02x04 - One For Sorrow

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-Unclean spirit! -In the name of God!

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-Previously on The Exorcist... -(screams)

Yeah, they flew right over my house.

Never seen anything like it.

I thought it'd be nice if you come down to dinner tonight and join us.

You could wear your brave face.

(demonic voice): You think your friend won't discard you, too?

Father Tomas... he doesn't need you.

MARCUS: You think this is a gift

-from God? -LORRAINE: I also believe that there is something that's taken over my little girl, and it's doing everything in its power to destroy her.

-There is nothing wrong with you. -What?

You lied to us. She's been in and out of hospitals since the day she was born.

(Lorraine screams)


TOMAS: And what's next for her?

I know of a place that could probably take her in in the meantime.

I think she'd be safe there.

-Who are you? -Mouse.

BENNETT: We've both been fighting the same war.

I believe Caro meant for us to fight it together.

Meet Sister Dolores.

-Or what's left of her. -(demonic gasp)

-DOLORES (demonic voice): Uno, dos, tres. -* Jesus loves me

* This I know Uno, dos, tres.

* For the Bible tells me so

-Uno, dos, tres. -* Little ones to Him belong

-Uno, dos, tres. -* They are weak What is this music?

Mousey there thinks it is torture.

-But I love it. -* Yes, Jesus loves me Oh, do you?

-(volume increases) -* Yes, Jesus loves me Uno, dos, tres.

-Uno, dos, tres. -* The Bible tells me so Uno, dos, tres.

Uno, dos, tres.

Turn it off.

-* Jesus take -Uno, dos, tres.

* This heart of mine

-Turn it off now. -(demonic growling)

* Make it pure and holy Thine Dance with me, Devin.

* I will live henceforth for Thee. *


Do you think I can borrow your car?

I don't want to miss the ferry.

Of course. Yeah.


-You gonna be okay? -Yeah.

Harper's really lucky to have you with her.

Harper should be released tomorrow by 10:00, so we'll be back around noon?

Whenever. We'll have a bed waiting.

Thanks for doing this, Andy.

I would've found her another bed, -but there aren't any. -Yeah, well, that's what we're here for.

It's better than a state facility.

Kids always do better in family-run homes.

If they're actually... open.

And if they are properly staffed.

Well, I think we're doing okay.

Not according to the State.

A family this size needs to have at least two primary caregivers.

Yeah, well, we had two caregivers.

Could have asked me for help when you lost her.

Another few days and you won't have to see me again.

Better get to the hospital.

ANDY: We're gonna have some company.

Her name is Harper.

She's 12.

Rose is picking her up from the hospital.

What's wrong with her?

There's nothing wrong with her.

-CALEB: Well, is she sick? -No, no.

-She's not sick. -Then why is she at the hospital?

Question. Am I gonna have to give up my room?

Yes, you're gonna have to share your room.

-For how long? -I don't want her to come here.


Every one of us knows what it's like to have our lives turned upside down.

We all know what it's like to feel scared and helpless.

As long as Harper is under this roof, she's family.

'Cause good families only get bigger.

Am I clear?

I don't want to.

I said, are we clear on that?

Truck, it's... it's fine.

He's stressed. He's dealing with it.

Let Andy do his thing, okay?

Grace, come on.

(door creaks, slams)



What are you doing out here? Hey.

Hey. What are you doing out here?

What are you doing out here?

She shouldn't be here.

Who shouldn't be here?



I'm scared.

It was just the wind.

Just the wind.

It's all right.


(phone ringing)


Olivia, it's me.


I've called everyone, but no one will tell me where you are.

I'm-I'm fine. I'm fine, I'm fine.

I'm safe, I promise.

Por favor, I'm your sister.

Whatever is going on, you can tell me.

How is Luis, is-is he okay?

Did you forget what last week was?

(sighs) Su cumpleaños.

The whole day, I told him not to get his hopes up, but he was so sure that you were gonna come home or at least pick up the phone.

Perdóname... perdóname...

I'm sorry.

Listen, Tomas, there were a bunch of guys who came by the house the other day, asking about you.

What kind of guys?

They said they were from the Church.

I have to go.

No, Tomas, you have to tell me

-where you are. -Olivia, I'm sorry.

