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02x03 - Unclean
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You're facing your fears with The Exorcist.

-Unclean spirit! -In the name of God!

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MARCUS: Previously on The Exorcist...

And there were others that also took unnecessary risks.

All of them paid for it, because that's what happens when you let the darkness inside.

TOMAS: You hate the fact that he chose me and not you.

CARO: That performance Cardinal Guillot put on for the tribunal, pure pageantry. He is protected.

Caleb told me you took him out to the well.

Apparently, you left him on the well by himself.

-You believe this? -If you file this report, you jeopardize our entire home.

There are still those loyal to the cause, even if their methods are somewhat disagreeable.

The Vatican's been compromised. They'll be looking for you.

-How do I get in touch with you? -You don't.

Where are we going?

MARCUS: I've got a place in mind.

(men chanting)

We beseech you and your legion to rise and walk among us.

Star of morning.

Son of dawn.

Star of morning.

Son of dawn.

We beseech you and your legion to rise and walk among us.

Vocare Pulvere.

Vocare Pulvere. Pulvere. Pulvere.




GUILLOT: Welcome, brother.


(laughter continues in distance)

I have a surprise for everyone.


The almond tart.

You almost want to give thanks to God.


(cat mews)

It's said that the reason cats climb is so they can look down on other animals.

It's also why they hate birds.



We've climbed high, and soon, we'll look down on the rest of the world and begin the task of remaking it.


ACOLYTE: Cardinal.

-Cardinal Guillot. -(choking)

-(gagging) -Ça va?




(rustling nearby)

(rustling in hole)

ANDY: Verity swears up and down that she was not the one that took you to the well.

And you believe her?

Yes, I do.

So I'm a liar.

Caleb, I didn't say that.

What I said was I thought you were maybe sleepwalking.

Look at Truck. He gets upset, he goes walking, he wakes up, he doesn't know where he is.

It's like he's having a bad dream.

It wasn't a dream.

Verity was there; she held my hand.

-Verity's your sister. -Foster sister.

Do you really think that she would leave you in danger like that?

I don't know.

-Well, I do. -(zipper closes)

(toilet flushes)

Are you guys done yet?

-Just about. -TRUCK: Hey.

Uh, tell-tell him why you're always cleaning your eyes.

So I don't give people dirty looks.

(Truck laughs)

-That's good stuff. -(giggles)

You guys should take this on the road.

Think about what I said, okay?



Verity, wait.

-Wait. -What?


I'm sorry I came at you like that.

I got a little carried away and...

(scoffs) Carried away?

I'm just trying to get to the bottom of all this.

Okay? We're under so much stress, all of us.

My only stress is that my foster dad

-thinks I tried to murder my own brother. -That's not what I s...

SHELBY: Don't let anybody go in the woods.

We talked about this last night, Shelby.

No, there's something out there.

It was a lamb.

Just a lamb with birth defects.

It happened. It's not an omen.

-No, no, no. -It's just what nature does sometimes.

Andy, you weren't there.

All right? I felt it.

Do you know what happens to our house if Rose catches you smearing blood all over our front door? Do you know what happens?

Andy, I was trying to protect us.

Your faith is important to you and I... and I appreciate that, but let's stick to prayer, okay?

It's easier to clean up.

Thank you. Get ready for school.

You're up early.

Yeah. Got to head into town, deal with this case.


Yes, please.

So, um, you should know that I will not be filing a report on Caleb.



What changed your mind?

What you said last night.

That and the agency will probably view it in the worst possible light.

I don't want that to color the assessment.


Uh, I appreciate it.

But, uh, Andy, it doesn't matter what I tell them.

It's still state law that group homes must be run by at least two people.

I don't know a way around it.

One battle at a time, I guess.

ROSE (softly): Yeah.

I mean, you could just move in.

I mean, we have the space.


-(screams) -(gasps)


Sweet dreams.

Where are we?


(truck door closes)

So much for keeping a low profile.

Bennett would have our guts for garters for taking a risk like this.

Now, this friend of yours from the diocese, the deacon, you trust his judgment?

All I know is he took one look at this girl and called me.

And the risk doesn't matter?

-(clears throat) -Mrs. Graham.

My name's Marcus Keane.

I was told you'd be expecting us.

You're not a priest.

Not anymore, no.

