01x08 - Game Ogre

[Crackling sound]

[Alarm beeping]

[Beeping stops]

[Crackling sound]

[Louder crackling]


[Alarm beeping]




[Alarm continues beeping]

We are on the premises.

We need an alarm reset from the security company.

[Dispatch indistinct]

We are going to check the perimeter of the house.

I'm gonna find the alarm company now.

Dispatch, we have a break-in.

We don't know if there are suspects inside.

We are entering the premises.

Advise if you need additional.

Oh, man. I recognize that name.

He's a state judge.

Not anymore.

Dispatch, we have an aggravated homicide, special circumstance.

Victim is a state official, judge Logan Patterson.

Copy that, sergeant.

Looks like a b&e gone very wrong.


[Grunting, growling]

Damn shame for him to die like this.

He was a great judge.

What time did you enter the house?

10:22 P.M.

Alarm went off at 10:13.

Gives us a good estimate on time of death.

Any witnesses?

Nobody's come forward.

We talked to neighbors on both sides, and across the street. Nobody heard anything.

What about wife, children. Anybody live with him?

Judge lived alone. His wife died three years ago.

We haven't touched it.

Walther .32. We ran the serial number, registered to the judge.

He purchased it in 1995, had a license to carry it.

We find any casings?

One. Under the chair.

Well, at least he got off one shot.

You find the bullet?

Nothing in the walls or the ceiling.

Windows are intact, so unless it went out the door...

Our killer might have been hit.

Any blood trail?

Plenty of blood.

But it's all around the judge.

If our perp took a shot, he'd need medical attention.

Let's get an APB out to all the hospitals, clinics...

Also, tap the snitches for any surgeons working off the grid.

On it.


It's gonna make a lot of people angry.

I think it was more than just a random act of violence.

Yeah. There's a lot easier way to kill somebody than to shove a gavel down his throat.

Patterson was one of the best judges we had.

Worked a lot of cases that wound up in his court.

He had, uh, over 30 years on the bench.

We requested all of the judge's case files.

Start with the most recent, see if there were any registered threats.

Sure he made a lot of enemies in all those years.

Sir, we have a print off the gavel.

Let's find out who it belongs to.

Any luck?


Nothing to write home about yet.

We've been doing a cross-check on the judge's cases against any recent parolees.

So far, we've got three released in the last six months.

Lester Cambridge, paroled from powder river, Scott Teller, released from Santiam six weeks ago, and Jamal shutter... He just got out of eastern.

Any of them back here in Portland?

All three of them. Nick's checking alibis.

[Phone ringing]


I'm at my computer. Send it through.


Got an I.D. On the print from the judge's house.

Got a match from the Navy.

One of your parolees?

Nope. Name's Vince Chilton. Got no record at all.

See if we can get a match on a driver's license.

Renewed it two months ago.

Got an address here in Portland.

All right, let's go.

Go, go, go.

Portland police. Go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go!

Kitchen clear.

Bedroom clear.

We're clear.

We're clear. We secured the premises, but you got a body in there.

Whew, man.

Vince Chilton?

Looks like.

Which hand did the fingerprint come from?

The one he doesn't have.

So our killer needed a helping hand, and got it from Chilton.

Yeah, he wanted us to find him.

Means our killer's connected to both of them.

Woman's watch? Wearing it backside out.

Looks pretty old. Antique maybe.

Doesn't seem like Chilton would be the kind of guy interested in women's antique watches, huh?

It's engraved. "To Mary, love mom."

It's definitely not Chilton's.

Yeah, we gotta find Mary.

Let's hope Mary's not connected to this.

Maybe we can trace the watch.

You know, Nick knows a watch guy.

[Phone ringing]

This is awful early.

Can you trace an antique watch?

Wow. You're actually calling me for what I do?

Might have to charge you for this.

Yeah, we found one on a murder victim.

I'm with my partner. We're coming over.

I get it.

Be cool, wear pants.

Good morning.

Well, not that good if somebody died, I guess.

But, uh, yeah. Come on in.

Thanks for helping us out.

Not a problem.

I like to help the... The police whenever I can.

This is the watch we need to trace.

Vintage Lusina. Very nice.

I'm gonna have to get in there and check a few details.

You mind if I...

Forensics cleared it.

Go ahead.


Valjoux movement.

72 c, to be exact.

Triple calendar.


Just pure beauty.

Here, check it out.

Triple complications.

That's day, date, month to the layman.

Probably made in the '30s.

What about the engraving?


Could've been done by any engraver, anytime, anywhere.

Oh, this is tragic.


Some jerk put glue in the movement.

This watch is destroyed. I wanna weep.

