02x08 - Hella Perspective


Can you forgive me?

Why should it always gotta be so messy?

I guess we're even now.


Don't ever f*cking call me again!


We were just hoping for a more representative group of kids Look, if you want Mexicans, nobody's stopping you.

I am always happy to step up.

When your review comes around next year, this will be very useful.

Sorry we haven't been able to talk.

WOMAN: I thought I knew what to expect tonight, but You and Candice are, like, good together.

Was it worth all that time I spent supporting your depressed ass?

Probably not as much time as you spent being a f*cking hoe.

Let's go.


Would you like a voucher for a free cold brew?

I'm good, thanks.

Hey, didn't this used to be a family fish grill?

I don't know, but I heard they're getting rid of all the old stores and turning this into a promenade.

So exciting!

Make sure you come back for our grand opening in 30 days!

Best coffee in I'Wood.


The f*ck?

Find some time to do something WOMAN: Would you like a voucher for a free cold brew?

Find some time to do something Find some time Find some time to do something Whoa, whoa, oh, oh Find some time Find some time to do something Find some time - [AIR HORN BLARING.]


Find some time Find some time to do something Let's go, guys!


- I'm done!

- Bye!

Should your nipples be bleeding like that?


We all hate you!

The 14 mile marker, y'all.

Halfway done.

Come on!

Oh, for real?

Oh, he got a beard!

That's what's up.


- Know what I'm sayin'?

- Hey!

Damn, are you trying to win?

I was up late night ballin' - Did you make that specially for me?

- Mm-hmm.

- Mmm.

- Here, try this.

Come on, just try it.


- Mmm!

- That's amazing!

- Mm-hmm.

What are we making again?

You are the worst sous chef ever.

I brought a housewarming plant.

I like to create the ambiance.

Well, we are making spinach and feta stuffed salmon over tortellini.


Woot woot!

Oh, you got jokes, huh?

Is it still carb loading if the marathon was three days ago?

I'm really glad we did that.

I haven't felt like I was leading sh1t in a long time.

Yeah, well, we couldn't have pulled through without you.

Maybe Maybe it's time to start thinking about my next idea.

How about hopping in on Saddle?

Brooke and Colin still need a biz Dev guy.

- Yeah, but they're already into it.

- So?

It could be good to join something first, you know, so you could see what you would do differently for your own thing.


I'll hit 'em up.

So, uh can I get another piece of that?

Oh, you want some of this?


I was up late night ballin' Counting up hundreds by the thousand I was up late night ballin' Counting up hundreds by the thousand LAWRENCE: I'm doing it.

I think it's crazy that you would get speakers before a couch.

- Oh, come on, priorities much?

- It's not about priorities.

It's about being able to listen to "SportsCenter" in the shower.


So, how's Saddle going?

It's fine.

I mean, it's only the first week, so.

Well, I heard from Colin it's going really well.

Oh, so you hearing things?


What else are you hearing since you and Colin are so close?

Don't Don't do that.


Just 'cause we had s*x does not make us close.

That's literally as close as you could get.


Not to me.

Plus, we were drunk every single time.

So, it happened more than once?

Yeah, he was just He was just there.

You had to like something about him, though.

I mean, he's smart and he's funny as hell, but that's it.

Tsk, aw, look at you getting jealous.

- I'm not jealous.

- Yes, you are.

- You cool with it, I'm cool with it.

- That's cute.


Uh, nothing.

You wanna order some dessert?

COLIN: That's how gingers laugh.


- That way - [LAUGHS.]

Oh, no!

COLIN: My friends are like, "What's wrong?" And I'm like, "Yeah, I f*ckin' hate Piglet.

" Like I would convince them that CHAD: Yo, congrats, man.

That's huge.

Yeah, thanks, man.

I'm excited.

Yo, could y'all use two hands?

I said I'm happy for you, too, man - Yeah.

- but y'all not gonna break my sh1t.

- Did you order some lemon pepper wings?

- Just click it in the bracket.

