02x09 - Ritual & Repetition

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-Unclean spirit! -In the name of God!

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-Previously on The Exorcist... -What you've done here is extraordinary.

You've brought the entire community together.

You did that.

Don't think the church hasn't noticed.

Tara, can you deposit this check first thing tomorrow morning, please?

Since when do we get six-figure checks?


Where's Verity?

She forgot some book over at Russ and Colleen's.

-You're in charge. -MARCUS: You let a demon into your head, Tomas.

Evil leaves a mark. It stains.

Now every thought that you have, every decision that you make is compromised.

TOMAS: Though war break out against me, I will be confident.

Hey, kiddo.

MARCUS: St. Michael...

Pray for us.

-St. Joseph... -Pray for us.

-MARCUS: St. Rafael... -Pray for us.

Oh, Tomas...





(sighs, grunts)


Tomas, I need you to wake up!

MARCUS: Angels and archangels...

-TOMAS: Pray for us. -MARCUS: St. Joseph...

-Pray for us. -(holy water hissing)

-St. Gabriel... -Pray for us.

-St. Raphael... -Pray for us.

MARCUS: Tomas, fight it.


MARCUS: Fight it!

The light of God surrounds us.


The love of God informs us.

The power of God protects us.



MARCUS: What are you doing, Tomas?

You promised you would help me.

You can't leave me here.


(holy water hissing)

This is not right.


(Tomas panting)

-You're not going anywhere. -(groans)

-(door rumbles open) -(panting)

(speaking Spanish)


(woman speaks quietly)

Bishop! There you are.


I-I'm... I'm not supposed to be here.

(giggles) You said the same thing last year when they offered you this promotion, remember?

You wanted to run off and become an exorcist. (laughs)

No, no, no.

No, that's not how it happened.

Imagine all the things you would have lost.

You're the youngest bishop in 20 years.

Look at this church you built.

All the people that depend on you.

This is where you belong.

Tomas, think of the congregation.

* Who abide in His shadow for life *

* Say to the Lord, "My refuge

* My rock in whom I trust"

* And He will raise you up

* On eagle's wings...

(birds squawking)

(engine starts, revs)

(engine revving)

Keane? Marcus Keane?

Father Ortega?

The Vatican is not your enemy.

We're here to talk. Just to talk.

If you are in trouble, we can help.


-(gunshot) -(grunts)

(birds squawking)



Is anybody up there?


-ANDY: Sit down, Rose. -(blow strikes, body thuds)

VERITY: Dad, please.

-ROSE: Andy, no. Stop! -(Verity screams)

(grunts, groans)

Leave her alone.

(Rose panting)

I'm sorry, Rose, but I'm not gonna let you break up my family.


She's alive.

She's fine.

Everybody's fine.

(Rose grunts, glass breaks)

(Rose panting, grunting)


(Rose gasps)



(Marcus panting)

(gasps, grunts)

(Rose yelling)

(Andy groans)

(Rose grunts)

(groans, pants)

Rose. Please...

(Andy panting)

NICOLE: Andy...


(Rose grunts)

(seagull keening)

(car door opens)

-So, where are we going? -Home. Where else would we go?


ANDY: All right, I'm closing the door.

-SHELBY: Caleb! -(car door closes)

ANDY: Buckle up, you guys.

Oh, it's so good to see you.

You all right?

I know I look terrible, but, um...

I'm doing much better, thanks to Marcus and Tomas.

And, um...


Well, Andy, what are you doing here?

I'm here to take you guys home. Get in the car.

Why-why didn't Rose come to get us?

'Cause I got a lot to apologize for... in person.

And I wanted to tell you-- tell all of you-- this is over.


I'm not gonna hurt anyone anymore.

It's time to put this family back together.

Come on, get in the car, Shelby.

(engine starts)

(choir singing indistinct hymn)

(shuddering breathing)

* In the palm

* Of His hand

* You need not fear

* The terror of the night

* Nor the arrow

-* That flies by day -WOMAN: Monsignor Tomas.

* Though thousands

* Fall about you

* Near you

* It shall not come

* And He will raise you up

* On eagle's wings

* Bear you on

* The breath of dawn

* Make you to shine

* Like the sun

* And hold you

* In the palm...

* Of His hand.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Lord be with you.

CONGREGATION: And also with you.

TOMAS: Please be seated.

(emergency brake sets)

(gears shift)

(engine stops)

SHELBY: Andy, what are we doing here?

What was it like?

It was... hell.

Having to sit and... watch while that thing... hurt my family.

The people I love.

