02x07 - Prisoner's Dilemma

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "White Collar". Aired: October 2009 to December 2014.

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A white collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman.
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02x07 - Prisoner's Dilemma

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You see what it's about?

Who else is coming in?


Yeah, it would be easier, if it wasn't Saturday already.

Thought I can... I can add 30 people to the list.

Can you?

No. Sugar.

Not you, Jones.

[ Groans ]

Yeah, what if we open up the patio?




All right, got it. I'm on my way.

Yeah, yeah, I'll be there at 2:00.

Thanks for breakfast, hon. I gotta go.

Yeah, I gotta go, too.

All right, let's see. What do I have to do?

I've got to...


This is crazy.

Look at us. This is our weekend.

Honey, the reception's this afternoon.

I've got to order tomato basil crostini... yeah, and I got to catch some bad guys, but we also need a little time for us.

I know. I'm sorry.

Ever since I got back from San Francisco, it's been nonstop.

Well, you know what?

It is gonna end tonight.

You and me, a bottle of wine, and a movie.

No work, no discussion of work, no excuses.

Just us.


Okay. All right.

[ Chuckles ]


Just for that, I might make my patented pot roast.

Oh. I wonder what you'll make if I keep going.

[ Chuckles ]

Bye. Bye.

[ Chuckles ]

I won't.

Any idea why we're being called in at 8:00 A.M. on a Saturday?

Crime doesn't take the weekend off.

Did you have plans?

I was hoping to go to the white bored exhibit at the Powell.

White "board"?

No, no. "White-bored," spelled b-o-r-e-d.

It's conceptual.

The artist has taken a mundane office item and turned it into a canvas commentary on modern business.

Does he use paint?


I already have one in my office.

Wait. And how did you know how I was spelling "board"?

It's the same word. Your tone.

Peter, you got to see it. Come with me.

The museum's outside your radius.

Can't. Date night with Elizabeth.

Even better. She'll love it.

No, date night, which means no white board of any sort and no Neal.

You could ask her.

I'll make you a deal. You can see the exhibit...


...If you n find an FBI agent willing to escort you.


You making el pot roast?

It's the only food I've ever heard you brag about.

Bancroft's here.

Your boss's boss. This can't be good.

Do all the higher-ups do the double-finger point?

They teach it at Quantico. Wait here.


Good morning, Neal. What do you want?

It's the last weekend of the white-bored exhibit at the Powell.

Outside your rads.

I need an escort. Just hear me out.

Swan's work is gonna blow your mind.

His pieces are a master study of corporate counterculture that frankly I think would be irresponsible for you to ignore as an informed member of the white collar division.

I agree. Excellent.

That's why I went last week.

You shouldn't have waited so long to ask.

Why are the marshals here?

I guess you're gonna find out.

Neal, this is John Deckard from the marshals' office.

Are you sure it's necessary to bring him in?

Neal, how long did you evade the U.S. marshals?

Technically, they never found me.

You did.

As I heard it, you had the marshals searching for you along the Mexican riviera.

If anyone knows about evading arrest, it's Neal Caffrey.

I want this agent found, and I want the two of you to work it out.

Yes, sir.

FBI Agent Jack Franklin is currently a fugitive.

An FBI agent's on the run?

He used to work here in the white collar branch.

Did you know him?

Not well.

He transferred in from the Chicago office a couple years ago, then he got bumped down to internal bank fraud.

Isn't that the Siberia of assignments?

Maybe the bureau should've fired him instead.

U.S. marshals caught him trying to access their witness database.


Deckard, do you want to coordinate the search?

Justice department insisted we loop you in.

Well, you're looped in. Let me know what you find.

U.S. marshals... all smiles. Yeah.

Conference room.

Franklin is one of us.

I don't know what he's gotten into, but if anyone's gonna bring him in, it's gonna be the FBI.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. What?

This is the first time I've been on this side of a manhunt. the marshal was one looking for Franklin at 6:30 this morning. (?)

And he's m.I.A.

They've got a two-hour head start.

We cannot let them get to Franklin before we do.

If they catch him fleeing, they will sh**t him. Jones?

I'll check the airports, transit in and out of the city.

Good. Diana?

I'll put photos in circulation and cross-reference with his FBI aliases.

All right, I want to canvass his friends and family, so let's move.

Franklin was a good agent. He was.

Top in his class. 12 years of service.

FBI medal of valor. That can't be easy to come by.

Mnh-mnh. What happened?

He had an inappropriate relationship with his C.I.