- I'm good.

- Yep.

All right, here we go.

The moment of truth.

- Hell, yeah!

- That's what's up.

Damn, that sh1t is live.

You know, I would've went with the 75-inch, though, but that's just me.

- This nigga plant a stick?

- Hey, I appreciate y'all's help.

There you go.



So, am I drinking this on an empty stomach, - or are those wings coming?

- Y'all wanna watch the game?

I got the whole sports package.

Can we f*ck with that "Due North" finale, though?


You watch that dumbass show, too?

Nah, man, my fiancée put me on.

It's stupid.


LAWRENCE: Chad, nigga, stop frontin'.

You love that show.

You be rewinding it and sh1t.

I mean, the character development is on point and the storylines are riveting.

Nigga, just turn the sh1t on!

I'd watch it at home, but Leah bring her loud-ass friends over.

They could get it, though.

Yeah, Tiffany's watching it at Issa's tonight.

- sh1t, my bad.

I didn't mean to - Nah, it's all good.

- I'm not trippin'.

- How's the new chick, uh, Jasmine?

Aparna, nigga.

Her name is Aparna.

She's cool.

And I gotta work with her ex.


She f*ckin' with her ex at your job?

- Nah, man, f*ck that.

- Ah, they're friends.

It's weird, though.

She says she's not checking for him, but she always laugh at his stupid-ass jokes.


Yo, yo, whatever it is, you gotta kill that sh1t, bro, right now.

Don't get caught slipping again.

You gotta let these broads know.

Yeah, Tiff had this dude at her job, Fred.

Fred and I had a talk.

Fred's gone now.


- 'Cause I dealt with it.

- Exactly.

And bitches don't need a motherfucking dude as a friend.

Just extra dick around for no reason.

- Nope.

Handle that sh1t.

- Mm.


Is that sh1t?


Why is it always a white Mercedes?

- I hate missing previews.




Oh, I'm sorry.


I was just saying I hate missing previews.

Oh, yeah.

But at least we got seats.


Oh Is Colin really that funny?


No, he's not.

It's my sister.

My niece put a plate of syrup on her head and she called it a hat.

It's cute.

Why are you bringing up Colin again?

Y'all seem to be real buddy-buddy lately.

I just was curious.

But there's nothing to be curious about.



Doesn't sound like it's cool.

Well, just be honest.

I don't wanna be out here looking stupid.

You're making yourself look stupid.

This is your sh1t, it's not mine.

I don't have sh1t.

I just don't like liars.


You know what?

Pull the car over.

- Yo, come on, I just - Lawrence, pull the car over.


Is it that serious?

I gotta pull the car over?

Yes, because I've been here before, and I'm not doing this with you.

- Pull the car over.

- Come on.


Oh, there's your pile of sh1t right there.

- Enjoy your previews.

- I don't even know why she's call Aparna.

Come on.



Hey, all this fighting sh1t, I kind of love it Them tears, at least you feeling something For a minute I felt you going numb No calls, did you forget my number?

I, I, used to love you Love you, love you, love you Like you never been loved before Now it's just f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck me Like I ain't f*cked up enough Told me he hurt you before I tried to be better, oh Damn, I got issues with hoes In different area codes With this good dick on their mind But I'm supposed to be yours Good God, why can't I supply love?




Find some time Find some time to do something Find some time - Keep running.

- Ooh, go.

- So fast.

- Mm-hmm.

Did you even know Kelli was training for this?

f*ck, no.


'Cause she started taking her pulse?

I mean, she did get a Fitbit.

- Ugh.

- And she does look taller.

Girl, she invited me to come to some jazz class with her a month ago.

- I was like, "Bitch, why?"


- We are wack friends.

- Tsk.

Where's she supposed to be?

I don't know.

She said we can't miss her.

She got on all white.

Hey, have you been to EightyTwo?

- The arcade bar?

- Mm-hmm.

I thought you quit playing games.



That's how I laugh.

Quentin's coming to L. A.

in two weeks.