The demon... it's gone, right?


(clears throat)

What do you think, Harper?

I think you killed my mom.

Yeah, I did, didn't I?

But listen, did you ever think that maybe your mom was the evil one?

And that's why God brought her to me?

You can be mad all you want, but if you think about it, God killed your mom.

Not me.

Andy, Andy...

Whatever's going on with you, we can help you, all right?

We can get you the help you need.

ANDY: Time to go.

You guys.

It's gonna be fun.

(quietly): Lock your doors. Lock your doors, quick.

(key fob beeps, locks click)

Caleb, give me your cane.

-Why? -Caleb, give me your cane right now!

I'm not gonna let him hurt you.

-Shelby... -Don't watch.

ANDY: Shelby, come on out.

-(Shelby groans) -HARPER: Shelby!

(thud, Shelby screams)

-What's going on? -(Harper screams)

-Harper? -HARPER: Let me go!

Harper? Harper!

-Harper! -(Harper screams)

(windshield wipers drumming)


(windshield wipers drumming)


Okay. Okay.

(shuddering breathing)

I'm not scared of you!

I'm not!

(Andy laughing)

(Andy laughing)

-Come on. -(laughing grows louder)

Come on.

(Caleb grunts)


-(horse neighs) -(Marcus grunts)

I got you. I got you.

I got you.

-(Caleb grunts) -(gasps)

(both crying)

He's gonna kill us.

When he comes back.

Verity, you've been in bad situations before.

I read your file.

I know what they did to you.


I also know that every time they tied you up, you managed to free yourself.


You're no victim, are you?

(Verity grunts)

(Andy clears throat)

V, Rose.

(sighing): Thank God.

-God? -(Shelby grunts)

They're alive because of me.

(Shelby grunts)


(Andy grunts)

They're alive... because of me, Shelby.

Do we wait for Truck?

Do this right, as a family?

Or... or... uh...

Or do we cut our losses... (sniffs)

...and get this party started?



Mi tío!

Luis? Luis.



(Tomas speaks Spanish)

You're coming to my party, right?

Mom said you'd be there.

I would not miss it for the world.

You have a visitor, Tomas.


Hi, Father.

Or I guess I should call you Bishop, now.

TARA: Luis, let's give them some privacy.

We've got some comics in the new library.

Bye, Uncle Tomas.

See you on Saturday.

Uh, bye, buddy. Bye.


I... I thought you left Chicago.

I need your help.

And my mom said that I should come talk to you.

You know how she's kind of old school.

I think there's something wrong with me.

But we saved you.

Do you ever feel like you're not in control of your own body?


I have these crazy, scary dreams, and...

Sometimes I wake up and I don't even know where I am.

You're not Casey Rance.

And none of this is real.

(demonic voice): You ought to be careful, Father.

You made a vow to serve your parish.

I left Chicago for a reason.

(normal voice): Think of all the people you left behind.

They bulldozed St. Anthony's, and you don't even care.

That is not true.

All those people you abandoned, just so you could feel special.

Tell me, Tomas...

(demonic voice): ...do you feel special yet?


What do you think?

Should we finish the job that Truck started?

It wasn't Truck.

-It wasn't Truck that did this? -(gasps)


(echoing booms)

Take your hands off her!

-Don't touch me. -SHELBY: Leave her alone!

Let her go!


ANDY (softly): Ooh, Shelby.


Doesn't look so good.



You should get that looked at.

You think you're clever?

I was onto your ass from the start.

(whispers): Yeah.

You were, weren't you?


(distant, eerie screams)


You're smart.

You were onto me.

Didn't do you much good, though, did it?

Lamb's blood only protects you from God's wrath...

...not mine.

He's so much worse than me.

Egyptian parents... they awoke the next morning... to find their babies dead in their cradles, their breath stolen by a vengeful creator.

Your God...

(snarling): your God... has taken far more children than I ever will.

You know what? I changed my mind.

You're gonna go last.


(whispers): Which means... which means...

...which means, which means, which means...


What do you say?

You and me, just like old times.


BOTH: One.


(wood creaking)

CALEB: Three.

BOTH: Four.

CALEB: Five.

ANDY: This is gonna be a lot of work.

-But I like that work. -(trembling breaths)

ROSE: Coward.

You're so weak.


I stabbed you with a pitchfork.

You're losing blood.

You're losing time.

You don't have the strength to take us.

You don't get a vote, Rose.

You're not a part of this family.

You're not a part of any family.

You're a nothing. You're a bonus.

Then what are you waiting for?

