02x02 - Safe as Houses

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-Unclean spirit! -In the name of God!

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-Previously on The Exorcist... -You can't battle the demon inside.

Once you let that thing in your head, you're giving it access to your hopes, your fears, your darkest secrets.

This could be the key to saving her.

If we find a way in, we find a way to drive the demon out.

Show yourself to me.


Where is she?

Your wife's a very sick woman.

She isn't sick.

She lost a child.

I got you.

Okay, get out of my house. Go to school.

Oh, remember, Rose is coming tonight at 6:00.

-Good to see you. -Good to...

I'm sorry about Nicole.

I'm just here to do a formal assessment.

I need to spend some time with these kids.

It's a test. And when you pass, you're one of us.

Count to ten.

-One... -SHELBY: Not cool.

I wasn't gonna let him do it.

ANDY: Caleb?

Stay right there, Caleb.

-One... -(creaking)

The Morning Star sends his greetings.

And I send mine.


(pen scribbling)

(footsteps approaching)

MAN: Bad news.

What other kind is there?

Word of your investigation has reached the tribunal.

(pen drops)

They insist on hearing your evidence presently.

It's still being assembled.

We're not ready.

A paranoid man would say that is precisely the point.

BENNETT: As I've already mentioned, the conspiracy is vast and well-hidden.

We all know the symptoms of demonic possession.

But many in the Church do not recognize the second phase of possession, an irreversible phase called integration, the permanent fusion of the demon and the human soul.

We know what integration is.


But do you know they walk among us, invisible?

I have reason to believe that the integrated have infiltrated every level of the Church.

Even here in Rome.

Bring in the cardinal.

(footsteps approaching)

You look well, Father Bennett.

Cardinal Guillot, you have been accused of demonic possession.

Not possession, integration.

You've had your turn.

I apologize for asking, but have you experienced any such... symptoms?

Do you count arthritis?

(tribunal president chuckling)

BENNETT: I came to you with proof of a plot against the Holy Father.

And what did you do?

Put a bag over my head.

Slit my wrist.

Left me to bleed out in a room with a demon for company.

Enough! Sir, slander like this will not stand.

Please, he has been subject to great stress.

He was responsible for the Pope's security.

A failure like that weighs heavily on a man.

I know what you are.

Must I prove myself to you?

(spoon clinking)

Unless you'd like to bless it yourself?

And that will not be necessary, Cardinal.

Please, continue.

À votre santé.

Was there anything else?

We're very sorry for having wasted your time.

Va bene.

Non ti preoccupare.

TRIBUNAL PRESIDENT: You are right about one thing-- there is a conspiracy against the Church.

But it was perpetrated by a single rogue priest.

Dishonored. Excommunicated.

A man who tried to assassinate the Holy Father and killed one of our brothers.

Tell me, Father Bennett, where is Marcus Keane?





(indistinct voices nearby)

How long was I out?

It's been a while.

(groans, panting)

Where is she?

Well, rise and shine.

Where did you take her?

Hospital, of course.

-What does that matter? -'Cause unless you untie me immediately, every single person at that hospital, starting with your cousin and ending with Cindy, is gonna die.

And it ain't gonna stop.

(scoffs) Creepy.


MARCUS (quietly): Idiots.

You're wasting your time with them.

What do you think I've been doing?

Well, clearly, I don't know what you've been doing, do I, Tomas?


(footsteps approaching)


Good morning!


Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

(chuckles) No.

It's so quiet out here.

Well, no teenagers running around.

-Yeah. -How'd you sleep? Was, was the room too bright for you?

-No. No, not at all. Thank you. -Good.

Thinking about putting a couple more kids in that room.

So, the incident last night...

It was a complete anomaly. The fact that it happened

-while you were here is... -Right, I know. Um, that said, the situation is... it-it's still worrisome.

Caleb's fine. He wasn't hurt.

Right. Thank goodness.

But this whole island, it-- you don't think it's... just a little unlikely that a visually impaired child just happens to wind up here on some rotted well cover?

What are you getting at, Rose?

I'm just trying to understand what happened.

(parakeet chirping loudly)

TRUCK: Caleb.

Caleb, come on. I need to get inside.

SHELBY: Hey, hey, hey.

What's going on?

I need to feed Morty. He's hungry. Listen.

(Morty chirping)

(chuckles) Look, don't worry, all right?

Morty will be fine.

Parakeets can go three or four days without food.

And Caleb needs a little time to himself.

