02x08 - Company Man

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "White Collar". Aired: October 2009 to December 2014.

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A white collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman.
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02x08 - Company Man

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That was a tough case.

It was a multimillion-dollar embezzlement scam.

All right, I'll give that to you, but all you got to do is follow the money.

Look, I'll show you. Do you have a quarter?

Will I get it back? Depends. If it disappears, can you find it?

What are you, a party clown?

I'm embezzling your quarter.

There's a crime in progress. Solve it.

It's in your right pant pocket.

You didn't make the switch with your right hand. Case closed.

How'd you know?

Because I kept my eye on the quarter.

See? All you got to do is follow the money.

You're brilliant. But we've got a new case.


Thank you.

Since when do we handle m*rder?

Since it's linked to corporate espionage.

The victim worked for novice systems.

Tech firm?

Yeah, they manufacture everything from cellphones to supercomputers.

Meet Joseph Hayes.

He was novice's lead R&D specialist.

Dropped d*ad of a heart att*ck.

Diana: What was he carrying?

A next-gen quantum microprocessor.

Anybody know what that is?


It's a very small... Tool...

...Tool. ... For binary code-breaking.

Novice was vying for a defense contract with several competitors.

According to their P.R., Hayes had a functioning prototype, which put them in the lead of that competition.

How do we know he was m*rder?

Toxicology report says there was digitalis in his bloodstream.

Somebody k*lled him and stole the prototype.

Diana: Any suspects?

Wesley Kent, founder and C.E.O.

He's pointing fingers at his competitors, but according to NYPD, he had an after-hours meeting on his calendar with Hayes the night that he died.

His initial statement contradicted the timeline from the coroner's report.

In other words, Kent's hiding something. Looks like it.

That's why I'm sending someone in undercover to the company.

I know a bit about corporate culture, so...

Sit down.

Novice has its annual audit scheduled for the beginning of next week.

It's a perfect opportunity for us to get the access we haven't been allowed.

Kent is expecting an accountant from Banefield financial to show up at his offices.

Well, if I'm not going in, who is?

[ Inhales deeply, clears throat ]

Peter Lassen, CPA, at your service.

Thought you joined the FBI to avoid number crunching.

Glad your accounting degree hasn't gone to waste.

I was recruited by several fortune 500 companies.

Single or double Windsor?

Single. It's hard to picture you at a big financial firm.

Been a life-changer. That's true.

In some alternate universe, you'd be wearing power ties, doing power lunches, flying corporate jets.

Doubt we'd have ever met. Well, maybe.

Under different circumstances. Well, that's true.

You might have robbed the company. Yep.

You could have had a mansion.

I like my house.

Horses. A s*ab in the Hamptons.

I've got a dog.

No regrets, huh?

No. I've got the bureau. I've got Elizabeth.

No. No regrets.

Banefield putting you up?

Yeah, company booked me in a suite at a four-star hotel.

Impressive. Yeah.

Almost as impressive as your getting Kate's flight-recorder data.

That's right. Sara told me.

Neal, if you're working on this, so am I.

I'm not working on anything.

Which means Mozzie's working on it.

I want somebody from my team involved.

Peter, he does not... no protests.

We are working on this together.

All right, who'd you have in mind?



She'll eat him alive.

Well, he's not much of a meal.

I want you to arrange a meeting.

Are you sure this... go.

I look good.

Peter Lassen.

Can I see your bag, please?

The basket is for your phone.

I'm Ellen Samuel, Mr. Kent's personal assistant.

Sorry for the security, but we can't risk our visitors leaving with any sensitive information. I understand.

You can pick up your phone and your laptop at the front desk on your way out.

If you'll just follow me, Mr. Kent would like a word before you start.

[ Beep ]

After you. Thank you.

Sorry we can't give you your own swipe key.

They're for employees only.

Executive offices are just around the corner.

Mr. Kent, this is Mr. Lassen.

Mr. Kent, pleasure to meet you.

Wesley... please. You mind if I call you Peter?

No, not at all. Good.

You're gonna be with us for the week, might as well work on a first-name basis.

[ Chuckles ] Most C.E.O.s aren't as welcoming to an external auditor.

Well, you're just looking at our books.

Armagnac... my daily vice.

I thought that we could, uh...