Why would somebody do that?

To stop it from working.

Maybe they wanted to stop it on a specific time and date.

Glue would certainly guarantee that.

10:15, march 11th.

Any way you can tell us who the owner is?

Original movement number maybe... or a service mark.

I'll make some calls. Whoever serviced this will definitely remember it.

How long will that take?

Couple of minutes, if they've got the paperwork.

There's coffee in the kitchen, help yourselves.

Nick, you know where it is.

From the time you guys both searched my house.

Remember? I mean, I-if you don't remember, it's right down that hall there.

Yeah, I think I remember.

Just right in the kitchen there.

He's a little weird, isn't he?

Spends his life fixing clocks.

Wonder where he keeps his coffee cups.

You think march 11th has something to do with Vince Chilton?

Maybe. Or the judge.

What about Mary, the name on the watch?

Maybe march 11th connects all three of them together somehow.

Maybe all four of them, killer included.

But march 11th of what year?

Maybe we're looking at some kind of zodiac killer here.

Hey, I got something, actually.

Turns out the watch was first purchased in 1933 by a Steven Armstrong... He gave it to his wife as a wedding present. She...

1933? Who owns it now?

Yeah, but I got the whole history.

And that's great, really, but we just need to know who owns it now.


I get it. Okay.

Just the facts, right? Okay.

Let's see, the watch was serviced last here in Portland, actually. Two months ago.

For a Mary Robinson.

Mary Robinson?

You know her?

If it's the same Mary Robinson, I do.

Assistant d.A., retired about a year ago.

I worked a lot of cases with her.

I got a bad feeling about this.



[Police siren wails]

You find her?

Found her body.

Killer cut out her tongue...

And put it on the scale.

What's the message this time?

Scales of justice?


She's the message.

Mary Robinson herself.

I know who the killer is.

It was a triple homicide five years ago.

Jack Lambert, his wife, and seven-year-old daughter were abducted from their home and taken to an abandoned quarry near Tigard and tortured for two days.

I'll never forget the crime scene.

Yeah, I remember the case.

Oleg Stark was a contract killer.

He was suspected of murders in Illinois, Kansas, and Colorado.

But this time, it was personal.

Jack Lambert was a business associate of Stark's who knew that Stark demanded to be paid in gold.

Apparently, Jack found out where Stark stashed his gold and stole it.

It was a revenge killing.

That's why he got sloppy. He was angry.

All the other people he killed, he didn't give a damn about.

Stark left a gold coin behind...

That's how I knew it was him. He was tried here in Portland but sentenced to a California ADX facility in Pelican Bay.

How'd he get out?

24 hours ago, Stark escaped.

He was on medical transfer when he got his chance.

Broke the doctor's legs and beat two guards into a coma.

Why didn't we know that Stark escaped?

Bulletin hit California state agency first.

They thought they had him trapped, so they didn't go wide with it until he was long gone.

Now this is from Stark's medical records: "Convict displays signs of congenital analgesia, "a rare genetic disorder which deadens the nerve endings, "making it difficult to process pain. In addition, Stark's bone structure appears abnormally dense."

Which basically makes this guy very unpleasant to deal with.

So what's Stark's connection to judge Patterson, Vince Chilton, and Mary Robinson?

The judge presided over the trial, Mary Robinson prosecuted the case.

Vince Chilton was the jury foreman who handed the verdict to the judge.

Remember the time and date on the watch?

10:15, march 11th.

That was the moment Stark was sentenced to 300 years in prison. I knew it was something, but I didn't put it together till I saw Mary Robinson's body.

Then that would mean, as the arresting officer, he's coming after you next.

I'm gonna take this b*st*rd down.

No, no. No, you're going into protective custody.

I'm not running.

He's already killed three people... I'm not about to lose a cop.

He's killed a lot more than that.

I'm not gonna risk it, and neither are you.

I understand why you wanna get him.

I'd feel the same way.

But protective custody, that's my call, not yours.

Once Stark escaped, he had to move fast.

We need to check for stolen vehicles, assaults, and b&es from here to the state line.

Well, get on it.

You know this guy's been shot three times and stabbed twice, right?

Yeah. I know.


The captain's just doing what he thinks is right.

What's right for him is not right for me.

Give us 24 hours, see if we can't get it done.

I think I got what you're looking for.

68-year-old man reported his car stolen from a rest stop on I-5 near the California border.

Perp fitting Stark's description drove off in his blue '92 Cadillac coupe de ville, license plate 807 IHO.

If that caddy's in Portland, we'll find it.