Ooh, you should take him to Earle's Grill.

Nah, girl, they closed.

Nah, girl, they opened back up with the Metro line.

Oh, maybe we should go there, 'cause I'm trying to keep it real casual.

- Oh, really?

- Yes, really.

I like him, but he's not my type.

Pic, please.


Oh, he got a beard.

- That's what's up.

- Mm-hmm.


We're late.

There's a good reason why.


- Oh, we just got a text from Kelli.

"Meet me at the finish line"?

Damn, already?

That bitch got Kenyan in her?

I see you accepted a structured settlement on your last case.

Yes, I always put my client's interest first.


What would you do if your client didn't want the annuity and wanted a lump sum settlement?

You know, I actually had that exact scenario happen when I was a second-year associate.

I present both options to my clients when necessary, but I determine my recommendation based on the settlement amount.

It's all about helping the client make an educated decision.

Honestly, Molly, you know, you were great on paper, but now that we've met you, we're impressed.


- And I love that you're an L. A. native.

- Florence and Crenshaw.

- My dad grew up there.

Is the McDonald's still on the corner?

- Sure is.


- QUENTIN: So, Hayward made the offer?

- I got it three days ago.

So, what I'm gonna do is just go on a couple more interviews, take a few more offers Yeah, and bring it to the partners, right?

- Okay.

Okay, Molly, I see you.


Now let them know you can go anyplace you want to.

Exactly, and hopefully, they'll wake up and bring something to the table.

That's right, how it goes is up to them.

Yeah, what it's really up to is that paper.

That's real, you know?

Just cut the check.

- Merrill, cut the check.


And, uh, can you count them zeros?

Future Molly trying to f*ck up some commas!

- Oh, hey!

- I'm sorry, did you want the check?

Wait, what?

Nah, nah, we don't.

We good.

We ain't ordered yet.

I'm sorry.

I mean - Hey, you good?

- Yeah.

I I saw a guy I used to know.

I mean, look, of course guys out here check you out.

You're the most beautiful woman in here.

Tsk, okay, Quentin.

No, I'm serious.

And, like, thanks for taking me out, you know?

And when you're in Chicago next week, um, you know, take one of those nights off and we'll do dinner.

I guess.

I gotta eat.


I'm always down to eat, homie.


PINE: Well, "homie" is not a great place to start.

Why do you just see him as a friend?

He just doesn't seem like the guy I should be with.

Ugh, "should.

" I know.

I heard it.

Well, maybe it's time to focus on what you could have instead.

Get out of the should and live in the could.

I promise I've never said that before.


- But we're just gonna go with it.

I could get with it.

I'm glad you're back, Molly.

So let's schedule your next appointment.

Oh Yeah.

We missed our chance for the 12th, but if we file by tomorrow, we can still meet the deadline to oppose the motion for summary judgment.

- You know what?

- Hmm?

We deserve some incentive.


Oh, where were you when I didn't wanna study for the LSATs?


Hey, you can take us out the 'hood [BOTH CHUCKLING.]

- All right, here we go.

- All right.

Keep going, keep Oh, okay, okay, we good.

Ah, we deserve this.

To working hard and getting it done.


- Bam!

- Ah, yeah.

- Yeah.

So, is everybody in the Carter family as successful as you?

Well, my younger brother is 26 and still doesn't have a driver's license.

My older brother's married to a stripper.

- What about you?


My sister sells flat tummy tea on Instagram.

- Hmm.

- I mean, she got hella followers, - but what's her endgame?

- Wait, what's her name?

I might follow her.


You know, this might be the best time I've had working late in this office.

- Really?

- Yeah.


Should I assume you didn't mean it like that?

Or should I assume you know exactly how you said it You know exactly how you meant it?

Should I assume it's a mean, sweet disposition Switching position, f*ckin' submission Should I assume it's a weekend thing, boy?

You could get ass all week Droppin' that ass, just think about me, think about me And it's all good, what's the difference if it's all good?