You know, drink to your new home for the week.

Ah, sorry, but not on the job.

Suit yourself.

I'll be coordinating with my team at Banefield financial.

The first thing I'll need to send to them are expense reports from your senior staff.

Whatever you want, we will provide.

And miss Samuel is at your service.

If you can just show me where to set up...

I'm sorry?

My office... where is it?


This is your office.

Now, if we can come together... "together" being the key word... we can move forward.

Look, if I'm gonna spend my time working with lady suit, it'd better be worth it.

And if I'm gonna spend my precious time supervising your pocket-sized pal, he better watch what he says. Why are you even here?

Because my boss asked me. You?

Uh, because Neal asked me.

So Neal's your boss?

Hey, I answer to no one, Nancy Drew!

I already have one fed in my life.

And I've got plenty of crooks in mine. Hey, hey.

We need to find Fowler.

We know Kate tried to contact him after Peter showed up at the hangar that day.

He's the only one who can tell us what really happened.


Fine. But I have rules.

You have rules?

You will meet me with all the pertinent files at a time and place of my choosing.

I will contact you via express courier.

You will receive a package.

In that package will be a sonnet giving clue to our rendezvous point.

You want to send me a sonnet?


[ Cellphone tings ] I don't do scavenger hunts. Or poems.

Ah, this is Jones.

Go. I can handle this.

I don't get handled!

Guys, please.


Hey. We're good?

Yeah, we're good.

Warrant came through for the novice hard drives, so we'll be looking for anything relevant to Hayes.

[ Beeping ]

Come on, Peter. Where are you?

...And an index of your earnings reports.

Can I get you anything else?

I'm fine.


Sure. Coffee.

Espresso, cappuccino, macchiato?

Regular coffee's fine.

Do you have a preferred blend?

Just plain old coffee.

We have Brazil bourbon Santos, a Panamanian boquete, and an Ethiopian sidamo.

I prefer the mediterranean espresso.

The beans are imported from the café vivace in Rome.

Italian roast?


[ Clears throat ]

Yeah, let's go with that one.

Remote access. Well done.

Timbuktu software Peter installed just gave me access to the entire novice database.

All I have to do is get around the server's firewalls.

And we're in.

That was fast.

A catalogued index of our earnings reports.


And here's your espresso. Thank you.

Got it.

I assume you have everything you need?

I do now.


Yeah...That's good.

Can you see me?

Elizabeth: I can.

Look at us being a modern couple.

I know. Okay, so, how's the room?

Uh, not a room, honey. It's a suite.

See for yourself.

Looks pretty fantastic.

Oh, wait a minute. Look at this view. Look at it.

There's a button that opens the curtains automatically. Wow.

And I've got a baby grand.

Well, it looks like you have everything you need.

Well, not everything.

Let me show you the best part of the room... you.

Oh, thanks for bringing me along.

[ knock on door ]

All right, now, get back to work.

I miss you. Miss you back.

Anybody see you?

No, I double-backed through the service entrance.

You sweep the place?

Yeah, minute I walked in. It's clean.

[ Whistles ] Nice digs, Peter.

Maybe you picked the wrong universe to live in.


No, no, no. Stay out of there.

Six bucks for a candy bar.

Yeah, it's on the tab. Embrace your hypothetical self.

I don't do hypothetical. Oh, we speculate all the time.

On our cases. Not on my life choices.

No touching.

Come on. What do you have?

Didn't get anything on Kent, but Jones found something pretty interesting on Hayes' computer.

Failed password attempts.

The day Hayes died, someone tried to access his office desktop.

They tried variations on his birthday, a bunch of song titles, and the name of the dog he had as a kid.

Somebody had a close relationship with him.

Looks like novice has a mole.

All right, Kent and his upper management can access any e-mail account that they want.

They wouldn't have to go fishing for a password.

We can rule them out.

Well, we need to dig into the junior execs.

[ Sighs ]

Since I'm the auditor, I can't be hanging around the water cooler.

But maybe you could.

You're sending me in?


Kent's kissing my butt.

He wants a clean audit so badly that maybe he'd hire a friend of mine who's looking for work in marketing.

If I pull the strings, think you can land the job?


I can do marketing.

Neal: I had Westen farms conduct a poll on what people found aesthetically pleasing in their cereal bowls.