But this is my associate, Father Tomas Ortega.


Please, come in.

TOMAS: Is this your daughter?

LORRAINE: Harper, yes.

You have no idea how many times I've gone to the Church.

Thank God somebody finally listened.

I-I didn't know what else to do.

Well, we're here now.

Why don't you tell us what's happening.

Harper has been perfectly healthy her whole life.

Six months ago, everything changed.

At first, it was little things.

Fighting with teachers, with me.

I thought she was acting out because of the divorce and her father moving overseas, but then she... started seeing things.

Like what?

An imaginary playmate she had when she was a child.

Where is Harper now?

She's upstairs.

In her room.

(door creaking)

(Harper whimpers)

(Harper panting)



(low growling)


(birds chirping)

CALEB: You study for the history test?

Sure did.

Then where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

At the bottom of the page.

You're gonna fail.


TOMAS: She's sleeping.

LORRAINE: Thank God.

Do you?


Does it matter?

It might do, yeah.

Well, as Harper's gotten worse, faith is the only thing that's holding me up.

I... believe that there is something that's taken over my little girl, and it's doing everything in its power to destroy her.

What kind of something?

It's, um... unclean.

I don't know how else to describe it.

Tell me you're here to send it back to Hell, where it belongs.

Yes, of course.


There are aspects to possession that have to be catalogued before an exorcism can be granted.

That's right. Yes.

Like what?

Uh, speaking in tongues, um, foreign languages.

Abilities beyond the ordinary.

Uh, having impossible knowledge.

You mean like this?

Harper drew that three weeks ago.

-(house shaking) -(Harper shouting)

That thing inside my daughter, it knew you were coming.

LORRAINE: You know Chris MacNeil's story?

About her daughter's possession?

Uh, we're familiar with it.

I've read it many times.

It's the only comfort I have, knowing I'm not alone.

(door creaking)


I'm here, sweetheart.

I'm here.

(grunts softly)

Hello, Harper.

My name's Marcus, and this is Tomas.


No needles.

No, no, no, we're not doctors.

We just want to talk.

Your mum's been telling us your story.

She thinks we might be able to help you.


You can't help.

TOMAS: Well, I don't know about that.

We've done this before, and we're pretty good at it.

Your mum tells me you've got an imaginary friend.

What's his name?


Can I see Tobias?

No one can see him.

MARCUS: No one except you.

What does Tobias look like?

(paper rustling)

Is that him?


Ain't much of a looker, is he?

You're a good artist, you know.

-My partner looks a bit podgy. -(Tomas chuckles)

Is my nose really like that?

Can you make Tobias come out?

To say hello to us?

He-He's hiding.


Behind my tongue.

And when he gets mad, that's when his teeth come out.

Right. Let's have a look at the old toad.

What do you say?

Open wider.

Guess he's not home.

Or maybe he knows my secret.

I've got a weakness for frogs' legs.


Mm. (grunting)

-(gasping) -(house shaking)

It's coming.

(shouting, gasping)

(whimpering, shouting)


(shouting, gasping)

(speaking Aramaic)




(speaking Spanish)


(speaking French)

(organ playing)

For a priest, you seem to have a problem with sacraments.

Who are you?

You should know.

Caro sent you to find me.

I've been coming here for three days.

And you haven't taken communion once.

Why's that?

Maybe I didn't feel worthy.

Well, one way or another, you shall be healed.

Le corps du Christ.

Le corps du Christ.


Le corps du Christ.


Your turn.

Le corps du Christ.


Caro was arrested.

I'm sure you've heard.

If they have him, he's already dead.

Or worse.

If they hadn't forced my hand with Guillot...

I should never have involved him.

Well, you don't have to worry about the good cardinal anymore.

What do you mean?

He was entertaining guests when a fire broke out.

No survivors.

Very tragic.

Who are you?


That's not a name.

Is that really what you want to talk about?

Listen... we've both been fighting the same war.

I believe Caro meant for us to fight it together.

I don't need someone to hold my hand.

Look, I don't want to hold your hand, Mouse.

Look, if you want to go it alone, that's fine.

Just tell me everything you know about the conspiracy.

I have something better.

You can meet my source.

Her pulse is very rapid.

Her blood pressure is 140 over 90.

We need to start soon.

Start what?

We haven't established proof.

Physical strength.