He's not by himself. Morty's in there.

Yeah. And we'll get him his food later.

How 'bout you? You hungry?

Maybe a little.

VERITY: Morning, men.

TRUCK: Can I put cookies on this?

Yeah, live your life, Trucker.


-For you. -Freshly picked from Holstrom Organic Farms.

-SHELBY: Wow. Thank you, Colleen. Thank you, Russ. -Hey.

Oh, Shelby, I wanted to mention that, uh, our ewe is about to drop her lamb.

And you said you were interested in observing a birth.

-Yeah, you sure that's okay? -Yeah, of course.

You come on over this afternoon and, uh, we'll show you the miracle of life.

Cool. I'll be there.

-Okay. -All right.


JORDY: Tell me what you gave her.


Don't lie to me.

My cousin over there saw you in the store, buying all kinds of supplies.

It was saline and water.

No. No, no, no. No more lies.

She has suffered enough.

A woman loses a child like that...

Now she's in intensive care.

So I'm gonna ask you one last time, what did you give my wife?

MARCUS: You're not wrong. You're not.

There is a poison inside of her.

And it's gonna fester and spread and tear her right in half, and there's nothing them doctors can do to stop it.

Just tell me what you did.

And I won't ask why.

So help me God, I will make sure that you get out of here alive.

(chuckles) Why should God help you?

What have you ever done for Him?


MARCUS: The poison does have a name, (whispers): and it's Lucifer.

The morning star, son of the dawn.

The Devil has taken her, and you've gone and tied the only antidote to a bloody post.

We're not the ones killing your wife, Sheriff!

You are.

TOMAS: Please, please, listen to me!

He is telling you the truth. Please.

Listen to me.

The church Cindy goes to, what does it look like?


It has two picnic tables side by side, a row of hedges and fields of tall grass all around.

And Cindy, she, she has this radio, pink, with two stickers.

She plays this song, and when she's happy, she sings along.

That's our old church.

We haven't been there for ten years.

How the hell do you know about the radio?

It's where she goes to feel safe.

She is there right now, waiting for someone to come and save her.

I know how it sounds, but please.

-You have to trust me. -Mm-hmm.

* I go out walkin'

* After midnight

* Out in the moonlight.



She dies, you die.

(Morty chirping)

ROSE: Thank you for talking with us, Caleb.

No problem.

Thanks for making me feel like a prisoner.

(quietly): Caleb.

Look, just, why are you guys turning this into a big interrogation?

I can see how it feels like that, but we're just trying to understand why you left the house last night.

Is it common for you to go out into the woods in the dark?

No. Normally, I wait for the sun to come up so I can see.

You know what I mean.

I went for a walk. That's all that happened.

It might seem that way to you, but that's not all that happened.

You could have gotten hurt.

-But I didn't. -But you could have.

And that's why we need to ask whether it's possible that maybe you wanted to hurt yourself?

ANDY: All right, a little context here.

Let's try to remember the kind of day that Caleb had yesterday, the news about his father.

Maybe he just wanted to get out for a little bit.

Is that true, Caleb?

Is that why you went out to the well all by yourself?

I don't want to talk about this anymore.

ANDY: All right.

(heart monitor beeping)

(Cindy panting)

(whispers): Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Can you hear me, baby?

If you can hear me, just, uh, I don't know, just...

...squeeze my hand. Okay? Come on.


Help me!

Help me in here, please!

Cindy. It's all right. Breathe, breathe.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.


I told you not to engage the demon.

Or let it into your head.

We were running out of time.

Oh, so that makes it all right, does it?

Chance damnation, risk the girl's eternal soul, all 'cause you're on some ticking clock?

I can take care of myself.

-What, like you did with Casey Rance? -(sighs)

Five minutes on your own, that thing had you on your knees.

That was a completely different thing.

I was a beginner back then.

"Back then"?

It was six months ago.

That's nothing. That's a blink.

You close your heart and refuse to see the truth.

Oh, yeah? And what truth is that, then?

That God gave me this gift.

Oh, I see. It's God, is it?

Wants you to spend a little quality time with a demon?


The last time I trusted a vision, it led me to you.

Was that also a mistake?

It's starting to feel like that, yeah.


-When I was a novice... -I'm not a novice.

No, just shut up and listen to me.

When I was training, there were others that also took unnecessary risks.

All of them paid for it.

I watched...

I watched this friend...

...walk into a room with a demon, and not come out for another six months.


