was right for Jesse and me.

Did Steven know you were taking payouts?

And he went to Benny?

Tanya: I think it's time that you left.

And you got scared, because if Steven made trouble, they'd stop paying you.

Did you tell any of those men about the party they were going to that night?

Get out! Now!

Yo, Rog. I figured it out.

Benny and Hancock were giving money...

Jesse's mother. Yeah, I know.


Where were you?

I went to go see Hancock.

Yeah, you're not gonna get that job.

This look familiar to you?

Riggs: Just like at the crime scene.

Hey, kid.

You know who's car made these tracks?

You got three dollars?

That's his going rate for cops, Rog.

Mm-hmm. It's fair.


That's Wendell's car.

His ride's so low that his muffler drags.

And who's Wendell?

Are you serious?

Wendell and his crew run things around here.

Wait, you saw them all when you first got here.

You mean the guys that were sitting out front?


Guy with a sensitive sense of smell?


All right.

That three dollars also buys us a last name.

Let's go.

Jesse: What did you do?

He was family!

I owed thousands of dollars to people...

You're supposed to be the main one who's here for me.

But you just ruined my life and took Steven's.

Why? Because he got in the way?

Who'd you go to, Ma?

Who, Benny?

Who, Ma?

Hey, Wendell! My mom told me everything!

She cut you in to get Steven in line!

But you killed him, man!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Better watch yourself now, Jesse.

You not some hotshot prospect anymore.

Something happens to you, ain't nobody gonna care.

Not anymore.

Man, you destroyed my life.

Gonna get yours!


Wendell: Get him in there.

Murtaugh: Bailey, put out a BOLO on Wendell's car.

Turns out he's got a whole bunch of priors.

Rog, would you really have taken that other job?

What's it matter? There is no job.

If there was another job.

(phone beeps)

Hold on a second, Riggs.

Hey, Mike, I'm talking to my pain-in-the-ass partner.

Still me, Roger.




Roger, you there?

Look, if this is about the job...

It's not about the job, it's about the BOLO you guys just put out.

How'd you know we put out a BOLO?

Police scanner.

Old habits are hard to break.

Your black and gold ride with the low muffler is parked across campus in the stadium lot.

Okay, well, don't try to be a hero, Mike.

- We're on our way.

(siren wailing)

You sure we want to do this here?

Campus police could show up at any time.

Doing it here is gonna keep us out of jail.

No one will think twice when he offs himself right here in the same spot where all his dreams could've came true.

Guys, don't do this.

You ain't got to do this.

Shut up, bitch.

All right, so how you want to do this?

You want to split up or you want...

Definitely split up.

All right, well, that was quick.

Look, I know I've been a little difficult to deal with on this case, all right, and maybe one or two others...

How 'bout all of them?


Wendell: Time to say good-bye to what could've been, Jesse.

I slept with Palmer.


And it's been messing with my head, you know.

Not that I blame her, but...

(gunshots in distance)

Police! Drop your weapon!

Cover me.

♪ ♪



Back off!

Drop that weapon, Wendell.

How 'bout you back the hell up!

Or I'll shoot him!

I'll do it!


Riggs: You're welcome!

Murtaugh: What?!

Well, I got him.

I got him.

Oh. (chuckles) Rog, seriously?

Come on, bud, you know when it comes to the firearm accuracy department, I kind of nudge you out.

Oh, hell you did not.

You were way up there.

I was right there when I shot him.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Jesse, you good?


All right.

Look, what I was trying to say earlier is that I'm sorry for, you know...


No, not everything, all right?

Just whatever it is that makes you want to go take another job.

Do I really make you miserable?

There are moments.

You know, 'cause you never seem miserable.

Have you ever thought that maybe you're one of those guys that's just not happy unless you're miserable?

Murtaugh: Have you ever considered maybe you are?

Do you guys always fight like this?



Congratulations, you two. I believe this is the first case you've closed without eliciting a lawsuit.

Well, that's disappointing.

No car crashes, no explosions.

The only thing you managed to destroy this time around was college football.

After everything Benny and Hancock did, State'll be sanctioned for the next ten years, which means my season tickets are worthless.

I hear the marching band will still be playing.

Oh. - Did you know they practice as much as the football team?

(stammers) Is it difficult to march and play at the same time?

I mean, the instr...

(imitates trombone)

When you disrespect the band, you disrespect yourself.

(softly): Right.

♪ ♪

Murtaugh: No, you're not throwing these away.

These should be in a museum or a trophy case.

Trish: Really?

Yeah. And what about this?

This is from our old apartment.

It's our mail bowl. We used to...

Honey. Are you worried because I'm not working?

Be honest.

Riana: I knew it.

We have to move, don't we?

Dad didn't get the job.

I could've got that job, with my résumé tied behind my back.


Riana calm down.

I only quit less than a week ago. We're not moving.

And even if we were, that wouldn't matter.

Not to you.

I don't want to share a room with RJ.

Okay, listen. A big house and nice things does not make you happy in this life.

That's right.

And... even though I've loved my time off, it won't be forever.

I'm going back.

You're going back when?

Your old firm?

Um, listen, I'm still trying to decide.

But what I do know is I want what your father has.

It's not always bliss, but I want to love what I do.

♪ ♪

Pretty sure there are professionals for that sort of thing.

I'm pretty sure I'm qualified.

Need help tying a knot?

No, I got it. I just need to...

Yeah. Maybe.

There you go.

Ah. Look at that.

I knew you'd fix my head someday, Doc.

Well, it's not perfect, but it'll do.

Yeah. Thanks.

And, you know, I... I know you didn't ask, but this thing with Palmer, wherever you decide to take it, I think it's a step in the right direction, so don't beat yourself up over it.


Beat myself up? Me? Never.

(clears throat)

Riggs, it's okay to be happy.

♪ ♪


♪ You gotta be a little smarter ♪
♪ Try a little bit harder ♪
♪ You gotta do what you can ♪
♪ To get on down the line... ♪

Thanks, Detective.

Wouldn't never made it here if you hadn't pushed me.

Literally, into the car.

Well, I'm gonna keep pushing you.

Into the enrollment office.


So you and your mom gonna be all right?

Not right this minute.

But I guess she thought she was doing what was best for me.

I know that much.

I never really thought about the school side of a scholarship.

Yeah, well, my life turned out fine without football.

So will yours.

♪ You gotta speak a little louder ♪
♪ You gotta be a little prouder ♪
♪ 'Cause you know that someday ♪
♪ Your bones will be in the ground... ♪

Roger Mayfield Murtaugh!

(crowd cheering)

♪ I left a part of myself ♪
♪ When I left it all behind ♪
♪ Trying to get on down the line ♪
♪ You gotta do it for yourself ♪
♪ And I will, too. ♪

Palmer: Hey, stranger.

What happened to your tooth?