Split the difference if it's still good What's the difference if it's still good?

Just not yours exclusively Used to be all good, trade it all now I think I'm just gonna let it play out and see what this could be.

- You never know.

- ISSA: From what you said, it sounds like you know the dick was meh.

Okay, wait, I never said that.

I like him.

And, plus, he's been hella supportive throughout this whole job interview thing.

And he makes me laugh, which, right now, is kind of nice.


So, have you decided what you're gonna do about work?

You gonna stay with the whites or go with the blacks?

I don't know.

I mean, at least at MJ&S I know what I'm getting.

Plus, I put in a lot of time there already.

But then at Hayward, I feel like they get me.

But then again, how much can you really tell from one interview?

I just wanna go with whoever values me the most.

Blacks all "zay.


- Hold up, Ida B.


You know when you work with black folks, they get too comfortable.

They wanna compare potato salad.

They get all up in your business, trying to add you on Facebook, inviting you to church!

It's like, "Damn, Therese!

Quit trying to baptize me at work. "

- Wow.

- Damn, maybe working with whites is right.

On the other hand, when you working with white folks, you gotta make them feel comfortable about you.

Explaining your outfits, speaking on behalf of all black people, trying not to be a stereotype.

It's like, "Okay, Meg," I'm eating watermelon.

So what, bitch?

"It's hot.


- So, I'm just f*cked.

- Apparently.

- Ugh, it's Tiff.

She can't make it.

- I'll call her.

- Boo!

You know what, you could be a lawyer anywhere.

- Follow the money.

- That's what Quentin said.


- Oh, sh1t, Kelli, it's starting!

KELLI: Mm, here we go.

"Due North"!

For starters, we know that you've been meeting with other firms.

The legal community in L.


is very small.

MERRILL: Bottom line, Molly, we wanna make sure that you know we hear you and value you.

And, uh, we don't wanna lose you.

Well, thank you.

That means a lot to hear you say that.

Which is why we are giving you the Rising Star Award!


- SCHWARTZ: It acknowledges new talent poised to go very far in the legal field.

JOHNSON: Your photo will be prominently featured on the firm's website.

MOLLY: For real?

- You play too much.




Oh, sh1t, what happened?



Find some time Find some time to do something Find some time Where is she?

These people smell so bad.

- My nose is so sensitive.

- Oh, is that her?


- Kelli!

- Hey, guys.

- What happened?

I'm so sorry.

I I got my period.

- No!

- That makes one of us.

- Gross.

- But why didn't you just put in a tampon and keep moving?

Well, it got me before I could get it.

I mean, I got to mile nine and the Red Wedding hit.

Just killed my drawers.

Just dead.

Then I got bussed to the finish line over an hour ago.


No, I'm sorry.

That's oh, no, yeah.

Well, honey, at least your Ivy Park is on point.

I know, right?

But I didn't finish my sh1t!

I mean, y'all know I've been training for months.

- BOTH: Yeah, we knew that.

- Oh, my gosh.

Well, look how far you got.

I mean, you ran nine miles.

- None of us can run that.

- I mean, it's basically just a 10K.

Honey, can we let Auntie Kelli have this for our little angel?

Aw, Baby DuBois!

Wait, you knew Tiffany was pregnant?

Yeah, sorry.

We're closer.


I mean, y'all can plan the baby shower with my suggestions.

We stopped trying, but then we were so high at Issa's party Whoo-hoo, that's our little weed baby in there.


- Y'all cute!

Y'all cute.

- Yeah!

KELLI: I can't believe you're having a baby.

Ugh, good things happening to good people.

TIFFANY: We're all doing great things.

Look at you getting fit.

Look at Kelli.

Look at Molly taking interviews, taking names.

Look at Issa.

- Mmm.

- KELLI: Look at No, you told me before.

- Yeah, no, she - KELLI: Yeah.

Almost there.

Tip of the tongue.

- Drop it.


- Issa.

- KELLI: Ah!