The drawing she made-- that's knowledge of future events...

Not enough.

I spoke to her in Aramaic. You tried Spanish.

Did you hear an answer? 'Cause I didn't.

Don't think with your heart.

Think with your head. We have to follow procedure.

You're... you're not gonna help her?

We need to be sure, Mrs. Graham.

Because if Harper isn't possessed, then an exorcism would do more harm than good.


It could reinforce the false belief to a point where she'd never let it go.

Which could lead her to self-harm or even take her own life.

Shouldn't a priest be deciding this?

(Lorraine screams, pants)

Something bit me.

(echoing whispers)

(echoing whispers)

Stay back.

I got a Bible here.

Well, could be worse, I guess.

Could have been my house he smeared with blood.


Are you sure you won't have a beer?

Guaranteed not organic.

No, thank you. It's a little early for me.


Two sips.

(Russ laughs)

This is definitely not the plan.

I was gonna be a stockbroker.

-Get out. -Mm.

Shoot. (chuckles)

Yeah, the whole nine yards.

Manhattan penthouse, Italian sports car with a three-year wait list.

And you came to your senses when?



Met a girl. She made me think deeper about the world... and the people in it.

Changed majors from business to psychology.

I'd be practicing now if it wasn't for the kids.

I mean, don't get me wrong-- those kids are the best thing that's ever happened to me.

But every now and again, you think about that Italian sports car on the road not taken.

Hey, Russ... ever come across anything on this island that you... can't explain?

Like what?

Forget it.

Thank you.

"Lord Jesus, "I place myself at the foot of your cross.

"And I ask you to surround me with Holy Light and the living water that flows from your heart."

-Mrs. Graham? -Yes.

Hi. Uh, my name is Rose Cooper, and I'm from the State Department of Health and Social Services.

We got a call about your daughter, Harper.

Apparently she's been exhibiting some concerning behavior at school, and she hasn't attended class for several weeks.

She's been fighting a very bad flu.

Uh, I told the school all about it.

Can I speak with Harper, please?

Well, I'm sorry, she's still contagious.

Oh, I've had my shots.

Well, and she's napping.

I'm happy to wait.

(chuckles nervously)


I appreciate your concern, but this isn't a good time.

-My daughter needs her rest. -Mrs. Graham....

Um, maybe we can schedule something for later in the week.

The alternative is to get law enforcement involved.

Is that what you really want?

Um, I'm sorry. Maybe... maybe tomorrow.


You did that well.

I have been dealing with people like her for years.

You're bleeding.

(harsh, raspy breaths)

You gonna do this all by your lonesome, are you?

I have all the proof that I need.

Do share.

I had a vision inside the truck.

A vision of this girl.


You let a demon into your head, Tomas.

Evil leaves a mark. It stains.

Now every thought you have, every decision that you make, is compromised.

What if God is telling me something?

This girl is dying and I'm going to save her.


You're not.

Stay here with Harper.

Can I help you with something?

Who are you? And why is there a priest in there?

We're friend's of Mrs. Graham's, here to provide spiritual help.

What is going on in there?

It's none of your business.

Fine. Well, the state says differently, so if you don't want to talk to me, you can talk to the police.

We're here 'cause Mrs. Graham called us about her daughter.

Yeah, I'm not surprised. She's desperate.

That poor girl's been in and out of hospitals all her life.

All her life?

Come on, Grace. We had a deal.

We read chapter seven inside, chapter eight on the porch.

Can't we read chapter nine on the porch?

You've been putting me off for three chapters.

A deal's a deal. 'Kay?



You did it.


I want to show you something.

-They're really coming in. -They're huge.

I know. Want to touch it?

Go ahead.

Fuzzy, huh?


-Like your nose. -(giggles)

(birds squawking)

What's that?

I don't know.

"My strength and courage is the Lord, and he has been my savior."

(birds squawking)

(squawking continues)

I'm scared.

Come on.

(grunts) Come on.

(birds squawking, shrieking)

(birds crashing)

-(screams) -Ah! It's all right.

(glass shattering)


GRACE: Why did they do that?

I don't know, sweetheart.

Maybe they got confused.

Sometimes animals get spooked.

Could have heard a loud noise or something.

I don't want to go outside anymore.

I want to stay with you.



(doorbell ringing)


Um... here.