You know what people liked to see?



[ Chuckles ] Raisins?

Well, a finite amount of raisins.

Market research gave us the key formula...

A 6:1 flake-to-raisin ratio.

I made sure every box we packaged met that standard.

Sales went through the roof. Wow.

That's how you got this job?

Breakfast cereal?

Ready-to-eat-cereal market, $10.7 billion last year.

Right, the little plastic prizes in the box.

Yeah. That's billion with a "b."

But tech's where it's at, dawg.

That's why I want to talk to you guys, you know, get some pointers.

Want to grab some drinks later?

Oh, well, we've already booked a dinner at Draytons, so...

Oh, you should come. Jessica...

Screw you, Trent. Andrew?

Fine with me. See?

Fine. You can play the game.

He can play the game, right?

What's the game?

It's a little tradition we have here.

It's called credit-card roulette.

Go out, run up a nice tab, throw all our company cards on the table, and let the server pick one.

And that card foots the bill.

Blows your dinner budget for the month.

You up for it?

[ Clicks tongue ]

Lock 'n' load, Trent.

Mr. Danvary?


The auditor would like to see you.

He spoke to accounting and has some questions about your 2009 w2s.

Uh-oh. Excuse me.

See you guys later.

I don't like him.

You don't like anyone, Trent.

I like Andrew. 'Cause I owe you money, Trent.

[ Laughs ]

Thank you.

You are stepping up in the world.

Well, it's not really my office.

Can it be mine?

You already have a workspace.

Oh, yeah, I get a cubicle. You get a palace.

I work harder. Yeah.


How's the marketing department?

Oh, nice blend of smarmy and suspicious.

I'll narrow it down later.

I'm meeting everyone for dinner tonight.

Oh. Espresso?

I've always liked espresso.

No more ugly FBI mugs for you.

I think you missed your calling.

Tiny cup, big office, expensive suits.

Ugly mugs are fine.

Don't fight your instincts, Peter. Embrace your true self.

You done?

I can keep going.

You're done. What time is dinner tonight?

9:00. What are you thinking?

If we do have a mole, we might be able to bait 'em.

You're pretty good at chitchat, right?

You want me to spread some gossip?

Tell everyone that you noticed I was looking into Hayes' files.

Maybe I found something interesting.

Let 'em think you found something on the d*ad guy.

Our mole will want to poke around your office.

Yeah, make him come to us.

I'm on it.

Trent: How much was the smoked squab?

Andrew: More than the lobster tartine, Trent.

Which is why I had to raise you with the opus.

Uh, uh... three bottles of opus?

No matter who loses, someone's gonna have to answer to accounting.

Or Kent himself. I haven't met him yet.

Look, the only thing you need to know about the boss is that he likes the high life almost as much as he likes quarterly profit.

Andrew: And he also likes his daily armagnac.

Buying him a bottle every now and then will help you stay on his good side.

Thanks for the tip.

So, uh, what's up with the hat?

Oh, that's just my humble as*ault on the commonplace.

Andrew: I like it. Kind of weird.

So, um, what happened with Joseph Hayes?

He was head of R&D, right?

He was working on the quantum processor.

Somebody told me he was m*rder.

Uh, w-why do you care?

Oh, when I was in the auditor's office, Hayes' file was on his desk.

Why is the auditor looking into Hayes?

I don't know. He had all your files too.

Are you serious?


Uh, here comes the bill.

[ Clears throat ]

Well, all right.

♪ Bump-bump, bump-bump-ba ♪

what's the damage?

Ooh! Ouch! $2,000.

So, hat guy, in or out?

Oh, I'm in. All right.


Andrew: Oh, whoa!

Shaking it up.

I'm not looking, I'm not looking.

Jessica: [ chuckles ]

You do the honors?

Hey, uh, pick a winner, honey.

Ooh, I guess you win. Trent.

That's great. Owie.

Owie. Great. Hope that bonus comes through.

[ Laughter ]


Neal: Jessica.

George. Hey. You surprised me.


You don't like surprises?

[ Chuckles lightly ]

What are you doing here?

Working late.

How about you?

What are you doing in the auditor's office?

I don't like anyone looking into my life... personally or professionally.

It's a little hypocritical, considering your current position, don't you think?

You said you were working late.