'Cause that's what happens when you let the darkness inside.

You hate it.

You hate the fact that He chose me, and not you.

(Tomas sighs)

(phone ringing)


(knocking on door)

Come in.

-Hey. -Hey.

I've been looking for you.

You found me.

So, I know you probably don't want to hear this, but I think you know I'm obliged to file a report with DSHS in Seattle about Caleb's incident.

That's if you believe he's seriously at risk here.

You can't possibly think that.

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what to think.

Then why do it?

You have discretion.

Unless it's to cover your ass.

Okay. This isn't about me, all right?

This is about the welfare of a child.

Then consider the child.

Caleb's in a really good place.

You file this report, you jeopardize our entire home.

You know that.

Me filing this incident report

-is separate from my final assessment. -Do you think that the department is gonna view those things separately?

Andy, I sympathize with your position, but I'm concerned that Caleb may be trying to injure himself.

And you know the legal ramifications if that's the case.

And if it is self-harm, then Caleb

-could be institutionalized. -Exactly.

And you know what happens to kids with disabilities in places like that.

No one is doubting how much you care about him, but I-I don't think that you are able to see clearly.

Is it possible that maybe you are not the best judge when it comes to spotting warning signs of depression and self-harm?

This has nothing to do with her.


Andy, because look around you.

She's everywhere.

I mean, this place is, like, a shrine to Nicole.

How are you...

How are any of you supposed to move on with your lives?


ROSE: Andy.

Grace, I'm sorry you had to hear that.

(door slams)

(truck door opens, closes)

(alarm blaring)

Let's go.

TOMAS: What happened here?

GREG: Tried to get everyone out.

MAN: No!


(man screams)



(man screams)

(bones cracking)

(man choking)

(demonic voice): So sweet.

Sweet like stolen candy.

CARO: You can't be surprised.

This city's only currency is patronage.

That performance Cardinal Guillot put on for the tribunal?

Pure pageantry.

He is protected.

And I thought you were protecting me.

Perhaps you overestimate my influence.

While you were sequestered, building your case, there has been a concerted campaign to undermine the Office of Exorcism.

Dozens of our best have been brought home from abroad, reassigned to duties unbefitting their talents.

You may have been slipping cases to Marcus Keane and his neophyte, but the Church, the Church has not approved a single exorcism in the last six months.

I'm afraid they have declared war.

And we, we must respond in kind.

What can I do?

There are still those loyal to the cause.

Even if their methods are somewhat disagreeable.

Find her.

Keep her safe.

Try not to let her have a gun.

You told the tribunal you had no idea where Marcus and Tomas were.

Was that true?


And if you did know, would you tell me?



(lights buzzing)

(demonic voice): You must know the Words of Consecration, Priest.

Say it with me. "Take this, all of you, "and eat of it.

"For this is my body which shall be given up for you."

-(man screaming) -(spits)

(man groaning)

(demonic voice): "Take this, all of you, and drink of it.

For this is the chalice of my blood."

-Cindy? -Oh...

I know you're in there.

Let the man go.

(man gasping)

(demonic voice): If you insist.

-No! -No!



Geez, dude, is it that hard to find a glass?

Man, you really freaked everyone out yesterday.

I was almost impressed.

Leave me alone, Verity.


What's your deal?


(quietly): What the hell?

-(ewe bleats) -RUSS: So she's getting close.

COLLEEN: Watch for the water bag.

So what happens after the lamb's born?

Well, then we wait for her to deliver the placenta.

RUSS: Which she'll probably eat.

You see, it's their instinct not to leave any evidence of a birth to try and protect the young from predators.

Unless, of course, you want a souvenir.

-Uh, nah. I-I ate before I came. -(Russ laughs)

-Water bag broke. -Oh, here we go. -(bleating)

-Feels like it's coming out breech. -Oh.

-Is that bad? -Uh, not necessarily.

It just means a little more work for us.

Bring the rear legs forward.

Okay, I got the fetlocks.

-(Russ sighs) -(ewe bellows in pain)

-RUSS: Hold her down! -(bellowing)


-COLLEEN: Settle down. Settle down. -(bleating loudly)

Shelby, honey, maybe you better go wait outside.

No, I-I can help. What's wrong?

-She's in distress. -I can see that, Colleen.

Get it out quick. If the cord breaks, it'll drown.

-I'm trying! -(chuffing and bleating)

All right, come on.


(horse neighs loudly)


COLLEEN: Come on.