Tomas, please, please, can you just come home?

I love you.

Toma-- Tomas?

Stop fidgeting.

I'm not fidgeting.

Somebody's looking for us.

A few men tried to talk to my sister.

What's our next move?

There is no next move.

There's still no word from Bennett.

What does that mean?

It means we're on our own.

God will show us the way.

Like he led us to Harper Graham?

I was... wrong about Harper.

Maybe you were wrong about God.

So, what should we do?

Give up? Stop listening?

Do you hear anything?

Anything at all?

'Cause I certainly don't.

We should get ready.

Rose and Harper will be here soon.

(birds squawking)

PETER (sighs): Huh.

Poor little guys.

Poor nothing.

Peter, you should have seen it yesterday.

I must have burned 30 of these things.

Looks like they died pretty quick, broke their necks.

They didn't suffer and if you got to go...

Nah, they're a bad omen.

Of what?

Global warming.

Puget Sound is a truck stop on the Pacific Flyway migration path.

You know, it warms up, messes with their GPS, so...

I'll run some tests, but I think they probably just got lost.

What about the lamb?

The, uh, the Holstroms had a baby lamb born sick.

Not sick.

All right, deformed.

Like, real messed up.

Well, that happens.

But I'll, I'll take some samples, check around the island. Okay?

But as a friend? Don't lose any sleep.

ANDY: Thank you, Peter.

Appreciate it. I owe you a growler.

-Just make sure it's not an IPA. Hmm? -You got it.

See ya, Shelbs.

See? No omens.

Just science.

Is that what you believe?


Yes. I do.

I didn't mean to hurt you, Andy.

But I'm scared.

(chuckles softly) Don't be.


Hey, we're safe here.

I promise.

Come on.

-Hello, Harper. -Hi.

Father Marcus!

ROSE: Not so fast, Harper.

Remember what the doctor said.

Sunshine becomes you, m'duck.


You excited about seeing the island?


Thank you again for doing this.

It was a really rough night.

She kept asking for the two of you.

And she wouldn't even leave the hospital until I told her we were coming to see you.

Not a problem. We're... very happy to help.

Thank you.

Come on, Harper.

No rush. We'll be outside.

She likes you.

Yeah, well, I'm terribly charming.

Thank you.

I owe Harper this.

I nearly made a mistake with her.

Yeah, well, she's fine. Isn't she?

We got her out of her home, right?

Come on.

Let's get her settled.

What is this?

Holy ash.

Ground from the bones of saints.

It's amazing what you can find in old crypts.

Protection-- for us, from her.

MOUSE: All of this, it's weakening her.

She can't play any of her little tricks here.

You disgrace her memory.

Sister Dolores Navarro was one of the Church's finest exorcists.

MOUSE: And now she's dead, courtesy of that same Church.

That demon is integrated.

(demonic voice): Did they cut you?

Drain your life?

In nomine Patris, -et Filii et Spiritus Sancti... -(laughing)

You can't exorcise her.

She deserves to be at peace.

She doesn't exist anymore.

I was with Dolores in Ecuador, after the earthquake.

Two weeks we spent, digging through the mud for survivors.

I watched that woman work, day and night, without rest, without food, hoping to save just one more.

You think I didn't love her?

Don't talk to me about what she deserves, Father Bennett.

I know full well.

Then why keep her alive?

'Cause that thing knows the names of some of the vermin in Vatican City.

That's how I found out about your friend the cardinal.

And the three bishops I roasted before him.

And I think she's got more to tell.

And what if you're wrong?

What if she's still in there, somewhere?

No one comes back from integration.

I've seen it happen.

Six months ago, in Chicago.

Two priests exorcized an integrated woman.

It could change everything.

Maybe there's hope to save the integrated.

Then the rumors are true.

The demons have been talking.

Your friends kicked up one hell of a hornet's nest.

Then they're in even more danger than I thought.

We're all in danger.

They're targeting exorcists.

Turning the ones they can and killing the rest.

For 2,000 years, we've been the only thing standing in their way.

The war's not coming, Father Bennett, it's already here.

And we're losing.

Good try, buddy.

Wait, I got it in, right?

-Yeah, you did. -So, did I win?