♪ I got the world on a string ♪
♪ sittin' on a rainbow ♪
♪ got the string around my finger ♪
♪ what a world, what a life ♪

[Radio off]


Hey, lady.

What are you doing?

Helping you cross the street.

Oh. Thank you, young man. You're very kind.

You're driving. Let's go.


What do you know about Stark?

What do you mean?

Where's he from? Does he have any family?

Maybe we can get ahead of this guy.

You know, that was one of the weird things about him.

He didn't seem to be from anyplace.

No record of where he was born, no record of a family.

It's like this guy just fell out of the sky.

Found the caddy. Or what's left of it.

Blown up in a parking lot across from a city rec facility.

20th and Belmont.

Wait a minute.

Isn't that near your old place?

I lived a block away when I worked Stark's case.

I guess this is my wake-up call.

Hank, you're not going anywhere.


Right now, the safest place for you is here at the precinct.

Let's go.

[Police sirens wail]

Any witnesses?

We had some people on scene when we got here.

Quite a few of them in the park.

Nobody said anything to us.

You make any determination on the cause?

It's obvious somebody meant to do this.

No attempt to hide it.

Open gas tank, stuffed something inside, lit a match, walked away.

Plates on the caddy are a match for the one that was stolen.

Then it's Stark.

Thank you.

Need anything else, let us know.

Congenital analgesia.

Abnormally dense bones.



[Cell phone rings]

Hey, where are you?

Hey, on my way home with fresh ravioli. Where are you?

Ooh. I'm in the kitchen.

Good. Boil the water on the stove.

I'll be right there.

Will do.


Damn raccoons.



Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is he?




Run, run!




Call Hank. You have to call Hank.

[Panting heavily]

He has three bruised ribs and a dislocated shoulder to go along with a mild concussion.

Nothing broken, however. He's very lucky.

Thank you.

I've got units posted here at the hospital and outside your house, 'round the clock.

And I'll have an escort take you home.

This guy won't get anywhere near you, I promise.

You know who did this?


I've got every cop in the city looking for him.

Trust me, he'll pay for what he's done.




Where's my ravioli?


I spilled the water.

Yeah, you did.

You probably saved my life.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

I'm so sorry, Juliette, it is.

It happened in our house...

With you.

I'll be fine. So will the house.

Nick, you need to rest.

I love you so much.

I love you too.

Go to sleep.

I'll be back in the morning.

[Phone ringing]

Hey, I'm actually glad you called.

I found out a whole bunch more information about that watch. Yeah, it was...



Would you like me to stay inside with you?

No, no. I'm... I'm...

I'm fine. I have a lot to do.

Well, we'll be right outside.

We'll have two cars, one on each street, with all entrances covered.

Good night.

[Door closes]




Stark went after Nick at his house.

Must've followed him home sometime after he blew up the car.

He was probably watching the whole thing, waiting for me. When I didn't show, he took my partner.


That's kind of what we were thinking.

Was Juliette there?

Yeah, for part of it. A good thing too.

If she hadn't come home, who knows?

She okay?

She didn't get hurt.

That son of a bitch.


I'm going to see Nick.

Hank, he's gonna be fine.

You can't do him any good right now.

I'm not staying here.

This is my responsibility.

And the safety of my men is my responsibility.

Look, I wanna get Stark as much as you do, but I'm not gonna lose another man doing it.

He won't stop until he gets me.

The only way nobody else gets hurt is if I do this alone.

What if he just thinks you're alone?

What are you talking about?

Set a trap...

With you as bait.


Roadblock, spike strips, SWAT units all around, pick a place we can control.

Ridge crest pass. Two Lane road.

One way in, one way out. Could work.

But I'll have to get him there.

Stark attacked Nick for a reason.

Not to kill him, but to draw you out.

He knows you're gonna go see him.

Okay. Then we'll let him think it's worked.

Like I said, I'm going to see Nick.

Where is he?

I don't know what you were just dreaming about, but it couldn't have been good.

Who did this to you?

He was big. And he...

Has a rare genetic disorder.

It would deaden the nerves, and, uh...

Abnormally dense bones.


Your basic ogre.

You're saying you saw one here in Portland?


Aw, man.

Just got a knot in my stomach.

Siegbarste are the worst.

I mean, fortunately, they're very rare, but if you ever run across one...

Well, I guess you have.

You've dealt with one before?

Yeah. When I was a kid.

I mean, I didn't deal with him directly.

He came after a neighbor of mine, two doors down.

Their son Freddy was a buddy of mine.

This guy beat Freddy's dad to death in his own garage, and then used his tools to...

You know. Trust me...

You're lucky to be alive.

He's after Hank.

Hank? Why?

He put him in prison.

