02x07 - Hella Disrespectful

I don't want your conversation.

Get in my line-up.

Girl, that's the hoe spirit.


What do you guys do?

We give you all the tools you need to succeed.


Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Nosotros te agarramos.

Woot Woot's dead.

It had been a part of my life for so long.

Sometimes saying goodbye means you're making room for something better.

This whole open thing sounds super messy.

We could keep talking about this or choose to be in it.

Can't believe Issa's still, like, seeing this dude.

This ain't all on Issa.

What the f*ck, did you really just do that in my f*cking face Weren't you into it?

MOLLY ON PHONE: In your face?!

Nah, nigga.

- Nah!

- I know.

Okay, you know what?

We gonna go to that nigga's house and we are f*cking him up on sight.

Girl, I don't even wanna see him.

It's just not even Girl, you don't have to go.

I'll go.

I'ma put a dozen eggs in a water gun, we gonna roll up to that nigga's house, and just brrr I'ma spray his face with cum eggs.

As much as I love that visual, I just Ugh, I don't know, like, I just I'm embarrassed.

I let him embarrass me.

Like, I was just trying to show him he was special to me and then he just made me feel stupid.

No, girl, you not stupid, okay?

He was being disrespectful.

Niggas is out here watching Pornhub, thinking they can do that sh1t in real life.

Yeah, well, thanks for not judging me, girl.


But since we out here not judging people What?

I'm still seeing Dro.

Wait, what?

But I thought you said it was one and done?

Tsk, I mean, it's been more like 17 and not stopping no time soon.

So, y'all are having an affair?

Girl, no.

You know their situation.

I mean, you was the one who said them being open was better than sneaking around.

Yeah, better for Dro and Candice.

But what about you?

- Like, where is this going?

- I don't know.

That's the point.

I guess.

Hold up, okay?

I didn't judge you for hoing around these last few months.

Oh, that was different, okay, 'cause I knew what I was getting myself into.

Bitch, you just got a surprise facial.

- What the f*ck you talking about?

- Really?

Malibu, I'm just trying to look out.

And I appreciate that.

Malibu, why don't you do you, and I'ma do me?



You wanna do you, that's just fine.

I don't have a dog in this fight.

You ain't worth nothin' - Unh - You - You - Unh I should've seen it comin' - Unh - You You You said I was the only one You [CLEARS THROAT.]

You know, the good thing about the PSAT is it's multiple choice.

You could close your eyes and fill out anything and still have a good shot.

Don't do that, though.

You'll fail.

You know, We Got Y'all offers PSAT tutoring.

You should come through.

I tried to, but Mr.

Gaines told me and my friends the program is full.


- Hey, y'all.

What's up?

- ALL: Hey!

Corn maze was epic.

You guys missed out.

Ah, yeah.

Gotta blame my allergies, man.

- What'd you end up doing?

- Just, uh, kicked it at the house.

Oh, Aparna said you went to that theater where the seats move.

Uh, oh, yeah.

Yeah, we did.

Wait, are you guys a thing?

No, we just, uh You know, we just hung out.

Yep, that's what I said.

- How have I never had this?

- Look, why don't you just try it?

It's buttery ranch and caramel crisp.

Just trust me.

- Oh, sh1t.


- Okay.


- Yeah, I told you.

That's right.

Look, I'll get you a tub of it once you get that big raise.


- Hmm.

So, when is your white boy meeting?

First thing tomorrow.

- Man, I am so ready.

- Well, good luck.

I really hope they know what they got.

Oh, yeah?

What they got?

- You know what they got.


Well, look, I'ma be in LA in a few weeks.


You trying to take my job?

Or maybe I want you to take me out.

You know, just show me around.



- Hey.

So, earlier?

It's cool.

You know, I guess I, uh I just didn't want people in our business like that.

Do we have business?

It's just I've made mistakes jumping into something too fast before.

And I don't wanna do that with you.

I get it.

We still on for drinks at that new bar tomorrow?

Shh, can you keep it down?

Somebody will hear you.

- I'm just kidding.


- We're gonna drink everything.

- You got jokes.

- Hey.

- Oh, hey.

Can we talk?

I mean, I'm pretty busy with some computer stuff.

Well, I just wanted to show you this.

They're some ideas I had to increase Latino enrollment at East 41st Street, to show them we're available to them.




I had the same thought.

It was part of this whole initiative, but - this is great.

- Thanks.

God, even when we're fighting, we are still synced, - mentally, physically.

- That's too much.

No, you're right, and I didn't mean it that way.

Can I ask where this is this coming from?