How inappropriate?

Do you want me to draw you a diagram?


He fell in love with her. He got caught.

And they sent him down to bank fraud.

Well, then, she was his first stop.

Well, maybe. She's his former C.I.

They broke it off when he got transferred.

She has three known aliases. She knows how to hide someone.

I mean, come on, Peter.

If you went on the run... I wouldn't go on the run.

Yeah, but if you did...

Yes, I'm sure it'd be your fault. Let's move.

Rebecca Vidal, please. Sure. Just one minute.

She works here in...

[clears throat] Sales.

Before she became a C.I., what was she into?

She was a car thief.

Do what you know.

I'm a prospective customer.

Rebecca and I are going on a test drive.

Maybe I should take the test drive...

Talk to her C.I. to C.I.

You will do no such thing. You just want to drive the car.

Those two gentlemen, right over there.

Rebecca: Oh.

Now I understand the inappropriate relationship.

There's a reason el prefers my working with a male C.I.

All right, if the car-talk gets a little detailed, I got you covered.


Hi. I'm Rebecca. What can I do for you today?

Actually, my friend Peter has come into a modest windfall.

I'm his consultant.


I have an '86 GTB, and I'm looking at an upgrade.

Well, '86 is a classic, but the Spyder's got 483 horsepower versus 270 in yours.

Double the torque, F-trac s*ab, which you need at 200 miles an hour.

How are the adjustments to Manettino controls?

Well, I could tell you you'd love the steering-wheel-mount shifting, but nothing speaks like a test drive.

[ Chuckles ]

And it comes standard with GPS?

[ Chuckles ] Yes. I'll go get the keys.

'86 GTB... nice touch.

You don't have to drive one to dream about them.

[ Engine turns over ]

Behave while I'm gone.

[ Engine revs ]

There you go. Thank you.

You've been here before.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, a few times.

What's your name?


Anyone ever offered you a test drive?

No. Nobody ever said hello.

People judge.

I wish it weren't so, but people judge.

By your cotton-poly blend. By your pleated khaki slacks.

By your cellphone holster.

But, Dan, you can wear whatever you want if you drive a Gallardo.


But that's not why you drive one.

You drive one because this car is...

A transcendent experience.

Hello, Dan. I'm Nick Halden.

You ready for a test drive?


I'll get the keys.

Taking the Gallardo out.

He's a looker, not a buyer.

When'd you start?

Oh, this morning. Eddy didn't tell you?

Nick Halden.

Welcome, Nick. Thanks.

He may be a looker, but he's live.

Good luck.

Thank you.

[ Engine purrs ]

[ Tires screech ]

Why are we stopping?

Peter Burke, FBI.

Based on that look, you know why I'm here.

I knew it. I knew it.

Listen to me.

I worked with Agent Franklin in the white collar division.

I want to help him.

The marshals already came by.

They searched my place this morning, then went through all my stuff at work.

I'm not doing this again.

Take me back...Now.

My CI. is more than just my entrée into the criminal world.

He's the one I turn to when I need help.

Are you finished?


Good. Then turn the car around.

[ Engine turns over ]

What'd I say? What'd I tell you, huh?

I want it! That one!

Okay, have a seat. I'll get the paperwork going.

Can I get you some espresso?

That would be great, yeah. Okay. Sure.

Listen, uh, this is my first sale, and I promised to split it with Rebecca.

He's buying?

I know, but she's out with another customer.

Can you log me in on her computer?


Congrats. Thanks.

Oh, um...

Could you get him an espresso?


You better hope I find him before the marshals.

Look, I haven't seen Agent Franklin in almost a year.

He broke it off after they demoted him.

He was a good agent.

Whatever they're saying he did...

There's no way.

He needs to come in.

It's the only way we can clear him.

I told you, I don't know where he is.

All right, listen, listen.

If you two do make contact, let him know that I'll make him this promise...

I'm willing to listen.

Uh... What?

I know that you think I only took the car out to talk.

Clearly you didn't take it out to drive it.

No, but...

I need an honest answer on one more thing.

I've been with the bureau for 12 years.

I've got perfect credit.

Can I get financed on one of these?

You'd have better luck seizing one from a drug dealer.


Hey, Rebecca. So glad you're back.

This is Dan. He's buying the yellow Gallardo.

Dan, Rebecca will take it from here.

Congratulations, my friend. Thanks.

What were you thinking?

Her drive log from yesterday? So?

3:45 P.M., she took a test drive with Claudia Weaver.