What is it you're working on, George?

I needed to see R&D's field studies on the new product launch.

Oh, those are in records on 12.

12. Got it. Mm.

So, uh, why didn't you call security?

You could have reported me.

I'm here after hours. I could be up to anything.

Which means you could probably report me, too.


I won't tell if you won't.


You're probably asleep right now.

Oh, I know, it's too late for coffee, but this is Ethiopian sidamo.

And it's not decaf, and it's delicious.

[ Chuckles softly ]

I know I'll be tossing all night, which would probably drive you crazy if you were here.

Or I was there.


...This could have been my life.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Any regrets?


But it's not all that bad.

The coffee's good, and we should think about silk sheets.

I never saw myself as a robe guy, but I don't know.

When in Rome...

[ Knock on door ]

Neal: Room service.

I love you.


[ Chuckles ] Look at you.

What, you're staying in character in case I'm one of Kent's minions?

All right, what do you have?

She took the bait.

Hmm. Jessica Breslin.

She's been at the company for the last 14 months.

When did novice put in its bid for the defense contract?

18 months ago.

So it's possible she's spying for one of their competitors.

She could lead us to whomever she's working for.

Man: Room service.

Uh, yeah, come on in.

Keeping up appearances?

A man has to eat.

Your kobe steak, sir.

Peter: Ah, thank you.

You're welcome, sir.

Nothing but the best for Peter Lassen, CPA extraordinaire.

I think you're jealous that I got the penthouse and you got the paperwork for once.

It's true. Up is down. Black is white.

Let's focus on Jessica.

She's been sending out a lot more mail since Hayes died.

Most of it to a P.O. box in White Plains.

Company doesn't do any business in white plains.


I'll have Jones get a warrant for that P.O. box.

You get a chance to check out Jessica's office, take it. Sure.


What's that?

Looks like Kent's inviting me to dinner tomorrow night.

Ooh, look at that. Wow.

This smells delicious. You want some? No, I'm good.

You sure?

Ah, ate before I came.

Oh, you had some kobe, as well?


Look at that. Okay. What is kobe beef?

Are you ready yet?

I have a process.

I didn't even get to write my sonnet yet.

You have O.C.D.

Uh, some might call it highly attentive.

[ Scoffs ]

Okay. I did a full background check on Fowler.

There's been no hits on his credit cards, bank accounts, or passport.

I showed you mine. You show me yours.

Don't ever say that again.


This is all we have on him.

This is just Fowler's resignation from the bureau.

Yeah, as of five weeks ago.

O.P.R. booted him, swept the whole thing under the rug.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

I hope I'm not interrupting.

Oh, no, not at all.

You are but a welcome and striking reprieve from the bureaucratic oppression in my midst.

[ Chuckles ] Isn't he charming?

He has a way with words. Yes, he does.

I wanted to speak to you for a moment, please.

Peter gave me some forms regarding Neal's housing arrangements, and I'm not sure that I understand them.

Oh, sure. Please.

Well, of course you can't understand them.

Bureaucracy has a vested interest in creating the chaos in which they exist.

Right here.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

It says that you can set Neal's curfew if you want.

Uh, you can also establish any procedure you deem appropriate for preventing a criminal relapse.


I think Neal is doing just fine.

We'll talk later. Okay.

Bye, Mozzie. Bye, June.

I got to get back to my office in 20 minutes.

I need copies of every statement you have.

Oh, of course. I'll e-mail them to you.

[ Door closes ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]

Jessica: Lunch?

Andrew: Yep.

Do you have five minutes to look over the Kensington proposal?

Uh, legal needs to see my prep work on the north-Morrison outlets.

Five minutes is gonna k*ll you, Jess?

If it's five minutes, why don't you do it yourself? I wrote it. I can't check my own work.

Oh, come on. Have an intern do it.

Thanks, appreciate it.

Woman: Novice communications. How may I direct your call?


How are you doing today?


Jessica's putting together intel on Wesley Kent.

She's digging into his travel arrangements.

What does she want with the C.E.O.?

He could be another target.

Jones got our warrant.

He's gonna get ahold of me as soon as he gets to white plains.

We find anything incriminating, I'm bringing her down.

Where you headed?

Oh, business lunch.

Hey. All right, let's make this quick.

I need to get back to the office.