Ooh, yeah. That'll do it.

These guys carry grudges to the grave.

And usually it's your grave.

I have to stop him.

Good luck with that.

Look at you, he already put you in the hospital, man.

Siegbarste are hard to kill.

Not only do they have really dense bones, they have thick skin, and body odor that could stop a train.

They're not immortal.

No, they're not immortal, but in order to take one down, you gotta get close enough to do it before they knock your block off.

Unless, of course, you have some Siegbarste gift.



German word for poison, which I always found kind of weird at Christmas, but...

That stuff is so rare.

I mean, you could search your entire life and never find any.

It literally grows on the north side of trees just below the timber line in Romania or something.

I think I have some.

What kind of meds they got you on, man?

From my aunt.


What's it do?

Calcifies their bones.

So you sort of shatter the ogre from the inside out.

The trick is getting the poison in them.

I think I know how to do that.

There's a rifle. It's made for it.

I need you to get it for me.


Okay... he said, somewhat tenuously.

All right, there's a trailer.

Oh, man.


I swear to God, I'm doing the right thing.


Where is this?

Siegbarste, Siegbarste...

No, that's not it.


There you are.

Ooh! Yeah...


That's gonna stick with me for a while.

Okay, big cabinet...

This is...


This is a total freak show.



That is a big rifle.

Big rifle, big bullets.


I don't even know where to start.

You can start by telling me what the hell you're doing here.

You're supposed to be on lockdown.

Didn't work out.

How you doing?

It would make me feel a hell of a lot better if you were back at the precinct.

It's all right. We're bringing Stark in.


Just throwing out a little bait.

I think I know how we can bring this guy down.

Captain's already got a plan.

I'm supposed to lead Stark to a road block out on Ridge crest.

Everyone will be there waiting for him, and it's done.


Hank, listen to me.

This guy...

He's not normal.

I know what I'm doing.

And there's something you don't know.

During Stark's trial, I did something.

He had a good lawyer.

All the jury needed was reasonable doubt, and that monster was gonna walk.

I followed through on a lead, a surveillance tape from a fast food joint across town.

Guy looked just enough like Stark to maybe give him an alibi.

It was bogus.

Stark planted the guy himself.

If one juror had decided it was Stark, the whole case would've been tossed.

I couldn't let that happen.

And neither could Mary Robinson.

You lost the tape?

It somehow got misplaced on the way to the D.A.'s office.

Neither of us ever spoke anything about it.

But now you know too.

I'm the last one Stark blames, so I'm gonna end it where it started.

You're going to the quarry instead of Ridge crest.

At least no one else will get hurt.

So if anyone asks, you can say you tried to stop me.

No, Hank. Hank!


[Cell phone rings]

Hey, Nick.

Whoa, whoa, man. Slow down.

Yeah, I'm bringing you the gun right now.

What do you mean Hank's leaving the hospital?

Oh, yeah. Hank's leaving the hospital.

Looks like he's going to his car.

Want me to give him the gun?

Does he even know about the gun?

If he doesn't know about the gun, I'm not...

He's already leaving, how am I supposed to give him the gun now?

All right, okay, all right, I'll do my best.

What am I supposed to do now?


You are under arrest.

Place your hands behind your head, face down on the ground.

Really like the place you picked.

Lot of fond memories here.

Shut up and get down!

Do you hear me?

Oh, man.

You owe me five years.

I'm gonna say this one last time...

Get down on the ground.

Let's get this over with.

Stay where you are.

Stay where you are!


Oh, wow.

Okay, time to go.

Time to go.

This is Detective Griffin.

I wanna report...

A shooting.

It's done.

Hank is okay.

Me? Eh... I'll live.

Yeah, I'll see you.

Stark is dead.

You killed him?

Somebody did, but it wasn't me.


I wish I knew.

I owe him one.

[Chuckling weakly]

I'm glad you're okay.

You too.

You're lucky to be alive.

Pulling a stunt like that, I should have your badge.

You want it, you can have it.

Well, I'd rather have you alive and wearing it.

Look, don't get me wrong, I wanted Stark dead too.

But that's not the way this department works.

You insulted every cop in this city, and we had just as much right to be there as you did.

Okay. I get it.

You're a good Detective, Hank.

But you're a lot better when we're all working together.


Are the bullets pulled out of Stark's body.

According to ballistics, one .577 and two .600 caliber nitro-express rifle bullets made in England over 100 years ago.

What kind of rifle is that?

Triple barrel, very rare.

Made mostly for royalty for their African safaris.

Commonly known as an elephant gun.

Who the hell would have a gun like that?

That is something I'd very much like to know.