Claudia Weaver... that's one of Rebecca's aliases.

So, she took herself for an hour-and-a-half spin in a Porsche.

Any idea where she and her alias went?

Luckily, the cars come equipped with a GPS tracking device.

[ Chuckles ] Just like you.

Just like me.

Franklin shows up at her showroom.

Rebecca tells everyone she's going for a test drive and she parks the car here.

Or Franklin phoned her and they met there. Mm-hmm.

Boss, look at this file.

The Sullivan antitrust case.

It's the case Franklin was working on before he got transferred from white collar.

Where'd you find it?

In a locked file drawer in Franklin's office.

I got in there before I let the marshals search it.

That's Deckard.

Are these all U.S. marshals?

No, not all of 'em. Some are witnesses.

This guy's a lawyer. So is this guy.

Man: Have you found anything?

Where's Agent Burke?


He's upstairs in the conference room.

Come on.

Wait a minute. If it's a canvas commentary, why would he use white...


Any leads?

Deckard...A little heads-up when you're on your way over here.

Hey, what did Franklin's C.I. say to you?

Did she give you a location?

Ah, we don't have anything yet.

How did you know that we met with Rebecca Vidal?

The marshals can track my anklet.

I heard you were quick.

Are those Franklin's files?

Just the files you gave us this morning.

You know, just because Franklin's one of you doesn't make him any less guilty.

We're on the same team.

Jones, show him what we have.

You're not sharing the file from Franklin's office.

Think I'll take it home with me.

Working from home... that's one way to avoid them looking over your shoulder.

Here's the other way.

You stay here and let them look over your shoulder.

With pleasure.

Oh, Peter...

Have fun cooking your pot roast.

[ Timer dings ]

[ Bang ]

Jack Franklin.

Agent Burke.

You said you'd listen, so here I am.

I need you to lower your w*apon.

I can't do that.

Put your g*n down, Jack. House rules.

I know your rep, Peter, and I'm here because you play straight.

You said you'd listen.

But I'm not surrendering my w*apon to you or anyone else, not until I can get the truth out.

Holster your w*apon, and we'll talk.

Hey, Moz.

Sorry I'm late.

So, they conscripted your Saturdays.

Go, FBI.

Found anything?

I deciphered the phone number that Kate dialed from the plane.

I traced it to a store-bought burner phone.

So no names associated with it.

Not yet.

But the reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.

It's been a while since you quoted Einstein.

Means you're in a groove.

Well, "great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weaker minds."

[ Door closes ]

Pot roast smells good.

[ Chuckles ] Kind of screwing up my date night with my wife.

You want to talk to me about those accusations?

I was working on the Sullivan antitrust case.

After two years, looked like I finally had a witness who was willing to come forward.

One week before his testimony, he's k*lled in a hit-and-run.

That's when you started poking around the marshal's office.

They were the only ones aside from me who knew where the witness was.

A few days after I start asking questions, OPR gets wind of me and Rebecca.

Next thing I know, I'm transferred into bank fraud.

Why didn't you tell anybody?

Well, I tried, but I didn't have any proof.

Why now? Why'd Deckard start going after you today?

I made a breakthrough, and Deckard knows I'm on to him.

Yesterday, I hacked into one of the defense attorney's systems.

That's Volker, in the Sullivan case.

I found a reference in an e-mail chain to a hard-copy ledger.

What's on it?

As far as I can tell, it's got every transaction Volker did with Deckard... the witness names, how much he paid Deckard, the names on the accounts...

Volker keeps it in his office in case Deckard tries to turn on him.

Hang on.

You and Rebecca went to Volker's office yesterday to look for it.

We were casing it out. How did you know?

We followed the GPS data on her test drive.

Does Deckard know this?

It's his case.

But if Deckard knows I went to Volker's office, he's gonna head there.

And if he gets that hard copy...


We do this together or not at all. Okay.

You're a fugitive.

There's a warrant for your arrest.

I need you to surrender your w*apon.

Good. Let's go.

I'm telling you, Jones, you cannot miss this.

It's mostly office motifs, all right?

Imagine Shepard Fairey meets Dilbert.

That means nothing to me.

And you compare that to this.

Where's Deckard?

He went to Chase down a lead.


He didn't say.

[ Cellphone buzzes ]


Peter, Neal and I are on speaker in your office.

What's going on?

Deckard left the FBI.

Who are you on the phone with?

Jack, don't break in.

Are you with Jack Franklin?