First week, and you're already a corporate shill?

My condolences on your recently departed integrity.

How'd it go with Diana?

I saw some sheet music in her briefcase.

Maybe she's learning the violin.

It was Mozart's "Piano Sonata no. 2 in 'f'" from 1775.

The year the music box was made.

Need I go on?

I'm sure you will.

I will. There's no historical record of what song it's playing.

The only way she would know it's Mozart is if she's heard it.

Peter trusts Diana. And I trust him.

Ah, could be something. Could be nothing.

I just thought you should know.

Also, you've got a tail.

Yeah, I noticed a couple blocks back.

Listen, I'll worry about my shadow.

In the meantime, stay close to Diana.

Why don't I just go have coffee with Hughes while I'm at it?

You're a hero, Moz.


Who do you work for?

You work with Kent?

No, no. I'm with the FBI.

I was sent in to find out if you m*rder Joseph Hayes.

I didn't m*rder Joseph. Then who did?

That's what I want to find out.

You want to explain that?

Joseph and I were close. You were seeing each other.


But we couldn't tell anyone.

What do you know about the project he was working on?

The microprocessor?


He said he was close to a functioning prototype.

Kent claimed the prototype was already working.

He lied.

Let's focus on you for a second.

Why did you break into Hayes' e-mail account, rummage through his desktop?

The day before he was m*rder, Joseph was acting...


He said someone was following him.

He said not to tell anyone anything about what I knew.

And then he gave me the g*n.

And you started playing detective?

Kent m*rder someone I care about very much.

And I would do anything to make sure he pays.

Look, he's been taking trips, okay?

By himself, under the guise of business.

Eastern Europe, China. No one knows why.

You were trying to find out.

I was trying to get into Kent's office.

I've been seeing garbage bins coming out of there.

He's been destroying documents... shredding them and then putting them in burn bags.

What would it take to get in there?

All right, let's start with the good news.

Tech lab has a remote scanner that they can attach to the head of Kent's shredder.

Makes a copy before it shreds anything... nice.

Something wrong with your coffee?

No, it's fine.

You've been spoiled. It's fine.

All right, the bad news is getting the scanner in place.

Kent's office is tough.

Not even building security has clearance.

The only people allowed inside are Kent and his assistant.

Which is also the good news because at lunch time, no one will be on the entire floor.

These are the key-cards that give them access to the top floor of the building.

We can't duplicate them.

Kent also has a voice-activated security system that unlocks the door to his office.

It opens and responds to his voice only.

Well, do we know what the password is?

Thanks to your friend Jessica, we do.

"Faber est suae quisque fortunae."

Both: "Every man is the artisan of his own fortune."

Now, I had Jones looking through on-air interviews with Kent, seeing if he can string together some audio clip.

Yeah, well, I doubt he speaks a d*ad language when he does press.

Can we get Kent to say it into a recorder?

Oh, I've got an idea.

Your dinner with Kent. All right.

I like it.

[ Beep ]


Mr. Kent, good to see you.

I told you... Call me Wesley.

Yes, you did.

[ chuckles ]



Oh, Peter, please, I insist you treat yourself.

You're not on the job now, are you?

[ Breathes deeply ]

Scotch and soda.

There we go.

I appreciate the invite.

Well, it's the least I could do.

Believe me, I wish I could do more.

Oh, I'm... I'm fine, really.

How would you like to come work for me?

A member of my finance committee is stepping down in a couple of months.

It's a very lucrative position.

I'm in the middle of auditing your company, and you're offering me work?

Well, I've seen your credentials.

Peter Lassen looks damn good on paper, but he'd look even better in my offices.

I've already got a job.


No, working for novice is more than a job.

It's an achievement.

It's a new beginning.

Hence the name of your corporation.

You know your Latin.

I understand the etymology of novice.

And synonymous with the newly arrived... unique and original.

I also know a few other words.

Da mihi factum, dabo tibi ius.

"Give me the facts, and I will give you the law."

You want the facts?

I want incentive, details.


What I'm working on right now is gonna set up the company and everyone in it for life.

Look, I'm a self-made guy... so am I.

And I believe that every man makes his own fortune with a good decision.

The politician caecus.

He had a saying for that, didn't he?

Faber est suae quisque fortunae.