Uh honestly, I was in a weird place for a minute, you know, and kind of got away from myself and lost in the heat of it all.

And you were right and I'm sorry.

I get it.

And I'm sorry about earlier.

I was being a real bitch.

"Oh, hey.

" Like, what was that?

- Thanks.

- Yeah.

Want these back?

No, you can hold on to those.

- Okay.

How was Chicago?

- Oh, it was great.

- Yeah?

- I got you something.



All right.

"Buttery ranch caramel crisp.

" - Mm, mm-mm.

- Oh, just trust me.

Okay, see what we got here.

- Uh-huh, okay.

- M'kay.

- Damn.

- I be knowing.

You get Tiffany's invite to Derek's birthday party?

Ugh, a style guide, though?

And she had the nerve to suggest me and Candice mind the color palette?

Oh, Candice is coming.

I mean, I figured, but - [SIGHS.]

- You okay?

Mm-hmm, yeah.


It's cool, it's just, you know, I haven't seen her since we Oh, yeah, I get it.


I know what we have is new, but we're still us, okay?

- M'kay.

- M'kay.







Something don't feel right, I swear you be geekin' Why you always fussing when you should be pleasin'?

Yeah, I can forgive, but I can never forget Both fed up, sick and tired of the bullshit Oh, that's what we doin'?

We being childish, my nigga?

We just pointin' and clickin' And we not talkin', my nigga?

You fixed your pussy-ass fingers To really block me, my nigga?

Like you Mutombo, my nigga?

Like you don't know me, my nigga?

Five years by your side And I'm just a button, my nigga?

You wanna push me, my nigga?

You wanna push me, my nigga?

MOLLY: And earlier this year, I signed another Fortune 100 telecommunications company.

This one client has the potential to generate upwards of $2 million alone in its first year.

Wait, wasn't Hannah on Marist?

She was.

That's one of the files I inherited when she left.

So, whether it's covering for Hannah's transfer or just a fellow associate who has other plans, I am always happy to step up.

I think we all agree you're a huge asset to the firm.

Thank you.

However, it is unusual to start negotiations so far ahead of your annual review.

Right, but given when Grayson and McKinney were promoted to partner, this firm has demonstrated that it is not bound to timing when it comes to recognizing hard work.

We hear you.

We really do.

And when your review comes around next year, all of this will be very useful.

We'll have space.

Will you have one?

Okay, great.


Tell your parents.

Oh, yeah.



Gaines, do you have a second?

Yeah, make it quick.

Pot pie gave half the ninth grade food poisoning.

There goes my mop budget.


I realize I've been negligent in how I presented myself.


What do you mean?

Well, We Got Y'all is inclusive of everyone, and I might have made it seem like that wasn't important to me, but Is your program full?

Are you helping the youth?

- Yeah, but - Then what's the problem?

Look, I thought me and you had an understanding.

Now you're coming at me on some All Lives Matter?

- It's not - I'm sorry.

We were just hoping for a more representative group of kids.

Look, if you want Mexicans, nobody's stopping you.

You're turning away Latino students.

They deserve to have the same opportunities as everyone else.

These are kids.


Girl, calm down.

Ain't nobody dead.

Okay, go, man.

- Oh, hey.

- Hey.

Yo, I know we said we were gonna grab drinks at 7:00, - but would 10:00 work?

- What's up?

I forgot I gotta stop by this thing.

Oh, a thing.

Is this at a place?

It's a birthday party.

I'm just gonna swing through.

My ex is supposed to be there.



Maybe we could try another night.

Or I can go with you if that's easier.

Uh sure.

Mm, my bad.


What do you want?

I was hoping we could talk.

And I just wanted to apologize so we can move past this.


That was f*cked up.

You're f*cked up.

I just got caught up in the moment.

You embarrassed me.

And it's me.

Like, why would you even do that?

You right.

Like, it was f*cked up.

It was f*cked up.

Can you forgive me?


Iiiissss, pleeeease?

Shut up.

I hate you.

Why our sh1t always gotta be so messy?

You got me.

But, I mean, I guess we're even now.


Yeah, it's like, you know, we both did some f*ck sh1t, you know?

Wait, what?

So you're You're saying you were trying to get back at me?

- What?



- Wait, wait, wait.

So, you did this on purpose, like on some fucked-up revenge sh1t?

Listen, it's not even that deep, all right?

I'm just sayin', like, now you Now you know how I felt.

You disrespectful, petty-ass nigga.

- Hey, hold on, you just - You know what?

Don't ever f*ckin' call me again, okay?

'Cause I'm not That bitch you wanna f*ck with - [DOOR SLAMS.]