-You're winning, you're winning. -Okay, so...

All right, Caleb, here you go, so you just grab it by the end.

-CALEB: Like that? -SHELBY: Right here, right here.

No, you can't go again, it's not your turn.

-But I'm winning. -Hey, that was close.

(posh accent): Cheers, Princess.

-(giggles) -Thank you.

(chatter outside)

Mmm. Delicious.

(indistinct chatter)

Do you want to take this tea party downstairs?

Maybe some of the other kids want to play.

I just want to play with you.

You love them more than me.

That's not true, I love you all the same.

This much.


I do want you to come down and meet Harper when she gets here, though, okay?

I don't want to.

You can wear your disguise.

I said, I don't want to.

Grace, honey, who are you talking to?

No one.

You okay?


What happened?

(low hissing)


Got it?

-Isn't it beautiful here? -Uh-huh.

(ghostly whispering)

Andy-- he's great.

The kids are awesome.

You're gonna really love them.


You know, when I was your age, I was in foster care for a little while, too.

-You were? -Mm-hmm.

Trust me, this is a really special home.

You'll be safe here while we get your mom some help.

(indistinct chatter)

Harper, come on.

Harper, this is Andy.

He'll be looking after you for a little bit.

Hey, Harper.

It's really nice to meet you.

I'm Andy.

Rose tells me you like to draw. Is that right?

This is perfect, 'cause I got a billion gallons of paint in there.

I'm a terrible artist. I thought maybe after dinner, we could bust out some brushes, you could help me?


There's a tall guy, and he's got a black jacket and short hair.

And a mustache.

But not like a pornstache.

Like, a good stache.

Is that guy a priest?

SHELBY: I heard they both are.

ANDY: Verity?

This is Verity.

This is Harper.

She has graciously agreed to share her room with you.

Verity, would you mind taking Harper upstairs and showing her the ropes?

-VERITY: Sure. -ANDY: Awesome.

VERITY: Come on, Fish.

Your cell awaits.

Harper's heroes.

Andrew Kim. Andy.

-It's an honor. -We're not heroes, no.

Don't listen to him. I am.

I knew it. (laughs)

Just a little leaf there, buddy.

-Thank you, Mom. -(chuckles)

ANDY: All right, come on in, come on in.



Welcome. If you want to put the bags there, I'll-I'll take 'em up in a minute.

TOMAS: This house, it's beautiful.

Thank you. Yeah, it's a, it's a beast.

Belonged to my wife's Great Aunt Peggy.

And your wife is...?

(clicks tongue) Not with us anymore.

I'm sorry.

Thank you. Um... who wants a grand tour?

ANDY: I mean, I wore, like, an eye patch for a week.

I stopped growing jalapeños after that.

It's way too easy for pranks.

Stinging nettles.

They were my weapon of choice.

One of the older kids comes sniffing around for blood, stick a bunch of stingers in his trousers while he's asleep.

24 hours of vile agony.

You were in a home?

Yeah, but not... not like this.

150 boys under a single roof.

How long were you there?

Long enough.

What happened here?

A bunch of crows dive-bombed the house, out of nowhere.

-Hmm. -Shall we?

VERITY: Retro digs, huh?

The bathroom situation is barbaric, but the shower's hot if you get there first.

Which-- protip-- you should.

Um, the Wi-Fi's patchy, and Truck is almost always RPG-ing anyhow, so... good luck streaming anything.

But, Andy is a fair-to-decent cook.

He's... relatively woke.


...he's safe.

No one's gonna hurt you anymore.

Not here.

I promise.


This is for you.

I made it when I heard you were coming.

So, if you get scared, you can click it on from your bed with this thing.

(switch clicks)

And it changes color.

(switch clicks)

(both chuckle softly)

VERITY: No, see, it changed color.

It's... it's fine.

I'll fix that.

-(rumbling) -The top's just a tin can with some spray paint...



(footsteps running away)

(floorboard creaks)

SHELBY: Father?

-Tomas. -Shelby.

-Hi. -Hi.

Uh, you should know, I'm... I'm a believer.

-Not, like, Catholic, or anything, but... -Ah.

-No offense. -Oh, no.

We're all searching for the same answers.


What can I do for you?