"Every man is an artisan to his own fortune."


He offered you a job?

I got what we needed.

Yeah, but, Peter, think of all the tiny cups you could own.

Kent's meeting his R&D team today at 1:00.

You think you can snatch one of those key-cards?

Yeah, won't be a problem.

How's Jessica holding up?

She put her game face on.

Time for you to do the same.

...Just grab the comic-book novel?

I did, I did.

And I put it on your desk for, uh, next Tuesday.

[ Beep ]

[ Beep ]

Faber est suae quisque fortunae.

[ Beep ]

So, how'd you even get in there?

[ Beep ]

Faber est suae quisque fortunae.

They have some pretty fun toys around here.

So, have they found anything yet?

Well, agents are going through the latest scans now.

We're gonna find something.

You know, even if you arrest him...

It won't change what happened.

I understand.

I don't think you do.

Do you know how Joseph died, how he was poisoned?

This chemical... it drops the heart rate, spikes the blood pressure.

You can't see.

And a few minutes later, you can't feel.

You're d*ad.

You can't think about that.

It's all I can think about.

If someone took away the person you loved, wouldn't you want them to know how it feels?

Be right back.

We just pulled this from the shredder in Kent's office.

This is Hayes' prototype.

Yeah. And it never worked.

Kent tried to make it look like espionage, and he had the damn thing the whole time.

This is the cover-up.


I think I know why Hayes was k*lled.

We found another document in the shredder.

It's addressed to an unnamed foreign intelligence agency to arrange a meeting in the next month and a half.

The trips he's been taking...

Kent knew he wouldn't win the defense contract from our country in time.

So he decided to sell his device to another government.

It's treason for profit.

Hayes didn't want any part of that.

That's why Kent k*lled him.

And corporate espionage is the perfect cover.

He made it look like a competitor stole a working product.

Company saves face... if a foreign government turns up with it later...

Kent's in the clear, and Hayes stays silent.

How do we prove it when Kent hasn't committed treason yet?

But he has committed m*rder.

Peter: The C.E.O.'s concerned about anyone finding out what he's really up to.

Maybe Hayes talked to someone before he died.

You want to use Jessica as bait?

I'm meeting Kent in the afternoon.

Maybe I can hint to him that she knows something.

He'll come after her.

And when he does, we take him down.

Think she's up to it?

She's certainly driven.

Yeah, that's what worries me.

I'm not sure if she wants revenge or justice.

Can't blame her either way.

You have empathy for that woman.

What if I do?

There's a right way to do things and a wrong way.

Revenge is the wrong way.

It's short-sighted, and it's dangerous.

What's justice, then?

It's restoring order... not furthering chaos.

You kept that recording data from me.

I hope you don't have any more secrets. Likewise.

You talked to Diana lately?

Not today.

You trust her?

As much as you trust your friend.

Is there a problem?

What happens if we do find Fowler?

What comes next?

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it... together.

Now let's prep the team for what we have today.

Hey, it's time.

You know the drill?

We meet as planned. And then we go to the safe house.

Right. There's no reason to be nervous.

I'm not. See you outside.

Advanced copy of my report.

Your company has nothing to worry about.

Well, this is cause for celebration.

[ Chuckles ]

There is one other thing about one of your staff members.

Uh, Jessica Breslin was involved with one of your former employees in research and development...

Joseph Hayes.

Uh, how do you know this?

Cross-referenced expense reports between your workers to see if any them were in a league to bilk funds.

Apparently, the two of them shared a hotel room a few weeks in a row.

When I confronted Ms. Breslin about it, she asked me not to say anything.

I thought you might want to deal with her appropriately.

Well, I will take care of Ms. Breslin.

Now, more importantly, have you thought any more about my offer?

[ Sighs ]

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I've already got a job.

[ Sighs ] Okay.

Well, if you change your mind...

I appreciate that, Wesley.

You on the job?

It is after 6:00.

I won't tell anyone.


Hey. Doing okay?

All right. An agent will be here any second.

She's gonna need your phone and all forms of I.D.

For the protection detail. Sure.

Pretty calm for somebody who's about to go into hiding.

[ Chuckles ] Thought I was supposed to be relieved.

[ Cellphone rings ]


Are you sitting down?

What is it, Moz?

Sitting or standing?


Then you better hold on to something.