You... you stay with Buster, okay?

I'll be right back.

You were asking me about things I can't explain?

Is this what you meant?

This would qualify.

RUSS: Yeah, they flew right over my house.

I never seen anything like it. Came from the northeast point.

The lake?

Yeah, it looked that way.

You know, right from the spot where Nicole...

You know, where...

Oh. I'm-I'm sorry, Andy. I... I didn't mean to...

Would you... would you mind staying here for a few minutes?

My youngest is upstairs.

Yeah, sure thing.

Thank you.


Get out of there now!

What the hell are you doing?

I'm asking God for help.

You had to come here?

Andy, whatever's going on on this island-- this is where it's strongest.

This is where it killed Nicole.

You listen to me.

Nicole killed herself because she was depressed, and she needed help.

I didn't give it to her because I couldn't see how much she was hurting, so that is on me.

No, Andy, but what if you're wrong?

All right? What-what if it's the same thing

-that almost happened to Caleb? -Stop it.

Stop it!

I respect that you believe in something.

I can go along with just about anything, but not about this.

Not about my wife.


Come on. Let's go home.

-(groans) -Shh, shh, shh, shh.

It won't be long.

You're gonna be clean again.

Come on, move.

Listen to me.

-You are clean. You are pure. -Marcus, what...

-(whimpers) -You are a child of God, -and there is nothing wrong with you. -Why are you saying that?

You lied to us. She's been in and out of hospitals since the day she was born.

-Hallucinogens to give her visions. -(gasps)

PCP to generate the fits, emetine to induce vomiting, stories about a little toad that lives behind her tongue, pounding into her head that she was possessed!

-You're-you're out of your mind. -She did that drawing of us herself while we were upstairs.

She used her own fingernails to fake the bite marks.

You weren't reading Chris MacNeil's book for comfort.

You were using it as a bloody instruction manual!

I want you out of my house! Both of you! (panting)

We're not going anywhere.


You're okay.

Mrs. Graham?

(Lorraine yells)

-(panting) -You're safe now.

-(gasps) -Do you understand?

-No, I'm sick. -No.

No, you are not the sick one.

Your mum's the sick one.

You've done nothing wrong.

It hurts. (groans)

I know.

I know it does, sweetheart.

And it's gonna carry on hurting for a long time.

You're gonna look at other kids, other parents, and you're gonna say, "Why me?

Why can't I have their life instead?"

And then... you'll get better.

You'll come out the other side.

You'll be stronger than you were before.

'Cause you will know exactly who you are.

That's what survivors do.


Get away from her.

You don't understand.

You don't know what she's like, the things she says.

(gasps sharply)

I am trying to save her.

Close your eyes and don't open them, no matter what you hear.

Why doesn't anybody understand?


(Harper screams)

(Lorraine yells)

(Marcus groans)

(yelling) No!

(Lorraine screaming and whimpering)


(siren wailing)

This way.

Do this long enough, you think you understand evil in all its forms, every face that it wears.

Then something like this comes along.

Least with a demon, you know where you stand.

There's a... purity to the design, a... a logic, a form.

But a parent who did that to their own child... makes you wonder what the hell you're even trying to save.

I was wrong.

Which bit?

My vision.

If we had gone forward with the exorcism...

...that girl would have died.

More than likely.

But I was so sure.


I'm not ready to do this on my own.

Good thing I'm here then.

(laughs softly)

How is she?

It'll take days for the drugs to flush out from her body, but she'll recover, physically, at least.

And then?

Well, when she leaves here, she'll be placed in the system while the state builds a case against her mother.

Shouldn't be too difficult.

Well, you made it easier.

-And what's next for her? -Finding her a permanent home.

But the system is strained, so it won't happen fast.

Although, I know of a place that could probably take her in in the meantime.

I think she'd be safe there.

(overlapping chatter on phone)

My only white shirt, so that would be really sad.

-Can you pass the lemonade? -Do you have anything to drink?

(keys jingling)

I thought we were meeting your source.

We are.

You've heard of Dolores Navarro?

An exorcist. She's been missing for months.

I assumed she was dead.

They're not killing exorcists, Father Bennett.

They're doing something much worse.

* For the Bible tells me so

* Little ones to Him belong...

Meet Sister Dolores.

Or what's left of her.

* Yes, Jesus loves me!


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