- TIFFANY: Issa - I'm, uh, moving.

- sh1t.


JOANNE: I am so moved.

The mountain came to Muhammed.

Are we the mountain?

Isn't that the question?

FRIEDA: Wite-Out?


Ah, para tu, para tu, aqui.

What got you guys thinking about using the space on weekends?

We just, uh, wanted to service the students that weren't being serviced during the week.

What do you mean?

Why weren't kids being serviced?

Oh, just the program got really popular.

Well, we could've had Kitty and Sarah back in if it was a space issue.

Uh, it was more than that.

The vice principal was just being really resistant.

How so?

I didn't see any of this in the reports.

Let me get Frieda over here.

Oh, no, no, no.

We don't need to involve her.

This is entirely on me.

The VP wasn't interested in servicing Latino students.

We I thought we could remedy that by having extra sessions here.

Wait, wait, wait.

Are are you telling me that you're having segregated We Got Y'all sessions here?

Do you know what this could this could be a lawsuit.

- I didn't think about that.

- This is incredibly disappointing.

I'm so sorry.

After we make some calls to remedy this, we need to reevaluate having you out in the field.

KELLI: Why are you just standing there?!

- Run!

- Isaac done killed Christine 'cause she was having relations with Ms. Lydia.

- Damn!

- What the f*ck?

When Ninny told me the poison didn't work, I did what I had to do!


- Get off!

I hate slavery!

- You sick, lying - [BOTH ARGUING.]

I thought that simple slave was really simple.

And I told you that fool was shifty.

You see, you mind your business, you get free.




It's Tiffany's pregnant ass trying to get all in the mix.

She just got pregnant and she's already being boring and dramatic.


"I'm Tiffany.

I'm pregnant.


Calm down.

You know she gonna eat the placenta?

That bitch gonna live forever.


So, now that "Due North" is over, y'all wanna help me pack?

For what?

You ain't got nowhere to go.

- I still gotta leave!

- We'll help you.

- Come on, girl.

- Pssh.

Thank you.

You can help me wrap up my valuables.

Girl, stop playing and tell us what you really want us to do.


- BOTH: "Valuables.

" Just wrap my sh1t up, please.

Have you contacted my friend, Kaliah, about being your roommate?

Nah, not yet.

Honestly, I wanna live by myself.

Bitch, where?!

You ain't got no money!

I didn't mean to come at you like that, but a bitch try a bitch.

Okay, Issa, Kelli's got a point.

KELLI: You can't live anywhere but way the f*ck out.

I'm talking Lancaster, West Covina.

I can afford to live alone, you know, if I take a second job or something.

Well, maybe you can sell some of your stuff.

I guess I could get rid of some things.

Just everything.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our new director of student outreach.


Hey, wait, she got promoted?

Yes, I need to feel confident about who I have in charge.

Frieda has spearheaded several initiatives here.

- She's more than capable.


I'm more more than capable.


I so agree.

- Thank you, Joanne.

No, thank you.

- Is Ken about to cry?

- I don't know.

- I'm here if you wanna talk.

- I'm fine.

Hey, Frieda.

I'm I'm so happy for you.

You deserve this more than anyone here.

Thank you, Issa.


that means a lot.

Well, can I buy you a drink?

Yeah, I'd like that.



I meant, like, now.

Oh, yes, that'd be great!

Oh, we should we go somewhere in I'wood.


I won't call it that again.

She wanna move to the big city But not the side that's been gentrified How you gonna sell a mini-vac without a power cord?

Everyone knows this is a buyer-beware situation.

You really think you're gonna get $8 for this blanket?

It's from Crate & Barrel.

It's from Target and it has mustard on it.

- You need to lower your prices.

- And you need to lower your voice because that blanket is garnering interest.

You better hope so, because none of this sh1t is coming back to my spot.

Hey, what you want for this "Brock-Pot"?

Nala, tell her what your favorite food is.

- "Bauliflower" soup.

- Aw, that's upsetting.

- And it's $10.