Yeah. Volker's office.

Franklin says that Deckard is the one who's selling witness information.

And there's evidence in Volker's office to prove it.

That may be where Deckard went.

Wait, wait, Peter. You're with Franklin?

Yeah. Do you need backup?

No, we're in Glen cove.

It'll take you a half-hour to get here.

I'm not waiting for backup. Jack... that evidence is my only hope.

You can wait here or follow a fleeing suspect.

Peter, I'm gonna call local p.D.

No, I'll manage.

I'll let you know if things change.

[ g*n ]




It's Burke!

Peter, he's destroying evidence.

Deckard: Franklin, it's over! You're coming in!

Deckard! Yeah?

Where's your backup?

They're on their way!

[ g*n ]

P7Deckard, hold your f*re!

[ Breathing heavily ]

He got to the files.

Deckard, I'm gonna stand up!

Both of us are gonna lower our w*apon.

Burke, Jack Franklin's a fugitive.

Why haven't you cuffed him yet?

He's unarmed. We're gonna wait for backup.

Well, I don't know what you have planned, but he's coming with me.

Deckard, listen... ah. The FBI, always covering for each other.

Don't think about it!

You have no idea what you're getting yourself into!

I think I do.

Jam the door! This won't hold long!
[ Beep ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Peter.

I need to hot-wire a Lamborghini.


Because... no, right now.

[ banging ]

I need to actually hot-wire a Lamborghini Murciélago roadster.

Ooh. Yeah. That's a tough one.

Can you do this?!

No. What do you mean, "no"?

I mean, it's a half-million-dollar Lamborghini.

You can't just tap two wires together and f*re up the engine.

You need the key.

Rebecca, it's an '09 Lamborghini 640 LP roadster.

Give me the VIN number.

If I can find it in the dealership database, I may be able to route the key code through the phone.

Neal: Is Franklin talking to Rebecca?

Is this a C.I.-off?

Hard to say. He's reading her the VIN number.

Wait. You said Volker kept evidence against Deckard?

Yes, in his office.

So he's the kind of guy who likes to have a backup plan.

No, I already checked!

No key in the obvious places.

Wait, wait a second.

There's a small recess inside the rear bumper molding.

It's where I'd put a backup. Peter, she found the code.

But it's gonna take a couple of minutes to see if it works.

[ Engine turns over ]

My C.I. b*at your C.I.

Yeah, well, mine's out of practice.

[ g*n ]

Jack: What are you doing?

Peter: This ends here.

We're meeting my team.

I need to figure this out.

Not with me, you're not.

You can't run from this.

You saw what just happened.

Deckard destroyed the only piece of evidence I'm gonna find that's gonna clear my name, and he's sh**ting to k*ll.

We can fix this.

How are you gonna do that?

[ Sighs ] I don't know yet.

But the answer isn't getting on a greyhound bus.

Deckard knows that you're in contact with Rebecca.

He's gonna go after her to try to get to you.

There was a reason that you were willing to risk your career for the witness who was k*lled in the Sullivan case.

I know you still believe in our system.

Okay. You had me at "he's gonna go after Rebecca."

It's all right. It's all right.

That car's got a tracking device as good as my anklet.

Can you disable it? Why?

You're not coming in?

It's complicated. We got to lose the marshals.

They're not gonna be far behind us.

Then you better get started.

Do I understand correctly that Peter Burke is on the run?

The same Peter Burke who would never run.

No talking.

Tracking disabled.

You okay?

Getting there.

Gonna need a place to hide out till we figure out our next steps.

Think I can manage that.


You must be Agent Franklin.

All right, you two head back to the FBI.

Any further contact will be through Diana.

Be careful, Mario.

Hello, sir.

Where's Peter?

So you've spoken with Deckard.

He said that Franklin was destroying evidence and that Peter helped him flee.

I believe Peter is still with Franklin. Why?

He thinks Deckard is selling the witness information, not Franklin.

Really? Yeah. There was proof in Volker's office, but Deckard got there first and destroyed it.

You were there?


So you don't know that. Peter wouldn't have fled unless he thought Franklin was in real danger.

So, why didn't he come in?

Because he wanted your permission to stay out there with Franklin while they work out a way to prove that Deckard is behind this.

Get Peter on the phone. He tossed it.

So then he isn't really asking permission.

I guess it was more of an FYI. Mm.

Look, this can work in our favor.

Deckard doesn't know we suspect him.

And he'll probably try to keep Jones and I close, in case Peter contacts us.