Why are you guys here?

Well, making sure Harper is okay.

And is that the only reason?

What other reason would there be?

Father Tomas.

It was good to meet you, Father.

Father Marcus is looking for you.

I think she'll be happy here.

You all right?

One of the kids tried to tell me something.

I think there's something wrong here.

I feel it.

You feel what?

I thought I was wrong about Harper, but now I don't know.

Well, I guess I could have a look around.



What is that?

Uh, that is a Pacific blackdragon.

It's a female.

You can tell by this barbel.

It glows to lure in its prey.

Ambush predator.

Strictly deep water.

Well, what's it doing here?

Yeah. (groans)

That is the question.

"Fish and Wildlife."

A neighbor told me you had some trouble with birds. Andrew Kim?

-You're not from around here. -How'd you guess?

If you were, you'd call him Andy.

What's your business with that family?

His new foster child, Harper-- my partner and I brought her here.

You're one of the priests?

I used to be.

What are you now?

God knows.

-(labored breathing) -* Jesus loves me, this I know

* For the Bible tells me so

* Little ones to Him belong

* They are weak, but He is strong *

* Yes, Jesus loves me

* Yes, Jesus loves me *

* Yes, Jesus loves me

* The Bible tells me so.

(music stops)

What's your name?

Your real name.

(demonic voice): Mejis.

It's beautiful.

Just like the angel you once were.

Our Father must have loved you, to name you so.

Until your kind came along.

Then He forgot about us.

Dolores, if there's any part of you still in there, anything left to be saved, then give me a sign.

There is your sign, man of Christ.

The days of the exorcist are over.


She is going to find you, you know.

First you, then the old gray lion and his little cub.


Give me a name.

You already know her name.

You met her in Chicago.





She sends her regards.

(Bennett grunting)


(Dolores shouting)

(Dolores yells)

That's what your mercy gets you.

BENNETT: What did you give her?

MOUSE: Holy water.

-It was just a little. -(coughing)

You all right?

I'm fine.

I said I'm fine.

What was she talking about, the old gray lion and the cub?

If you heard all that, why'd you let her attack me?

Well, you learned your lesson, didn't you?

Are you mad? I'm on your side.

The lion and the cub.

The two priests I told you of.

Tomas Ortega and Marcus Keane.

Marcus Keane?

Do you know where they are?

Not anymore.

I told them to go into hiding.

We broke contact.

And what about this group in Chicago?

They're the ones responsible for the attack on the Pope?

Controlled by an integrated demon who took over the body of Maria Walters.

She tried to have me integrated, too.

If we could get our hands on a demon with that level of influence and power...

Then we might be able to get the names of those at the very top of the infestation.

And stop them before they stop us.

It's not just, uh, fish and birds, it's... sick livestock, too, birth defects.

And on more than one farm, as it turns out.

Must be some kind of toxin, uh, Fukushima runoff.

This island has a lot of odd stories.

If I had any questions about the island...?

You asking for my number?

Kidding. (chuckles)

I'm, uh, Peter, by the way. Sorry.

Uh, Marcus.

So, uh, why'd you, uh, leave the Church, Marcus?


You miss it?

The Church, no.

Just God.

Isn't He everywhere?

Some places less than most.

That some sort of a lapsed Catholic thing, or...?

No, no, no, I'm... I haven't lost my faith, it's, uh... nothing as clichéd as that.

Whatever you have lost, you'll find it here.

Under the sky, order and chaos.

Death and creation.

You, uh, you sail?

Me? A lad from the Midlands?

(laughing): God, no.

The sun alone would do me in.

It's too bad, there's this condor's nest on Jarrell Cove.

Strictly off limits, except for humble Fish and Wildlife agents like myself.

Maybe some other time.

ROSE: Thank you again.

I promise you, Harper will be in good hands here.

It seems like a lovely family.

Hey, Father.

Don't go just yet. You should be here for this.

We got a little ritual.

Come on.

ANDY: All right. We're all here.

You ready?

-HARPER: I guess. -ANDY: All right, come on.

Anywhere you like.

-Hey! (chuckles) -(applause)


Now you're family.

No matter what happens, you always have a home here.


(distant children's laughter)

(music playing faintly)

Cool, right?