- I'll give you $5 and this EBT "bard.

" Sold.

Good luck, girl.

I'll take this.

I'm making money already.


I like the way it smell.



- AHMAL: Ew.

- So, when are you moving in?

- In, like, four days.

You said five.

WOMAN: I told you there was a rock in here.

So, uh So, you moving out?


I'm sorry to hear that.

I've been using your Wi-Fi.

I thought so.

It was acting kind of slow.

Yeah, but I I'ma really miss you, though, for real.

Hey, so how much for this couch?


Wait, my train won't leave for a minute No connection delays my departure from you Hesitating Come fall at the doors if you feel it Hey, Lawrence.

Um, I just wanted to call and tell you that I'm moving, and I guess I thought you should know that.

I have a box of your old stuff, and I also think you should have the couch.

So, anyway, I'll be gone Saturday from 2:00 to 6:00.

You don't have to see me.

And so, okay.


No, you can't see Which side of the fine lines for you and me AHMAL: All right, we're gonna lay down some ground rules when you move into the house, okay?

No bringing niggas into the house unless I'm f*cking them.

Keep Kelli on a muzzle when you bring her to the house.

No shoes in the house.


You don't even have a carpet.

And can't none of your friends use my shower.

You're being dumb extra right now.

Park right here.

- Park!


You're so f*cking fickle.


- How long?

Uh, I just need to do a quick walkthrough and give the landlord my keys.

10 minutes, nigga!


Pictures on the wall Remind me of all The old sh1t that we were Pictures on the wall Remind me of all The sh1t that we lost It ain't right But that's life Little did we know when we were young We were dumb, we were too young We were young We didn't know that everything would come falling down We didn't know that everything would come crashing down Hey.

What happened?

I kind of lost control one night.

You waited for me?


I, uh I didn't like the way we ended things.

Me neither.

And I don't know, I just feel [SIGHS.]

like I'm f*cking everything up right now.

Well, you've come to the right place.


This spot looks so much bigger than it felt.

I know.

It's gonna make some young white couple really happy someday.


- Yo, when did the pool get so nice?

- I know, right?

Raising the rent and sh1t.


Is that why you're moving out?


I mean, one reason, yeah.

Look, I'm sorry.

Oh, my God, please don't apologize.

Just give me a second.

Let me finish, please.

I've been thinking about how sometimes I set these expectations for myself, and I just I shut down if they don't go how I I just, uh I'm sorry for not being who you expected me to be.

Who I expected me to be.

Lawrence, I wanted to be better for you.

Because of you.

But somewhere along the way, I depended on you to be better for both of us.

And when you were going through what you were going through, I just didn't know how to handle it.

I mean, what could you have done, though?


You know, that's when you needed me to be better for the both of us, and I didn't even know how to do that for myself.

Well, that makes two of us.

And, you know, - what I did - We don't have to go through that.

it was the worst thing I could've ever done to you.

And I wish I could somehow convince you that it wasn't about you.

You've only ever loved me and expected me to want the best for you, and I promise I did.

I still do.


Lawrence, I still love you so much.

I love you, too.



Uh, so, I'm gonna head out.


Bye, Iss.

- Issa - Oh, my I can't imagine my life without you, and I don't ever wanna lose you.

Will you marry me?

Oh, my God.

- Yes.

- Yeah?



- Everywhere that I go - [BOTH LAUGHING.]

Everywhere that I be If you were not surrounding me With your energy [BOTH MOANING.]

And I'm coming back home to you - Ooh.

- I'm coming back home I'm coming back home to you I'm coming back home - You ready to go to bed?

- I'm coming back home to you I'm coming back home I'm coming back home Bye, Iss.


- Hello?

- AHMAL'S: Bitch, your time's been up!



Okay, you come out first!

MOLLY: Uh-uh!

All right, on three.

- ISSA: Okay.

- BOTH: One, two, three.


- Oh, really, bitch?

You got me the man one!

No, I just gave them your sizes!


You got a Moroccan man body!