-I got it. -COLLEEN: All right.

RUSS: There it is.

-(squishing) -There we go.

(Russ sighs)

(horse neighs)



-COLLEEN: Oh, my God! -RUSS: What is this?!


(Colleen gasps, Russ whimpers)

-(screeching) -(Colleen gasps)

(Russ whimpers)

SHELBY: What's wrong with it?

(screeching continues)

COLLEEN: Shelby, don't watch. Look away!

(hissing loudly)

(screeching continues)


(Colleen gasps, screeching stops)


-CALEB: Andy? -(door creaks open)

Hey, Caleb. What's up?

Can we talk?

Yeah. Yeah, come on in.

Have a seat.

(Andy clears throat)

What's up?

I want to say sorry about before.

Hey, there is no need to apologize.

It is completely understandable given what happened with your father.

It's not about him.

Okay. What's it about?

I didn't say anything in front of Rose because I didn't want to get anyone in trouble.

You said not to talk about it.

No one is in trouble.

But I do need to know what happened.

Why were you on that well alone?

I wasn't alone.

I was with...

I was with Verity.


She made me go out there on the well, stand up on it and count to ten.

And she left me.

She left me there.

(pounding above)

(woman humming)

(babies crying)

(humming continues)

(crying, humming continues)

(humming continues)

(hisses softly)

-(baby cooing) -(babies crying)

MARCUS: Cindy?

Don't do this.

(crying continues)


(demonic voice): Finally.

Thought the little monsters would never stop sniveling.

MARCUS: You don't have the strength to fight us.

That body's failing.

You must feel it.

(demonic voice): All she ever wanted.

Such a little thing to want.

Such a little, delicate, breakable thing.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Holy Virgin of virgins...


No more exorcisms.

You're not walking out those doors.

I can promise you that.

Why would I leave?

All the fun is in here.

(demonic voice): Oh... (clucks tongue)

* I go out walkin'

* After midnight

* Out in the moonlight...

-What are you doing?! -(grunts)

(grunting and gasping)

(babies crying)

TOMAS: Cindy? Cindy?

Cindy? Cindy? Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

Here me now.

* I stop to see a weepin' willow *

* Cryin' on his pillow

* Maybe he's crying for me

* And as the skies turn gloomy

* Night winds whisper to me BOTH: * I'm lonesome as I can be

* I go out walkin'

* After midnight

* Out in the moonlight

* Just like we used to do

* I'm always walkin'

* After midnight

* Searchin' for you.



-(babies crying) -No!

MARCUS: All holy orders of the blessed spirits, -all holy angels and archangels. -(growling)

-All holy orders of blessed spirits. -Pray for us.


SHELBY: "...goodness and mercy, "protect us and our house

"from all evils and misfortunes, "but grant that we may be forever resigned

"to Thy holy will

"even in the sorrows which it shall please Thee to send us.

"Give unto all of us the grace

"to live in perfect harmony and in the fullness

-of love toward our neighbor..." -(lamb bleating)

(insects chirring)

"Grant that every one of us may deserve by a holy life

"the comfort of Thy holy Sacraments

"at the hour of death.

O Jesus, bless us and protect us..."



-(shrieking) -(gasps)

(bleating and shrieking continue)

(shrieking grows louder)

(knocking on door)

Come in.

Can we have a chat?


(door closes)

Is there anything you want to tell me?

About Caleb?

Yes, about Caleb.

He told you. It's stupid, I know, but it's like a rite of passage.

I did it when I first got here.

If you stand on the well for more than ten seconds, you pass, you're cool.

I guess... maybe I pushed him too much.

Yeah, I'd say you did. You left him out there by himself.

Mm, what are you talking about?

Caleb told me you took him out to the well.

-Last night? -Yes, Verity, last night, and apparently, you left him on the well by himself.

-Do you realize how dangerous that was?! -Whoa. Whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. You believe this?

Why would he lie?

That's a good question.

-Another good question is why would I lie? -Well, in this particular circumstance, I'd say you have more to hide, and I hate to bring it up, because you've made such strides since you've been here, but given your history of destructive behavior, I don't know...

You're gonna throw that at me now?

Yes, I'm gonna throw it at you.

Verity, there are real stakes here!

You put our whole house at risk.

Do you know what happens if Rose reports this?

You get thrown back into the system, -and our house gets shut down! -Yeah, if you're the kind of father who has no clue who's standing right in front of you!