Oh, you want me to authorize you to mislead the U.S. marshals to buy Peter time.


I will let you know.

Thank you.

Oh, by the way, just in case Deckard brings it up...

[ Chuckles ]

...Peter had to steal a Lamborghini when they fl...

I knew this day would come.

The hunter has become the hunted.

This way, gentlemen.

Where are we going?

Somewhere no suit has ever gone...

Nor shall ever go again.

[ Zen music plays ]

You're a buddhist?

I don't subscribe to labels.

Don't think this is my only safe house.

One of many. I call it Tuesday.


Because I'm usually here on Wednesdays.

How well do you know this guy?

Well enough.


I left the pot roast in the oven.

Date night. I didn't call Elizabeth.

Ah. Mrs. suit will not be pleased with you.


He knows your wife?

I'm sure Rebecca has some friends you'd like to forget.

Excuse me, you can show a little respect for the man who's harboring two fugitives.

You have no idea what bringing you here is doing to my chi.

I'm sorry, Mozzie. Thank you for your hospitality.

Well, in that case... Mi casa is "suit" casa.

[ Chuckles ]

We won't be here long.


What did you find on Volker?

He has one of the highest acquittal rates in the city.

Moreover, he won his last three cases when a key witness disappeared or died.

So what's the plan?

If Bancroft buys off, Jones and I will keep Deckard occupied.

That'll free you up for Peter to contact.


You and Jones... we're gonna stake out Burke's home.

Who are you?

Bancroft: She's a transfer from D.C.

I want her running point with your people here.

Let's go.

There's got to be a way to prove that Deckard is working with Volker.

Stan Volker, the defense lawyer?

How do you know him?

He sold out a friend of mine who was arrested with one of his clients.

I knew he was trouble.

You can never trust anyone who spells his name with dollar signs on his license plates.

You know about his cars?

Are you kidding?

His "lambis" are all the guy ever talks about.

We need to move that car.

Even with the tracking device disabled, the thing's gonna attract attention outside.

You stole one of Stan's Murciélagos?

We commandeered it.

You g-men and your manifest destiny.

Mozzie, how would you like to participate in a government-sanctioned con?

Involving a dirty marshal, Stan, and one of his prized Lamborghinis?

How about yes?

Excellent. All right, listen.

I need to get ahold of Diana. Where's a phone?

There's no phones here. Tuesday has no phones.

Give me a phone, Mozzie.

Okay, there's an emergency burner phone in the dojo.

Which way?

There's only one dojo in the loft.

[ Gasps ]

I can fix it.

[ Exhales slowly ]

Hey, babe! What's with all the smoke?


Satchmo, what are you doing outside?

Where's your daddy?

Oh, man!

This feels really, really wrong.

Well, you can always tell us where he is.

I wish I knew.

Frankly, I'm a little offended he hasn't contacted me.

I'm not.

I want nothing to do with this.

It's all on Peter.

He's your boss. I'm surprised you're not more loyal.

You know, since Peter's the real reason you're not behind bars, I assume you're protecting him.

So let's all be very honest about why we're here.

Sooner or later, he's gonna contact her or one of you guys.

Yes, one of these keys goes to your anklet.

How do you like the new model, by the way?

You know, it's lighter than the last one.

And sleek. I get a lot of compliments.

And the GPS is more accurate, too, down to the yard.

Yeah, I noticed.

For example, tonight I wanted to go to a museum exhibit a mere 2 miles outside my radius...


[ clears throat ]

We got company.

Who is that?

No idea.

[ Knock on door ]


Uh, may I?

Yeah. W-what are you doing here?

Date night.

A dirty U.S. marshal named John Deckard.

...Has been selling the locations of witnesses to a defense attorney.

A devious defense attorney.

And he's been using this information to intimidate...

...And k*ll witnesses.

Which is why your Noble husband leapt to the aid of a wrongfully accused FBI agent...

...Who inadvertently commandeered my date night.

And here I am.

What exactly is the plan?

The less I tell you, the better, just in case Deckard tries to interrogate you.

Have you ever heard of a prisoner's dilemma?

Yeah, it's the idea of separating two suspects and getting them to turn on each other, right?

Yes, b this is a little more challenging.

Is Neal involved in this?

He is, but Peter hasn't told him yet, which is one of our challenges.

But we've done more with less.

Is my husband okay?

Oh, right.

He told me to tell you, "azaleas good. That means he's okay.


Oh, nothing. I'm not judging.

My safe word is "bread basket."