Whatever, I'ma put a belt around this sh1t, wear it to work.

Won't nobody know.


Okay, so I ordered the couscous, - the beef and vegetables - And?

the burnt lamb 'cause I know you like that sh1t extra crispy.


Some mackerel 'cause we on some classy sh1t, and too many bottles of this wine we can't pronounce, and a variety of desserts.

I am so in love with you.

- Bitch, I know.

- Seriously!

Malibu, I know I call you out for doing the f*cking most, but this is, like, for real legit.

You know, I feel like I'm in another country.

Like, I might really help you do the dishes.



- Wait, you volunteering to clean up?

Are you sure you don't wanna move in with me?

I promise I do not have as many rules as your brother.

Nah, girl.

I love you too much to stay with you.


All right.

Well, here's to us being on some black girl magic sh1t.


Bitch, magic?

We ain't sh1t but some tricks.

Hello, what?

Pick up the phone Hello?

You so stupid!


Bottoms up!

- Mmm.

- This white?

I love you again.

How you eat this sh1t?

We don't got no forks.

- With your hands.

- [SIGHS.]

Arm stretch a tee like I nailed it Raf movin' slow like a creep [SIGHS.]

Shirt in the breeze like I'm sailin' And I walk in my sleep, I can't help that - Bye!

- I can't When's the last time I asked for some help That I couldn't get from nobody else, yeah?

I couldn't get from nobody out there I can't When's the last time I asked for some help That I couldn't get from nobody else, yeah?

- Nobody - [PHONE BUZZING.]

I don't get weak in the knees Hundreds spread out like a fan Vert feel like some Gucci sandals Open the sky, get a handful Torso marked up like a vandal How you not f*ckin' with cash?

God gave you what you could handle Gave you what you could handle I got the grip like a handle And I'm bikin' I'm bikin' with me and my Daniel Hades got the angels TV's got the angles I'm brakin' Bikin', I'm bikin', I'm bikin' slow-mo Slow-mo Maybe the four wheel excitin' us mo' I'm cold when the temperatures dip below 70s How can I be burr around L. A.


The diamonds is plural, the Tiffany brooch On my lapel, at the table, I'm givin' a toast The first wedding that I've been in my 20s Thinkin' maybe someone is not somethin' to own Maybe the government got nothin' to do with it Thinkin' maybe the feeling just comes and it goes Think I want me a little one that look like my clone Me and my baby can't do on our own I landed a trick, got my impossibles I'm bikin', I'm bikin', I'm bikin' I'm sleeping on the couch.

I know.

Got, got me f*cked up Got a million-dollar bike Got a million-dollar bike Got, got me f*cked up Got me f*cked up, up Million-dollar bike Got, got me f*cked up, up Million-dollar bike Got, got me f*cked up Got a million-dollar bike, yeah Transition lightning, ascending Ashes and reminisce of ballers, body just gutted A Bentley that used to be flawless I'm high up, the raindrops keep falling Scattered, the showers, don't scaffold the towers I'm up, Mom, I promise, in class with the honors No cheat like I'm honest And how did I become so accomplished?

'Cause I don't see foes, I just see a code I just see a hole, chinks in your armor Like Pac in the Hummer, like Jigga in the summer Left the house like Obama, hit the road like a runner Hit the road like Road Runner I'm bikin', I'm bikin', I'm bikin' I don't get weak in the knees Hundreds spread out like a fan Vert feel like some Gucci sandals Open the sky, get a handful Torso marked up like a vandal How you not f*ckin' with cash?

God gave you what you could handle Gave you what you could handle I got the grip like a handle And I'm bikin' I'm bikin' with me and my Daniel Hades got the angels TV's got the angles I'm brakin' Got, got me f*cked up Got a million-dollar bike Got a million-dollar bike Got, got me f*cked up Got me f*cked up, up Million-dollar bike Got, got me f*cked up, up Million-dollar bike Got, got me f*cked up Got a million-dollar bike Got a million-dollar bike.