You think I would hurt Caleb?

Get out.

Grace, honey. I'm so sorry that...

I don't want to go.



Come here.

Come here. No one's going anywhere, you hear me?

We're a family. Okay?

Don't let her take me away.

I won't.

I never will.

-MARCUS: All holy angels -(growling) and archangels, pray for us.

All holy saints of God, pray for us.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

All holy angels and archangels, pray for us.

All holy orders of the blessed spirit, St. Joseph...

-Pray for us. -All holy priests and Levites, all holy monks

-and hermits... -Pray for us.

Let me in and I'll let her go.

-St. Mary Magdalen. -Pray for us.

-St. Lucy, St. Agatha. -Pray for us. Pray for us.

-St. Agnes. -Pray for us. -Don't look at him.

Look at me.

I have a secret.

Just for you.

MARCUS: Tomas! Stay with me.

(echoes): Tomas!

MARCUS: All holy widows and virgins, pray for us.

All holy saints of God, intercede for us.

All holy angels and archangels, all holy orders of the blessed spirits...


It's in there.

* I go out walkin'

* After midnight

* Out in the moonlight

* Just like we used to do

-* I'm always walkin.' -MARCUS: Tomas!

All holy virgins and widows pray for us.

All holy saints of God intercede for us.

-From all evil... -Deliver us, O Lord.

From all sin from your wrath.

Deliver us, O Lord!

(demonic voice): He's afraid of you, Tomas.

From sudden and unprovided death.

Deliver us, O Lord!

He's afraid of what you can do.

From the snares of the Devil!

Deliver us, O Lord!

-(screams) -Deliver us, O Lord!

MARCUS: By your holy resurrection, by the wondrous ascension, by the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of judgment, we sinners...

We beg you to hear us!

-(gasps) -Cindy...



(Cindy whimpers)

MARCUS: Cindy, Cindy, open your eyes.

Open your eyes.

Oh, there you are.

There you go, love.

-There you go. -(baby cries)


Thank God, Jordy.


(Cindy cries)


(Cindy crying, babies crying)

(heart monitor beeping)

Stop sulking.

We did it. We won.

-This is not a game, Tomas. -I'm not saying it is a game.

If we won, it was in spite of your recklessness, not because of it.

What are you talking about? The song...

It's not just the bloody song, Tomas.

(monitor continues beeping)

It came from inside of her.

It was the key to saving her.

I don't understand why you're so afraid of this.

I don't understand why you're not.

(keys jingle)



Cardinal Caro.

Please come with me.

(phone rings)

It's not a good time.

As soon as I hang up, you need to destroy your mobile, and get as far away from wherever you are as soon as possible.

Understood. Why?

The Vatican's been compromised.

They'll be looking for you.

-Have I been clear? -(sighs)

You have.

How do I get in touch with you?

You don't.

I'll find you.

(knocking on door)

ROSE: Come in.

(door opens)

Hey, are you busy?

No. No.


I just wanted to tell you that, uh...

...that Caleb came to talk to me.

That's good. What did he say?

He was so embarrassed about the disruption that he had caused.

Said he went to the abandoned house

'cause it's where the kids hang out, it's like their secret fort, or something, and the well-- did not know this--

I should have, um... but apparently, standing on top of it is, like, some kind of ritual that they do.

It's this collective bonding experience.

So if anything, maybe it's a sign of strength?

You know?

Anyway, they have promised me no more silly rituals, and the well, you saw, it has been boarded up.

He's not suicidal, Rose.

I hope you can trust me on that.



What I said earlier, about Nicole?

-I'm really sorry, I-I had no right to... -No.

No. You don't...

You don't need to apologize.

I'm really glad you're here.

Me, too.

Good night, Rose.

(door closes)

MARCUS: * I go out walkin' *

* After midnight

* Out in the moonlight

* Just like we used to do.

I'm never gonna get that out of my head now, am I?

You just need something to replace it.

(radio crackles)

(music begins playing)

* For tears

* Honey, it's too late...


* Too late to cry...

Where are we going?

I've got a place in mind.

* Too late

* Oh, for begging me, baby

* Honey, it's too late

* Too late.

-(imitates bird trilling) -(Morty chirping)

TRUCK: (trills) Morty.


(door creaks)

(insects chirping)


(twigs snapping)



(rustling continues)

Anybody there?



It says in the Bible that lamb's blood can protect a home.

I didn't know what else to do.

There's something in the woods.

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