ANDY: Eyes up at the front of the class, kids.

Watch and learn.



Go to hell.

Oh... (clicking tongue)

(whispers): He put her on the well.

Andy... please, I know you can fight it.

I got to do everything around here.




Four, five, six.

Maybe you'll be accepted, be a part of this family.










Welcome to the family.


(Verity breathing quickly)

(soft footsteps approaching)

Someone's coming.


You know what?

I decided Truck's gonna go last.

-You son of a bitch. -ANDY: Language.

Our Father, who art in heaven...

(panting): hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come, ANDY/SHELBY: Thy will be done...


...on earth, as it is in heaven.

Verity, run!

SHELBY: Get out! Get out of here! Go!



ANDY: Verity!

ANDY: Verity!


This is a fantasy.

What's wrong with a little fantasy?

Think about what I'm offering you.

You could have your life back.

Wash away your sins.

My sins are my own, and I take full responsibility for everything I've done.

Look at the path you're on.

There's a rot in your soul, and it's damaging everyone around you.

How long until you get them all killed?

Your partner.

Your family.

Your friends.

Rose is already dead.

How long before you destroy everything you touch?



(panting rapidly)

(relieved sigh) Father Marcus.

-MARCUS: Are you all right? -(panting)

He went after Verity.


Where's Rose?

He killed her.

Are you sure?

(weakly): I-In the well.

SHELBY: I got this.

You need to go after V.

Just get them off the island.

-You okay? -Okay.


ANDY: Verity!



Where are you!?


Come on, let's go.

Slowly, slowly.



Come on, we got to go.

-(panting) -Harper?


Rose, are you there?

Harper. Harper.

-HARPER: Okay. -SHELBY: Rose!

-I'll go get the ropes. -Rose.

Go. Go, Harper.

We're gonna get you out!

You've got to get out of here.

Please. Run. Run.

Don't worry about me, please.

CALEB: Yeah, that's not happening.

Okay. Okay, okay.

HARPER: We're going with you, Rose.






SHELBY: Just hold on and let us pull, okay?

You have no idea who I am.

How long I've been doing this.

What is it you priests like to say?

(Marcus' voice): With ritual and repetition.

The way it's been done for hundreds of years.

(normal voice): The power is in the repetition.

And I have so much power.

All those families.

All those children.

All those grieving parents.

You deceive them.


I give them what they want.

First Mexican Pope?

I can give you that, Tomasito.

Just ask.


Maybe I wanted that a long time ago when I was a very different man.

Do you really want to know what I want?

(whispering): I want to watch you die, you son of a bitch.

All right, hold on.

-We're gonna pull you out. -Come on.



That's it.

-Ah! -(children grunts)

CALEB: Oh, God.

SHELBY: Come on, pull!

-Keep going. -Pull!

Come on.

(all grunting, panting)

-Harper. -Rose.

HARPER: Come on.

Caleb... Caleb, we got her!

-ROSE: Harper... -SHELBY: Caleb.



Caleb, Caleb.

Where's Verity?

Marcus got her.

Harper, Harper.

Oh, oh.

You know you guys should have left me, right?

We don't leave family behind.


(Rose grunts)

Oh, you guys.

(Andy grunts quietly)


(Verity screams)

(Verity coughing)


Dad... please.


-(Verity gasping) -Sorry, kiddo.

But you're not my daughter.

(Verity gasping)



-(grunts) -(coughs)

(Andy cries out)

(Marcus grunting)




The others are safe.

They're heading for the ferry. Run.

What about you?

I'll hold it off.



Thank you.

The power of Christ...

(demonic voice): Compel me, Marcus.



(cries out)


I want to wake up!



Get out of this house.

You have no power here.

Tomas, wait.

This is not your home!

-(growls) -(grunting)



I... I reject your gifts.

I reject your fantasy.

I reject you!

(demonic howling)

(Marcus coughing)

(Nicole laughing)


ANDY: Father Tomas?


(Andy panting)

Andy. Andy.


I can't fight back much longer.

It's too strong.

Promise me... you won't let it get away.

-Okay. -That you won't... don't let it happen to another family.

Promise me.

WOMAN: We beg of You, through the intercession

-and help of the archangels... -No.

-No, no, no, no, no. -...for the deliverance of those who are enslaved by the evil one.

-You have to fight. -All saints of Heaven...

You have to fight, Andy.

...come to our aid.

-Fight it! -Free us, O Lord, from thoughts of jealousy, rage and death.

We beg You, free us, O Lord.


I'm Mouse.

And I came a long way to find you.

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