- Damn!

What's wrong with you?


I'll treat you like a king If you can be faithful Hi.

- Isn't this cute?

- Yeah.

It's nice.

I got it at Forever 21.

It's a women's jacket, but you can't tell.

Okay, so Derek doesn't know this, but I got him a box of high-end Cuban cigars.

They're rolled by this entire family, even the children.

I know it sounds sketchy, but what can I say?

I love my man.


Actually, it's Vance, like "dance.


- VANCE: Signature cocktail?

You can choose from the Tiffany, which is a sparkling rosé with muddled raspberries and a hint of vermouth, or the Derek, which is our take on the amaretto sour.

- What's your take?

- He added an extra cherry.

- I'm gonna go check on the app situation.

- Okay.


I thought Sweetie was just gonna be some strange, but I'm going with his parents to mosque next week.

Shabbat shalom!

That's not what they say at mosque.

It could be.

SWEETIE: Hey, babe!

They got shumai shooters.

He a real one.


Yes, yes, yes.

- Hi!

I'm Candice.

- Congratulations.

- Tamika.

- Nice to meet you.



I did.

Hey, Molly.

Good to see you.

Hi, Candice!

Come here, give me a hug!


- Oh!

- Sorry!

- Did I - No, no, no, it's fine.

I'll get you another one.


All right.


This place is nice.




Doesn't the bartender look just like Cory Booker?

Oh, my God.

I thought so, too.

You know, I can't trust anyone who lives in a housing project on purpose.

- I know, right?



- Here's your drink.

Dinner commences.

- KELLI: But you eat pork, right?

- Absolutely, I do.

MOLLY: Thank you.

KELLI: Thank you, Sweetie.

Molly, there are place cards.

I didn't design my own font so you could sit just where you wanted.

- Okay.

I'ma just - Thank you, babe.



So, you gonna go off on Lawrence?


This is Derek's birthday, and I'm not here to start drama.

- I'm fine.

- Yeah?

sh1t, we're drinking everything tonight.


Signature cocktail?

There's the Tiffany and the Derek.

I'll take both 'cause I'm classy.

I'll have a club soda.


- Happy birthday.

- Mwah.

Thank you for coming.




- Oh, Candice, hey!

How's your night going?




- What's up with y'all?

- Nothing.

We're fine.

She grown.

No, this nigga didn't.

- Did you know he was bringing this one?

- No.

Hey, uh Um, I didn't realize it was a sit-down dinner type of situation.

It's fine.

It's fine.



It's fine.

Let me get another chair.

- We could just go.

- It's whatever you want.

DEREK: Put you right over here.


There must've been a sale on denim.

Can we all just scoot down just a little bit?

Oh, no, that's fine.

It's okay.

No, it's all good.


No, Kelli, that's Derek's fork.

Nope, still Derek's.

I got eight forks, so it don't even f*ckin' matter.


Everybody, this is Aparna.

Or you could call me "random girl who showed up to Derek's birthday.


Oh ahem!

Can I get a whiskey?

Oh, so we drinkin' now?

I didn't like neither one of their cocktails, so I mixed them together.

I call it a Derffanny.

It's like them f*ckin' in a glass.


Half joint, whole joint 'Nother joint [CHATTER.]

I thought what Abramovic did was really moving.

She's just sitting there staring at you, and it's art?

- Oh!

- I'm with you, Tiff.

It's like, paint, breakdance, do something.

Hey, have you guys been to the What about what's that room called at The Broad?

Can you pass the butter, please?

SWEETIE: We've been there.

Butter, nigga!

When you die, I'ma dance.

You're saying the one with the lights?

The Infinity Room.

It's all black.

The, uh, Infinity Room.


I went to the car museum on Wilshire.

You know Biggie got shot there?


No, I didn't.

I didn't know he died until recently.

So, how do you guys know Tiffany and Derek?

Just, uh yeah, we're friends from back in the day.

Oh, you all grew up together, or?

My ex went to college with them.

Oh, that's cool.

You two are still friends?

Oh, it's Issa?

Top-shelf sauce, that's a good time If she don't shave, that's a good sign [MUSIC PLAYING.]


I'm just saying, yeah, Inglewood's on the come-up.

We're thinking about buying a fourplex out there.

Nothing fancy, but we have our eye on a couple foreclosures.

Fingers crossed the owners lose it.

I love her.

Iss, didn't your building change owners?

I mean, getting upgraded and sh1t.

It barely looks like a trap house anymore.


- Yep.

When I picked Issa up, I saw they had a Pinkberry on Manchester now.

What'd that used to be?