Actually, Mozzie, that's two words.


Excuse me, my name is Stan Volker.

I got a call from an Agent Diana Barrigan about my car.

Yeah, hi. I got this.

Stanley Volker?


Thanks for coming in.

I'm afraid I have some bad news about your car.

Which one?

I think it's best you see for yourself.

I'll let them know we're on our way.

[ Telephone dialing ]

What do you know about this guy?

Jones: He's another C.I.

Peter leans on him when Neal's not around.


We should talk to him.

No, let's let it play out.

Let's see where he leads us.

So, Thursday has a view, huh?

[ Chuckles ]

To say Thursday has a view is like saying the hubble telescope has a magnifying glass.

It is the most spectacular cityscape our fair city has to offer.


I have to go now.


Are you gonna watch "moon landing... factor fiction?"


Oh. Then it leaves with me.

It was nice to see you, Mrs. suit.

Nice to see you, too, Moz.

Thanks for the vino.

It was Neal's.

[ Chuckles ]

Looks like our C.I.'s left the building.

You want us to follow him or stay here?

We should follow him. We do both.

My guys stay and monitor the house.

We'll follow the miniature Caffrey.

I guess it's "put your C.I. to work" day.

This way.

Pretend you know me.

Give me a reason.

I've given your sweetheart safe passage, and in about two minutes, we're gonna clear his name.

They got to be talking about Burke and Franklin.

[ Cellphone buzzing ]

Excuse me, guys, I got to take this.

This is Neal.

Hey. Are you with Deckard?

Yeah, yeah.

Are you there, sir?

I am.

Who that?

Tell him it's Bancroft.

It's Bancroft.

Diana should be with Stan Volker.

Yeah. Uh-huh.

That's correct.

Give me the phone.

Look, I think Deckard wants to speak with you.

Caffrey, you still there?

Did you lose him?

It's Deckard, sir.


Put Caffrey back on.

Yes, sir.

I'm back.

Okay. Have you ever run a prisoner's dilemma?

I've been in one.

Well, now's your chance to run it on a U.S. marshal.

You clear on what to do?

Crystal clear.

Thank you, sir.

What's going on?

Just follow my lead.

Diana: Stan 1 was stolen earlier today and apparently taken on quite a joy ride.

They thought they could bring it here for parts.

What are they doing in there?

I think you know what they're doing in there.

That's it.

Who did this?

We have them in custody, Mr. Volker. Don't worry.

Well, they're gonna pay.

Just need your signature...

If you could read over this statement for me.

I think you'll find everything's in order.

Neal: Volker's cutting a deal with the FBI.

He's selling you out.

Yep, there it is... a signed confession.

See, once you showed up at Volker's office, he knew it was only a matter of ti before you turned on him.

He made a deal.

Come on, Deckard. Don't make it harder than it is.

There is one more thing.

What is this all about?

Deckard says you paid off an FBI agent to intimidate and k*ll witnesses in federal trials.

You're looking at 25 to life...

Unless you start talking.

Deckard came up with the whole thing.

What do you want to know about him?

Give it up. Stay back!

Hands up, Deckard!

It's over.

Put the g*n down on the ground!

You realize the grief you caused me with Bancroft when you fled?

Peter: Being on this side of a manhunt isn't all peaches and dandelions, is it?

Beats being led away in cuffs.

Good working with you, Deckard.

How'd it go?

They've cleared Franklin of all charges.

Bancroft's reinstating him into the white collar division.

That's great work, everyone. Let's get some rest.

[ Clears throat ] Neal...

Good work.

Thank you.

I'll be headed home, too.

Won't be going to the Powell today, 'cause, you know, it's outside my radius.


[ Cellphone ringing ]

Thanks for playing last night, Moz.

Oh, the follow-the-leader stuff?

That was child's play.

The reason I'm calling now is because I've obtained some information since then.

What'd you find?

I know who Kate called from the plane.

It was the FBI agent who set up the deal between you and Kate.

Garrett Fowler.

Now I need to find him.


I'll get right back to you.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Clears throat ] Sir.

Come here.

You planning on seeing this?

Well, yeah, I was, but, you know, it's out of my range and...


[ Sighs ]

I've wanted to see this thing since it opened.

Let's go.

You know, from the moment I met you, I could tell you're a man of refined tastes.

Oh, I know, hon.

I'll be home. 15 minutes, tops.

Oh, I can't wait, either.

Just a few hours sleep, and I'll be yours all day...

And night.
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