What's your color?

I don't know.

My mom never let me paint my nails.

No offense, your mom kind of sounds like a bitch and a half.

Is it okay that I miss her?


Yeah, that's okay.

ANDY: Hey. Have you seen Harper?

(Harper speaking indistinctly)

You know, most children with that kind of trauma don't even make eye contact at this stage.

Verity really stepped up.

After Nikki.


Nikki was this real punk as a kid.

And they just got each other.

I think Verity never... she never had that.

You know? Somebody who loved her just the way she was.

Sounds like she was a great mom.

I never really get to talk about her.

Everyone's afraid to mention her name.

You were wrong, before.

I don't want you to leave.

I mean, when this is over, I would like to see you again.



Truck, is that you?

(bones crackling)


(Harper shrieking)

ROSE: Harper!

Harper! Harper!

-It's just a dream. -HARPER: It's her.

It's her, it's her. It's Mommy.

N-N-N-N-No, it's-it's just a dream.

You're here, you're safe.

(panting): Don't go.

Rose, please.


I won't.


-Hey. -Hey.

There's no wine here. I looked.

Yeah, well, there's a social worker in the house.

How about chocolate?


You're gonna laugh at me, but I had this nightmare.

You know how those stick with you?

Uh, yeah.

I really do.

You want to talk about it?


No, not really.

(whispers): Okay.

Harper cried herself to sleep.

And all I could do was hold her.

Sometimes that's all they need.

I had 130 active families last year.

I get too attached to one kid, another gets hurt.

I can't afford to do warm and fuzzy.

I mean, look at me.

I am.

I should have kissed you back.

That night on the roof.

But I was so screwed up over Paul.

And then, when I wasn't...

I was with Nikki.

For a long time, I was kicking myself.

And then I started kicking you.

You weren't the only one that was mad.

I lost my friend.

I still wanted you to be happy, though.

Just not in front of me.

I was.

You know, happy, I mean.

Yeah, I wish you still were.


(animal calling)

Those handprints, they have to be a sign.

Yeah, but from what?

Or who?

(Tomas sighs)

They're in my head, Marcus. I don't want them there.

I don't understand.

Maybe you're not meant to.

Do you think God led us here?

If He did, He led you 'cause He's not talking to me.

I haven't felt Him for weeks now.


I can't remember a time when He wasn't there.

Even when the words are flowing through me, I don't... feel His touch.

Or hear His voice.

Well, maybe you're not listening.

Tell you what, next time you have a chat with the Creator, can you ask Him where the hell He's been?

Are you all right?

I'm an empty pitcher.

A pitcher like a... baseball pitcher?

Water pitcher.

His grace travels through me, becomes form, becomes word, becomes power.

That's how it's always been.

Except lately.

Now everything's rushing out and nothing's coming back in.

And the last of it leaves when the words... run dry.

If the words run dry, I'll be there.

We're partners.

Maybe God... didn't send me a partner.

Maybe he sent a replacement.

(sighs) But there's work to do here.

There may be something very wrong on this island.

So, you trust me?

You believe in God, Tomas.

I believe in you.

Apart from that?

I ain't got the foggiest.

(seabirds squawking)



If I go outside, can I be your favorite?


Please, Daddy?


I got you.

You're doing great.

Now... open your eyes.

No more birds, I promise.

No birds?

No birds.

I want to go down.


Yeah. You got it.

You got it.


I feel like crap.

For real this time.

We got any soup?


(laughing): Yeah, Grace.

-(laughing) -(claps) Yeah.

Yeah, Grace! You did it!

You did it.

You did it.

Yeah. Come here.


I did it.

You did it.


Race you.

(Andy laughing in distance)

ANDY: All right.

Good job.


(Andy laughs)

And now I can swim in the cove...

-Yeah. -...and stand on the old well that all the other kids talk about.

ANDY: Okay, how about not that?

(Grace chuckles)

We can be together forever.

Well, that sounds great.

But first, got to take a nap.

Got a big morning.

-All right. -All right.

(groans) Almost there.

(Andy sighs)

All right, shoes off.

One... two.


I'm really proud of you.

Nighty night.


(door creaking)


(Verity coughs)

Is somebody in here?

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