I did some additional checking. Peter knows Diana has the box.


I-I didn't want to say anything until I was sure.

But the trail for the box just goes cold with him.

Neal, there can't be any other explanation.


I'll call you back.

[ Beep ]

[ Beep ]

Faber est suae quisque... why do you have this?

Um, I-I found it on your desk.

You were in Kent's office. What'd you do, Jessica?

I wanted him to know how it feels to die the way that Joseph died.

Poisoned him?


Daily vice.

The armagnac.

Peter's in there with him!

[ Both breathing heavily ]

What is this?

There's a powder on this.

I got to get to the phone and call 911.

I-I need to get to the top floor.

Nobody gets to the top floor.

This is an emergency, sir. What's the emergency?

Please! I got to check with Mr. Kent and then my supervisor.

Yes, good. Yes, check with Kent.



Call 911.

Get back here! I will call the police.

Neal: Good. Call the paramedics.

You need to exit the elevator now, sir! Will you send me up to Kent's floor?

Hell no! Then I can't.

This is alpha-2 in the lobby. Where's my backup?!

Man: On the way, sir.

[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Beep ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Both breathing heavily ]

How much time do we have?

How much time do we have?

Is there an antidote?

[ Echoing ]

Is there an antidote?

I don't... I don't know.

How much time did Hayes have?

I don't know. Come on, Kent! Think!

[ Echoing ]

This is the same poison that you gave him!

You met with him, you gave him something to drink.

And then he died. Now, how much time passed?

Who are you?

How much time, Kent?

How much time, Kent?

I-I don't know.

I don't know.

15... 15, 20...


I don't... 15 minutes.

[ Groans ]

Neal: Peter!

Come on, buddy.

[ Grunts ]

It's gonna be okay.

Stay with me, all right?

Hang in there.

Get Kent. No, no. Peter, we don't have time.

Come on. You can't leave him behind.

You are dying! Neal! Neal!

We don't leave anybody behind.

Heart's stopped. I need the epinephrine.

No, nothing on the pulse.


What... what... what are you doing?

You confessed to a federal agent.

You're under arrest for the m*rder of Joseph Hayes.

You can't be serious.

You give me the facts, I'll give you the law.

Thanks, Di.

I'm not the only one who makes dumb decisions.

Saving Kent? You're taking this "innocent till proven guilty" thing a little too far.

If he lives or dies, it's not my call.

Whose is it?

You do what's right.

Let the pieces fall where they fall.

"Do what's right."

She said she didn't mean to hurt Peter.

She had no idea he'd be having a drink with Kent.

What happens to her now?

Got to charge her with attempted m*rder.

She can't just walk away from this.

Looking good.

Feeling even better.

I got a clean bill of health this morning.

You know, there's a coffee shop a couple blocks away.

I hear they make a pretty nice espresso.

This tastes just fine to me.

Oh, come on. You can't tell me you don't miss it... the imported beans, the giant office and swanky suite.

All right, I'm gonna humor you for a second.

What if I went corporate right after college?

Best-case scenario... I became a millionaire.

Sounds like a pretty good scenario.

Mm, one with a flip side. What if I never joined the FBI?

Would have made my life a lot easier. Mine too.

But what if 12 years ago I was never assigned to an art-gallery scam downtown?

What if...

I never met this assistant manager?

No, there are more important things in life than a nice view.

Like having people in your life you care about.

I'd be without those people.

I like the man I am.

"Do what's right."


[ chuckles softly ]

You lied to me about the music box.

I know you still have it.

[ Breathes deeply ]

How did you find out...

Mozzie found the sheet music. It wasn't hard from there.

You want to talk about it?

If you're ready to listen.

I want to see it.

I didn't tell you everything... for your own protection.

I don't know what you're gonna do, and neither do you.

I know my options.

[ Sighs ]

Revenge or justice, right?


As long as I'm involved, it's going to be the latter.

What if justice isn't good enough?

It has to be.

It will be.

What'd you find?

There's a piece of the box that's still missing... right here.

Now, at first, I thought it was one of the cherubs that had broken off.

But if you look more closely, it hasn't broken off.

It's a keyhole.

The missing piece is a key.

Which you have.

[ Click ]

No more secrets, Peter.

No more secrets.

[ Click ]
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