I used to go there all the time when it was a - Popeyes.

- Popeyes.


Baby, we talked about First off, I wanna wish a happy birthday to my man, my best friend, the Barack to my Michelle.

I just feel so blessed to be able to celebrate tonight with some of our dearest friends.

And some randos.



- I just love you so much.

- I love you, too, baby.

- TIFFANY: Happy birthday, baby.



- KELLI: To Derek.

- To Derek.

- Yes.

Happy birthday!



Do you even miss me at all?

Watch how we shine like the moon and the stars Do you even miss me at all?


Look, I wanna explain, all right?

I wouldn't have brought Aparna if I knew - You're so full of sh1t.

- What?

You couldn't wait to parade whoever-the-fuck in front of me and my friends?

I'm not parading anybody.

And then on some f*ck sh1t, you block me?


Okay, yeah, I blocked you because I was tired of seeing pictures of the nigga you f*cked while we were together.

I didn't post pictures!

Nigga, I don't give a f*ck who posted the pictures.

- You still f*ckin' that nigga?

- Why do you even care?

Of course, so you're still f*cking him.

Who else did you f*ck while we were together?

Are you serious right now?

I don't know what the f*ck you was out here doing, apparently.

- Oh, what I'm doing?

- Yeah.

What about what you're doing?

f*cking me while you're with some bitch who works at your bank?

And really, nigga, her?

'Cause being some fake-ass music producer's jump-off is better?

You know, I bet that nigga's a real f*cking gentleman.

He's got way more going on than Woot Woot.

Speaking of, what's up with that?

'Cause I ain't get no Woot Woots on my phone.

Was it worth all that time I spent supporting your depressed ass?

Probably not as much time as you spent being a f*ckin' ho.

Hey Let's go.

ALL: Happy birthday Dear Derek Happy birthday to you.

- KELLI: Yeah!

- DEREK: Thank you.

Thank you all.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!


This carrot cake?

So, you hate us.

I mean, I'm gonna eat it, but it's nasty.

- You like carrot cake?

- TAMIKA: I do.

- KELLI: Why?

You bad, you bad.


I don't know whose fork is whose.

- Use that fork.




Sorry we haven't been able to talk.

This party's a lot, huh?

Yeah, I I thought I knew what to expect tonight, but You and Candice You guys look really good together.

- Sorry.

- No, it's okay.

I mean, seeing you two the way you are with her Forget it, it's stupid.

I sound so stupid.

No, you don't.

We have something, too.

We do.

It's just - [MUSIC PLAYING.]

- [SIGHS.]


- You ain't gotta tell your friends [MOANING.]



I'm almost there.

I'm almost there!


Please don't stop.

Don't stop.

You ain't gotta tell your mama That I like to bring the drama [EXHALES.]


- [SIGHS.]

- Okay - Mmm.

- Mmm.

Oh, sh1t.

Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna go back out.

You wanna hang back here for a sec and then come out afterwards?

Yeah, sure.

- Yeah?

- Mm-hmm.


Thank you.

I was gonna return this.



I, I never read ya I got amnesia, I don't remember You okay?

I got a temper, you stalkin' now Yeah.

I'm good.

We could still get drinks.

You said I'm different, I'm difficult You said I'm missin', I'm missin' you You poppin' up Hey, Mom.


I just needed some time.

I know.

- Mom, why'd you stay with Dad after?

- [SIGHS.]

This is gonna sound really stupid, but I just loved him.

How'd you deal with the hurt?

How'd you get past it?

I don't know if I ever have.

But I just know that he made me feel special more than he hurt me.


Do you feel better?


There's a place you hold I left behind I'm finished Jesus - Since you took your time - [PHONE BUZZES.]

I'm quittin' You'll always deny we're going in circles [CRUMPLES PAPER.]

But I'll override Could be winter, but I burn inside In the back of my mind I hear nothing Keep this feeling alive, I fear nothing now Then I'm in my ride Anything I left behind don't mean nothing now [SCREAMING.]

If you think I'm going back, you misunderstood Cry and talk about it, baby, but it ain't no use See, you wasn't lookin' when I pushed [SCREAMS.]

Hold up, wait, you f*ckin' with my groove Gettin' on this plane, makin' moves Cry and talk about it, baby, but it ain't no use I ain't gonna sit here with your blues No, no, no, no If it ain't your life I don't know how To live it And it broke me down I almost drowned It's not the ending No, no, no I'm not the one Why are you testing me?

No, no, no I'm not the one Why are you testing me?

No, no I'm not the one Why are you testing me?

No, no, no, no, no I couldn't wait for you I couldn't wait for you.